The Netherlands has innumerable laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, clauses, etc.
And why? Don't the Dutch trust each other, or do they have a terrible thieving dis-
like for each other. Are all these coercive measures intended to clamp down on each
other, to give each other the other look, because they don't trust each other.

Suppose, I'll suggest, to turn off the traffic lights for a week. Then I'm almost sure
they will punch me in the stomach, they will consider me an idiot. They have the stand-
point, it will become a mess on the streets. One doesn't trust his own countryman for
a minut, they will think: “That everyone will do as they please and what they want”.

(English) (Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose) (Eeeek, an Anarchist!) (Anarchy - AWESOME Speech ) (Question Authority) (Crazy Conspiracy 1)

Josie Outlaw -- A Message To The Police.
Mark Passio vs. The Lemonade Raiding NAZI Cops.
Most Men Are Chickenshit Cowards.


Working hard in a bakery.
Palestinian Maha making Pitabread.


You probably think they are whacked that, is possible but that doesn't have to be. Western
People have the belief, if we don't believe in it, then it doesn't exist either. That's arrogant
thinking. They live in the delusion that they know all knowledge and wisdom of the evolution.

We use 20% of our brains, 80% is still latent, God what's is still in the 80%. I think it's also
good that we don't know at this moment all about the 80%, otherwise we might go mentally crazy.

If Western white people don't believe in this type of knowledge, they can't believe
in an invisible God, nor can he dwell in their hearts. Nor can they listen and do
what he says, then they are no better than Krista Raisa Darryl Anka or others.

There will be enough people who will say, that jug is ugly and run away. But if they look
in that jug, there might be a nice apricot nectar in it, or vinegar that is possible as. People
who look out of a window will see a lot more, than those who don't and say which window?

It is quite possible that there are beings in space, or in other worlds and or dimensions.
It's also possible for us to find these things in our own subconscious mind. We maybe
lived in past lives on other planetary worlds and or dimensions lived, who knows?

Krista Raisa - Your Purpose is to Just Be Here.
You are Disclosure!
Signs Your 3rd Eye is Open and Advice.

Darryl Anka - ET channeling on chemtrails, climate change,
whistleblowers and alternative solutions.
Darryl Anka: Channeling for Bashar.


(02-11-2018) WHOIS IS REAL NUTS?
If, I'am sick, then believers are heavily mentally disturbed in my sanity thinking and fall into category
three of psychiatric patients. Because they are absolutely convinced, that they are perfectly normal people.

There are according to my vision as layman 3 types of patients.
The first is really sick there is something broken in his brains or something is missing.
The second patient knows that something isn't right, and with good help he is coming out again.
The third patient who doesn't know that he is sick, and thinks that he/she is healthy and normal.

Probably many governments and also citizens fall here under. We live in the morbid delusion
that, only in wartime you are allowed to kill your enemy legally, (killing is never good).
If you do it in peacetime, then you are either a criminal a psychiatric patient or a terrorist.

If governments are friends they lock you up, if they're enemies you're a hero
and they give you a medal. That means they're using us for their own benefit,
the person you killed they couldn't care less. If governments have enemies
civilians could have them as well, so what's the difference between them two then?

I don't understand anything about healthy people anymore. Because they
constantly confuse me, because you want to save the world that's means you
are mentally ill. But we who have no interest are spiritually healthy.

If I write as I write then I'am sick to many mental health-workers and they want to treat me,
what they really want is people like me to shut up (Brainwashing) through treatment and medication.

Doctor I've seen a ghost, “Oh you are sicker than I thought, sister raise the -Thorazine- with
10 mg 3 times daily”. No doctor I don't want to -See Torren- (Bugs). I already see enough ghosts.

A simple example of how normal people think mentally disturbed.

If you talk to God, you are praying.
If God talks to you, you suffer from skid-so-phrenia.
With other words God doesn't exist????? (this sentence-remark is of Author this website)
--Thomas S. Szasz, The Second Sin, Garden City.

If I were really sick then you should let me go my way because what I write up is perhaps part
of the healing process, if you are going to suppress my thoughts or talk me out of it through
therapy and medicine then I may be a lifelong Chronic psychiatric patient who never comes out.
Because everything that you oppressed remains latent anyway? While if you do it out then you
will be processing it anyway and then you have a chance that it might disappear for good.

