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(14-04-2019) MOVING MOUNTAINS.
A Fleet of 657G scrapers bringing down a hill.
Birds eye view of an army of CAT 657G scrapers in action.


(13-04-2019) TIPS.
Are you afraid of all those modern supermarket Butters and or Margarines. Buy in the Bio-
Shop a liter of Olive Oil of the first cold pressing, Pour some in a fireproof box, and
put it in the freezer. If he is hard put it in the refrigerator, now he becomes somewhat
softer and you can spread it on your bread. You can also add salt and or spice to the oil.

When we eat chips we eat in reality flavoring-powder that is generously spread over the chips, the chips
themselves we don't taste and eat anymore. Make some fat frying hot, and let sliced potato pieces fall
into the hot fat, if they are crispy let them drain and sprinkle some salt over them. You can also use
green bananas and cassava and drop them in the fat. In the Netherlands, sugar is scattered over the banana-
chips, which is a real Dutch habit, while in tropical countries there they use traditionally salt.

There is only one reason why manufacturers using sugar in most produce, they want us to become
addicted to the sugar taste. Because then we will buy the product for the second time as soon as
possible, now you have not only the advertising to get us down, but also the sugar and flavoring powder.


(12-04-2019) MAN AS A COMMODITY.

These translated text come from the above websites.
Maritime Admiralty is the law. It says that because you are born out of your Mothers water, you
are a product of the Admiralty. This is the reason why ships (Baby's) Moor, they are bound to the
Captain (Doctor) who has given a certificate (Birth) of manifest to the port authorities (Government).

This is why when you are born you need a birth certificate. It must be signed by the
Doctor who brought you to the world where you were born. Why does the doctor have to
sign your birth certificate? Because, you came out of your mothers water. Your birth
certificate is signed by your mother, on birth paper does not state mother but infor-
mant. Your mother has given you as a new commodity, which may be bought and sold.

What does the word citizenship mean to you? Civilian ships supply goods. Mothers also supply a
product for example a baby. The word certificate relating to property go look it up, a certi-
ficate for a car, a certificate for a house, a certificate for a baby, all three trade goods.

You are now the property of the state for example The Netherlands, you are
now their employee. The International Maritime Admiralty Law, which is based
on The Vatican canonical law, which considers humans as raw materials.

It comes down below. A ship is surrounded by water, on the shore the captain loads the goods out. The Mas-
ter gives a certificate of the goods to the port authorities. A fetus is also surrounded by water in the
uterus, the doctor loads us out into the hospital. The doctor gives a birth certificate to the government.

That Is Why Both commercial goods and people are covered by international maritime legislation. The idiots
who invented this earlier, were of course heavily mentally disturbed, probably they have drunk too much.

Under the laws of Nature, we have the right to start civilian police and civil justice
with your own civilian government. According to Nature Law, we don't need to disturb
ourselves to those who call themselves the Statutory law. Because they are illegal
and unlawful, because the Nature law is above the Statutory law or the State law.

Under the Statutory law you may not go faster than 30 miles per hour, but according to the Natural
Law you may go 50 miles, as long as you don't harm the other fellow road users. So if you see
pedestrians cyclists mopeds scooters and cars etc., you may drive 30 miles. But you don't see them
at any given time, in your rear-view mirror and the road for you is free then you may go 50 miles.

If, you drive 50 then a police-officer will give you a ticket. However, according to the
Nature law that is above the Statutory law, that officer is illegal with an illegal uniform
that steals your money. You may according to Nature Law. You may arrest him for theft of your
money, you may also judge him by means of a Natural people's-court and locking him up.

We have the right to judge and arrest those people who use the Statutory right, because they
are already murderers throughout history. In the last thousands of years they may have killed
1 billion people with their backward wars. They are just mentally insane psychopaths.

In Addition, in those last thousands of years, they have robbed other countries completely empty.
In Addition, they poison humanity by cramming the foods with rubbish. With their chemical rubbish
they are on a large scale, destroying nature and poisoning, like for example The seas forests waters. (CivilRight) (CommonLaw) (ContinentalRight) (HumanLaw) (LawRight) (Mandamus) (NatureLaw) (OwnersRight) (StatutoryLaw)

Are you a Rebel, go to my subsite:
Partly Dutch - English.


The Dutch Government has adopted a law which implies that every citizen is obliged to be an organ donor. Un-
less he indicates I don't want to be a donor, so they will delete his name from the list. They don't ask
you in advance if you want to be a donor or not. That's decided before you by the cannibals in the second
chamber, and undoubtedly by those fanatic lobbyists of the communist dictator movement behind the donor codicil.

The one cannibal, eats the body part through his mouth as the Papuan people did in the
past, and the other cannibal, eats the body part through surgery like the Westerner.
A citizen's quote seen on TV: ?My body is not a toolbox of the Medical people, who want
to steal my body parts without my permission?. The Medical people are organ robbers.

A: Hello we welcome you as a member of our foundation.
B: Huh, foundation?
A: Yes you are now A member of our foundation.
B: I know nothing about that.
A: You are obliged to join our foundation.
B: But I can't remember I joined as a member.
A: That's correct we've done that.
B: But shouldn't I do that myself.
A: No, we and the government decide that for you.
B: But if I don't want to be a member.
A: You have to tell us and then we remove your name from the list.
B: I urge you to remove my name from the list.
A: You don't want to donate your organs after you died.
B: ?NO?!!!!! PERIOD.
A: Then after your died, we're going to terrorize your family, in the hope they
say yes and then we simply steal your (our) organs. For your body and your organs
are not yours but are our property, so we do with them what we want. And
because we want to live longer, we steal your (our) organs even after you died.

That means that the Dutch government is: ?SCUM?, because while your are still alive and say, I don't
want to donate my organs they give you the finger. With in the back of there head, you wait till your
die asshole, then we're going to work on your family, because we don't give a fuck about you, you
dumb shit. Only scumbags have attitudes like this, decent civilized people react differently.

There must be a default blank list at the beginning. And every one who wants to donate their organs
places his name. And the ones who doesn't want to be an organ donor doesn't place his name. Now everyone
is legally forced donor, without them being asked. This is the world of dictators and power drunk people.

You will go to your city hall in your place of residence if you want to be a donor, and fill
out a form. The city hall holds one copy, a second one is for you, a third goes to the
organ donation organization, a fourth goes to your GP, and a fifth copy to your hospital.


In many countries, you can see that the: -- Police and the Riot Squad -- are acting hard
when the citizens are on the streets to express their views, that means that the govern-
ment and the mayor don't know what freedom of expression is in a democratic country?

The established order the arrogant rulers of the country are pissed if the citizens disagree with their
way of thinking, and that's a form of communism despotism power-lust and tyranny, with other words fascism.

Ukraine what your not being told.

The problem is that the masses have been brought up by their parents and grandparents to swallow everything
in their lives, if we don't swallow anything and were going to solve the problems then we are betraying the
parenting of our parents, in other words, when we stand up for ourselves then we are bad children.

That is why the electorate will vote during a lifetime, as the parents and grandparents also did, even though
the country is one big economical mess, we will continue to vote. Although the government is taking all sorts
of unpopular measures and laws we will continue to vote, if we stop voting then we are bad children.

So the electorate sacrifice all their country fellowmen who suffer from the dictatorial govern-
ment. That's the reason according to me why many sit in the church on Sunday, because the parents
and grandparents did that too, if we don't go to church then we are also bad children.

At some point the parents and grandparents are no longer here, and then many copy the -- parents -- behavior
and mindsets. So then they can delude themselves, our parents are not dead at all they're still here.


(09-04-2019) CHILDREN OF SATAN?
On this first website there are a lot of stories about the Zionists, you have to
decide for yourself what you want to believe for true partly or nonsense. But suppose
they are based on the truth that means that the Zionists are extremely bad beings.
You wonder why they want to terrorize the whole world and humanity, and that all
throughout history, are they really Satan's children as Jesus says from the Bible.

You may wonder whether the Holocaust really happened as they told us, or that he went different then
we think. For example in 1938, there were 15 million Jews worldwide, ten years later in 1948 there
were 15.7 million Jews. And if, 6 million Jews have been gassed why were there not any remnant traces
of the corpses, plus after the war 4 million Jews claimed compensation money from the German government.
What do you mean compensation you are dead you've been gassed, where the hell did you come from in God's name.

Politicians (to whom it may relates) wherever in the world, don't really dare to tell the people what
really happened, because they're being blackmailed by the Mossad, because some of the politicians are
pedophiles. If you are going to tell the people what really happened in the Second World War, then we dump
you on the streets and then you will be lynched by your own people. Plus the world-wide elite pedophiles
club was founded by the Jews themselves, they were also the inventors of slavery and colonialism.

The Anti Zionist League.
The Bolsheviks.
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution
and Russia's Early Soviet Regime.
The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans.

Zionism the Myth and Reality.

Zionist Terror in Gaza, Free Gaza and the World.
Old Newspaper Read's Six million Jews Died
in 1915 1938 Before Hitler was in power.
The First Holocaust : The Surprising
Origin of the Six-Million Figure.

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax.
The First Holocaust.
Checkist 1992 - Russian Film - Eng Sub.

The Jews were discriminated against in the Second World War, and had to disappear
from for example Germany. Today the Jews do it with the African people living in Israel.
The Jews should know better, for they have undergone it themselves in the war.
Israel's New Racism: The Persecution,
of African Migrants in the Holy Land.


Global Warming is based on computer forecasts, it's expected that it theoretically
will go so, but it's not a given fact. Politicians Scientists Scholar-men and Experts
are often arrogant smucks, they think they know all the wisdom of the evolution. Often
they are just sociopaths who pulling the strings, and telling the dumb people baloney.
Global warming is the biggist fraud in history.

The demagogues of the journals the talk programs on TV and the newspapers, are constantly trying to
sell the herd of animals turnips for lemons. They are always talking about the North-pool melting, but
they're never tell the people that the ice on the South-pole is increasing, a typical case of demagogue.
How to Protect Your Mind from Demagogues.

They want to reduce CO² dramatically because it causes greenhouse effect, when you are going to reduce
the CO², then you're killing the flora and fauna on Earth. Trees use a part of CO² as food by a process
called photosynthesis. Another part they store for the future if there is less CO² and then they release it.
CO² is Good / Patrick More founder of Greenpeace.

Then you have also Chemtrails the second white stripe behind an airplane, which doesn't solve but is spreading out
and becomes veil clouds. The Americans say they do it to bounce the Sun light back into space, if the Sun light
is blocked then the warmth of the Earth is also blocked it can't get away proper and causes more greenhouse effect.
Chemtrails the Secret War.

The people who are called herd animals dumb fucks and minions, they investigate nothing they believe everything what
they're told without thinking and investigating themselves. They go from the standpoint: -- They have studied --, studying
is a stupid process it's just ramming and ramming until you can dream it that, has nothing to do with intelligence.
Why Humans Behave Like Herd Animals.

The truth about global warming.
The experts explain the global warming myth.
Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a Liberal Hoax.

Global Warming Explaned.
Florida's Freezing Waether.




Dr. Rania Masri's Speech at Crisis in Gaza
and West Bank: Context and Action Forum.
Rania Masri and Ajamu Q&A C3HUU 2015-08-19.

Waarom en hoe wij voor Palestina vechten.
Speech: Crisis in Gaza and West Bank.
Speech: Mr. Obama, what is Barbaric?

Uncovering the Syrian Conflict. July 10, 2013.
Questions and Answers - The Syrian Conflict.

Website of Rania Masri.
More Info about Rania Masri.

Israeli historian Benny Morris denies the ethnic cleansing of Palestine,
but his own research shows that this was indeed how Israel came into being.

(Jewish Voice for Peace) opposes Anti-Jewish, Anti-Muslim, and Anti-Arab bigotry and
oppression. JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip,
and East Jerusalem. Security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians.

A just solution for Palestinian refugees, based on principles established in international law.
An end to violence against civilians, and peace and justice for all peoples of the Middle East.

Freedom for Palestine.
I Refuse to be a Israeli Soldier.
If the Americans knew.

Israeli Police brutality against
Old Religious Jews in Jerusalem.
Israeli Police attacking Jews in a Synagogue.
Palestine & Israel supporters clash during NYC protest.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler R.


(05-04-2019) I LOVE ANARCHISTS.
George Calin - Saving the Planet?

Anarchy - Good Speech.
Help, an Anarchist!

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose


(04-04-2019) HA HA HA BENG?
Most of the Dutch politicians have it behind their elbows, they pretend to be
friend of Iran. Because there is a Dutch Embassy in Iran, plus the KLM also flies
on Iran. Then there is also the economical import and export between Iran and the
Netherlands, but behind the scenes the Dutch Secret service is presumably spying in Iran.

That information they might pass on to America and Israel, who may be bomb Iran in the
future. This means that the politicians are not friends of Iran, but thick hypocrites who
play as a distraction comedy with an Embassy, a KLM airline and doing business with Iran.

Let's say you have friends visiting you, there is alcohol a piece of barbecue etc. And
at 23.00 hours they're going home. You go upstairs to sleep, but your friends are not
going home they wait around the corner for you to sleep. Then they commit a burglary
in your house, to sniff in your private administration, what do you think about that?

This also proves that the Iranians are a peaceful people, because they don't take revenge. While we
westerners would be pissed if we caught the burglar. And we hope that the burglar will be well punished
by the judge. But if the Iranians get angry and take action, then we call them: -- Terrorists --.

And if Iran were to decide in the future to invade Europe and the Netherlands, then we owe it to our-
selves. They are sick and tired of us, for those Westerners every time they come mess about in our coun-
try. Give them wrong, it then becomes a kind of Allah comes for his pay, the Dutch owe it to themselves.

Gwenyth Todd - Whistleblower on Planned Iran War & WW3

On July 03th, 1988, an Airbus of Iran was shot out of the air, by an American Navy ship in the Strait of
Hormuz off the coast of Iran, of the 290 passengers no one survived. If those arrogant Americans start
practicing for their own coast, and not constantly off the coast of other countries (Libya, North Korea,
Iran, Russia, Yemen, Lebanon etc) they want to destroy. Then a lot of innocent people will remain alive.

Israel wants to bombard Iran, and why they don't have an atomic bomb, and plus Allah don't want
that. Israel has 400 Atomic bombs and is not registered with the International Atomic community,
nor does it leave any inspectors inside. So America must start bombarding Israel first, but the
hypocrites will of course never do it, as they are fat friends with that Khazar (Fake Jews).

Media instigation against Iran - potential to trigger war. (30-03-2018 - English).

Arab countries all had state banks, and the people borrowed money without paying interest,
because Allah find interest a crime. Afghanistan Iraq Libya all had state banks. Now the
governments have been chased away they're replaced by American straw governments, they have
become commercial banks. Syria Iran Cuba Venezuela China North Korea are still state banks.

It would not surprise me that Israel destroyed the nuclear power plant in Japan with
a Tsunami. Japan planned to enrich uranium in their nuclear plant for Iran. Israel may
have laid down a small neutron bomb on the ocean floor, and the detonation of it may
have raised a sea weir, which reached the coastal area of Japan a few hours later.

