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G20 in Hamburg Germany.
The Gestapo in action, who get nice salaries from
those Nazi's in politics, and who vote on them, NSB'ers.

The Free independent Press.

13 families rule the world.


Certainly 5 years ago the municipality of Zutphen wanted to remove all the green around our 5 flats,
because then they had no more maintenance. And they had already begun to remove all the green at the
first flat. Then we came into action, and some had themselves tied to trees with chains and ropes.

At one point, it ran out of control that the police arrived, but we did not budge. Then some city
council officials arrived, who went into conclave with the police and the residents Commission,
and then it was blown off. A little while later, the town replanted that already made bare place.

In my view, officials are mentally disturbed. Because under the guise of no more maintenance, they are so
whacked that they want to take away all nature. So the trees the shrubs the plants the flowers etc. At the
end of the trip we have a bare planet, everything is just thoroughly removed, there is nothing more growing.

We owe this to the disturbed civil servants, the city of the country and the world who have become
psychiatric out of their head, and belong in a psychiatric establishment. They are so sick that
they don't come to the idea, for instance, to let it grow wild for 10 years, and then we look further.

If you as a private citizen remove a tree from your garden that blocks the sun, without
the permission of the town hall, you will get a lot of misery. But the officials can
quietly ungreen the whole city, no problemo. Surely 20 years ago when the previous
hospital was built, hundreds of trees were removed on the corner to build a nurses-home.

If one had done that at that other corner where there were no trees, all these hun-
dreds of trees could remain. But unfortunately, officials don't think so, they probably
have a different kind of brain than we, who also work differently. Maybe they have been
Martians in their previous life, because that planet is also all around bald.


According to my vision, the rental houses are owned by the residents. -- Because -- they pay 65 years rent.
They leave the family home around 20 years, and die at an average age of 85 years. And after 65 years the
rental house must be paid off. An ex-director of our housing company told me: -- Rental houses are never
paid off, and we need money for new houses --. That is of course bull if so, then no one bought a new house.

Wouldn't it be nice that from our 65th, we don't have to pay building cost anymore. Besides the cost
like the salary of the staff, the expenses of the rental company. The maintenance of the rental houses,
a leaky faucet repair a clamping door, a renovation, etc. But we don't mind that, because a home owner
has to pay that as well. But I'm not naive this will presumably not happen in our time.

And when the oldies have died, the house is rented to a young couple, of twenty who are just
married. And they're going to pay the full rent again for 45 years, and if the Shell is OK.
The houses will last 100 years, and then they will be demolished, and a new house is being built.

The staff of the rental companies often live in the delusion that, the houses are theirs.
As, if they themselves bought them with their private savings. They often play for the
city's dictator, often the residents are parked into a forest, or kept on a leash.

They are staff to make sure that everything in the city on housing rentals is going harmonious,
so that everyone can live in a house. The rental houses are not their private own. Enough
residents are already being put on the streets by their rental company, or are constantly
\harassed by, bailiffs, collection agencies and judges. If the staff can't have their way.

I consider myself to be the co-owner of the housing rental company and their foundation,
and I don't wish to be put on the streets, by the one who believes that it is all exclusive
theirs. We pay them a salary, so they work for us we are the real boss, and they are our staff.
It must go as we want it, and not as they wish, or an eventually harmonic cooperation.

A house rental company at least in this country is often a foundation, does this
mean that we are residents the owners of that housing foundation? Imagine you are
in the building of the rental company, and are asked to step outside on the public
road. Otherwise, we will call the police, who will put you on the streets by force.

Can a house rental company make that request as a foundation? Remember that building is built
with rental money the furniture the chairs the desks the computers, the A4 sheets, the mainte-
nance cars you name it all paid from our rent. The entire costs have been paid by the residents.


A man who has worked for 15 years becomes unemployed by the crisis, then the
bank takes his house back, and the man has to rent a house from the rental
housing company. How about the idea that the man continues to live in his
house, and the rent of for example ?800 per month he gives that to the bank.
The ?400 per month he is short, he's paying that in an additional 5 years.