It is possible that book writers get part of their story through spirits, so are maybe the
stories from the Bible invented, that are motivated by spirits to people who wrote it up. What
the writers write down has perhaps really happened for example either 500 or 1 million years ago.

Imagine someone is killed let's say 50 years ago and the offender is never caught, maybe the victim
contacts a writer who makes an exciting murder thriller and later that book is filmed. Perhaps the
writer himself was the victim, and extracts the story from his previous life through his subconscious.

There seem to be some feature films like E.T. or The Third Encounter and or the Philadelphia
Experiment, where an American naval ship dissolves and rematerializes. Which happened for year.
So also a lot of Hollywood films, but twisted so that the public thinks it's fantasy.

It's also possible that the story of horror and spooky-films, might play in a bad spiritual world. And the people
who are addicted to these films, may come from those areas or will arrive in horror-like areas after their death.

There maybe readers who will say the writer is really whacked, but I don't mind I'm glad
I'm crazy. Because then everyone leaves me alone, and then I can at least do and live like
I want. While, if I was to be normal then I have to dance to all kind of his pipes from the others.

The Myth Of The Psychiatric Illness.

Letter to the Children.

Self Actualization, Humanistic Psychology.


We the people are destined to be happy both with body and spirit. But thanks to the
mentality of many especially those above us, who have studied further, are in charge,
pulling the strings, they often fuck everything up. Because they do and leave what they
want, they do everything which is forbidden by God. Then we become angry or frustrated,
desperate angry or furious, because there is no longer any view and that lives lousy.

And from the long-term hopelessness, we can get sick from the tension that doesn't want
to leave. Then, some or many of us get heart attacks or strokes or nervous breakdowns,
or use narcotics or drink alcohol to forget. Or come into mental homes, and some unfortu-
nately put an end to their lives. That we mankind owe that to the arrogant of the earth,
who walk from conceit next to their shoes, the well-known: “King Emperor and Admiral” Types.

There will be enough people who say, “then don't worry so much because it doesn't have
any use”. But that means you have to forsake your fellow man in need. You don't any
longer have to bother about all the misery in the country or the whole world, you have
to pretend that your nose is bleeding. Then your body and mind will remain healthy and
you will not be sick anymore. So instead of we are helping our fellow human been or coming
up for them, we abandon them in essence to stay healthy ourselves, and is that also fair?

What people don't realize is that if they all say it has no use, and they don't do anything then it
doesn't have any use as nothing happens. Then most people are also sheeple or flock animals, if the
parents and grandparents were also talking and doing so, then the children as grown ups will also
talk and do nothing else. If, they do something then they think were bad ungrateful children.


Isn't it ridiculous that if you research history and publish it in public, there is a chance that
you have to go to jail for three years, because there is a group of people that doesn't like it when
you examine history. They have their friends in politics and in the justice department who will make
sure that you are indeed locked up. And whether the Holocaust is true or partly or not true, I leave
that in the middle, you must always be able to examine history regardless of the outcome.

If the story is correct then the International Red Cross was a child at home in the
concentrationcamps, and according to their data, 271,502 Khazar (Fake Jews) died. After
the war, the International Red Cross was forced under pressure to deny the data bluntly
below. Is it not extremely ridiculous that there is a three-year prison on the truth.

The Red Cross and the East German government figures put the total deaths in each camp,
as 272,000 and 282,000. Including homosexuals, communists, gypsies, murderous Pedophiles.
The 6 million figures is a kabbalistic number, a magic song, which appeared in the
newspapers at the beginning of the year 1900. (So 45 years before the war, WTF?).

If it is true that perhaps 272,000 Jews have died instead of six million, that is great
news the whole world should be cheering. But those other I believe 60 million Non-Jews
soldiers and civilians who have died in that same war, you never hear anything about them,
they always keep hammering on those six million as if they were special and chosen.

If some decide to make the truth that they cannot use, turning it in a legal lie
complete with a jail sentence, then civilization is on its return. Then future
generations will experience barbaric times, because perhaps maybe they go to such
extremes in all areas that they cannot use, decency moral respect etc. is then gone.

World War 2 Casualties.
How many dead in the second world war.

The Hoax oif the Twentieth Century.

