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(31-07-2020) KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE.
Four female candidates -- each driven by personal experience and hardship -- enter the 2018 race for Congress, challenging powerful incumbents for a spot at the table and a voice in government. This emotional documentary follows their campaigns.
Knock Down The House | Full Feature | Netflix.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Best Moments Supercut.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez then won the election, winning against candidate Joseph Crowley. Could it be possible that both of them are in the White House, because you can't slam the door in the faces of his voters right now. Because, they are also Americans who wants what's best for their people and their country. They also need to be heard.


There are plenty of parents who are turning their own daughter into a whore, because they tell the daughter: remember you should marry a man with a tie the one who makes a career, then you're sitting on roses for a lifetime. You shouldn't marry a laborer because he doesn't earn the salt in the porridge.

So what is wrong with a laborer, who bakes a nice crisp baguette at the factory, or who lays cables in the ground so that we can enjoy TV computer etc. Whether he rides on a truck, and makes sure that there are all kinds of tasty stuff in the supermarket, the one who makes planes so that we can go on holiday with an airplane.

What is so wrong about a laborer, why do the parents insist their daughter marrying a tie figure. Do they think you're better than the child of the neighbors, don't disappoint us otherwise you are a bad child.


(29-07-2020) WHO IS HUMANITY?
The reason, according to me, why the masses swallow everything during a lifetime because they are slaves to the system. Many have taught as children don't forget it child, the Doctor is God the Reverend is God the politician is God the police officer is God the mayor is God the teacher is God etc. When a simple police car turns into the street, most people already get a latent fear.

Then you have many companies that have all kinds of house rules to clamp and push us into a corner, for example banks a residential building office national health insurance the utilities the civil service, the Tax office. If you want to buy something from a mail order today, you need to log in with a password and a user-name otherwise you can't buy anything

All housing companies and national Health insurances have billions of savings, so it's not necessary to raise on July 1st every year the rent with a few ? Euros per month. Plus If the government suddenly in between increase the rent by 35% which they did a few years ago, then those annual Rent increase of a few ? Euro monthly is taking the piss.

But unfortunately, the voters are mentally disturbed, because how often haven't they been taking for a ride by politicians, the next time they will vote again. It may also be that if they don't vote anymore maybe they're afraid of betraying the parents' upbringing, with other words whe're bad children.

(English) Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose


Because, white people have tricks up their sleeves.

Finally FRANCE Signed to STOP Africa Countries
to Deposit fund with France central bank.

See also 09-07-2020.


(27-07-2020) IDENTITY CRISIS?
Is it possible that the Surinamese (To whom it may relate) are in an identity crisis, so a kind of trapped between the white and the non-white world. So, even though they have not experienced slavery in person, so they can't know what it is, it may play in their subconscious mind that they were then torn away from Africa. If you want to solve a problem it must be in your hand, if you deny the problem you can't solve it.

Then you also often have the racism of the Western Superior Aryan world who consider them inferior beings. Maybe if the Surinamese were going to live in Africa, then they are back home for their subconscious, possibly then may identity crisis disappear? There will undoubtedly be Surinamese who regret that they have come to the Netherlands around 1975, but because their children and especially grandchildren are born in the Netherlands they can't leave the Netherlands.

So first they lived in Africa then in Suriname and now in the Netherlands, maybe you loose the way, because you don't know where you actually belong, you are essentially trapped between three worlds. I myself was born in the Netherlands and have lived in Suriname twice, and I'm sometimes fighting with myself where I belong, also because I'm half-blood.

It may be better that people marry someone of their own race and live in their own birth country, then their children and grandchildren will no longer get into that battle where I actually belong at home. Perhaps God has given each race his own language in the hope that they don't come into contact with each other, but perhaps the evolution wants to have one mixed race?


Korean Jeju Pork Barbecue Mukbang.



In the second world war, many Jewish prisoners of war don't seem to have been gassed, but brought to Russia by the Nazis to work for them. Because if the story is true, the concentration camps didn't have gas chambers at all, they had a morgue.

Then, the Nazis had to flee from the Russians, they also left the Dutch Jews behind. The Russians have brought the Jews to Siberia and since then, you have heard nothing about it, nor by the Dutch and European politicians.

European politics has been leaving the Jews in Russia for 71 years, and that is a profound shame. If the Jews were still alive, they'd be in their 90s by now, so most of them are probably dead for years. Imagine being taken away by the enemy and shipped to eg. Argentina, and after the war, the Netherlands doesn't do anything, so that you can return safely to live in the Netherlands, they let you suffer away in Argentina for the rest of your life.

And if we start investigating and fighting to get you home, we're going to be locked up in prison for five years. Because according to the government, there is no Argentina holocaust, because according to them you are simply gassed in eg. Auschwitz, we are considered heretics, case closed. A government that doesn't fight for you, and makes you suffer, isn't worth a cut in the nose. They should resign immediately and immediately, and no longer stand for election.


(24-07-2020) OEPS, BYE HONKEY, OH OH.
The first thing I did when I was in charge on Earth, all defense-forces, I'm kicking them back to their own country. America has about a thousand military bases around the world, all will be closed and everyone goes home. A defense is meant to guard and defend your national borders, not to play boss in other countries' which is not of your business.

The second thing I did, all the Jews (Khazar) I kicked them back to Europe, that's where they belong and not the Middle East because that's for the Arabs. The third thing I did, all the Western multinationals I kicked them out of the third world back to the Western world, sucking dry and robbing eg. Africa Asia The Middle East and South America etc., is history.

The fourth thing I did, all the Western churches in the third and not Western countries I'll send them home, go and win some souls in your own country, there are enough scumbags around on the streets that urgently need to be converted.

The fifth thing I did is the money is being nationalized, governments are going to print and spend the money themselves, and not by commercial banks anymore. Similarly, each country will have a state-owned bank which, for example, lends money to citizens without asking for interest. Plus on the world fairs, civil servants are present and no more individuals to keep the prices of world commodities stable.


The weather forecast says: tomorrow afternoon it's going to rain, millions of people hear that and expect rain. Is it possible that all these thoughts will become collective and it will rain the next day? There used to laugh at the American Indians, who went dancing because, they wanted rain, and moments later it started raining. Westerners don't believe in this.

I was in my bedroom and said, Guys you have to stop raining now because otherwise I can't sleep here from any cesspool stench. Then the rain stopped like someone was closing a curtain at lightning speed. I sat in Suriname in the living room and said: I want the lightning to enter the house through the door and leave the house through the window, then that happened too.

The annoying thing is that the normal people?, refer you to the world of psychiatry immediately. But maybe they are the real patients because, they live in the delusion that they have all the wisdom knowledge. They know what happened on Earth billions of years ago, they also know what's going to happen on Earth over billions of years, in short first-class wise noses.

One can indicate everything you've been experiencing is in reality a psychosis your in, okay it could be. I can also tell them everything you see the trees the grass the water the air doesn't exist you imagine it you. Maybe we're sleeping somewhere else in the universe and dreaming that the Earth exists with everything on it, so a dream psychosis.

And if we die on Earth, maybe we'll wake up and walk around in Paradise? So we live out on Earth all the mentally disturbed things from our subconscious. Then Earth is essentially perhaps the psychiatric establishment of the universe with seven billion patients. And if you look at how we deal with each other on Earth, you could say we're all mental cases.


(22-07-2020) ARE MEN BETRAYED BY THEIR OWN WIVES? According to my view, most men are betrayed by their own wives (to whom it relates). If there are problems in the marriage, with whom she discusses it?, with her often best lady-friend. I think that friend knows more bedroom secrets than the guy who sleeps there.

If you're having marital problems with your husband, i think you should talk to your husband to fix them, not that friend because you're not married to her. I don't think women who do this love their husbands, because they throw their husbands in front of the lions.

Men die on average 10 years earlier than their wives, possibly that the man after 50 years has had enough of his wife he is married to. Plus, in his marriage, he always pulls at the shortest end of the stick, because she always has to be right.

(I'm not sure, of course, but I suspect, the answer phrases come from my subconscious. And because the subconscious mind is difficult to display through ordinary consciousness, it comes across as twisted and incomplete, psychiatrists call it a disease?)

Many are booing peace fort, son's know their mocking-tic, cabin with ovum.

We hope that ovum learns to lift home illusion, and stops bragging.

Men morals bottle fake illusion are shady, measuring themselves in calling moan ovum.

(Man calls moan ovum, get me a beer)

Sailing dumb yell: they hope to mutiny home-law, now foolish hiccup.

Delusion, wanted to robe feathers, now wicked lip throat it sucks.

Keep your lip in honor, blessing-road has wish, soul sow grass.

Hands corn-feuds caravan, did rough with your armbasket.


The Khazar (Fake Jews) seem to have forgotten that, they themselves were persecuted and chased away in Europe around the war years. Hitler wanted to get rid of the Khazar, Israhell wants to get rid of the Creoles. And the Creoles from Ethiopia and Sudan are Biblical Jews, Israhell wants to sterilize the Ethiopian women, so they don't want new Jewish citizens to be born, and that's weird.

Israhell doesn't recognize Jesus, so maybe this is why they're hunting his children the Creoles. In the Western world they also don't like Creoles, maybe they know in their subconscious that Jesus is a black man, and their Superior Aryan white ego can't have that. So are westerners actually religious and Biblical?

Israel's crimes against Ethiopians. Part 1.

Israel 2015: Ethiopian Spring. Part 2.

Israel denies its anti-blackness. Part 3.

Zionism after the Ethiopian protests. Part 4.

Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land.
Ethiopians protest in Israel, call for end to state racism and police violence.
Israëlische Politica wil alle Palestijnse Vrouwen Steriliseren.


There seems to be a beautiful place called Sedona in Arizona in America, No No No No No. It's not America but Mexico, round 1845 During the war between America and Mexico America stole it from Mexico, and at the peace-treaty in 1846 they didn't give it back to Mexico. Stealing other people's country is the hobby of the white race, North Central South America Asia Africa etc.

Theft of Mexico land by America.
During the Mexican American war, in 1845 the North of Mexico (Arizona California Colorado Nevada New Mexico Texas and Utah), have been occupied by the Americans, and during the peace negotiations in 1846 at Guadeloupe Hidago, the land was never given back. So the Mexicans are not illegal in for example California, they are at home in their own country, it's the Americans who are staying illegally in Mexico. Similarly, their European ancestors the English stole Turtle Island (America) from the Native American Indians.

Downtown Sedona Arizona 2020 | Walking Tour.

The fallen angels the white people saw the Earth (Paradise) and stole him, they created a Biblical Flood to kill all colored people present. The ones who survived fled to the jungles of South America Africa Asia etc. Then you had the slave-time the colonial-time and at present the multinational time, the white monkey race is a thieving race, they can't get enough of it

Now there are stealing the Middle East, every country has to be taken down, and issued with American straw-governments. So, that their bosses from Israhell can be the new masters of the whole of the Middle east. They also ruined the Eastern European Countries because, the Khazar (Ukraine/Crimea) wants to be the ruler of the whole planet, they (95%) converted to Judaism in 740AD.

Putin didn't steal Crimea, the Crimean people held a referendum and a majority of 98% indicated that they wanted to go back to mother Russia. It's those filthy demagogues of the Journals and the Talk shows on TV and the newspapers who lie to the Dutch people.
Psychologists over dealing with the TRUTH (about September 11th 2001).
Did Mossad 9/11 with Accomplishes?

When the Berlin wall fell and Russia withdrew from them countries, the NATO promised they wouldn't invade the countries they lied. All the Eastern European countries are loaded with American military basses-es. Russia is now surrounded by hundreds of US basses-es, and why?, the Khazar wants to destroy Russia because, they kicked the murderers Khazar out in previous centuries.

The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans.
Marxists Bolsheviks.
The Jewish role in the Russian revolution, and the early Soviet regime of Russia.

Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.
Screaming Blood 100 million victims of Marxism

The whole world has been mourning about the holocaust with six million dead, while in reality 272,000 Jews (Khazar) from Europe died in world war II to typhoid cholera and hunger. There's not one gassed let alone six million. But for the 500,000 Iraqi children who died of the American boycott, no annual commemoration is held because they have a skin color.
The Great Jewish Lie Holocaust Truth Exposed (Re-Post).


(19-07-2020) NO COMMENT.
Sitarist Ravi Shankar's Aman Manch,
performed by Daughter Anoushka Shankar.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dam Mast Qalandar
Akhiyan Udeek Dian - Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


How long are we going to be told by established order of the world that we have to keep 1.5 meters distances?, they've told us that hundreds of times in recent months. Those people of the established order think, we have to tell it hundreds of times because the people are retarded, if we say it once they don't understand. Those who've been in school longer than us are probably retarded?, and have cooked their brains, causing them to talk Chinese abracadabra

You probably don't know that the American government has been financially supporting that Chinese laboratory for years to experiment with viruses, those demagogic scum the staff of the House of Representatives, those of the Journal and the talk shows on TV and the newspapers are never going to tell you this. They're not going to tell you that Bill Gates was almost arrested in India because he was experimenting in remote villages with vaccines that caused bodily harm to the villagers. Besides, I don't understand what the hell that man's interfering with, and he has so much power.

If you're showing intelligence, you're going to investigate whether or not it's based on the truth you've been told, the traitors of the press and media call us conspiracy idiots, and the psychopathic politicians call our news fake news, and the herd animals fall for it. The fools of the establishment order, who also don't investigate and look no further than their noses are long, also swallow everything for sweet cake that they are told by those clown pipos of the Second Chamber.

Who in turn have received the Corona/Covid19 information from lobbyists of the RIVM the Pharmaceutical industry the Medical world and the Multinationals. These clowns also swallow everything for sweet cake, without thinking for themselves and going to investigate what is partly or not truthful what they have been told.

It is the intention of the elite beasts that pull the strings behind the scenes, to vaccinate all seven billion citizens. They're throwing a virus on the street, making the world's citizens crazy with Corona, so they're going to be begging to be injected with a vaccine, which they don't want right now. And all meant for the (N)ew (W)orld (O)rder, make the citizens passive so that we can do with them what we want.

Here some videos of: (Only Dutch).
About Corona/Covid19, type at the English search field - Corona or Covid19.

Vaccinations as a pioneer of global digital identification?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Bill Gates' globalist-dictatorial vaccination agenda.
WHO conceals dangerous to deadly side effects of vaccines.
Militant vaccination advocate dies after flu vaccination.
Seven penal sermons - by Ivo Sasek.
Facebook censors critical voices on vaccination.
Corona pandemic: Example of propaganda and
intimidation of the people by the mainstream media?
Ernst Wolff on corona change of course of politics and media.
Sharp increase in cervical cancer since HPV vaccination.

List of toxic materials in vaccines. (Part Dutch/English).
Poison in a flu shot, carcinogenic formaldehyde etc. (Part Dutch/English).

Alternative News. (Dutch Only).

I now know how Jesus felt when he was hanged by the establishment order 2,000 years ago, because what he said didn't please them for a second. They probably wanted a Jesus who thought like them, but unfortunately peanut-butter. So if Jesus doesn't think talk and doing what we do, do we call him then a false Bible prophet and he'll be taken out? So we actually want to have a Jesus who dances to our tune, if not chop chop bye bye.


There was once a wise old lion who was minding his own business in his cage. And when he looked right, he saw a Creole man on top of the building roof, eating rice with chicken. And he thought: -- That is an intelligent man --, but as he looked left he saw, the same white man who comes every day screwing with the lock of his cage, and he thought: -- That's an idiot --

And the lion started to get hungry, and thought: -- I want to eat live hot meat again, because the dead old crap that they're serving me here every day I'm not happy with --. We lions also like to eat out, or did you think that take away food was a Dutch invention where we lions come from we know the take-away tourist the Dutch the Chinese

Say guys shall we go touristic tonight -- Hurrah dad I want some ass --, and what do you want -- I fancy some tits --. And if the idiot manage to open the cage, it's just bite chew swallow and phone Apeldoorn.


(16-07-2020) WTF?
The New Normal of Airline Travel - What’s Changed?


(15-07-2020) TRUTH OR LIES?
Counselors, such as therapists psychologists and psychiatrists, are now reporting that Donald Trump is mentally ill and should resign as president. Is this truth or a clever sneaky tactic of his opponents in politics who don't like him?

Why have they never worried about the idiot named Bush, or Killary Clinton who's not averse to hiring assassins if she doesn't like something, or that white supremacist footboy, aka the Uncle Tom of the White House Black Osama.

There are more sick idiots in the White House, who have been bombing countries where people of color live for 75 years since 1945. That's their beloved hobby of bombing brown people. And those crazy people who order the CIA to install straw fake governments.


Most of the TV movies and TV shows are about murder and manslaughter. So the kids get addicted to murder and war games. And in later life, you cooked them ready, to go to the Middle East, or Eastern European countries on the command of their government, to teach the enemy hell. It's also known that the CIA has a big finger in the porridge in Hollywood. Many scenarios from war films come from them. If a director doesn't want to, he won't get cooperation with soldiers tanks boats and u.S. defense planes.

Most of the soap operas are about jealousy and hate stuck and trick each other. The danger is that the little kids who are also watching learn that it's the most normal thing in the world. And if they're big and they're in a relationship or they're married, they're going to do it. That's why love novels among girls are a success. When they get married, they think they're going to get into a dream marriage. A woman on TV used to say I'm divorced because my husband never argues with me.

You wonder if it's wise to let little babies and children play in a horror movie. We know it's a movie, but those babies aren't for them that monster is real. You can also see it on the face of such a baby who is terrified, and presumably that baby will be left with it for life. Maybe as an adult humanity we should start thinking about this, because then in the future we can help the babies and children to grow up normally, and not with any fear trauma


Doctor doesn't let himself be silenced about corona,
puts everything on the line for his children's freedom.


Time laps Nils Holgersson.
Hafen Trelleborg.

Live Camera Port of Trelleborg West.
Live Camera Port of Trelleborg.
Live Camera Port of Trelleborg East.

The boats that dock at both the Base (2) and the right (3)
from the base, are generally truck boats.
The boats left (1) from the base are more passenger boats.

(The Base) Live Camera Axis Q3708-PVE Camera2 (All tree Switch-off).
(Right of the Base) Live Camera Axis Q3708-PVE Camera3.
(Left of the Base Live Camera Axis Q3708-PVE Camera1.

Passage ferry MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN, Rostock-Trelleborg (Stena Line).
Click on the map so you can click right below the Min and Plus.
Go to Sweden and zoom out, Trelleborg (set mouse to anchor) is on the left
under the coast of Sweden, to the right is the port of Ystad.

Zoom out and look for the next boats that sail up North.
Galileusz / Gryf / Huckleberry Finn / Nils Dacke / Nils Holgersson /
Peter Pan / Robin Hood / Sassnitz / Skane / Tom Sawyer / Wolin.
Put the mouse on a blue boat and click for more info.

ADAMANTIOS KORAIS. : Rough sea. // Hellenic Spirit 23 07 17 loading Ancona 5.


The politicians have found a very nice demagogic way of silencing the citizen who thinks otherwise. If someone on a YouTube would say, P.M. Cuntte is a fraud, they'd call it Hate-Speech, and then they have an excuse to censor the YouTube, i.e. he's being removed from YouTube. If you give your opinion in China, you go to a re-education camp


The Russians have been asked: -- What the Russians think about the west --. Short and powerful, they don't understand us. We have abolished Communism, you can now safely say what you think, we are no longer harassed on the streets by fanatics, we have much more freedom than under Communism, corruption has been severely curtailed.

America has fought a cold war with us for 50 years. But now that we have thrown Communism overboard, they are flocking to our border with their armies. And we don't understand it. We have far more faith in Putin than the mental lunatics of the White House. They're the REAL dangerous disturbed idiots.

In the past, every Russian was watched to the bone by the KGB. Every flat had e.g. a caretaker to keep a close eye on everyone, they even asked the children, what did your parents say to each other when they sat on the sofa last night in front of the TV. The Russians were also fully registered, just as we Europeans are now experiencing.

If the Netherlands Russia and invade China militarily through NATO, I am going to help Russia and China to kick the Dutch out of their countries. Similarly, if Russia and China invade the Netherlands militarily, I'm going to help the Netherlands to kick them out of the country. In the first case, the Dutch will consider me a traitor, in the second case a hero.

Gorky Centraal Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow.
Farewell of Slavianka - Dina Garipova (2016).
In memoriam Alexandrov Ensemble Katyusha.
De tekst geeft hier alleen maar ??????????? tekens.

Kalinka Flashmob in Kaliningrad Supermarket, Russia.
Flashmob in Russia with a beautifull Russian folk.
New Year flash mob at Domodedovo Airport Moscow. (News TV Broadcasting from Russia)


Ambassador Arikana Chihombori Quao on
France's Ongoing Influence In Africa.
AU Ambassador To The U.S. Offers Masterful History
Lesson Dissecting 'The Legacy Of Colonization'

Exploitation by the Western World. (Mallence Bart Williams).
African countries forced by France to pay Colonial tax.

Ambassador Arikana Chihombori Quao Statement On George Floyd.


(08-07-2020) WILL VACCINS KILL US?
Reject Bill Gate Vaccine Now, Or Regret For
Ever, Min. Farrakhan Tells Africa Leaders

Is COVID19 or Corona-virus being trown on the street on purpose?, because, the rich and powerful want to kill 7,5 billion humans?

There are also people who claim that they deliberately release a virus, to see what the effect is on humanity. Then there's the statue of the - Georgia Guide-stones - in America, it says: Keep humanity under 500 million in eternal balance with nature. So the string-pullers and or the elite want to wipe out 6.5 billion people.

The Georgia Guide-stones: America's Most Mysterious Monument.

It seems if the story is true that there is a carcinogen in the vaccines SV-40, suppose it's true then that is a means of eradicating all mankind with cancer. Perhaps that is why a virus is deliberately released because, if it gets out of hand and becomes a deadly mess, then a government may decide to inoculated the entire population.


Those white house psychopaths (Read their bosses from Israhell) are dictators power-drunks and tyrants, they play the boss of the world. And if you don't want to dance to their arrogant pipes, they'll completely bomb your country to bits and peaces, or play economic games with you. And what do our characterless spineless turds governments do indeed, sucking BUTT.

America has nearly 1,000 military bases around the world, they've occupied and stolen the whole world, and they're playing the psychopathic psychiatric-ally mentally disturbed alone-ruler. Almost all Eastern Bloc countries now have American bases and Russia has not one. NATO did promise Russia when the wall fell we will not occupy them countries, SCUM right?

The Netherlands urgently needs to leave NATO, America is dragging us from war to war. America is bombing countries where people of color live for 75 years, they're not bombing white countries. The people have not insulted us, did not invade our countries, nor are they shooting at us. America is on brown hunting, typical white racism. As long as whitey shoots at browny, everything is okidoki, but if browny shoots at whitey, then whitey is pissed, and takes immediate action to invade the country and removes their government.

It is URGENT time that the Superior Aryan white race takes a beating from the third and not western world, to make them understand that the planet is destined for ALL seven billion citizens. He is not the private plantation and property of the arrogant cocky psychiatric white race, they don't just alone make GODDAMN the rules.

You're in town and someone's looking for a fight with you and is saying, “I know where you live tonight I'll come along and kick your ass”. And tonight at 8:00 p.m., the doorbell rings, and if you open, there's the man. But he's not alone, he's brought tree friends, and with them, they're kicking your ass. If these 5 are brought to court, the judge he will consider them: “As top-shelf scum” and punish them well.

America is also looking for a fight with Iraq, and is also taking its 3 European friends with them, killing your citizens and destroying your country. But those friends, for example. England France and The Netherlands , are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague as also: “Scum of the top shelf” but as friends. And then they're going to have dinner at e.g. the King of the Netherlands, the President of the United States and the Israeli knesset.

Humanity learns nothing they just arrogantly continue to make wars, so many dead disabled widows and orphans traumatized refugees etc., one learns nothing, and that true all history. Wars make no sense at all, there are no winners and losers everyone loses on both sides of the war, that doesn't sink in with these retarded humans.

People have agreed that they don't shoot each other during Christmas, so they also have Christmas presents for the soldiers. If they can agree to this, why can't they agree, we'll NEVER make war with each other. If we're angry, we each go our separate ways, and in the future when we're cooled down, we can talk about it, so never more wars again, right?

In a village livem1,000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years. It is for them the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other 10 who don't find breaking correct are probably being treated in a mental institution, because they don't live in reality. But the fact that the reality of the 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do. Are we psychiatric?

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


I bought one: - Roti - at a Hindu eatery, but unfortunately it wasn't a real Surinamese Roti. The Roti so the pancake was singular, while the real Surinamese Roti which is double-walled with in the middle cumin flakes. Then there were six very large long potatoes, while the Surinamese Roti has one potato.

The meat was also nothing, and the massala sauce was watery with almost no taste. The owner of the eatery has clearly adapted the Roti to the Dutch taste, and I hate that they do that. So I also bought a Surinamese: - Moksi Mitie - that was also nothing that is also adapted to the Dutch taste. Surinamese food is supposed to be Surinamese.

I also bought a box of Surinamese Roti in the supermarket, what a fake mess. If you really want to eat Surinamese then you have to go to my aunts or in Suriname. Then you have enough Turkish eateries that serve potatoes or french fries at e.g. The Donor kebab, they are all trying to adapt the food to the Dutch taste. I think it's a sickening thing.

There is also a Chinese eatery they can't cook either. If the Dutch want to taste the Dutch taste, then they should eat potatoes with carrots at home, and not expect the foreign food to be adapted to their taste. I think that's a form of racism, and that probably has to do with their Superior Aryan pride delusion.


Magnificent Century Kosem - Episode 1.
Sultan Ahmed Khan's great love, the three sultans valides, the lover of the people of Istanbul, the most powerful Ottoman women ever; the enormous Kösem Sultan.

That name; cihan state will successfully rule the Ottoman Empire for forty years, will be the sole protector of the dynasty, will win the love of the masses, will be counted with power and grandeur.

Kösem Sultan, as the most powerful woman the East has seen, the dizzying power will take everything from one hand to the other. Adam? He will sacrifice the man he loves, his family, friends and sons. But first; innocence.

Episode 1 (English Subtitle)
138 Episodes?, of each round 2 hours? (With English Subtitles).


The Dutch government measures with two standards, one for the Surinamese and one for the Turkish people. If you want to live in the Netherlands as a Surinamese, you have to take an integration course, Turks don't have to that, it's called keeping turkey sweet by sucking with them. Turkey is on the border between Europe and Asia, the Western world can use that

While in the past at school in Suriname we learned from the same Dutch textbooks, the school education is (was) completely Dutch. While the Turks who come to live in the Netherlands don't have any ASS knowledge of the Netherlands, they GODDAMN can't even speak the Dutch language properly. A Surinamese woman refused to take an integration course.

Surinamese woman refuses integration course.

The Moroccan king says: “Once Moroccan always Moroccan”, i.e. you can't get rid of your Moroccan nationality and passport by e.g. taking a Dutch nationality and passport. Okay, if you live here in the Netherlands with a Moroccan passport and nationality, then you are no longer entitled to Dutch social services, so stop the welfare.


All over the world they are hunting criminals who make counterfeit articles, but you may wonder who is the real criminal. The elite who sell the items expensive under the guise of a brand name, or they the criminals who counterfeit it and sell it cheaper.

The well-known Swiss watch and they are indeed quite pricey, often it is therefore not at all reserved or intended for us. But in e.g. I mention a country Thailand, they know how to recreate the watch perfectly down to the smallest details. Now it's only half the price, and they have the same productive costs, okay the salary is lower there.

So I'm not writing here about the well-known criminals who, for e.g. sell cigarettes for cheap, because they fall from that well-known truck. I'm talking about people who know exactly how the same article after producing for often half the price.

So who are the real criminals, that's just the big question. It's always possible that the real Swiss watch is no longer made in Switzerland. But also in a low-wage country, but of course they are never going to tell us, otherwise they have to legally reduce the selling price

CDs that are sold in the Netherlands but therefore really rowdy expensive that is also well known, I think as a layman they played a trick at the Dutch population in order to be able to con them. People just very cleverly abolished the LP, so you now have to buy expensive CDs

While the well-known LPs are still made, for the rest of the world because there they don't earn enough, or don't have much money for expensive CDs. In Africa they are even poorer, which is why Africa is also the country of cassette tapes. There are plenty of them because Africa is full of portable radios, also because they often don't even have current power there at all

You probably thought since the CDs are on the market they have abolished the LPs and Cassette tapes, you forget that business is business. If a car manufacturer comes with a new model e.g. here in the Netherlands, then the old model is not abolished which is just sold further in the rest of the world.

Here in the Netherlands there are almost no more light bulbs for sale, they have been replaced by expensive Led-lamps supposedly because of the environment? But I would like to bet with you that the manufacturer Philips here in the Netherlands still make million light bulbs daily, for example the third and non western world because there they don't have enough money to buy expensive Led-lamps from €10 or even €20.


