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NASA on behalf of their bosses are they lying to us? In the Bible, God has written, “There is not only water on the Earth”, but also above below and around the Earth, so in space. When astronauts in space move outside their space rocket, they move slowly as if they were going through water, and on Earth they also practice in swimming pools.

The Biblical Flood may have been done by extraterrestrials called Ufonauts, who discovered Earth and stole it, and killed the original inhabitants people of colour who lived in paradise on Earth. And how did they do that, they made holes in the atmosphere and flooded the Earth with water, causing the masses to drown.

And the people who survived fled into the jungles, from, for example, South America Asian and African countries. And until today our time 2021, the white man still plays the boss on Earth, and consider him their property. The people of colour are treated like old dirt and hey consider them inferior beings. The Americans do the same to the Indians.

Let's say NASA is fooling us, in the sense that the Sun Moon stars and other celestial bodies are within the atmosphere and not outside. You could think of Earth and everything inside it as a womb. Paradise can be in our sub-consciousness, so if we look at a lens of a camera so our eyes, we see hell.

If, according to the Bible, there is not only water on Earth, but also around the Earth, then it is possible that if we look in the sky at the blue sky that, we see the blue of the water. If we look at the ocean, we can see through the water, but the deeper the ocean, the darker it gets. Miles deep, the water is inky black, so is the universe.

So the spiritual world so paradise can be inside our subconscious and not outside of it, so if we dream that might be our real life. It is said dreams are deceit, perhaps that the church leaders are Satan children, you could also call them the false prophets from the Bible, who hold us in hell on Earth, and do not want us to return to God in Paradise.

The FIRMAMENT: Waters Above.
Water in Space.
You've Never Seen A Star Do This - The Water above.

Water in the Sky.
Water in space and the Earth.
No Human Has Ever Left Earth’s Atmosphere, Here's Why.

A New State of Water Reveals a Hidden Ocean in Earth's Mantle.
We Discovered A Massive Amount Of Water Near The Earth's Core.


(30-03-2021) FALSE NEWSSITES?
According to the website below, most alternative sites are fake. But years of experience have taught me that it's not so. Of course, there are a few in between where you can ask questions about, and whether or not their stories are true partly or not truth, but all of them? Anyone who shows the other side of a case is considered a conspiracy nutcase.

The hypocrites and demagogues like Google YouTube Facebook Twitter etc., forget to mention that they censor everything, which the government does not want you to know. The TV-Journaals de Talk-shows on TV and the newspapers also censor, everything that is not desired and or another side of a case such as CoronaCovid19. The establishment are big bastards.

False Newssites?

This site that also cracks everything.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


First -- All the U.S. defense has to be kicked away
to the other side of the ocean where the war criminals belong --.
Second -- All mercenaries terrorists thugs and scum who were not born
in e.g. Syria and are shooting, they should also being kicked out of the country --.
Third -- All war criminals will be tracked down and
be tried by the International Court of Justice in The Hague --.
Fourth -- All governments are going to contribute financially to the
construction cost of what they destroyed with their armies in the Middle East --.
Fifth -- All refugees anywhere in the
world go back home to help rebuild their country --.
Sixth -- All Western and non-Western governments are banned
to sell their weapons production to any country anywhere in the world --.

It's starting to look like the U.S. and Israhell are finishing country by country in the Middle East. First Afghanistan then Iraq and then Libya then Syria now also Yemen, and what is next Egypt?, Lebanon?, Iran?, I don't believe it's the terrorists

That so-called strong tough armed U.S. military is nothing, because they've been in the Middle East for 15 years, and what do they get out of it -- shooting paper --, those goat herders with their AK47 are clearly much stronger and better organized. The Western world is committing the greatest crime of this century. They're worse than Hitler.

And the racists of the Western world are destroying the entire Middle East with millions of dead and refugees, they are not bothered by that, and that for a few terrorists bombings in, for example. Europe, what's also bad.

I think America and Israel are just stealing the whole Middle East, using the garbage of evolution that call themselves Daesh Al Quada Taliban and Isis. Then the European countries will also be put in front of the trolley, under the guise of NATO

What is also typical, the countries of Saudi Arabia Qatar and Jordan that are bombing Yemen at the behest of America and Israhell, don't have terrorists in their country. Israhell also has no terrorists, while the Arabs hate Jews. So you think they'll take them first, but there is not an assignment for.

It is a pity that no one in the European Government is banging their fist on the table and saying: –- And now it is fucking over, we are leaving NATO because America is dragging us from war to war --. You don't have to expect anything from those crazy psychopaths in The Hague, because they are not only weak, but also first class butt crawlers.

The people who want to put an end to this madness are called conspiracy theorists. The municipality of Zutphen had sent the GGD to me, because I had told them that the Taliban Daesh Al Quada and Isis are on the payroll of the white house and the Knesset. I then split the well-known Charlie Hebdo free speech into their stomach.

And then I was told don't e-mail us anymore, and that's all I've heard from them. Similarly, the town hall has asked me to stop emailing them. By the way, so is the COA. Now I also know how Jesus felt when the notables and the city's elite and church leaders nailed him to the cross, and maybe he spoke like me?


Irama Smeltkroes-Rah Usah Neko Neko.
Patricia & Ruben Silvin-Wis Kerék.
Pae Matjol Pop Jawa Suriname.
Frijar Klentenga.


(27-03-2021) COMPLETE MORONS.
10 Minutes Of Bottom Insanity.
Eddie Hitler as Edwina in Bottom.


Politicians are stupid creatures, because there are more and more people who join the protesters. The group is becoming big, and you can't beat them all into the hospital. These traitors and NSB people in uniform, are becoming increasingly crude in their actions against the people. But soon they're going to have to run for their lives, or they will be lynched by the people.

Emergency order in force in Amsterdam,
hundreds of protesters at Museumplein.

LIVE: Londoners join worldwide anti-lockdown protests.

Freedom of Speech?


Miss HP. Blavatsky’s masterwork on theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology. Based on the Stanzas of Dzyan, with corroborating testimony from hundreds of sources.


The Reptilian Brain.

Reptiles, Shapeshifters, Hybrids UFOs, is that based on truth, is there something in it, or is it the work of fools? The Earth has been around for billions of years, man has been on Earth for 18 million years, with 9 million years to go, according to, for example, the ancient Hindus and whether Ms. Blavatsky etc. Then there are probably other dimensions and or worlds.

So we don't know what happened or didn't happen in the past. Maybe we've been cloned by superior races of the past. Perhaps God did indeed blow our noses when he created us. What could also be possible is that we are descendants of beings from the universe, who lived on other planets' paradise moons or hells.

On Earth there are different breeds, with often also different skin tone colours, with hundreds of different language dialects habits mores etc. Where did all that come from, who did all that? Gods Angels Monsters Devils Ufonauts Giants, then our brains only work for a few percent, so who knows what's vomit.

Reptilian Secret Service Creep Spotted at Aipac.
Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About The Reptilians.
Outer space reptiles?

11 Hybrid Creatures From Legends.

Manipulations on a Cosmic scale.


With the YouTube you have to specify your age, but then you have to upload a photo further, and I'm not going to. Because there might be a chip with private data in that photo, and that's none of Google and YouTube's business because it's private. And why does all this have to be done?, because Syrianpartisangirl might make statements that the U.S. government doesn't like. (Censor).

On Bitchute you can watch without censorship.
Don't call them "Domestic Terrorists".
I'm Syrian Let Me Tell You About Terrorism!

The person who altered this Wikipedia page certainly works for the U.S. government. That's a typical dirty way to blacken someone in the eyes of the population, he or she does nothing but chop her. The bastards do nothing else than take us out and destroy us, we're always called conspiracy lunatics loonies en crackpots, etc.

The person writes: Conspiracy theory - Controversy with info-wars - with Socialist George Galloway - Holocaust denier Ryan Dawson - Ku Klux Klan David Duke - Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer - 9/11 was an insider job - Conspiracy New World Order - Free Masons Illumination - Isis works for the CIA and Mossad - Beheadings are fake - Positive towards Hezbollah.

Wikipedia Google Twitter YouTube Facebook etc, all work for the U.S. government. And don't forget the Rats of the Journals and Talkprogrammes on TV and Newspapers.

Helen Buyniski - Wikipedia - A Tool of the Ruling Elite.


(22-03-2021) SHAKA ZULU THE MOVIE.


(21-03-2021) JERUSALEMA.

Master KG - Jerusalema [Feat. Nomcebo] (Official Music Video).
Master KG - Jerusalema ft. Nomcebo l African Ndebele Dance Challenge.

Kila Africana Kids Dancing Jerusalema | Best Dance Challenge New 2021.

Eweeeh Workshop Reis Fernando | Video By Hrn | Afodance.
10 Best Jerusalema Dance Moves | Worldwide.

Master KG / Nomcebo Zikode.

Umkhosi Womhlanga - Reed Dance 2020.
Zulu Dances.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge Compilation.
Jerusalema Dance Challenge |Best Tik Tok Videos 1.

Johannesburg Streetfood.

Johannesburg Streetwalk.


(20-03-2021) THEY NEVER LEARN?
This is the typical arrogant conceit of the white race, the (1) billion Westerners still live in the delusion that, they are the bosses and owners of the Earth and the six (6) billion non-white people. The white race is mentally disturbed, they suffer from that mental disease called: “Delusions of Grandeur”, and it has led them to believe they are a Superior Aryan race.

Goddesses Vs Colonizer, WorldHealthOrganization,
UnitedNations, TvYabantu.

Google Sexualising Children Evidence. (Pt 1). (P 2). (Pt 3).

Virgin Schools in South Africa Part 1 of 3 (Subtitles). (Part 1). (Part 2). (Part 3).


Suppose the Netherlands is innocent and has done nothing wrong, they have not bombed another country. Then the Netherlands will be bombed by, for example, Iceland, for sure the Dutch defense apparatus will try to shoot the Icelanders away from the Netherlands. I suspect that the entire Dutch population will be fine with that, because it is self-defense.

Let's say that the Netherlands is going to bomb Russia, a country that is also innocent, and has done nothing wrong. If Russia will also defend themselves in order to drive the Dutch away, then the voters do not say that Russia the full right to defend themselves, just like the Netherlands. Now they'll be mad because they hated Russia beforehand.

Most countries have a defense, they are not fooled, but to defend themselves when they are attacked. Why is the Netherlands allowed to defend itself and Russia not. They're both innocent and both didn't do anything. Why do the voters like it when the Netherlands defends itself, but get angry when Russia do, that's weird.