140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust.,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

History of the evil Khazar.
The Complete facts about the Holocaust.
Arthur koestler: The Thirteenth Tribe.

The Mossad did 9/11 with Associates.

See my subsite: Look for the dates: 10-10-2018 and 16-10-2018.


Chemtrails Analysis: New Discoveries 1/2.
Chemtrails Analysis: New Discoveries 2/2.

Demons & Black Goo - Harald Kautz Vella.

Harald Kautz Vella Chemtrials.

A talk with Harald Kautz-Vella: 5G and the Backgrounds (20 October 2018)
What is 5G? Faster Internet?

Morgellons Exposed.

Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease (Part 1).
Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease (Part 2).


Chemtrails the Secret War.

Did Global warming stopped 15 years ago?


NASA Sun-Simulator.
Oct. 2017 - Thousands witness the Sun Blinking,
turning Black and Red, Holographic Moon and Sun

Haarp Holes In Heaven - Dutch Subs.
Santa Rosa California - Laser lights came from th sky.
Santa Rosa Fire Drone.
Lasers from the Sky & The California Fires.
California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon.

Could the Bible-story writers also look in the future like Nostradamus, and also have
heard those sounds that might have been the electric friction of the Ionosphere by
those Haarp microwave laser beams. And did they decide to use them as trumpet-like
sound biblical to twist and force the people to sit in church and believe in God.

Strange sounds in the Sky.




Most governments are lending money from commercial banks, and not from the State-
bank they are often also commercial. The Dutch English the German, and the US Federal
Bank and most so-called state-banks worldwide are all commercial banks. All in the
hands of the Khazar (Fake Jews), they often finance both friend and foe in a war. If
the war is over, the taxpayer must pay till he is blue in the face heavy interest.

The first and Second World War have been started by the Khazar, and not Germany or
England, who have been played out against each other for the trolley. The Khazar
financed not only the Allies but also Hitler. After the war it was just heavy
collection of interest from both countries, and the millions of fatalities: “So What”?

Arab countries all had state-banks, and the population borrowed money without paying
interest, because Allah finds interest a crime. Afghanistan Iraq Libya all had state-banks.
Now since the governments have been replaced by American straw governments, they have become
commercial banks. Syria Iran Cuba Venezuela China North Korea are still state-banks.

The biggest human catastrophe - Financial Expert Wollf.

US wars are big Business.
Wars are big Business.
Bankers want Wars.

The origins of the Illuminati by Louis Farrakhan.

These 13 Illuminati families rule over the world.
Rothschild - The First Beast.
Rockefeller - The Second Beast.

Credible News on Paper.


All politics are based on the indifference of the mayority.
James Keston.

Change is caused by the people who are rising up and do something, and
not by the people who talk it away and or laugh about it and do nothing.
The Rev. Dr. Maarten Luther King Jr.

All throughout history, people are exterminating each other
because of their church beliefs. Therefore, I believe that the
real faith is of God or Allah, and the Church faith of the Devil.

Anissa (8) weighs only 10 kilo:
Famine true war in Yemen.
Yemen: The Neglected War.

These are the countries under de leadership of Saudi Arabia who behave like beasts.
Bahrain-Egypt-Jordan-Morocco-Kuwait-Qatar-Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.
And don't forget the big boys: England-Israel en America. Whe should actually chase
most of the politicians away, because their animals from hell.

You are in town and someone seeks a quarrel with you and says: “I know where
you live tonight I come along and beat you up”. And tonight at 20.00 hours the
doorbell rings, and when you open it's the Man. But he's not alone he brought 4
friends with him, and all 5 they kick you into the hospital. If these 5 will stand in
front of a judge, he'll consider them as: “The top-shelf scum” and punish them well.

America also seeks a quarrel with Iraq, and brings it's 4 friends along: “The Netherlands
England Germany and France". They kill your citizens and destroy the entire infrastructure of
your country. But those friends are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice
in The Hague as well as: “Scum of the top Shelf” but as Heroes. And they're invited by the King
of the Netherlands the President of America and the Israeli Knesset for a meal and decorations.