The Japanese couldn't turn off the nuclear power station because there was a -- Bug -- sitting in the
computers. And that equipment they had bought in Germany at Siemens, and that is a Jewish Zionist
company. This could mean that if all the nuclear power stations in the world buy their equipment
from Siemens, they maybe all have a -- Bug -- which will be activated in the future when it comes handy to Israel.

This is what I mean by hypocrisy, the fascists in uniform playing hard ball, supposedly they protect the
embassy of Iran. BUT, -- Cuntte -- thinks it's fine at the same time that the Press and Media drag Iran
through the mud. If America and Israel are militarily attacking Iran, then -- Cuntte -- as a member of
the NATO will join. What do they mean by protecting Iran, they fool the people of the Netherlands.

According to this politician, it is unacceptable that Iran kill people in the Netherlands,
(If they have done it?). She thinks it's fine that -- Cuntte -- bombs Syria with jet-
fighters and kill civilians. Are we dealing here with racists, whitey can do everything
and browny nothing. The well-known western Superior Aryan mentality? You come to the
conclusion that the Western white race is mentally disturbed, because their disease --
Delusions of Grandeur -- has brought them into the illusion that they are a Superior Aryan race.

Iranian assassination Commando struck twice in
the Netherlands - Interview Kajsa Ollongren.

Munchies Guide To Tehran. (Part 1/3) (Part 2/3) (Part 3/3)

Walking Around Tehran In Iran.
Tehran Metro Subway Walk 2016 (HD).
Iran by Train over the Alborz Mountain Range Tehran - Sari.

TV-Video. (Iran) (Russia)


Iranian Embassy in The Hague


Sibel Edmonds worked with the FBI as a translator, and discovered double-spies on
the ward and rang the bell. She has known it as with all whistle-blowers, they are
ridiculed and ruined and destroyed, in some cases imprisoned and sometimes murdered.

The US has been bombarding countries for 74
years where people live with a skin color.
219 American Wars compared to Russia, China, Iran and Germany.

Saturday, March 30th marks the one-year anniversary of the Great March of
Return protests that took place along the fence between Israel and Gaza. In this
time, Israel has continued to act with unspeakable brutality. Its snipers perch
on man-made hilltops and open fire on unarmed protesters who come near the fence.

To date, over two hundred protesters have been killed and six thousand injured
by gunshot, mostly to the legs and feet. It?s hard to fathom how Israel has been
able to get away with this turkey shoot Friday after Friday for a whole year.
Great March of Return.

Israeli Air Force Captain Exposes
Zionist Control Of White House On Live TV (English) (English)

America and their bosses Israel are War-Criminals and Mass-Murderers, for at present they like
to bomb every country they don't like in the Middle East. Israel wants a Greater-Israel, and for
that all democratic elected Arab governments have to go, and they use and pay fanatic Muslims who
wants sharia like Isis Al-Qaeda Daesch to do it for them. And a lot of citizens lose their life.

Then you also have butt-crawlers like for example -- Cuntte -- of the Netherlands, who also throws
weapons in Syrië. Who is also a War-Criminal and a Mass-Murderer, because he has invaded a sovereign
country and bombards without permission of the Syrian government the country, which is a war crime.

For the Syrians have not offended us, they didn't invade our country, neither are they shooting at us. Turn the table
around, say that Peru invades the Netherlands and bombards Zutphen. Surely Peru is not going to get away with it,
America a NATO ally of the Netherlands will immediately invade Peru militarily. Are we dealing with racists here?

While turning around, you accidentally step on someone's toes but you apologize or
say: --Sorry --, but the man says: -- tonight at eight o'clock I come along and beat
you up --. And at eight o'clock there is call at your door, and when you open it's the
man. But he didn't come alone he is, with three men his brothers cousins and neighbors.

And together they beat you up, with the result that you have to go to the hospital for
three months, and then go to a rehabilitation center for another six month. If the gentlemen
standing in front of a judge, he will call them top-shelf scum and punish them severely.

America also seeks a quarrel with Iraq, and brings it's 3 friends along: -- England France
and The Netherlands --. They kill your citizens and destroy the entire infrastructure of your
country. But those friends are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in
The Hague as well as: -- Scum of the top Shelf -- but as Heroes. And they're invited by the King
of the Netherlands the President of America and the Israeli Knesset for a meal and decorations.

Israel Bombs: Palestine Lebanon Iraq Libya Syria and Yemen.


(02-04-2019) PHAEDOPHILIA.
The Illuminati: The Medical people - Church leaders - Businessmen -
Community leaders - Press and Media - Politicians - Judges - Lawyers -
Police - Social Services - Military - Known Public figures.

A part of them is involved with the rape torture and murder of children.
There is a world-wide elite pedophilia gang, the people who investigate and
go too far or discover too much are fired and humiliated and or murdered.

The Charitable organization of the American Hillary Clinton, according to some resear-
chers, is a disguised pedophile gang. This organization ensures that the elite can get
children. After the natural disaster in Haiti, the organization has brought children to
America, and her right hand also a woman has been arrested and detained in Haiti. For
the government wants to know where those children are, because they have disappeared.

The World Press & Media such as news journals the talk programs on TV and the newspapers,
are partly guilty of raping torturing and killing the children. Because they don't tell
the citizens, but put it in the cover. If It was known world-wide years ago, then we
could have liberated and saved all those children, then they were still alive.
INfocus - Paedophilia: Britain?s Dark Secret.

Kla Television.


Lolita Express.



(01-04-2019) APRILS FOOLSDAY.

134 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena.

Optical Illusions.

Visual Phenomena.


(31-03-2019) MY FAMILY.
Worthy Is The Lamb - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.
Every Praise - Hezekiah Walker.

At The Meeting - Gospel Legends Volume,
3 soloist The Sensational Nightingales.
God Did It - Evelyn Turrentine-Agee.
Long As I Got King Jesus - Vickie Winans.

Nkosi Sikilel i?Africa, Mass Sing Street Choirs 2014.
Amaviyo #Uyangithanda Na.
Oh Happy Day - The South African Youth Choir.
Bwana Yesu Asifiwe - Newlife Ambassadors Choir - Kenya.
Heaven came Down - Kusda Church Choir.

I Believe in the Name of Jesus Medley
Indian Gospel Melodies IGM - Live 2018.
Best indian gospel music video New idian GospeL Music.

My life is Yours - Lovely Arabic Christian Song-Middle East.
Inta Elaahi (You are my God)...Lovely Arabic Christian Song.
Ha Hallelujah...Arabic Christian Song, Egypt.
Tasbiih al-Rab...Praise the Lord....Arabic christian Song.


I believe that Article 19 has been abolished.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the
United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948, in Paris.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right
includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive
and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Freedom of Expression is no longer desirable at this time, governments are trying
to sweet-talk it. You can only give your opinion if he fits into the street of the
government. That is pure fascism suppressing the mind of the person, the person is
not allowed to express his thoughts in public anymore.

Investigating the Holocaust can be dangerous, if you go too far than you have a
chance to disappear in jail for 3 years. It's not desirable that you examine history,
why are they so terribly frightened, that war has gone as he has gone there is no
pin to put between it. Even if you dig and spit for a thousand years on websites and
YouTube you're not finding anything, because that war has gone as he has gone.

Isn't it ridiculous that if you research history and publish it in public, there
is a chance that you have to go to jail for three years, because there is a group
of people that doesn't like it when you examine history. They have their friends
in politics and in the justice department who will make sure that you are indeed
locked up. And whether the Holocaust is true or partly or not true, I leave that
in the middle, you must always be able to examine history regardless of the outcome.

If some decide to make the truth that they cannot use, turning it in a legal lie
complete with a jail sentence, then civilization is on its return. Then future
generations will experience barbaric times, because perhaps maybe they go to such
extremes in all areas that they cannot use, decency moral respect etc. is then gone.

The Khazar (Fake Jews) who founded Communism in Russia about 100 years ago, and have killed
about 100 million Russians because they didn't want the communism of the Khazar.


The Jews and the Bolsheviks.

The Khazar and the Bolsheviks.

How the Government Tracks You: NSA Surveillance.
How Internet Censorship Works.
How to Avoid Surveillance ... With Your Phone.
Public Projection of the NSA's least favorite video.
Abby Martin on Internet NSA Surveillance.

Art 13-Every upload of you scanned and
approved by a commercial company.

Freedom of Speech Forbidden?




(28-03-2019) PEACE ON EARTH.
I hope, all governments worldwide are going to be like these people on this YouTube,
because then we are getting paradise, and after thousands of years peace on Earth.

Min. Farrakhan's Address To The Navajo
Nation Council & Press Conference.

Contemporary and POWWOW Music.
Black Gospel Music.

On this YouTube below go to 8:30/20.23.
There you can see how the white thieves rapists and assassins, went on rampage
with the Indians when they arrived in North Central and South America. The
English also did it with the Aboriginals of Australia, and the Maori of New
Zealand. And don't forget Africa, the Asian countries and the Middle East.

Everywhere the whites arrived they made havoc. Since 1947, the Israelis have been
doing it for 72 years with the Palestinians. The Westerners call themselves God's
children, they talk about civilization and moral decency respect Bibles law-books
norms and values. Now you have the Western: -- NWO / New World Order --?

Native American Street-food.

Soul Food.
Auntie Fee is no more she passed away recently.


Rachid Taha ~ Ya Rayah.
Amr Diab Tamli Maak.

No Woman No Cry.
Donia batmeh - Allah Allah in Amana.

Belly Dance - Shik Shak Shok (Log In).
Arabic Bellydance music Instrumental Darbuka.

Arabic Spanish - Habibi Ya Nour El Ein.
Nari nari - Indian Arabic song.
Hanine - Arabia.
Hanine the violinist ft. Nour - Msadaa Halak (2018)
Best Arab Song (Milk And Honey).

Tunesia Medical Students.
La Dabke Troupe.
Arabian Dance Festival.
Kurdish Dance?

Kiddy Stuff.
Nansy Ajram - Shakhbat Shakhabeet.
Hala Al Turk & Mashael - Bnayty ElHabooba.
Hala AL Turk - Zahgana.
Siba Kids - Latest Fashion.
Clip Ng.


Israelites -- The True Color Of Jesus Christ --.
Mezdeke - Istanbul Night and Day (Rhythm Only).

Proof Biblical Israelites are Black.
Do Black Lives Matter In Israel?

Origin of the White Man - Part 1 (a).
Origin of the White Man - Part 1 (b).

Ethiopian Jews are treated as old dirt in Israel.
What's weird is when you type her name: -- Tehune Sara Maharat -- into YouTube,
you only get 5 results. She is an activist then there should be even more YouTube
of her, are they maybe censored away on behalf of for example The Mossad?

Ethiopian - Israelian activist - She also has only 2 YoyTube.
Evolution: from racist to anti-racist / Inbar Bugala.

Israeli Politician wants to Sterilize all Palestinian Women.

What modern Jews do with the Palestinians, they also do with the Orthodox
Jews to get rod of him. There are plenty of Jews who smoke they do drink
alcohol go to the whores commit pedophilia, so religiously they're not.

When the Dutch think of the Jews then they think of World War II, while the Jews of today
74 years later have a totally different mentally, they have a Western decadent attitude.

There is a psychological way to edit the Dutch, to keep them week so they dare not say anything
about Israel. How do you do that, you trow them all year round the Holocaust in their faces.

If you are going to shout in public that it's not president Assad of Syria, who is gassing
the children with poison but Israel Turkey and Saudi Arabia do that. They also do it in Yemen,
then the holocaust is consciously paid much more attention too, it's a cunning demagogues tactic.

In Israel they have abolished the: -- Sabbath Day -- Saturday, people now come on the street
and just go to work. In Addition, the Orthodox Jews must now go into military service, while
God has said: -- Thou Shalt not Kill --, the modern Jews are not interested in what God said.

The Sabbath-keeping demonstrations in Jerusalem. (Not Allowed to work on Saturday).
Ultra Orthodox Jews collide with the police in military draft protest.
Objections to Archaeological Excavations.

Panorama of Jerusalem events at the gates from
the Al-Aqsa mosque journalist Diala Jouhan.
The Million mars before commencing to occupation of Singel.

The owner of the planet Earth is: -- Rothschild --,
A Jew (Mr. Burns) The boss of Homer Simpson (Trump).
Lord Rothschild (Mr. Burns) tells how his family created Israel.

The Khazar (Fake Jews) are also the real boss in the White House, with
300 Congress Traitors who possess an American and Israeli passport.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Scroll 25% for the (Dutch Only) text.
If, Doctors strike fewer patients die.

In essence, England is the cause of the misery that the Palestinians have been experiencing
for 70 years. For they have given land to the Khazar (Fake Jews), land they have stolen
themselves. The rest of the western world seems to find that stealing other people's coun-
tries is very normal, they're not getting hot or cold of it, they couldn't care less.

So also our Dutch politicians, seen the slimycontent and buttcrawling that they
have with Israel. People like me are being watched by secret services, as if we
were state dangerous. So the criminals keep an eye on the honest people, because
when we ring the bell or put it on the table, we seem to be doing something wrong.

Why was the first white racist theory invented in 1550.


The American crisis is he raised by sharpened cunning smart dodgy elite to be able to
plunder the Treasury? And that works like this. In America you can buy all the shops
empty and you only have to pay over 5 years, so you grow a people who thinks: -- Buy Buy --,
PAY PAY????? Ha ha ha we see in 20 years how we pay that 200 billion debt back.

Those tie criminals now let the economy burst, and then get 100 billion from the govern-
ment's treasury to come out of it. But if over 3 years the crisis is gone again, then the
customers still have to pay the 200 billion dollar debt and interest back. So now the
criminals have a fat profit, because those 100 billion don't have to pay back to the Treasury.

That's not all, if there is an economic dip then the companies do pathetic. But not a hair on their
head is thinking using a part of billions of the fat gains that they've made over the past 10 years
to get out of it again. They leave the tax for the citizen who have to pay for it.

If the governments lend money to for example Third World Countries, they must pay back that debt inclu-
ding interest. Let the governments do so with the banks as well, those billions are now being given,
they should simply recharge the banks again. Including the interest rate when the crisis is over again,
and they are going to make nice profits again. To conclude. If you have hundreds of billions of free money
for banks, why not cancel the debt and interest rates of the 3rd world so they can get out of it too.

The State debt of the Netherlands is ?486 billion, if the Second Chamber gives ?100 billion to the
bank not to fall, withdraw it from the state debt. That's going to never do one is not worrying, people
like me are sent in the woods, with the remark you are not an economist you have no understanding of it.

If the government already manages to find ?100 billion, why was it that the state debt was not redeemed in the
first place, when there was no question of the bank falling over. Plus the shareholders of the bank have earned
nice in the past, let them lend the ?100 billion to their bank. The tie figures the politicians the banks and
the shareholders, belonging behind bars of a prison, because they are simply ordinary criminals and thieves.


(24-03-2019) NO COMMENT.
Loading truck with empty apple bins.
Container Loading.
Loading in a Warehouse.
Dumb Asses.

Kristo Boginski - LorryDriver.
Luke C in a HGV (Heavy Good Vehicle - English).