It's time for a revolution to chase out the beasts that are pulling the strings, then I'm also talking about those land traitors of the Riot Squad who are modern NSB'ers (Dutch who helped the Nazi's). On the video below you can see that riots are breaking out, during a demonstration against the Corona madness. It's very difficult to find out what is really happening.

In the video, a football hooligan is pulled out of the audience and by whom? And were they actually football supporters, or maybe plainclothes police? Because if they create riots their colleagues in uniform can crack down on the peaceful public, are dirty games sometimes played by the mayor of The Hague and the politicians?

It often happens in most countries that a group of peaceful citizens demonstrate against something, they destroy nothing they throw not with eg. stones, they don't scream and don't offend anyone. And when the Riot Squad arrives, it'll be a mess in the city in no time. So it's the Riot Squad who comes kicking problems and make a mess of it and not the civilians.

Psychologist Wendy Kroeze aka "The Flower Girl".
Some protesters express their discontent during a banned demonstration in Malieveld.
Forbidden Demonstration Virus madness Malieveld arrests,
rebellion, fighting, it becomes very overheated!


Neo-Nazis are often allowed to march on the streets with the permit of a town hall (To whom it relates), under the heading: "Free Speech" and "Democracy".

Suppose a group of "Bank robbers want to stand on the street shouting: "Today all Rabo and tomorrow all the Abn banks", or say that a group of "Rapists" want to stand on the street shouting: "Today all Blondes and tomorrow all Brunettes", or say that a group of "Pedophiles" want to stand on the street shouting: "Today all Boys and tomorrow all Girls".

Do you think that these 3 groups will also get a permit from the town hall under the heading: "Free Speech" and "Democracy". No, you're right, I don't believe in it either. The crazy thing is, the government and the AIVD (Secret Service) are busy harassing the alternative press and media. That well-known: "Free Speech" and "Democracy" doesn't apply to them.

The people who mean it good and mean it well are stopped and censored, the rats the cockroaches the scum, like banks multinationals the rich the elite etc. are free to do what they want in society.

The people at the town halls who license the march, are they maybe the "REAL NAZIS" who hide very cleverly behind the scenes, and let the Neo-Nazis do the dirty work on the streets? The town halls have "RIGHTLY" great difficulty in granting marching permits to "Bank robbers Rapists and Pedophiles.

But to the Neo-Nazis who want to exterminate other races, a town hall has no problem with that at all, so could the Civil Servants (To Whom it relates) be "Neo-Nazis" and "RACISTS", or do I see it wrong?

When town halls give a marching permit to the Neo-Nazis, they spit the elderly in the face who have experienced and survived the war. Because they lost family members in the war, and after years they must see to their agony that, the Nazis are marching again on the streets.

I think governments are a -- WEAK LOT -- why? They wanted to bring the asylum seekers in Calais to be transferred to asylum centers so that they could enter an asylum seeker procedure. But unfortunately the asylum-seekers threw objects at the RIOT SQUAD, and set the place on fire, because they wanted to go to England by all means.

If it was up to me and I was in government, they could forget about a staying permit. My solution -- airplane and P-off up where you came from --. If you want to go to England at all costs, that's fine, but not through my country but find another country eg. Belgium Germany or the Netherlands and now get lost.

Imagine I invade your house uninvited, and yet you say out of the goodness of your heart -- you can eat with us -- but the potatoes with carrots I get I don't like, then I put my fist on the table and shout -- GODDAMN -- I don't eat this shit -- I DEMAND RICE WITH CHICKEN --. And if you ask me to leave the house, you will be bombarded with your own household goods. What are you going to do, you're going to kick me out of your house right, because you're an ungrateful dog. That -- WEAK LOT -- most governments so just look the other way.

In addition, the governments are both stupid rabbits in Brussels and nationally, because one assumes from the point of view, if you don't have a passport, we will not send you back. As a result, most refugees throw their passports in the water in the middle of the sea. The governments have to turn things around 180 degrees, if you don't have a passport, we'll send you back. I'll bet with you that most refugees will put a passport on the table during the asylum registration. And then you have more to evidence who they are and where they came from, but unfortunately. (censored?)
Policy against incitement to hatred.

If I am right, the European Government has recently passed a law that fights hate, and that includes anyone who disagrees with the political policies of Europe and individual countries. So if I were to write that P.M. Cuntte is a war criminal because he's bombing Syria without the permission of the Syrian government, they call it hate-speech.

There is a worldwide hunt on people who show the other side of the story (e.g. Corona). And in my view, that falls under fascism dictatorship communism and psychopathy. In the last century, you had eg. the Spanish Inquisition, which has been re-installed in our modern era. If you think otherwise, we'll know what to do with you.

And then I end up back with the masses, so the stupid?, rabbits or the voters. Are they stupid?, rabbits or maybe fascists too, and are they fine with their elected government hunting people like me because we think differently than them. So governments and voters are one pot wet, the majority voted and that's called democracy.

The governments have all kinds of drag-nets, because they even want to know what color underpants we are wearing today. The crowd of voters are fine with that because next time they will vote for the same fascists again. This means that one part of the Dutch therefore dislikes the other part of the Dutch.


The Dutch government is fine with Saudi Arabia killing children in Yemen with bombs, because the Dutch won't close their embassy in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. But the embassy in Damascus, Syria, has been closed, while Assad is not killing children. In politics The Hague they suffer from schizophrenia that's why they measure with double standards. The known Jekyll and Hyde deranged syndrome.

You can clearly see from this what a dirty mentality governments are walking around with. I don't think it's about good or evil, or friends or enemies, but how many can be dragged out of a war. If I benefit from such a war, I'm in, if I don't benefit from it, then they can exterminate each other. And the voters who are going to vote, I think, are the evils of evolution. Because all that murder and manslaughter they like for their own gain.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.




A while ago, I watched an American feature film: -- NorthWestPassage --, and as a description was written: -- An American Western about brave settlers, who went on an expedition, to Canada to a Warlike Indians Tribe to teach them a lesson, and what did the brave do when they arrived?

They plundered the village killed all the people and torched the place. So according to my Vision: -- White Trash --. And the person of the studio who made the description for the film, is according to me: -- White Trash -- as well, and that's someone from our time

So the Indians who defended themselves against the invaders who want to steal their country, are called warlike, and the settlers so called brave, and those thieves and murderers enter history books as heroes, and be praised forever, and the Indians as warlike criminals.


Is this real or are we being fooled with photo-shopping? If it's really true what is it where does it come from and what is its purpose? A natural phenomenon or the work of man

Bizarre images Birmingham 1.

Images have surfaced of a very strange phenomenon in the sky above the English city of Birmingham. It reminded the creator of Biblical images, but other places in Britain and America also had strange skies.


If Israhell doesn't like something, they try to prevent it, turn it off and undo it. A small group of students from an American university choose sides of the Palestinians, with the result that Israhell rang the bell at that university, with the result that the students were fired. They went to court, and the judge undid it so they could go back to school. And a few weeks later, the judge was fired. This is undoubtedly and surely again the work of Israhell

A professor, David Irving of an English university, wanted to give a lecture on the Holocaust in a hotel in The Hague. Then the Dutch CIDI, the Information Office of Israhell, rang the bell at the town hall of The Hague, and they rang the bell at that hotel, and they told the professor that his hotel room had been canceled, and the lecture was canceled

The security at Schiphol is entirely in the hands of an Israhellian company, if I'm right they are called Blackwater. When a few Schiphol staff members got lost, and accidentally arrived on the Israhell site, they were told by men with machine guns that, they had to get lost, because this was not Dutch but Israhellian territory.

And Israhell also has some atomic bombs at Schiphol Airport, which is not allowed under international law, yet it happens, and I assume that the Dutch government also knows this, but will probably deny it in public. Then Israhell also has the : “Samson Option”, and that means, if we go as Israhell, we take the whole world with us with 300 atomic bombs

And if the story is true, because of course I don't know, but suppose it's true. Then America (Read Israhell) wanted to throw atomic bombs in the past, but that is prevented every time by UFOs who change the launch codes, so that the missile does not want to leave. Because it seems that an explosion also has an effect in space (and other dimensions).

And if it's true, then the elite Jews have started the Second World War, to have an excuse to steal Palestine. They also built the concentration camps for Hitler, because their factories needed personnel, because the Germans were on the front line. They also supplied him with that ZyklonB gas. And to top it all off, they've funded his war, too. All secrets that may not be made public until 2045. Because then they're all dead and can't be caught, and you can't take them for the first time. International Court of Justice in The Hague has been charged with mass murder of their own race and other races.

And what many people don't know is that most of the Jews in Israel are not Bible Jews at all, but descendants of the Khazar from Ukraine who were converted in 740 past Christ. They were the Bolsheviks and killed 60 million Russians and Eastern Europeans. A handful of us can keep a few ins Israhell under the knot, but not 60 million. The real one? Biblical Jews are they in those black clothes with those pipe curls and those top hats. And 9 out of 10 of them don't even live in Israhell at all, because they say that is not allowed by God.

And in Israhell there are plenty of Jews who want to live together and work as friends colleagues and neighbors with the Palestinians, but are considered in their own land as garbage. Before the Second World War, things were harmonious between the Palestinians and the Jews, until in 1948 the murder squads arrived from Europe under the direction of the “MURDEROUS BEAST” Begin, since then everything has been fuckedup to this day. There is a small group of elite Jews who are the cause of pain grief despair death and a lot of degrading misery for both races, in the Middle East.

What many also do not know, nor is told by the demagogues of the newsreels, is the fact that there are enough Jews in Israhell hunting for eg. Ethiopian Jews, Russian Jews, etc. They get the worst houses, the worst jobs, the worst salaries, the worst medical care, and they also get regular beat up on the streets, both by the Jews and the police. The fact that the Jews get a beating up every so time in history is simply because they are even more arrogant than the devil, and they also spit God in the face.

If I was God and I came to Earth, the very first thing I did is to make the Middle Jew free, let them live with their friends in America, they will probably receive them very enthuse-elastically at the American airports. Complete with red carpets, flowers, apple-pies and kisses. Arab countries are destined for the Arabs, not the Jews, who are not Arabs but Europeans

The second thing I did, all those war-criminals and mass-murderers from the white house, got one-way to a government psychiatric facility of America, because of criminal psychopathic mental deranged to the bizarre. In short, I put the whole lot in the “MADHOUSE”. The third thing I did, I melted everything which are weapons so no one could use them anymore. Bullets grenades bazooka's fighter jets navy boats vehicles.


Putin's Warning: Full Speech 2016.
Rmerica wants war with russia.
The Russian Foreign Ministry.
The American Foreign Ministry..

America must be stopped because, they are causing a third world war. These arrogant dogs are in charge all over the world, and they already have just over 1000 defense bases worldwide. Now they are busy cramming Eastern Europe with their bases, who are really living in the psychiatric delusion that they own the planet.

And those who don't want to dance to their tune just get a load of bombs on their roof, these snooty American beasts are far worse than Hitler. It has also stopped a war, so we must also stop America through NATO and the EU, to save the lives of millions of people in the future, who will otherwise die from American bombs.

I believe that it is Putin who is saving our lives by not falling for America's constant provocations. If Putin had been a hothead like America, we'd have a third world war a long time ago. In history it turns out time and time again that, the friend is often the real enemy, and the enemy often the real friend.

God says to us -- Thou shalt not kill --. Yes but Lord those Americans are beasts, which have in the past 75 years already, killed millions of widows and orphaned disabled mentally confused people and refugees on their conscience, they are no better than Hitler, who was also considered a war criminal Nothing to do with --.

The Netherlands urgently needs to leave NATO, because America is dragging us from war to war.

You're in town and someone's looking for a fight with you and saying, “I know where you live tonight I'll come by and kick you around”. And tonight at 8:00 p.m. , the door bell rings and if you open, there's the man. But he's not alone, he's brought four friends, and together, they're kicking you into the hospital. If these 5 are to go to court, the judge will consider them: “As top-shelf scum” and punish them well.

America is also looking for a fight with Iraq, and is also taking its 4 European friends with them, killing your citizens and destroying your country. But those friends, for example. England The Netherlands Germany and Belgium, are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague as also: “Scum of the top shelf” but as friends. And then they're going to have dinner at e.g. the King of the Netherlands, the President of the United States and the Israeli Knesset.


If the story is true, there have never been people on the Moon. It seems to have been a very nice sophisticated play. Plus there have been some astronauts who have said, we've been chased away from the Moon by Ufonauts.

If I was Ufonaut, and I lived on the back of the moon, and I see people coming with their rockets, I'd scare them away, too. Because when I look down at Earth, I've learned that the human race is a killer race, which may have killed a billion people in their retarded wars throughout history.

I'm not going to let them put one leg on my Moon because, once they have solid ground under their feet, they're going to be the boss on the moon. And maybe they're going to enslave and exterminate my people because they want to steal our resources. And they certainly start there with their retarded wars. So if I was an Ufonaut who lived on the Moon, I'd chase them away, too.

On the website below you can see on the photo, footprints of shoes on the ground. And that is not possible because, on the moon there is no water and humidity, so it's not possible that the Moon dust becomes compacted by the shoes. And if I'm right as a layman, there's no wind on the Moon either, so that flag can't flutter either.

And on the website below on the 5th photo, the astronaut walks around with a film camera on his chest. Taking a picture is a chemical process, and without oxygen, that chemical reaction doesn't work, and since there's no oxygen on the Moon, no picture can be taken, but I'm a layman, so if you say, “you're talking from your neck,” no hard feelings.

I dreamed one time that I was standing in space by the Moon, and saw the Earth spinning under my feet. Maybe I was on guard, in case the honkeys arrive with their rocket, and then I'll scare them away before I wake up. I dreamed once, that I was in charge of a group of people. And I asked them, do you know where you are, and then a woman said yes we died on Earth, and now we are in the spiritual world.


(22-06-2020) WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH?
There are people who are in contact with the spiritual world, there are also people who think they are in contact with the spiritual world, and there are also fools who imagine everything. Just as there are good and bad people on Earth, there will probably be also good and bad spirits, so you have to think twice who you're dealing with.

As far as we know, there is only one Earth in the universe that is known to us, the question is, why does the Earth look like it is, while the rest of the universe is a mess with planetary-bodies in the making, or in degradation? We only know a small part of the universe, so maybe there are several Earths that we haven't discovered yet with our technique.

The big question, of course, is who created the Earth, and that person who is that?, and suppose that person doesn't exist. Did the Earth always exist was he never created, or there was nothing, and suddenly there was the Earth. That known big bang of the scientists doesn't mean anything to me, because before the Big Bang, there must have been matter that caused the Big Bang.

Then we have the Biblical figures like e.g. God Jesus Allah and Muhammad, do they really exist or is it a figment of the concoction of crafty church leaders, to chain the masses for life so that they can do whatever they want with it. Many people go through fire and flame to defend their faith, they even go so far as to exterminate the others who have a different faith.

There is probably more between Heaven and Earth, so maybe there might also be a spiritual world where you may end up after you die. And those ghosts and people who are open to it might be able to communicate with each other. The normal?, people often laugh about this kind of things, and refer you to the psychiatry. Maybe they're on the back burner evolutionary.

We don't know what possibly existed before birth, so we also don't know what might be after death. Maybe there's nothing, you're born live, die, and then there's nothing left. But maybe there is more eg. a spiritual world or rebirth a Heaven or a Hell, but because we humans are often arrogant and conceited we think that we know everything.

It is also possible that we talk like this because, we parrot the upbringing of our parents. As small children we have heard our parents talk in a certain way for twenty years, we also know how they think. Perhaps we are defending the upbringing of the parents, and are we afraid that if we start thinking and researching on our own that we are bad children.

Krista Raisa Channeller for a Collective known as
The Orion Council - Episode 26 they call us Channeler.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Promo Trailer.

ETS 2 - A7 Dam (Afsluitdijk) Netherlands.
The Dutch Map ETS 2 promotie trailer.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 load to Hamburg with Iveco Stralis part 1-2.

Real Hands Driving in ETS2 #1 | POV in Multiplayer Traffic | Logitech G27.
55 Tonne Transformer delivery - American Truck Simulator (logitech g29) gameplay.

Scania Bus Driving With Steering wheel + Gear
Shifter | Euro truck simulator 2 with bus mod
ULTIMATE chasing and racing between KALLADA, SRS &
Asian Xpress | Bus driving Euro truck simulator 2

Idiots on the road 1.



Mawtini (Arabic: — My homeland) was the unofficial
national anthem of the Palestinians since 1936.
A great Dabka performance by Palestinian Schoolgirls.

It's the intention of Israhell to exterminate the Palestinian people to the last man and woman, which they have been doing for 75 years since 1945. The whole world (to whom it relates), looks at it and does nothing at all, they let the Palestinians suffocate. Governments become human again now you are a beast or Satan's children, God has his eye fallen on you.

Palestinian RadioStations. (Gaza) (Ramallah)

Palestinian Streetfood. (Ghaza). (Bethlehem).


One of the disadvantages of the trade agreements such as: “Ceta, Darpa, Isds, Tisa, TTP and Ttip”, according to my vision. Is intended to governments that take unpopular measures with products to, for example to improve the population's health, to pay for their lesser turnover.

A multinational has a turnover of for example 10 million EURO, with the sale of sweets containing a chemical sugar Aspartame, which is dangerous to public health. The government forbids that chemical sugar legally, but because the candy now tastes different with natural sugar, one now has a turnover of 9 million. The 1 million loss of turnover must be payed by the government to that multinational, because they have signed for it.

The Mafia has a turnover of 10 million EURO with stealing cars across Europe, the justice department catches some criminals and puts them in jail. And because of fewer cars are now being stolen, the mafia now has a turnover of 9 million. And the justice department must pay 1 million loss of turnover to the Mafia, because they have signed for it

A professional cyclist receives a salary from the KNVB of 10 million EURO a year. Then he is caught on doping, and because he is now less asked, he now has a salary of 9 million. And now the KNVB is obliged to pay that 1 million loss of turnover to him, because they signed for it


The weather reports of the journals always have excuses for strange clouds, but they can never explain why we never saw these clouds years ago in the old days. Probably it has something to do with that weather machine like for example: “Haarp and Chemtrails” that America uses to influence the weather, they are indeed messing around with the weather worldwide.

Weird Clouds.

Haarp: - Unbelievable Holes in Heaven 1998.

Chemtrails: - The Secret War (English Subtitles).

The demagogues have an agenda in which they also use list and deception, because they photo-shop pictures of for example 80 years ago, they add those white chem-trail stripes in those pictures. So that everyone thinks: “Ha Ha Ha”, those white stripes existed 80 years ago look at the pictures, so what are you mentally disturbed conspiracy thinkers talk about.

Some people say that the weird-sounds are trumpet-sounds from the Bible because of the end of the earth. But suppose the Bible writers (also demagogues?) could also look into the future like Nostradamus, then they've heard those sounds as well and decided to give it a faithful touch to force people into their church and the belief of their faith.

Weird Sounds.

Trumpets of the Revelation.


(17-06-2020) WILL THEY SUCCEED?
AOC, Omar, Tlaib, & Pressley Speak Out Against Trump.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Best Moments Supercut.


Today I received this email from - - with the videos below, I pass them on to you as information. It seems that the BMR-vaccine causes Autism, but that the pharmaceutical companies medical world the politicians, and the demagogues of the Journals the talk shows on TV and the newspapers keep it from the people.

Vaxxed, the shocking truth?

Sharp increase in cervical cancer since HPV vaccination.

Pharma not liable for damage caused by coronavirus vaccine!

Bill Gates' Globalist Vaccine Agenda” - by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


(15-06-2020) ILLUMINATI.
The price good men pay for indifference to
public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. Plato.


This land is mine.
Are we destroying the Planet?


How about the idea that we citizens deposit 30% of our savings that we now save at banks deposit at the account of our Municipality. Because then hopefully they won't have to borrow money from banks anymore, which saves a lot of interest. I don't want interest from the municipality, they can invest that in the city in the hope that things will get better.

Or we save 10% in our municipality's bank account, and 10% in the County bank account, and 10% in the Government's bank account. Then all 3 parties, hopefully no longer have to borrow money from commercial banks.

If a Municipality borrows money from a bank, it takes that money from our savings account (Not True). So if we citizens lend that money to the Municipality, it saves a lot of interest that the bank charges to the Municipality. Because we have to pay that interest, and if all the citizens would say, we don't need interest from the Municipality, that's really nice.

Imagine the Municipality of Zutphen will be short of 2 Million in the coming financial year 2017. If you divide it by 47,000 residents in the coming financial year 2017, if you divide it by 47,000 residents, that will be about €42.55 per resident. I am willing to give the Municipality of Zutphen €50, and let's assume that 50% of the Zutphenaren participate, (not everyone will participate) then that is nevertheless €1 million.

We have to pay for this cut, whether we are walking forwards or backwards. Whether we're just watching normal or looking squint, we just have to pay the hole financially. So why not give €42.55 to the town hall at the beginning, because then the Library and children's creches can remain open and the Beverbus for old people can start driving again, and the plant garden service does not have to fire anyone etc. And if the municipality has 2 million left over, the citizens will receive €42.55.

Governments should actually make a law that, if they borrow money from a bank, they no longer have to pay interest, in the name of: "National Economic Interest. That saves governments worldwide billions, perhaps trillions in annual interest rates, and may not have to cut more or less or not at all.

The dangerous thing is that if governments are going to nationalize the money, and it becomes state property, they're probably going to be assassinated, like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, who spent state dollars that they called "Greenbacks" and "Treasures Notes."

And the very first thing the new President Lynden B. Johnson did was abolished the state dollars again. And even on the day Kennedy was assassinated, he didn't even have the decency to wait until after his funeral. The elite criminals were clearly in a hurry, so maybe they killed him, probably through accomplices because they're too smart to kill themselves.

In the past, money was also owned by governments, but they needed money to wage wars. Then they made a deal with bankers, if we can borrow the money from you, at a soft interest rate, then your banks can manage the money.

State banks are just commercial banks for profit, and a commercial and or a private person is not allowed, according to the law, print money and issue it, but the elite get away with that, we have to try then the turnips are overcooked.

Read how corrupt the bank world is.


You park somewhere in the city and you get a citation, because the municipality says you're not allowed to park here. But according to the Dutch law (in my country) you can park everywhere because it is public road. So if they say you can't park here then it's private, and if it's private they can't fine you. Therefore, you don't have pay for a parking space, because the public road is always free according to Dutch law.

A Dutch law made in the second chamber judged by the first chamber and signed by the king stands above a Townhall law. And the European law stands above the Dutch law. You also don't have to pay national health premium, because nowhere in the law it's written that you are obliged to be a customer of a commercial company.

If you don't have a bank or other account you will not receive your salary and or social security money, because you must be a mandatory customer of a commercial bank, and nowhere it's written in the law. You also don't have to pay insurance for your car to a commercial Company. Road tax you have to pay because that is a state-owned company.


In the last few years, 60 holistic doctors have died, and how they died that, I leave as a layman in the middle. What I do know is that they are not loved by the pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the orthodox conservative medical world.

Over 60 holistic doctors dead
under mysterious circumstances.
Murdered Holistic Doctors Update.

Famous Holistic Author Working
Against Big Pharma Found Dead.

In recent years, about 75 bank executives
worldwide have also committed suicide.
Bankers are dying like flies.

So too did the head of the French police, who carried out the investi-
gation after the Charlie Hebdo attack a week later, killed himself.

Then many whistle-blowers die in America especially after the WTC attack on September 11, 2001 in New York. You'd almost argue that people who are looking for the truth are being cleaned up. The principals who are they? The tug-of-war the elite the mighty the rich? The well-known dictatorial rich with 7 billion slaves in property?

In many cities you have gangs that terrorize the whole city, above that you have the mafia like e.g. in Italy Japan Mexico etc. terrorizing an entire country, and above that is the rich scum of evolution that terrorize the whole world. Then there are the banks that drain the whole world financially with interest rates, and the multinationals that make our food sick.


What always stands out after a bomb attack is the fact that after a bomb attack, terrorists are sometimes caught after just one hour. That's weird because if you know where these people are, why didn't you pick up before for the bombing? Because if they don't know where they are before the bombing, they can't be arrested after the attack. So if you know where they are, and you don't pick them up, the government wants that bombing. So in that sense, the French Government is partly to blame for the deaths of the Parisians.

They just sacrificed the Parisians, in the game called “POWER,” between the terrorists called ISIS and the terrorists called Government. The U.S. government (read Israelis) have September 11, 2001 in New York on their conscience, it was just an insider job to have an excuse to take out the Middle East and park straw governments there. So they can take control of it now, and steal unlimited oil. And the infrastructure of e.g. Iraq, which has been completely destroyed, is now being built by American companies, which are making billions from it. War is a gold trade for American companies in particular the weapon manufacturers


(09-06-2020) FRUSTRATING.
I know someone it doesn't matter what I say as Surinamese or for my part Ape the person immediately goes into denial, whether I say Apkzu or Left Right or Forward Backwards, I just don't get my right. The person is doing this for years I don't know him any better, there are more Dutch people who do this as well, you just don't get a pin in between.

The person doesn't look at my mother being a thoroughbred 100% white Western woman, he only looks at my father who has African ancestors. The fact that I'm quite white and was born in the Netherlands doesn't mean anything to the person. Even if you only have 1% African blood, you're just a Negro.

It's quite possible that when the person lived at home for the first twenty years, he heard his father say: everything western is UP, and everything that is not western is DOWN. Now the person meets me and has probably realized he is also UP, and that of course clashes with his father's upbringing. And since his father is his father and I'm a stranger, I'm the cigar.

If the person could realize that his father probably couldn't do anything about it that he thought that way, because he probably got it from his father, and he of his father etc. That could play for generations, he might be the first in the family to break with it. Maybe that will happen tomorrow or in five years or maybe never, or possibly in the next life.

The white people don't know they're racists, they come to think they're the race of races, a kind of mother of race. That's because of their psychiatric illness called: Grand Delusion, which has led them to believe that they are some kind of Superior Aryan race. They really think that as white people they are the crown of creation, the boss of all colored races.

Mixed Kid Problems | Growing Up Multicultural.

I'm From The World! Speaking With Accents. (Part 1)
I'm Foreign! Accents & Impressions. (Part 2)


(08-06-2020) CHEATERS?
I had a YouTube here from Krista Raisa a medium, I wanted to look at it again but it was gone, it was suddenly private. Then I discovered that all her YouTube in previous articles on my website are suddenly all private too. Then I thought if we can't look at them and they're private, I'll take them all away, including the stories that were included.

I thought the Orion Council worked for all of humanity and not for private groups only. Often it is groups of people, also the different faith organizations foundations and political parties that fight each other. They don't work together to make Earth a paradise for all humanity, they have something against each other. Now I don't believe Krista is a fraud.

Safe world there together, let the Moon die, creates now clan.

(Clan = families - friends - associations - organizations -
companies - groups - gangs - mafia - churches - governments, 'FIRST US' then you lot).

But another woman who calls herself Spiritual Mama probably is. I had a YouTube of her on my website, then she emailed me if YouTube pays you money (They don't) then I want 90% of that amount? In the business-world it's 30%, but 90%?, I believe she's not a Spiritual Mama at all but a money-grabber.

Then it's possible that her tutorial vegetarian Tubes are all fake too, maybe if the camera is turned off she probably secretly eats meat. And that she's flashing her tits on the Tubes is perhaps, just so the men keep coming back, because if she has tens of millions of hits then YouTube pays her €300,000 a year.

There is also a Dutch woman who regularly appears in the newspaper with Astrology, she is happy that people stand up for themselves and start thinking independently, and also dare to say what they think. While I get an email from her where she asks if I want to remove her website from my site, because I do not wish to be associated with your way of writing on your website.


(07-06-2020) SURINAM DELIGHT.
Merry me Kaseko Medley (slide cut) - Sonic.
Sabroso ft. Big number Hits - Kaseko-Medley.
Strong love - Edgar Burgos/ Feyanti Medley.

Sabakoe New Year 2020.
Strong love - Native live @ kwaku 2015.

Awasa: Business from Awasa Women.
Surinam dance Marrons.
Cultural Group Tangiba Tangiba A.


(06-06-2020) CORONA MADNESS.
This crazy story about a couple who are visiting their mother in a care-home, they're not allowed to come anymore because, they have opened the window through which they bring their mother food five inches too far. Later, they will even be arrested by the police. Take a look for yourself.

Plea for the use of Hydroxychlorquine in the treatment of Sars (Covid-19).


The owners of the slave planet Earth, with seven billion slaves. In world war II, they borrowed not only money to the Allies but also to Hitler. They also built the concentration camps, many of Hitler's war material to wage war came from their factories. These beasts wanted to steal Palestine by all means, and had two world wars for it. And since 1948, they have been trying to exterminate all Palestinians.