I suspect that the man prefers that instead of losing of his house.
The ? 800 per month he has to pay to the rental housing company,
that's a life fact, because he's not going to live in a park with
his family, then he can give the ? 800 to the bank as payment.

I had already sent this idea an X number of years ago to the head offices of
all the banks of the Netherlands, but never received a reply. And if banks
had been social institutions with feelings for the people, and especially for
their customers and no bloodsuckers, they would have imple-
mented this
idea a long time ago. Perhaps the government must make a law of it, to protect
its citizens, because banks don't do that, but that is not going to happen.


(03-02-2019) THIS IS ALSO PEACE.
Snowploughing in Broyting Norway.


(02-02-2019) PEACE DROVE ON EARTH?
Fortunately, there are still enough people on earth who want peace. But politicians want the
most eternal wars, so that they can continue to exercise power up to the length of days. A large
group of Germans goes every year on peace march to Russia with vehicles. In my opinion, this is
not mentioned by the journals and the talk show's on Tv, plus the newspapers, demagogues?

Druschba-Friendship trip to Russia 2017 - The Start at Berlin (23.07.2017).


On the site below -- -- they discuss whether people who believe in conspiracy theories
are psychic or not. If psychiatrists and aid workers want to treat people who are psychic.
Then I know one billion patients, the white race. For in their psychiatric delusions also
called -- Grand Delusion --, they believe they are some superior ‹bermensch race.

That's why they are busy for 71 years, to bombard countries where people live with a skin color. Because
they live in the delusion that they are the boss and the owner of the planet. And everyone with a skin
color is an inferior being, which must be kept under the thumb, if necessary by force as in the Middle East.

In my opinion, the people who believe in conspiracy theories are not dangerous. But the people who don't believe
in my vision are the real dangerous lunatics of the planet, because they are killing millions with wars. These
psychopaths need to be locked urgently in a government mental establishment, because they are life-threatening.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People.
Dave Chapelle: The Reason Why Terrorists
Won't take Black People As Hostages.


Peace on Earth, will it be possible with the present slave humanity, I don't think so.
The History of Religion. (Must Log In)
Don't forget the Honkeys.
Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained.


Why do the Palestinians get no help from Western governments, because
they are filthy hypocrites, who are all very deeply in the butt of Israel.

Are European governments also being sneaky? Do they help Israel with weapons and techno-
logies, to keep them strong in the Middle East so that they can keep the Arabs down? If
they don't help they may become weak, and are kicked out of Israel. And where do they flee
to Europe, and perhaps governments don't want that because they dislike the Jews as well.

This could mean that Israel and the European governments are sacrificing the Palestinians for their
own sake. You could say that it might also be racists, because the Palestinians have a skin color.

(Israeli Squatters are Forcing Palestinians Out of Their Homes)
(Palestinian mother arrested, her Children attacked)
(Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein)
(Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a maniac)

Imagine the Romans returning to the Netherlands after 2000 years, then calling at your home, throwing you and
your household stuff on the street, and saying your home is now ours we are going to live in it. You go to
the police, but there not at home. You go to court, and they're also not at home. You go to Political The Hague,
and there not at home either. Then you go to the government in Brussels, and they are not at home either.

You are born and raised in your present hometown, and these 4 traitors find it fine that the Romans now live
in your home. And you also get to hear, go to sleep in a tent or under a bridge. And if you don't piss off
from your Ex-street, we will send the Riot Squad and you will be kicked out of the street, sociable right?

It's a pity that I'm not God, because I had solved the problem between the Palestinians and the Jews.
I split the country into two with a sea of 10 kilometers wide between them two, left of the sea is for
the Palestinians, and the right of the sea is for the Jews. And wee oh woe to the one who has the guts
to want to cross that sea to go and fuck about in that other country, then they have another thing coming.

It's just again the same old song, -- Land Steal -- stealing from others. The English stole America from the Native
Indians, and parked them in reservations, as if they were chickens to be couped up. They also stole Australia of
the Aboriginals, and treat them as old dirt. They also stole New Zealand from the Maori and they also do not count.
Then the Whites also stole Africa as well as the Middle East Asian countries and Middle and South America.

