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(10-01-2020) FAKE TERRORISTS?
Isis AL-Qida Daesh and other so-called Allah-fighters are mercenaries, who work and are paid for by America
and Israhell. If they are wounded, they are treated and sent to Israhell and Turkey. These two Satanic Devilish
countries will pay for it in the future, I have the memory of an ELEPHANT, they don't get away with it.

Yazidi Survivor: I was raped for
six months every day. BBC News.

Muslims are not terrorists and neither
are most terrorists Muslims.


(09-01-2020) HYPOCRITES?
Western governments and politicians (To whom it relates) are fat hypocrites, many of them
sitting in church on Sundays to sham: Thou shall not kill. While, from Monday to Saturday
they throw their Western weapons in the countries of the Middle East. Those people there
are sitting daily with fear in their house in bed on the street on the market at work etc.

Before September 11th 2001 in New York, there was peace throughout the Middle East, after 9/11,
the Middle East is being renovated into one big cemetery. The main culprit you already know is
that, Satanic Devilish Khazar Bolshevik Jews and Zionists Biblical VIPER SERPENTS from ISRAHELL,
the bosses of the White House and the European government, including P.M. Cuntte the butt-sucker.


If, you are a member of a political party and you have your own opinion, then you are often
called to order or you are disbarred. That is not democracy but communism dictatorship power-
lust fascism despotism, presumably this applies to every organization foundation church also
alternative world etc. If you have your own or different opinion you're out, get lost.

I would like to see there were no political parties in the House of Representa-
tives, but 150 independent politicians. Because now you have to vote yes from your
party if you disagree with this motion. Or you have to vote no if you do agree,
so a political party is also communism dictatorship power-lust fascism despotism.

Even a residents' committee can be a dictatorial organization, because when they sit
around the table with the housing rental company, they talk on behalf of all 272 residents,
and they can use it to park all residents collectively in the woods. While, as 272 independent
residents ring the bell separately at de housing rental company that is other cake.

I don't vote on war criminals and mass murderer politicians, who have been working for
19 years to turn the whole Middle East into one big cemetery. Yet I am obliged to pay
taxes to buy bombs missiles ammunition tanks boats fighter jets. If, I refuse to pay
the bailiff empties my house, If I put my foot down I'll appear in front of a judge.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose

The word anarchy derives from the Greek 'Anarchos': "No
Ruler". Anarchism is the pursuit of a situation or society,
In which people want to live without a higher power or authority.

It is the collection of mindsets that brings back is to the
thought, that an individual Human is in no way A subordination
of or for something or someone he doesn't recognizes. (Help, an Anarchist!) (Anarchy - Good Speech)

The Myth Of Authority.
Question Authority.

This is how Herd-Animals are made. (The Monkey/Stepladder Experiment). (IfYouWereKing). (TheTinyDot). (The Jones Plantation).


Jesus says, Forgive your enemy, Jesus can kiss my butt with his bullshit. I'm not going to
forgive them arrogant conceited stinking Jews, who are expelling terrorizing raping torturing
and killing the Palestinians for 71 years. Jesus is a Palestinian but unfortunately he is a
country traitor, because he is sliming and butt-kissing with them arrogant stink Khazar (Fake Jews).

Jesus says: I have a Biblical promised land for the Jews, but that doesn't have to be neces-
sarily on Earth, it can also be the hell where these fake Jews go after they died. The Biblical
books whether they are Western or not Western are rattling from all sides, with other words
they've been constantly rewritten, so the REAL very first story may not be in it anymore.

The arrogant Khazar Bolsheviks Jews Zionists (One and the same people) from Ukraine have
experienced the Holocaust themselves, and look what they're doing with the Palestinians
And next, their white house jumping-jacks have the task of them, to destroy the entire Middle East
country by country, because those Jewish Viper Serpents from the Bible want a Great Israhell.
Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.

Jewish statement: Stop Israhell full with millions of Africans, that's the end of the Jewish state.
My statement: Stop Palestine full with sixteen million Jews and that is the end of Palestine.

What is happening in Iraq is exactly what Israhell wants, use the US to destroy every Arab
country. When they are gone the country is in a shamble, with everlasting fights in the
country so that they stay weak and can't attack Israhell. For example if they want to help
the Palestinians to become free in their own country. Israhell wants a Greater-Israhell.

Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Yemen Lebanon Iran etc., all Arab countries must be destroyed
and kept in turmoil, so the US and Israhell are the boss in them countries with straw govern-
ments. If you want to stay the boss in Israhell, then you have to take out and destroy the
friends of Palestine (Iran too), so they can't help them to become free in their own country.

What is BDS = Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. (BDS) is a Palestinian-led
movement for freedom, justice and equality. BDS upholds the simple principle
that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity.