For example, before the war, the Palestinians and the Jews in Palestine were also harmoniously with each other, until the murderers and rapists of the Knesseth arrived from Europe. (The Beginning of Terror) (Survivors Explain)

Deir Yassin Remembered.

They were also the Bolsheviks in Russia who murdered 60 million Russians and Eastern Europeans. (First Khazar then Jews then Bolsheviks and now Zionists) - They are people originating from the Ukraine - Basic root Russia. (Trotsky was a Jew born and raised in Germany, his real name is Bronmeijer).


(04-06-2020) GOD GIVE US STRENGTH.
You're getting tired of humanity because who's telling the truth here and who's lying? This Lady, is she speaking the truth or not? The opponents will do everything they can to bring her down and ridicule her. And there are indeed satanic demagogic ways to make this lady look like she's psychiatric. Is she or isn't she?

People who are psychiatric?, you can often recognize by their face, they often have a full bulbous face and look glassy out of their eyes as if they are not there themselves. But that doesn't mean they're psychiatric, it may be that they're upset, emotionally off the map or with their souls under their arm. In short, they don't know if they're coming or going.

Kla.TV against global censorship of PLANDEMIC-Video.
My response to Dr Judy Mikovits Video Banned by YouTube.

Dr. Judy Mikovits.

So we laymen don't know exactly who is telling the truth here?, is it the establishment or the conspiracy theorists. But fortunately, we people have learned that there are indeed people who are cunning and slick, just think of the social psychopaths who often hold high positions, in politics the medical world justice defense etc.

Governments organizations and people can play dirty game to cover their tracks, most Dutch people believe that The Dutch Ntional Bank is a State Bank. Suppose this bank pulls out a filth trick and in order not to fall through the basket, it is confessed that the bank is in reality a commercial bank (which also is) with shareholders.

So this bank can't have pulled this filth because they have no legitimate authority. Had this filth not surfaced, the Dutch would have been made to believe that it is a state bank

Is the coronavirus man-made? | Verify.

Pandemic | Coronavirus Movie | Deel 1.
Pandemic | Coronavirus Movie | Deel 2.

(9/11 - Ex-CIA Susan Lindauer - 1H29Mt)

I know how Jesus felt when he was crucified by the establishment the elite the church-leaders the politicians e.g., the Pharisees and false prophets, or the so-called well-off citizens, (One big psychopathic bunch?)


Lakota in America.

Not only the Afro-Americans but also the "Native American Indians", are treated like trash, and being dumped in Reservations like Chicken who have to be couped up.The Australian Aboriginals", and the New Zealandian "Maori's", are also treated like dirt, by the descendants of England

The US Governments never applied the: "Native American" Treaties.
Opinie/thanksgivingIndianen.htm (TV-Video) (2-Streams) (Native American - Amazing Grace) (Drums & Singing) (Grand Entry 2014)

Bezoek mijn Native American site.


George Floyd's Final Moments Analyzed.

The victim indicated several times that he couldn't breathe, that must be a sign for every human being let alone a policeman. Plus this policeman must have known in advance during his knee in the victim's neck that, if he dies there will be troubles all over America, because that's happened before.

Suppose this is staged, the government of America wants the military on the streets permanently for a long time, then you have to make sure that the population revolts regularly. The annoying thing is that a small handful have started looting, the Press and Media milks this out, the masses don't do that, that's not in their character no matter how poor they may be.

Also in Suriname with the coup of 1980 a handful went looting, across to where I lived was a Chinese food counter-shop that was raided. The owner a young man was shot dead because, he did not react fast enough while his pregnant wife was standing next to him. She then moved to China because she no longer wanted to stay in Suriname

The George Floyd murder was Deliberate to set off Race Riots.

It's happened before that black people are murdered on the streets of America because, the racist white race has shit towards black people, in the future it will happen again. The perpetrators police officers almost always get away with it, they are simply held their hand over their head by colleagues the mayor and the government, who simply laugh at it.


Twenty-year-old Rouzan Ashraf Abdul Qadir al-Najjar was killed on June 1, 2018 during the demonstration at the gate. She was shot right through the heart with a bullet, by a Khazar a Goy sniper soldiers swine. (95% of The Khazar converted to Judaism in 740 AD, they come from Ukraine (Base Root Russia) nothing Palestine all BS).

I suspect that a great part of mankind has forgotten her again, that is usually the case with humanity. So also politicians and governments, who are now busy butt-sucking up and sliming with Israhell. That she was killed they obviously don't mind, but suppose she was a white Western girl. Scroll up where her picture is and read the article.

In the past, the citizens of Ukraine of Palestine and Israel have held peace marches because they are sick to death of wars caused and sustained by the rats of the planet America and there their bosses from Israhell. In other words, the peace marches that were concealed by the Western press and media were ignored and censored.

Israel/Palestine – People break the spiral of hatred.

Huge peace marches in Ukraine:
the people have had enough of the war!

Babi Bacon Dish.
Tja Sieuw.
I want to marry her and eat everyday nice Chinese food.
Fisherman eating delicious seafood.

Chinese cook MingFang Wang has sold her Chinese Restaurant because the IND consistently harassed her legal Chinese chefs after six months of stay in the Netherlands. She had to constantly look for other Chinese cooks, and those seem to be hard to find in the Netherlands.

Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China.
Best Halal Food and Islam Food in China.

Vetsin (E621) is a Glutamate that's not harmful to the body, but in moderation of course. It's a fairy tale from the sixties that it is dangerous. If you can eat tomatoes and cheese where it's in too, you can also handle Vetsin., it's in mother's milk. If, you can't stand Vetsin then you have a metabolic disorder.

What does Vetsin really do to your body? -University Answer.


The Journals the Talk-shows on TV and the Newspapers keep wars going because, they lie to the people and also twist and censor the news. If they were to tell the people the truth, P.M. Cuntte would no longer be allowed to shoot in e.g. Syria to. The Syrians didn't insult us and did not invade our country and are not shooting at us.

The people of the press and media below whom do show the truth and the other side, who are portrayed as morons and idiots. They're often ignored ridiculed and denied. Google YouTube Facebook and Twitter are busy censoring and letting websites and YouTube disappear. This means that the Netherlands is a fascist country. (Dutch) (English) (English) (English)


The Peters world-map are the real dimensions of the countries of the world, but because of the: - Superior Aryan - psychiatric mental disease of the white race they have been blown out of proportion. The western countries have been drawn larger than they're in reality, and the non western countries smaller than they're in reality. They teach this at schools worldwide.

The Peters Projection: An Area Accurate Map.
The Truth about the world map.

In sessions Jane Elliott teaches the whites why they're racists. (02.26Min - The Stolen Eye) (03.18 - Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes) (04.51 - Indecently Exposed) (05.31 - In Group Bias & Racism) (06.40 - Prejudice - Blue Eyes) (47.28 - How Racists are you) (51.22 - Brown Eye Blue Eye) (Censored?) (Jane Elloitt bij Oprah Winfrey) (16.36 - Jane Elloitt bij Oprah Winfrey) (56.46 - J. Elliott Being Interviewed) (01.32.03 - Debate White Privilege (Website Misses Jane Elliott)

Louis Farrakhan - White people are the Devil. (Censored?)
Farrakhan Explains the White Devil.

The Origin of White People.


Since 1945 to the present 2020, they have been constantly invading countries, ruining the country with war munitions. They have about 1,000 military bases around the world, at the United Nations they have a Veto that eliminates all countries. Then there's Bill Gates of Microsoft who wants to vaccinate all seven billion global citizens, what's he interfering with?

The Agenda behind Bill Gates Vaccine & ID2020 : Coronavirus Conspiracies

219 US-wars in comparison to Russia, China, Iran and Germany.

Where are the world politicians to rebel, why are they collaborate along and looking the other way. I'm absolutely certain that if a country like Suriname or Italy or any other country, trying to constantly invade other countries to own the world, they will be tackled and eliminated. They're not getting away with it because, the world's politicians are angry.

The Americans (To whom it relates), are they mentally ill psychiatric-ally disturbed or are they just psychopaths? Or are they bluntly said criminals and racists, because virtually all the countries they have entered in recent years since 1945, there live people with a skin color. They don't invade white countries that easily, so racists, right?

I think the white race suffers from that psychiatric illness that ls called: - Grandeur Delusion -, and that disease has led them to believe that they are a: Superior Aryan - race. The boss of the Earth so they run the show they're always right, must with all violence pull the strings, all the raw materials are their property. In short, first-class tyrants.

Why did they invent the first white racist theory.


That the government by way of the AIVD (secret service) is spying in my computer, listening in on my phone-calls reading my e-mails intercepting my letters checking what websites and You Tube I visit, I owe that to my fellow citizens alias peoplestraitors who with all power had to vote again on these political fascists.

So when I meet them at the central entrance of the flat near the elevators in de hallways in the flat-yard etc., and they laugh and great me politely then they are playing comedy with me, because the ratted me out to their fascist government and betrayed me.

This also implies immediately that the Dutch hate each other, because they find it very good that their countrymen is being watched by fascist governments. So if they firmly embrace each other at football or sway with the national flag or shout Royal orange above. Then they are playing comedy with each other at least according to me.

They call me an Anarchist because I'm against the establishment, but who is that establishment?: The Voters, and who do they vote for: War-criminals and Mass-murderers. For example, in the past twenty years they've turned the entire Middle East into one large graveyard, by orders of their bosses from Israhell, or the: Vipersnakes and the Satanschildren from the Bible.

Is Anarchy Dangerous? No, But Statism Is.
The Myth Of Authority.

This is how Herd-flock is being Created. (The Monkey/Stepladder ExperimentT) (IfYouWereKing) (TheTinyDot) (The Jones Plantation)

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose.


(26-05-2020) OWNERS AND SLAVES.
What I think is nuts that if we're born on the planet, we need permission from civil servants to live somewhere. Then we also have to pay annual housing tax on the houses where we live. If we refuse to do so, we will be considered criminals, then we are tackled by bailiffs judges and prisons

You come to the conclusion that the planet is a private plantation of the elites, the rich the rope-pullers banks multinationals politicians and all that other scum from: Villapark the Bungalow. They clearly have seven billion slaves, who have been brainwashed in such a way that they look the other way for life, just like their parents and grandparents. So lousy people.


Barbara Honegger speaking in Seattle, January 12, 2013, on what happened and what didn't hap-pen at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This Second Edition contains a few updates and correc-tions from the original version. Updated in 2015. This video may be freely shared and/or repos-ted online, copied and distributed at no cost to recipients as long as it is kept complete

Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke curtain - 9/11
All 14 parts in 1 Tube - 2 Hour 31Min.


(24-05-2020) MONGOLIAN STUFF.
Mongolian Music.
Biyelgee Flash Mob 2019 / The Hu - Wolf Totem /.
Haya Band Dancer in the Darkness.
The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video).
Traditional Mongolian "My Beloved Country Mongolia".

Mongolian Streetfood.
Mongolian Food Guide in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

Mongolian Streetwalk.
Ulaanbaatar Downtown UB: Juulchin Street to Usnii Street.


(23-05-2020) ARE YOU INTUITIVE?


You come to the conclusion that here in the Netherlands you are a prisoner of the system, the arrogant ladies and gentlemen who pull the strings and take care of things. They have all kinds of Psychopathic demands that you have to meet, you rent a house and in the contract the rental company can write what they want, you have to sign the contract or you sleep on the street.

Then you are hunted by the police, because in the Netherlands you are not allowed to sleep on the public road. You live in an elderly or care home, in those two buildings you can't smoke at all, let alone in the house where you live. Suppose you enter rental apartment building and the lease says: In the hall on the steps the gallery and your flat you are not allowed to smoke.

The government demands and forces you completely illegitimate because, nowhere in the law does it say that you must be a compulsory customer, of commercial companies such as a health insurance fund and car insurance. Road tax is mandatory because that's a state-owned company.

Those demagogues of the press&media who scream forever about their beloved press freedom. They don't tell through their Journals and newspapers that a judge acquitted a man who refused to pay a health insurance premium, because a health insurance fund is a commercial company. Because, if the Dutch hear this, you can bet your bottom dollar that many also refuse to pay.

If the psychopaths don't get their way, they have bailiffs police judges prison and psychiatric institutions to take out the citizen. And the joke is that the Netherlands doesn't even exist at all, its German territory. So the government and their laws are as illegal as the plague, they're just criminals who stole the Netherlands with a coup.

Dutch law says: That if the Queen and the government flee to England (WW2), the state of the Netherlands ceases to exist. And the enemy that invades in this case Germany it is now their country. After the war this was not rectified, so until today 2020 since 1945 we are born and live in Germany.

The biggest problem on Earth is the electorate, because every four years they vote on Psychopaths or politicians (To whom it relates). Because what do the psychopaths do they make countless laws regulations and provisions to put the citizen on the chain for life. In other countries such as South and Eastern Europe you can do much more, you are much freer there.

Despite everything, the voters continue to vote for the illegals, because the Dutch hate each other. They can't stand each other, and hope that their politicians will come up with even more laws to put regulations and provisions in place to put those other Dutch people on the toe. The click lines are a great success, constantly betraying other Dutch people.


The mass of herd animals that blindly follow the orders, of the psychopaths and butt-suckers over Corona, you can wake them up. In the next flu wave, you announce that lots more people are dying of flu than Corona, and that a second Lockdown is needed, then the herd animals are shocked and wake up instantly, because they realize that they are being deceived with Corona.

The psychopaths come with Corona THUNDEROUS ready, they have the ORGASM of the cen-tury, because the whole world is now dancing to their tune. And then there are the butt-suckers who want to make a career, they don't mind cleaning up the mess, because we have to keep the psychopaths sweet. And the whistle-blowers are being silenced because they are jammers.

I'm not Jesus not that I know of, but maybe he was also a type like me and other whistle-blowers. And what have they done to him indeed they have silenced him, for our herd animals must remain our slaves, you know. It's always possible that Jesus was also an ordinary person, and that church leaders invented him Biblical to trap the masses.

For example, church leaders could have been cunning slick and shrewd, by e.g. create a Biblical story that God and or Allah would have none of. Then they create a lot of different faiths to play the people out against each other who are going to fight and go to war, and in addition, the people are sitting in a fake church for life waiting for the Biblical savior?

If a secret service doesn't want us to know that they torture people, they bring it in public in such a way that we think, “I don't believe that from my days of life.” They often play the story through self-created alternative websites and or YouTube, people who are not normally taken seriously, and the visitors are registered directly.

Barrel believe con-job, God knows the truth, song take drums.

(Barrel believe = Bible?)


(20-05-2020) WE COUNT TO.
We Count! Part 8 - Louis Farrakhan.
We count 1-19 Part.

I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr HD (subtitled)
The Last Sunday Sermon of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


You wonder if the white Western race (On whom it relates), Are Criminals Racists or Psychiatric Patients. Because their governments are invading Afghanistan Iraq in Syria Yemen and other countries, even without the consent of those governments, and are starting to throw heavy war gear bombs. Often everything is destroyed like e.g. the infra-structure.

These governments are war criminals, they must be arrested on trial and imprisoned. That's not going to happen because they're white, and next time they're going to vote on hem again. These voters can't realize that the people of the Middle East have not offended us, they haven't invaded our country and don't shoot at us

And if there are terrorists in the Middle East, that is the job of local governments to tackle that and not western governments. They can help those governments on request, but not on their own without permission invade their countries. But don't play for judge, put up the finger for them and discard those governments and populations, is that colonial thinking

Besides that the Press and Media of the established order, such as The Journals the Talk Shows on TV and the Newspapers who commit demagoguery. They lie and sell the people turnips for lemons. There is also an alternative Press and Media, which show the other side of the event. They are often silenced ridiculed taken down and eliminated.

Wars can only happen because we humans follow orders from e.g. governments, and it doesn't matter if they are Democratic Communist Republican Fascist or other forms. We have learned that if you are a good citizen then you must follow orders, if you do not, you will be considered an anarchist traitor and or renegade.

Now I have this website and write about these unsavory things, and notice that some of the people also family members, don't take me seriously. Consider me a half-baked, ripped from the well fall of the roof, in short they consider me a psychiatric patient who is crazy. These are the normal?, people of the democratic?, established order who think and do so.

I also wonder if the alternative Press and Media actually mean well, or is it perhaps some sort of Ego-show of them. Because if I approach them, for 99.9% I don't get an answer. As if they say to me as Surinamese these are Western White affairs, you as a Ape should mind your own business. Shoemaker keeps to your profession.

In my view, the Caucasian White race (To whom it relates) are Psychiatrically Disturbed, they suffer from the psychiatric illness that's called: — Delusions of Grandeur —. And this illness brougt them into de illusion that they are a: — Superior Aryan — race. The breed of races, the mother of races. Because of their psychiatric illness, they cannot realize that they are one of the races on Earth.

God and or Allah was a wise man because, he gave six billion people a nice skin color. But he deliberately made the remaining one billion white, so that the people of color know: — Look Look there comes aPsychiatric Patient -.

Why was the first white supremacist theory invented in 1550? (Dutch only)

African countries are still colonies of France.
Blame it on France.


(18-05-2020) TURNED WORLD?
I bought a jar of peanut butter with pieces of peanut, no way José. When the pot was half empty I still didn't find any pieces of peanut, then the manager of the supermarket said: Then you have to contact the manufacturer, no way José. You have to do that because you bought that peanut butter from the manufacturer and not me. The manufacturer has delivered a faulty product.

One of the postal companies has a bad habit of giving our package to other residents, as long as he's getting rid of it. So I was told by an online store then you have to ring the bell at the postal company, no you have to do that because the company doesn't do what they have contractually agreed with you. I wasn't at the table when the contract was signed.

I bought a bikebag from a mail order company somewhere other than Zutphen where I live, but that son of a bitch of the postal company took that bag to the industrial premises were is one of their stores. And if I wanted to pick it up there, no way José. Then the store sent the bag back to the mail order company, they can kiss my entire ass fuck them.

And because the government are close friends with the postal service, they've made a law that the postal service has the right to deliver the package somewhere other than our address. HOWEVER, the citizen doesn't know that he also has the legal right to demand that the package be delivered exclusively at the address on the package. Just tell it to the web store.

Similarly, there is also a law that money is a legal tender no way José, because if I want to pay the rent in cash at the desk of my rental company, they will refuse the money. And why because those PipSquicks from the House of politicians have attached a clause to that law that rental company doesn't have to accept cash.

So money is not legal tender at all. So if a rental company is allowed to choose between cash payments or per bank transfer, then we may tenants may also choose between cash or bank otherwise it becomes one-way traffic. The solution is very simple, the masses pay per bank, and those few who would like to pay cash the rental company should allow that.

And suppose you don't have a bank account what then? Then you won't get your salary and benefits. So the government forces us to be a mandatory customer of commercial companies, and that's not written in the law. For example, you don't have to pay a car or health insurance premium with to commercial companies, road-tax you have to pay because, that's state-owned.

You come to the conclusion that at many companies both commercial and state, staff behind the desks walk around with that well-known modern Dutch shit mentality. The Customer Consumer and Citizen is no longer king, but the enemy that must be eliminated. And so very slowly civilization disappears unnoticed into the wild west.

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years now. For them stealing it's the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't careless. And those other ten who don't find burglary correct are probably treated in a psychiatric establishment, because they don't live in reality. But that the reality of those 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore because, they've been in it for too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?


(17-05-2020) BUS FUN.
In the fifties we had them buses as well in Paramaribo Suriname with a nose, they were city council buses, of-course older models. And in the 80/90 we had them again, but without a nose and the steering-wheel and the doors were on the other side because in Suriname we have left traffic like in England. And there are a couple of hundred private-driver buses like Toyota and Isuzu.

Day On The Job Vlog#18 Happy Easter!!!!
Start and Drive Home from School.
POV - One hours drive on the Highway.
CDL Driving Test Inspection Demonstration on a School Bus.

How A Blue Bird Bus Is Made.
IC Bus on How It's Made: Part 1 of 2.
IC Bus on How It's Made: Part 2 of 2.
Thomas Built Buses.

New York Streetfood.
New York Streetwalk.


According to the established order, the Internet is full of - Conspiracy Theorists, which means that they think they are the only ones who possess all truth and knowledge. For example, YouTube is indeed full of crazy idiots who utter the biggest nonsense you can think of, they don't research the just have it from others. They see a bogeyman in everything.

But there are also bona-fide serious investigators who show the other side of a case, eg. Corona 9/11 Chemtrails etc. But they are shaved over the same comb as the idiots. The Journals the talk-shows on TV and the newspapers silence these people dead, YouTube Google Facebook etc., are censoring like crazy, the other side is clearly kept away from the people

Crazy Conspiracies? Crazy Conspiracy 1 Crazy Conspiracy 2 Question Authority Fear, Control, and Power


(15-05-2020) WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH?
Your ears deaf, you imagine that you're MoonKings, rob Roi's V hatred lances.

(MoonKing = Ufonauts?, Roi = French for King, V = Victory lances)

Let's assume that God has split himself up into 7 billion particles (I am in you and you are in me). Then we are all a particle of God. And we don't hear the agony grief howling hurt cries screams yelling pain sadness, and mortal fear of death from those other particle gods that are raped tortured and brutally murdered, by devilish psychopaths in the service of Satanic governments.

Occasionally there is someone who says that, he is God and or Jesus (if they exist?). And we all laugh ourselves a hunchback, and say lock up that fool because he is nuts. But suppose that person in his subconscious mind has realized that he is a particle of God or Jesus. But because the subconscious mind is difficult to reflect, through the ordinary consciousness it becomes distorted and incomplete. And the person thinks that he is the biblical Jesus.

Would God and or Jesus have split themselves into seven billion particles (I am in you and you are in me), then he is also a Jesus. Would it have been the Devil (Church leaders?) who wrote in the Bible -- Thou shalt not worship strange Gods --, because if all seven billion particles of Gods begin to work together on Earth. Then we'll get paradise on earth, all misery disappears as snow for the sun, and then he has to check out.

Most people who read above will refer me to a mental institution because he is crazy. That means that they think they know everything, and that's a form of psychiatric thinking so - Hubris madness -, I always say theoretically maybe possibly latent etc., because I also don't know what it really is.

But suppose it's the pure real truth that God has indeed split into seven billion particles, then we're all God. So all those people of faith who have been waiting for their savior for thousands of years should stop because he is already here. And if we're going to do what he asked us to do, we'll soon have paradise on Earth

Perhaps the church leaders are the real Devils Satanists and Pharisees, i.e. the false prophets of the Bible. Who tell the people Thou shalt not worship other Gods (so we), because they are afraid that if we are going to work together we will indeed get paradise on Earth. And to do good to your fellow man, you don't have to be especially religious pious or ecclesiastical.

Barrel believe con-job, God knows the truth, song take drums.

(Barrel believe = Bible?)


You do wonder if we're being cheated with Corona, and if there's one game being played with us. If you look at the radar images from the site below, there are very few planes to see. The planes you do see are often cargo planes - and - planes from China? What? The country where the Corona virus comes from they keep flying continues.

There are very few other European airlines that fly, the whole gang is obliged to stay at the ground because of the lockdown they are not allowed to fly, but the Chinese I see them flying around Zutphen every day. What's going on here? Zutphen where I live is a supply and disposal route of aircraft to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Are we being cheated?

If you put the mouse on a plane, you will see the flight number, click on the plane and you will see a scrolling window on the left. With departure and arrival of city and country, the duration of the flight, airplane type and country of origin. The altitude (part by three for KM) speed (Part by 1.61 for KM). Plus the length and latitude where the plane flies.


Content: New consciousness/consciousness (Dutch Only)
(Clickable Page bars - bottom 1st website).

The future is a journey of discovery.
Let us explore together without judgment.

Suppose you're disappointed in the world, yourself and the people around you.
Then you can change the things you don't like today.

The system is simple:

- This is me and that's three people.
- These three people I'm going to help and they help three other people etc.
- However, it must be something where another person (who is in need) NOW needs on!

Something they can't do at that moment and you don't expect anything in return.

- Don't have a quarter for the parking machine: I can help you!
- Are your groceries too heavy to carry: I can help you!
- Are you unlucky with your car: I can help you!
- Don't mind anymore: I can help you! Etc. etc. etc.

Help with a quarter, three minutes lugging, car, attention, book, newsletter etc. Call it generosity between two seemingly strangers who suddenly become acquaintances. Three people for whom the world has suddenly changed! Three people who suddenly feel human among the people again. If we don't change ourselves, we'll fall for our life exam again. Do you still pass it tomorrow or have you forgotten yourself yesterday.

Give IT THROUGH consciousness caretakers.


Ron Fonteine. (E.g. Kies Onderwerp / Archief Artikelen).


If the messages are correct then you can cure the Corona patients by combining of Hydroxy-chloroquine Azitromycin and Zinc, Hydro is banned in the Netherlands by the Ministry of Health. In many countries this is applied, and they heal like hot-buns over the counter. Only here in the Netherlands it is forbidden by the PSYCHOPATHS because of their retarded protocol

These IDIOTS must be treated at a government mental institution for mass murder of patients. The EDGEMORONS demand that the patient die compulsorily, because healing him does not fit into our protocol, people who think so are always psychiatric-ally disturbed. If I was a GP I would secretly give the patients Hydro, I had balls with the AFTERBIRTHS, and if they took my Diploma away, tough luck for me. They can even throw me in prison, I'm not going to let my patients die because a bunch of heavily deranged psychopaths from The Hague demand it.

The Netherlands is no longer a democratic country, but a fascist dictatorship communist country because, if you have a different opinion about eg. Corona, and you make eg. a YouTube Facebook or Twitter page about it will be removed in no time, i.e. censorship. Google puts your website on page 500 where no one gets that, by the way happens all over the world

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition / with Larken Rose.


(11-05-2020) FACISTS AT WORK.
In Suriname there is a curfew from 20:00 to 06:00 because of the Corona. Normally the offender is taken to the police station and held until the next morning, but this policeman is a 'DAGOE - DOG', I hope he is charged with assault. Because he plays for his own judge, and he's not for that. I hope that the police-chief and the government have distanced themselves from this, this reminds me of the military coup when I was still living there

And two years later, 15 people were executed, two days before that I dreamed about it, I was also one of them in line, but luckily I didn't see any faces not of the victims neither the perpetrators. There were people who also dreamed of the factory fireworks' disaster in Enschede a few days in advance. But what it is I don't know, maybe we've been looking into the future. This is not to say that the future is a certainty, that does not necessarily have to be so. Maybe there are two sides to a case, whether to let it pass or not presumably with our free will

It may sound silly what I'm writing here, but are their spirits who take over the body off a person just before he dies, because that person he's scared stiff of going to die, my father's friend lawyer Harold Riedewald was also one of the 15. Then it's also possible that a bad spirit chases away the spirit of the person in the fetus in the womb and takes his place and is born. Is that why there are wicked people on the planet?
Police had to act on first LOCKDOWN.
Surinamese and curfew, what is their opinion?


(10-05-2020) LATIN PLEASURE.
LIVE VERSION - Ven A Mi [Grupo Extra Touch].
LIVE VERSION - Cupido Esta Solo [Grupo Extra Touch].
Grupo Extra - Me Emborrachare con Ataca, Alemana, Daniel y Desiree.
Ataca X Alemana Bachata Dance [Volvió - Grupo Extra Touch].

Dominican Streetfood.
Dominican RadioStations.


(09-05-2020) FRIEND OR FOO?
Lately you're being bombarded with petition for Corona en Vaccinations, but suppose that a part is made by the enemy, this could be a slick shrewd smart method to register anyone whois against the New World Order (NWO). For example, a secret service can also start with an alternative website or YouTube, about e.g. September 11, 2001 in New York that it's been an inside job, and the visitors who sign up are now being watched, so the Secret Service no longer has to look for who they are and where they live

If a secret service doesn't want us to know that they're torturing people, they throw it in public through alternative fake sites and fake YouTube, they bring it in such a way that we think that, I will never believe that in all my life, but in the meantime they're torturing people

There is also a global elite pedophile network, the Dutch royal family and politicians have already been mentioned (To whom it relates). Perhaps it comes from the AIVD the secret service, with in mind that the Dutchman does as long as he lives

Did the Mossad 9/11 with henchmen?
Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.


How can we stop the Fake Jews from treating the Palestinians as old dirt, in their own country where they have been living for thousands of years, because 95% of the Fake Jews have never lived in the Middle East not even 2000 years ago. They are Khazars who are converted to Judaism in 740AD, they come from Khazar which is now called Ukraine. The greater part of the Western world is watching and are silent, are they a bunch of cowardly dogs?