Africa will only export 25% food minerals and raw materials the remaining 75%, is
used by the people to feed themselves, so that they can life proper and have a life.
Plus there are now internal trade opportunities and also less unemployment.

Africa is going to import only 25% the remaining 75% is produced in Africa itself, resulting
again more trade and less unemployed. The Import and Export only generates money that will
disappear in the pockets of the rich, both in Africa and in the Western World: -- The poor will
remain poor --. If the population of Africa has more food minerals available, and less import-
exports, then they have more resources to develop, and poverty will hopefully be pushed back.

Western planes bring weapons to Africa, then the pilots have sex with the local prostitutes
for peanuts. And then they fly back to Europe with for example frozen fish fillet in the
cargohold. The African people frying the head spine and tail with maggots, you eat tasty.

We could also waive the debts and interest of those countries, because then they
have direct money to invest. If they borrow one Euro or Dollar from us, they have to
pay four back. They have already paid so much interest on interest on interest that
the debt has long since been relieved, so why keep them even longer in the choke-hold.

If the IMF lends money to them, then there are conditions attached to it. You have to throw
your border open for our cheap subsidy goods. That your own for example chicken and tomato
domestic trade goes broke we're not interested. And you have to privatize your state-owned
companies, they are then bought up by our western friends through traitors in your own
country. Then we are again the boss in Africa as it used to be in colonial times.

You don't have to knock on doors of the Western European or Dutch governments, as far as the above
is concerned. Because, they park you in de forest. They consider you a nutcase, and don't have a
pocket sense of how the western economy works. You could say that today's grand-children are no
better than their colonial ancestors, they are still robbing and exploiting those countries.

Dear Africans - English Subs.
Exploitation by the Western World. (Mallence Bart Williams).
African countries forced by France to pay Colonial tax.


(22-03-2019) WTF.
This first YouTube can be fake. He can be made, by the people who believe that the Earth
is flat, or they have seen and taken this movie somewhere. A rocket is launched from a plat-
form, and at 73 miles altitude (3:26/15:33) He suddenly stops, as if he collided somewhere
against perhaps the boundary of the Matrix? And on 6:23/15:33 you see ripples in the air.

Scientists discover border Firmament.
When a rocket is launched you often see him deflecting, you never see him go straight up.
Maybe NASA knows, when we do that he will soon collide with the firmament.

In this the second YouTube you can see at the beginning that the Sun flickers, on (1:09/4:46)
you see that there is a hole in the sun, a piece of the sun is blown away? The man in the
Tube says that the disconnected piece is coming towards Earth, that's always possible.
Blinking Sun | Strange Phenomena Being Reported Globally.

Suppose nature does that as a kind of safety valve, if the pressure in the sun would be
too high, then he might be blown apart in millions of pieces, and then we are fucked.
And at (2:10/4:46) you see that some sort of 'sphere' sucks something out of the sun.

But I have learned to take scientists wiseguys and experts with a grain of salt, because
the one says this and the other says that. They're also forever in battle with each other
what is it now? Black is black and white is white right, not according to these clowns.

If I have understood correctly, global warming has stopped 15 years ago. That warming has
been going on for billions of years, it's just a returning cycle there's nothing new under
the Sun. Now It's 0.6 degree warmer than normal, while 1200 BC it was 5 degrees warmer than
usual. Then Some scientists seem to be messing with numbers statistics and bar columns.

I think they have no titles for their name but shitles, in other words a bunch of
learned idiots. Then they tell me that I'm nuts, with my way of thinking, yes bye.
Question Authority | The Big Media Lie, How To
Avoid Mind Control & Know Truth | Psychetruth

Now on the internet there are also a lot of idiots kooks imbeciles disturbed
fantasists and other clowns, so it's good searching for serious people who commit
bona-fide research. Not everyone talks crap, I'm also seriously researching.

A part of the loony YouTube is created by secret services themselves to confuse
us, so that we might start thinking here I don't believe anything of. They also
have own alternative websites, in order to lure the unsuspecting citizen in and
to register and keep an eye on him. They no longer have to look for who they are
and where they live, the citizen who is gullible doesn't suspect anything himself.

I can go and throw on the table that some politicians belong to a world-wide elite pedophiles
club, that sounds to many so bizarre that they're not going to believe it from their life days.
Who would ever have thought that after the death of the English M.P. Edward Heath they would
discover that he was a pedophile, or the well-known Bill Cosby or maybe even the Pope who knows.

Most people will fight this, because their comfortable dream world is in danger of
splashing apart. They can go so far to admit the person in a psychiatric establishment,
because they want to stay with all violence in their dream world. And maybe there are
already people who have been taken out by society, perhaps also by family members.


(21-03-2019) DOUBLE STANDARDS?
A man from an American Ghetto goes to another Ghetto to kill his enemy, because he has done
something wrong so I must kill him. But when he comes back home he is arrested put before a judge,
and who hits him with lawbooks Bibles and terms around his ears such as: -- You're not allowed to
kill your enemy under any circumstances --. He is then sentenced to 40 years or life or a deadly syringe.

When this man is in jail he desperately asks himself, what have I done wrong in God's
name. My Government with approval of their elite friends the courts do exactly the
same in Afghanistan Iraq and or Syria. They have exactly the same viewpoint, the
Afghans the Iraqis and Syrians did something they shouldn't do so we must kill them.

Why don't my Government and soldiers also get 40 years a life-long or a syringe.
Why does the elite judge now look the other way. When the judge tells me that
killing is not good, why does he not tell that to his friends in government circles.

But when his government and soldiers come back home after the killing, they are received as heroes with
parades confetti-rains ribbon accolades and promotions. Because governments secret services and soldiers
always can lawfully and legally kill, they're never called criminals terrorists or psychiatric patients.

Maybe that guy just killed, because he gets a wrong and bad example. Or if my Government can legally
kill his enemy with the law-book and the Bible in hand, then I can also do that what am I doing wrong?

The most beautiful thing would of course that he says to himself, killing no I will not start with
that. I don't want to be a murderer or walk around with the same warlike character as my Government,
which drop scary bombs anywhere in the world if they cannot get their way with that government.

We live in the delusion that only in: -- Wartime -- you're allowed to kill your enemy,
if you do it in: -- Peacetime -- then you are a criminal terrorist or psychiatric patient.
Some people and or groups have their own, quarreling discord feud odds hate jealousy war.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose

Nationalize Money.
Money-Creation at the gender at The Hague.

Round-table talks Money-system (Lasts 02:22:23 hour).
Chamber debate Civilian Initiative our money. (Lasts 04:44:03 hour)


For the court-case you're already found guilty, so the court is a washing
nose, example. If you investigate the Holocaust in Germany and publish the
results, you will be taken to court and you get three years imprisonment.

Ms Sylvia Stolz A lawyer was arrested during a lawsuit because she was a
defendant who was accused of Holocaust denial, she also got jail sentence.
Even a judge asking a suspect or solicitor do you evidence that no six million
Jews have been gassed, and that judge is also arrested and detained. So A lawsuit
is just a washing nose, the verdict stands in advance already fixed:--GUILTY--.

How the Jews Corrupted Europe's Legal System.
Gog And Magog Are The Khazar.

And who has taken down the politicians to make this law, indeed them -- Viper Serpents -- from
Israel the well-known Zionists. Who are not even Jewish but scum from the Ukraine the Khazar.
They also blackmailed the White House. If we are not allowed to set up own police department
(FEMA/Home Security) in America, we will explode some small nuclear bombs, as we have done
with those two buildings on September 11th, 2001 in New York (WTC1 WTC 2) (WTC7-Demolition).

WTC7 -- This is an Orange.

If you want to get a building like WTC7 with 47 floors controlled getting down, then
you certainly need one week to place the application of explosives wiring battle hats
cross plug-boxes drilling countless holes, you don't do that in 7 hours time (09.30--17.30).
This means that these explosives have already been installed in that building before 11 September.

Was WTC 1 and WTC2 perhaps already equipped with explosives before 11 September
2001? Because the debris of floor after floor blew with great force all the way
around, and that is simply air pressure from the explosive detonations. And in
the foot of both towers, the MOSSAD had placed small nuclear bombs.

Similarly, one found bombs in the foot of the bridges over the Hudson River, if
those had been set off then New York was flooded and drowned under water with God
only knowing how many million dead. The Jews who stood singing dances and jump out
of fun on the streets, when the towers came down appeared after arrest and investi-
gation to be members of the Israeli Mossad. And the van they had with them was full
of explosives, they were then expelled from the land as an unwanted stranger.

On September 11th, nothing was allowed to fly in America, but two private aircraft hired by Bush
were allowed to depart later. On board were the families Bin Laden and the royal family Bandar
of Saudi Arabia, to prevent them from being interrogated by the FBI. The demagogues of the
journals the talk programs on TV and the newspapers will never tell you this information.

The Mossad did 9/11 with Associates.

The Complete facts about the Holocaust.
Arthur koestler: The Thirteenth Tribe.

History of the evil Khazar.

There were also innocent Nazis because there were also good Germans, but the evidence that they were
innocent were not accepted during the Nuremberg process, and they too were hung. Many of their fake
confessions have been produced with heavy inhuman torture.

And who were their executioners that Jewish Zionist scum, I'm not talking about
the ordinary man of the street Jew. Those have also been misused taken for a
ride and pulled their legs by their own leaders during the Second World War.

Believe it or not, but in daily life Germany only in the year 2005 15,361 people
are persecuted because of -- Holocaust denial -- (whatever that may be) and other
forms of Thought Crime. Where is Amnesty International? Revisionists are the only
group not supported by Amnesty; They rot away in the dungeons of the EUSSR!

Virtually All known revisionists have been put into jail for years and/or social destroyed:
Professor Faurisson, Ing. Frederich Leuchter, Ir. Walter LÜFTL, Ernst Zündel, Doctor Germar Rudolf,
Doctor Fredrick Töben, former Judge Mr. Wilhelm Stäglitz, Mr. Günther Deckert, Mr. Sylvia Stolz, publisher
Siegfried Verbeke, writer David Irving, Writer-Poet Gerd Honsik, Bishop Williamson. They and thousands
of others lost freedom, money and good. Fortunately, their self-esteem, honor and admiration have remained.

Free Ursula Haverbeck! Free Monika Schaefer!
David Irving.

Holocaust a forbidden opinion.
Investigating The Holocaust is that punishable.

Stop Shoa-denial. That means in reality the current Holocaust Heretic persecution is not enough for us yet.
Stop investigating and criticizing the story of the Jewish Holocaust Version. Forbid that. Let the Myth the Myth,
the Historical Lies the Lies and let us continue to impose on you our Obligatory Religion of the future.

It makes no difference to limit the freedom of speech of millions and to trow more people into prisons because
of their conscience. Re-Enter the medieval heretic laws with which critics are burn-staked as lawbreakers and
criminals. Back with the Holy (now Holocaust) Inquisition. No longer look for Truth, but Stop Shoa-denial.

This YouTube shows what the Nazis did with the Jews,
and the Jews now doing with the Palestinians.
A Holocaust is a Holocaust no denying to. (Log In)
Nabi Saleh 4.9.2015.
Nabi Saleh, March 13, 2015.

White Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce -- Secret Relationship -- book.
The Origins of the Illuminati.

The Khazar (Fake Jews) have said: -- That anyone who is not a Jew is a beast --, we may
eradicate them whenever we want, and we don't have to feel guilty because, they're beasts.
This is alsdo true for the Khazar, for they are not Jews either, Jesus from the Bible
calls them: --Viper Serpents -- and they're not my children but children of Satan.

Jews also fight against each other, the ultra Orthodox don't accept Israel,
it's according to them an illegal state stolen from the Palestinians.

Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel.
Police arrest 28 ultra-Orthodox Jews at anti-conscription protest.
Chilul Shabbos Protest - Working Saturday on Sabbath.


(19-03-2019) WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH?
The Bible says that the Angels saw the Daughters of Man on Earth and had sex with them,
suppose those angels were Ufonauten or reptiles who discovered the Earth. Suppose they
had no sex with them but changed their DNA (Tree of Knowledge?) so that they could be
themselves as humans, which could also be possible that we people are hybrids.

Fishing illusion witches eyesong, this is smoke moon cabincrate, turn and save cap.

(Witches-Women / Cabin-Huis / Crate-Bed)

The grim reaper flew, witches mutiny planet, fowl is biting humans, you rose please do good.

Advice is filling wind, don't do deeds gate moon plier meadow.

Eve (a Ufonaut or a Reptile?) from Paradise (Earth?) was perhaps a genetic DNA (Tree of Knowledge?)
who has activated the uterus of the Earthly women. What can always sit in an apple: -- A Worm --,
which can always sit in a uterus: -- A Fetus --, which looks in the beginning exactly as a worm.

Suppose The Earth was the real Biblical paradise, and we were all spirits. But the people who are messed
everything up may not be born on Earth for a thousand years, and must spend that time in hell or the universe.
So the present people of now if they also mess things up are not born on Earth after their death.

Thou now knows God and stone hopelane, lens show wise book, knit stone six count.

Suppose It's not the intention to be born as flesh and blood on Earth, and the good people are
born again after their death on Earth but now as spirit and have eternal life. And the bad people
are born again as mortal Man, and the beasts may not be born on Earth for a thousand years.

Erase bite fowl, creates more brat ovum, hurts bowleg there, run R.

Astronauts who stay in space for a long time, their bodies become jelly-like and the bones
tender, that's how Ufonauten look like. Suppose those Ufonauten were those people who are
not allowed to be born on Earth. They may live in hell or on the otherside of the Moon.

Around Jupiter are many Moons, suppose they were a planet with people
who have blown themselves up with an atomic war. Those who managed to
flee went looking with their space rockets (UFOs?) for a livable planet,
and found the Earth. But because they flew many light years through space,
their bodies have become more and more gelatinous and their bones tender,
but they had no choice and went on a journey as they wanted to survive.

So what has happened in the past partly or not, is that we don't know. Maybe we have been cloned
by superior races of the past. Perhaps God has indeed blown into our noses when he created us,
or we are spontaneously created as part of nature. What might also be possible is that we were
descendants of creatures from the universe, who lived on other planets paradises or Hells.

On Earth there are different races, with often different skin colours, with hundreds of different languages
dialects habits etc. Where has all that come from, who has done all that? Gods Angels Monsters Devils
Ufonauten Giants, then our brains only work for a few percent, so who knows what is unexplored.

The Earth has existed for billions of years, man has been walking around for 18 million
years on Earth, with another 9 million years to go, according to the old Hindus and or
Mrs Blavatsky etc. Then There are probably also other dimensions hells and or worlds.

Many people often laugh at this type of business, and that is because they never
investigate anything. Or because what they used to hear as a small child from the
parents, which they are now parotting, while the parents either never investigated anything.

The problem is that most people live in a dream world, because the real reality of evolution-life they can't cope
with. All what they are afraid of, they deny push it away or ridicule it, it's their lifebuoy where they despera-
tely cling on too, because drowning (reality) can really happen. In the extreme they are willing to lock you up
for years in a psychiatric establishment because, under no circumstances do we want to wake up (reality).