Ex-General Wesley Clark said it is the intention of America to destroy and bring under
our control seven countries in five years. Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libya Somalia and Sudan.
Go to 09.38 minutes - 12/14.
219 US-wars in comparison to Russia, China, Iran and Germany.

What many don't know and is not told by the demagogues of the media is the fact that there are plenty
of Jews in Israel hunting the Ethiopian and Russian Jews. They get the worst homes the worst jobs the
worst salaries the worst medical care. They also get regular blows on the street, both by the Jews and
the police. The fact that the Jews get hunted every so often in history is simply because, they are even
more arrogant than the devil, and then another people come along who are thinking we are fed up with the Jews.

If I was God, I said to my son Jesus, go and save the Palestinians, and kick those arrogant Khazar
Jews who have been terrorizing for 71 years, under their asses. If not, you're not my son anymore.

If I was God and I came to Earth, the very first thing I did is making the Middle East
Jew free, let them live with their friends in America. Who will probably receive them very
enthusiastically and warmly at the American airports. Complete with banners, flowers, Apple
pie and kisses. Arab countries are destined for the Arabs, not for the Jews, who are not Arabs.

And if that didn't work I split the country up in two, with an ocean in between of 10 miles wide.
On the right side are the Jews going to live and on the left side the Palestinians, and if the
Jews make the mistake to sail across that sea to fuck about in the Palestinian land, I'll kick
all of them arrogant cockroaches fucking Jews back to Europe. Hitler is no more.

The second thing I did, all those mass murderers from the White House, where locked up in a state men-
tal facility in America, because of criminal psychopathic satanic crimes against humanity. In short,
I put all of them slimy snakes in the "MAD HOUSE". The third thing I did, I let all weapons melt
so no one can use them again. Bullets grenades bazooka's fighter jets navy boats vehicles etc.

Is Western and European governments secretly engaged? Do they help Israel with weapons
and technologies to keep them strong in the Middle East so that they can keep the Arabs
under it? If they don't help them then they might get weak, and maybe they're kicked away.

And where are they fleeing Europe too, and presumably governments don't want it
because they may also hate the Jews. So essentially the Palestinian people with a
skin color are sacrificed for the pleasure of the white Western world ? Racism?

Suppose all Catholics Reformed Mormons Lutheran Reformed etc. all want their own country.
They're all going to steal a country, and the local natives are being chased away flee or
are killed. Then the fence is off the dam, this is madness that every faith wants its own
country. Soon the rich or unemployed or men or women will also want their own country. (The Ones Who Are Murdered Daily) (We are all One People) (I Refuse to be a Israeli Soldier)

Radio Falistini.
Radio GazaFm.
Falastini TV.


(06-01-2020) WE ARE GROWN-UPS RIGHT?
An intimate and gendered piece on the detached or paternalistic objectification,
fetishization, and consumption of women's bodies and apparent vulnerability
through visual media on the internet. (In short Exploitation of Females?).

Thousands of women are abducted each year for the international sex trade. There are plenty
of poor Eastern European girls who are being lured to Israhell supposedly to work in the
household, when they've arrived then their passport is shredded, then they are beaten
and raped for hours to scare her into a frenzy, so she doesn't think about escaping.

She is then regularly resold to other scum also in other countries this is going on for years,
they never come home in their own country again. And what do governments do to warn those
girls and protect them NOTHING. Because often the elite the rich the string-pullers and the
posh nosh are also the customers of these girls. There is no international protection alert.

You can save most of those girls by doing something internationally together. When
young girls arrive at the airports of all countries no matter which country or air-
port, and they want to go to Israhell or Egypt SORRY it won't happen.Then you can
save maybe 90% of those girls who are no longer forced to work in prostitution.

A second measure you invade all 280 brothels in Tel Aviv at the same time, take
the girls out and put them on a plane home. The scum and the pimps that work there
give them e.g. 20 years. Those customers what kind of men are they also scum,
because when thousands of girls are raped there must be plenty customers.

European girls lured to Israhell.

Your ears deaf, you think you're MoonKings, rob Roi's V Lances.

MoonKing = Ufonauts?, Roi = King, V = Victory Lances

Let's assume that God has split himself up into 7 billion particles (I am in you and you are in me).
Then we are all a particle of God. And we don't hear the agony grief howling hurt cries screams
yelling pain sadness, and mortal fear of death from those other particle gods that are raped
tortured and brutally murdered, by devilish psychopaths of Satanic governments.

Uniting for the rights of Women and Girls.

Isis Al Queda and other so called Allah's fighters are mercenaries, working and being paid by America and Israhell.
Are they wounded then they are bruoght to Israhell and Turkye to be patch up and send back. These two Develish Satanic
Diabolical countries will pay for it in the future, I have the memory of an ELEPHANT, they're not getting away with it. Yazidi survivor: I was raped every day for six months - BBC News.