When the English were stealing America, they killed most Native Indians, and until today the Indians are treated as old dirt in their own country, by the arrogant racist western. Also, the Aboriginals of Australia and the Maori of New Zealand, are today treated as old dirt in their own country, by that western white scum. We had the slave time and the colonial time, and now the multinational time. And don't forget the free world market will do a lot of damage as well.

The United Nations the European Government the European local governments, the Inter-national Court in The Hague, and many other organizations are totally uninterested in the injustices of the people with a skin color. What they have to endure and suffer like the Pales-tinians the Indians the Aboriginals the Maori people who. Presumably the white race is a kind of thieving murderers' hoodlum race throughout history, you could call them scum of the evolution.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

There are organizations around the world who are in support of the Palestinians, but nothing much is happening after that. The politicians who're Khazarian butt-crawlers laugh their heads of at these people. Perhaps we should pull tables over when the latent dogs are in a meeting, just as Jesus did in that tent, that will possibly put more sods on the dike. Dogs wear a tail, the strings-oppressors wear a tie (Are they latent dogs?)

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

Stop Khazarian Apartheid.


(07-05-2020) CRISIS ACTORS?
Are there really -- Crisis Actors -- as some argue? People who get paid to play for victims in terrorist attacks. If you search closely, you'll find occasional faces that are indeed similar, and have been victims in several attacks. If there are false attacks, then everything is theoretically possible.

There are also totally unknown people who live in different countries, who don't know each other, will never meet each other who have very similar faces. Often these people also experience the same thing in their lives, e.g. victims of the attack on a school in America, and a group that resemble the victims and sing an anthem.

Crisis Actors?

(What always is a red flag is that, the YouTubes disappear pretty quickly.)
The kids who sing here at the Super Bowl are that
The kids who were murdered at Sandy Hooks Elementary School?

(At Youtube they are clearly working overtime.)
What's going on here? Are we being cheated?
More staged false flag attacks?
Syria Hero Boy, was produced by a Norwegian film crew?
Sandy Hook School Killing and Superbowl Hoax Surprise?

53 Documented false flag attacks."

SyrianGirlPartisan -- What The Media Is Hiding.

Syrians want to go home.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Syrian Civil War.

Syrian StreetFood.
Syrian RadioStations.


(06-05-2020) ARE WE JAMMERS?
People like me are jammers according to the established order, and they try to park us in the woods. The Western world has been turning the whole of the Middle East into one big graveyard for 20 years, one invades country after country and turns everything upside down. If you talk about this with humanity, you're getting the short stick, i.e., we're not interested.

If you talk and or write about Chemtrails Global Warming Corona Exploitation of the third world or the New World World Order and so on then, you'll soon notice that they consider you a pain in the ass, one has no interest in these subjects at all, then they try to park you in the woods. So if it's up to these people, we'll never live in Biblical paradise.

Now man has a free will to live as they please, but that often means that others often bear the brunt of it, because the free will of these people is undermined. Often through laws rules regulations regulations and provisions etc., so one part of humanity imposes their will and end up at the short end of the stick. So what is – REAL – democracy?

I have to pay compulsory tax imposed by the established order, so that they can buy war material with it in order to bomb the Middle East for 20 years, for e.g. Often the excess defence material is also sold through the back door to dubious governments that bombard their own people with it.

I have to pay mandatory tax so that the government can build and maintain nuclear power plants with it, including radio active waste they don't know what to do with, and if it is upgraded in e.g. Sellafield in England, as a result, the children there have more cancer than in any other parts of England. Who is the enemy here me or the establishment?

If you want to save the world and humanity, you'll be looked at and treated like a psychiatric idiot, a half cooked one who's been ripped off the pot or fallen off the roof. People don't take you seriously either, because there you have him again with his moaning he can't he leave us alone. Yes, but I demand that all the injustices made by the established order be lifted.


Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat (Engelse Sub).
Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.
Narcy featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah".
Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein.

The twenty-year-old Rouzan Ashraf Abdul Qadir al-Najjar was killed, on June 1, 2018 during the demonstration at the gate. She was shot right through the heart with a bullet, by a Khazar a Goy sniper soldiers Swine. (95% of the Khazar were converted to Judaism in 740 A.D., they come from the Ukraine (basic root Russia) Nothing Palestine all BS).

Rouzan is dying in the Emergency room.
See Also: (06-05-2019) The death commemoration also applies to her.

The Mocking and Crucification of Jesus on Eastern day on Iraelian TV.
Barack Obama Portrait as an Ape.

Palestinian RadioStations. (Gaza) (Ramallah)
Palestinian Street Food. (Ghaza). (Bethlehem).

Jesus is a black man.


The commemoration of the second world war on 4 and 5 May is not a problem, because in the first and second world wars, 100 million civilians and soldiers died when I have it all right. The two wars were ignited by the bankers multinational elite and the political Jews themselves, because the cockroaches rats scum and beasts wanted to forcibly steal Palestine.

What most Dutch people don't know is that, these beasts have not only financed the Allies but also Hitler. Germany has been paying 20 billion Euro victim money to Israhell every year for many years, but they don't do that at all, they are just paying off the debt with a fat interest to the beasts of hell. And there's not one Jew gassed let alone 6 million.
Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.

And most Jews 95% are not Jews at all let alone Biblical Jews, they are neither from Judea nor Abraham. They are Khazar from Ukraine who converted to Judaism in 740AD. Between 1917 and 1956, the beasts called themselves — Bolsheviks — and killed 60 million Russians and Eastern Europeans, and today they call themselves Zionists

Screaming Blood 100 million victims of Marxism.
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime.
The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans.
Marxists Bolsheviks.

It's a cruel devil's race from hell, which is why Jesus said: I don't know them they are not my children they are children of the devil. I'm not talking here about the man from street Khazar or Jew, he's a schlemiel like us, who-is been taken for a ride too. The annoying thing is that when people go on Jew hunt everyone is shaved over the same comb.

The pedagogical Politicians de Journals de Talk programmes on TV and the Newspapers (To whom it relates), have a psychological way to keep the Dutch under it. They beat the people around the ears 365 days of the year with the Holocaust, so that no one dares to say anything about Israhell, because remember the Holocaust right. Who cares about the millions of slaves

Not Sensored News. (Dutch) (Switserland) (Russia) (Iran)


AAINJAA - 2016 Noble Gesture Tour.
AAINJAA drums Colombia - Streettheaters 2017.


Women on the frontline of upsurge in violence.
The Palestinian Woman Fighting Israel.
Fearless Palestinian Woman.
The Palestinian women at the forefront of Gaza’s protests.
Women fighters willing to die for Gaza.

Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs.
The story of Abeer Abu Ghaith:
a leading young Palestinian businesswoman.

An amazing Dabka perfomance by Palestinian school girls.
SAMAR Media - This is Palestine - Shadia Mansour (ENG)

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler.


The Dutch Government has adopted a law which implies that every citizen is obliged to be an organ donor. Unless he indicates I don't want to be a donor, so they will delete his name from the list. They don't ask you in advance if you want to be a donor or not. That's decided before you by the cannibals in the second chamber, and undoubtedly by those fanatic lobbyists of the communist dictator movement behind the donor codicil.

The one cannibal, eats the body part through his mouth as the Papuan people did in the past, and the other cannibal, eats the body part through surgery like the Westerner. A citizen's quote seen on TV: “My body is not a toolbox of the Medical people, who want to steal my body parts without my permission”. The Medical people are organ robbers.

A: Hello we welcome you as a member of our foundation.
B: Huh, foundation?
A: Yes you are now A member of our foundation.
B: I know nothing about that.
A: You are obliged to join our foundation.
B: But I can't remember I joined as a member.
A: That's correct we've done that.
B: But shouldn't I do that myself.
A: No, we and the government decide that for you.
B: But if I don't want to be a member.
A: You have to tell us and then we remove your name from the list.
B: I urge you to remove my name from the list.
A: You don't want to donate your organs after you died.
B: “NO”!!!!! PERIOD.
A: Then after your died, we're going to terrorize your family, in the hope they
say yes and then we simply steal your (our) organs. For your body and your organs
are not yours but are our property, so we do with them what we want. And
because we want to live longer, we steal your (our) organs even after you died.

That means that the Dutch government is: “SCUM”, because while your are
still alive and say, I don't want to donate my organs they give you the finger.
With in the back of there head, you wait till your ded asshole, then we're going
to work on your family, because we don't give a fuck about you, you dumb shit.
Only scumbags have attitudes like this, decent civilized people react differently.

There must be a default blank list at the beginning. And every one who wants
to donate their organs places his name. And the ones who doesn't want to be
an organ donor doesn't place his name. Now everyone is legally forced donor,
without them being asked. This is the world of dictators and power drunk people.

You will go to your city hall in your place of residence if you want to be a donor, and fill
out a form. The city hall holds one copy, a second one is for you, a third goes to the
organ donation organization, a fourth goes to your GP, and a fifth copy to your hospital.

There are two camps that fight each other over the usefulness of whether to vaccinate e.g. Children. You have at first the established order, which will benefit from the need to vaccinate all 17 million citizens against anything that exists. That's the medical world and the pharmaceutical industry, and the latter, of course, earns a bundle money.

Then you have the second group of people who think and investigate, such as e.g. parents of children, as well as trained scientific researchers. These people discover all sorts of things that the press media like the demagogues of the TV-journals the papers and the talk shows on TV, but lie and cheat with fake news items.

In the past, many children died of all kinds of diseases, and they were 'caused' by open gutters bad food and poor hygiene. But when this was taken care of, very few children died, and only then did they come up with those vaccinations afterwards. These people are very cleverly pretending that these vaccinations are the cause of eradicating the children s deceases.

There has been enough research worldwide, and it shows every time that children who have been vaccinated are more often to become ill than children who have not been vaccinated. E.g. getting measles seems to be very good for children, because it strengthens the immune system and the resistance of the body of children. Chemicals in drugs undermine resistance.

The vaccination mafia are employing lobbyists to edit and undermine politicians, hoping they will make a law to vaccinate all 17 million citizens against everything in the future. You can think of this mafia syndicate as psychopaths who continue to mess around for as long as they get their way, so do the anti-smoking mafia.

These are all little psychopaths who don't have a -- FUCK -- to tell at home with Aunt Nasty for 50 years. And that's why they compensate in society by hanging out with the big tough guy. Aunt Nasty sooner or later puts their suitcase in front of the door, oh-yes before you slam the door behind you, you can leave the house the car the kids and the bank account behind, bye bye.

Men morals bottle fake illusion are shady, measuring themselves in calling moan ovum.

(Man calls wife ovum, get me a beer)

Vaccination is for profit, not for health.
Dr. Suzanne Humphries over vaccins and the immuunsystem.
Poison in a flu-shot, cancer causing formaldehyde.

14 results for Vaccination.

Are vaccinations harmful?

Are vaccinations not harmful?

Are vaccinations questionable?

Are vaccinations trustable?

The truth over vaccinations 3 hours COMPLEET! (Only Dutch - Sorry)


(29-04-2020) POLITIESTATE.
Today I received this information from: Janneke Monshouwer:

Have you seen the petition here below? Congratulations.
Lets stay awake and prevent a Big Brother situation


Stop the emergency law to legalize the emergency regulations for Covid-19. Stop this madness and sign this petition to stop the emergency law. We, group Hop and citizens of the Netherlands note the cabinet is working on an emergency law that can restrict the freedoms of citizens through Covid-19. Enforcers are allowed to enter your home, they are allowed to vaccinate, they may lock you up, etc. if you don't follow the rules that apply to this enormous threat of this deadly public health virus!

But this so-called deadly virus is not so deadly at all. The case fatalityrate is 0.1% and that is similar to a regular annual flu wave. Even at SARS in 2003 with a case fatalityrate of 10% we had no lockdown. This emergency law does not justify the measures that have been pushed through our noses for a month now.

There is already an active medication of €3 per corona-patient that our government doesn't want to provide to the citizens. By contrast, the government spends $150 million on vaccines. Several public scientific studies show that the measures don't help lockdown and social distancing. Natural immunity is the way and then the virus is gone very quickly. Many of you have already been infected, but you have not noticed.

This, too, is scientifically established. The number of infections is a factor 25-100 times higher than our RIVM holds us according to their secret investigations and models. This must stop because, the collateral damage caused by this lockdown of one-and-a-half-meter distance is a huge request, of parliament to vote against this emergency law and to stop the lockdown and the measures per deal now, they are no longer proportionate to the purpose to serve.

Do you have any questions about this petition?
You can then make contact the petitioner via:

7 results for Corona.


If you look at the tubes below, be aware that there are a lot of disturbed idiots who half don't know what they are talking about, and the biggest crap publish that you can imagine. But there are also bona-fide people in between who are researching seriously, but often they are shaved over the same comb, because the opposing party does not like it.

Al Roker Mk Ultra Mind Control Glitch.
They Are Starting to Glitch and Malfunction.
OMG!! Wendy Williams Collapse, replaced by Clone.

Celebrities were replaced with Clones.

Could it be that when we die we're reborn with a similar face, maybe our DNA and our subcon-scious is doing that. That could mean that we live for eternity but we don't know, that could also mean we already live in paradise here on earth but we fucked up. Maybe we should be spirits in paradise on earth then we don't have to die, and have the same face we have now for eternity

DNA Clones from the Past.


If a new law is made to shut down the Internet
because of a handful of cyber criminals.

Then we also have to abolish the car worldwide because,
there are 500,000 people killed in car accidents every year.

Then we must abolish all defense personnel because,
they are the cause of millions of victims every year.

Then we must also abolish the politicians, who cause misery
for billions of people, and massive economic problems.

Then we must abolish all the voters, because they vote on
politicians who have made the world in one big war-zone.

Then we must also abolish the multinationals because,
they poison humanity with artificial chemical mess.

Then one also has to forbid the doctors pharmacies hospitals
pharmaceutical factories to abolish nurses nursing staff.

Because every year 7000 patients die here in the Nether-
lands? 20? Per day of wrong diagnosis medicine and treat-
ment. Compared to that the alternative quacks? are Holy.
Because with them, a patient dies once in a blue year.

The crazy thing is, while Russia's working on trial and error to be
democratic. Is the Western world simultaneously becoming communist,
for more and more bans are being banned or restricted over the yeas.
In the future, will we start a cold war for 50 years with e.g. America?




The final report of the Malaysian MH17 aircraft is secret, a veto has been issued that, means Russia didn't do it. That veto is the smoking gun. If they'd done it, America would have been shouting it from the rooftops for a long time, especially since they've been working on Russia for some time to provoke the country from the tent, to let Putin lose his head, and the like

Putin has not stolen Crimea, the People's Republic of Crimea have held a referendum and a whopping 98% indicated that they wanted to go back home Russia. It's those filthy demagogues from the TV newsreels the talk shows and the newspapers that lie to the Dutch people. And America can get the results and can't deny the referendum that is conceivable, therefore they can nothing with Putin.

The problem is what I've written before, that the news reels in particular from 8 p.m. journal, the newspapers the talk-shows on TV and the politicians don't tell the truth to the people. They lie cheat commit censorship, sitting down to cut and pasting and twisting the news.

For example, Russia is particularly successful in taking out and driving away terrorists such as Isis Daesh and Al Quada in Syria, much to the annoyance of America and Israel. Because, the terrorists are just on the white house payroll and the Knesset.


(24-04-2020) WE DON'T OWN MONEY.
The money we have in our pockets or the savings on the bank is not our money, it is owned by the bank we may borrow it. If you arrive at a border and you have the limit your government demands let's say you have more than 10,000 Euros, they confiscate it temporarily. The bank wants to know where are you're going with their money. It's also legally forbidden to burn the money or shred it. By the way in my country The Netherlands 94% of the paper money doesn't exist, the money is in the computer it is viral money.

Of the law a bank has to have 6% real money in existing banknotes, that means there is only 6% in real money on your savings-account. The other 94% savings doesn't exist, so if all 8 million grown up Dutch people go to the bank to close their bank-account, the doors of the bank will close, the 94% paper money should be given to us because it's our money right? That means the bank crooks stole our money. And don't expect anything from your government, because they are thick friends with the thieves and criminals of the banks.

Part 1 Illuminati Banker Ronald Bernard Exposes the Global Luciferian Elite


(23-04-2020) PITY PITY PITY.
Jennifer Lopez gave a concert in Israhell last year,
despite her Palestinian fans asking her not to do so.

Palestinian Message To Jennifer Lopez | JLoDontGo.
Jennifer Lopez JLO, Live in Israel 2019, Tel Aviv, Part 1.

Palestine Voices in Gaza Streets: Ramadan!

Salaat Time is a FREE multi-function Islamic application that calculates the prescribed five daily Muslim prayer times as well as Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world. It rests in the system tray and at the prescribed times the Athan sounds and/or displays visual alerts. In addition you have a perpetual side-by-side monthly Hijri / Gregorian calendar which highlights important Islamic dates and moon phases. Also an optional full-screen mode with Iqama times and moon phases for use at home or in Masajids. (Download).

Radio from Gaza and Ramallah. (Gaza) (Ramallah)


Since September 2001, we have established an extensive archive of news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media. In an era of media disinformation, our focus has essentially been to center on the “unspoken truth”.

CORONA, is that virus deliberately spread (By whom?), to scare the world's population, so that they will accept any future mandatory vaccination much easyer. What's always a red flag is that, governments are censoring people who show the other side of the story. YouTube Facebook Twitter etc., often make sites disappear, we're not allowed to that info.

There are plenty of scientists specialists and experts who live in the delusion that they know everything, and governments the stupid rabbits often take their opinions for true. There are also, scientists experts and experts who show the other side of the case, but they are often ignored laughed at ridiculed censors and fired. So a red flag?


Louis Farrakhan. (Censuur?)

The origin of the white race.


You stand in the city on the street with a sign that says - PEACE ON EARTH -, pretty soon the police arrive who orders you to walk on. If you refuse to do so, you will be taken to the police station and you will be fined, because according to the established order you are mentally disturbed. They assume that there have been wars for thousands of years, so it will remain so.

Also, most passers-by do not consider you fresh in the head, they consider you a weird duck in the bite a stray a dreamer. They have been taught by the parents education - Wars have been around for thousands of years, so in the future they will exist for thousands of years knowing humanity - also the people in your own environment family acquaintances look worried.

You keep returning with that sign and then you are taken to a psychiatric facility, because this person is sick because he just doesn't want to learn. The counselors such as therapists psychologists and psychiatrists so people of the established order, because also according to their vision you don't live in reality. Now you're listed as a psychiatric patient.

If in future you're going to apply for a job at the to the Town Hall Taxoffice police Navy Air force or the Army in the future, so government agencies you will not be hired because you are registered as psychiatric. Also, the people in your own environment don't take you seriously anymore, there's talk and laughter behind your back. So wanting peace on Earth is dangerous.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition / with Larken Rose. (Help, an Anarchist!) (Anarchy - Good Speech)

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years now. For them stealing it's the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't careless. And those other ten who don't find burglary correct are probably treated in a psychiatric establishment, because they don't live in reality. But that the reality of those 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it for too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?

Why was the first white supremacist theoria made up in 1550?


At 20.10 / 56.35 stood left the cornerhouse of the neighbor-woman with the frontdoor in this Sarphatistreet, round the corner in the Roeterstraat there I lived (Not visible). On the righthand side is the university in the old days a tramremise was there, on the left was cinema Kriterion, were I watch free movies if the emergency door stood open.

At 22.45 / 56.35 is on the right the entrance of Artis the Amsterdam Zoo, at 23.35 / 56.35 that white building on the left was the soup kitchen where I went afternoon in the school break for a hot meal. I had to go to Egmond aan Zee for six weeks to strengthen, in Amsterdam we were called the — Pale Noses – we also got governments rough material winter wool-coats.


(18-04-2020) CORONA AND REALITY.
If you look at this aircraft website then there are clearly fewer planes in the air, one should have done at the end of last year because politicians already knew there was corona, because corona started in China and by plane passengers spread all over the world. The denial of shifting away the laxity and the civil service bureaucracy has already killed many citizens.

Between Amsterdam Netherlands and Paramaribo Suriname (Type at Search) PY993 (SLM) or KL713 (KLM), and from Paramaribo to Amsterdam PY994 and KL714, no planes have been flying for at least two weeks. Also, above Zutphen Netherlands where I live a feeding route from Amsterdam Schiphol it's quite quiet. What you do see a lot are the white stripes of Chemtrails.

They are not condensation stripes that dissolve when you look at them, the Chemtrails fan out and become cloud cover that forms a blanket around the Earth. They say that is done to block the sun to stop global warming, which stopped 15 years ago, it's just a cycle that has been occurring for billions of years that nature does and not humans.

1200 BC it was six degrees warmer than normal, now it is 0.5 degree warmer so more than ten times as much already. Back then they had no polluting air from cars aircraft industry chemicals etc., the politicians the medical world the experts the scientists play panic football just like with global warming.

A plane is now flying (I can hear him) an Air China Airbus340 from Paris to Shanghai flight number CA834 at an altitude of 11KM and at a speed of 922Km per hour over Zutphen Netherlands. Now there is a Boeing777 of United Airlines flight number UA2279 flying from Frankfurt Germany to New York America, above Zutphen also I can hear him. (Click on Plane for Flight-Info) (Listen to Pilots and TrafficControllers) (Much Info)


Many governments play comedy with us. They regularly meet with other, or go on a state visit. And when you see them on TV or in the paper, it's like they're old friends who have not seen each other in a thousand years. But behind the scenes, they're watching each other and their countries through spies and secret services.

You get friends around there are sausages and alcohol, and everyone has a nice time. If I were to walk by and look inside, I'd come to the conclusion that these are close friends. But afterwards, the visitors don't go home, but standing on the street corner waiting for you to go sleep upstairs, and then they break in your house and go into your private stuff.

Some kids may think -- what's going on here --, the politicians are messing around from A to Z, and my parents are going to vote for these impostors next time, what is hanging on my clog --? And then they can think, I'm going to take ecstasy or drink myself into a coma, because my parents and the politicians are not at home, I'll figure it out for myself.

Are Politicians Professional Liars and Actors?


Former General Wesley Clark said it's America's intention, to destroy 7 countries in 5 years, and bring them under our control. Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libia Somalia and Sudan to gain control.

Go to 09.38 Minutes - 12/14.


I regularly receive mail from aid agencies such as, for example, Doctors Without Borders - Doctors of the World - Flying Doctors Red Cross etc. about the misery in Africa. It's good that these organizations exist, but isn't it carrying water out to sea, when western politicians and multinationals and the banks the IMF and Worlbank and accomplices at home who are financially draining the countries dry.

If an African country want to borrow money from the IMF or the World Bank, they are blackmailed, you have to open your border for our cheap subsidy goods such as e.g. rice from America chicken from the Netherlands and tomato-paste from Italy. If you don't want that, you won't get a loan from us, you have to privatize all your e.g. gas water electric and phone companies, which are bought up via via by our Western friends.

Many African companies have gone bankrupt and many become unemployed, they cannot compete against those cheap Western subsidy goods. So they don't have the money to dig their own wells, and drink murky dirty water, that make their children sick, and need help from Western medical organizations, then they also have to walk for miles to that dirty water

The Westerners have their mouths full of - Democracy Bibles Laws Decency Respect leaving in value, but they don't put that into practice in non-Western and third world countries. These countries are not independent of the Western world at all, but are still considered our Slave Colonial and now Multinational property, through traitors in those countries

The Western world is pissed that these countries are independent, they try to steal those countries back by invading militarily and placing an American straw government. Many revolutions civil wars and other wars are ignited by the Western world, because when the people are fighting each other, they don't have time to kick the Westerners out of the country, and build their country.

The so-called Superior Aryan white supremacists are still robbing the non-Western countries blind. The raw materials are stolen for an apple and an egg, and the people are making our products for a pittance. Then they are also in the Western plyer for life, because the interest on interest on interest rates etc, is so high that they cannot repay their debt.

The churches or the children of Satan have also been cunning, for the colored people were forced into the western faith, their own faith was no longer allowed to exercise because that was devil's work. And now the people are in church for life professing a Western faith, awaiting the white savior Jesus. In the meantime, they are being robbed blind by those so-called Western civilized people.

And who are the big bosses who organize everything behind the scenes, indeed that cursed arrogant stinking Khazar from Israhell. First it was Khazar who converted in 740AD (95%) to Judaism, then they became Bolshevik who invented communism and murdered sixty million Russians and Eastern Europeans between 1917 and 1956. Now they call themselves Zionists

America NATO and their European henchmen governments have made the Middle East into one major graveyard in the last 20 years, commissioned by Israhell. For they want a Great Israhell, all Arab governments must be deposed off and driven away, and replaced by American straw governments. And who is the real boss in the white house - NO - not the Americans but the Jews, the Americans are just puppet string dolls of Israhell.

The history of the house of the Rothschild.

African countries forced by France to pay Colonial tax.

Mallence Bart Williams.
Exploitation by the Western World. (Mallence Bart Williams).

Uncut Interview by NBC Namibia in outlook on
the Africa International Redemption Conference


We have all kinds of -- BEASTS -- in society. I say on purpose -- BEASTS --, because these are not -- PEOPLE --. Some are constantly trying to make our lives miserable, because they want to take over our computers with all kinds of filthy tricks. You can't say anything these days, because otherwise you won't live in reality and you're crazy.

You can see that the ladies and gentlemen in politics are psychiatric-ally disturbed, because they have turned things around. Because they say to the citizens, build a steel cage around your house, because there are -- BEASTS -- on the street. While normal people would put the -- BEASTS -- behind bars, so that the citizens don't have to live in a cage.

Now essentially the civilians are behind bars in a cage, and the -- BEASTS -- are walking freely on the street. That is a turned-around world, i.e. thinking of psychiatric patients. Lions Hyenas Crocodile Snakes etc. dangerous animals, you will not let them roam freely on the streets among the citizens, they are behind bars for the safety of mankind

People often come up with that familiar excuse, yes, but in prison they don't learn anything. Well, to be rude, I don't care what they learn or don't learn there. All I look at is that if they're lock-up, they can't commit crimes. So there is theoretically perhaps eg. 40% less crime on an annual basis, which is the only thing that really interests me.

Well there will probably be people who will say that's not fair that you think so, because the big boys eg. the multinationals the elite the dignitaries the banks rob too, and that's not what you're worried about. Well, I happen to be a little guy, I'm not going to succeed, because if it was up to me, the -- SCUM -- also went behind bars, but unfortunately.

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years now. For them stealing it's the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't careless. And those other ten who don't find burglary correct are probably treated in a psychiatric establishment, because they don't live in reality. But that the reality of those 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it for too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?


At least 15 years ago the Municipality of Zutphen wanted to remove all the greenery and trees around our 5 flats, because then they would no longer have maintenance. And they had already started it, at the first block of apartments they had already made the place bare. Then we residents took action, and some had tied themselves to trees with chains and ropes. At one point things got so out of hand that the police showed up, but we didn't budge. Then some civil-servants appeared, who went into conclave with the police and the residents' commission, and then it was called off. A while later, the Municipality has replanted that already bare-made place.

Officials, in my opinion, are mentally disturbed. Because under the guise of no more maintenance, they are so crazy that they want to take away all nature. So the trees the bushes the plants the flowers etc. At the end of the journey we have a barren planet, everything is just thoroughly removed, nothing grows anymore. We owe this to the deranged officials, of the city the country and the world who have been psychiatric-ally gone of their rockers, and belong in a psychiatric facility. They are so sick that they don't come up with the idea, for example, to let it grow wild creating real nature and then we'll look further.

If you as a private citizen remove a tree from your garden that is in the sun, without permission from the Town Hall, you will get a lot of misery. But officials can quietly un-green the entire city, no problemo. Yet at least 20 years ago when the previous hospital was built, hundreds of trees were removed on the corner, in order to build a nurse sister's house. If they had done so on the other corner, where there were no trees, all those hundreds of trees could remain. Unfortunately, officials don't think so, they probably have a different kind of brain than we do, which also work strangely. Maybe in their previous lives they were Martians, because that planet Mars is also all barren around.


Photos of the Slave-trade.
Untold Truth About The African Slave Trade In America -
What Schools & History Books Won't Tell You!


People from secret and AIVD-like organizations are sneaky underhanded dogs, because they work behind the scenes in secret, we Democrats can't know what they're doing. If secret services are abolished, then we have to watch out, because secretly behind the scenes they can now do anything with an invisible organization, politicians will say that, is impossible because we no longer have secret service, this is very cunning tactics of the rulers.

They will always work for governments, and whether they are democratic communist socialist despots dictators or Nazis doesn't matter, they will always spy on their own people and betray them to the rulers in politics against a naturally regal blood money salary. And probably as a small child in the family home they were already snitches, like: "Mary Peter Sofia have done this though"


I'm reading a book written by William Blum -- Killing Hope --. ISBN 9 781783 601776
A comprehensive account of America's covert and overt military actions in the world. (Publisher London UK)


Is Europe deliberately overrun by the owners of the Earth, with millions of asylum seekers to dilute the white race? So there won't be much opposition with the N(ew) W(orld) O(rder). The owners are just a few families like the - Rothschild -, and how come they have so much power? Who are their accomplices and executors, are the country and world traitors?