And now they have stolen Palestine of the Palestinians, and those arrogant conceited -- Viper Serpent --
Khazar (Jews) have been committing genocide on the Palestinians for the past 71 years. And those traitors
in the Dutch Parliament have no problem with that, seen the butt-licking content with them cockroaches.
(Ferguson to Palestine - Speech by Rania Masri)

When God created humans he gave 6 billion a nice tan, but the 1 billion westerners he deliberately on
purpose left them white, so that the colored people know -- there walks a thief -- watch out. And you
come to the final conclusion that the whites are just as arrogant and conceited as those cockroaches.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler.

They know lading-bill hiding it, they know that crash bites, provoke more yell.

(Crippled El Al flight 1862 cargo plane crashed into flats at Amsterdam.

After the crash mustardgas was spreading, throat of residents caused difficult breading.

President Assad of Syria has already asked several times the world governments -- go investigate who trows
chemical gas, because I don't do it --. But unfortunately the world is not home, because one does not benefit
from an investigation. Otherwise, they can no longer accuse him of murder, Syrian children with chemical gas.

Terror School of the Americas.

The Nazi background of the EU at Brussels.


Who built the Moon?

Go to:
and look for the dates:
17-12 / 22-11 / 05-07 / 16-02 / 08-01


(28-01-2019) HYPOCRITES?
You have a partner and you want to drink a beer every day, but your partner forbids you.
Then I step into your house as a stranger, and say to you: -- if you dare to drink beer,
I'll kick you silly --. What will you do with me, indeed you kick me out of your house.

North and South Korea having an argument and America as a stranger steps into your country,
and says to you: -- If you don't want to do what South Korea wants, then I will kick you
silly --. What are you going to do with America, indeed you kick them out of your country.

Israel has a total of 400 atomic bombs and has threatened the world, if you don't do what we want, then we will ignite
all 400 atomic bombs at the same time and then all 7 billion humans will die. One calls it the --Samson Option --.

Israel has 400 atomic bombs is not registered with the International Atomic Society and doesn't allow any inspectors
to check. Iran doesn't have a single atomic bomb is registered with the International Atomic Society, and allows
inspectors to check. So America must bomb Israel and not Iran, but because there fat friends Israel is coming away with it.

The Netherlands is a war-criminal country, because they have invaded a sovereign country like Syria, and throwing
missiles from fighter jets. Syria hasn't threatened the Netherlands they didn't invade the country and are not
shooting at the Dutch. But the Netherlands is getting away with it because they are a Western racist whites.

Peru invades the Netherlands a sovereign country, and starts throwing missiles on The Hague.
The Netherlands didn't threaten Peru they didn't invade the country and don't shoot at the
Peruvians, shall we bet that Peru is being invaded militarily by for example America, because
the Peruvians have a skin color, but the Netherlands a white country is getting away with it.


Women's Old Style Jingle Special USK Powwow 2016.

Pow Wow Dance & Drums & Singing & Parade. (Drums) (Grand Entry 2017)

Native American Tv & Radio. (TV-Video)

Make your own Native American Dishes. (Cooking Navajo Fry bread) (How to make Navajo Frybread (Traditional Navajo Fry Bread) (Make your own Dishes) (Make your own Dishes) (Acorn Meal).


What's always striking after a bomb attack the fact is that afterwards, terrorists are some-
times arrested after 1 hour. That is strange because if you know where those people are, why
did you not pick them up before the bombing. Because if one doesn't know where they are
before the bombing, they can't be picked them up after the attack. So if you know where they
are, and you don't pick them up, then you as a government want them to commit that bombing.
In that sense, the French government is partly guilty of the death of the Parisians.

They simply sacrificed the Parisians, in the game that is called: -- Power --, between the
terrorists who are called ISIS and the terrorists who are called government. The U.S. govern-
ment (read Israelis) have 11 September 2001 in New York on their consciences, it was just an
insider job to have an excuse to destroy the Middle East and park straw governments. So that
they are now the boss, and they can steal unlimited oil. And the infrastructure of for example
Iraq, which has been completely destroyed, is now being built by American companies, earning
billions. War is a gold trade for American companies in particular the weapon manufacturers.