16 Biggest Magical Gardens.
The Most Beautiful Gardens in Europe.

Beautiful flowers in Keukenhof Garden 2019 (Lisse The Netherlands).

Flower Gardens of the World.


If you don't believe in the faith of the Church the Bible or God, according to the established
order you are a pagan, so a child of the Devil you don't believe in either. You walk into the
city and see a wanderer you buy a portion of food and give it to him, while the faithful the
church men the Biblical people and the God's children who also see him shiver and walk quickly.

Some say you do God's work, but what if he doesn't exist? These people have the belief the
point of view we believe in God, so he does God's work. If they believe in God as God's
children and they want to do his job, they must also do what he asks them and donate 10%
of their income to the needy every month, but not a hair on their head is thinking about that.

God has said to the believers, Thou shall not kill, they don't give a toss about that
because, every four years they go vote for war criminals and mass murderers. Who have been
working for 19 years to turn the entire Middle East into one large graveyard. With millions
of dead refugees disabled widow and orphans homeless and traumatized. God's work?

I suspect believing is a compulsive addiction, like eg. alcohol money sex tobacco drugs
etc. Could it be possible for the believers to defend the parenting of the parents,
who were also religious, so we as children now as adults we have to believe too. Other-
wise, we are betraying the parenting of the parents, i.e. then we are bad children.

I know a Sagittarius woman she is a Muslima and believes in Allah, she wears a head-
scarf and eats lambs and or beef, okay no problem very nice. BUT, I know Sagittarius
women are free birds, they need to be able to discover the whole world freely. They
don't like to be put on the chain by the men who consider them inferior.


Hello ladies, Lilith Eva and Maria Magdalena, can you come and live at my house because I
want to fuck you every day. We just make one big gang-bang out of it, I don't care because
according to the normal people, I'm already crazy anyway. I can do and leave what I'm as
free as a bird because, well that nut leave him be because he's crazy. That's handy right?

I don't have to dance to the pipes of normal people right now to satisfy their selfish-
ness. I don't have to make a career to please my whore I married too. To suck out the
fellow man financially, walk over corpses. The tough successful psychopath, the all-rounder
who controls and kicks everything and everyone around. In short, the successful citizen.

In the past, I've heard a woman say, You shouldn't fall in love with me or love
me because I'm married, you know. What's that woman so terribly afraid of, if
she loves her husband, she wants to stay married right. We all want to be loved,
but if I love my fellow human as I love her, I get the wind from the front, strange?

Is she so afraid she will fall for me eventually, and temporarily or for
good start a relation with me. Does she possibly not love her husband, or
is her marriage crooked what she desperately tries to hide? Or has she
already secretly behind the scenes relationships with other men, and of
ourse that has to be hidden and I probably throw rust into her food?

Lilith, the first wife of Adam?
Eve, the second wife of Adam?
Maria Magdalena, mother or wife of Jesus?

Dumb window want grave ashes, guess lurking song wine-barrel kill Jul.

(Does this mean when you have sex that when you die and are born again, and the woman
you did it in previous life with, will she be your mother in the next life?
Oedipuscomplex? - Dutch Doei - English Bye - Pus (Semen?) Complex. So if you've done
it with 6 different women, do you have to be born 6 times again)

When men come to their sexual peak, they want to go more inside. Is it possible that they
want to be back in the womb. And the womb of that woman will that be their mother's womb in a
next life? Does this means that if we don't have sex we'll stay in Paradise with God? Are
women children of the Devil, to seduce us with sex so we have to be reborn again on Earth (Hell)

Is it theoretically possible that Eve from the Bible was a genetic person (DNA Helix-Snake? - Tree
of Knowledge -) who has activated the uterus. What can always be in an apple: A Worm. And what can
always be in a uterus: a Fetus. And in the beginning a worm and a fetus look very much alike.
And because we can't be born in Paradise nor die, because we have eternal life there, we had to be
born on the planet Earth. And then the grim reaper, comes and collects us at every death.

Then you also have the false prophets from the Bible the Church-leaders, who are telling the
poor people endure you poverty, because Jesus is coming to save you in the future? While in the
mean time these false prophets earn great salaries and live like God in France themselves.


(02-01-2020) ARE WE INSANE?
The Myth Of The Psychiatric Illness.

For the Children.

Rachel Corrina- Self Actualisation, Human Psychology.


(01-01-2020) OH OH.
I give an example to show that the planets and stars could have an influence on our
conscious and subconscious, I'm not saying they're doing it necessarily. Here in
Zutphen The Netherlands is on Thursday January 2nd 2020 at 5:35 p.m., Mercury the
planet of the constellation Virgin is at 07graad03minute in Capricorn (Dominating
constellation), at the same time the planet Jupiter of the constellation Sagittarius
is also at 07graad03minute in Capricorn, so they are in conjunction next to each other.