Take a simple hut with ten people in it with only one window and a door, one steps outside goes for a walk and
sees everything around the hut. But he is being declared psychiatric by those other nine who stay indoors,
looking out through that one window, left right and behind the hut and can see nothing and deny that it exists.

On the internet there are also a lot of idiots kooks imbeciles disturbed fantasists and other clowns, so it is good
searching for serious people who commit bona fide research. Not everyone jabbers crap, I'm also seriously researching.

I made a drawing in the past by means of fractures, I hung it on the wall and walked backwards. Then I
saw a face of a saint, then I flipped the drawing 180 degrees and saw some kind of reptile like animal.

Could it be that someone has made our body through fractures mathematics etc. If that were the
case and we have master it, we might be able to restore a sick organ or lift the death.

I wonder if the woman on below YouTube is wearing lenses with a blue color, and that occasionally
when she shuts her eyes that those lenses slide away. And when she opens her eyes again than you see
her real eye color. Now there are also women often in the sex industry who consciously wear blue
lenses, because then they become a lot more attractive for the men, and they are willing to pay more.

Real Reptilian Shape-shifters - Check her color Eye pupils.

Reptilian Secret Service Creep Spotted at A I P A C.
Outer Space Reptiles?
The Reptilians Are Among Us (Draconians).

Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Reptilian Conspiracy Theory.
11 Hybrid Creatures From Legends.

5 Outer Space Beings who walk among us.

Manipulations on a Cosmic Scale.

Miss H.P. Blavatsky.


Is it possible that most spam in our email comes from legit companies that are
hire outside companies to for example doing a survey for them? The National
Thrombosis Service has given the Email-addresses of the patients behind their
acks without asking them to let external company to advertise for them.

Since then, I have been regularly spammed with the name National Thrombosis service. I also
bought a new bike, and the shopkeeper asked for my E-mail address, now I regularly get spam
advertising about cycling, and before I bought the bike never. Could it be possible that the
computer of the bike shop and the computers of those external companies are as leaky as a basket.

Therefore, it might be wise that if you buy something in a store in the future, and they ask
for your E-mail address you say -- Phone Me --. How often does it happen that our private papers
are found on the streets, because companies both commercial and state are sloppy and careless.

You will receive an E-mail from LinkedIn Twitter or Facebook, on behalf of a family member
if you want to become a member. But I haven't given those companies my Email address, are
they spamming? In Addition, the companies have a no-reply E-mail address, they may email us,
but we are not allowed to email them back, no way hose. So you can't ask them to not Email
you anymore. Now, in the past, I had already contacted companies that are fighting spam,
but you don't even get answers. Do the companies play under one hat with each other.

Look for the date on my subsite for more info.
12-07-2017 Bevorderen bonafide bedrijven spam?
03-09-2017 Spam Bevorderd Door Bedrijven? (Dutch).

This is what happens when you reply to spam email - James Veitch.
More adventures in replying to spam - James Veitch.
The agony of trying to unsubscribe - James Veitch.

Scammer Hacked Entire Call Centre Shut Down.


Romania -- Village Life in Transylvania.
Traditional Baking Bread.

Countries of the European community.

Transilvania 2017 (Christmas)
Bucharest Street Food Festival 2016.
Huge Roasted Pig from Transylvania.
Street Food of London, Notting Hill.


Making Jesus look ridicules of
his crucifixion on Israeli TV during Easter.
Jesus has woolly hair like a Creole like me,
and not straight hair of the whites.

95% of the Jews are --Khazar -- from the Ukraine/Crimea, that is the basic root
of Russia. They are pagans converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. The Russians kicked
them out of the country because they were cruel murderers rape killers. They still
are because they have been committing genocide for 70 years on the Palestinians.

They don't descend from Judea and Abraham, and have never lived in Palestine, nor 2000 years ago. Jesus
calls them: -- Viper Serpents -- in the Bible. And presumably the Khazar want the Ukraine/Crimea back, to
do that they have to destroy Russia, and in order to do that they use Europe and the USA as a trolley.

And how do you destroy Russia? You take two jet fighters, in cooperation with the CIA and
Mossad and shoot the MH370 out of the air. The MH17 was camouflage to put sand into the eyes
of the people. Now you have a very nice excuse to cram the border of Russia with NATO soldiers,
hoping that Putin goes berserk and comes running out with weapons, and then we destroy Russia.

When the Berlin Wall fell and Russia withdrew from the Eastern European countries, NATO
a criminal organization had promised, not to take those countries what they actually did.
The Whole of Eastern Europe stinks with American military bases, and in many Eastern
European countries it stinks of American straw governments. It's just a chair swapping.

Besides that the Khazar have stolen Palestine, they have decided to create a: -- Greater
Israel -- including the countries of the Middle East by American straw-governments. There
They use the USA Russia and Europe for their trolley to do their sneaky work.

Ex-General Wesley Clark said it is the intention of America to destroy and bring under our
control seven countries in five years. Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libya Somalia and Sudan.
Go to 09.38 minutes ? 12/14.

There is a psychological way to edit the Dutch, to keep them week so they dare not say
anything about Israel. How do you do that, you trow them all year round the Holocaust in
their face. If you are going to shout in public that it's not president Assad of Syria,
who is not gassing the children with poison but Israel Turkey and Saudi Arabia do that.
They also do it in Yemen, thenthe holocaust is consciously paid much more attention too.

For Example, there are no six million Jews at all, not one himself. According to the Inter-
national Red Cross that was child at home in the eleven concentration camps, she counted
about 272,000 who died. Most of them by Cholera and in the last phase of the war to hunger.
After, the war the Int. Red Cross under pressure had to revise their point of view. Because
of the American boycott of Iraq, there were 500,000 children, now they die in Yemen of hunger.

Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it.
(Cursed Demonic Beast From Hell,
Arrogant Racists White Trash).
Video: Madeleine Albright Today on the Killing of Children.

(Yemen) Their Food boats are stopped at sea by
American English and Saudi Arabian Navy Warships.
Anissa (8) weighs only 10 kilos.

Suppose that it's true that those six million have not been gassed, that must be the greatest
news of the century. Hurrah they are all still alive, probably old age people. Then the whole
world has to jump a hole in the air of joy and feast, but in reality they're pissed.

You would almost think that these people are happy that they are gassed, because
maybe they had latent in the hidden also hatred for these people. The people who
investigate the Holocaust and publish it, and perhaps discovered the truth, have
a chance to go to jail, so angry are they because they've not been gassed.

Are European governments also secretly busy? Do they help Israel with weapons and technologies,
to keep them strong in the Middle East so that they can keep the Arabs down? If they don't help
them then they might become weak, and be kicked out by the Arabs. And where do they flee to Europe,
and perhaps governments don't want this because they dislike the Khazar themselves. So in essence
are the Palestinians people with a skin color sacrificed for the comfort of the western world - Racism?

There are two possibilities for peace if I was God or Allah, firstly I made the whole
Middle East Jew free, and ship them to the Ukraine where they originally came from?
Or secondly I split the country up in half with a sea in between of ten kilometers wide,
on the right side the Jews live and left side the Palestinians live, and the one who has
the guts courage to cross that sea, to go mess in that other country has another thing coming.

Putin did not nick the Crimea, the Crimean have held a referendum and a whopping
98% indicated that she wanted to return home Russia. They are those nasty populism
of the news the talk programs on TV and the newspapers that lie to the Dutch people.
Crimea is Russia. That is all.

Independent Journalist Arnold Karskens tries to sue them.
What the Journals don't broadcast - Janneke Monshouwer.
Was Gaddafi really so cruel?

You will be wondering how I know the above facts very simple research on the internet, and don't indis-
criminately believe demagogues like politicians the journals the talk programs on TV and the newspapers.
I'm a little asshole who has nothing to say in society, while the professional journalists with many channels,
can never find the information I find, strange anyway. Many citizens also don't want to know this because
they want to stay in their cosy dream world, people like me are whistle-blowers who are not wanted.

Do you really believe that the dragnets on the computer are meant for terrorists, please wake up.
These are often mercenaries such as the Isis Daesch and Al Qaida working for the CIA and Mossad.
If they are injured, they are brought to Israel and Turkey patched up and returned again. The
dragnets are designed to detect and monitor people like me, because we seem to be state dangerous.

Double standards for Malala and Ahed Tamimi?
Ahed Tamimi sentenced to 8 months for hitting an IDF soldier.
In support of Janna Jihad Ayyad.

Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat.
Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.

In 1948, the first Khazar went to Palestine, and these were complete murder commands led by Menachem
Beginning. They have wiped out complete villages everything what moved was shot and killed. They committed
genocide on the villages by a clean sweep. And the western governments and world thought it was fine.

Only when the massacres became beastly, because the Khazar went on the rampage they were tapped
on their fingers by England, we've not given Palestine to you to eradicate all Palestinians, then
the Palestinians were shot away over their Heads. The Palestinians had said to the Khazar take a
piece of our land from us because then you can live safely, but the Khazar had quite different plans.

The beginning of the terror.
Suvivors explain it all.
I refuse to be an Israelian soldier.

The Massacre of Sabra en Shatila.

Israelian Checkpoints.
What the Nazis did with the Jews, the Jews doing it with the Palestinians -- PAPERS BITTE --. (Censored? - What else is New).

The Ten Commandments only apply to the Jews, because Moses walked only with them
in the desert? Why, because it was a murderous rapist pedophile race. Jesus did
not choose them because they were his favorites, but to teach them a lesson.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

Yes, I know I'm whacked according to your normal? People.
Now I also know how Jesus felt when he was crucified.
Presumably he also talked like me, and that was not desired.
As a Surinamese, you often get the shortest end stick with whites.

Why was the first white racists' theory invented in 1550? (Dutch).

Jane Elloitt at Oprah Winfrey.
The Event: How Racist Are You? With Jane Elliott.


There are more than 5000 mammals on Earth, and there is only one that is insane. And who that is, indeed
humanity. This mammal uses its intelligence to eradicate millions of others with wars, those other 5000
mammals don't do that, there are too intelligent for that. So, as humanity you better stay stupid.

Children's interest.

Is ADHD fake? - Are these intelligent children getting annoyed by the stupid herd of animals in the classroom, and they
then become restless? Give them a IQ test for example Mensa. I know an Iraqi girl than six years who also has ADHD,
but if she was with me at home she was very calm, she was not at all busy or restless she was just concentrated.

A group of children were singing on a podium, and sang the last sentence twenty times. At one point she
stepped off the stage and sat down in public, probably thinking what a dumb bunch of herd animals. Put all
the ADHD-children of the school in one classroom, and see what may be partly or not possibly happening.

Indeed, it is true that intelligent children are not desired in the classroom, because they disrupt the lesson
to the herd of animals, then the society becomes angry the well-known established order, because later they need
slaves to become rich. ADHD-Children can cope well with older people, and at an elder age with young people.
Most of the young boys who run into a school in America and start shooting,
are cooked by those disturbed healthworkers who call themselves caregivers.

Someone cant be ghostly disturbed, because the mind can't get mentally disturbed the body though.
o if a psychiatrist gives medication, he gives it to the body for example the brain and not the ghost.
So in essence, the psychiatrist is a quack. Your mind can be disturbed by another person who can't leave
you alone, many patients walk around with the family's luggage under their arms, they should be treated.

Some psychiatrists themselves admit that they are pure crooks.
Madness is Human.

The Myth Of The Psychiatric Illness.

Esoteric psychology.

Is Humanity Psychiatric?

Bosses are probably Psychopaths.
When Psychopaths go to work.

Are Politicians Psychopaths?

Do Psychopathic leaders kill Humanity?

Anti Psychiatry.

Psychiatry the Industry of Dead.

Surinamese Mental Spirit Treatment (Winti). (Winti) (Dancing & Singing)
Immigrants in de Psychiatry.

Self Actualization, Humanistic Psychology.


(14-03-2019) 440 HERZ OF 432 HERZ?
The original natural tone is 432Hz the music is then purer and more spiritual, the Nazis have changed
that to 440Hz a bit rougher version, because according to them you have better control of mankind.

If you're going to listen to this music, and you start feeling less than it might be wise to stop
listening. That's because, not every Hertz frequency is suitable if you have problems in the subcons-
cious. Our body also consists of flow waves with a certain hertz frequency and that can collide with
the Hertz waves of the music. I suspect but that is of course theory that if those two waves collide
that is presumably a problem in your subconscious, and to find out what problem it is about, is difficult.

This also works with food you eat something and you don't feel like a little later or the stomach messes or you get
headaches, then it's best possible that the particular food collides with for example an organ that is perhaps not
one hundred percent. So that not feeling well or stomach rumbling or headache is actually a friendly warning to you
that something is not right in your body (allergy?). Of suppose you are at a meeting and you don't feel really com-
fortable, then it's possible that you telepathically receive it from those others that are not on your wavelength.

Natural Sound 432Hz contra 440Hz Sonic Experiment on Pets Ultra Sounds.

One has in the past decided to pass all the music in 440Hz,
while the natural is 432Hz. Difference between 440Hz and 432Hz.
Download 432 Player for Android, iOS and Windows.

Convert 440Hz in 432Hz in Audacity.
Audacity Info + Download.

Tone Generators.

A = 432 Hertz Cymatics.
Moonlight Sonata Cymatics.
432Hz Heavenly Music?

432Hz Miracle Show? Arouses positive vibration.
Healing Frequency 432Hz | Positive energy boost.
432Hz destroys unconscious blockages & fear, Binaural Drums.
LIFE: Beautiful Relax Music 24/7.

Forgotten in time: the old-fashioned Solfeggio Frequencies.
Brainwave Entertainment.


(13-03-2019) 5G AND WIFI RADIATION.
We are surrounded daily by voltage electricity for example household appliances including TVs and computers,
and this radiation can be harmful. Therefore, it's very sensible to switch off all your devices in your bedroom,
otherwise you could sleep in the worst case all night in radiation. In the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt there is a
radiation of 6.8 Hertz in the King's Room, which, according to some researchers, is beneficial and healing for mankind.

While our household appliances give a radiation of an average of 50 Hertz, and can cause diseases
such as cancer leukemia and radiation disorders. They can also cause mis-births and the quality
of the sperm can be influenced. Microwave ovens and Induction appliances are also tricky stuff,
especially for small children who often stroll around the mother in the kitchen.

It's well known that people who live near high-voltage masts, are more likely to be ill than those living in the
neighborhood. In America people often build schools under a high-voltage mast because the ground is very cheap,
and the effect on school children have already been demonstrated in the Past. But unfortunately the controllers
such as governments are not at home, because they look at their friends who make billions profits on an annual basis.

Soon we get 5G radiation that is disastrous for humanity's health, there will soon be a transmitter antennas through
the entire city every 100 meter. This means that we are fully irradiated 24 hours a day. The politicians (Spineless Turds)
in The Hague staff and friends of the multinational companies, such as for example Telecommunication Companies deny everything.

The demagogues of the Journals and the talk-programs on TV and the newspapers conceal it for the people they don't talk about it.
T-Mobile then carried out an investigation and the final results were hide-jacked and never published. These disturbed idiots
belong in a Government facility for the insane, because they are life-threatening to the public health of the citizens.