The History Of The House Of Rothschild.


(08-04-2020) DUMB DUMB DUMB?
People say, “I'll do nothing because things will not change”. And they are quit right, but what they don't realize is, that if no one does anything nothing will change. We can go with a group of people, on that day and hour with a thousand of us we will gather at the town hall. The only thing that can happen is that, the Gestapo (Riot Police) kick us out of the street. But if every-body stands in the middle of their own street in whole the town, the Gestapo has no more power.

So throughout the city in all the streets are the people in the middle of the street, the Nazis in politics don't have that many Gestapos to kick us out of the streets around the city. In a city, the Gestapo is running towards a group of demonstrators and they run back in the street, then the Gestapo is racing again and again they run back a bit. So the street is wiped clean because everyone keeps running back, if they remained standing then the Gestapo has no more power.

Most of the people who read this will say, the writer doesn't live in reality, sometimes they also try to talk me out of it. Why do they do that don't they want a better world, do they believe it's fun to live in a world full of problems. Could it be that they deny me because they are defending their parents upbringing, because I don't talk as they were brought up. If they joined me or thought like me is it possible that they think I'm a bad child, I'll betray my parents upbringing.


In the past I have been thinking about this, why don't we hire a foreign government to get the Netherlands back into the green figures. So instead of having €18 billion short, we're having every year €20 billion over. And that government will then receive a commission of let's say 33.3%, and which government that doesn't matter, I couldn't care less.

The politics in The Hague they are always talking about “privatizing”, and that this is the best solution for the economy of the Netherlands. Then we're going to make a profit again and there will be no cuts anymore. And everyone can live financially well again and no more unemployment. While practice shows that if you privatize, life becomes a lot more expensive for the citizens. because the losses will be a burden to the people by for example taxation.

I have been thinking about it in the past, if all Dutch people are not going to vote once in their lives. And on that day there is not even 1 vote, then the politicians are getting nuts they don't know what hit them. Now they know they can do and let what they want because, the voter will still vote for us again, because they are good herd animals.

So the misery and hopelessness that the citizens are living in, they cause it themselves. For politicians treat the voters 80 years like old dirt, and as inferior beings. And most citizens don't learn anything, but at home they have a big mouth against their children, there they dare

Is this possible theoretically possibly a reason, why children who love their parents, become disappointed in them and don't want to know. And stunning their brains with alcohol and narcotics. As long as the children are unhappy, they will continue to use alcohol and drugs. And it makes no sense to detect and disable drug dealers.

Make a society where they are happy, then the children will probably not use drugs anymore. Because they now have fun in their lives, and then the dealers disappear by themselves, because they don't have a market anymore, most problems are solvable.


We westerners will double the salary of the Chinese women, which they get, if they make our pants in their factories. The woman receives for 40 hours p/wk €368 per month if I'm right. If we take some of the net profit of those pants sold in the western world and give €368 to her. Then she has a decently reasonable income to their standards of €736 per month.

But I am not naive, because the trade business will never do this of course, and politicians will hackle around it. You could come to the conclusion “in a rough way” that, we Westerners are actually a bunch of: “bastards”. All the fat gains are for us, and the women we ship off with a pittance.




You send an e-mail to an organization, to put something on the map. The very first person who reads it, and disagrees with it, can think, - Baloney -. And delete the e-mail or either stores the e-mail in an A4 folder, or hide it on the hard drive, where it's not easily found over time. And during the meeting with six others later in the day, the person doesn't tell the other one about the e-mail. So they can't talk about it, and they can vote democratically over it

You think the organization parked you in the woods, or raised their finger against you. And all that is the fault of the one, the dictator, within the company. Because, he blocked the other once at the conference table by not telling them anything. So that person always gets his way at the conference table. And this can happen at home as well, the husband or wife doesn't tell the partner about a letter who came, and throws the letter away, and sends the sender a rejection.


Daniel Maes is a Belgian church father who has lived in Syria for years, and says that the Western press and media are liars, they distort the truth and lie to their populations. The alternative media are censored, because the truth is not desired. You wonder why the masses of citizens don't realize that yet, are they really stupid herd animals?

Open letter to the Belgium VRT media.

Stories about Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Syrian Civilwar.
Syrians want to go home.

SyrianGirlPartisan - What the MSM hides.

Syrian Streetfood + Radio Damascus.


If the threats of America and NATO on the Russian and Eastern European borders get out of hand, then you have a great chance of a Third World war. That is why I'm glad that Putin keeps his head cool, and what his fanatical opponents will never admit is that, he is probably hopefully saving the lives of the Europeans.

If you want to have peace, then you need people like me. People who are considered psychic not in order, naive, living in a dream world, etc. What I would do, all the defenses of all countries are sent back to their own country. To defend their national borders, not to piss-about in other countries. Leave alone the countries of which the people didn't threaten us, didn't invade our countries, neither are they shooting at us etc.

The legal and illegal arms trade will also be stopped and banned. In short, these are only 2 measures, and with these two you can save a lot of life. All people who don't want die, and want to become of old age.

One of the problems is that, many voters are addicted to the upbringing of their parents and grandparents, they have voted lifelong, so we must vote too. If grandma and mother were
buying detergent from that brand, the daughter and granddaughter will also buy that brand for life.

Politicians and governments need herd animals, because with them you can do what you want. They fall for everything you tell them. Lying, deceiving, turning around, in the cover, no problem. A person who is thinking and weighing, investigates, digs, spits, wonders, will not be so easy to spawn.


(01-04-2020) APRILS FOOLSDAY?
Aprils Foolsday are they still funny, and do they still work in our time?

I -- DEMAND -- that the U.S. defense forces, whether they are Army Naval Air Force or Special services, and their more than 750 bases around the world are being kicked back to their own country, to defend their national boundaries against any enemy. This also applies to NATO armies, and any other non-Western foreign armies.

Any defense force it doesn't matter which country, piss of home to your own fucking country. Then there will come a sea of peace on Earth. The non western and third world countries, are not the property of the arrogant cocky racist whites. We've had the slave and colonial times they no longer exist that's in the past, so history.

The current multinational time must also be abolished. Each country is going to mind with its own domestic affairs, within its own national boundaries. Then all the Western Church missio-naries have to fuck off to their own country, make new souls in your own country, because there are still enough antisocial scum around on the streets that urgently need to be converted.


Russia is demonized because they are considered the enemy where the whole world should be scared-stiff off. But in reality America is our enemy, because since 1945 till present 2018 for 73 years they've invaded other countries which they often to bomb. Russia doesn't do that, and America has about 1000 military bases worldwide Russia a few.

But many dumb rabbits the citizens of-course in Western countries, who are convinced that Russia is their enemy. This is also being brought about the demagogues of the press and media, the TV journals the newspapers and the talk programs on TV, who don't tell the citizens the truth and sell lies on the orders of their government.

Also, Assad of Syria is demonized because they accuse him of spraying children with chemicals but he doesn't do that, in reality Israel Turkey Saudi Arabia and Qatar are doing that. And the poison gas they buy it in the western world from their friends.

In The Vietnam War, America threw Agent Orange out of airplanes to unleaf the forests where the Vietcong were hiding, and the question is why did the Americans called that stuff “Orange” (Dutch manufacturer?). The Netherlands is Orange because of the royal house and also the Football Orange above everything else.

And the Dutch governments has always been like traitors, just think of the butt-sucking with Hitler true the ways of that Dutch country traitor who was called Prince Bernard.

And today they butt-suck with Israel who has been committing genocide on the Palestinians for the past 70 years, and stole most of Palestine with exemption of the prisons Gaza and the West Bank. Dutch governments are just prostitutes, they do business with everyone if they can make money out of it.


(29-03-2020) VIETNAM DELIGHT.
Vietnamese Street Food 2018.


The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was not deemed necessary by the founders of this nation in order to protect “nice” or “politically correct” speech. It was deemed necessary so that men would never be afraid to express the thoughts of their consciences, or to reveal what they believed to be TRUTH.

The TRUTH doesn't need laws to defend it, only LIES do. These laws come with - Hate Speech - and related legislation—which have already imprisoned and muffled many noble and otherwise law-abiding men and women in the other so-called Western Democracies, supposedly “free” nations. Freedom of Speech is a Christian ideal and its greatest threat are the enemies of God and Christ.


Maybe it's useful to give a little explanation as to what Hegelian dialectic is:

It's a tool used to manipulate the thoughts of a dormant people (and then we are in our country in a kind of paradise) to ensure that changes that they would normally reject are acceptable. The Hegelian dialectic (named after the German philosopher Hegel) is very simple:

1) Create a problem
2) Control the problem
3) Offer a solution

An example: Mandatory vaccination for all seven billion citizens of the world.

Then the multinationals who are the real bosses in parliament e.g. the pharmaceutical companies become filthy rich. All they have to do is to take down the spineless turd politicians with lobbyists. The politicians are not in service of the electorate but of the multinationals, such as banks pharmaceuticals food and oil industry medical world etc., the elite.

Spaniards Denounce Dutch Epidemiologist Call for Euthanasia.


Suppose you're so good that, you invent a device that generates free power. And that device isn't plugged in the main-socket. The moment you put that device out in the open, you won't live long and the device disappears forever, and that's being done by those 13 families in the pyramid-top

Let's just assume that of the 7 billion people worldwide there are 3 billion front doors, and with that power-generating device, they now have free, cooking household appliances showering washing up heating modes, maybe even more that I don't know of.

So the gas the electricity and the oil industry can be abolished. That, of course, is never going to be allowed by that scum at the top, they're just pulling the strings of those pull-puppets that politicians are called. They send e.g. A hit man on you, or you're going to have a freak accident.

If you think, I'm hiring a hit man to clean up those 13 families, God will tell you -- Thou shouldn't kill --. Yes, but lord those 13 families are beasts, they destroy seven billion people worldwide economically and financially for 80 years -- nothing to do with --.


People like me are considered by politicians to be psychiatric patients, who according to them spread fake news with our websites and YouTube. If I got it right but I'm not sure, politicians will make a law, to prohibit our sites in the name of fake-news. That means that free speech will be gone, and whether we write the truth or not doesn't matter anymore. Are you anti-political or talk opposite government than you need to disappear.

Be glad there are people like me because we keep an eye on the posh nosh, and examine everything they do behind the scenes they don't tell the people. See us as a finger on the wrist, because if we no longer exist in the future, the scumbags have a clear road to do with the citizens what ever they like. Consider us as watchdogs monitoring them from doing whatever they like, otherwise they become arrogant obnoxious cocky foolish human-beings

Many politicians are in the long run corrupt and go enriching themselves, at some point they are under and above the law. Plus politicians the medical world the elite pharmaceutical industry the multinational the rich the powerful, become thick friends like the cabal and the Zionists. If they can't get their way with the people, they simply make a new law to eliminated the people. And the people will hold the short straw and will be residing in the forest weeping.

We shouldn't forget that the ladies and gentlemen who had more education at school than us, are often arrogant and cocky and live in a morbid mentally disturbed delusional world. They believe that they have all the wisdom in power, are always right and infallible. This is called profes-sional arrogant cockiness, often they have the power through their political friends to make the laws they want, to send the citizens with laws regulations and settlements into the forest.

Is corruption a basic ingredient of man?


(24-03-2020) PHARISEES?
Sometimes I get a request to delete a site that I posted as a link on my site, because they don't want to be associated with my site, when I write about the upon Khazars or fake Jew. And they're all websites that are trying (supposedly?) to help the Palestinians, where genocide has been committed for 73 years. Are we dealing with Pharisees, Jesus said it himself in the Bible that he was surrounded was by this kind of people. Besides, that don't teach me how the Dutch think. Often they want to keep the enemy sweet for coming times, war is war if there is peace then we can become friends again, not at the moment please.

I also wonder whether maybe the Pharisees alias the comedians are the cause, of all them wars for us. If you can agree with each other not to shoot at each other at the Christmas season, then why can't you agree with each other that we never shoot at each other. We walk away and a time later when we are cooled down, we talk about the problem so never again war. When you don't want to die stay at home with your bitch in your own country, and don't come in my country to fuck about. Have your Christmas diner at home, and unpack your Christmas gift at home. Prisoner of war is that a western joke a kind of April fools day joke or so, beng beng beng.


(23-03-2020) FEVER AND CORONA?
If the story is true, ten times as many people die every year from flu than corona, at least in the Netherlands and why all the fuss? Plus last year they already knew about the corona virus, but it was probably put in the cover-up box hoping it would blow over, that didn't happen and now they are kicking a lot of fuss like they've been robbed by it. Typical political media comedy.

I'm not saying live like their is no tomorrow and ignore corona. Embrace and kiss everyone intimate, and cough their way. NO, because you don't do that with the flu either. What I wrote earlier politicians already knew about the corona virus, and have not temporarily halted air traffic with China. So in that sense, they're responsible for the corona dead victims.

Coronavirus is not so contagious at all.

Vaccination is for profit, not health.
Ex Farma representative speaks out about deception.

Global Epidemic by Vaccinations.
Vaxxed, the shocking truth?

The film -VAXXED -, from cover-up to catastrophe,
possible relationship between vaccinations and autism.


(22-03-2020) LIVING BEINGS?
Can plants show feelings?


(21-03-2020) NATO - WARCRIMINALS?
I have written it before that NATO is a war-criminal organization, because since 1945 they have been invading other countries militarily, and it's almost exclusively where people of skin color live. That means that the colored people have been declared outlaws by the white Arrogant Superior Aryan Racist Satanists.

If I were to go to the police a lawyer a prosecutor and the judge to sue NATO for war crimes, I would definitely be sent into the woods. If I send 150 e-mails to the Parliamentarians, the masses won't answer, and those who do will tell me our party this and our party that, and nothing else happens.

If, I were to approach those demagogues of the press and media, like the newspapers the TV news-journals and the TV talk shows, they'd be silent like the grave. They're deep in the butt of the politicians, they're unpaid draft spokesmen of the politicians. They only bring the news that has been approved, and what politicians cannot use is censored.

Now I can also stand on the street with a sign or banner on the courtyard, but I won't be standing there for long. Because either I'm removed pretty quickly by the police, or the Riot-squad (land-traitors) who will beat me. If I keep returning, I have a chance to be arrested, and I'll probably come before a judge who convicts or jails me.

And what do I want?, peace on Earth for the countries where people of color live so that they can live peacefully in their own country, and that is not desired by the white critter of the Western world. So you could say the colonial era is not abolished at all, it goes on behind the scenes just latent, who benefits from the multinationals the banks the elite etc.


(20-03-2020) CORONA-VIRUS?
I don't know what to think, is it really that serious or does one make a fly into an elephant? Viruses have been around all over history, but scientists have been deliberately breeding viruses in premeditation for decades in laboratory in all kinds of formats, perhaps one escaped to the human-world.

There are also people who claim that they deliberately release a virus, to see what the effect is on humanity. Then there's the statue of the - Georgia Guide-stones - in America, it says: Keep humanity under 500 million in eternal balance with nature. So the string-pullers and or the elite want to wipe out 6.5 billion people.

The Georgia Guide-stones: America's Most Mysterious Monument.

It seems if the story is true that there is a carcinogen in the vaccines SV-40, suppose it's true then that is a means of eradicating all mankind with cancer. Perhaps that is why a virus is deliberately released because, if it gets out of hand and becomes a deadly mess, then a government may decide to inoculated the entire population.

How does a virus come from China in e.g. The Netherlands, because air traffic is not temporarily shut down at first. Because the flight industry is a global multinational with an annual income of trillions, then you can think those deadly corona victims are simply sacrificed for the big money. So its own government has killed its own citizens.

The Netherlands has always been a country that does indeed turn a mosquito into an elephant, at the very least sign they take fanatical measures which are not necessary at all. And everyone is also lighting everyone up, the government's officials the media and the citizens are completely in panic as if the world is going to end. So in that sense, the Dutch are pathetic people.

Corona-Virus Questions and Answers - (Dutch). (The World Chart). (The Netherlands Chart).


Because, the six million Jews from the 13 concentration camps are still alive, they are not gassed at all, it's a fairy tale that is covered up. See this website of the international Red Cross, then child at home in the camps.
In 1938 there were 15,748,091 Jews worldwide, ten years later in 1948 there were 15,753,638 Jews worldwide, which literally and figuratively means that not one Jew has been gassed let alone six million.

The Holocaust, where 6 million Jews allegedly died at the hands of their
German captors during World War II, is an immensely successful hoax!
How many jews are there in the world?

This is why people who investigate the Holocaust and publish it in public get three years in prison because the truth must remain covered up. So Israhell has been able to steal Germany of the annual twenty billion they have to pay for years for the so-called gassing of six million Jews

The world has been mourning the Holocaust for 75 years with six million deaths, whereas in reality 272,000 Jews from Europe died, from cholera typhoid and hunger in the second world war, because the allied bombed everything that was food and medicine. There's not one gassed let alone six million. But the 500,000 Iraqi children who died from the American boycott will not be held a memorial service for because they have a skin color.

Madeleine Albright: "500,000" Children, it was worth it.
(Cursed Demonic Beast from Hell.
Arrogant Racist White Trash).
Madeleine Albright today about the murder of the children.


(18-03-2020) WHAT IS OWNERSHIP?
You want to build a house and you buy a piece of land from the town hall, at that moment you are robbed by the town hall. Why that, land is already your property because it belongs to the state of the Netherlands and you are part of that.

Suppose you want to commit a pee on the lawn around your flat, and you get a ticket from a cop who is also a criminal. Why you're urinating on your property, because it belongs to the state of the Netherlands that you belong to.

The other flat-dwellers can probably ask you: “Yo wiseguy stop pissing on our fucking lawn, or we'll kick your fucking ass, because you're pissing on our fucking property”. But the cop, neither the judge nor the town hall nor the government can do anything. So you don't have to pay for a fishing-permit either, because you are fishing in your own waters.


If a neighborhood is full of non-Dutch people, then it's the fault of the Dutch themselves. If a Muslim family comes to live in a neighborhood, several Dutch people move. And those other Dutch people don't want that house, because there are Muslim families living in the area. As a result, the housing and the Municipality, put more Muslim family, or a Surinamese or a Ghanaian or a Chinese etc.

Because the repayment of the house to the bank has to go on, if the Dutch continue to live where they now live. Then there are no houses empty for non-Dutch people, and if I look at e.g. Muslim families, from e.g. Syria then I am glad that they now live safely in the Netherlands.

If, we want as little as possible eg. African asylum seekers, then we as Westerners must first move out of their countries. And don't constantly create revolutionary states for them with, straw US governments, and also waive interest debt away. And don't bombard their countries no longer with cheap Western subsidy items, such as chicken tomato paste rice.

Which eliminates their own domestic trade, because then they will keep more money and can do business and build their country. And they no longer have a reason to flee, asylum seekers are just our own fault, we are just constantly fucking about in their countries.

If some Dutch people want the foreigners to leave the Netherlands again, then they no longer have to drink coffee and tea but carrot juice. Also, no longer buy oil and gasoline from Arab countries, for their car or aluminum from Suriname to build planes from.

Go cut down trees in the Apeldoorn forest, and sail with a wooden canoe to Spain or America, and don't get the raw materials out of their countries for an apple and an egg. Therefore, don't let them make our clothes for a grab penny anymore.

In the past, many Dutch people have moved to Canada Australia etc. They don't mingle much with the Natives, they also have their own elderly and care homes. In the beginning they demanded Dutch schools, but the governments has forbidden that.

Because if you live in our country, your child will go to our schools. And if you don't want that, that's fine that's your right, but then you have to move back to the Netherlands. So The Dutch also know how to discriminate.

And in recent years more and more Dutch people are moving to Suriname, because from the Netherlands they get sick to death. They often went on holiday in Suriname first, and there they saw the free life, without too much interference from eg. Officials.

On this site there are many YouTubes about Suriname,
then you get an impression of life about there.


(16-03-2020) IMRAN HOSEIN.
The fascists, so the politicians and their friends, are busy
removing everything from the internet which they don't like.

Technology is Black Magic. (Censored?)
Gog and Magog - The Sea of Galilee. (Censored?)
How far is the Malhama? (Armageddon). (Censored?)

YouTube Censuur.
A word to the Feminists of Google.
A sigh of free speech.

Support Your Freedom to Speak.


Kla.TV on the information front - Join the fight?


(14-03-2020) NORTH KOREA.
It's calculated that arrogant America is the cause that Korea was divided into a north and south. Probably also a northern Sudan and a South Sudan, perhaps also a north and South Vietnam

Since 1945, America has been invading other countries for 75 years, and pretends as if that country is another state of America. And the European governments and Brussels think this is fine, you could also say that NATO is a war criminal organization that urgently needs to be closed immediately.

10 days in North Korea.
Inside the most isolated land of the world.

Often the demagogue western press and media go to countries like North Korea Syria etc., to convey a wrong picture to for example the Dutch. They may think that the people and the country is not a lot of soups, and that is the intention of the demagogues that the Dutch are going to think so. While Eva Bartlett shows how it really goes in those countries,
so that Westerners get a fair picture of the population and the country.

Eva Bartlett in North Korea.

Eathouse - Restaurant Food.

Shopping Style.
Ryung Song Italia Pizza in North Korea.

Countries like North Korea are often boycotted by Western governments, but often it is simply hypocrisy to play the people. Because behind the scenes business is as usual, in this shop they also sell western products. In Russia, the McDonald's and KFC stores are just open, so is the Coca Cola factory.

The little man like the Dutch farmers are blocked, it's always the little man who is the dick. Often it is the Western press and media like the journals on TV the newspapers and the
talk programs on TV that conceive their own people with lies to grow a mood among them.

And people like me who are looking for the truth what is really happening behind the scenes and publishing it, are considered by governments as country traitors and watched by for
example an AIVD (Dutch Secret Service) because we are probably state dangerous.

Privileged Store? - Part 2.
Computer Store in North Korea.

21st Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair - North Korea.




If you look at these kinds of films, then you will get an adverse against those hypocritical western governments who are all sliming and butt-sucking with Israel. They let the Palestinians rot, they find it OK what is being spoked with the Palestinians.

Nabi Saleh.
In support for Janna Jihad Ayyad.
Israel Defense Forces Respond to Nabi Saleh Demonstration.
Nabi Saleh, West Bank.
The arrest of Naji Tamimi.

Israeli Occupation Spraying waste water
on citizens houses at Al-Nabi Saleh village.
Spraying: "Skunk" - Bakingpowder Yeast Chemical-Sewerwater Shit?

It's a deep shame that the Khazar (Fake Jews) have stolen the whole of Palestine and want to expel and exterminate the Palestinians. The whole world is watching and finds it's OK. That says much about their civilization, you could also call them scum.

The western world have their mouth full of democracy justice civilization bibles law-books leave everybody in their worth, but they don't allow that for the Palestinians they may drop dead. In the old days the westerners where scum in the slave colonial and now in the multinational time.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.


America and Israel are one of a kind, two hands on one belly. America and
Israel want to take out all these Arab countries and put straw governments there.
(Behand the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger - Chapter 12/14 - Go to 09.38 Minute).

Dr. Wasfi describes her experience in Iraq, and discusses life in Iraq. (22-09-2006)
Tube is gone, all tactics of them fucking facists bastards who rule the world.

Racism: Dehumanization 2 - Dahlia Wasfi part 01
Racism: Dehumanization 2 - Dahlia Wasfi part 02.
Racism: Dehumanization 2 - Dahlia Wasfi part 03.


(11-03-2020) I AM BORED.
Now at 02.34 AM I am sitting at my desk thinking about life, besides that I'm bored, I'm not sure what to do and I don't feel like going to sleep. What's probably going to happen to you is that, when I think so, it's almost always raining, and or then the sun suddenly shines in the house with me like they're supporting me in my solitude?

Maybe the Divine providence that says to me you are not alone, we are with you we watch over you, do not despair it all will be fine in the future. I walked into the bedroom and said guys now you should stop raining because when the cesspool overflows I can't sleep here, then the rain pats boom stopped like someone pulled a curtain shut down very quickly.

So I had once scolded God for being a mess on Earth, then I saw a white disc in the sky, and the Eastern horizon stood at 22degrees 36minutes in Taurus, and the middle of the sky at 22degrees42 minute in Capricorn. I was born on the Eastern Horizon at 22degrees36minute in Taurus and the middle of the sky at 22degrees42minute in Capricorn.


The Dutch government is fine with Saudi Arabia killing children in Yemen with bombs, because their embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, there not closing him. But the embassy in Damascus in Syria has been closed, while Assad is not killing children. In politics The Hague, they suffer from schizophrenia, which means that they measure with double standards. The well-known Jekyll and Hyde deranged syndrome.

This is a good way to see what a dirty mentality governments are in. In my opinion, wars are not about good or evil, or friends or enemies, but how much one can drag out of it. If I benefit from such a war, I'm in, if I'm not I don't joim, they can wipe each other out. And I think the voters who are going to vote are the evil sour of evolution. Because all that murder and manslaughter they like for their own gain.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.


(09-03-2020) WHAT IS THE TRUTH?
If you look at the YouTube videos, you wonder, what's going on here -- REALITY --. There are indeed people who twist things because they eg. racists, there are also demagogues, there is also a national and European interest involved. What can or can't you believe partly or what you see on the videos, it's very difficult to find out the real truth. You could say that all Muslim immigrants are bad creatures, but they're not, the masses shouldn't have any of this.

It seems to be one big mess on the streets of Europe, the Orthodox mainstream press and media are looking the other way and publishing or broadcasting nothing, because the peoples must not know this. There are already plenty of people who say that we will soon have a European civil war, if politicians their head get stuck in the sand and deny everything. It seems that the Netherlands and Germany have signed a new contract with Turkey to allow another 1 million refugees to come.

Immigrants shooting fireworks at people and cars?
Sweden finally getting angry at Muslims and African Migrants! (Censored / Political Correctness?)
Muslims in Japan are stopped. (Censored / Political Correctness?)
How Do Japanese Feel About Muslim Immigrants?


Hindu Kwatta Market Paramaribo.
Javanese City Market Paramaribo.


Is it possible that most spam in our email comes from legit companies that are hire outside companies to for example doing a survey for them? The National Thrombosis Service has given the Email-addresses of the patients behind their backs without asking them to let external company to advertise for them.

Since then, I have been regularly spammed with the name National Thrombosis service. I also bought a new bike, and the shopkeeper asked for my E-mail address, now I regularly get spam advertising about cycling, and before I bought the bike never. Could it be possible that the computer of the bike shop and the computers of those external companies are as leaky as a basket.

Therefore, it might be wise that if you buy something in a store in the future, and they ask for your E-mail address you say -- Phone Me --. How often does it happen that our private papers are found on the streets, because companies both commercial and state are sloppy and careless.

You will receive an E-mail from LinkedIn Twitter or Facebook, on behalf of a family member if you want to become a member. But I haven't given those companies my Email address, are
they spamming? In Addition, the companies have a no-reply E-mail address, they may email us, but we are not allowed to email them back, no way hose. So you can't ask them to not Email you anymore. Now, in the past, I had already contacted companies that are fighting spam, but you don't even get answers. Do the companies play under one hat with each other.

Look for the date on my subsite for more info.
12-07-2017 Bevorderen bonafide bedrijven spam?
03-09-2017 Spam Bevorderd Door Bedrijven? (Dutch).

This is what happens when you reply to spam email - James Veitch.
More adventures in replying to spam - James Veitch.
The agony of trying to unsubscribe - James Veitch.

Scammer Hacked Entire Call Centre Shut Down.


(06-03-2020) HERDANIMALS.
Most of the staff-members behind the agencies at companies, both state and commercial, are herd animals. They are programmed to follow commands, from their superiors such as bosses etc. Often these staff are also convinced that this is how it should be, also through the education of the parents, you are a good person when you do what you are told.

Most will, without thinking, or weighing and weighing, for example, put on a uniform, and kill in another country at the behest of their government. While that other country has not threatened them, their country has not invaded them either, nor are they going to kill them. The moment a government says that, our enemy, they immediately believe it.

Law enforcement agencies such as the riot-squad can take cruel action against civilians on the streets. They might be on the street with a banner, on which e.g. peace on Earth. These law enforcement agencies are angry that the people don't want to dance to the tune of their govern-ments. Psychologists often consider them psychopaths, who don't have a feeling for the people.

If, You're against the ruling class, they're dragging you to the justice system, which keeps you small, even if you're right, you won't win it. Or you will be handed over to those morons of for example the mental agency, who live in the delusion that they are psychologists and psychia-trists. At that simmering social academy, they learned to hold a brush, but they can't paint.