The middle of the sky (MC) stands at 26graad55minute Pisces, and Lilith (Mother or
wife of Adam?) at 27degree14minute in Pisces. Furthermore, Pluto is on the western
horizon at 22degree26minute in Capricorn, and the Eastern horizon at 25degrees14
minutes in Cancer. In my birth horoscope is the middle of the sky (MC) in 22degree
42minutes in Capricorn, and in my birth horoscope Lilith is at 06degree26minute in Cancer.

Go To: 29:50 / 32:34 for Lilith in Pisces.
Go To: 07:45 / 32.34 for Lilith in Cancer.

Black Moon Lilith Calculator.

As I wrote before, it is quite possible that the other planets have some effect
on Earth as well. Suppose as a Virgin-man I have a Sagittarius-woman who visits
me, and at 5:35 p.m., we lose our heads and dive into bed to do you know what.

We have subconsciously undergone that influence of those two planets, but if
you're aware, we can say we're not going to do it because one of the two has a
partner, or I think I'm too old for her then the act doesn't happen. So we
essentially have a free choice to let that planetary influence us or not.

Suppose we did it in a previous life and made the man and children
unhappy because the man has divorced. So it's quite possible that we
know that in our subconscious mind, and decide not to do it in this
life so that the other one can stay happy. Or the partner has made us
unhappy in a previous life and must now experience it for himself.

So in Biblical terms what you sow, you have to harvest, not so
much as a punishment but to let you realize what you did to the
other one. So we sacrifice ourselves for the happiness of another
by not doing the act. If all three billion adults people would
sacrifice themselves for the other, we might get paradise on Earth.
But perhaps the matrix (If they exist?) demands that the act be mandatory.

Suppose in the past you haven't done it with the other one that
can bite because, the act hasn't taken place it haunts in your
head. You may be sitting with it for years and you won't lose it,
while if you did it, it's over and you forget the person pretty
soon. So evolutionary speaking, maybe it's better that it happens?

And imagine in your next life, you'll meet the person again, and for some
reason you don't do it again. That's e.g. three next lives like this, so
maybe you yourself make sure you meet the other one because, deep in your
heart you want to do it with the person. So now you have to go figure out,
what's the REAL reason you don't want to do it, maybe you're kidding yourself?

Just say theoretically because I'm not saying it's so that, you create
your next life yourself for the full 100%. So everything you've caused
and experienced in previous lives and this life whether you've been through
good or bad spins you next life. So if things go wrong in this life, we can't
blame anyone, it's the result of our behavior from this and previous lives.

(Don't laugh) On July 6th, 1989 I got a wet dream in Zutphen, later
I made a horoscope from that time, and the Moon was at 19degree01minute
in Lion in (IC), 180degrees opposite the middle of heaven (MC) stood
at 19degree01minute Aquarius. And I was born with Pluto at 20degrees Lion.

(Watch it) On December 30th, 2019 at 9:18 p.m., I was thinking about a woman, and
then came out of know-were that white stuff out of which you make babies with, and
I wasn't thinking about sex. The Middle of the sky (MC) stood at 22degree31minute
in Taurus, and I was born with 22degree36minutes in Taurus on the Eastern horizon (Asc).

The Moon stood on the Western horizon in 02degree18miminute Pisces, straight
opposite it was the Eastern horizon (ASC) at 02degree18minute in Virgo, and I
was born with the Sun in 05degree41minute in Virgo. Then my planet Mercury of
Virgo was in Capricorn in 02degree34minute, and Uranus at 02degree42minute in
Taurus. The Eastern horizon (Asc) plus Mercury and Uranus formed (3x 120 degrees).

One day I had scolded God, because it's been a mess on Earth for thousands of years.
Moments later I saw a white disc in the air in the West, and got the feeling that
something or someone said to me not to despair because time is not yet ripe. And what
was typical is the fact that when I looked at that white disc, then the Eastern horizon
(ASC) stood at 22degree36minute in Taurus and the Middle of the sky (MC) at 22degrees
42minute in Capricorn, at the same degrees minutes and constellations as during my birth.


Hello Rudy,

I don't want you to place my Astrological site on yours and
ask you to remove my site here with immediate entrance. Remove
me from your mailing list. I distance myself from your publications



In the past I often felt what Jesus felt when he was betrayed by
kind like people, and was hung on the cross. These Fariseaers call
themselves Astrologer-Psychologist, they are constantly trying to
analyze the human mind to understand, how life is constructed how
we think etc. But deviating opinions are not desirable, herd animals?


Download PlanetDance to create Horoscopes.
Go to File and then Radix, fill in only the 1/3 left part of the window
as a layman. Then click okay, go back to File and click (Bewaar Alles - Save Everything).
Then click Time Wheel and Okay, then time goes running and rotates the horoscope.

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your
computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what
you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

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