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GOING HOME: Surinam Airways Airbus A340-311 Departure Amsterdam. Surinam Airways A340 Gopro Hero 4 Cockpit PY994. Surinam Airways Airbus A340-311 In the Cockpit. Surinam Airways Airbus A340-311 Coastal Approach Suriname. Surinam Airways Airbus A340-311 Arrival Paramaribo. Surinam Airways 737-300 Arrival Paramaribo Suriname 1. Surinam Airways 737-300 Arrival Paramaribo Suriname 2.

National Anthem of Suriname. (Native Indians) (Afro Surinamese) (Hindustani) (Chinese) (Surinam King Fighter)

The First People of Suriname.
Children of the Jungle sharing food.
Children in the Suriname Amazon.


Several books are published by:

We are a small organization, which as a specialism has literary and
Surinamese cookbooks. Our Editions are characterized
through originality, thorough research and beautiful design.

Re-issue: Great Surinamese Cookbook.

Our Books:


(Suripop XIX - ATV-Networks Suriname - 3u30mt)

BUILDING A COUNTRY: 'Re-Immigration' Part 1 'Re-Immigration' Part 2 'Re-Immigration' Part 3 Intro Cola Kreek. "Krutu" means Meetings. Are you really Surinamese? How come Suriname? Five years after Re-Immigration in Suriname. Remigration to Suriname Entrepreneurship Living and Working in Suriname (1) What do Dutch Kids think of Suriname Know your countrymen the Surinamese Learning Surinamese 1 Learning Surinamese 2 Learning Surinamese 3 TEDXx Paramaribo 13x TEDx Paramaribo (1984 I'll bet five dollars on Somoh). (2007? I'll bet ten dollars on Somoh). (2012? Broke Ass Motherfucker Damn).

POLITICS: (Sound starts after 2mt30sec) DNA Parliament May 2016.

DEVELOPMENT: Domestic Violence in Surinam. Suriname Documentary. Part 1. Suriname Documentary. Part 2. Dhr. Lemberg about Kofi djompo. Dhr. Lemberg about Siva Square. Foundation 1 before 12 Suriname. High amd lower School Expectations. Schoolkids at plantation Rust en Werk. Prefab house Building. Windows 10 - Back to previous Windows 7. Windows 8 in Surinamese Language.

NATURE: Plant Exhibition in Suriname 2014. Plant and Flower Exhibition in Saramacca. Nature Reservations : Raleighvallen - Voltzberg. Biological Farming. Most Durable agrarian company. Dennis Tauwnaar, the Tea-Farmer. International Agrarian CVompany. Making offspring of a Avocado-tree.> Surinamese Herbs. Surinamese Medicine. Surinamese Ointment.

CHURCH - NATURE RELIGION: Believers praying to turn around evil in Suriname. Church - Jesus I love you. Church. Church. Church.

Six videos about: We slaves of Suriname and
five videos about: Psychiatry a deadly weapon.

NOSTALGY: Old privat-foto's (ca 1960) Part 2. Paramaribo, then and now. Hot Love (end) (1960). Hot Love - feature film from Suriname. Paramaribo in Surinam in 1972. Suriname 1973-1982 five Parts.

TRANSPORTATION: Future RailRoute between Paramaribo and Onverwacht. Wreck of WW2 German Goslar. Ride around 2009 - Part 1: from Blauwgrond to Paramaribo. Cruising Motor-bike Paramaribo part 1. Cruising Motor-bike Paramaribo part 2. Cruising Motor-bike Paramaribo part 3.

FIREWORKS: Suriname goes bunkers with old year. Pagara 2012 Kuldipsingh style. Pagara Estafet - Suriname December 2012. Holy Phagwa (Eastern) 2012 Fireworks. Suriname 2012 Old Year. Newyears day. Paramaribo City 2014.

FUNNY STUFF: Miss Right. Roue Verveer - R.I.P. - Surinaamse Upbringing. The Dino Show - FC Kip. Do you want to play with my two balls? 2 idiots : Hold My Hand Prank. Harold Braam & Walther Huisden Sranang Jokes Part 1. Harold Braam & Walther Huisden Sranang Jokes Part 2. Djokes. Comedy. Odo's and Sayings.

FILM FILM FILM: Wan Pipel 1976 Full Movie. Bala Djino & Sonzz. Willy Willy Gaan Baby. Drug Tablets Blues. The black day Surinamese feature film part 1. The black day Surinamese feature film part 2. Tears in time 1 Suriname film. The Jesus Film - in het Surinaams / Wayana Language. Audio/Video from different sources. The Bible in Surinamese.

FOR THE CHILDREN: Suriname I believe in you! / M'e bribi ini yu. Sammy Paramaribo Javanese naughty. Children in the Suriname Amazon. Foundation Teeifuka. Learning about Mercury. Chairdance with the kiddies. Playing Djoel Babunhol. Djoel playing with family. Dec 5th 2012 Childrens-day in Nickerie. 10 minutes Youth journaal. Our rich Culture - School TV Suriname. Wise Animal Anansie. Children of Matta. Afl 1 The big Anansi book. 15 minutes reading pleasure. More episodes - 15 minutes reading pleasure. Foundation Djomp Futu Childrencoach.