NATO Propaganda.


If you want to steal a country where there is peace, you have to create an enemy and how do you do it. You
take a group of cockroaches often mercenaries, you give them a training you arm them you call them ISIS
Al Qaida etc. and prop them in that country. And under the excuse of the government of that country is
terrorizes its people we must free them, you invade that country and bombard it trying to remove the government.

Then you place a straw government like in Afghanistan Iraq and Libya and you're now running the show in that country.
And if all the countries of the Middle East are nicked, then the head Cockroaches or the Viper Snakes (Khazar) from
Israel have created a Great Israel. And the oil is just the whipped cream on the cake two birds in one trow.

The Cockroach Viper Snakes (Khazar) from Israel using America and Europe as a trolley to let
them do their dirty work for their them, and hiding themselves behind the scenes. They then
blackmail humanity with a holocaust, so that no one dares to say anything about Israel.

Iran Uncensored - Media harassment and reality. (13-02-2018 - (English).
The West sabotages peace in the Middle East. (27-02-2018 - English).
Media instigation against Iran - potential to trigger war. (30-03-2018 - English).
Syria and the ruthless reaction of the western media. (03-04-2018 - Dutch).
Military attacks against Syria: Trump remains incalculable. (21-04-2018 - Dutch).
Missile attacks: Free Licence for Israel? (17-05-2018 - Dutch). (English)


That we pay taxes is not a problem, the government needs money to build the infra-
structure to repair maintenance and renew. But if we give taxpayers money to the war
industry, which is going to bombard countries with it, I say HO. Especially if those
people from those other countries like the Middle East have done nothing to us, they have
not threatened us, they are not militarily in our country, and they're not shooting at us.

Furthermore, I don't wish to pay taxes so that the government can give that to their
friends from the banks. If the government gives money to the war industry and the
banks, then I don't consider them more like a government, but as robbers criminals
that belong in prison. That is why it's so unfortunate that the sheeple are still
voting. For by continuing to vote, they keep the --robbers -- in position.

So the sheeple are betraying me every four years, while I thought there were fellow
countrymen who had compassion for me. I live clearly in a psychiatric dream world,
I'm imagining all sorts of things that aren't based on truth. Should I not be
psychiatric, the sheep must be psychiatric if they are going to vote, and don't know
what they are doing. Unless the voters and the --robbery -- are one of a kind.

On a plantation, 200 slaves work, and 10 are in between trying to persuade them to
flee. Those other 190 will take everything out of the closet to get the 10 down,
even betraying them to the slave float. I also feel betrayed by the electorate,
who give permission to their government to break into my home and computer and rummage.

Imagine that the officials are the cause shortage of money, every year I
believe they have to cut EUR 18 billion from the tax revenue. There are about
400 town halls, 13 provincial houses, and the clowns in The Hague. They have
all kinds of projects that are not working failed or were not necessary.
Perhaps jointly they waste 18 billion Euros a year, nice officials. And there
they're also getting very nice salaries bonuses and pensions for that.

I'm absolutely convinced that if all the governments of the world sit around the table,
then paradise can be realized for all 7 billion world citizens. But unfortunately there
is a lot of selfishness and looking cross between governments, they don't grant each other
the light in the eyes, they all want to have the most out of the can for themselves.


Criminalizing Whistle-blowers.
Vaccines are for profit, not for health.
Ex Farma-Agent speaks out over misleading.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is the Fraud and Crime Mafia.

List of Toxic Materials in Vaccines.
Poison in a Flu-Shot, Formaldehyde Causes Cancer.
Plus Fluoride in Tooth-Paste.

List of Banned Medicines.

Scroll about 25% for the Dutch Text.
If Doctors strike fewer Patients die.

Natural Cancer Treatment.

The new HPV Vaccine against Cancer of the Cervix delivered the first dead.
HPV-Shots for Young girls from 6 are harmful it's money grabbing because,
these girls can't get HPV because, the haven't sex with a partner.