There are some Dutch people who resent me for defending Russia and also Syria. They also don't want to know about my website, even the 240 letters I had put on the buses of the 5 flats. There were only two responses, one was not served by this kind of mailing, the other wished me a Muslim beheading and setting my body on fire.

Several Dutch people make me feel that they don't want to know anything, because otherwise we can't live pleasantly. But it is they who voted, so that now the boundary of Russia is full of foreign soldiers. If things get out of hand, or someone loses their head. Then we have a war in Europe Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries. So they're obviously not bothered by that.

Sometimes I'm wondering what's going on in the upstairs room of some fellow citizens. Because I assume they also have common sense, they can reason philosophizing thinking and weighing. Still, they can occasionally come out strange, maybe they have a psychiatric problem, or they've been edited by the demagogic press and media.


For centuries, people who think differently talk and write differently are considered psychiatric and mentally not okay, why does man do that?, because it's not convenient for them what they say. It disrupts their often sheeple herded life, their way of thinking talking and writing. Child-ren psychiatric patients and old people often speak the truth, which does not suit the masses.

What I've written before in the past is that some people are in touch with their subconscious. And because the subconscious is difficult to represent through ordinary consciousness, it seems twisted and confused. Maybe they are cleaning up the mess in their subconscious, but what can arrive in their consciousness can become a compulsive addiction.

You may call it a disease or a psychiatric illness, but what is psychiatric everything that deviates from the thinking of the normal?, people. Then they are all psychiatric, because they are addicted to good food money power alcohol tobacco sex you name it. Maybe Earth is the psychiatric institution of the inhabited universe, where they need to heal.

Desiree Stokkel.
Klassieker! Desiree Stokkel is interim Minister President van Nederland.

Waldo Dewanand.


The Myth Of The Psychiatric Illness.

For the Children.

ADHD is that really a disease?

Rachel Corrina- Self Actualisation, Human Psychology.


(17-03-2021) GRABWORLD.
We live in a world of grabbing to get rich, to live a financially enjoyable life, and the rest of the seven billion citizens of the world have to pay for it. They don't enjoy the raw materials mineral treasures and what else is in the Earth. A small group of people from, for example, a multinational essentially steal everything that is in the Earth, and call it their property, e.g. oil.

Libya's Gadaffi did it differently, selling the oil to the global community, but his citizens got a share of the net profit. The citizens got a 50% discount if they bought a new car. Gas light and power were free, education and the medical world were free. Unemployed people were paid a salary until they found work, petrol cost a dime, the profit was for the people

You shouldn't tell that to the rest of the world, you'll be laughed at squarely, and you'll be called a psychiatric patient who doesn't live in reality. Also people who are called herd-animals laypeople and stupid mob try to change your mind, such as: it makes no sense, you draw at the short end of the stick, you are parked in the forest etc.

Throughout history, some people become rich from wars, which they often deliberately and premeditatedly cause and ignite. Just think of the war and weaponry, like navy boats tanks trucks fighter jets bombs and grenade missiles. It makes a lot of money, and then we talk about billions, the civilians and soldiers who have died are just sacrificed to get rich

The raw materials in the Earth are intended free of charge for all citizens who live an average of 80 years, they are not the property of criminals. They will also be born and will also die again, and in the meantime it's not their property, but of all seven billion citizens of the world. Our spineless flap turd governments are friends of the criminals and look the other way

The dead have friends, Gadaffi is my friend, our time will come.
The truth the mainstream media (MSM) hid about Gadaffi's Libya.

RadioStations from Libya. (Click if Dot is white).
Libyan Streetfood.


All politics are based on the indifference of the mayority.
James Keston.

Change is caused by the people who are rising up and do something, and
not by the people who talk it away and or laugh about it and do nothing.
The Rev. Dr. Maarten Luther King Jr.

All throughout history, people are exterminating each other because of their church beliefs. Therefore, I believe that the real faith is of God or Allah, and the Church faith of the Devil.

Anissa (8) weighs only 10 kilo:
Famine true war in Yemen.
Yemen: The Neglected War.

These are the countries led by Saudi Arabia, which are the beast in Yemen: Bahrain-Egypt-Jordan-Morocco-Kuwait-Qatar-Sudan and United Arab Emirates. And don't forget the big scum: England Israhell and America. We should actually chase away most politicians, because they are beasts from hell.

You are in town and someone seeks a quarrel with you and says: “I know where you live tonight I come along and beat you up”. And tonight at 20.00 hours the doorbell rings, and when you open it's the Man. But he's not alone he brought 4 friends with him, and all 5 they kick you into the hospital. If these 5 stand in front of a judge, he'll consider them as: “The top-shelf scum” and punish them well.

America also seeks a quarrel with Iraq, and brings it's 4 friends along: "The Netherlands England Germany and France". They kill your citizens and destroy the entire infrastructure of your country. But those friends are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague as well as: “Scum of the top Shelf” but as Heroes. And they're invited by the King of the Netherlands the President of America and the Israeli Knesset for a meal and decorations.

Donors' Conference for Yemen: Arsonists present themselves as Saviors.

The hypocrisy of governments or: “Wolves in sheep's clothes”. Germany sells weapons to Saudi Arabia, which they trow on Yemen. The German government then takes taxpayers money to have the wrecked water pipelines repaired as well. England also sells weapons to Saudi Arabia that bombards hospitals with it, then England gives tax money to relief-aids to treat the wounded in Yemen.

At present why are there not sanctions against Saudi Arabia?

War in Yemen.

German ARD Report on Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Are we on the way to a third world war?


Outcry To The World, From Israhell!!! (Incl. Dutch+Eng Subtitles).
In Israhell only access on a terrace, with a Vaccination Passport.

In Brazil they do not participate in the CoronaCovid19 Comedy show,
just watch the video of the nightlife there on the street.
Rio De Janeiro Brazil Leblon District Sunday Night Life Film 31 Jan 2021 No Lockdown Restrictions.
Interrogation Shohreh Feshtali — Author from Iran.
She explains how a dictatorship begins, e.g. in Iran where
she comes from, and sees a parallel with the Netherlands. (Dutch Only).


(14-03-2021 BUS-NOSTALGIC.
A privileged peek inside a Beautiful, Classic,
Vintage RT London Bus from 1954 (RT 4421).
London Bus Museum Celebrate 75 Years Of The Classic RT.
Story Of The RT.

My Ex Catford Bus Garage London.


Mowing Very Thick And Wet Overgrown Lawn.


Michel de Nostredame also known as Nostradamus was born on December 14th 1503 in Saint Rémy in France, he died on July 2nd, 1566 in Salon de Craux France. He looked in the future predicted events.

He published his verses in 1555, and they went up to 3797, if you withdraw it you will get 2242 years. In his horoscope, Neptune is in 22degree42minute Capricorn in the middle of heaven, and my middle of heaven during my birth also stands at 22degree44 minute Capricorn.

If you take the root of 3797 you get 61,619802012, and his birth horizon is on 06degree16minute Ram. During his birth, the planet Mars was at 18degree40minute in Cancer, and my Mars in 07degree20minute in Leo. The distance between these two is 18degree40minute.

He was born in 1503 and I was born in 1951 a difference of 448 years, and I was born in Badhoevedorp at 4degrees48 minute east of Greenwich London GMT. He was born in Saint Rémy and is 4degrees51minute east of Greenwich London GMT.

When I was born the distance between my Venus and Jupiter was 150degree03minut, if we take a zero away you get his birth year 1503. The distance between his Venus and Jupiter is 159degree31 minute, if you add up to the two then you get 309degree34minute and the figures are 394. If you subtract them you get 9degree28minute, while my Mercury at birth was 8degree29minute.

His lucky-point is in 20degree Aquarius, while my Pluto stands in 20graad Lion and these are opposite constellations. In the year 1555 he published his quarter-verses. If you are going to root that 1555, you will get 39,4334883062 where the 3.94 is in. If you are going to root my birth year 1951, then you get 44.1701256507 and there is 44.17 in it. And my Neptune was at my birth in 17degree44minut.

He could look in the future and whether that is real partly or not true I leave that in the middle, but suppose it exists, maybe he was watching how I magically and square rooting with numbers and he just took them over, because did square rooting exist or not in the time he lived

Suppose it's not so, but suppose I am Nostradamus who was born again, if I had been Nostradamus in my previous life around 1550, I would have build in figures with the goal of recognizing them in my next life, so that I can realize certain things, theoretically everything is possible.

Quatrain 3 verse 94 = 3.94 is about 500 years, if you square root the 500 years you get 22.36, and during my birth the Eastern Horizon was on 22graad36minuut. 3.94 = 3:9:4 = 0.083333333 (the sunlight will take 8.3333333 minutes to reach the Earth).

Quatrain 3 verse 94 = 3.94 In 500 years one will not take more account of him, He who was the jewel of his time. He will then suddenly bring great clarity, So that time will do them very satisfied.

Quatrain 10 verse 73 = 10.73 The present time with the past, will be judged by a great Jupiter adherent. Let the world be fatigued by him. And by the spirituality of the clergy, the legal expert will be unreliable.

And in my birth-horoscope the planet Jupiter is in 13graad07minuut Ram. But again I try to prove nothing, and it is probably also crap.

Featherheads wheel roses measuring torch at your window, fox gone.

(Torch = Fox Nostradamus?)

Son I know one who was cunning, does gives barraggate, stare now rust.

Bicycling barrel animal seam mouth, opal box suggests you gentlemen ovum.

(Opalbox = Sun spirit or God?)

Drove foolish is named wine-squirrel case, hurting sun beach biblical-veil gone.

Weep time rose the grim reaper lance phone, wish pain car.

(Pain car = UFOs?)

Quatrains of Nostredamus.


The real terrorists are the Western governments, you sit in Syria quietly reading a book, and then a rocket falls off: “OpRutte” in your garden, from one of its fighter jets. Or you are working in Lebanon, and you are blown up by a drone, of which: “Cockroaches” of the Israhellian Knesset that scares you the Lazarus or nerve attack may even die.

You drink a glass of lemonade on a terrace in Pakistan and are blown up by a drone of those: “Rats” from the White House. Or your wife or daughter are gang-raped in Syria by those: “Whorelings” of Isis Daesh and Al-Qaeda, who work for the US government and are then sold abroad and the logistics are provided by the white helmets.


Lately you notice not only in the newspapers and on TV, but also in your own environment that there are people who are bothered by foreigners and whether that is racism I leave in the middle. Many are bothered by the behaviour and/or mentality of, for example, autochthonous and immigrants men, but we often think that everyone is like this.

Most Turks Moroccans Surinamese Antilleans etc., are also angry that some of their compatriots are behaving badly, it's often a small group, and you have it among every population of each country it's really not a Dutch problem. In those other countries they are dealt very harshly, while here in the Netherlands they think they are not understood.