Here are four videos of KLA Tv from Switzerland. Part 1 - 5G Radiation. Part 2 - 5G Straling. (Dutch)

WiFi dangers (Wifibijwerkingen WiFi WLAN
electromagnetic radiation wireless internet).
In France Wi-Fi is not allowed at Schools.

Parents Fight Wireless Radiation in Schools.
Parents demand Wifi stop at schools. (Dutch). (Dutch).

UMTS en 4G. Look for your self how high the Radiation is.
My house and EV are measured by radiation-measuring.
Measuring radiation at UMTS mast Breda - Bureau Radiation Measuring. (Dutch).
Radiation Promotes Cancer.

Are the leaders killing humanity. (Dutch)

Schumann Resonance-Earthly Vibration Frequency - 7.83Hz.
8.3Hz Binaural Drums Mu Frequency.

What is de Schumann Resonance? (7.83Hz Earth Freq)
Go to 25:30 / 1:28:41 (Bird dying Worldwide, 5G?). (Ned) (Engels)

Chemtrails the Secret War.
Haarp Holes In Heaven - Dutch Subs.

Santa Rosa: Californië - Laserlights came out of the sky.
With such an intens all consuming fire most
of the trees are still blossoming. Strange.
Santa Rosa Fire Drone.
Lasers from the sky & The California Fires.
California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon.


(12-03-2019) JESUS AT WORK.
I have an idea that may possible works, all the Churches and beliefs of our planet merged into one Church
with the name: -- Jesus at Work --. All the believers of that Church will ask a stranger can I help you
with something, it could also be a donation to an organization who are helping the ones in the third
world. Because, if this person gets a better life, then we do what Jesus asked us help my other children.

But will it work knowing what humans are like I don't know. Many believers will presumably want
to continue to hold tight on to the faith of the parents, I also assume that some Church leaders
don't want this either because of their own interest? Churches and believers are fighting thousands
of years with each other, because, they all believe that their faith is the only real one.

I have written it before perhaps the Churches are the real Anti-Christ and False Prophets from the
Bible and have created on purpose many beliefs, so that humans are busier with fighting each other with
the mouth the pen and the weapon. Presumably, the Churches have created very shrewd an external Anti-
Christ where people are waiting for is already here the churches themselves. So divide and conquer.

Weep partner feuds, children don't go and serve a portcullis, ban trick.

(Partner Feuds = Churches? / Startingstone = Jesus? / Ban Trick = Divide and Rule?)

Barrel believe con-job, God knows the truth, song take drums.

(Barrel believe = Bible?)

The Roman Catholic Church - The Anti-Christ.
Luciferian Codes The Book of Revelation.

Are Churches the Anti-Christ?


Asylum seekers who have fled the war are not a problem, but the fanatics who want to turn Europe
into a Muslim and Sharia-land, the solution airplane and -- Fuck Off -- were you came from. But
unfortunately our local and European politicians are traitors, because they don't want to tackle
the problem, according to their vision, Europeans must swallow those fanatical Muslims.

In my opinion, there will be a civil war in the future, because as soon as Europeans
are aware that they have been betrayed by their own politicians, Europeans are going
to solve the problem themselves. This will probably mean violence, or it will be a
hunt for Muslims in Europe. Negatively, is that the good Muslims will bare the brunt.

There is now another new Italian government that sounds a different bell, the good Muslims
no problem the fanatics who want to turn Italy into Sharia-land -- Piss Off --. If, you
would suggest this to the P.M. of the Netherlands -- Cuntte -- he parks you in the forest.

Part 1: The Brink of Economic & Humanitarian Crises.
Part 2: Islamization of Italy.
Part 3: The Exploitation & Abuse of Italian Hospitality.
Part 4: The Conquest of Rome.

The Islamization of Italy.


(10-03-2019) NO COMMENT.
Ramadhan Appeal 2018 | Mombasa Kenya.
MTY Students Success Program.


What do students learn at the Medical University indeed: -- Medicine --, They don't
teach them : -- Health -- they can't heal the patient. The pharmaceutical companies
are simply commercial companies, who want to make as 'much' profits as possible.

In the past, there was a heart medicine with the name -- Viox --, at some point
many worldwide began to die from that drug. But the pharmaceutical companies the
medical world and the politicians have fought as lions to keep it on the market.

List of banned Drugs.
Forbidden Medical Medicines.

Vaccinations are for profits, not for health - Brandy Vaughan.
EX Pharmacy-representative speaks out about deception.
The criminalization of science whistle-blowers:
An interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD.

There seems to be a lot of wrong with vaccines,
there are many chemical toxic stuff within.

Ethylene glycol = Antifreeze;
Phenol = A disinfecting agent;
Formaldehyde = Carcinogenic substance;
Aluminum = Particles that affect your brain cells;
Thimerosal = Disinfecting Medium;
Affects immune system and causes brain damage;
Neomycin & Streptomycin = Antibiotic and gives allergic reactions.

List of toxic materials in vaccines. (Partly Dutch/English).
Poison in a flu prick, carcinogenic formaldehyde etc. (Partly Dutch/English).
The new HPV vaccine against cervical cancer has already delivered
the first dead. Human Papilloma Virus. (Partly Dutch/English). (Dutch)

Are Vaccines Dangerous?


There was once a wise old lion who was minding his own business in his cage. And when he
looked right, he saw a Creole man on top of the building roof, eating rice with chicken. And
he thought: -- That is an intelligent man --, but as he looked left he saw, the same white man
who comes every day screwing with the lock of his cage, and he thought: -- That's an idiot --.

And the lion started to get hungry, and thought: -- I want to eat live hot meat again,
because the dead old crap that they're serving me here every day I'm not happy with --.
We lions also like to eat out, or did you think that take away food was a Dutch
invention where we lions come from we know the take-away tourist the Dutch the Chinese.

Say guys shall we go touristic tonight -- Hurrah dad I want some ass --, and what do you want -- I fancy
some tits --. And if the idiot manage to open the cage, it's just bite chew swallow and phone Apeldoorn.


(07-03-2019) DREAMWORLD.
People like to stay in their dream world, and that is fine that is their good right. EXCEPT if they kill humanity with it,
because when I come along to tell them the misery of mankind, they become angry. We don't want to know that's because we
want to remain in our dream world that, is still OK but then don't longer vote on war criminals mass murderers professional
liars and stage actors in politics who are eradicating humanity, because I'm not allowing that dream world or no dream world.

They go and vote as to say arrogantly, but the misery their politicians causing in for example The Middle East
they don't want to know, hang on (There was peace before 11-09-2001 WTC New York). I don't intend to look passively
how the children of Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Yemen and possibly later also Iran are being killed, so that the
Westerners can remain in their delusional dreamworld that they are children of mother Teresa and father Gandhi.

There Food-Ships are stopped at sea by American
English and Saudi Arabia Navy War Ships.
Anissa (8) only weighs 10 kilo.

Ex-General Wesley Clark said it is the intention of America to destroy and bring under our
control seven countries in five years. Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libya Somalia and Sudan.
Go to 09.38 minutes 12/14.
Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke Curtain 9/11 - All 14 parts Separate -.
Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke Curtain 9/11 - All 14 parts in 1 - 3 hours.

The Netherlands is a NATO member and cooperates with America, which has been invading countries for 79
years where people live with a skin color. And who vote on the Dutch politicians indeed voters, are they
maybe racists? It may also be that the Dutch are going to vote because if we no longer vote we are bad
children, and betraying our parents their upbringing of us, they also went to vote. In other words, we
sacrifice the people with a skin color, because we don't want to question the upbringing of our parents.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People.
Dave Chapelle: The Reason Why Terrorists
Won't take Black People As Hostages.

Jane Elloitt at Oprah Winfrey.
The Event: How Racist Are You? With Jane Elliott.
Why was the first white racists' theory invented in 1550? (Dutch).

Non bought independent Media. (Dutch) (Dutch) (English) (English) (English)


(06-03-2019) DUMBEST RABBIT?
I am perhaps the dumbest rabbit on Earth so, if you want to laugh here of me no problem.
It's full Moon and he stands above my head in the middle of the sky, while the Sun is
standing under my feet with the Earth in between and yet I see the moon full?

While when it's new Moon I don't see him, now the Sun and Moon are next
to each other in the same constellation degrees minutes and seconds.
But now the earth is not between these two, now I don't see the Moon full?

Now you will say, the Moon and the Sun are opposite each other besides
the Earth therefore you see the Moon full. Okay they would be conjunct
to each other besides the earth then they also do it with new Moon, we
should see the Moon as well when they are standing next to each other.

In 2017, we had the eclipse and the shadow orbit of the Moon was 70Miles
(120Km) That means that the Moon cannot be wider than 70 mile (120Km),
and that implies that the Moon must theoretically hang within the atmosphere.

Would he hang outside the atmosphere at a distance from the Earth of 370.000
km with a width of 70Mile (120Km) then we wouldn't see him. If the NASA smashes
projects on the moon too smithereens, they hear a gong sound as if the moon is hollow.
For more info see: 13-09-2017 (Dutch Only).

Wicked spirits they thought they could kill spirit God, Moon surface fake.

(Wicked Spirits = Bad Ufonauts?, Surface of the Moon is fake?)

There seems to be a second Sun hanging before the real Sun of the NASA that is supposedly
a microwave laser beam, and you can aim it so that in front of my balcony the grass burns.
On 15-02-2019, I saw residents sitting in the Sun on the lawn in the park opposite my flat.
Santa Rosa: California-Laser lights came out of the sky.
With such an intense all burning fire
the trees are still blossoming, strange
Santa Rosa Fires Drone .
Lasers from the Sky & California Fires.
California Gets Cooked Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon.

So perhaps the global warming has indeed stopped 15 years ago, and one tries to
hide it with that second Sun. Now it's 0.6 celsius degree hotter than normal, while
1200 years BC it was 5 degree warmer than usual. Global warming is a cycle.
Is de opwarming van de Aarde een hoax?
For more Info see: 23-11-2017 (Dutch Only).


Land grab is the most normal thing in the world for Westerners, they seem to believe that Earth
is their property. The struggle and unrest between the Palestinians and Israelis will remain,
until the Government of Israel is well aware that they are eradicating the Palestinian people.

Then you also have that most of the Western world, both politicians and citizens, find it
just fine what is happening to the Palestinians. Whether you as Israeli or as Khazar (Fake Jew)
are entitled or not to the Promised land, it's a continues stealing land of another people.

Israel steals land of the Palestinians.


(04-03-2019) REFUGEES.
On September 12th, 2018 The Dalai Lama visited Sweden. He caused a lot of excitement
there when he recommended the return of refugees to their home countries. Find out at Kla.TV
why The Dalai Lama sees the unhindered mass migration as cultural genocide of the European people.

The refugees (100 million) make on average three children, the Westerners on
average 1 ½. So in twenty years time there will be 150? Million and in about
40 years 300? Million. So over 100 years Europeans no longer exist. (743 Million Europeans)

On October 7th 1950, China has occupied Tibet, and has until today moved millions
of Chinese to Tibet. As a result, the Tibetans have become a minority in their
own country, plus if a Tibetan speaks his own language, he goes to jail. In those
69 years, one million Tibetans have been jailed tortured raped and murdered.

The Dalai Lama tried to say in Sweden, if you permanent leave 100 million Arabs and African
people permanently in Europe, then they'll take over and the Europeans are slowly being
pushed aside. There are already Sharia areas in England Germany France and Sweden where
the original population is no longer welcome, with the approval of their government.

The Dalai Lama: Mass migration leads to genocide.

Sometimes these two sites below work, and sometimes they don't.
Go to the site below and type: migrants or refugees.


(03-03-2019) I'M HUNGRY..
Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China.
Best Halal Food and Islam Food in China.

Chinese cook MingFang Wang has sold her Chinese Restaurant because the IND consistently
harassed her legal Chinese chefs after six months of stay in the Netherlands. She had to
constantly look for other Chinese cooks, and those seem to be hard to find in the Netherlands.
IND - Immigration Naturalization Service.

Babi Bacon Dish.

Vetsin (E621) is a Glutamate that's not harmful to the body, but in moderation of course. It's a fairy tale
from the sixties that it is dangerous. If you can eat tomatoes and cheese where it's in too, you can also
handle Vetsin., it's in mother's milk. If, you can't stand Vetsin then you have a metabolic disorder.

What does Vetsin really do to your body? -University Answer.


Suppose that rebirth exists, it is possible that people in their subconscious
mind know who they were in a previous life. And in this life continue with a war.
Suppose country A and B have war in the year 1200 after Christ, country A loses
from country B. Then they are both born again in 1500 A.D., and A begins a war with
land B and wins, then they are born again in 1900 A.D., and now land B wins again.

That means that if both countries don't change mentality, then there is eternal war through
the whole evolution. This means, therefore, that all of today's wars are the continuation
of wars, of our past lives, which we have lost. In the former centuries The Khazar (Fake Jews)
were kicked out of the Ukraine (Root of Russia) by Russia, and now they're back with an American
straw-government, and that fight cost a lot of lives of the present Ukrainian people.

The biggest cause of most wars, and that all throughout history is faith. We as mankind have already
murdered maybe billions of people in the evolution because of our faith, for we all live in the
delusion that our faith is the only true one. If I was God or Allah, then I'll ask all faith
streams all Believes Churches Mosques Temples Biblical Korans Talmud etc. abolish your belief.

And in those 85 years that we are on Earth we help each other on all fronts, we no
longer look at skin-color richness or poverty. So We show to each other that this is
what the Supreme rulers(s) want, peace on Earth between all 7 billion of his children.

Just imagine theoretically because I don't know either, but imagine that what we see with
our eyes is in reality our subconscious. So what is in our brain is projected out of our
eyes by an intermediate like the eyes. Just like a radio as an intermediate station that
makes the broadcast of the radio studio audible so we can listen. So when we become ill
or are, our subconscious mind knows the drug from nature, and not toxic chemicals.

Your ears deaf, you imagine that you're MoonKings, rob Roi's V hatred lances.

(MoonKing = Ufonauts?, Roi = French for King, V = Victory lances)
You don't hear your fellow Gods who are in danger in war revolution and hungertimes.)

Measuring clog Moses, he hopes your choice now John?

(Clog = Earth?) Did Jesus measure the difference between
human subconscious and consciousness, to find out who
is ready for Paradise, and who has to be reborn on Earth.

Jesters bellowed stone red, did bite worm, saw jaw egg?

(Who bellowed? Tree wise of the east, rivals?, ufonauts, renegade angels.
Stone = Jesus? /Worm = Jezus / Jaw ije? = Bad Ufonauts Cattle Mutilation?

Saw stone resurrect knew city bride.

(Did they know where he was born?, and did they try to kill him
with a biblical flood, the child Jesus in a cane basket in the river?)

Already on the planet, rejoice sixth knower, UFO'S trailing me.

Cursed sixth tree, afterwards they enjoyed fact.

The Jews (Fake Khazar) were they descendent of Russia,
and not Biblical Jews in de desert cursing Moses?

Almost there were some trees burned, trowing stump partly HB.