You send an e-mail to an organization, to put something on the map. The very first person who
reads it, and may not agree with it, could think: -- Baloney --. And deleted the email and either
salvages the email in an A4 folder, or hides it on the hard drive, where it is not easily found
in the course of time. And during the meeting with 6 Others later in the day, the person tells
nothing to the others. So they can't talk about it, and vote democratically on it.

You think that the organization has parked you in the forest, or has put up their finger
against you. And all that is the fault of that one, the dictator within the company. For
the one has blocked the others at the meeting table and told them nothing. So that, person
always gets his way at the meeting table. And this can also happen at home, the man or woman
tells nothing to the partner, and throws the letter away, and sends the sender a rejection.


(21-01-2019) IS THE EARTH FLAT?
Whether the earth is really partly or not flat, I leave that in the middle, self-
examination is the most important thing because now one can sell you turnips for
lemons. Because of you having committed research, you now have hard evidence whether
it is real partly or not. And anything you don't believe in or find nuts, just throw it away.

You could theoretically say the Earth is definitely flat, because an airplane
takes of from Amsterdam The Netherlands and flies to Paramaribo Suriname at 10
kilometers height for 8 hours. Essentially, the plane must then fly away from the
Earth in a straight line, unless the pilots adjust the height every hour and descents.

You could claim that the school is a coercive agent of liars the adults, a child during an exam doesn't want
to dance to the pipes of the adults so the liars then let the child fail the exam. The children learn during
the history lesson that Vietnam began the war, if one of the children would write up during the exam:

!No! The Americans have started the war because they shot first at the Vietnamese
boots and they fired back in self defense, then the child will also fail the exam,
the liars the adults now take revenge on the child by letting it sack for the exam.

Or the child writes during the geography exam that the Earth is flat and not round, the child
also fails for that exam. The adults the liars are pissed at the child, because you don't want
to dance to our arrogant lying trouser pipes. With other words you don't want to be our slave.

On the Flemish Television The Earth is Flat.
Is the Earth Really Flat!!!!!


How to Hand Mix Concrete With Rock,Sand,Cement and Water!
Concrete Spin Screed used by amateurs for their first pour.
How to Pour a Colored Concrete Driveway and Patio.
How to lay Sod 101 DIY.

How To Construction A Concrete Road.
Construction Worker.

Making Concrete.


Most governments and politicians of Africa are thieving spineless empty flap turds criminals,
they are butt crawlers with Western governments multinationals and organizations, and let their
own people suffer. Most of them have nice incomes living comfortable in big houses with expensive
big cars, and let their people suffer bitter deep poverty for life. You might consider them as
people and land traitors, I'm not talking about the one's who are being blackmailed.

African countries are still colonial countries of France.

Theft Third World countries.

President Zuma of Africa is a thief.


Are there stupid people and who are stupid people, and why do
they indiscriminately believe everything from others as truth?

First, they have learned that experts and scientists and politicians always
speak the truth, secondly they have learned from their parents, that the doctor
the mayor uncle police-officer the reverend etc. always speak the truth.

Second, they think that studied people know anything because they've studied though,
but what is studying it is indiscriminately adopting everything from teachers.
Studying is ramming and ramming until you can dream it, intelligence only comes
around the corner when you're going to wonder how did they come to that knowledge.
And is there even more besides that knowledge and is that knowledge really true.

Question Authority.
The Myth Of Authority.


Why I write above because the mind can't get sick the body can. If someone starts acting strangely,
it's because there is a disturbance in the chemical household of the brain. So it's bodily, and
it falls under the doctor's treatment. What does a psychiatrist do to eliminate that chemical
disturbance of the brain, he gives medication to the physical brain, and not to the mind.

What could be is that the person in his subconscious is fighting with a problem, and the
body reacts to it. Sometimes I'm angry at someone, and want to hit the person. Then
suddenly my arm very fastly shoots forward and back again, while I consciously don't do that.

So is it theoretically possible that if an epileptic patient struggles with something in his
subconscious, that his body reacts to that with jerky movements? So it's not necessarily
that's a mental decease, they only react to a stimulus from the subconscious a kind of overload.