One of the problems, of course, is that some refuse to participate in society, they even go so far as to refuse to speak Dutch with the other Dutch people in the Netherlands, according to my opinion, there is only one possibility left and that is packing a suitcase and go home. Suppose you live in Sweden you learn Swedish wonderfully.

You are not going to be difficult against the Swedes, you are ordering a loaf of bread in Swedish. You are buying a train ticket in Swedish, you are acting Swedish in the supermarket, or you are spontaneously chatting with someone else etc. Or you are going to live in Argentina you just talk Spanish to the locals, if you want to talk Dutch all the time go home.

Either you don't say anything or you don't want to deal with the Argentinians, and to make matters worse some of your children who were born in Argentina are going to make a mess of it. It makes sense that some Argentines will think and or say you know where the airport is, and whether these statements are racist I'll leave that in the middle.

But there is also another side the 2nd generation gets difficult work in the Netherlands, and they are indeed treated as inferior, I am 2nd generation Surinamese myself and I notice that some of the Dutch want nothing to do with them, also not with the good ones, people talk about them and foreigners in a certain way, and then I already know enough.

And the annoying thing is the group gets bigger and bigger over the years. There are also people who are arrogant and think they belong to some kind of super race, but of honesty they have not eaten cheese from it. All that misery in the Middle East created by America at Israhell's behest, they find It the most normal thing in the world.

All these dishonesties committed by their governments and multinationals are quietly defending them, e.g. Haitian rice farmers are almost all bankrupt because Haiti is being filled with American subsidy rice and perhaps this is also one of the reasons why some immigrant youth are starting to hate some white Westerners.


There are many people who wonder why are the Jews so concerned about people who investigate the Holocaust, and deny that it happened the way we were told. The investigator is not going to find anything, even though if he digs thousand years, the war has gone the way he's gone, that investigator is never going to find anything.

So why do they have to give them a fine, or take their website off the internet, or throw them in jail, or kill them. They are not going to find anything, even though if they search for 1,000 years. Why are the Jews so terribly afraid, the war has gone as it has gone, there is no pin between them?

And if there is nothing to be found, why has it been arranged so that, there are documents from the war, which may not become public until 2045. Sometimes people have something to hide, there's something we shouldn't know. Has the war turned out differently behind the scenes than we were told?

People who talk and write about Israel and the Jews as I do now are immediately considered anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli, one immediately undermines the Dutch people by referring to the horrors of the Second World War, and then the public they think that people like me are evil creatures.

And how is it that people, especially in the Netherlands, are eternally fanatical about the 6 million victims, and actually do not talk easily about the other 50 million non-Jews who also died in that war. Don't they count, aren't they part of life, are they insignificant

But the Dutch do not realize at all that today's Jews are born with a completely different attitude, have a completely different mentality than those who were born 100 years ago, over the centuries in evolution the mentality of the world citizens changes

The British historian David Irving will give a lecture in The Hague tomorrow February 24th 2016. This intention led to protests from among, like the Center for Information and Documen-tation (Jew nest). The Hotel in The Hague refuses controversial historian David Irving, at the behest of the Town hall. The Town hall confirms: refusal is in line with what we want.

Don't give people a platform, as Hanna Luden of Center Information and Documentation Israel argued. Because they say bad things. It's possible, but we don't like it. It's a weakness bid, it showcases the fear of insufficient persuasion from your own arguments. The world is not a Save Place, and we also consider you our readers fine?
Arthur Koestler - The Thirteeth Tribe.

Some Neo-Nazis who stand in the city with banners and signs don't have to be Nazis, they could be actors hired by the Jews. Because when the TV viewers see them, they think of the horrors of the Holocaust in a certain way, and the Jews laugh themselves behind the scenes a hunchback. Jesus calls them "Satan's children" not for nothing, and I don't know them.

Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land.
Ethiopians protest in Israel, call for end to state racism and police violence.

The Mocking and Crucification of Jesus on Eastern day on Iraelian Tv.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed rj.

(Grim Reaper Israel? / rj = Rudie Julius)

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

(Raven Jews = Thiefs? / Ovum = Embryo Human?)


Governments used to have "Enemies," but that word has been abolished. It has been changed to: 'Terrorists', but that word has also been abolished. Now they're called "Confused," you should actually laugh about it. It's true that Politicians (To whom it relates) are first class actors comedians and professional liars. And it's a well-known fact that white people believe that they are 100% right, and the truth is solely and exclusively on their Western side.

When a person of colour runs into a school and starts shooting at the kids, he's called a" Terrorist. If, for example, a white man in America does exactly the same thing, he is called a: “Confused one”. So the politicians in question, the press and the media, are also concerned with racism. As you get older, you unwittingly dislike the arrogant white race. And perhaps this is precisely why some of the boys who were born and raised in e.g. The Netherlands decides to radicalize itself.


(07-03-2021) YUMMY.
After this recipe you no longer buy bread, but you make it yourself at home.
Nostalgia Baking bread in Italy.


(06-03-2021) STUPIDITY?
As you may already have seen, my website name has disappeared. According to KPN my provider, I cancelled it, but I didn't do that, I will never do that.
It says the domain name has ended.

This page is not accessible Check if there is a typo in.
If the spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Monitor.

Now you can go to my Alias:
It's still on the Internet, because it's KPN's.
But if you want to go to a subpage, then places
the alias address there e.g.
— fresh2020.htm — behind the alias.
But that is a preliminary solution difficult but true.

According to this site, my website name is available again. Status.
Is down now?
It's not just you.'s down.


Gaza 2020 - Has Israel's siege made
life impossible for Palestinians.
Farrakhan says Israel & Netanyahu punk America!
Minister Louis Farrakhan asks, "How can you forget it?"
A People Robbed and Spoiled.
Ikiesha Al-Shabazz Whittaker Former Manhattan Prosecutor.

Israel kills about 190 of Unarmed Protesters. (30-03-2018)
Committed to educating all people to Palestinian struggle and
advocating for the end of unjust treatment through public
media-campaigns, informational training's, workshops and seminars.
Palestine Advocacy Project.

The Real Face of Zionist Occupation:
How Israhell Occupies Palestinian Territorial Waters
IsraHell on Earth - Original Documentary

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(04-03-2021) HIS REAL CHARACTER.
The day before yesterday on March 2nd 2021, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands: "OPRUTTEN", showed his true character, he refused to accept the interim report, of the: "Outer the Joint Committee of Inquiry. (Corona)", he raised his finger against the Dutch people. I am the: "BOSS", I am the Psychopath who makes up the rules, and not you the Dutch people.

Outer the Joint Committee of Inquiry. (BPOC)

The Social Databank Netherlands.
Mr. Rob Brockhus has fought corruption here in the Netherlands for many years, and what has it earned him: "Annoyance Anger and Frustration". For example, the Dutch Judiciary seems to be one big corrupt gang, they don't apply with the code, but also not with God and his Commandments. The Netherlands is since shortly listed as a Banana Republic.


There seems to be a beautiful place called Sedona in Arizona in America, No No No No No. It's not America but Mexico, round 1845 During the war between America and Mexico America stole it from Mexico, and at the peace-treaty in 1846 at Hidalgo they didn't give it back to Mexico. Stealing other people's country is the hobby of the white race, North Central South America Asia Africa India Australia New Zealand etc.

Theft of Mexico land by America. During the Mexican American war, in 1845 the North of Mexico (Arizona California Colorado Nevada New Mexico Texas and Utah), have been occupied by the Americans, and during the peace negotiations in 1846 at Guadeloupe Hidalgo, the land was never given back.

So the Mexicans are not illegal in for example California, they are at home in their own country, it's the Americans who are staying illegally in Mexico. Similarly, their European ancestors the English stole Turtle Island (America) from the Native American Indians.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People.
219 American Wars.
Lied: “Der Schrei. (Yelling Out For Peace).

54 Documented False Flag Attacks. (Select English Flag).

Downtown Sedona Arizona 2020 | Walking Tour.


This is a Central Archive that stores websites, including those that have been shut down.


(01-03-2021) I'M TIRED OF HUMANITY
I regularly receive an e-mail from my internet provider KPN with the text:

You have discontinued a cloud service with domain name in the past year. You will receive this email because your domain name will be permanently deleted from ICANN, the authority that issues domain names.

The following domain after(a)m(s) expire in 5 days:
Domain name End date Days to termination Automatic renewal set 2021-03-03 4

But I didn't lift that at all, so you contact KPN, and that's a frustrating activity, it's an agony because you are sent from the locker to the wall. You then go to forum addresses of KPN, the moderators chat a long way out of their necks, you can no longer chat. You keep searching, and you discover that you can chat.

Then you get an Esther on the phone, you shouldn't be with me, you should call that phone number. You call and get someone on the line, and they say you have to call this number at €1 per minute, and that turns out to be a private company, I will search for you no, thank you that search takes at least ten minutes or €10. You want to bet she'd send me back to KPN.

So if you can no longer find my website on the Internet in the near future, then you know what that is about: “Psychiatric Disturbed Idiots”. They've all been in school and presumably longer that we, they've been studying, did a exam and have graduated. But when they're sitting behind a desk, they don't know what they're doing at all.

At first, I had that with the housing rental company, who all worked beside each other. They were all sitting on their own island playing director, ignoring the other departments working all over each other. It's like the staff hated the other departments. And who is to blame for that indeed the department chiefs and the director, who did not correct their staff.

I told the previous director at the time, you have to resign because you're not fit to be in charge of a company. Your staff messes about with the tenants and you don't correct that. Six months later she resigned and is working noe for a mental healt company. But I don't if it was me, or that she already planned it.

Then there's the neighborhood consultant, he stood at my frontdoor and said, “I can't help it if you bought an electric hot water boiler”. The dumb rabbit didn't even know at all that the house-building bought and installed that boiler when they split a three-room flat into two Hat units

Then there was that stupid blond bimbo, who sat on the couch at my house and said: “Maybe Hanzewonen (The previous housebuilding before the merger with Deventer”) gave you a 50% discount on your energy bill, yeh what ever. (Shared gas meter with the neighbor — no more now). I got 250 guilders back because they knew my house was electric except then the central heating. While my neighbor has everything on gas, and used more gas than I did, hence the 250 guilders back.

If I was chief of staff and had to decide who did or didn't
come to work at our company, the applicant was told:

You must bring your legitimate diplomas and copies.
You must bring written proof from your previous bosses.
You must bring copies of the schools you attended.
You must bring proof of good behavior from your town hall.

And during the interview, a psychologist is also,
present, to separate the duffers tubers and lemons.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Hyundai, Daewoo dump trucks & Komatsu Bulldozer.