MUSIC: When I heard about your birthday. When I heard about your birthday. When I heard about your birthday. When I heard about your birthday. Children songs of Rob Balrak Ghostdance. Mister Cockroach. Ronald Snijders - Everywhere. Ronald Snijders - Wonderful Surinamese. Medley van Surinaamse-Children songs from the sixties. National Youthchoir.

CITY AIRPORT ZORG & HOOP: Geo Photography Flight over Suriname. Flight above Paramaribo. Flight above Paramaribo. Zorg&Hoop - Zanderij - Zorg&Hoop. Helicopter above Paramaribo. Start & Landings. Gum Air Takeoffs. Take off and landings. Ag Cat flying in Saramacca. Christmas above Paramaribo. Drone takes off. New Amsterdam Hydro reservoir Brokopondo. Suriname bridge filmed with quadcopter. White Leisure Beach Suriname. Glider-plane. Visiting Aero Modelers Suriname. Vertrek Suriname?

BURIALS: Native Indians. Native Indians. Native Indians. Afro Surinamese. Afro Surinamese. Hindoestani.

NATIVE INDIANS (The original people of Surinam). The First People of Suriname. Children of the jungle. Indian Youth bonds. Indian dance battle 2015. Birthday. Birthday 1. Birthday 2. Birthday. Shirityo Sambura. Children of Matta. Indian Culture disappears. Organisation of Indians Suriname. Internaat Warishi Deel 1. Internaat Warishi Deel 2. De Wajanas in Apetina - Deel 1. De Wajanas in Apetina - Deel 2 Apetina Mercury Poisons Part 1. Apetina Mercury Poisons Part 2. Mercury Poisons Population Part 1. Mercury Poisons Population Part 2. Indians in Suriname 2013. Education Festival. Peace Corps Suriname Legacy Video.

Music: Suripop Diana Gouvernante - San-ede yu gwe / Why did you leave me? Woiono from Suriname Sambura Maestro - Olyko Moro Nasé. Sambura Woyupore. Indian Villages. Karukuri Caraib Indians. Indian Children from the jungle sing churchsongs. Indians visit The Netherlands.

Usa Navajo Fried Bread: (Cooking Navajo Fry bread). (Traditional Navajo Fry Bread). (Make your own Dishes). (Make your own Dishes)

Mama Sranan - Wan Ma Aisa.

Immigration Anno 1650.
On the YouTube below you can see the: “Afro-Surinamese” once called: “Bush-Negroes” but that
name was found discriminatory, and they have a deeper darker almost blueish skin color than
the city dwellers. And that's because when the slave-ships arrived they fled massively to the
jungle (They've never been slaves), because they didn't want to be slaves of white colonials.
And most of them were born and raised, in the isolated jungle of Suriname hundreds of miles away. Old Year Paramaribo. Saramaccaans Dancing and Singing.

And frequently they returned to the city together with the Indians to free slaves and take
them with them to the jungle. They also attacked and robbed the Dutch of weapons and materials.
And the Dutch didn't go after them, because they were scared stiff of the jungle, unknown territory.

Sadly enough some city-dwellers consider them as inferior beings and discriminate them, they have
curse words for them like: “Blue-Head (Blauwkop)” and: “Round Head (Rond-Hoofd)”. They get the
lesser houses jobs wages etc. They speak the language of Negro Surinamese mixed with Ghana language. Surinam Meets Ghana, Kromanti Part 1 Ghana meets Surinam, Kromanti Part 2 Radio Koyeba their RadioStation.

If you dance the: "Kaboela Dance" your family will beat you up, because they consider this
dance a dirty dance. The little one has guts, because if her grandma sees this, her ass is grass. The Maroons Of Surinam The Battle for Suriname's Rainforest Binnenland Suriname deel 1 Binnenland Suriname deel 2