The Myth of Mental Illness.

Letter to the children.

Psychiatry an Industry of Dead.


I am absolutely convinced that, we humans are able to make the planet Earth
A paradise for all 7 billion people. But, we collide every time against a
large group of people who try to stop us, work against us and park us in
to the forest. The well-known bloated frogs with a lot of posh nosh crap.

In other words, the arrogant beings who are behind the desks, both state and
commercial companies, and the retards in politics, both local provincial and
The Hague. So if we really seriously want to establish paradise, we will first
have to get rid of the scum so that they cannot stop us from achieving our goals.

Paradise on Earth, how hould it lokk like?
Where does paradise lie?
De Islam? How does nature look like?
Onbelievable Places.
LIVE Earth from NASA.


(15-01-2019) IMRAN HOSEIN.
Technology is Black Magic.
Gog and Magog - The Sea of Galilee.
How far is the Malhama? (Armageddon).


(14-01-2019) TIRED OF WARS?
If mankind is tired of all wars, then there is only one final Solution: -- No More Voting --. On the
war-criminals of the planet, who already sow death and destruction for mankind throughout history.

Humanity must stop playing comedy. No longer fooling each other. But go on and mature. Take the strings
in their own hands, and no longer leave them to war-criminals psychopaths criminals and other scum.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose.

Your Believe Creates War.


(13-01-2019) NO COMMENT.


Maybe it's useful to give a little explanation as to what Hegelian dialectic is:

It's a tool used to manipulate the thoughts of a dormant people (and then we are in our
country in a kind of paradise) to ensure that changes that they would normally reject are
acceptable. The Hegelian dialectic (named after the German philosopher Hegel) is very simple:

1) Create a problem
2) Control the problem
3) Offer a solution


If you look at the tubes below, be aware that there are a lot of disturbed idiots who
half don't know what they are talking about, and the biggest crap publish that you can
imagine. But there are also bona-fide people in between who are researching seriously,
but often they are shaved over the same comb, because the opposing party does not like it.

Al Roker Mk Ultra Mind Control Glitch.
They Are Starting to Glitch and Malfunction.
OMG!! Wendy Williams Collapse, replaced by Clone.

Celebrities were replaced with Clones.

Could it be that when we die we're reborn with a similar face, maybe our DNA
and our subcons-
cious is doing that. That could mean that we live for eternity
but we don't know, that could also mean we already live in paradise here on earth
but we fucked up. Maybe we should be spirits in paradise on earth then we don't
have to die, and have the same face we have now for eternity.

DNA Clones from the Past.


Women on the frontline of upsurge in violence.
The Palestinian Woman Fighting Israel.
Fearless Palestinian Woman.
The Palestinian women at the forefront of Gaza?s protests.
Women fighters willing to die for Gaza.

Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs.
The story of Abeer Abu Ghaith:
a leading young Palestinian businesswoman.

An amazing Dabka perfomance by Palestinian school girls.
SAMAR Media - This is Palestine - Shadia Mansour (ENG)

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler.


When the Khazar (Fake Jews) arrived in Palestine in 1948, they acted like beasts. Complete village popu-
lations were killed or raped or driven away. Then the villages were destroyed to the ground. Then England
rang the bell, We have not given you Palestine to eradicate all Palestinians, then the Khazar backed down. (The beginning of Terror). (Survivors Speak Out). (I refuse to be an Israelian Soldier).

Trip to the origins of Iqrit Palestine.

(2017-2067 ) Zionist master plan for the coming 50 year - Part 1.
(2017-2067 ) Zionist master plan for the coming 50 year - Part 2.
The last door for ZIONISM of God - Part 1.
The last door for ZIONISM of God - Part 2.

No Food & Water in the Third World War.

The biggest problem on earth that is Israel they make the rules in the White House, the Americans
are their jumping jacks as well as the European politicians. Israel is not only the perpe-
trator but also the cause of revolutions coupes in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

In addition, they are also the instigators of many wars over the past thousands
of years. They've been chased all true history, and no one is wondering: - HOW
COME -. Why is there every so many hundred years a race hunting them down, maybe
it's their own fault because they aggravate other people time and time again.