Cambodia Streetfood.


A ride on a Portuguese Electric Tram (An Old One).

Portugese Streetfood.


Some social platforms are busy to remove and censor all non governmental-wanted news, the websites and YouTube are being removed, this smells suspiciously like communism. The crazy thing is Russia is with falling and standing up trying to become democratic, while democratic countries are busy trying to become communists.

The journals and in particular those filthy demagogues of the NOS on the Dutch TV, the newspapers and the TV talk programs are government propaganda channels. Plus people who have a different opinion on politics for example. In the area of, — the Middle East — Eastern Europe — 9/11 — MH17 — Global Warming (stopped 15 years ago) — SunSimulator — ChemTrails and Haarp, are not invited to be part of the talk programs on TV.

Keep the people stupid, park them on the couch with 3 bags of chips and a crate of beer. And let them watch dumb games and stupid soap operas on TV, they don't ask questions (Inside Job). (Was MH370) (Fake Global Warm). (SunSimulator). (ChemTrails). (Haarp).


I hope there will be a war soon, because I am sick of peace. In peacetime, people are playing games with each other, hypocrites, talking each other away, clamping each other down. While in wartime they are serious because one is afraid to die.

For example, dirty tricks politicians can do that very well, the American government then passed a law that, from now on, the state money can be printed and issued by a commercial bank, so their friends. (Or did you maybe think that The Dutch bank was a state-owned bank, not on your Nelly it's a commercial company with shareholders).

That's what a handful of politicians did when the crowd sat at home on Christmas recess, if they were in congress, they would have voted that bill out. The well-known Federal Bank of America, which prints and issues the dollar, is also a commercial company. The IRS tax is also a commercial their headquarters is in: In Puerto Rico, then shareholders can evade tax.

Now you also know immediately what one the reason was for turning the Middle East into one big graveyard, because in those Arab countries the State Bank government did not charge interest on loans, because Allah believes that's a crime. Now that there are American straw governments, the people have to start paying interest, and where does the money go, indeed to their bosses in Israhell.

The dead have friends, Qaddafi is my friend, our time will come.
The truth that the Mainstream media (MSM) kept hidden about Qaddafi's Libya. (Libya Radio-Stations - Click white dot).

Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan
denounce "Secret Relationship" book.
Louis Farrakhan breaks down as he
EXPOSE the Rothchilds & Rockefellers.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People. (Part 1 - 219 US Wars). (Part 2 - 219 US Wars).

Most Dutch politicians do also have dirty tricks, on TV you can see that there are ten people in the House of Representatives, the crowd is not there, the House of Representatives is practically empty. Why?, arrogant conceit, we don't intend to talk to you because soon for example, in a month time if there is a vote, we will vote you out.


(24-02-2021) ARE WE BEING WIPED OUT?
What I'm writing down here does not have to be based on truth, it's my thoughts on research on Coronacovid19. Millions?, of people worldwide seem to be dying from Corona, is it possible that they die from vaccination?, en very cleverly called Corona-deaths. This way you can scare people a lot, and they will soon be beging on their bare knees to get vaccinated.

In Elberton in the state of Georgia there is a kind of statue, it says: “Keep humanity below 500,000,000 in eternal balance with nature”. Are the Beasts the Satan's children the Devils from hell trying to take the lives of 6.5 billion people, by means of vaccination en call them Corona-deaths.

The Georgia Guidestones: America's most mysterious monument,
are they busy in taking the lives of 6.5 billion humans?

Maintain Humanity Under 500.000.000
In Perpetual Balance With Nature.


Is it possible that many psychiatric patients have been made crazy by normal people? And how do they do that: "Denying." It doesn't matter what the person says he's being denied for years. That can drive you crazy, you walk with your soul under your arm, you don't know if you're coming or going with those normal people, maybe you can go crazy.

And if you don't say much more to normal people because there's no point because, they always deny you, then you're called contact disturbed. There are plenty of people who hear you talking, but don't really want to hear what you're saying. With aid workers therapists psychologist psychiatrists, you always fall to lose, no matter what you say you never get right.

Many patients walk around with the family's luggage, it's the family that needs treatment. They hang everything they don't want to know in their lives on the patient's coat rack. Many also have skeletons in the closet, and conveniently slide them into the patient's stomach. Many have given everything a place in their lives, so in the patient's pocket.

You come to the conclusion that these so-called normal people are the real psychiatric patients, and the so-called psychiatric patients are the real normal people. Therefore, the world is already God knows how long a great mess, perhaps the Earth is the psychiatric institution of the universe, all the idiots of creation are locked up on Earth to heal.

I remember that years ago there was a psychiatrist, he had written on his tombstone: “There are far more lunatics on the street than living in a mental institution”, then the municipality of Zutphen had that stone removed. On my tombstone, I want written, “Here's lies an Asshole, one of the seven billion.” I wonder if the municipality will remove that stone as well.

In a village live 1,000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years. It is for them the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other 10 who don't find breaking correct are probably being treated in a mental institution, because they don't live in reality. But the fact that the reality of the 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do. Are we psychiatric?

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


According to the Bible, we were expelled from Paradise because we became scum and God no longer wanted to tolerate us as a spirit.

Suppose the bad people as a spirit became Ufonauts, and they managed to return to Paradise which may have been Earth?, are Ufonauts ghosts that can manifest themselves on Earth?

Between dust and spirit world reside descendants paradise-wall, wake here egg.

If astronauts stay in space for a long time, their bodies become jelly-like tar and brittle, Ufonauts are creatures of another planet and have long traveled through space. Or live in the space between the Earth and Paradise after, they have been sent away from Paradise.

Video Footage Of An Alien Autopsy? (7:19 / 9:31)

Ufo's they do exist.

By the word: “UFO” you can see that many citizens also the Dutch are imbeciles. A few years ago in September at 2:00 a.m., I saw a red ball in the sky, and it went from west to east. If I tell people that, you'll be told immediately, “UFOs” don't exist that, is the standard answer of many imbecile people.

The imbeciles don't even know what the word “UFO” means at all, they immediately think of Martians, presumably they also have Mars in their heads (Mars = Surinamese for butt). UFO means an unidentifiable object, it can be a weather balloon a meteorite Asian fireworks etc. It can indeed also be an alien vehicle from outer space.

On February 24th 2021 I saw a white light in the sky, from the west to the east, at 05:37 AM (04:37 GMT) in Zutphen The Netherlands. At first, I thought it was a morning star, but then I realized it was moving, I followed it until I couldn't see it anymore. I checked the website below to see if it was a plane, 50 kilometers around Zutphen there was nothing to see. The middle of the sky stood at 22degree44minute Scorpion, while I was born with 22degree36minute Taurus on the eastern horizon, and those are opposite constellations.,5.73/7 (Zoom in for Zutphen - 52.08.24N / 06.11.42E)

On September 3rd 2012 I saw a red globe in the sky at 22:51 PM (20:51 GMT) in Zutphen The Netherlands, it went from the west to the east. It was the size of a tennis ball, I don't know what it was, that's why I'm not going to speculate. I consider it a UFO, so it's an unidentifiable object. I have to tell you that America has futuristic aircraft, UFOs?

On August 07th, 1998, at 6:40 p.m. (4:40 GMT), I was thinking about time-travel, the eastern horizon stood at 28degree19minute Gemini. On October 17th, 1998, at 9:28 PM (7:28 GMT) in Zutphen The Netherlands, I saw three stars just above the eastern horizon at 28degree28minute Sagittarius. I made a horoscope and there were no stars. Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite star signs.

At a certain day I scolded God, because it's a mess on Earth for thousands of years. Moments later, I saw a white disk in the sky in the West, and got the feeling that something or someone was saying to me don't despair the time is not yet ripe. And what was typical is the fact that, when I looked at that white disk, then the Eastern horizon (ASC) stood at 22 degree36minute in Taurus and the middle of the sky (MC) at 22degree42minute in Capricorn, the same degrees, minutes and constellations as during my birth.

Download PlanetDance to create Horoscopes.
Go to File (Bestand) and then Radix, enter only the 1/3 left part of the window as
a layman. Then click ok, go back to File and click Save All. Then click
Time Wheel and Okay, then time will start and the horoscope will run.



Edith Piaf Recital 14-12-62 - Live in Nijmegen The Netherlands.




The elderly of days here in the Netherlands and also?, in other Western countries, which become disabled e.g. can no longer walk reasonably, which are placed in elderly and care homes. You get the idea that the family thinks, “We're not going to take care of them, let others do that”. “While”, in Third World countries the children take their parents in the house.

After we were born, our parents took care of us for an average of 20 years, perhaps it's human and decent that we children take care of our parents for the last 20 years of their live. In these so-called modern times, civilization is clearly slipping backwards, we are clearly getting rougher with each other, we are allowing more with others.

Does civilization disappear?


54 documented false flag attacks. (Censorship?)

What always stands out after a bomb attack is the fact that after the bomb attack, the terrorists are mostly arrested after just one hour. That's weird because if you know where these people are, why didn't you pick them up for the bombing. Because if people don't know where they are before the bombing, they can't be arrested after the attack. Unless they're playing games.

So if you know where these people are, and you don't pick them up, you as the government let them bombing the place. So in that sense, the French Government is partly to blame for the deaths of the many Parisians. They just sacrificed the Parisians, in the game called "POWER," between the terrorists called ISIS and the terrorists called government. So one pot of wet.

The US government is the staff of the Israhellian government, which has been committing genocide against the Palestinians for 72 years. These governments have 9/11 on their conscience, it was just an insider job to have an excuse to take out the Middle East and park straw governments there. So that they can now be in charge, and steal the oil for peanuts.

And the infrastructure of e.g. Iraq, which has been completely destroyed, is now being built up by American companies, which are making billions from it. War is a golden trade for the American companies in particular the weapon manufacturers. If you want more revenue, you just destroy a country. You just bomb the country to the primeval time, so you can get rich.


Speech: “Crisis in Gaza and West Bank”.
Speech: Mr. Obama, what is barbaric?
“Uncovering the Syrian Conflict”. July 10, 2013.
Questions and Answers - The Syrian Conflict.
More YouTubes of Rania Masri.
Website of Rania Masri.

Israeli historian Benny Morris denies the ethnic cleansing of Palestine,
but his own research shows that this was indeed how Israel came into being.


(16-02-2021) DOES GOD EXIST OR NOT?
Suppose theoretically and I'm not saying it'so, and it probably isn't just that but suppose. Suppose God was born a human being and is walking around on Earth, now I am firmly convinced that, perhaps most people will now all say, “Oh my God” the writer is truly mentally disturbed. But suppose it's true, why couldn't he?