Music: Soso Lobi (Only Love) Ron Dijkstra & Diana Gouvernante. Koloku (Luck) Lady Shaynah and Elvin Pool. Na Yu Sey (At your Site) Meryl Malone. Pramisi Mi (Promise Me) Melinda Boldewijn. Hori Mi Brasa Mi (Hold and Caress me) Naomi Sastra. Ibri yuru poku (Every hour Record) Ngina Davis2. Fri Mi (Save Me) Ismaël Misiedjan. Mi Mama (My Mother). Mi Dreng (My Dream) Jered Eduard & K-Mac. Mi psa deng watra dis kaba (I've passed this Station). Kar mi ning (Call my Name) Philla &nd Jo-Ann. Alison M. Hinds Barbados - Faluma (Surinamese Song) Boo B Suripop mix Big Jones -Alla Pikin Negré Big Jones -Parbo Mambo Suriname Golden Gate Boys - Mama Na Sribi Krosi Max Woiski Jr - Medley (Live @ Mackintosh - 1964). Max Nijman Ai Sranang Lieve Hugo Blaka Rosoe Surinam Golden Gate Boys - rorac Max Nijman- Horie mi Mama Na Sribie Krosie Max Nijman- Farawé The Surinam Golden Gate Boys - kokodiako Ma Maisa Wintie Medley-Sabakoe Max Nijman- Adjossi Happy Boys Bromtji Foe Mi Djari. Sukrusani - Don Don Dia "W' e go wai anisa" - The X - Masters Kaseko medley Mama Sranan - Wan Ma Aisa The Surinam Golden Gate Boys - peroen peroen mi patron Sukrusani Ma Maisa Sonora Paramarera- Djie ding sranangman Happy Birthday Suriname - 25 November 1975 Surinam Golden Gate Boys - Aleng W' e go wai anisa" Masters Kaseko 104 stuks Owru Sranang Poku Surinam Oldies Mama Suri Soul Oldies Kaseko Kawina Mighty Sparrow Classic Hits Live Lord Kitchener

Baksi = WhipCream on the Cake) Musica Brasileira - 11 Temas Shleu Shleu Haïti Bachata Kompa Zouk Mambo Cumbia Soca

SURINAME-DAY in NEW YORK 2014: Surinam day 2014 in New York Surinam-day New York 2014 Part 1 Surinam-day New York 2014 Part 2 Surinam Day 2014 New York London 2013 Surinamese Eternity London 2016 Surinaamse Eternity

Usa Nigga Shit: (Nigga shit) (Kids are Brutally Honest) (Weed and Hennessy) (Bernie Mac "Milk & Cookies")

BOEROES - Decendants Dutch Farmers: Immegration Anno 1845 165 year Dutch Farmers remembered in Suriname. 170 yaer Dutch Colonisation remembered. Farmers interview. Farmers family Ravenswaay.

Dutch Interns:
Every year approximately 1000 intern Dutch Girls and Guys go
study and learn in Suriname. In addition, each year approximately
1000 Purebred White Dutch people go and live in Suriname, because
as they themselves say: “We are sick to death of the Netherlands”
and many start with a private small company because in the Nether-
lands it's difficult and or made impossible by civil servants. Dutch Interns popular with the men in Suriname. Leda's live in Suriname 2004 The Dutch massively to Suriname. Does Suriname needs Dutch voluntairs? The Dutch over Suriname.

CHINESE: Immigration Anno 1853. Suriname & Chinese Anthem. Simone Bardan - Yue liang dai biao wo de xin Chinese 160 in Suriname. Naturalization New Chinese. Chinese Soft Power Chinese Market Walk into Surinam Final.

HINDUSTANI: Immigration Anno 1873 Rememberance Ghandi in Paramaribo (1961). Hindustani immigrant from India in Surinam Wedding in Suriname Baraat. Hindustani Bedevaartoord. Miss India Worldwide in Suriname 2012.

Music: Pyar Hamara | Nisha Madaran & Bryan B Yeh Sama - Nisha Madaran | Yoana Borroto Kuch kuch hota hain - Indo Fusion Eid aayi Suriname Hamara Desh Keyshan - Birthday Mixzz Teri yaad me sajan - Sufiyana medley Divali 2 in 1 Concert 2014 Akhir me tumhe Pyaar Kai Hai Mausam - Oemar Holi Phagwa (Pasen) 2013 Phagwa (Hindustani Eatern) 2013 2Famous - Djoegoe Djoegoe Lorie song 1 of the best Hindustani sleesong.

JAVANESE: Immigration August 09th 1890. 1e Immigration. 1e Javanese Immigration 1890 -1939. 100 Year Immigration 1890 - 1990. Riwayat bangsa jawa ing Suriname. Rememberance Javanese Immigration 1/5. 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 Javanese Christian Church. Javanese Cultur in Suriname. Tiffany Transgender in Suriname. Javanese horsedance Djaran Kepang.

Music: Tuti Trisedya - Ai Sranang. Jawa Mix Anisha - Hello Jawa Mix: Bachata Line Dance. Jawa Mix:Caribbean Breeze. Bachata Music - Didi Kempot : Sewu Kuto. Jawa Latino :Salsa dance mix TFC - Pop Jawa Medley Live. Pop jawa Suriname bocah bagus. Pop Jawa Meryel Atmodikoro: Troe Troe Lobie. Ilse Setroredjo Ora Ono Liyo. Bakana Party Tumbu Ketemu Tutupe - Javaans. Rosanne Samoen - Kidjenan. Irama Smeltkroes-Rah Usah Neko Neko. Patricia & Ruben Silvin-Wis Kerék. Pae Matjol Pop Jawa Suriname. Frijar Klentenga Bintang Lelydorp Pop Jawa Medley Old Jawa Songs

MI GADO - MY GOD: Oh My God Shit "Tata-Kondrè" - Potato-Country.

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