I'm not going to write that all Khazar (Fake Jews) should be disabled no because, the
ordinary man in the street is often the same as we smucks. I am talking about the big boys
the bankers the multinationals the rich the elite the ones who are running the show, for
example. Politicians and others of this kind of scum. That big man from the Bible Jesus
calls the Khazar - Serpent Vipers -, and they're not my children but Satan's children.

In the past I've asked God and Allah a few times, get all the Khazar away of the Earth and give
them their own planet somewhere in the universe, because then we get finally after thousands of
years of peace on Earth. They were not off of Abraham or Judea, and have never lived in Palestine
nor 2000 years ago also no. There is only a handful of real Biblical Jews, but that isn't much.

And the biblical Jews who lived in Palestine before 1945 had no trouble with the Palestinians,
the were neighbors were fellow friends acquaintances and they dealt harmoniously with each
other. Until the European Khazar arrived, and then began the misery till 2018 already 70
years today. The first Khazar group that arrived in 1948 was just a killers butchers gang.

For more info go to my sub-site and look for: 20-09-2018.


This story tells you how arrogant Western colonial racist politicians are, in the past a Dutch
Minister said on TV: - We had to kill the Taliban in Afghanistan because they fired first, -
what do you expect than if you invade a foreign country with your defense force: - Coffee and Cake? -
Disturbed psychiatric idiot. These imbeciles rule the world, no wonder our planet is a shit-hole.

Suppose the Americans invades your country, you put on a uniform and shoot at the Americans, but they are
faster and they shoot you dead. But if the Americans are back home they're telling arrogantly on TV: - We had
to shoot them dead, for they fired first - . These psychiatric disturbed Americans also expect: - Coffee and Cake -.

The problem is that most of the Western White people are psychiatric patients. They are suf-
fering from the disease which is called - Delusions of Grandeur -, which has brought them in
the delusion that they belong to a - Superior Aryan - race. Actually they are dangerous
psychopaths, who should urgently be locked up in a government facility for a psychiatric treatment.


(07-01-2019) GOVERNMENT CUTS?
I believe Parliament has annually a shortage of 18 billion Euro. While the town-halls and coun-
ties in November and December waist all the money which is left over, otherwise they have to
give it back to The Hague. Suppose that all 401 town-halls and 14 counties would give all
the money back, then that might maybe also 18 billion Euro, with other words no more cuts.

If you tell this to the politicians, then you consider you're an idiot who fell out of a tree.
If you ask them to nationalize the money, so create and distribute it themselves, and no more
true commercial banks because then they don't have to pay interest anymore. They'll park you
in the forest for ever. So in reality it's them politicians who are the real idiots here.

Government Debt - 335 Euro per second / Interest 20 billion Euro per year.
Unemployments-meter 700 persons per day.

Most banks around the world are owned by the Khazar (Fake Jews) and their sharehol-
ders from Palestine (Israel does not exist) they want all State banks in the Middle
East to disappear, and become commercial banks true American straw-Governments.

The evil history of the Khazar.

Before September 11th 2001 all Middle East Arab banks were state banks, not anymore. And these
state-banks didn't ask interest from the people, in Afghanistan Iraq Libya they have to pay
interest now (Oil is whip-cream on the cake). Syria Yemen and Iran are still state-banks.

How do commercial banks work?


(06-01-2019) NO COMMENT.
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 1)
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 2)
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 3)

My Favorite Fast Food Restaurant.
Shopping in a Moscow Mall.


(01-01-2019) ANNOUNCEMENT.
I'm back on Sunday January 6th 2019, I'll take a breather from all the misery that I have
written down in 2018 on my website. I sometimes get sick about constant writing negative
and searching the internet. You're not getting any happier at all, I also prefer not to do it.

Sometimes I think I'll stop with it. But I will continue because the people in need for example
in the Middle East, who are being raped tortured and murdered, and the women kidnapped and
sold abroad, for the sex-trade we should not forget them, and leave them to dry out.



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