Maybe I'm God, I hear all the psychiatrists in the Netherlands laughing warmly now. They're in a party frenzy, they're having the time of their lives. Also, perhaps most people are also going to laugh well screams and howl. But let's theoretically say it's me. If so why don't I know, and: “NO” I'm not Jesus either at least not that I know.

Could it be possible that God has split himself into seven (7) billion particles, and we humans are a particle of God? And Jesus, was he maybe God in reality? There are so many different religions worldwide, and their faith books are full of contradictions. It's hard for us humans to figure out what the real truth of God is.

Is God a Human?


Gautama Siddhartha.


The annoying thing is that if you dig and spit on the internet and discover unsavory cases that, there is a high chance that politicians deny it. While they themselves are not researching anything, but let themselves be chatted away by scientists specialists and experts. Often employed by the multinationals these scholars?, are financially dependent of the multinationals.

It seems that fluoride comes from chemical aluminum factories, the stuff seems to be in the chimneys as residual waste. It's a heavy biting poison, which is why it eats the dirt of your teeth. It's particularly dangerous for children, who often swallow the toothpaste which can cause diseases phenomenon in their future.

If the manufacturer throws the rest of the waste into the river, he gets 1,000 environmental officials on his neck, and they hit him with millions of fines. He sells that waste to another manufacturer and he puts it in the toothpaste, he gets no visit from environmental officials and also gets no fines, e.g. U.S. government and law are fine with it.

Fluoride, Poison on Tap.


Chinese New Year’s decorations, goods and snacks, by Liziqi.


(13-02-2021) OH BOY.
These old fart-knockers clearly have a wheelbarrow from God.


(12-02-2021) IS THERE A SECOND SUN?
Is there a second Sun?, i.e. a laser beam that shines as brightly as the Sun. And does the laser hangs or stands in front of the Sun, which is sometimes so bright that it can burn the grass in our garden or in front of flats and parks. There are farmers in one side of America who complain that their crops wither, and other farmers complain that their crops are drowning out the many rain water.

Are they working behind the scenes to change the planet to their advantage?, by a laser that can push cold arctic air towards Europe, so that the Corona-virus can rage. A government of France that doesn't want to dance to the tune of America, they can flood the country with heavy rain-showers. In Brazil, agriculture land can be destroyed by intense heat


Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-up.
How it affects you.

Chemtrails: The Secret War. (English Subs).
London hit by Chemtrails.
See the inside of a Chemtrail plane.

Planes Spray Chemtrail X Iridescent Artificial Clouds.
Chemtrail Clouds.
Cirrus Clouds do matter.
Chemical Clouds.


The extreme cold weather does it have a natural cause?, or is it generated by the HAARP project. So weather- influence, Corona seems to be triving in extremely cold temperatures. Is it possible to move the weather from space with a laser beam?, they push an extremely cold front to Europe, so the colder the more Corona fatalities?

Haarp: Holes in Heaven.

Below zero and Corona

The man says those strange sounds could also be caused by: Atmospheric phenomenon or high voltage pylons that, is possible. But why have we never heard these sounds before, e.g. 10 or 30 or 60 years ago? There are also strange clouds that we have never seen before. The heavenly skies have been more hazy white than blue for years, where does that come from?

Strange noises:: Are they UFOs, Thunder, HAARP or a hoax? (0:45 / 1.42)
Strange clouds.

Nowadays hundreds of dead fish and birds fall from the sky that never used to happen before, there is also red rain falling and a blood red Sun, a few years ago hailstones fell from the sky in Paramaribo the capital of Suriname a tropical country. The sky is mostly milk-like white nowadays, where have the blue skies of the past gone?

A few years ago, the Sun was red was the weather forecast said: — Sahara sand — but that's not possible in August, but late March and begin of April it is. Then the higher air layers are such that also radio and TV signals from southern Europe reach northern Europe, another weatherman said that chemtrails don't exist according to him it was the smoke of chimneys of steamboats?, ha ha ha oh oh.

London hit by Chemtrails.
With the planes on the video below you can also
spread diseases bacteria fungi and viruses over a
country. See the inside of a Chemtrail plane.

The Georgia Guide-stones: America's most mysterious monument, are they trying to take the lives of 6.5 billion people?

The last time the Earth warmed up.
The Truth About Global Warming - Dr. Patrick Moore - Greenpeace Co-Founder.

Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Air Force ~.
Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, 18th-01-2014.
Geoengineering Klokkenluiders.

Governments will use all the technology available to them,
to fight their primary enemy — that is their own people.
Noam Chomsky.

People have been cremated, for lack of a better term, said Sgt. Ray Kelly'
a spokesman for the Alamada county sheriff's office, which has more than
40 experts to assist in forensics

With such an intense heat that melted nd fused everything, all the trees
should be completely burned, but many trees are still in bloom. Strange?

Santa Rosa: California - Laser lights came out of the sky.
Santa Rosa Fire Drone.
Lasers from the sky & Californië Fires. (Censuur?, What else is new)
California is cooked by Microwave Focused Laser Weapon.


On the websites below there is a lot of information about Corona and the Flu, which means the more Corona deaths the fewer flu deaths (400/6400). So governments should spread the Corona-virus, and advise all citizens to take to the streets at below zero. We need to start infecting each other en masse, deadly?, vaccinations are not necessary.

I'm not quite sure what I'm writing here right now, but if it's right, most Corona-deads are old age people. It seems that most are not treated in hospitals, they are locked up in elderly people and care homes with a Paracetamol. Are they sometimes people trying to kill them because, they are no longer financially profitable.

How many Corona-deads are there?

Doctors are Unravelling the Mystery of COVID 19.
12 Coronavirus Autopsy Cases Reveal the TRUTH How COVID Patients Dying.
Vitamin C, Vitamin D and COVID - Prevention of COVID.


Worldwide epidemics of chronic diseases through vaccinations?
On the occasion of the meeting of the “Global Laboratory Network” concerning the quality control of vaccines, scientists, physicians and medical journalists from all around the world addressed an appeal to the WHO. They demand to investigate the cause of the alarming world-wide increase in chronic diseases and point out that most likely vaccinations must be held responsible! This critical information has not been discussed publicly by politicians or major media. Kla.TV presents a shortened version. By spreading this broadcast, you help to overcome the continued censorship.

On 27 January, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted an amendment explicitly stating that vaccines should not be compulsory in the EU. The NSB'ers the country-/ people traitors of the Newscasts the Talk shows on TV and the Newspapers are not going to tell you this, let alone those 150 Psychopathic Nazis from the House of Representatives.

Zambia's President Dr. Nevers Mumba Says No Vaccine
Should injected into a Zambian body before verification.
(In case YouTube Sensors).

Today they were forced to admit that 'COVID-19' does not exist.
Corona19 is fake wake up America.

I'll add these sites for a while as information,
because the Main Stream Media (MSM) is not at home. (Switserland) (Italy) (Russia) (Iran)

These four sites don't follow or
register or save your browsing.




(06-02-2021) HOW IT'S MADE.


(05-02-2021) MY DREAMWORLD.
My dream world is that everything on Earth is free, so all our necessities. E.g. the rent gas light water fuel food drinks travel tax etc., but that will never happen at least not in our time. I wonder what was it like in paradise before we got kicked out thanks to Aunt Nasty. And will it ever be like this again in the: “DISTANT” future or never?

In short, we get everything for free and we also work for free, all on Earth is distributed evenly among all countries and citizens. But first we have to have completely different politicians because, the country and people traitors that we now have are in the pocket of the multi-nationals, and they are also close friends. So we can forget that for a while, that's a dream world.

Suppose on Earth there are two worlds, the physical carnal world so humanity and the spiritual world so the spirits. Suppose they exist side by side, we cannot see them, and they cannot see us either. Suppose someone in the flat has died and is just walking down the street as a ghost, or he just lives at home and waits for his wife to also die. Spooky maybe?

Is this the reason why some people can see ghosts?, or that some spirits show themselves to us? It's, of course, handy to portray these people as psychiatric-ally disturbed, and to regard the spirits as evil beings. Of course, there are also bad people and ghosts, and if we're not on our guard, they can take us for a ride.

Example: A female driver of a parcel service, who has two packages for the fourth floor rang my doorbell at the first floor. Why ring my doorbell on one high laziness?, too lousy to go to the fourth floor and ring the bell at different doors there. Am I being strained for the cart by a bad person, who essentially wants to take me for a ride.

So that dream world of mine of paradise on Earth where everything is free, we can forget it with people like this. When you tell this to others, you often get told, don't worry it's just the way it is and blah blah blah. So they're not going to work to achieve paradise on Earth either, because they're just talking everything away. Nice right some people.


(04-02-2021) DEMAGOGUES?
You have the established order and alternative websites, it's for a security or secret service crafty to also start with an alternative site. Normally they have to search for citizens who think differently, it's much cunning to start with an alternative website. Because now the citizens sign up themselves and you don't have to look for them anymore.

So who owns some alternative websites is just the big question, if you want to track down everyone who thinks differently about e.g.: 9/11 MH17 Holocaust Corona etc. Then it is crafty for you as a security or secret service to start an alternative site, because the unsuspecting citizens visitors are now registered and monitored.

If Security and Intelligence services don't want us to know they're torturing people, etc., they're throwing it out on the street. And bring it in such a way, on an alternative website of their own. And we don't think that we never believe this in our days of life that they're torturing people, those guys from those alternative websites are conspiracy theorists, they're raving a lot of crap.

An alternative website might say that Bill Gates is in charge of the WHO. And they have prac-tically all governments in the pliers as far as Corona is concerned, or some politicians world-wide are pedophiles e.g. “OpCuntte”? Or the elite want to wipe out humanity, only 500,000,000 who can live and serve as our slaves. That is why thinking and weighing is very important.

Our Prime Minister: 'OpCuntte', said in public: 'It's the right of the citizen to express his opinion'. This is in stark contrast to those Police Scruffy Dogs who ram the citizens into the hospital on the street, who stand there non-violent and express their opinions. How so democratic free speech when you end up in the hospital.

There are Romeos, plainclothes police officers. They mingle between a peaceful gathering in the street, and start throwing stones or throwing windows in or throwing smoke bombs. To give their colleagues in uniform the Riot Scum an excuse to crack down on the peaceful demonstrators. And in no time, it's a mess in the city.

I used to have a boss who said, “I'm going to get you in the future, but he brought it in such a way that I was laughing s well.” But when I was lying in the gutter later, I realized that he did, it too. Similarly, someone who lives close to me in the flat who talks the same way, but I keep an extra eye on the sneaky underhanded creep.