Most visitors who read this story will probably think and wonder, is there maybe something wrong with Gouvernante, because he thinks and writes so strangely, why do they do that? Indeed, because they are herd animals, need I say more? It's indeed a fact that if you stick your head out above the lawn, then they mow if off.

The salvation of the world is not due to the mass, which is without backbone, and agrees with everything. But out of the creative rebellion of the minority, which does not confirm.


If you belong to a political party, and you want to vote differently from your party, you are called to order, and in the worst case scenario you are thrown out. according to me they may abolish all political parties, now there will be 150 independent people in the 2nd chamber. They may vote for or against, without any action being taken against them.

Voters can now vote for one of those 150 independent politicians. Perhaps better decisions will now be taken, in the salvation of the whole population, and if you do want to keep a party, then everyone can vote for or against, without any action being taken.

Of the 1st party, three would vote for it, from that 2nd Party 2, and of that 3rd Party 1. So if they were allowed to vote for it and don't have any problems with the party and the grassroots, then you get the majority of the 150 who vote for or vote against, isn't that much more democratic

The European Government is doing the same, and all countries are obliged to introduce a decision. So European governments can decide that e.g. The Netherlands must abolish the salt herring. There is no flexibility that the Netherlands may choose not to do so.

And I think there should also be a psychologist present in the 2nd room, who will return the ladies and gentlemen to the subject, if they start to stray or repeat the same thing or utter nonsense for the umpteenth time. And after, for e.g. a month of disputing, there is a mandatory vote, instead of the current sometimes years of pointless chatter. Many politicians already know what they want for a long time, but they're trying to get the other down their streets first, and that fight could take months and years.

Closing a coalition after the elections is, in my view, a latent coup, because those two parties are now burying the other five parties. In fact, those five should also form a coalition, so it is possible that they will become bigger than that other coalition. When a coalition is drawn, one puts the finger in the air, to the voters of those other parties. A coalition must be closed before the elections, because then the voter will know where he's at and will probably vote differently

Occasionally you can see on TV that, the 2nd room is practically empty when there is debate, the big boys and their parties shine in all absences. Why because they've already decided how they're going to vote, so we're not going to start debating with the little boys. It's a kind of contempt for those other parties and their constituents. You're just debating, we'll vote you out later." These big boys have a kind of cartel agreement among themselves.

One Europe has not been an altruistic noble thought of European politicians and countries, it's an invention conceived and concocted by the American CIA. Suppose there are 50 countries in Europe, and all of them are sailing on an independent course of their own. That's a hard float for the White House to get the whole gang under control. But with one European government, that's easy peasy, especially since most European politicians are deep in the white house's ass. I simply regard these politicians as ordinary land and European traitors.

Now America is destroying land for land in the Middle East, and then straw governments will soon be parked, just like in Afghanistan and Iraq. And then their friend Israel will make the whole Middle East one great Israel. America is also in the process of stealing the Eastern European countries, and then of course you have to take out Russia with a war. What America is trying to have that eg. Hitler and Napoleon all tried in history. They all want to be the only one in the control of Earth.

Maybe you say, one planet that, is surely beautiful never again war that, does indeed sound tempting. But you haven't realized that those figures who want to, are cockroaches and rats and scum, who want to become billionaires on the backs of the undoubtedly 7 billion slaves they're going to create. If there is a dissident on the left or the right, who is immediately pulled off the head. Just like a citizen in China goes to a re-education camp as he publicly proclaims his opinion in a square.


(04-03-2020) LITTLE GROWNUPS?
People often underestimate small children, there are a few ins between who already think mature, only they still have a small body. I cycled along the tennis-court and on the corner was a girl of treasure I was 13 years old, and when I cycled by I heard her say, hello baby can I come with you. I didn't respond, nor did I salute and cycled on.

The danger is that in half an hour a second man will cycle by and he's a little mental unstable and thinks she wants it. In the worst case, that girl can be murdered afterwards to avoid recognition. It may also be that the girl wants revenge on an older man, because she may be sexually abused at home by a family member and acquaintance etc.

That's how I believe that some boys seduce pedophiles, he's locked up in a prison, a mental institution or is being locked up in a state mental institution, and that boy will be surrounded with the cloak of love, because it was terrible what you experienced. Society is refusing to believe that their children are capable of these things.


That proverb: A rejected woman is an enemy to life, what kind of insanity is that'She demands that you have to satisfy her pussy. Otherwise, you can drop dead and I don't know you for the rest of your life. Where does this crazy bitch get the arrogance, to think that her pussy is terribly important, you have to satisfy me mandatory or you're screwed.

Besides, I'm not her stud while she's married, and I'm not her whore she uses and then dumps when she's done with me. Besides, I'm Surinamese, I'm not a white mixed or not white slave. You ask her may I give you a kiss, and then she looks at you if you're a mental case. With other words don't ask just grab that's what other man do to.

Women are also a bunch of freaks, they just consider the man their property, i.e. I do with you what I want. You don't dare put your arm around her or give her a kiss. But the next time she'll sit right next to you, she's almost on her lap, so you think I may, then you put your head on her shoulder and you get the wind from the front. DAMN.

I've lost practically all the women because I don't know what they want. That's why I look the cat out of the tree with women I hesitate I doubt, what do these creatures want in God's name? Or you're told, I didn't know you were in love with me before, why didn't you say so, yes and you're retarded. This is often what women do when they're married, you're getting shredded.

Women are strange creatures, are they actually earthly people or hybrids, a mix of earthly people and ufonauts. Real ufonauts often have a female face, Eva may have been an ufonaut who came to the spiritual earth, and brought the men down with sex, so they became earthly people and no longer feel like the spiritual earth.

Russian woman shows her Reptilian Eyes on different videos.
Reptilian Eyes Caught on Live TV.

These don't have to be clones, it's always possible that if you die and are born again on earth in 50 years, you have a face that looks a lot like your face in this life. Your DNA code from this life ensures that, you may have practically the same face in the next life

DNA Clones from the Past.


(02-03-2020) WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH?
The snake from the Bible is that maybe the DNA helix string from this tube? E.o. Eva a genetics?, has activated the uterus so that we could be born on the physical Earth and must die, whereas for that activation we lived on the spiritual Earth and had eternal life

What can always sit in an apple a worm, what can always sit in a uterus a fetus, and it looks just like a worm in the early stages. So maybe it wasn't at all that God or Allah sent us away from paradise, maybe they gave us the free choice to decide for ourselves whether we wanted to live on the spiritual or physical Earth?

The false prophets from the Bible are that perhaps the Church leaders or the Satan children, for believers have been killing humanity all over history if we don't want to dance to their Bible faith and church pipes. While God or Allah may give us the free choice to decide for themselves, how we want to live talk think and do.

We have the sex world that many of us enjoy or abuse for our own ego-ism. Are women children of Satan with the intention of keeping our men warm to sex, so that we must be constantly re-born on the physical Earth. While on spiritual Earth, we experience spiritual gratification, and we never have to die.

Miracle Tone, 528 Hz, DNA Repair Music.

See also: (14-03-2019) 440 HERZ OF 432 HERZ?


(01-03-2020) A PRIVATE CITIZEN.
If, all of us went out of our own
accord to make the Earth more beautiful.

The unclogging massive lake drain,
the worst clog I Have Ever Seen.

People like me are fighting against the establishment, because many of them give counter-attacks they have no interest in a better world. That is frustrating because a lot of them park you in the forest. At a certain moment you get discouraged by humanity, you have no more faith in them. Many are also keen to fanatically bite into what they know during their lifetime.

Can you get sick from frustration discouragement and anger? I don't feel sorry for myself but I suffer from it as well, once in a while I have paralysis of arms and legs. Luckily enough it's getting less and less during time, and the times between them getting longer and longer Besides that I also have: “Migraine Aura's”, look at the YouTube below.

I also have these nerve electrical shimmering s.
Often at both sides of the left-eyes, and that comes from the right-side of the brain which stands for feelings. It's all tension discouragement anger and rage that doesn't want to go.
Stroke or Migraine with Aura? Importance of Magnesium.

Now you can say don't get so angry about humanity, because it has no use. But that means that you have to let people suffer by not helping them, because if you don't bother anymore, or worry about the misery on the planet you stay healthy. You could say that the healthy people make you sick, by letting you fully rot away.

Suppose all diseases that exit starts in the brain, and when the brain is overloaded it starts eating at the body-parts as an outlet valve. Is it possible that people who get cancer are creating itself in the brain, because maybe they don't want to life anymore of let's say frustration

98% of the Jewish cancer patients are going home cured, while Palestinian patients die en masse because, Jewish treatment in the same hospitals by the same oncologists they don't get it. Because, the Jews are saying you are not a Jew, you are not of our faith, therefore you don't get our treatment. Whereas, I thought that a medical doctor should cure every patient.

Holistic Live-vision.
Detoxification of the Body.
Healthy Nature-food.


It seems that the UN decided who is or isn't a Palestinian, and that's arrogant. It's the Palestinians who have to decide whether they want to be Palestinian, just like the Dutch the Surinamese or the Americans, etc. that may decide which nationality and passport they want. This should not be told by foreign people and foreign countries.

Suppose you were born in China and you've lived there all your life, you live in a house going to work going to the shops. You think talk and write in Chinese, then Israhell invades your country and occupies it, their great friend America says to you if you don't want to give up your Chinese nationality and passport, I'm going to consider you a terrorist and then I'm going to boycott you.

All politicians and governments doesn't matter which country know that this is weird to think like this, yet most countries and politicians continue to support Israhell and not the Palestinians. They might be blackmailed by Israhell, because some pedophiles are money grabbers visiting sex farms or gamble, and God knows what else they're doing behind the scenes.

If you want peace between the Palestinians and the Khazar (Fake Jews), you will have to split the country in two, if there are six million Palestinians and six million Khazar, each nation will get 50% of the country. Since 1948, Israhell has stolen most of the land, and the Palestinians have been tucked away in small areas such as the Gaza and the West Bank.

The Palestinians have lived in Palestine for thousands of years, the Khazar not they only live there for 72 years. How arrogant can you be to steal the land of a people and degrade them into second-class citizens. Who are not entitled to anything, and have to dance to the pipes of the Khazar for the full 100%. By stealing the whole country, Israhell has committed a war crime.

As I wrote before, Palestine was neither from England, and they gave give it to a strange people. They belong in Ukraine where they originally come from, they are Eastern Europeans and not Arabs. In 740AD, 95% of them converted to Judaism, they're not Biblical Jews and have never lived in Palestine, not even 2,000 years ago.

Palestinians have no status.


Is It the intention of the Khazar (Fake Jews) to exterminate all none Jews and or bring them into slavery, with a Jewish world government or the New World Order (N.W.O) from Jerusalem as world capital. A bold arrogantly conceited mentally disturbed psychiatric plan, of the satanic psychopaths from hell, who want to turn God's evolution into their hand.

They're constantly talking about the - Goyim - the beasts, i.e. anyone who is not a Jew, and we can exterminate the beasts whenever we want. And we don't have to feel guilty either because they're beasts. But they forget that they are also - Goyim - because, they (95%) where converted in 740AD as gentiles to Judaism, they're not Biblical Jews and are not of Abraham or Judea

It's a pity that most governments sit and slime and butt-crawl with that Khazer's Zionist scum, America gives something of three billion dollars every year to that scum, to keep their defense strong, while the Palestinians are considered terrorists. Palestine was also not from England and they gave stolen land to that scum, so thieves as well.


Farrakhan on Israel's Genocide in Gaza.
Farrakhan says Israel & Netanyahu punk America!
Minister Louis Farrakhan asks, "How can you forget it?"
A People Robbed and Spoiled.
Ikiesha Al-Shabazz Whittaker Former Manhattan Prosecutor.


If it is up to today's humanity, we will never get Paradise on Earth, and the people who do try creating that are sooner or later taken to a psychiatric facility. With the excuse they are mentally disturbed because they don't live in reality, of those REAL psychiatric patients the normal? The Earth is just the psychiatric facility of the universe.

And the psychopaths the mass-murderers the warmongers the criminals are running the show, like the politicians the elite the rich the multinationals the banks the churches, and all that other scum with a tie, and don't forget the foot-boys like the civil servants the soldiers the justice-system, and of course the stupid people the herd animals the sheeples or the voters.

Is this why God never lets anything hear of himself, maybe he's nauseous and nauseous and nauseous and vomit and vomiting sick of all that humanity is. And because he doesn't believe in killing and wants to set a good example, he doesn't eradicate humanity, and if necessary let them fester for thousands of years. Until hopefully they wake up in the future and come home.

If most people who would read this, I already know what their reaction will be, well there you've him again who never learns, who still lives in a dream world. Then they look the other way for the rest of their lives, with the excuse it makes no sense and you still pull at the short end of the stick, you will be parked in the woods again, blah blah blah.

I'd like to live in paradise but that doesn't work with today's humanity, I want all seven billion people to eat every day. I want all wars banned, and whoever tries this, just goes to jail. I want clean water and clean food fair products without profit, interest rates are being abolished worldwide.


(24-02-2020) SCUM?
A woman who has children so a mother and who is a prostitute that is, in my view a worthless bitch i.e. scum. She's spitting her kids in the face, because counting tricks money is far more important to the whore than her kids. And there's also a different kind of scum, friends female-friends and acquaintances who keep dealing with the scum, so also scum.

They also spit her children in the face, that those children are grieving and crying in bed because their mother is a whore, that's fine with the other scum. They don't have the decency and civilization to say to the whore, are you completely out of your mind to play for prostitutes you have children Goddamn, you can't make that.

According to my view, most married women are whores and prostitutes why?, when I used to know them, they didn't have a penny to scratch their ass with. Today they sit financially on roses and why, they just sold their cunt to the most bidding. And their parents are their pimps, because child you have to find a man who takes good care of you (make you rich).

My Roi find peace there, and shovel pimp and wench hell empty.

At a birthday there was a mother who made the comment, it's a shame I have children, because now I can't live my own life. The scum was also there and heard it, and may have thought, I'm going to live my own life and become a prostitute children or no children. So that, mother essentially turned that other woman into a prostitute.

You may say what are you always whining about prostitutes that, she sells her body for money that's her business, and you have nothing to do with that, okay. If pedophiles play with children, we as a society, take them out of the rotation to protect those children. So if children are grieving because their mother is a whore, we have to help them, too.

Maybe you're a social aid worker and think, it's not about that whore at all, it's about your own mother. If you have to let go and forget that whore, you also have to let go of your own mother and forget her, and you can't. Now my mother not a whore, never noticed, unless she hid it properly. Maybe my mother had a loose sexual morality just like that whore.

All my life I meet women who have loose morals, or they're Fish Sagittarius or Libra of Star constellation at birth. Or they have Fish Sagittarius or Libra on the Eastern Horizon at Birth. Or they have Fish Sagittarius or Libra in the Middle of heaven at birth. And the mass of them works or worked in the sex industry.

I myself was born with the planet Neptune of Pisces in Libra, and the co-planet of Pisces is Jupiter (Also the main planet of Sagittarius), and he is in Aries at birth and that is opposite Libra. I was born with Taurus at the Eastern Horizon, and my mother was a Taurus and my father a Libra. Maybe it all inter connects.

You walk into a garden where two ladies are sunbathing, but when they see you, they get completely panicked. Then they race into the house like idiots to dress up properly, because oei oei oei you might see a nipple. While Saturday night they pick up four strange guys in a pub, and they are allowed to touch everything, but above all penetrate everything.

So if a man comes along now and then, and gets pissed and wrings the neck of the bitch, then society becomes pissed as well because you killed one of our sluts because we also come in pubs, now we have to go back to the old bitch GODDAMN. You wait mate, we'll teach you to kill one of our sluts, 20 years in a state mental facility.

If you can't stand it what we're doing with each other in society under the guise of reality, then you're insane. The annoying thing is the man is probably so full of hatred for women because more may have happened in the past, and is so blinded that he kills maybe an innocent girl who rides home from the disco or from school.

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for 50 years now. For them stealing it's the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't careless. And those other ten who don't find burglary correct are probably treated in a psychiatric establishment, because they don't live in reality. But that the reality of those 990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it for too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?


(23-02-2020) I KNOW.
I can already hear you thinking, "Oei Oei Oei," you're definitely a dirty old man. I want the government to build a brand new city somewhere in the Netherlands and just for naked people, so you can be naked in your house with the curtains open, you can scrub your sidewalk naked on your doorstep, you can go naked to your local supermarket, and you can even be naked downtown. And the people who don't want to see that don't visit that town, and go to another city where everyone is dressed. So calling the police is useless.

Naked to the Church El Fonoll Spain.
In the Spanish town? of Vera Playa you are allowed to be naked on the street.

If the story in the Bible is correct, we used to be naked in paradise, because God said to Adam and Eve, "Why are you wearing fig leaves, who told you were naked"? We fallen?, angels have turned things around. Because if someone walks naked on the street, we'll call the police, you have to come fast because the person is psychiatric disturbed?

Let's say theoretically that the Earth was Paradise and blue people lived on it, then the fallen angels came to Earth with their UFOs saw daughters of men, did it with them and wallah de Creole was born so the black man from Africa. A white person can't make a black person, but the black person can make a white person.

All you have to do is to keep breeding, then the person gets lighter and lighter in color until he's white, so you could say that the black man is the ancestor of the white men. Is that the reason why white people hate black people, and are they therefore discriminated against worldwide?, were they therefore bombarded to slaves?

In Suriname my fathers country you have what used to be called BushLandcreoles, now called Afro-surinamese. They are and were born in the jungle of Suriname, but if you look closely at them you will see a blue glow on their face. In India, the Gods often have a blue face. So maybe millions of years ago, the very first people on Earth were blue people.

Girls Nude Pop Art.

Is Jesus a Black Man?

Your naked body is not a crime.
Is nude art photography obscene?

Nudes in the News Episode 303.
When I watch this movie I wonder if, I'd like to see everyone naked. I like to see women naked that's not such a problem, but to see men naked I'm not sure yet. With that dangling thing in front of my eyes, my brain probably gets upset, unless I'm thinking, Hé great friend old giant you can come in, Oh Oh.

Or watch the pictures.!


(22-02-2020) CAREERHUNTERS.
There are plenty of people often called career hunters, who are in meetings with the whole town all week even at night to supposedly help others. But the strange thing is when they are at home privately they want to live sheltered, all the green around their house must be obliged to grow thick and close their surrounding, they don't want to be seen by others under no circumstance.

Are these people career hunters who publicly want to pull the cart and be in charge at the highest level, to climb as high as possible on the ladder. And the people they are meeting with, and also the people they want to help, are they using them to climb as high as possible?

So in essence, people who are meeting day and night with the whole city are cheaters, they're taking the piss out of everybody, they're not helping others but themselves to finish as high as possible in the top. They are often referred by psychologists as social psychopaths.

There are those who want to live sheltered, but the crazy thing is when they sail through the city with their boat everyone can see them. Maybe they are pressing it into the belly of others, like I have a boat and you're not your are all smucks. But if the same people walk in the park near his house, then he doesn't want to be seen by them he wants to live sheltered


(21-02-2020) ARE THE DUTCH PIMPS?
Are all 17 million Dutch people pimps? Aha you'll think he is definitely drunk, and no I'm not psychiatric either. When I look at the way things are going on Earth, I wonder if some world citizens have been snatched off the toilet-bowl. Prostitutes and sex house owners have to pay taxes, and they are put into the tax-revenue. And is that correct?

Then the government or the county or the municipality town-hall take money from that tax, and build a beautiful super the luxury modern bicycle-path with all the fringes. And a family of a man his wife and the 2 children go, touring in the summer on a Sunday for a few hours with nice weather. And they enjoy not only that beautiful cycle path but also of the surroundings.

A criminal gang kidnaps a small boy, and sells him to a pedophile gang in Belgium. And they're getting €100,000 paid for, then they go to a sex-farm and spent €20,000 on whores. And some of that money is put into the tax-revenue, and a bicyclepath is built from it. It's them criminals and the elite the wealthy the strings-pullers and the politicians, who frequently visit sex-farms

Marijuana coffeehouses must also pay tax, while the supplier is illegal through the back door, and is punishable by law. But the government has no problems by accepting that illegal drugmoney, and if the owner cheats on his taxform he goes to jail. The government is pissed when the owners, of the coffeehouses the sex houses and the whores, don't want to pay taxes or little as possible.

A thief steals your computer, in town is a shop and he goes in through the back door and sells it to the manager. Thirty minutes later a customer comes in through the front door, and is allowed by the government to legally buy that stolen computer, crazy right. Therefore, coffee shops must be closed they're not to be dogmatise, because the manager sells illegal stuff.


Since 2006, Holodomor has been recognized by Ukraine [12] and 15 other countries as genocide of the Ukrainian people carried out by the Soviet government. (Bolshevik Jews - not Russians) A total of 66 million Russians and Eastern Europeans from 1917 to 1953. Allied Forces?

Screaming Blood 100 million victims of Marxism.
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime.
The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans.
Marxists Bolsheviks.


(19-02-2020) PUTIN ON IRAHELL AND PALESTINE.–Russia_relations


(18-02-2020) WTC 9/11 - SEPTEMBER 11th 2001 - NEW YORK.
Here are the names and professions to read of the victims. Scroll if it takes a long time.

Here the people are divided into professions.

On this Tube, Bush is told that those two planes flew into the WTC towers. It's not like he jumps up and goes straight, no he stays calm, and when you study his face, it looks like he already knew it was going to happen beause he is biting on his lips, because it looks like he's looking guilty. (Censored?)

If an attack is carried out on America, the president will be immediately brought to safety. Because, any sniper can shoot through the windows from the street. And that doesn't happen here, his security people let him sit quietly, and that's weird.

Here, a former senior military man says it's America's intention to destroy and eliminate seven countries in the Middle East. (Ga naar 09.52/14.46)

Here you can read what America is all walking out to haunt the world. (Censored?)

American imperialism in the swamp. (Censored?)

Bus and Blair are found guilty by a war crimes tribunal in Malaysia for crimes against the people of Iraq. (REVENGE? MH370 MH17 Ukraine?)

And here, a Satanic Beast says it was worth killing 500,000 Iraqi children. And you wonder, who the hell are such people that they think so. They're fine with those kids dying for their cause.

Here you can see children who are born deformed because America has enriched uranium in its bombs. So be careful because they're not nice images. (Censored?)

In Toronto, Canada, a truth commission held a meeting on 9/11, organized by Malaysia's ex-prime minister. (Go to 00.50/10.23)

Here's a 3-hour speech on 9/11 by the truth committee.

Here are 3 DVDs with a length of 4 hours and 45 minutes, about what happened on 9/11.

Here lots of info sites. (Censored?)

This is a trailer for the feature film - operation terror - but it's not allowed to be shown in cinemas in America, only on DVD.

This is my sub-site, where I have collected many YouTubes and websites about 9/11.

Amnesty on Terrorism and Human Rights.

John Pilger is a war correspondent. (Censored?)

Gwenyth Todd - Whistle-blower over planned on planned Iran war & WW3.

Susan Lindauer Between person between the U.S. Government and Saddam Hussein.

This lady pulled an ex-FBI on the bell because she discovered there were spies inside the FBI, and she knew that, she was taken away like dirt.


Most governments dance to the pipes of Israhell, If Israhell makes it a criminal offense if you investigate the Holocaust and publish it, soon most countries take over that law. If Israhell says if, you have comments on Israhell then you're and anti-Semite, and pretty soon other govern-ments take that law over. If you show solidarity for Palestine, you're a latent terrorist.

When a university professor investigates the Holocaust, Israhell rings the bell with the govern-ment, who rings the bell at the university and then the professor is fired. If you arrive at Tel Aviv airport in Israhell and you wear a Palestinian scarf to show solidarity, you will be denied entry to Israhell.

If you as a Jewish woman living in America marry a Palestinian man, you won't enter Israhell, and you can go back to America on the same plane. If you are a member of the BDS (The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement) then you will not enter Israhell either. And our governments are fine with what Israhell is doing, because they are deep in Israhell's ass.

The conclusion is that Israhell is in charge of Humanity and their governments, it's quite possible that Israhell blackmails the whole world with 300 atomic bombs, called the Samson Option. They also want a great Israhell and for that, their puppet string-dolls from the White House, will destroy all Arab countries one by one with satanic bombardments.

Since when is the justice organization afraid of a handful of gangsters who terrorize and black-mail the whole city, will they become fat friends with this scum. And lie down slime and butt-craw with them, or will they be cleaned out and put behind bars. Most politicians worldwide are spitting in the face of the seven billion citizens, by slyming and butt-sucking.

I challenge this Khazars Jewish Bolshevik Zionist scum from killing all seven billion citizens, then we will see what God and or Allah think of it. I don't believe that they will allow that, to watch their planet and their creation and humanity be wiped out, by a bunch of psychopathic satanic devilish arrogant dogs from hell.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed rj.

(Grim Reaper Israel? / rj = Rudie Julius)

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

(Raven Jews = Thiefs? / Ovum = Embryo Human?)


Working hard in a bakery.
Palestinian Maha making Pitabread.


The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by
Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians.
The Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria.
The Protocols of the Learned of Zion.
German Holocaust German Genocide.
Top Israeli scientist says Ashkenazi Jews
came from Khazaria, not Palestine.


The police doesn't matter which country, have the right to kill someone who's running off. I don't look at whether the person is partly or not guilty, essentially the person is executed there and at that time. So the police are playing for judge. And they're always acquitted, which makes other cops think. I can kill as well.

You come to the conclusion, if the police don't get their way there and at that moment, they simply kill you. And is that allowed is that human or beastly behavior of law enforcement, are they pissed that a slave, don't want to dance to their arrogant conceited pipes.

Criminals do this in the city with a reckoning. So if one gets caught and convicted, they have to do the same with law enforcement. Because, it also applies to them don't kill. There are people who think, if my government is allowed to kill its enemy with the code-book in hand, why can't I as a citizen do that as well. What am I doing wrong?

The police are there to apprehend and arrest the person to be remanded in custody. The district attorney may or may not sue the person, and the judge may or may not punish, not the police who are not a judge. So beating civilians is barbaric.

And dangerous car chases often run out, in an accident serious or not, because the police are chasing the car by racing pedal to the metal, to the bitter end. If one has the license plate of the car, one can also think we'll get him afterwards.

It's sometimes said that the motorist drove into a cop and knocked him down. But I think that cop is psychiatric disturbed, because who doesn't go aside when a car drives into him or storms full speed to the cop, just a deranged one anyway.

So if the offender gets jail time, the officer should receive psychiatric treatment. Because with his psychiatric head, he's able to shoot a civilian. So such a cop is essentially not trust-able with a gun anymore. In recent years, the heart is being shot much more often, not before, they were shooting in the legs.

And people who think and write like me are often parked in the woods. Under the guise of not wise in the upstairs room, ripped from the toilet-bowl etc. And the normal do what they want with their fellow man, without often taking into account the person. So whose sick here, the abnormal?, or the normal?


(13-02-2020) THE TWISTED TRUTH?
Communism whether that is of Russia or of China or no matter which country, is an invention of the Khazar a pagan people from Ukraine-Crimea (Base root Russia) who converted themselves in 740 AD to Judaism, they're not Biblical Jews they're not of Abraham or Judea and have never lived in Palestine not even 2,000 years ago, they are Satan's children

They've been haunted throughout history by I think angry nations who were fed up with them Jews. So I suspect that the Europeans are overjoyed that they live in Palestine (The country is not Israhell), the Palestinians people with a skin color are being sacrificed for that, and the Western world does business with Israhell to keep them friendly?, sweet.

(From the site below).

The European countries who expelled the Jews.
ENGLAND: 1290.
SAXONY: 1349.
HUNGARY: 1360.
BELGIUM: 1370.
AUSTRIA: 1420.
SPAIN: 1492.
PRUSSIA: 1510.
ITALY: 1540.
BAVARIA: 1551.
DENMARK: 1782.
POLAND: 1500.
Europe was free of the Jews; not until 1650 did they return in any numbers. Says Encyclopedia Britannica.

Behind Communism by Frank Britton.

Hellstorm Documentary, Principals JEWS.


(12-02-2020) FUNNY THOUGHTS?
A weird thought?, if I'm angry and show it then I have no pain and cramp on my leg, If, I hold the anger inside and don't show it I can't walk decently from pain in no time. The pity is that people take me for a fool and soon forget about it, they should investigate because maybe it's psychological.

Theoretically, and I'm not saying it's like that, but SUPPOSE, anything in our subconscious which is not being solved may transform that as an outlet on the body as a kind of safety valve. So someone who can no longer stand up in society gets a problem with his back, and can no longer walk decently and or it's going to be difficult.

With someone else it affects the liver or brain and the person often suffers from e.g. migraine, which may be a misunderstood emotional life or the stomach and gets stomach upset. People often get medication, while many diseases go away on their own, only people don't know that, and think that the drugs keeps the disease under control.