(HB = Pencil-wood?)

At home bitch Iris next to Zeus partly drunkenness, storm grim reaper shed.

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)
Did the rulers invent dozens of churches and beliefs, so that the faithful have been fighting each
other for thousands of years, because they all think that their faith is the only real true, with
the result that the Earth is now a hellish diabolical planet because of the many Faith kill?

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

Fact rides song, basic cherry broken, see hand of offender is Hissing.

Did the churches who are the anti-Christ?, very cleverly created an external anti-
Christ, to take the believers for a ride, because of that they have been waiting for
thousands of years for his coming, not realizing that he is there here for a long time,
so the church rulers who have already killed 1? Billion people with ugly wars.


While turning around, you accidentally step on someone's toes but you apologize or say: --
Sorry --, but the guy says: -- tonight at eight o'clock I come along and beat you up --.
And at eight o'clock there is call at your door and when you open it's the man, but he
didn't come alone he is with three men his brothers cousins and neighbors. And together
they beat you up, with the result that you have to go to the hospital for three months,
and then go to a rehabilitation center for another six month. If the gentlemen standing
in front of a judge, he will call them top-shelf scum and punish them severely.

America also seeks a quarrel with Iraq, and brings it's 3 friends along: -- England France and
The Netherlands --. They kill your citizens and destroy the entire infrastructure of your country.
But those friends are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague
as well as: -- Scum of the top Shelf -- but as Heroes. And they're invited by the King of the
Netherlands the President of America and the Israeli Knesset for a meal and decorations.

And the voters (to whom it relates) are they also scum? For they know their politicians
through and through, and next time they will vote on them again. Could this possibly be
one of the reasons, why some young boys in the Netherlands decide to join Muslim-like
organizations and shout: -- there are no innocent Dutchmen --. And maybe in the future
they don't have a problem by planting a bomb, somewhere in the Netherlands or another country.

Our governments and politicians (to whom it relates) are indeed hypocrites. Because they
are almost all shaking hands with the Chinese government who have been occupying Tibet for
the past 68 years, more than 1 million Tibetans have been jailed tortured raped also convent-
nuns and murdered. And in their own countries governments are talking about Norms Values Bibles
Human rights Decency Morality Respect etc. If I was still 18 (now 67) and the politicians came
to talk about standards and values on TV, I also put my middle finger in the air for them.

Should these hypocrites educate children come on please. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some
young children start drinking alcohol, or swallow ecstasy tablets or blow themselves crazy or drowsy.
Are they are trying to put their mind to sleep, because maybe they don't want to know that the parents
(to whom it relates) they love are hypocrites. That may hurt and the children who don't participate in
it, probably have the same mentality as the parents, and will be the new hypocrites in adulthood.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


The Western political rats cockroaches and insects are again
playing a dirty filthy game, this time Venezuela is the victim.

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela:
Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup.
Abby Martin in Venezuela - Supermarkets to Black Markets.

Hugo Chavez Venezuela By Sheikh Imran Hosein.

Coup in Venezuela.


(27-02-2019) CULTURAL RUSSIA.
The US and Israel want to bomb these people and their country to smithereens, because they suppose to
be our enemy, WTF? They should lock up these mentally disturbed politicians in state government mental
facilities, because they are very dangerous to the health of all seven billion humans on this planet.

Russia's Vladimir Putin accuses U.S. of raising risk of nuclear war.

Putin's Press Conferences in 2018.

Boycotting Russia is as hypocritical as the devil, the P.M. of the Netherlands tells the little man, for example
a local farmer you're not allowed to sell your produce to Russia because of the boycott, you understand right.

But the friends of the P.M. can export what they want to Russia, for example the black paste stuff of
Coca Cola is top secret, the Russians are not allowed to copy cat it. The potato of McDonalds is a special
grown potato, Russia is not allowed to use their own potato. All well-known western multinational stores
are open in for example Moscow, there is no boycott for them only for us the little assholes.

What do Russians think of the West?

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow.
Farewell of Slavianka - Dina Garipova (2016).

Russian Folk Music.

Kalinka Flashmob in Kaliningrad Supermarket, Russia.
Flashmob in Russia with a beautifull Russian folk.
New Year flash mob at Domodedovo Airport.

Different Russia.
Food Prices in Supermarket.
What Can $ 30 Get You in Russian Supermarket.


Busride in Moscow.



Press&Media. (Type Russia).

Putin's personal website.


(26-02-2019) KHAZARIAN MAFIA.
In 740 A.D., a devil's pagan murderous and rapist race with the name: -- Khazar -- from
Khazar now called Ukraine/Crimea, converted to Jewry (95%). They are neither from Judea
nor Abraham, and they've never lived in Palestine nor 2000 years ago, it's fake.

The Ukraine/Crimea was the basis root of Russia, and they kicked them out. And now they're
back with a US straw-government, and their aim is to destroy Russia to take revenge.
Luckily Putin is not war-bend like the US, otherwise we had a third world war already.

Putin didn't invade Crimea, the people held a referendum, and no less than 98% indi-
cated that they wanted to go home to mother Russia. It's them nasty demagogues of the
TV journals the talk shows on TV and the newspapers that lied to the Dutch people.
Farewell of Slavianka - Dina Garipova (2016).

The wealthy the elite the bankers the multinational and the government Jews, started the First
World War because they wanted to steal Palestine. But after that war the Common Jew did not want
to live in the desert of Palestine. Then they started the second world war with supposedly six?
Million deaths (272,000 source Int. Red Cross), and then the Common Jew wanted to live in Palestine.

In 1938, there were 15 million Jews worldwide, in 1948 there were 15.6 million. It's not
physically possible that a race in three years time after the war make six million babies.

Red Cross Expose Judiac Holocaust Hoax.
Six Million Jews - Predictive Programming 1915-1938.
Holocaust Witness` - The Memoirs - Lies And Fraud (Part 1)

The history of the incredibly evil Khazarian Mafia.


(25-02-2019) FALSE FLAG ATTACKS.


Primitive girl makes a bamboo house and creates a yard.


(23-02-2019) MICROSOFT WINDOWS TIPS. (Microsoft History) (Tips voor Windows 3.11) (Tips voor Windows 95 - 1995) (Tips voor Windows 98 - 1998) (Tips voor Windows 98SE) (Tips voor Windows NT) (Tips voor Windows 2000) (Tips voor Windows ME) (Tips voor Windows XP - 2001) (Tips voor Windows Vista - 2006) (Tips voor Windows 7 - 2009) (Tips voor Windows 8 - 2012) (Tips voor Windows 8.1 - 2013) (Tips voor Windows 10 - 2015) (Find a Solution -- Type for example: joystick) (Old Computer Pictures) (Home Computer Museum)
(Uninstall Norton Officially) (Virus Removal Tools)

Visit: (Lots Of Computer Info)


Christopher Columbus killed eight million American Indians, and in the slaves
and colonial times there were 60 million slaves murdered. Where is their Holocaust
commemoration it's not there because they had a skin color, there is one for the six?
Million white Europeans or the Khazar (Fake Jews) from the Ukraine their real homeland.

Why is the US government always hiding it.
The US Governments never applied
the: -- Native American -- Treaties.

Powwow Dancing.
Drums & Singing.
Fort Totten Parade.
Grand Entry - 2018 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.

PowWow Music.
Contemporary Music.

The Best Native Music Ever | Healing Music 528Hz.
432 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear, Binaural Beats.


Farrakhan Press Conference on Libya, Pres. Obama and Col. Gadhafi

Farrakhan is called an anarchist because, he doesn't want the whites to be his
masters. Jesus was also an anarchist he refused to walk in the treds of the Viper-
serpents the Khazar (Fake Jews). He didn't choose them because they were his
favorites, but to teach them a lesson because they terrorized humanity.

I am also an anarchist I pay the house rent only around the 10th, after they
send me a reminder that I haven't paid the rent yet. Then I get another 15
days to pay the rent, only then they will send a bailiff. What they call normal
means that we must have paid the rent for the first of the following month.

The slaves run like idiots to pay rent before the first of the month because they
are afraid, they are even such good brainwashed slaves that, they defend the masters
who send a bailiff. Good that they're tackling the antisocial suits him right, what
does he imagine himself by not want to dance to the trouser pipes of the Masters.

All politics are based on the indifference of the majority.
James Keston.

Change is caused by the people who are rising up and do something, and
not by the people who talk it away and or laugh about it and do nothing.
The Rev. Dr. Maarten Luther King Jr.

(English) (Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose) (Eeeek, an Anarchist!) (Anarchy - Awesome Speech ) (Question Authority) (Crazy Conspiracy 1)

Josie Outlaw -- A Message To The Police.
Mark Passio vs. The Lemonade Raiding NAZI Cops.
Most Men Are Chickenshit Cowards.


(20-02-2019) UNIVERSAL MEMORY.
There seems to be a Universal Memory. Type: Akashic Records.

Part 1 Immanuel Kant.
Part 2 Immanuel Kant.
8 Parts Immanuel Kant.

Miss H.P. Blavatsky.


(19-02-2019) SUNSIMULATOR.
Sun Simulator Is being captured. (06:10 / 09:52)

Guilty unless proven innocent. That is what it's all about today. You mention chem-trails,
point out anomalies with NASA, point out a story not in the main stream media that shows
evidence as something and you are tagged guilty as charged as a conspiracy theorist.

Fear drives the mind. You would rather fear what you don't know or see and react accordingly. That reaction
is always a negative fight or flight thought in your mind. Call it protection or call it ignorance.

To coin a phrase, -- The truth is out there -- but you may not be ready for that. The kicker is that when
the time comes that pesky fear will emerge and your reaction will now be, -- Why did they deceive us? --.

This channel exists to cause you to think. You will never be able to convince
anyone what you believe or don't. Remember, your opinion no longer matters.

Watch what happened in Alaska.

Chemtrails the Secret War.

Haarp Holes In Heaven - Dutch Subs.

Type bij youtube search -- chemtrails or sunsimulator or haarp.


A while ago, I watched an American feature film: -- NorthWestPassage --, and as a description was
written: -- An American Western about brave settlers, who went on an expedition, to Canada to a
Warlike Indians Tribe to teach them a lesson, and what did the brave do when they arrived?

All the Indians were killed, they plundered the village and torched it. So according
to my Vision: -- White Trash --. And the person of the studio who made the description
for the film, is according to me: -- White Trash --, and that's someone from our time.

So the Indians who defended themselves against the invaders who want to steal their country,
are called warlike, and the settlers so called brave, and those thieves and murderers enter
history books as heroes, and be praised forever, and the Indians as warlike criminals.


(17-02-2019) NON FICTION BOOKS.


(16-02-2019) NO BEAUTY IN THE BEAST.
Mark Glenn -- No Beauty in the Beast. Page 175.
This is Mark Glenn's controversial book -- No Beauty In The Beast Israel Without Her Mascara
2005 --. Where this Lebanese-born author reveals that the modern day Judea Zionists -ethno-
centrism is the main culprit responsible for the bulk of mankinds present troubles and exposes.

Excerpt of a letter written by a young Iraqi woman named Fatimah who was
repeatedly raped by American soldiers in the Abu Ghraib prison in 2004.

My brother Mujahideen in the path of God! What can I say to you? I say to you: our wombs
have been filled with the children of fornication by those apes and pigs who raped us.
Or could I tell you that they have defaced our bodies, spit in our faces, and tore up
the little copies of the Qur?an that hung around our necks? Can you not comprehend our
situation? Is it true that you do not know what is happening to us? We are your sisters.

By God, we have not passed one night in this prison without one of the apes and pigs jumping down upon
us to rip our bodies apart. And we are the ones who had guarded our virginity out of fear of God. Kill
us along with them! Destroy us along with them! Don?t leave us here to let them get pleasure from
raping us! Leave their tanks and their aircraft alone. Come at us here in the prison of Abu Ghurayb.

I Fatimah am your sister in God. They raped me on one day more than nine times. Can you
comprehend? Imagine one of your sisters being raped. With me are 3 girls, all unmarried. All
have been raped before the eyes and ears of everyone. They won?t let us pray. They took our
clothes and won?t let us get dressed. As I write this letter one of the girls has committed
suicide. She was savagely raped. A soldier hit her on her chest and thigh after raping her.

He subjected her to unbelievable torture. She beat her head against the wall of the cell until she died,
for she couldn?t take any more, even though suicide is forbidden in Islam.Brothers, I tell you again,
out of your fear of God, kill us with them so that we might be at peace. Help us, please help us.

Where Palestinians Villages Stood.
Black Against the Jews.
Russia and the Jews.
Holocaust Revisionism English.


(15-02-2019) FRIENDS FROM HELL.
America and Israel are two of a kind, two hands on one belly. America and
Israel want to take these countries out and install straw-governments.
(9/11 - 12/14 Go to 09.38 Minutes).

Dr. Wasfi described her experience
in Iraq and discussed the life of Iraqi.
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation.
Dahlia Wasfi: Ain?t Nothin? Green About the Green Zone.
Dahlia Wasfi 2010 ?Israel?s Influence on U.S. Policy? (Her Website).

Yinon Oden plan for a Greater Israel.


(14-02-2019) OUTRAGEOUS.

I don't vote for the Nazis of the Dutch government, in the WW2 children
born and raised in the Netherlands were deported because they had Jewish
blood. Today our time Dutch children born and raised are deported because
they have asylum-refugees blood. Every Surinamese who is going to vote is
in my view an asylum traitor. In conclusion, if we dislike the 100%
physical body control at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, we can't vote on those
politicians who have come up with it and agree and have it implemented.


(13-02-2019) CURE YOURSELF?
Self Cultivation Exercises.

Exercises Falun Dafa.
Falun Dafa / Gong Complete Exercises English.


(12-02-2019) JUDICIAL RATS IN ACTION. (German Subs)

Defense Attorney: Jane H. Fisher Byrialsen."


How it all really works I do not know, there are so many beliefs sects and opinions,
that as it were you can't see the trees true the whole forest. And perhaps this is
the intention of Satan to play us out against each other, because if we are in battle
with the mouth or a weapon, we have no time to work together and make a Paradise out
of the planet. So he wields the tactics of divide and rule, any government does that
also to sow confusion and then politicians have an excuse, to cast themselves as
leaders and to be able to divide and play the boss over the people for a lifetime.

If the people who are inhabiting Jerusalem today are REAL Jews (Khazar) then that makes a LIAR!!
Jesus said: If the Wailing Wall is a part of the Jewish (Khazar) Temple that was destroyed in
70 A.D. then that makes Jesus a LIAR also!! New Khazar (Israel) was born on July 4, 1776 in
Washington D.C. (38-degree 53-minute North-77-degree 02-minute West).What many people don't know
is that the Khazar Knesseth is the boss in Satan's house, the American politicians are jumping jacks.

The 5 main reasons for the founding of the State of -- New Khazar -- (Israel).
1. Stop the world from calling the pope -- The Antichrist --.
2. Convert the Arab world to Rome.
3. Control of Mideast Oil Reserves.
4. Open up the Arab market to Rockefeller multinational.
5. Lend money at usury to the Arabs in order to destroy.