A woman asked me are you're going to prostitutes, no was my answer. Then she said that's good for a single person, again my answer was no. That relieves she said, again my answer was no, she just kept on and on. A time later when I visited her she said to a married couple: “I have a girl-friend who is a prostitute”, so she tried to take me down.


(03-02-2021) SCUM?
If the story is true, the world is now ruled by ONE man: “Bill Gates,” according to some who owns the WHO. And practically all governments also those insane psychopaths: “OpRutte and The Old” are in the ass of the WHO and Bill Gates. Then you have the many followers butt-crawlers and ass-lickers, who want to make a career and do everything for money and power.

Then there are the “ Beasts” of the Justice Department who are even more corrupt than the Devil, who employ NSB'ers to ram the people who want to save the Netherlands into the hospital. Then almost all 401 town halls cheat with the annual budget. Then there's that Criminal Scum, or the multinationals that evade taxes through corrupt lawyers.

No wonder some children now commit suicide, because they are: “PUKE SICK” from adults?, people who belong in an institution. Us adults?, are well screwed up during our parents upbringing, because they have taught us: “There's no point in it, you're pulling at the short end of the stick, you're being sent into the woods,” so look the other way.

Most people who have heart-attacks strokes have nervous-breakdowns, alcoholics become drug addicts or psychiatric, where does that come from?, a crazy society? They act like the sons and daughters of Mother Teresa and Father Gandhi, and sit in church on Sundays and fool God and Jesus. Who also call themselves civilized and modern?

In a village live 1,000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years. It is for them the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other 10 who don't find breaking correct are probably being treated in a mental institution, because they don't live in reality. But the fact that the reality of the 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do. Are we psychiatric?

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


All over the world you can see that the: “Scruffy Dogs” in those uniforms or the police are beating severely, when citizens are standing in the city because of Coronacovid19. But our time will come then they have to run for their lives, I saw it in Suriname when I lived there, during and after the coup they lay on their stomachs on the street with an Uzi in the neck.

Those Scruffy Dogs on horses also existed in the Middle Ages, when they were already on a horse with a tin uniform on. From the king they had to collect taxes from the poor people, and those who could not meet that them were also dealt with harshly. And all of us think we're modern and civilized. And we all think that we are modern civilized democratic and religious.

Rioters or freedom fighters?

I know already how Jesus felt when he got his thunder from the establishment, they were so uncivilized and barbaric that they hung him on the cross, and I'm probably being sent into the woods. The established order who presumably?, having a nice live nice salary nice house, want to keep it that way. And conspiracy nuts need to be eliminated, right?

And no I'm not in favor of a coup because, it's a lot of misery for both sides. The cause of coups are the politicians themselves, because they continue to the bitter end they don't give in. Then you get angry citizens one writes letters the other phones or e-mails, and there are also those who are and standing in the street, and some of them start rioting.

And if you look at the mess on Earth that already God knows how long lasts, you come to the conclusion that most politicians, no matter which country, are not fit to run the country. Then you get to the voters why do they vote for every four years for live own interests?, these people never get wiser than they are maybe they're mentally retarded.

That's how Herd-animals are made. (The Monkey/Stepladder Experiment)

In a village live 1,000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years. It is for them the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other 10 who don't find breaking correct are probably being treated in a mental institution, because they don't live in reality. But the fact that the reality of the 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do. Are we psychiatric? (If You Were King) (The Tiny Dot) (The Jones Plantation)

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose


(01-02-2021) IS JESUS A BLACKMAN?
Is it possible that the Palestinians are the real Biblical Jews, who were led away by Moses from Egypt the land of the fake-Jews, who held them captive. History repeats itself because, the fake-Jews hold the Palestinians again prison in the Jewish concentration-camp they call Israhell. If it's true, Gaza was stolen from Egypt by the fake-Jews.

Is Jesus a Blackman?

Palestinian Radio-Stations. (Gaza). (Ramallah). (Bethlehem).

On August 7th, 1998, I was in Zutphen thinking about time travel, and at
that time the Eastern Horizon was at 28 degree 24minute in Sagittarius.

On October 17th, 1998 I saw three (3) stars low above the Eastern Horizon in Zutphen, and the
middle one flew away, at that time the Eastern Horizon stood at 28 degree 23minute in Gemini.

Now 28 degree 24minute Sagittarius and 28 degree 23minute Gemini are
opposite constellations, so at 180 degrees from each other, typical right.

Festival Reggae Don Sa 2005Festival Reggae Don Sa 2005



(30-01-2021) AHOY CAPTAIN.
From Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 10 minutes: a 4k sailing timelapse.


(29-01-2021) OH BOY.
Politicians are now starting to become mentally disturbed, because more and more variants of the Coronacovid19 virus are being added. We have the general virus, but also variants such as the English and now also the South African virus. There are something like 200 countries and if they all come with their virus variant, then you better supply them with country flags.

I thought flu was flu cancer is cancer pneumonia is pneumonia, but I'm not schooled, I have no title for my name. I don't have a nice job or a nice salary, and I don't live in “Villapark the Bungalow”. Are the established order freaking out?, I rather prefer John with the cap who makes our essential necessities every day in the factory.

It's no wonder that more and more children are committing suicide, we as adults are making them crazy with our Corona-madness. Those kids don't trust us anymore, and they probably consider us as crazy idiots. So we as adults are essentially killing the children, which one of us dares to sue the adults at the Justice Department?

Michael Verstraeten lawyer - African flu variant see 1:52 / 2:37:10).
Written report of the Interrogation.


(28-01-2021) WHICH ONE OF US IS HOLY?
Sometimes I'm wondering if alternative people are fooling around. They have all kinds of subjects that they are dealing with, but that the Western world is still till today exploiting the non-Western countries for hundreds of years they don't deal with that. Next time, they'll vote again on politicians who is friends with the multinationals.

Presumably the politicians know what kind of meat they have in the tub, and therefore don't respond to their letters emails phone calls. With other words, the pot that blames the kettle, lead for old iron, kind looks for kind, carrying water to sea etc. Not to mention most Dutch people are the bravest in the class, given the suck content they have with America and Israhell.

Ignoring of politicians of alternatives, the mass of alternatives do that to me too. I'm a webmaster of a website, and I write critically about anything and everything. But if I send the alternatives an E-mail 99% of them E-mail don't back. They don't let you hear anything, and pretend I don't exist, so they are no better than the politicians.

Are we humans cheaters?


We humans are often stuck in our prejudices, which is why we continue to fanatically defend our dream world. We pull out all the stops to bring down the person investigating the other side of a case, like 9/11 - MH17 - Holocaust - Corona. We laugh at the person - make fun of him - call him a conspiracy nut - a psychiatric idiot etc.

Psychologists on dealing with the TRUTH (about September 11th, 2001).

Bless them, sending maize-berry loaded with whey, ban-song now gate.

Eight, guide became shady, take maizeleg oases.


Was real trick fowl mouth, rose I fight fowl purpose, zamtaan ms.

(Fowl-mouth = Ufonaut-leader? Zamtaan MS? Seed men Multiple Scleroses?)

The ones missing maize, taking foot-part partly excuse.

(Foot-part = Cernel of Mais?)

Was fishing Sirius, fowl-bite did tough threw jewel, maize saves.

No not him, see cover-up box as a tooth agent, left over dough is boring.

The dead are they not human-soul robbery, safe the time ovum pit.

Plan now time blessing, you can now change crack, drive wisely.

You had quite partnered spirit who came, knew fowl tooth, hello it's me.

Sextant fowl thinks crazy researchers song now fresh magic trick.

Sweetcorn. (Sweat-corner = Sauna?)
Medical Sweetcorn.

Fox-car wanted dry plague without glow-cloth, doing grain-cherry serum.

(Foxcar = Ufo?)

Hearing your gold-aerials tune, saw broom ovum, see real Dio.

(Broom ovum = Women? / Dio = Spanish for God)

Cain-court snort tune robber, heretic lift pigs-way and boo.

Robbing rude basic court forest-seam-leg, no more Roi kir, weep.

(Forest-seam-leg = Female private parts? Kir = Baby Cry?)

Court grain aerials giving wet-plate, doing wrong.

Fox knows and found non-slut yell, hurts round wench cover ovum.


Some sober figures: worldwide (March 9th 2020) daily died on average from tuberculosis 3014 people, hepatitis 2430, pneumonia 2216, AIDS 2110, malaria 1644, rota-virus 1233, seasonal flu 1027, ..... and corona-virus 56 – this, while coronal deaths have also been severely cheated

Doctors reported that they had to comply with a sufficient number of coronal deaths when they were written to report the cause of death. Hospitals received a much higher patient's protocol fee if it involved a corona patient (13 grand) compared to regular pneumonia (4.6 grand) and the prescribed resuscitation of the corona patient, often leading to death, 39 grand

The Contagion myth a Dutch
summary of the Contagion-myth.
Five Corona books five explanations
on an unproven foundation.

Revealing what Covid-19 is called is not virus but
Chromosome 8 an-essential part of the human Dna.
The Contagion myth EdG.pdf.

Humans Become actually infected via
the Pcr test intranasal vaccine.
Biontech goes here predicted crispr online read and
write vaccine deliver that your Dna can program.

Civil Disobedience in Italy - Very Beautiful.
Four alarming videos and 50 alarming links.


America will be destroyed in the future, which is an evolution law. The mass murderers and war criminals will all be eliminated in the long run. Look at history, all the great empires of the past that played the boss on Earth no longer exist, and are today meaningless countries. But unfortunately, the arrogance and cockiness has now the upper-hand.

The Netherlands urgently needs to leave NATO, America is dragging us from war to war. America is bombing countries where people of color live for 75 years, they're not bombing white countries. The people have not insulted us, did not invade our countries, nor are they shooting at us. America is on brown hunting, typical white racism. As long as whitey shoots at browny, everything is okidoki, but if browny shoots at whitey, then whitey is pissed, and takes immediate action to invade the country and removes their government.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People.
219 US Wars.
54 documented false flag attacks. (Select English)

Those white house psychopaths (Read their bosses from Israhell) are dictators power-drunks and tyrants, they play the boss of the world. And if you don't want to dance to their arrogant pipes, they'll completely bomb your country to bits and peaces, or play economic games with you. And what do our characterless spineless turds governments do indeed, sucking BUTT.

America has nearly 1,000 military bases around the world, they've occupied and stolen the whole world, and they're playing the psychopathic psychiatric-ally mentally disturbed alone-ruler. Almost all Eastern Bloc countries now have American bases and Russia has not one. NATO did promise Russia when the wall fell we will not occupy them countries, SCUM right?