I and many older people are affected by walking, is it possible that, in our subconscious, we no longer feel like joining or participating in this retarded monstrous society and world. Maybe in old age you're sick of society and humanity, it's going for thousands of years and nothing will change, frustrating.


The white world has been trying to take advantage of countries where brown people live for hundreds of years, e.g. slave age colonial age and now the multinational era. We steal their raw material for an apple and an egg, we make them work for a grab nickle. A farmer in India gets $1 for 1 kilo of cinnamon, but in our Western supermarkets it sells for €120 per kilo.

Exploitation of the western world (Mallence Bart Williams).
African Countries are still colonies of France.

George Carlin - The Bombing Brown People.

Ikiesha Al-Shabazz Whittaker Former Manhattan Prosecutor "Fuck America".


(10-02-2020) YOU'RE FUNNY YOU THINK.
Most Dutch people don't know what is going on in their own country, take the Dutch Bank they think it's a State-bank BUMMER. It's just a commercial bank with shareholders. So are the German Bundesbank, the US Federal Bank that prints the dollar the English Bank of England etc. all commercial banks with shareholders.

The U.S. Tax IRS is also a commercial company with shareholders their headquarters is in Puerto Rico outside America, why?, to avoid taxes in America. You go to jail for seven years if you have been cheating with your tax form on April 1st, they're not they have their legal ways to get away with it.

You pay your health insurance premium because you think it's compulsory required BUMMER, there is nowhere in the law that says you should be a compulsory customer of a commercial company as a health insurance one. Recently, a judge agreed with a rejecter, you don't have to pay the monthly premium. This also applies to your car insurance they're also commercial.

If you don't have a bank or giro account, you will not receive your salary old age pension or wellfare, while you don't have to be a customer of a bank because it's also a commercial. If you go to the Wellfare Desk and say, give me cash my money, they will refuse, you don't even get a check. The government illegally forces you to be a customer of these companies.

According to the law, you have access to your medical records with the general practitioner, you may even make copies but most doctors are going to be difficult. Then there must be a phone number that you call, and they bring that doctor to the mind you should allow that if not, then we sue you so you don't have to sue that doctor they do it for you.


(09-02-2020) TWO CUTY PIES.
Dani and Dannah the follow-up to the break-up.


(08-02-2020) WISEGUY.
Suppose you are on welfare and don't want to work at all and avoid applying for a job, but the welfare people say if you don't apply for a job we'll cut your benefit with 30%. So you're going to apply for a job and the boss sits opposite you, and asks you what have you done before.

And you say I used to be a lumberjack. Then he asks you oh and where, and you say in the Sahara. But there are no trees there he says, and you say not anymore. The boss will not hire you because he thinks your nutcase, Problem Solved.


Our Governments, political parties, politicians, are they either criminals or psychiatric or are they being blackmailed? Or are they the beasts of evolution? For there is one thing that they are very good at, and that is making war. They probably have a university degree for that.

All those innocent world citizens who are tortured, raped, and murdered with revolutions coups and wars, the beasts are not getting hot or cold about that. They have been doing it for thousands of years. Are they criminals being blackmailed psychically or are the beasts of evolution.

Do these beasts have no sense, no empathy, no compassion for another? Are they so unscru-pulous that they're with no blinking of their eyes, push a lot of peoples over the edge, babies toddlers Adolescents men women Grandpa's and grandmas, doesn't anything touches them?

Don't they learn anything from history that everybody suffers in a war, there are no survivors or losers everybody loses. And what is very hypocritical very soon after a war their close friends again, all the misery and suffering for both nations and their people is forgotten within a jiffy

Louis Farrakhan Explains Real Reason Countries Go To War After Economic Trouble.
What Does Armageddon Mean?: The Breakdown, The Future & Great War.
(1) Why Did God Make Devil? Min. The Time & What Must Be Done.
(2) Why Did God Make Devil? Min. The Time & What Must Be Done.


(06-02-2020) WHO IS THE REAL ENEMY?
Who is the real enemy? Iran or America? Israel wants to destroy Iran for years, and for that they use their friends America and Europe for. If, we want peace on this planet then we have to make the Middle East Zionist free. I'm not talking by the good Biblical Jews, but the Khazar (converted to Judaism in 740 past Christ), and came from the Ukraine, the wicked ones.

USA - Iran: Are the renewed US sanctions justified?

An American Observing Sanctions in Iran.

Iran: Beyond Propaganda (Travel journal by Andre Vltchek).

Iran Uncensored - Media harassment and reality.

Film: War made easy - How Presidents
and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death -.

You come to the conclusion that the white race are Satan's children, the well-known Superior Aryan Racist White Devil's Children. They assume from the arrogant cocky attitude that, the planet is their private plantation with six billion colored slaves. They must be required to dance to our pipes if not then our secret services cause revolutions coups and wars for them.

If the governments have been chased away or killed, we will park our straw governments, such as e.g. in Afghanistan Iraq Libya Saudi Arabia Egypt Turkey., the candidates we are now addres-sing are Syria Yemen and Lebanon. We are angry that the countries became independent, now we have to pay for OUR raw materials such as oil, whereas in the past we stole it for free.

And now I come it can't be another way back to the Khazaren Jews Bolsheviks and Zionists, white Europeans who behind the scenes and are the real owner of the Earth. Sneakiness cunningness craftiness ellebowness is a typical character trait of these people. They hide behind the scenes and let America and Europe do their dirty work for them, typically Jewish behavior.

The Jews have been hunted down true all history that, is just their own fault they just call it upon themselves. Between 1917 and 1953, as Bolsheviks, they killed 60 million Russians and Eastern Europeans, maybe they killed one (1) billion world citizens in the last 2000 years. They call themselves God's children, but they look more like Satan's Children.


(05-02-2020) EGOISM?
There are plenty of Dutch people who assume the position, helping asylum seekers that's a white men's affair, Surinamese people should not interfere. And the asylum seekers have a skin color so why help them?, to help boosting their ego, so along the lines of, what are we Dutch people great because the coloreds can't do anything.

Why did they in 1550 invented the first white racist theory?


(04-02-2020) ONE OWNER?
The same words so the phrase is broadcast by hundreds of TV news stations in America. That sentence comes from one central source the owner of all those TV stations. So other news that is not consistent with what the fascists think is not aired. This is called very clever censoring what citizens should not know, so essentially the truth is kept from them.


I just found this video about a group of people from the United Nations who have been visiting Syria. And they have talked to several parties including President Assad. They tell a completely different story, then our newspapers the Journal of 20.00 hours and our politicians.

The school training is free for the citizens even in the university, so also the health care. Qaddafi of Libya did that too, and the population also had free gasoline. When a woman married in Libya, an Imam went to talk to her first, and if he discovered she had to marry, then Qaddafi forbade the marriage, the parents did it, then the marriage was dissolved and the parents went to jail.

Saddam Hussein also had a lot of free for the people. And in most Arab countries, this is known -- Niqab -- where the feminine face is hidden, with only 2 eyes is forbidden, a head cloth may be.

US Peace Council Representatives on Syria.
Bashar Al Assad Interviews on YouTube.

I consider everyone who is going to vote as a killer, because they are voting on politicians who actually drop bombs on citizens in the Middle East. And that well-known additional damage/Collateral damages -- I don't accept. That excuse doesn't work for me, the voters to whom it relates are, in my view murderers, because the people of those countries did not invade our countries, nor did they shoot at us.

We as the Western world we are the aggressors and war criminals. And if 56% didn't vote, then of the 71 fellow apartment residents there are thirty-one who is murderers who surround me and where I live.

You are in town and someone is looking for a quarrel with you and says: "I know where you live tonight I come along and kick you all the way”. And indeed tonight at 20.00 o'clock the doorbell rings, and if you open it is the man. But he is not alone he has brought 4 friends, and together they put you into the hospital. If these 5 are in front of a judge, he will consider them: “As the scum of the top shelf“ and punish them well.

America is also looking for a quarrel (As usual because they want to play the boss around the world), and also takes his 4 friends, and murders and destroys your citizens and the country together. But those friends The Netherlands England Germany and Belgium, are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague as well: “Upper shelf scum“but as friends. And together they go and have dinner at The King of the Netherlands the President of America the Israhell Knesset.

That is why I demand and I hope that there are more citizens who demand that the Netherlands go away from NATO-NATO, because America is dragging us from war to war. Since the end of Hitler in 1945 have been in the last 71 years only countries bombed by America where Coloreds live, the rig is therefore also racist.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People. (Part 1 - 219 US Wars). (Part 2 - 219 US Wars).

The big problem is, that our press and media, eg. The Journal of 20.00 our newspapers, and not forgetting those professional liars and stage players from the second chamber, who play for demagogues and lie all on each other, to drive the people in their corner. And then they have an excuse to continue bombarding for years, because the people find it fine, otherwise they will not vote on us.

Eva Bartlett Challenges the Corrupt Western Media’s Vision of Syria.
The Dirty War on Syria - Dr. Tim Anderson on GRTV.
Joe Jamison Syria War Report.


(02-02-2020) NO COMMENT.
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 1)
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 2)
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 3)

My Favorite Fast Food Restaurant.
Shopping in a Moscow Mall.


I -- DEMAND -- that the U.S. defense forces, whether they are Army Naval Air Force or Special services, and their more than 1000 bases around the world are being kicked back to their own country, to defend their national boundaries against any enemy. This also applies to NATO armies, and any other non-Western foreign armies.

Any defense force it doesn't matter which country, piss of home to your own fucking country. Then there will come a sea of peace on Earth. The non western and third world countries, are not the property of the arrogant cocky racist whites. We've had the slave and colonial times they no longer exist that's in the past, so history.

The current multinational time must be abolished. Each country is going to mind with its own domestic affairs, within its own national boundaries. Then all the Western Church missionaries have to fuck off to their own country, make new souls in your own country, because there are still enough antisocial scum around on the streets that urgently need to be converted.

Last night I was in bed thinking about a story, and whether that story came from my
underconsciousness or whether I made it up I don't know. The Khazar Jews Bolsheviks and
Zionists all one people from Ukraine-Crimea (Basic Root Russia), celebrated rape parties
everyone who was present was forced to submit. It was just a complete sexual orgy.

And whether it was family or not that didn't matter, it was one big rape gang-bang. Family
friends acquaintances colleagues neighbors etc. Everyone got caught at one point they placed
a sign in front of the entrance to the building if, you don't want to be raped stay outside
and don't come in. Because, there were also eg. some family members who didn't like it.

This reminds me of Roman times at the kings royal court and presumably also private, and every
one grabbed each other. You also have ordinary citizens eg., a group of friends and acquain-
tances who go on a visit and grab each other. There also seem to be special sex houses where
there is no door in the room but, at the floor is a half round entrance there you to crawl in.

And inside it's earthly dark people don't see each other you can only feel. A woman feels
something and then a man puts something inside, or a man feels something and another man puts
something inside, or suddenly something gets put in your mouth. And if you're having a drink
at the bar afterwards, you have no idea about the others at the bar who was on or inside you.

There are children who are sexually harassed at home that could be theoretically everyone in
the family, there are also friends and acquaintances who participate. Even uncles and grand-
fathers do it with their granddaughter, mother's aunts they're not sacred either. Children are
also often sexually abused in foster homes and children's homes, and by church-leaders.

Every year, thousands of Russian and Eastern European poor young girls are abducted in Israhell, who would
work there as so-called help in the household of a Jewish family. They are then beaten tortured and raped
in a group, in a gang-bang of pimps and owners to break their will, and scare them not to escape. (An Example).
Humanity betrayed you sweetheart,
them so-called holy God's children.

My Roi find peace there, and shovel pimp and wench hell empty.

Those rapes have been happening for the past thirty years, and why?, politicians have no interest whatsoever.
Because, if they hated what those girls had to go through, they would have stopped it internationally 30 years ago.
It's very easy: Airlines are forbidden to fly young girls to Israhell, then that will probably save the girls.

But that's not going to happen because, the psychopathic lunatic politicians who don't have any feelings for the girls,
are too busy playing the big boy. They want to make a career at all costs, and be promoted on to the EU and the UN.
And then you shouldn't shake the boat, otherwise the big bosses will be pissed and then you can forget your career.

Filthy stink Jews go to hell with your promised land, write that on your belly Viper-Serpents. My father is
a vengeful God, who knows how to find you, Khazar's Jewish Bolsheviks Zionist HOODLUMS. Therefore, Palestine
of Jesus will NEVER become your property, you are simply European SCUM temporarily residing in a foreign country.
(Fight for your land Babies, I'm proud of You, Fuck the Jews).

The good Jews are those who refuse to live in Israhell because, they don't agree that the Satanschildren of the government,
who are committing genocide on the Palestinians for 72 years. In addition, there are also Jews who say, we are not allowed
to live in Palestine by God. The sad thing is that if there is a hunt for Jews in the future, it will be the Western Jews.

There are enough born and raised American Scum in Palestine, who have nothing to do with European Jews, because the
war was in Europe and not in America. They are also in the Israhellian army and terrorizing the Palestinians in their
own country, however arrogant could these ANIMALS be. There are now about 1,000 U.S. defense bases around the world.

And who are the bosses of the White House indeed those conceited stink Jews, them stupid Americans follow only
assignments from those snakes from Israhell. In the White House, 300 Jews are working with dual nationality both
American and Israhellisch and also a dual passport, these scum serve and work for Israhell and not America.

In every war, women are raped that is often done to humiliate the enemy, and because the soldiers don't have their
girlfriend's fiancee and wife with them. After ww2, the Allies raped and tortured two million German women and
then slit their throats. Dutch soldiers were also not holy in Indonesia, they also raped and tortured females. (An Example).

We who watch these videos think it's terrible what happens to these women, but tomorrow we have forgotten about them,
because then we're too busy with our egoism. There's no point in knocking on the door of psychopathic politicians because,
that doesn't fit their career agenda. They are passing it at the EU and the UN knowing that nothing is happening anyway.

There are hundreds of thousands of poor girls from non-Western and third world countries working in the prostitution, many
also in Western countries criminal gangs earn capitals. Who is mostly causing this indeed the Western world because, our multi-
nationals the banks the IMF the World Bank etc., keep these countries consciously poor so that we Westerners can live richly.

We lend them so much money calculated that they can only pay interest on interest, we steal their raw materials and minerals
for an apple and an egg, and let them make our goods at a grab penny. Most of the six billion people of color are poor and
penniless, and remain so until their deaths, a way out of it is often prostitution in the hands of criminal-scum.

Sometimes I think are we humans sometimes naturally bad, and if we want something from the other one we're going
to be nice. If you want to seduce a woman, you shouldn't slap her or scold her. You have to talk to her very smart
handy cunningly screwed and dodgy to get her into bed, and of course she does the same with her body language.

And remember, we who publish these things and ring the bell, are often called psychiatric patients who don't considered
living in reality. Often we are also seen as inconvenient trans-mitters, organizations governments and also acquaintances
often park us in the forest. Either we're told we don't have interest with this, or we don't even get an answer 90% of the time.

What we also often hear is, there's no point, you're being parked in the woods. You're pulling the shortest end of the
stick, you live in a dream world etc. But what people can't understand is that, when most of a population says, I don't
do anything because it doesn't have any use. Then nothing happens, and then there's no point in that, they can't grasp.

Pedophile Planet : Organized Child Rape Comes to America.
Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure.


Take a large landowner in Brazil and 50 small independent farmers, with all a piece
of land. They try to sell them out, if that doesn't work the harvest is constantly
wrecked. If that doesn't work either then de goon squads arrive to shoot everybody out.

First, the man who is represented the peasants is being killed, if that
doesn't work the peasants are chased away or killed. Or farmers are now
forced to work on their own land, which is now owned by the great landowner.

Brazilian Landless Movement & Agroecology.


(29-01-2020) GOVERNMENT CUTS-2?
Following yesterday's article, you come to the conclusion that banks are ordinary criminals.
You work for a boss and you may save ?200 a month, you do that for ten years and then you
have 24,000 Euro's of savings your money right, not on your Nelly. If all Zutphenese go to
the bank on the same day and hour to collect their savings, the front door will close.

Why?, the bank doesn't have your savings they've let it disappear, and they're supposed
to have it because it's your savings you've worked for ten years. We give our money to the
bank because if we keep it at home and a burglar comes he'll take that 24,000 Euro. Now
it's not the burglars alone who steal our money, but also the banks, i.e. both criminals.

The bank has to keep six procent real money from the law, the other 94% money
does not exist, they call the money viral nice handy for stealing our money legally.
If you only go to the bank then you get your savings paid up to the last penny in
cash, because they just take your money from that mountain of six percent real money.

A bank therefore cannot fall over, because before the fall they didn't have the money.
Those traitors the politicians the other thieves steal ?200 billion of your tax money from
the treasury, to give it away for free to their boyfriends the bankers. The people-cheaters
have made laws to ensure that their friends get away with everything legally, not you.

The Courtfool Reveals Secrets Behind World Events.
Pek and Feathers for the Politicians and Silent Media. (Nederlands).

Top ex-Banker tells everything: Satan is for real, your
body is the vehicle of your soul, Humanity is a slave.
Bankers are Criminals.


(28-01-2020) GOVERNMENT CUTS-1?
I believe Parliament has annually a shortage of 18 billion Euro. While the town-halls and
counties in November and December waist all the money which is left over, otherwise they have
to give it back to The Hague. Suppose that all 401 town-halls and 14 counties would give all
the money back, then that might maybe also 18 billion Euro, with other words no more cuts.

If you tell this to the politicians, then you consider you're an idiot who fell out of a tree.
If you ask them to nationalize the money, so create and distribute it themselves, and no more
true commercial banks because then they don't have to pay interest anymore. They'll park you
in the forest for ever. So in reality it's them politicians who are the real idiots here.

The Dutch English German Central Banks etc., and also the US Federal Bank which presses the
Us Dollar, are all private banks with shareholders. All Arab Central Banks were state banks,
citizens borrowed interest-free money, because Allah considers interest a crime. Now they are
private banks through U.S. straw governments, except Syria Iran Korea Venezuela Cuba etc.

All those private banks are owned by the Rothschild family and related by marriage, all Jews. First they were
Khazar from Ukraine/Crimea (Basic root Russia), then Jews then Bolsheviks and now Zionists. The Khazar converted
to Judaism in 740 AD, they are not Biblical Jews, they are not from Judea and Abraham. And have never lived in Palestine.

Before September 11, 2001, all Middle Eastern Arab Banks were State Banks, now no longer. They want all Middle
Eastern state banks to disappear, and make commercial banks out of them through American straw governments.

According to the International Red Cross, child at home in the 13 concentration camps, 272,000 Jews died of Cholera Typhoid
and hunger, there is not one gassed leave alone six million. After the war The Red Cross they were forced to deny these
figures. The sign in front of Auschwitz's gate that said, here are four million Jews gassed is not there anymore.
Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.

Government Debt - 335 Euro per second / Interest 20 billion Euro per year.
Unemployments-meter 700 persons per day.

The evil history of the Khazar.

How do commercial banks work?


The staff of eg. Google and YouTube censor nudity, even though it's beautiful nudity or
understandable nudity, with some videos you may think what a nonsense to censor that. That's
because, the staff want to make a career and then you shouldn't annoy the boss, otherwise
you can forget about it, and even though the staff would think nonsense they do it anyway.

People have been brainwashed into having to carry out assignments, even if they don't agree
with it anyway they do it. Soldiers carry out missions and often kill innocent civilians, both
from the friend and the enemy. The herd animals are first-class slaves, who do on command what
the big boss says. There are those who are also little psychopathic dictators themselves.

The soldier the police officer the civil servant, etc., they all do what the boss says,
and the civilians who want nothing of it are going to have a difficult time. Many misery
is 'caused' by citizens who carry out assignments, of often psychopaths who stands above them.
Earth would be a much more peaceful and pleasant planet if the herd animals questioned live.

The word anarchy derives from the Greek 'Anarchos': "No
Ruler". Anarchism is the pursuit of a situation or society,
In which people want to live without a higher power or authority.

It is the collection of mindsets that brings back is to the
thought, that an individual Human is in no way A subordination
of or for something or someone he doesn't recognize. (Help, an Anarchist!) (Anarchy - Good Speech)

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose.


(26-01-2020) DANCE THE WEEKEND AWAY. (New York). (Konpa). (Bachata). (Zouk).


If I'm right then there are some psychopaths in higher circles who want to steal
the world and humanity, and they call him the New World Order (NWO). And whether
this NWO will work, I don't know, but presumably he's going to cause a lot of misery
for humanity. Because when the tip comes down to the pile, it's often about power and money.

The Big Idea: Artificial Intelligence and the New World Order.


I received the sites below on Wednesday, January 22, 2020
from by email, and I'll send them to you for information.

Vaccination is for profit, not for health.
Ex Farma representative speaks out about deception.

Global Epidemic by Vaccinations.

The film -VAXXED -, from cover-up to catastrophe,
possible relationship between vaccinations and autism.

Vaxxed, the shocking Truth!? (English Spoken).


(23-01-2020) BAN FIREWORKS?
The best solution to ban fireworks is as follows, you put all 150 government politicians
and 400+ mayors of the Netherlands a few thick flares in their asses. Then they fly like
missiles to China like a thick column of birds in formation, to persuade the Chinese
government to abolish and ban the making and export of fireworks, problem solved.

The government wants to ban fireworks in the Netherlands because, there is scum that sets
cars on fire. This is a typical way of all governments and politicians worldwide, we're just
going to punish the whole population. They will not say only in that one city or borough or
street the fireworks are forbidden because, the other citizens of the country are innocent.

The dictators psychopaths despots and politicians, have once again found a way to
chain the whole people, to put and kick them around. Instead of banning fire work
you could also ban the car, but that will never happen. Because now you touch their
personal selfishness, because their car is also taken away, now they're not home.

The medical world that wants to abolish the fireworks, should mind their own affairs.
Abolish the car, because it causes a lot of medical misery. Get rid of the color smell
and flavors additives, because they cause a lot of diseases. Also, forbid tobacco
because, according to the medics it causes cancer, even forbid addictive alcohol.

The hypocritical politicians who want to ban flares have a lot of behind their elbows.
Because, in E.U. and UN, they have no trouble firing missiles in the Middle East,
the medics you won't hear complaining now that causes a lot of mutilations. Even
worse, it's the same medics who vote for these war criminals every four years.

Ban on fireworks fits the spirit of time, okay then also forbid the salty herring Prince's
Day Holocaust commemoration, and continue so on for an hour. The people who want to ban
fire work are the cocky people in the Netherlands, because as a small child they used
to set off fireworks themselves, but now as adults they have become arrogant.


Most people continue to keep lifelong fanatic to their faith. They have received
the faith from their parents from birth, and often they also had to go to church
as children. And may think, if we adopt a different faith, we are betraying our parents.
Is it possible that some may only sit in the church, because they hope that father mother
grandma and grandpa will come in straight away, while they are often dead for years.

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)

(List called Bijblebarrel), it is meant that, the rulers have created many beliefs,
to play the faithful out against each other. So that they get in battle with each
other to defend their faith, and not have time to jointly make paradise on Earth.

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

When there were no churches and Bible in the old days, people still had hope and
trust in the future? Is it possible that when there no churches and Bible, the people
believed in the same supreme Being. And instinctively did the good also with each other.

The Western churches forced in the 3rd world in the slaves and colonial times,
their western faith upon the so-called: ?uncivilized??, they were not allowed
to practice their nature faith they could not confess anymore because that was
devilish. And now the people sitting in the church long-live to worship a western
faith, and taking a waiting attitude until the white? Western savior comes?

And in the meantime their countries are looted, from the raw materials for an apple and
an egg. They have to make our products for a pittance, pay interest on interest on
interest on interest rates etc. And so their debts remain open forever, in this way they
are permanently in the plier, those western: ?Civilized?? are very shrewd dodgy and cunning.

In the past, the Sunnis and Shiites, they were one group that lived harmonious with each
other. Then the French came, and they played them out against each other. And during the
clashes, the French were the boss in the Middle East. The Tutsi and the Hutu of Rwanda in
Africa were also one people until the Belgians came and created troubles between them.

The same also applies to the people of Africa, and the people of South America,
and the people in Asian countries. They were all harmonious with each other.
Until the western white arrogant arrived, living in a psychiatric pride world.

When the European settlers and slave boats arrived in South America, they also killed
millions of Indians. Now the Westerners from the White House and their bosses the Khazar
from Palestine and not Israel, trying to kill millions of lives in the Middle East.


As a bachelor man, I knew married women who thought I was their stallion, not on your
FUCKING Nelly piss off. You have to fuck your husband you're married to him not to me,
and if you don't love your husband then you have to grow up and divorce. And if you're
a slut or a prostitute, you shouldn't get married because you can't stay loyal.

I'm not saying you should stay loyal to your husband to the bone. Anyone of us can get
into a situation where we lose our heads that, happens spontaneously and we are in an
elation that is difficult or not to stop it that can happen to us all. But consciously
with premeditated thoughts deciding to mess outside the gate that is other cake.

Most women are cowards, because they always strain a man in front of the trolley. He has
to make her rich so she can live nicely, but stay single and do it all herself, the prostitute
is not thinking a hair on her head about that. That's why they always marry the other, never
with me because I'm a bruise I don't make them rich. I'm allowed to play for stud, no way get lost.

If you have children, then it's a deep shame that you're a prostitute or become one
because, you're spitting your children in the face. Maybe the children are sad or
ying in bed crying at night because mummy is a whore, the whore couldn't care less.
Because, she's far too busy counting hookers money that is obviously more important.

My Roi find peace there, and shovel pimp and wench hell empty.


(20-01-2020) I LIFE MASS HYSTERIA?
The weather forecast says: tomorrow afternoon it's going to rain, millions of people hear
that and expect rain. Is it possible that all these thoughts will become collective and it
will rain the next day? There used to laugh at the American Indians, who went dancing because,
they wanted rain, and moments later it started raining. Westerners don't believe in this.

I was in my bedroom and said, Guys you have to stop raining now because otherwise I can't sleep
here from any cesspool stench. Then the rain stopped like someone was closing a curtain at light-
ning speed. I sat in Suriname in the living room and said: I want the lightning to enter the
house through the door and leave the house through the window, then that happened too.

The annoying thing is that the normal people?, refer you to the world of psychiatry immediately.
But maybe they are the real patients because, they live in the delusion that they have all the
wisdom knowledge. They know what happened on Earth billions of years ago, they also know what's
going to happen on Earth over billions of years, in short first-class wise noses.

One can indicate everything you've been experiencing is in reality a psychosis
you're in, okay it could be. I can also tell them everything you see the trees the
grass doesn't exist you imagine it you. Maybe we're sleeping somewhere else in the
universe and dreaming that the Earth exists with everything on it, so a dream psychosis.

And if we die on Earth, maybe we'll wake up and walk around in Paradise? So we live out on
Earth all the mentally disturbed things from our subconscious. Then Earth is essentially
perhaps the psychiatric establishment of the universe with seven billion patients. And if
you look at how we deal with each other on Earth, you could say we're all mental cases.


(19-01-2020) THEM GOOD OLD DAYS.
1955 Kenworth 523 Bullnose.
Take a ride in the 1950 Kenworth 521 - Shifting and Cummins sound.


On April 9th 1948 at 3.45 AM, the Jews entered the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin,
and killed most villagers, men women children and old age people. Then they moved to the
second third fourth, etc. Village. They killed the villagers and then 700,000 Palestinians
fled abroad for fear of being killed as well. They acted like animals, and maybe they were animals.

Many mother's daughters sisters nieces were all raped and tortured with a gang-bang and then killed. The
Khazar or fake Jews acted as satanic hellish beasts, it was so badly that England rang the bell and said
stop with that, we didn't give you Palestine to eradicate all Palestinians, and then the Jews pulled gas back.

And to this day, Palestinians die every day, it's still the intention of the Jews
to eradicate all Palestinians. They want an empty country exclusively and only for
Jews. This is what the Khazar Bolshevik Jews and Zionists out of Ukraine/Crimea (Base
root Russia) also did in Russia and Eastern Europe and killed 60 million civilians.

Deir Yassin remembered. (The Beginning of Terror) (Survivors Explain).

More Info over Deir Yassin.

How many Palestinians have been killed since 1948 - (5.100.000?).

Some who are murdered by those filthy stinking arrogant
cocky Khazar Bolshevik Jewish Zionist cockroaches.

It amounts to racism of the white race, which suffers from the psychiatric illness called: - Grandeur illusion -. That disease
keeps them in the illusion that, they belong to some retarded Superior Aryan race. As a result, colored people such as e.g.
the Indians of the US the Maoris of New Zealand and the Aboriginals of Australia, are considered inferior beings.