The people who sometimes for years dig and spit in the Holocaust to discover, how every-
thing have -- really -- gone are often persecuted and also put in jail. -- Because -- what
is in the cover must remain in it should not be known. So in essence you can no longer
investigate history that is unwanted, you have to blindly believe what the big boys are
telling you, and they can indeed sell you turnips for lemons because you are not allowed
to legally investigate what they are telling you. This is pure purebred dictatorship.

Holocaust revisionism in English.
New Live Page.


(10-02-2019) NO COMMENT.
Prince Royce, Shakira - Deja vu.
Enrique Iglesias - Bailando ft. Descemer Bueno.
Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee.
Grupo Extra - Me Emborrachare con Ataca.
Rodolfo M. y Yocasti P.
Shleu Shleu Haïti.
Bachata Mix 2017 Romantica.


On Monday February 4th 2019 here in Zutphen I dreamed at 06.30 AM. (05.30 UTC/GMT) that,
that the blue sky in the south complete with stars flew over my head quickly to the north,
and then again quickly back to the south. I wasn't afraid well after I woke up again, I was
wondering will it possibly be happening in the future, or has it happened in the past before.

Years ago I dreamt that the sky was littered with all kinds of stars in all sorts
of colors. In addition, I dreamed a few years ago that I stood in the universe
looking at the Earth with the moon quietly turning around it. I also dreamed once
that I was in charge of a group of people and asked them -- do you know where
you are --, yes said a woman we died on earth and are now in the spiritual world.

But what it is, I don't know maybe something from my subconscious, or could it be
events from other dimensions or past or future lives. Am I puzzling with something
and my ego responds to it in a dream. I don't believe that I am psychiatric.


You park somewhere in the city and you get a citation, because the council says you're not allowed
to park there. But according to the law you can park everywhere because it's a public road. So
if the council gives you a citation, they say it's not a public road it's private. And if it's
private, the council is not allowed to give a citation. Therefore, it's not possible that you have
to pay for a parking space, because the public road is always free according to Dutch law.

A Dutch law made in the second chamber judged by the first chamber and signed by the king
stands above a council-law. And the European law is again above Dutch Government law. For
example, you don't have to pay monthly national health premium, because nowhere in the
law is written that you're obligated to be a customer of a commercial health company.

If you don't have a bank or other account you will not receive your salary or state
allowance, because you must be a mandatory customer of a commercial bank. And now
here in the law it is written. You also don't have to pay insurance for your car
to a commercial. Road tax must be paid because that is a state-owned company.


G20 in Hamburg Germany.
The Gestapo in action, who get nice salaries from
those Nazi's in politics, and who vote on them, NSB'ers.

The Free independent Press.

13 families rule the world.


Certainly 5 years ago the municipality of Zutphen wanted to remove all the green around our 5 flats,
because then they had no more maintenance. And they had already begun to remove all the green at the
first flat. Then we came into action, and some had themselves tied to trees with chains and ropes.

At one point, it ran out of control that the police arrived, but we did not budge. Then some city
council officials arrived, who went into conclave with the police and the residents Commission,
and then it was blown off. A little while later, the town replanted that already made bare place.

In my view, officials are mentally disturbed. Because under the guise of no more maintenance, they are so
whacked that they want to take away all nature. So the trees the shrubs the plants the flowers etc. At the
end of the trip we have a bare planet, everything is just thoroughly removed, there is nothing more growing.

We owe this to the disturbed civil servants, the city of the country and the world who have become
psychiatric out of their head, and belong in a psychiatric establishment. They are so sick that
they don't come to the idea, for instance, to let it grow wild for 10 years, and then we look further.

If you as a private citizen remove a tree from your garden that blocks the sun, without
the permission of the town hall, you will get a lot of misery. But the officials can
quietly ungreen the whole city, no problemo. Surely 20 years ago when the previous
hospital was built, hundreds of trees were removed on the corner to build a nurses-home.

If one had done that at that other corner where there were no trees, all these hun-
dreds of trees could remain. But unfortunately, officials don't think so, they probably
have a different kind of brain than we, who also work differently. Maybe they have been
Martians in their previous life, because that planet is also all around bald.


According to my vision, the rental houses are owned by the residents. -- Because -- they pay 65 years rent.
They leave the family home around 20 years, and die at an average age of 85 years. And after 65 years the
rental house must be paid off. An ex-director of our housing company told me: -- Rental houses are never
paid off, and we need money for new houses --. That is of course bull if so, then no one bought a new house.

Wouldn't it be nice that from our 65th, we don't have to pay building cost anymore. Besides the cost
like the salary of the staff, the expenses of the rental company. The maintenance of the rental houses,
a leaky faucet repair a clamping door, a renovation, etc. But we don't mind that, because a home owner
has to pay that as well. But I'm not naive this will presumably not happen in our time.

And when the oldies have died, the house is rented to a young couple, of twenty who are just
married. And they're going to pay the full rent again for 45 years, and if the Shell is OK.
The houses will last 100 years, and then they will be demolished, and a new house is being built.

The staff of the rental companies often live in the delusion that, the houses are theirs.
As, if they themselves bought them with their private savings. They often play for the
city's dictator, often the residents are parked into a forest, or kept on a leash.

They are staff to make sure that everything in the city on housing rentals is going harmonious,
so that everyone can live in a house. The rental houses are not their private own. Enough
residents are already being put on the streets by their rental company, or are constantly
\harassed by, bailiffs, collection agencies and judges. If the staff can't have their way.

I consider myself to be the co-owner of the housing rental company and their foundation,
and I don't wish to be put on the streets, by the one who believes that it is all exclusive
theirs. We pay them a salary, so they work for us we are the real boss, and they are our staff.
It must go as we want it, and not as they wish, or an eventually harmonic cooperation.

A house rental company at least in this country is often a foundation, does this
mean that we are residents the owners of that housing foundation? Imagine you are
in the building of the rental company, and are asked to step outside on the public
road. Otherwise, we will call the police, who will put you on the streets by force.

Can a house rental company make that request as a foundation? Remember that building is built
with rental money the furniture the chairs the desks the computers, the A4 sheets, the mainte-
nance cars you name it all paid from our rent. The entire costs have been paid by the residents.


A man who has worked for 15 years becomes unemployed by the crisis, then the
bank takes his house back, and the man has to rent a house from the rental
housing company. How about the idea that the man continues to live in his
house, and the rent of for example ?800 per month he gives that to the bank.
The ?400 per month he is short, he's paying that in an additional 5 years.

I suspect that the man prefers that instead of losing of his house.
The ? 800 per month he has to pay to the rental housing company,
that's a life fact, because he's not going to live in a park with
his family, then he can give the ? 800 to the bank as payment.

I had already sent this idea an X number of years ago to the head offices of
all the banks of the Netherlands, but never received a reply. And if banks
had been social institutions with feelings for the people, and especially for
their customers and no bloodsuckers, they would have imple-
mented this
idea a long time ago. Perhaps the government must make a law of it, to protect
its citizens, because banks don't do that, but that is not going to happen.


(03-02-2019) THIS IS ALSO PEACE.
Snowploughing in Broyting Norway.


(02-02-2019) PEACE DROVE ON EARTH?
Fortunately, there are still enough people on earth who want peace. But politicians want the
most eternal wars, so that they can continue to exercise power up to the length of days. A large
group of Germans goes every year on peace march to Russia with vehicles. In my opinion, this is
not mentioned by the journals and the talk show's on Tv, plus the newspapers, demagogues?

Druschba-Friendship trip to Russia 2017 - The Start at Berlin (23.07.2017).


On the site below -- -- they discuss whether people who believe in conspiracy theories
are psychic or not. If psychiatrists and aid workers want to treat people who are psychic.
Then I know one billion patients, the white race. For in their psychiatric delusions also
called -- Grand Delusion --, they believe they are some superior Übermensch race.

That's why they are busy for 71 years, to bombard countries where people live with a skin color. Because
they live in the delusion that they are the boss and the owner of the planet. And everyone with a skin
color is an inferior being, which must be kept under the thumb, if necessary by force as in the Middle East.

In my opinion, the people who believe in conspiracy theories are not dangerous. But the people who don't believe
in my vision are the real dangerous lunatics of the planet, because they are killing millions with wars. These
psychopaths need to be locked urgently in a government mental establishment, because they are life-threatening.

George Carlin - Bombing Brown People.
Dave Chapelle: The Reason Why Terrorists
Won't take Black People As Hostages.


Peace on Earth, will it be possible with the present slave humanity, I don't think so.
The History of Religion. (Must Log In)
Don't forget the Honkeys.
Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained.


Why do the Palestinians get no help from Western governments, because
they are filthy hypocrites, who are all very deeply in the butt of Israel.

Are European governments also being sneaky? Do they help Israel with weapons and techno-
logies, to keep them strong in the Middle East so that they can keep the Arabs down? If
they don't help they may become weak, and are kicked out of Israel. And where do they flee
to Europe, and perhaps governments don't want that because they dislike the Jews as well.

This could mean that Israel and the European governments are sacrificing the Palestinians for their
own sake. You could say that it might also be racists, because the Palestinians have a skin color.

(Israeli Squatters are Forcing Palestinians Out of Their Homes)
(Palestinian mother arrested, her Children attacked)
(Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein)
(Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a maniac)

Imagine the Romans returning to the Netherlands after 2000 years, then calling at your home, throwing you and
your household stuff on the street, and saying your home is now ours we are going to live in it. You go to
the police, but there not at home. You go to court, and they're also not at home. You go to Political The Hague,
and there not at home either. Then you go to the government in Brussels, and they are not at home either.

You are born and raised in your present hometown, and these 4 traitors find it fine that the Romans now live
in your home. And you also get to hear, go to sleep in a tent or under a bridge. And if you don't piss off
from your Ex-street, we will send the Riot Squad and you will be kicked out of the street, sociable right?

It's a pity that I'm not God, because I had solved the problem between the Palestinians and the Jews.
I split the country into two with a sea of 10 kilometers wide between them two, left of the sea is for
the Palestinians, and the right of the sea is for the Jews. And wee oh woe to the one who has the guts
to want to cross that sea to go and fuck about in that other country, then they have another thing coming.

It's just again the same old song, -- Land Steal -- stealing from others. The English stole America from the Native
Indians, and parked them in reservations, as if they were chickens to be couped up. They also stole Australia of
the Aboriginals, and treat them as old dirt. They also stole New Zealand from the Maori and they also do not count.
Then the Whites also stole Africa as well as the Middle East Asian countries and Middle and South America.

And now they have stolen Palestine of the Palestinians, and those arrogant conceited -- Viper Serpent --
Khazar (Jews) have been committing genocide on the Palestinians for the past 71 years. And those traitors
in the Dutch Parliament have no problem with that, seen the butt-licking content with them cockroaches.
(Ferguson to Palestine - Speech by Rania Masri)

When God created humans he gave 6 billion a nice tan, but the 1 billion westerners he deliberately on
purpose left them white, so that the colored people know -- there walks a thief -- watch out. And you
come to the final conclusion that the whites are just as arrogant and conceited as those cockroaches.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler.

They know lading-bill hiding it, they know that crash bites, provoke more yell.

(Crippled El Al flight 1862 cargo plane crashed into flats at Amsterdam.

After the crash mustardgas was spreading, throat of residents caused difficult breading.

President Assad of Syria has already asked several times the world governments -- go investigate who trows
chemical gas, because I don't do it --. But unfortunately the world is not home, because one does not benefit
from an investigation. Otherwise, they can no longer accuse him of murder, Syrian children with chemical gas.

Terror School of the Americas.

The Nazi background of the EU at Brussels.


Who built the Moon?

Go to:
and look for the dates:
17-12 / 22-11 / 05-07 / 16-02 / 08-01


(28-01-2019) HYPOCRITES?
You have a partner and you want to drink a beer every day, but your partner forbids you.
Then I step into your house as a stranger, and say to you: -- if you dare to drink beer,
I'll kick you silly --. What will you do with me, indeed you kick me out of your house.

North and South Korea having an argument and America as a stranger steps into your country,
and says to you: -- If you don't want to do what South Korea wants, then I will kick you
silly --. What are you going to do with America, indeed you kick them out of your country.

Israel has a total of 400 atomic bombs and has threatened the world, if you don't do what we want, then we will ignite
all 400 atomic bombs at the same time and then all 7 billion humans will die. One calls it the --Samson Option --.

Israel has 400 atomic bombs is not registered with the International Atomic Society and doesn't allow any inspectors
to check. Iran doesn't have a single atomic bomb is registered with the International Atomic Society, and allows
inspectors to check. So America must bomb Israel and not Iran, but because there fat friends Israel is coming away with it.

The Netherlands is a war-criminal country, because they have invaded a sovereign country like Syria, and throwing
missiles from fighter jets. Syria hasn't threatened the Netherlands they didn't invade the country and are not
shooting at the Dutch. But the Netherlands is getting away with it because they are a Western racist whites.

Peru invades the Netherlands a sovereign country, and starts throwing missiles on The Hague.
The Netherlands didn't threaten Peru they didn't invade the country and don't shoot at the
Peruvians, shall we bet that Peru is being invaded militarily by for example America, because
the Peruvians have a skin color, but the Netherlands a white country is getting away with it.


Women's Old Style Jingle Special USK Powwow 2016.

Pow Wow Dance & Drums & Singing & Parade. (Drums) (Grand Entry 2017)

Native American Tv & Radio. (TV-Video)

Make your own Native American Dishes. (Cooking Navajo Fry bread) (How to make Navajo Frybread (Traditional Navajo Fry Bread) (Make your own Dishes) (Make your own Dishes) (Acorn Meal).


What's always striking after a bomb attack the fact is that afterwards, terrorists are some-
times arrested after 1 hour. That is strange because if you know where those people are, why
did you not pick them up before the bombing. Because if one doesn't know where they are
before the bombing, they can't be picked them up after the attack. So if you know where they
are, and you don't pick them up, then you as a government want them to commit that bombing.
In that sense, the French government is partly guilty of the death of the Parisians.

They simply sacrificed the Parisians, in the game that is called: -- Power --, between the
terrorists who are called ISIS and the terrorists who are called government. The U.S. govern-
ment (read Israelis) have 11 September 2001 in New York on their consciences, it was just an
insider job to have an excuse to destroy the Middle East and park straw governments. So that
they are now the boss, and they can steal unlimited oil. And the infrastructure of for example
Iraq, which has been completely destroyed, is now being built by American companies, earning
billions. War is a gold trade for American companies in particular the weapon manufacturers.

NATO Propaganda.


If you want to steal a country where there is peace, you have to create an enemy and how do you do it. You
take a group of cockroaches often mercenaries, you give them a training you arm them you call them ISIS
Al Qaida etc. and prop them in that country. And under the excuse of the government of that country is
terrorizes its people we must free them, you invade that country and bombard it trying to remove the government.

Then you place a straw government like in Afghanistan Iraq and Libya and you're now running the show in that country.
And if all the countries of the Middle East are nicked, then the head Cockroaches or the Viper Snakes (Khazar) from
Israel have created a Great Israel. And the oil is just the whipped cream on the cake two birds in one trow.