It is URGENT time that the Superior Aryan white race takes a beating from the third and not western world, to make them understand that the planet is destined for ALL seven billion citizens. He is not the private plantation and property of the arrogant cocky psychiatric white race, they don't just alone make GODDAMN the rules.

You're in town and someone's looking for a fight with you and is saying, ?I know where you live tonight I'll come along and kick your ass?. And tonight at 8:00 p.m., the doorbell rings, and if you open, there's the man. But he's not alone, he's brought tree friends, and with them, they're kicking your ass. If these 5 are brought to court, the judge he will consider them: ?As top-shelf scum? and punish them well.

America is also looking for a fight with Iraq, and is taking its 4 European friends with them, killing the citizens and destroying your country. But those friends, e.g. Belgium England France and The Netherlands, are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague as also: “Scum of the top Shelf”, but as friends. And then they're going to have dinner whit the King of the Netherlands, the President of the United States and the Israeli Knesset.

Humanity learns nothing they just arrogantly continue to make wars, so many dead disabled widows and orphans traumatized refugees etc., one learns nothing, and that true all history. Wars make no sense at all, there are no winners and losers everyone loses on both sides of the war, that doesn't sink in with these retarded humans.

People have agreed that they don't shoot each other during Christmas, so they also have Christmas presents for the soldiers. If they can agree to this, why can't they agree, we'll NEVER make war with each other. If we're angry, we each go our separate ways, and in the future when we're cooled down, we can talk about it, so never more wars again, right?

In a village live 1,000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years. It is for them the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other 10 who don't find breaking correct are probably being treated in a mental institution, because they don't live in reality. But the fact that the reality of the 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do. Are we psychiatric?

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


(24-01-2021) CELESTIAL BODIES.
The Moon - Incredible Lunar Views From The
Japanese Selene Orbiter - Earth-rise.
NASA ISS Live Stream - Earth From Space.


(23-01-2021) GUYANA DELIGHT.
Primitive Cooking Backyard Style Fish Choka,
Dhal Rice & Bunjal Shrimp.
Guyanese Indian Wedding-House, Good Hope Village.

Guyanese Streetfood.


(22-01-2021) EDUCATE YOURSELF.
Expanded Maslows Hierarchy.

Corrina Rachel on Psychology.

Corrina Rachel on Psychiatry.


(21-01-2021) LONG LIVE A CURFEW?
Do I have to go on the street shouting: “Long live a coup”?, rather not. But at some point you are forced by the psychopaths of the House of Representatives, because the HEAVILY psychiatric mentally disturbed “IDIOTS” force you to do that to save the Netherlands and the population from their demise. Because, the “Psychopaths” will go on to the bitter end.

A curfew shows you how mentally disturbed politicians are, you have to stay at home from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m. Between these hours, the masses of citizens are usually already at home, so they can't infect each other. While between 4:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., most civilians are on the streets, and so they can infect each other en masse. So a curfew is a Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

If the Asylum patients who are called the House of Representatives want to eradicate the Corona virus, then you have to maintain a daytime clock from 4:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Deranged are already trying kill the Catering Industry, so you might as well kill the economy. They're already working with lunatic baloney, so why don't the Idiots make a big farce out of it

The criminals with those ties have stolen planet Earth, and consider it their private plantation with seven (7) billion slaves. Now the rats have decided that we can no longer walk on their plantation after 9 p.m. The Cockroaches now walk with arrogant conceit besides their shoes, then they also employ NSB'ers in uniform to keep us down

Planet Earth is a prison because first of all you can't leave it, the atmosphere is the prison gate. The prison director is Israhell who has his staff all over the world, just think of Governments Politicians Multinationals such as Oil-companies Banks Medical-world Food-industry etc. Plus many Butt-crawlers and other Satanic Scum.


(20-01-2021) THE OTHER SIDE OF COVID19.
Vaxxed- De schokkende waarheid?

Bill Gates' Globalist Vaccine Agenda” - by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Urgent wake-up call: Corona vaccination interferes with DNA!

Heavily Censored: “Plandemic II: Indoctornation”, Documentary by Mikki Willis.

Vaccination, pioneering global digital identification.

Sasek warns demonstrators: No hasty action!

Corona-cijfers onjuist en mondmaskers gevaarlijk voor de gezondheid!

Human 2.0 - Physician warns about new vaccine technology - Interview with Dr. Carrie Madej.

Archbishop uncovers "Great Reset" by means of Covid-19.

De schandalige slinksheid achter de Corona-vaccintesten.

Corona vaccine: greater health hazard than the illness itself?

Mijn hemel – Rebekka met kinderkoor.

Ernst Wolff: “Corona pandemic – Final goal digital financial fascism.


Today they were forced to admit that 'COVID-19' Does not exist.

Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro - I have antibodies.

Elke de Klerk Doctor.

Extern Parliamentary Inquiry.

Januari 15th 2020 - Looking back - BPOC2020 - the Chairman alive!
Pedro Kuit.
Do your own research.

Carla Peters.
Dr. Dolores Cahill.


(18-01-2021) ARE WE HUMANS FOXY?
Are we citizens Foxy to some extent? You have those sensual ladies on TV in the middle of the night who are appealing to you to call them at €2 an hour, but those men who are often addicted to calling will never meet them women leave alone to do it with her. They often get an older woman of 50 years on the line who is on the couch gasping and playing comedy.

The TV, the Advertising World and the Telephone Provider also earn from this on an annual basis, because they charge money for it. They have to pay taxes, and the municipality buys new lampposts with them they place in your street. The illegal marijuana grower goes in through the back door, and the shopkeeper sells it legally through the front door and has to pay taxes.

A criminal gang kidnaps a six-year-old boy and sells him to a pedophile ring in, for example, Belgium. They might get?, €100,000 for it, then they go to a sex farm and spend €20,000?, that manager and that woman have to pay tax, and the municipality is building a new bike path with it. And on Sundays, a family with children enjoys it.

There are enough letterbox addresses in the Netherlands, so that foreign companies can evade tax in their country. The ladies and gentlemen in the House of Representatives are fine with it because they are getting paid for it. People in poor countries are living a poor life, because these companies pay no tax, so their government doesn't have enough money to help the poor.

So I wonder if we citizens are contributing to foxiness through the back door, because who votes in the Municipal Elections and the House of Representatives every four years, WE.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

All scum, are killing worldnations, she is illusion who wine non ovum.

(Scum = Governments - Worldleaders - Rope Pullers - Churchleaders?)

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

See envy hall seam deaf where crude, watch scum read now wet gate.

They think they may blow up tube, fight scum list is hard and tough.


Amazing Cake Factory Production Korean Food.

South Korean Streetfood.
North Korean Streetfood.


(16-01-2021) NOSTALGIC.
Cab View Driving Volvo FH460 Through London.


I'm reading a book written by William Blum -- Killing Hope --. ISBN 9 781783 601776
A comprehensive account of America's secret and overt military actions in the world. (Publisher London UK)

On page 383 of chapter 56 -- The American Empire -- the writer writes:

After the bombing of Iraq in 1991, the United States ended up with military basis.
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
After the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the United States ended up with military
Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Croatia.
After the bombing of Afghanistan in 2001, the United States ended up with military bases in
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Yemen and Djibouti.

So far the book.

If I'm right, there are over 1000 American military bases worldwide. It mentions which countries are still owned by the colonial mother-countries, it's equally scaremongering. You unwittingly come to the conclusion that, the white Western race actually takes the stand, this planet Earth is our property. We 1 billion white Western people make up the rules, not those 6 billion people with skin color. They have to dance to our tune, or we'll bomb them to hell. We're not going to turn our hands for that.

My conclusion, nothing no Superior Aryan Übermensch Race, this is: Delusions of Grandeur , in the psychiatric world, a well-known global Western white arrogant cocky disease.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People.

54 documented false flag attacks. (Click on the English flag).


She's a hero because she dared hitting a Khazarian: 'PIG' in the face.
She was arrested and put in jail.
Palestinian Ahed Famimi facing Israeli soldiers 02.11.2012.
Ahed Tamimi - Living Resistance Tour.

Little Journalist Janna Jihad Ayyad.

Interview with Palestinian Youth Activists Janna Jihad & Ahed Tamimi.

97% of the so called Jews are fake, they're not descendants of the tribe of Judea or Abraham. They're 'Khazars' from Khazar, now called Ukraine. Palestine is not their promised holy land they simply stole it, just like the British stole Turtle Island (America), and the Dutch stole Suriname. Netanyahu said it himself: 'I'm a Khazar, and my homeland is the Ukraine'. They're converted people 740AD, instead of the Christian or Muslim belief they choose the Jewish belief. Solution: 'Buy a suitcase pack him get in a plane and piss of home'

Saffa 27 6 09 - Farmers were prevented to work in their land.

A Courageous Woman - Rania Masri - A Peace Freedom Activist. (Ferguson to Palestine - Rania Masri). (Crisis in Gaza and West Bank). (The Syrian Conflict). (Questions and Answers - Syrian Conflict). (Speech: 'Mr.Obama, what is barbaric?'). (More YouTubes of Rania Masri). (Website of Rania Masri).

Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.
Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat (English lyrics).
Narcy featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah" Official Music Video.
Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein [RAP NEWS 24].

Palestijnse Radio and Television Stations. (Gaza). (Ramallah). (Bethlehem). (Televisie)

Palestinian Maha makes Pitabread.
Palestinian Streetfood.

Researchers Ashkenazi Jews Turks roots.
The Jewish kingdom of Khazars.
The real Jew now rise.
Zionist Protocols.

Haredi Jews against the state of Israel.

Syrian girl.


One cannibal, eats the body part through the mouth like
the Papuan people used to eat, and the other cannibal,
eats the body part through an operation like the Westerner.

Statement of a citizen seen on TV: “My body is
not a toolbox of the medics, who, whenever they
want, can grab unlimited without my permission”.

A: Hello we welcome you as a member of our foundation.
B: Huh, foundation?
A: Yes you are now a member of our foundation.
B: I don't know anything about that.
A: You are a mandatory member of our foundation.
B: But I don't remember giving myself up as a member.
A: That's right, that's what we did.
B: But shouldn't I indicate it myself, then.
A: No, that's what the government and we decide not you.
B: But if I don't want to be a member, then.
A: Then you need to pass that on and we'll remove your name from the list.
B: Along this way, I ask you to remove my name from the organ donor list.
A: You don't want to donate your organs after you die.
B: “NO”!!!!! PERIOD.
A: Then we're going to terrorize your family after you die, until we get our way and your organs. Because your body and your organs are not yours. But are our property, that's why we do what we want with it. And because we want to live longer, we steal your organs even after you die.