I hope that the Romans after 2000 years will return to the Netherlands and steal the country, and most Dutch people flee
to Germany Belgium and England. The rest is parked on Ameland and Terschelling two islands off the coast of the Netherlands,
which is now becoming a Gaza and West bank open prison and concentration camp, heavily guarded by Roman terrorists.

And if the Dutch throwing stones at the soldiers or throw missiles at The Hague to expel the enemy to get their
country back, I'll make it known worldwide that they're terrorists. Then no country wants to do business with the
Dutch, and start sliming and sucking butt with the Romans, and helping them to keep their defence apparatus strong.

A Couragious Woman - Rania Masri - A Peace Fredom Activist.

Sectarian Leaders are Facing
a Historic Responsibility.

Website of Rania Masri.

Radio Falistini.
Radio GazaFm.
Falastini TV.

Palestinian Streetfood. (Ghaza). (Bethlehem).


There are people who like being naked, and whether that's just pleasant or because there
might be a sexual reason behind it, or they might be frustrated that I leave solid in
the middle. They are naked at home too in winter, and whether they go to nudist beaches
and nudist camps. What's wrong about that, why does the masses of people give them a hard time.

The majority of a population demands fanatically, you have to do what we want because that
is democracy. If not, we have our way to teach you a lesson, we have laws police RiotSqaud
judges and psychiatry. If you are going to investigate astrology UFOs or ghosts to think
independently, then the herd animals family tries to take the person down immediately.

Take married people and or couples who go to sharing-clubs, they often
use a false name because if we find out their real names, what do we say:
"What a sneaky bunch". But if they tell us their real names, what do we say:
"What a perverts right". Then it's possible that we condemn them, or possibly
drag them through the mud, so in essence we force them to behave secretly.

In the Bible, God asked Adam and Eve who told you that you were naked
means we were naked in paradise, just like our current animals. At least
if the stories in the Bible are based on truth. You come out of the shower
and you'll put clothes on later, then you basically have to close the
curtains, and that's annoying when the sun shines or the birds whistle.

The law should allow you to always be naked in your house, and if the pedestrians walk
past your house and look inside, with the curtains open then they have bad luck. Being naked
on the street or in front of your front door that might be another cake. You should also be
able to sunbathe naked in your garden, and if your neighbors see something tough luck for them.

Okay a shopping street full of naked people I don't know if I'd like to see
that, especially if there are old people walking in between because, their
bodies are often old and ugly. Maybe you're thinking for God's sake put
something on, because I really don't want to see that old body. But on the
other hand on naked and nudist beaches there are also older people and O.a.p.

God Allah nature or destiny should have built something into our bodies so that we could
activate it. And then get that feeling that pulls through our entire body, when we normally
come to our sexual peak. Then we don't need the other one anymore, we are now able to
become completely independent without the other being happy. The world will look better.

No more adultery, no more prostitution, no more porn, no more criminal sexual abuse,
no more pedophilia, no more sadism, no more women rape in peace and wartime, in short,
no longer often abusing the other for our own enjoyment. Maybe it's already in our bodies,
but it's unknown to us, God says if you live spiritually, you'll have a peak too.

Advice is filling wind, don't do deeds gate moon plier meadow.

Fishing illusion witches eyesong, this is smoke moon cabincrate, turn and save cap.


Thou now knows God and stone hopelane, lens show wise book, knit stone six count.

The grim reaper flew, witches mutiny planet, fowl is biting humans, you rose please do good.

Erase bite fowl, creates more brat ovum, hurts bowleg there, run R.

Souls riding keen, you rose measured dead woman ovum, female part him.

Turn Moon witches car fight now, spark phone now human cowcap.

(Witches car = UFOS Crew bad females from Moon)

Go to: (07-11-2018) IS SEXS TABOO ON WEBSITES?


We are born and live here in the Netherlands statistically 85 years and pass away, but in
those 85 years we are slaves of the other. Because we have millions of rules commands laws
definitions etc., to restrict us because the other one doesn't allow us the light in our eyes.
Watch it, don't you think about it, I'm going to keep an eye on you, don't you dare, nice right?

From the day we were born, we'll be drilled at home and in school. Then we are drilled by the
established order the church's the employer. It's therefore no wonder that we are angry towards
the other person at an adult age, because we are no longer spontaneous that has been taken away
from us. We are angry and can't tolerate the other one and do not give him the light in the eyes.

Are we adults parroting the thoughts and upbringing of our parents?, and if we think inde-
pendently and autonomous are we betraying the parenting of the parents?, e.g. we are bad
children. Many go to the same church because the parents did too, we vote for the same
political party as our parents, daughters often buy the same washing powder as their mother.

It starts during the upbringing small children who are spontaneously are often punished,
I was watching (The video was removed) to a young woman who walked naked in the city.
Then a little girl of six I estimated told her mother, I want that too. Nothing of it
barked the mother's the daughter in the face, and said that's filthy walk on.

So if that girl at an adult age dares to walk naked in the city, she probably
walks around with guilt in the back of her mind. She'll probably be ashamed, too,
and think. I'm doing something wrong. Hopefully she has a good psychiatrist who
makes her realize your mother has messed you up, there's nothing wrong with you.

I go a step further, let's say there are several people in the city who would like to
walk naked. The masses won't do so for fear of being caught, is it possible that all
these thoughts become collective. And someone else's own thoughts are pushed away and
takes the collective thoughts over and is going to actually walk naked in the city.

There are perpetrators who say to the judge, I don't remember doing it eg. raping a woman.
The person is right his consciousness has been pushed away by those collective thoughts of others,
and committed like a zombie's the act. Just as football-hooligans in a collective psychosis
elation and destroy the city, this is recognizes by the social workers, but not the perpetrator.

There are women who want to be roughly tackled in the field of sex also raped, perhaps through
her subconscious mind herself she attracts that man to do rough with her. But the ordinary
consciousness is terrified. And if that woman sits the rest of her life with it, is that's
a fight between the subconscious I wanted it and the consciousness no thank you?

The Police of London England has its hands full around full Moon, busy as a bee with
drunks fighter-bosses and sluts. Football hooligans who break down half the city
during a football match. Large groups of people who cause a lot of misery for the rest
of the city dwellers. Many driving through red lights or harassing women sexually.

I use to know a woman who said to me, I can let you do whatever I want, all
I have to do is think about, and you do it and think those thoughts are yours.
I immediately avoided that woman because we Surinamese people believe there is
more between Heaven and Earth. What a pity is that Western people laugh at this.

Your naked body is not a crime.
Is naked art photography obsceen?

We often have prejudice because if I show a naked man, Then I have a chance that
some of you say oh he is gay. I don't think so at least not that I know of, but
people don't settle for that and will say, oh it's still latent he doesn't know yet.
You never win it with people like this, their prejudices can indeed destroy you.

Here are a few sites with naked people, and that's for many enough to say the
author of this website, is a dirty old man or he's frustrated, you're immediately
taken down by the other humans. We don't easily show naked men, I suspect its
hypocrisy of us men. With other words women are weak inferior beings.

Completely naked in the city.
Two men walking naked in Berlin.
Photography Naked.

We have no trouble making careers, going over dead bodies to cheat lie and play smart
games with the other one. We often call that reality, but when it comes to nudity naked
bodies sex then we often start to be difficult. We have laws to take the other out, we
come up with everything to take the other one out, what are we so afraid of?

Nude Indian Girl 18 Without Ware Dance Performance. (Censored?)
Hot Dance Show by Three Indian Professional Dancers. (Censored?)
Indian Nude Art Dance ~Kajuraho~ Performed By Farrah Kader & Group

God said to Adam and Eve who hid their genitalorgans because they were ashamed, who
told you that you are naked. That means we were naked in paradise, we weren't ashamed
because there was no sex with all sorts of excesses. It was the most normal thing in the
world to be naked, while when you walk naked on the street you are so-called Sick. (Genesis 3.7).


(15-01-2020) FASCISM?
If governments register us on the streets' en masse, that seems suspiciously similar to Fascism, why should
people who use their democratic right to express their views be registered? If we are monitored and recorded
that means governments are angry, this registration may be a warning don't go too far with your opinion.

Phone Hackers: Britain's Secret Surveillance.


(14-01-2020) HANDY.
Is a marriage old-fashioned or not? Is it still of this time? In our modern age at least
in the Western world, people are going to separate much faster than in that so-called good
old days. And what's getting just a ring on your finger, is it kind of stating she's mine,
selfishness or slave mentality? Often marriage is demanded by the church and society.

You meet someone you like but, you can't go to bed with the person because, the person is
married frustrating you hear. You can't hold caress kiss and massage the person, but you
have decency and morality and leave the person alone. You also take into account the partner
because that's also a human being, and you don't want to make that person unhappy.

Each human being reacts differently to the same situation, the one is going to seduce her
and get into bed with her, while the other one does not. I suspect it's because we're follo-
wing the parenting of the parents. When we were little and lived at home, we heard our parents
talk and do in a certain way, and now that we're grownups we parrot their way of thinking.

In the Boeddistic world it's said that everything we see does not exist, it's in
our heads and the eyes project it out so we can see it. So in our brain everything
is playing out as some kind of film, so our eyes are the lens of a camera.

Question and Answer-sentences.


Why would an Iranian missile have brought down the Ukrainian plane, two minutes after it had taken off from
Tehran's international airport. There are hundreds of planes landing and taking off daily, the planes towards
Europe and the Ukraine all fly to the west, and why of all departing aircraft's a Ukrainian plane?

Has the sphere and vote been put? The first impression remains psychologically hung with the world's population, it
was a missile from Iran, there is no doubt about it. Iran has fired missiles at Iraq, they are supposedly supporting
the rebels in Syria and Yemen, and the citizen think Iran has done it. Is this another part of psychological warfare?

Iran is being accused of everything, is the Iranian government so stupid to make themselves even blacker than
they already are. Maybe it's been a technical failure, it may also be that the mechanics made a mistake during
maintenance three days ago. But global politicians will put everything on everything on Iran to black-book the country.




Omer Goldman - She is a member of the Shministim, a group of young Israeli conscientious objectors
or ?refuseniks? who refuse to serve in Israel's army after they graduate from high school.

Father... Forgive Me, I Will Not Fight
for Your Israel - Omer Goldman.

Thousands of Israelis protest against the war in Gaza.
Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza.
I refuse to serve in the IDF-army.

856 Pages Photos.

Middle Eastern Women.


(10-01-2020) FAKE TERRORISTS?
Isis AL-Qida Daesh and other so-called Allah-fighters are mercenaries, who work and are paid for by America
and Israhell. If they are wounded, they are treated and sent to Israhell and Turkey. These two Satanic Devilish
countries will pay for it in the future, I have the memory of an ELEPHANT, they don't get away with it.

Yazidi Survivor: I was raped for
six months every day. BBC News.

Muslims are not terrorists and neither
are most terrorists Muslims.


(09-01-2020) HYPOCRITES?
Western governments and politicians (To whom it relates) are fat hypocrites, many of them
sitting in church on Sundays to sham: Thou shall not kill. While, from Monday to Saturday
they throw their Western weapons in the countries of the Middle East. Those people there
are sitting daily with fear in their house in bed on the street on the market at work etc.

Before September 11th 2001 in New York, there was peace throughout the Middle East, after 9/11,
the Middle East is being renovated into one big cemetery. The main culprit you already know is
that, Satanic Devilish Khazar Bolshevik Jews and Zionists Biblical VIPER SERPENTS from ISRAHELL,
the bosses of the White House and the European government, including P.M. Cuntte the butt-sucker.


If, you are a member of a political party and you have your own opinion, then you are often
called to order or you are disbarred. That is not democracy but communism dictatorship power-
lust fascism despotism, presumably this applies to every organization foundation church also
alternative world etc. If you have your own or different opinion you're out, get lost.

I would like to see there were no political parties in the House of Representa-
tives, but 150 independent politicians. Because now you have to vote yes from your
party if you disagree with this motion. Or you have to vote no if you do agree,
so a political party is also communism dictatorship power-lust fascism despotism.

Even a residents' committee can be a dictatorial organization, because when they sit
around the table with the housing rental company, they talk on behalf of all 272 residents,
and they can use it to park all residents collectively in the woods. While, as 272 independent
residents ring the bell separately at de housing rental company that is other cake.

I don't vote on war criminals and mass murderer politicians, who have been working for
19 years to turn the whole Middle East into one big cemetery. Yet I am obliged to pay
taxes to buy bombs missiles ammunition tanks boats fighter jets. If, I refuse to pay
the bailiff empties my house, If I put my foot down I'll appear in front of a judge.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose

The word anarchy derives from the Greek 'Anarchos': "No
Ruler". Anarchism is the pursuit of a situation or society,
In which people want to live without a higher power or authority.

It is the collection of mindsets that brings back is to the
thought, that an individual Human is in no way A subordination
of or for something or someone he doesn't recognizes. (Help, an Anarchist!) (Anarchy - Good Speech)

The Myth Of Authority.
Question Authority.

This is how Herd-Animals are made. (The Monkey/Stepladder Experiment). (IfYouWereKing). (TheTinyDot). (The Jones Plantation).


Jesus says, Forgive your enemy, Jesus can kiss my butt with his bullshit. I'm not going to
forgive them arrogant conceited stinking Jews, who are expelling terrorizing raping torturing
and killing the Palestinians for 71 years. Jesus is a Palestinian but unfortunately he is a
country traitor, because he is sliming and butt-kissing with them arrogant stink Khazar (Fake Jews).

Jesus says: I have a Biblical promised land for the Jews, but that doesn't have to be neces-
sarily on Earth, it can also be the hell where these fake Jews go after they died. The Biblical
books whether they are Western or not Western are rattling from all sides, with other words
they've been constantly rewritten, so the REAL very first story may not be in it anymore.

The arrogant Khazar Bolsheviks Jews Zionists (One and the same people) from Ukraine have
experienced the Holocaust themselves, and look what they're doing with the Palestinians
And next, their white house jumping-jacks have the task of them, to destroy the entire Middle East
country by country, because those Jewish Viper Serpents from the Bible want a Great Israhell.
Arthur Koestler - The Thirteenth Tribe.

Jewish statement: Stop Israhell full with millions of Africans, that's the end of the Jewish state.
My statement: Stop Palestine full with sixteen million Jews and that is the end of Palestine.

What is happening in Iraq is exactly what Israhell wants, use the US to destroy every Arab
country. When they are gone the country is in a shamble, with everlasting fights in the
country so that they stay weak and can't attack Israhell. For example if they want to help
the Palestinians to become free in their own country. Israhell wants a Greater-Israhell.

Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Yemen Lebanon Iran etc., all Arab countries must be destroyed
and kept in turmoil, so the US and Israhell are the boss in them countries with straw govern-
ments. If you want to stay the boss in Israhell, then you have to take out and destroy the
friends of Palestine (Iran too), so they can't help them to become free in their own country.

What is BDS = Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. (BDS) is a Palestinian-led
movement for freedom, justice and equality. BDS upholds the simple principle
that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity.

Ex-General Wesley Clark said it is the intention of America to destroy and bring under
our control seven countries in five years. Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libya Somalia and Sudan.
Go to 09.38 minutes - 12/14.
219 US-wars in comparison to Russia, China, Iran and Germany.

What many don't know and is not told by the demagogues of the media is the fact that there are plenty
of Jews in Israel hunting the Ethiopian and Russian Jews. They get the worst homes the worst jobs the
worst salaries the worst medical care. They also get regular blows on the street, both by the Jews and
the police. The fact that the Jews get hunted every so often in history is simply because, they are even
more arrogant than the devil, and then another people come along who are thinking we are fed up with the Jews.

If I was God, I said to my son Jesus, go and save the Palestinians, and kick those arrogant Khazar
Jews who have been terrorizing for 71 years, under their asses. If not, you're not my son anymore.

If I was God and I came to Earth, the very first thing I did is making the Middle East
Jew free, let them live with their friends in America. Who will probably receive them very
enthusiastically and warmly at the American airports. Complete with banners, flowers, Apple
pie and kisses. Arab countries are destined for the Arabs, not for the Jews, who are not Arabs.

And if that didn't work I split the country up in two, with an ocean in between of 10 miles wide.
On the right side are the Jews going to live and on the left side the Palestinians, and if the
Jews make the mistake to sail across that sea to fuck about in the Palestinian land, I'll kick
all of them arrogant cockroaches fucking Jews back to Europe. Hitler is no more.

The second thing I did, all those mass murderers from the White House, where locked up in a state men-
tal facility in America, because of criminal psychopathic satanic crimes against humanity. In short,
I put all of them slimy snakes in the "MAD HOUSE". The third thing I did, I let all weapons melt
so no one can use them again. Bullets grenades bazooka's fighter jets navy boats vehicles etc.

Is Western and European governments secretly engaged? Do they help Israel with weapons
and technologies to keep them strong in the Middle East so that they can keep the Arabs
under it? If they don't help them then they might get weak, and maybe they're kicked away.

And where are they fleeing Europe too, and presumably governments don't want it
because they may also hate the Jews. So essentially the Palestinian people with a
skin color are sacrificed for the pleasure of the white Western world ? Racism?

Suppose all Catholics Reformed Mormons Lutheran Reformed etc. all want their own country.
They're all going to steal a country, and the local natives are being chased away flee or
are killed. Then the fence is off the dam, this is madness that every faith wants its own
country. Soon the rich or unemployed or men or women will also want their own country. (The Ones Who Are Murdered Daily) (We are all One People) (I Refuse to be a Israeli Soldier)

Radio Falistini.
Radio GazaFm.
Falastini TV.


(06-01-2020) WE ARE GROWN-UPS RIGHT?
An intimate and gendered piece on the detached or paternalistic objectification,
fetishization, and consumption of women's bodies and apparent vulnerability
through visual media on the internet. (In short Exploitation of Females?).

Thousands of women are abducted each year for the international sex trade. There are plenty
of poor Eastern European girls who are being lured to Israhell supposedly to work in the
household, when they've arrived then their passport is shredded, then they are beaten
and raped for hours to scare her into a frenzy, so she doesn't think about escaping.

She is then regularly resold to other scum also in other countries this is going on for years,
they never come home in their own country again. And what do governments do to warn those
girls and protect them NOTHING. Because often the elite the rich the string-pullers and the
posh nosh are also the customers of these girls. There is no international protection alert.

You can save most of those girls by doing something internationally together. When
young girls arrive at the airports of all countries no matter which country or air-
port, and they want to go to Israhell or Egypt SORRY it won't happen.Then you can
save maybe 90% of those girls who are no longer forced to work in prostitution.

A second measure you invade all 280 brothels in Tel Aviv at the same time, take
the girls out and put them on a plane home. The scum and the pimps that work there
give them e.g. 20 years. Those customers what kind of men are they also scum,
because when thousands of girls are raped there must be plenty customers.

European girls lured to Israhell.

Your ears deaf, you think you're MoonKings, rob Roi's V Lances.

MoonKing = Ufonauts?, Roi = King, V = Victory Lances

Let's assume that God has split himself up into 7 billion particles (I am in you and you are in me).
Then we are all a particle of God. And we don't hear the agony grief howling hurt cries screams
yelling pain sadness, and mortal fear of death from those other particle gods that are raped
tortured and brutally murdered, by devilish psychopaths of Satanic governments.

Uniting for the rights of Women and Girls.

Isis Al Queda and other so called Allah's fighters are mercenaries, working and being paid by America and Israhell.
Are they wounded then they are bruoght to Israhell and Turkye to be patch up and send back. These two Develish Satanic
Diabolical countries will pay for it in the future, I have the memory of an ELEPHANT, they're not getting away with it. Yazidi survivor: I was raped every day for six months - BBC News.


16 Biggest Magical Gardens.
The Most Beautiful Gardens in Europe.

Beautiful flowers in Keukenhof Garden 2019 (Lisse The Netherlands).

Flower Gardens of the World.


If you don't believe in the faith of the Church the Bible or God, according to the established
order you are a pagan, so a child of the Devil you don't believe in either. You walk into the
city and see a wanderer you buy a portion of food and give it to him, while the faithful the
church men the Biblical people and the God's children who also see him shiver and walk quickly.

Some say you do God's work, but what if he doesn't exist? These people have the belief the
point of view we believe in God, so he does God's work. If they believe in God as God's
children and they want to do his job, they must also do what he asks them and donate 10%
of their income to the needy every month, but not a hair on their head is thinking about that.

God has said to the believers, Thou shall not kill, they don't give a toss about that
because, every four years they go vote for war criminals and mass murderers. Who have been
working for 19 years to turn the entire Middle East into one large graveyard. With millions
of dead refugees disabled widow and orphans homeless and traumatized. God's work?

I suspect believing is a compulsive addiction, like eg. alcohol money sex tobacco drugs
etc. Could it be possible for the believers to defend the parenting of the parents,
who were also religious, so we as children now as adults we have to believe too. Other-
wise, we are betraying the parenting of the parents, i.e. then we are bad children.

I know a Sagittarius woman she is a Muslima and believes in Allah, she wears a head-
scarf and eats lambs and or beef, okay no problem very nice. BUT, I know Sagittarius
women are free birds, they need to be able to discover the whole world freely. They
don't like to be put on the chain by the men who consider them inferior.


Hello ladies, Lilith Eva and Maria Magdalena, can you come and live at my house because I
want to fuck you every day. We just make one big gang-bang out of it, I don't care because
according to the normal people, I'm already crazy anyway. I can do and leave what I'm as
free as a bird because, well that nut leave him be because he's crazy. That's handy right?

I don't have to dance to the pipes of normal people right now to satisfy their selfish-
ness. I don't have to make a career to please my whore I married too. To suck out the
fellow man financially, walk over corpses. The tough successful psychopath, the all-rounder
who controls and kicks everything and everyone around. In short, the successful citizen.

In the past, I've heard a woman say, You shouldn't fall in love with me or love
me because I'm married, you know. What's that woman so terribly afraid of, if
she loves her husband, she wants to stay married right. We all want to be loved,
but if I love my fellow human as I love her, I get the wind from the front, strange?

Is she so afraid she will fall for me eventually, and temporarily or for
good start a relation with me. Does she possibly not love her husband, or
is her marriage crooked what she desperately tries to hide? Or has she
already secretly behind the scenes relationships with other men, and of
ourse that has to be hidden and I probably throw rust into her food?

Lilith, the first wife of Adam?
Eve, the second wife of Adam?
Maria Magdalena, mother or wife of Jesus?

Dumb window want grave ashes, guess lurking song wine-barrel kill Jul.

(Does this mean when you have sex that when you die and are born again, and the woman
you did it in previous life with, will she be your mother in the next life?
Oedipuscomplex? - Dutch Doei - English Bye - Pus (Semen?) Complex. So if you've done
it with 6 different women, do you have to be born 6 times again)

When men come to their sexual peak, they want to go more inside. Is it possible that they
want to be back in the womb. And the womb of that woman will that be their mother's womb in a
next life? Does this means that if we don't have sex we'll stay in Paradise with God? Are
women children of the Devil, to seduce us with sex so we have to be reborn again on Earth (Hell)

Is it theoretically possible that Eve from the Bible was a genetic person (DNA Helix-Snake? - Tree
of Knowledge -) who has activated the uterus. What can always be in an apple: A Worm. And what can
always be in a uterus: a Fetus. And in the beginning a worm and a fetus look very much alike.
And because we can't be born in Paradise nor die, because we have eternal life there, we had to be
born on the planet Earth. And then the grim reaper, comes and collects us at every death.

Then you also have the false prophets from the Bible the Church-leaders, who are telling the
poor people endure you poverty, because Jesus is coming to save you in the future? While in the
mean time these false prophets earn great salaries and live like God in France themselves.


(02-01-2020) ARE WE INSANE?
The Myth Of The Psychiatric Illness.

For the Children.

Rachel Corrina- Self Actualisation, Human Psychology.


(01-01-2020) OH OH.
I give an example to show that the planets and stars could have an influence on our
conscious and subconscious, I'm not saying they're doing it necessarily. Here in
Zutphen The Netherlands is on Thursday January 2nd 2020 at 5:35 p.m., Mercury the
planet of the constellation Virgin is at 07graad03minute in Capricorn (Dominating
constellation), at the same time the planet Jupiter of the constellation Sagittarius
is also at 07graad03minute in Capricorn, so they are in conjunction next to each other.

The middle of the sky (MC) stands at 26graad55minute Pisces, and Lilith (Mother or
wife of Adam?) at 27degree14minute in Pisces. Furthermore, Pluto is on the western
horizon at 22degree26minute in Capricorn, and the Eastern horizon at 25degrees14
minutes in Cancer. In my birth horoscope is the middle of the sky (MC) in 22degree
42minutes in Capricorn, and in my birth horoscope Lilith is at 06degree26minute in Cancer.

Go To: 29:50 / 32:34 for Lilith in Pisces.
Go To: 07:45 / 32.34 for Lilith in Cancer.

Black Moon Lilith Calculator.

As I wrote before, it is quite possible that the other planets have some effect
on Earth as well. Suppose as a Virgin-man I have a Sagittarius-woman who visits
me, and at 5:35 p.m., we lose our heads and dive into bed to do you know what.

We have subconsciously undergone that influence of those two planets, but if
you're aware, we can say we're not going to do it because one of the two has a
partner, or I think I'm too old for her then the act doesn't happen. So we
essentially have a free choice to let that planetary influence us or not.

Suppose we did it in a previous life and made the man and children
unhappy because the man has divorced. So it's quite possible that we
know that in our subconscious mind, and decide not to do it in this
life so that the other one can stay happy. Or the partner has made us
unhappy in a previous life and must now experience it for himself.

So in Biblical terms what you sow, you have to harvest, not so
much as a punishment but to let you realize what you did to the
other one. So we sacrifice ourselves for the happiness of another
by not doing the act. If all three billion adults people would
sacrifice themselves for the other, we might get paradise on Earth.
But perhaps the matrix (If they exist?) demands that the act be mandatory.

Suppose in the past you haven't done it with the other one that
can bite because, the act hasn't taken place it haunts in your
head. You may be sitting with it for years and you won't lose it,
while if you did it, it's over and you forget the person pretty
soon. So evolutionary speaking, maybe it's better that it happens?

And imagine in your next life, you'll meet the person again, and for some
reason you don't do it again. That's e.g. three next lives like this, so
maybe you yourself make sure you meet the other one because, deep in your
heart you want to do it with the person. So now you have to go figure out,
what's the REAL reason you don't want to do it, maybe you're kidding yourself?

Just say theoretically because I'm not saying it's so that, you create
your next life yourself for the full 100%. So everything you've caused
and experienced in previous lives and this life whether you've been through
good or bad spins you next life. So if things go wrong in this life, we can't
blame anyone, it's the result of our behavior from this and previous lives.

(Don't laugh) On July 6th, 1989 I got a wet dream in Zutphen, later
I made a horoscope from that time, and the Moon was at 19degree01minute
in Lion in (IC), 180degrees opposite the middle of heaven (MC) stood
at 19degree01minute Aquarius. And I was born with Pluto at 20degrees Lion.

(Watch it) On December 30th, 2019 at 9:18 p.m., I was thinking about a woman, and
then came out of know-were that white stuff out of which you make babies with, and
I wasn't thinking about sex. The Middle of the sky (MC) stood at 22degree31minute
in Taurus, and I was born with 22degree36minutes in Taurus on the Eastern horizon (Asc).

The Moon stood on the Western horizon in 02degree18miminute Pisces, straight
opposite it was the Eastern horizon (ASC) at 02degree18minute in Virgo, and I
was born with the Sun in 05degree41minute in Virgo. Then my planet Mercury of
Virgo was in Capricorn in 02degree34minute, and Uranus at 02degree42minute in
Taurus. The Eastern horizon (Asc) plus Mercury and Uranus formed (3x 120 degrees).

One day I had scolded God, because it's been a mess on Earth for thousands of years.
Moments later I saw a white disc in the air in the West, and got the feeling that
something or someone said to me not to despair because time is not yet ripe. And what
was typical is the fact that when I looked at that white disc, then the Eastern horizon
(ASC) stood at 22degree36minute in Taurus and the Middle of the sky (MC) at 22degrees
42minute in Capricorn, at the same degrees minutes and constellations as during my birth.


Hello Rudy,

I don't want you to place my Astrological site on yours and
ask you to remove my site here with immediate entrance. Remove
me from your mailing list. I distance myself from your publications



In the past I often felt what Jesus felt when he was betrayed by
kind like people, and was hung on the cross. These Fariseaers call
themselves Astrologer-Psychologist, they are constantly trying to
analyze the human mind to understand, how life is constructed how
we think etc. But deviating opinions are not desirable, herd animals?


Download PlanetDance to create Horoscopes.
Go to File and then Radix, fill in only the 1/3 left part of the window
as a layman. Then click okay, go back to File and click (Bewaar Alles - Save Everything).
Then click Time Wheel and Okay, then time goes running and rotates the horoscope.

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your
computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what
you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

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