The Cockroach Viper Snakes (Khazar) from Israel using America and Europe as a trolley to let
them do their dirty work for their them, and hiding themselves behind the scenes. They then
blackmail humanity with a holocaust, so that no one dares to say anything about Israel.

Iran Uncensored - Media harassment and reality. (13-02-2018 - (English).
The West sabotages peace in the Middle East. (27-02-2018 - English).
Media instigation against Iran - potential to trigger war. (30-03-2018 - English).
Syria and the ruthless reaction of the western media. (03-04-2018 - Dutch).
Military attacks against Syria: Trump remains incalculable. (21-04-2018 - Dutch).
Missile attacks: Free Licence for Israel? (17-05-2018 - Dutch). (English)


That we pay taxes is not a problem, the government needs money to build the infra-
structure to repair maintenance and renew. But if we give taxpayers money to the war
industry, which is going to bombard countries with it, I say HO. Especially if those
people from those other countries like the Middle East have done nothing to us, they have
not threatened us, they are not militarily in our country, and they're not shooting at us.

Furthermore, I don't wish to pay taxes so that the government can give that to their
friends from the banks. If the government gives money to the war industry and the
banks, then I don't consider them more like a government, but as robbers criminals
that belong in prison. That is why it's so unfortunate that the sheeple are still
voting. For by continuing to vote, they keep the --robbers -- in position.

So the sheeple are betraying me every four years, while I thought there were fellow
countrymen who had compassion for me. I live clearly in a psychiatric dream world,
I'm imagining all sorts of things that aren't based on truth. Should I not be
psychiatric, the sheep must be psychiatric if they are going to vote, and don't know
what they are doing. Unless the voters and the --robbery -- are one of a kind.

On a plantation, 200 slaves work, and 10 are in between trying to persuade them to
flee. Those other 190 will take everything out of the closet to get the 10 down,
even betraying them to the slave float. I also feel betrayed by the electorate,
who give permission to their government to break into my home and computer and rummage.

Imagine that the officials are the cause shortage of money, every year I
believe they have to cut EUR 18 billion from the tax revenue. There are about
400 town halls, 13 provincial houses, and the clowns in The Hague. They have
all kinds of projects that are not working failed or were not necessary.
Perhaps jointly they waste 18 billion Euros a year, nice officials. And there
they're also getting very nice salaries bonuses and pensions for that.

I'm absolutely convinced that if all the governments of the world sit around the table,
then paradise can be realized for all 7 billion world citizens. But unfortunately there
is a lot of selfishness and looking cross between governments, they don't grant each other
the light in the eyes, they all want to have the most out of the can for themselves.


Criminalizing Whistle-blowers.
Vaccines are for profit, not for health.
Ex Farma-Agent speaks out over misleading.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is the Fraud and Crime Mafia.

List of Toxic Materials in Vaccines.
Poison in a Flu-Shot, Formaldehyde Causes Cancer.
Plus Fluoride in Tooth-Paste.

List of Banned Medicines.

Scroll about 25% for the Dutch Text.
If Doctors strike fewer Patients die.

Natural Cancer Treatment.

The new HPV Vaccine against Cancer of the Cervix delivered the first dead.
HPV-Shots for Young girls from 6 are harmful it's money grabbing because,
these girls can't get HPV because, the haven't sex with a partner.


You send an e-mail to an organization, to put something on the map. The very first person who
reads it, and may not agree with it, could think: -- Baloney --. And deleted the email and either
salvages the email in an A4 folder, or hides it on the hard drive, where it is not easily found
in the course of time. And during the meeting with 6 Others later in the day, the person tells
nothing to the others. So they can't talk about it, and vote democratically on it.

You think that the organization has parked you in the forest, or has put up their finger
against you. And all that is the fault of that one, the dictator within the company. For
the one has blocked the others at the meeting table and told them nothing. So that, person
always gets his way at the meeting table. And this can also happen at home, the man or woman
tells nothing to the partner, and throws the letter away, and sends the sender a rejection.


(21-01-2019) IS THE EARTH FLAT?
Whether the earth is really partly or not flat, I leave that in the middle, self-
examination is the most important thing because now one can sell you turnips for
lemons. Because of you having committed research, you now have hard evidence whether
it is real partly or not. And anything you don't believe in or find nuts, just throw it away.

You could theoretically say the Earth is definitely flat, because an airplane
takes of from Amsterdam The Netherlands and flies to Paramaribo Suriname at 10
kilometers height for 8 hours. Essentially, the plane must then fly away from the
Earth in a straight line, unless the pilots adjust the height every hour and descents.

You could claim that the school is a coercive agent of liars the adults, a child during an exam doesn't want
to dance to the pipes of the adults so the liars then let the child fail the exam. The children learn during
the history lesson that Vietnam began the war, if one of the children would write up during the exam:

!No! The Americans have started the war because they shot first at the Vietnamese
boots and they fired back in self defense, then the child will also fail the exam,
the liars the adults now take revenge on the child by letting it sack for the exam.

Or the child writes during the geography exam that the Earth is flat and not round, the child
also fails for that exam. The adults the liars are pissed at the child, because you don't want
to dance to our arrogant lying trouser pipes. With other words you don't want to be our slave.

On the Flemish Television The Earth is Flat.
Is the Earth Really Flat!!!!!


How to Hand Mix Concrete With Rock,Sand,Cement and Water!
Concrete Spin Screed used by amateurs for their first pour.
How to Pour a Colored Concrete Driveway and Patio.
How to lay Sod 101 DIY.

How To Construction A Concrete Road.
Construction Worker.

Making Concrete.


Most governments and politicians of Africa are thieving spineless empty flap turds criminals,
they are butt crawlers with Western governments multinationals and organizations, and let their
own people suffer. Most of them have nice incomes living comfortable in big houses with expensive
big cars, and let their people suffer bitter deep poverty for life. You might consider them as
people and land traitors, I'm not talking about the one's who are being blackmailed.

African countries are still colonial countries of France.

Theft Third World countries.

President Zuma of Africa is a thief.


Are there stupid people and who are stupid people, and why do
they indiscriminately believe everything from others as truth?

First, they have learned that experts and scientists and politicians always
speak the truth, secondly they have learned from their parents, that the doctor
the mayor uncle police-officer the reverend etc. always speak the truth.

Second, they think that studied people know anything because they've studied though,
but what is studying it is indiscriminately adopting everything from teachers.
Studying is ramming and ramming until you can dream it, intelligence only comes
around the corner when you're going to wonder how did they come to that knowledge.
And is there even more besides that knowledge and is that knowledge really true.

Question Authority.
The Myth Of Authority.


Why I write above because the mind can't get sick the body can. If someone starts acting strangely,
it's because there is a disturbance in the chemical household of the brain. So it's bodily, and
it falls under the doctor's treatment. What does a psychiatrist do to eliminate that chemical
disturbance of the brain, he gives medication to the physical brain, and not to the mind.

What could be is that the person in his subconscious is fighting with a problem, and the
body reacts to it. Sometimes I'm angry at someone, and want to hit the person. Then
suddenly my arm very fastly shoots forward and back again, while I consciously don't do that.

So is it theoretically possible that if an epileptic patient struggles with something in his
subconscious, that his body reacts to that with jerky movements? So it's not necessarily
that's a mental decease, they only react to a stimulus from the subconscious a kind of overload.

The Myth of Mental Illness.

Letter to the children.

Psychiatry an Industry of Dead.


I am absolutely convinced that, we humans are able to make the planet Earth
A paradise for all 7 billion people. But, we collide every time against a
large group of people who try to stop us, work against us and park us in
to the forest. The well-known bloated frogs with a lot of posh nosh crap.

In other words, the arrogant beings who are behind the desks, both state and
commercial companies, and the retards in politics, both local provincial and
The Hague. So if we really seriously want to establish paradise, we will first
have to get rid of the scum so that they cannot stop us from achieving our goals.

Paradise on Earth, how hould it lokk like?
Where does paradise lie?
De Islam? How does nature look like?
Onbelievable Places.
LIVE Earth from NASA.


(15-01-2019) IMRAN HOSEIN.
Technology is Black Magic.
Gog and Magog - The Sea of Galilee.
How far is the Malhama? (Armageddon).


(14-01-2019) TIRED OF WARS?
If mankind is tired of all wars, then there is only one final Solution: -- No More Voting --. On the
war-criminals of the planet, who already sow death and destruction for mankind throughout history.

Humanity must stop playing comedy. No longer fooling each other. But go on and mature. Take the strings
in their own hands, and no longer leave them to war-criminals psychopaths criminals and other scum.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose.

Your Believe Creates War.


(13-01-2019) NO COMMENT.


Maybe it's useful to give a little explanation as to what Hegelian dialectic is:

It's a tool used to manipulate the thoughts of a dormant people (and then we are in our
country in a kind of paradise) to ensure that changes that they would normally reject are
acceptable. The Hegelian dialectic (named after the German philosopher Hegel) is very simple:

1) Create a problem
2) Control the problem
3) Offer a solution


If you look at the tubes below, be aware that there are a lot of disturbed idiots who
half don't know what they are talking about, and the biggest crap publish that you can
imagine. But there are also bona-fide people in between who are researching seriously,
but often they are shaved over the same comb, because the opposing party does not like it.

Al Roker Mk Ultra Mind Control Glitch.
They Are Starting to Glitch and Malfunction.
OMG!! Wendy Williams Collapse, replaced by Clone.

Celebrities were replaced with Clones.

Could it be that when we die we're reborn with a similar face, maybe our DNA
and our subcons-
cious is doing that. That could mean that we live for eternity
but we don't know, that could also mean we already live in paradise here on earth
but we fucked up. Maybe we should be spirits in paradise on earth then we don't
have to die, and have the same face we have now for eternity.

DNA Clones from the Past.


Women on the frontline of upsurge in violence.
The Palestinian Woman Fighting Israel.
Fearless Palestinian Woman.
The Palestinian women at the forefront of Gaza?s protests.
Women fighters willing to die for Gaza.

Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs.
The story of Abeer Abu Ghaith:
a leading young Palestinian businesswoman.

An amazing Dabka perfomance by Palestinian school girls.
SAMAR Media - This is Palestine - Shadia Mansour (ENG)

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler.


When the Khazar (Fake Jews) arrived in Palestine in 1948, they acted like beasts. Complete village popu-
lations were killed or raped or driven away. Then the villages were destroyed to the ground. Then England
rang the bell, We have not given you Palestine to eradicate all Palestinians, then the Khazar backed down. (The beginning of Terror). (Survivors Speak Out). (I refuse to be an Israelian Soldier).

Trip to the origins of Iqrit Palestine.

(2017-2067 ) Zionist master plan for the coming 50 year - Part 1.
(2017-2067 ) Zionist master plan for the coming 50 year - Part 2.
The last door for ZIONISM of God - Part 1.
The last door for ZIONISM of God - Part 2.

No Food & Water in the Third World War.

The biggest problem on earth that is Israel they make the rules in the White House, the Americans
are their jumping jacks as well as the European politicians. Israel is not only the perpe-
trator but also the cause of revolutions coupes in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

In addition, they are also the instigators of many wars over the past thousands
of years. They've been chased all true history, and no one is wondering: - HOW
COME -. Why is there every so many hundred years a race hunting them down, maybe
it's their own fault because they aggravate other people time and time again.

I'm not going to write that all Khazar (Fake Jews) should be disabled no because, the
ordinary man in the street is often the same as we smucks. I am talking about the big boys
the bankers the multinationals the rich the elite the ones who are running the show, for
example. Politicians and others of this kind of scum. That big man from the Bible Jesus
calls the Khazar - Serpent Vipers -, and they're not my children but Satan's children.

In the past I've asked God and Allah a few times, get all the Khazar away of the Earth and give
them their own planet somewhere in the universe, because then we get finally after thousands of
years of peace on Earth. They were not off of Abraham or Judea, and have never lived in Palestine
nor 2000 years ago also no. There is only a handful of real Biblical Jews, but that isn't much.

And the biblical Jews who lived in Palestine before 1945 had no trouble with the Palestinians,
the were neighbors were fellow friends acquaintances and they dealt harmoniously with each
other. Until the European Khazar arrived, and then began the misery till 2018 already 70
years today. The first Khazar group that arrived in 1948 was just a killers butchers gang.

For more info go to my sub-site and look for: 20-09-2018.


This story tells you how arrogant Western colonial racist politicians are, in the past a Dutch
Minister said on TV: - We had to kill the Taliban in Afghanistan because they fired first, -
what do you expect than if you invade a foreign country with your defense force: - Coffee and Cake? -
Disturbed psychiatric idiot. These imbeciles rule the world, no wonder our planet is a shit-hole.

Suppose the Americans invades your country, you put on a uniform and shoot at the Americans, but they are
faster and they shoot you dead. But if the Americans are back home they're telling arrogantly on TV: - We had
to shoot them dead, for they fired first - . These psychiatric disturbed Americans also expect: - Coffee and Cake -.

The problem is that most of the Western White people are psychiatric patients. They are suf-
fering from the disease which is called - Delusions of Grandeur -, which has brought them in
the delusion that they belong to a - Superior Aryan - race. Actually they are dangerous
psychopaths, who should urgently be locked up in a government facility for a psychiatric treatment.


(07-01-2019) GOVERNMENT CUTS?
I believe Parliament has annually a shortage of 18 billion Euro. While the town-halls and coun-
ties in November and December waist all the money which is left over, otherwise they have to
give it back to The Hague. Suppose that all 401 town-halls and 14 counties would give all
the money back, then that might maybe also 18 billion Euro, with other words no more cuts.

If you tell this to the politicians, then you consider you're an idiot who fell out of a tree.
If you ask them to nationalize the money, so create and distribute it themselves, and no more
true commercial banks because then they don't have to pay interest anymore. They'll park you
in the forest for ever. So in reality it's them politicians who are the real idiots here.

Government Debt - 335 Euro per second / Interest 20 billion Euro per year.
Unemployments-meter 700 persons per day.

Most banks around the world are owned by the Khazar (Fake Jews) and their sharehol-
ders from Palestine (Israel does not exist) they want all State banks in the Middle
East to disappear, and become commercial banks true American straw-Governments.

The evil history of the Khazar.

Before September 11th 2001 all Middle East Arab banks were state banks, not anymore. And these
state-banks didn't ask interest from the people, in Afghanistan Iraq Libya they have to pay
interest now (Oil is whip-cream on the cake). Syria Yemen and Iran are still state-banks.

How do commercial banks work?


(06-01-2019) NO COMMENT.
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 1)
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 2)
Big Russian Supermarket. (Part 3)

My Favorite Fast Food Restaurant.
Shopping in a Moscow Mall.


(01-01-2019) ANNOUNCEMENT.
I'm back on Sunday January 6th 2019, I'll take a breather from all the misery that I have
written down in 2018 on my website. I sometimes get sick about constant writing negative
and searching the internet. You're not getting any happier at all, I also prefer not to do it.

Sometimes I think I'll stop with it. But I will continue because the people in need for example
in the Middle East, who are being raped tortured and murdered, and the women kidnapped and
sold abroad, for the sex-trade we should not forget them, and leave them to dry out.



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