There must be a default blank list. And anyone who wants to donate places his name. And the ones who doesn't want to put their name don't do that. Now everyone is a legally forced donor, without being asked for it. This is the world of the Mafia like Dictators and The Power-hungry.

You go to your town hall in your hometown if you want to be a donor, and fill out a form. The Municipality keeps one copy, a second one you get, a third goes to the organ donation organi-zation a fourth, goes to your Doctor, and a fifth copy to your hospital. Then there can never be confusion in the medical world, whether you are an organ donor or not, or want to be one.


The Dutch government is fine with Saudi Arabia killing children in Yemen with bombs because, closing their embassy in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia., the Dutch don't do that. But the embassy in Damascus, Syria, has been closed, while Assad is not killing children. In politics The Hague they suffer from schizophrenia which makes them measure with double standards. The known Jekyll and Hyde deranged syndrome.

You can clearly see from this what a dirty mentality governments are walking around with. I don't think it's about good or evil, or friends or enemies, but how many can be dragged out. If I benefit from such a war, I'm in, I don't benefit from it, then they can exterminate each other. And the voters who are going to vote, I think, are the evils of evolution. Because all that murder and manslaughter they like for their own gain.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.


(11-01-2021) WHO IS IN CHARGE?
It's not the citizens the voters or the politicians who make de rules in the Netherlands, it's the multinationals like the pharmaceutical industry the banking world the medical world the oil companies the food industry etc. They undermine the politicians true lobbyists, according to the EU government, taste smell and color additives are safe, but is that really true?

Politicians often come from City-Council houses, and they were not rocket-scientists there. And if in practice they don't comply fail or lie then they are, for example, promoted as mayor of a city or commissioner of a province, or a bank hires them for services rendered. So as the people and landtraitor the Finance Minister G. Zalm who is now retired and a millionaire.

Are Food Additives Safe?

Are E-Numbers Safe?


(10-01-2020) NO COMMENT.
How To Make a Mini Jeep Hybrid at home - Part 1.
How To Make a Mini Jeep Hybrid at home - Part 2.


Pottery Factory | Modern Pottery Clay Work
By Women | Fast & Perfect Cookware Making.


In the Hospitals in Deventer and Zwolle they've started vaccinating staff, I thought that developing a vaccine took three years and not six months. It remains to be seen how their bodies will react positively or negatively, let's hope it goes well, if things go wrong then the staff might be left with a lifelong disability.

As you know, the catering business is on its: “ASS”, because of that retard: “Corona-baloney” of those three: “Psychopaths” who are called “P.M. OPRUTTE (Oprotten - Get Lost) DeJonge and van Dissel”. CoronaCovid19 is related to the Flu — Three times as many people die from the Flu than from Corona, but for the Flu there is no lock-down.

The real egg is to vaccinate seven billion citizens at €35 Euros per person, those: “BEASTS” from: “HEL” with those ties from: "Villapark the Bungalow" getting rich of. The: "SCUM" has reintroduced the : "Slave Time", which now also applies to White People. The Slaves are now walking around with a mouth-cap, is this that familiar number: "666" from the Bible?

There are two camps fighting each other over the usefulness of whether or not to vaccinate e.g. children. First have the established order, which benefits from the fact that all 17 million citizens are vaccinated against everything that exists. Then the medical world and the pharmaceutical industry, and the latter of course make a good living.

Then you have the second group of people who think and investigate, such as parents of children, as well as trained scientific researchers. These people discover all sorts of things. That the press&media like the demagogues of the Journals and the talk shows on TV and the newspapers don't tell, but are lying and cheating with fake news items.

In the past, many children died of all kinds of diseases, and they were 'caused' by open gutters bad food and poor hygiene. But when they fixed this, very few children died, and only afterwards this did they came up with those vaccinations. It's very clever to pretend that these vaccinations are the cause of the eradication of children s diseases.

There has been plenty research around the world, and it shows time and time again that children who have been vaccinated are more likely to get sick than children who have not been vacci-nated. Getting measles seems to be very good for children, because it strengthens the immune system and the resistance of the body of children. Chemicals in drugs undermine resistance.

The vaccination mafia they employ lobbyists to work and undermine politicians, hoping to make a law to vaccinate all 17 million citizens in the future against everything. You can think of this mafia syndicate as psychopaths who keep messing around until they get their way, this is also being done by the anti-smokers mafia.

These are all little psychopaths who don't have a - FUCK - to tell at home with Aunt Nasty for 50 years. And that's why they are compensating in society by being the big tough guy. Aunt Nasty puts their suitcase in front of the door sooner or later, oh yeh before you slam the door behind you, please leave the house the car the children and the bank account behind, bye sucker.

Brandy Vaughan, (The Woman on the 1st Youtube below) the founder of the anti-vaccination organisation, died at age 45 in December 7th 2020. Brandy Vaughan Died of Natural? Causes?, Say Police.
Vaccination is for profit, not health.

I'm not going to claim that she was murdered because I don't know, BUT: experience as a webmaster of a website that has been digging the internet for 20 years for background info for my articles, I've learned that many whistle-blowers do indeed all die of natural causes. Young people are also dying of natural causes, so maybe it happened to her.

But she may have been murdered, probably to scare other whistle-blowers who intend to have their say in public in the future. And what do the Herd animals Laypeople and stupid Fucks (Sheeple) do, laugh at us and call us: “Conspiracy Lunatics”. While they don't examine diddly squad themselves, they're looking the other way for a lifetime.

Dr Suzanne Humphries on vaccines and the immune system
Ex Farma representative speaks out about deception.
Poison in a flu jab, carcinogenic formaldehyde.


The European appetite for chicken begins and ends with the bird’s breast. Other parts are chopped up, frozen and shipped abroad – often to Africa. Poultry imports subsidized by the EU are ruining the market for African farmers.


(06-01-2021) VIPERSCUM?
You Zionist Khazar (Fake-Jews) from Israhell, I challenge you, wipe us Gojim out with your 300 atomic bombs. The seven billion humans are allowed to go to paradise, and I will destroy your body spirit ans soul. In other words, you no longer exist anymore. I created you and I will destroy you again. Where do you get the arrogance to call yourself Aryan Superior to humanity?

Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.

And: “NO,” there were no six million Jews gassed, it's a fairy tale that is desperately maintained by the FAKE Jewish leaders, otherwise they fall through the basket. They no longer have the right to Palestine, which they have now illegally and criminally stolen.

Red Cross expose the - Judaic Holocaust - Hoax.

The hidden history of the incredibly evil Khazar Mafia.

Did the Mossad do 9/11 with Opportunists?


(05-01-2021) SCUM?
Of the 195 countries in the world, two are not members of the United Nations (UN) they are spectators e.g.:
Vatican City (Holy See). It's considered an Independent State of faith.
Palestine. (Spectators). It's considered a Terrorist State.

Many of the 193 countries don't mind if Palestine were to join the UN, but America throws its: - Veto - on the table which is cruel. ONE country America therefore makes up the rules for all countries in the world, no doubt on behalf of their bosses from Israhell. There are 300 members of Congress with dual passports and Nationality, which is not possible under the American Constitution.

Palestinian United Nations bid explained.
United Nations Member States.
How many Countries are there in the World?

Counting their blessing wheels, they wish all killings to be stopped.

An advice and a Man-deed, trigger an in-suffering recall.

Turn your back to the guardian, we know weapon cradle lie, greasy rooster jester?

(Grease = English for fat)

Barrel believe con-job, God knows the truth, song take drums.

(Barrel believe = Bible?)


(04-01-2021) SATANSCHILDREN?
They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

The Ufonauts in this film, are they perhaps the white race or the fallen angels from the Bible? Did they then discover and occupy the Earth with their UFOs?, and the original people-dwellers of the planet with a skin-color were they wiped out by the Biblical flood? Those who escaped did the fled to the jungles of Africa South America and Asian countries?

Is space liquid?

A writer writes a book and that can be a success in sales so a hit, and in Hollywood they decide to make a film of it. Is it possible that the feature film really happened in the primeval time, and our subconscious knows it? Could it be possible that some people their boundary between subconscious and consciousness is very thin and they can pick it up?

That's it Honkeys, your ass is grass.
Bye Whitebread, you ugly Motherfuckers.
The Movie: Independence Day (2:04:41 Hour).
Independence Day Info.

In the past, all the countries in Africa in Central and South America in Asia and the Arab world, were colonial countries of the Westerners. Thank God they are independent now, but that doesn't please the Westerners, who are pissed and trying to drive the governments away with revolu-tions and coups to park straw-governments there. America's is doing that for 75 years, so scum.

I firmly believe that if the non-Western countries close their borders, and the Westerners will no longer get the raw materials. Then the Western governments led by America will invade and occupy those countries militarily. Now they hold their horses back because, they are now paying a cheap penny, but then their real character and nature will come to the surface.

Throughout history, people of skin-color are treated as, slaves cheap working cattle and inferior beings. The racist white race lives under the delusion that this planet is their property and they own it. First they just stole the goods for free true slave and colonial times, and today multinationals pay a grab for the goods.

The Palestinians of Palestine, the Native Indians of America, the Maoris of New Zealand, and the Aboriginals of Australia are treated like old dirt in their own country by the descendants of the white Europeans. They don't count in society at all, they get the worst houses medical treatment school education salaries etc., and they're looked down upon.

The last days on Earth.


(03-01-2021) SERIOUS BUSINESS.
JCB Excavator VS Scary Hill and Big
Tree-JCB Making Road Cutting Hill-Part 1.

Excavators Loading Screening Soil
Double Trucks At The Dirt Depot (5:35 / 15:22)


(02-01-2021) MY FAMILY.
Bridezillas: Sister Fight.

Alleyrat gets punishment by Judge Joe Brown
and walks! provocative away. F ck You.
The Fat Fuck started.

Conniving Wife from Hell.
He likes the Bacon to sizzle. (Part 1)
The Bacon is not hot anymore. (Part 2)
Crazy old Folks in Court.


My life is Yours - Middle East.
Inta Elaahi You are my God)...Arabian Christian Song.
Tasbiih al-Rab...Blessed is the Lord...Arabian Christian Song.
Jesus Your Name is Great : Lovely Arabic Worship from Egypt.(English)
Ha Hallelujah...Arabian Christian Song, Egypt.
Take me with You - Yemeni Arabic Christian Song.

Hindu Christian Music.
Ho Teri Sthuthi | The Kings Daughters | ©2019.
Hosanna| Hindi Worship song| Christ Alone Music|.
Ft.Vinod Kumar, Benjamin Johnson.
FASLA | Awesome Hindi Christian Worship song from
Maranatha Worship Concert | Recorded live in India.
Yahova Na Mora' Music Video
'The Indian Classical Dance' version.

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