Donors' Conference for Yemen: Arsonists present themselves as Saviors.
The hypocrisy of governments or: “Wolves in sheep's clothes”.
Germany sells weapons to Saudi Arabia, which they trow on Yemen. The German
government then takes taxpayers money to have the wrecked water pipelines repaired
as well. England also sells weapons to Saudi Arabia that bombards hospitals with
it, then England gives tax money to relief-aids to treat the wounded in Yemen.

At present why are their not sanctions against Saudi arabia?

War in Yemen.

German ARD Report on Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Are we on the way to an third world war?
The Third World has already Started!


(Descendants / Ufonauts? - Fallen Angels from the Bible?)
Between dust and spirit world reside descendants paradise-wall, wake here egg.

(Dust = Earth? - Spirit = Spirit World? - Egg = Human? Fertilized Egg?)

First the Ufonauts stepped on the Earth, and the coloreds had nothing more to say.
Then the whites stepped into South Africa, and the coloreds had nothing more to say.
Then the English stepped into America, and the Indians had nothing more to say.
Then the British stepped into Australia, and the Aboriginals had nothing more to say.
Then the English stepped into New Zealand, and the Maori had nothing more to say.
Then the Dutch stepped into Suriname, and the Indians had nothing more to say.
Then the Jews stepped into Palestine, and now the Palestinians have nothing more to say.

Exploitation by the Western World. (Mallence Bart Williams).
African countries forced by France to pay Colonial tax.
Ikiesha Al-Shabazz Whittaker Former Manhattan Prosecutor "Fuck America".

Ahed Tamimi Freed From Israeli Prison (Part 2).
The Palestinian Kids Fighting Israel's Occupation (Part 1).

In support for Janna Jihad Ayyad.
In conversation with Palestinian activist Janna Jihad.
Israel Assassinates Janna Jihads Cousin Outside Her Bedroom Window.

(Revelation 3:9 (Kings James Version KJV)
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they
are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come
and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.)

Now the rats from America are trying to install US straw governments everywhere in the world,
to please their cockroach bosses the Khazar (Fake Jews) from Palestine (and not fucking Israel).
Who will soon be the new bosses on planet Earth, with their dictatorship New World Order.


(24-10-2018) ALL ABOUT SYRIA.
It is very unfortunate what I wrote many times, that the journals the talk-shows on
TV and the newspaper don't want to tell us the truth. You could say that they are
complicit in war crimes massacre in for example the Middle East, because if they tell
us the truth, the politicians are not given permission by the people to bomb Syria.

Flemish clergyman In Syria reveals Media Lies. (Part 1 - Dutch) (Part 2 - Dutch) (Part 3 - Dutch)

Syria and the unscrupulous reaction of the Western media. (15.10.2017 - Dutch)
Western Media telling Bullshit about Syria. (05.01.2018 - Dutch)

Eve Bartlett Western Press and Media lying about Syria exposed.

Vanessa Beeley destroys the MSM (press & Media) story about Syria.

Christian nun from Aleppo western,
Media lies about reality in Syria.

Victims of the Syrian war.

George Carlin About Politicians.
Question Authority | The Big Media Lie, How
To Avoid Mind Control & Know Truth | Psychetruth

Syria a false flag with poison. (15-10-2018)
No bombs on the people of Syria. (22-08-2018)
Syria expert explains background of the chemical attacks. (28-04-2018)
The West sabotages Peace in the Middle East. (27-02-2018)
A look behind the facade. (08-07-2018)
What are legal wars. (08-01-2018)
Major Media Distorts eye-witness Accounts. (16-12-2017)
Will the US led Anti-Is Coalition now be held Accountable. (12-12-2017)

110 Search Results for Syria. (Not All)

Bashar al-Assad.


All Syrian Radio Stations.
Newspapers - Magazines - Radio - TV - MediaSites.
All Syrian TV Stations.

The ruling elite determines what should and should not be on Wikipedia.
This investigative journalist Helen Buyniski searched it out.
Helen Buyniski Says: "Wikipedia Rotten to the Core".


On this YouTube you can see how cruel Israel can be if they want to clear a
Palestinian village for the new settlers, and the inhabitants have to go live
somewhere else. This kind of practice has been going on for 70 years, the western
politicians are just shouting a bit, and next week they've forgotten it again.
Boycotting Israel not a hair on there head is thinking about that, so hypocrites.

Demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar: Another
chapter in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

What the Khazar are doing here is a crime, they have literally and figuratively stolen the whole
country, and the Palestinians are now living in an open prison. When they're on the streets outdoors
they have to pass checkpoints to show their papers, the Jews also had to be that on the street in Germany.

If, the Khazars were to live harmonious in cohabitation with the Palestinians then you never had that
friction of the last 70 years. It were the Palestinians who said to the Khazars take a piece of our
country so then you can live safely, but the Khazar had quite different plans, in other words shit for thanks.

And what do the Western governments (Racists?) do also those Palestinian traitors in the second chamber, butt-
crawling and sucking up with the Khazars. They are also betrayed by the European Parliament NATO the IMF the
World Bank the United Nations banks and you name it. This western humanity calls itself civilized and democratic.

There are two possibilities for peace if I was God or Allah, firstly I made the whole Middle East Jew free, and ship
them to the Ukraine where they originally came from. Or secondly I split the country up in half with a sea in between
of ten kilometers wide, on the right side the Jews live and left side the Palestinians live, and no further hassle.

Life under occupation in Hebron: Soldiers harass
teachers and school children, Oct.-Nov. 2017
Israeli Defence Forces night raid in Nabi Saleh.

Cursed Devilish Khazar (Fake Jews) who converted to Judaism in 740 A.D., they're not Biblical Jews they're
not of Judea nor of Abraham, and they've never lived in Palestine not even 2000 years ago. You would almost
shout: “Heil Hitler”, but then you kick the innocent people in the butt who died in the Second World War.

Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat (Engelse Sub).
De Narcist Ft Shadia Mansour - Hamdulillah.
Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.

Dr. Rania Masri's Speech at "Crisis in Gaza
and West Bank: Context and Action" Forum.
Rania Masri's Talk at BAJ Meeting: "Uncovering the Syrian Conflict". July 10, 2013
Q&A session from Rania Masri's Talk "Uncovering the Syrian Conflict".


If you read the stories on the sites below and you do also your own research, you come to
the conclusion that the Western world plays an unbelievable dirty game in the non-western
world led by their boss Israel. And the demagogues of the press and media, the TV journals,
the talk shows on TV and the newspapers are the propaganda channel of Western governments.

The people of the independent press and media who are not bought and who don't do propaganda,
are haunted and watched by secret services with dragnets of nasty governments, as if they
are dissidents who are going to commit a coup at any moment. So the bad people keep an eye
on the good people, because of course they are afraid of them that's crystal clear.

The people who suffer from these dirty games are often ordinary citizens, who are
simply sacrificed by the demons who play the boss on the planet, the famous scum from
hell. We're just back in the slave and colonial times, there they also acted beastly with
ordinary citizens. And all out of financial profits commodities and land grab interest.

Humanity consists of various groups, you have the good people, the ones in between, and
the beasts. Often the beasts that are pulling the strings and playing dirty games at the
cost of millions of innocent civilians. Then you also wonder: “Is there actually a God
or Allah”, isn't that a fairy tale of the church-devils to keep the people under the thumb.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

Non Bought Independent Media. (Netherlands) (Netherlands) (Switserland) (Russia) (Iran)


(21-10-2018) HELP I IS IN LUVE.
Rodolfo M. y Yocasti P. Taller-Bachateado RD, Dominican Bachata.
Yocasti and Yonathan | Authentic Bachata Instructors.
Authentic Bachacha® Explained: Video Series: Part#03 Just Footwork?

Drone Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.

Bus Driving.

Radio From Santa Domingo Dominican.


I sent a story from this homepage about faith, to the newspaper TV stations churches and the politi-
cians in the senate. And as expected, some emails came back, some to thank me for sending an email.

But the masses didn't reply anything belong, and some asked me if I wanted to remove their e-mail address
from my address book, in short we aren't interested in your view okay no problem that is also democracy.

If commercial newspapers do this it's still understandable because they live from the sensation
and misery of others, and in addition they also want to become rich that, also applies to the
TV stations that want to generally bring amusement and if that was fun earning cheers.

But it gets very weird when you also get emails back from churches a bit scary so in the
lines of: “Thou shalt not kill” - not interested or: “Thou shalt share your food honestly” -
Sorry we are not at home or: “Guys let's stop that stupid wars” - you dare as a heathen.

And you are worrying I am maybe mentally disturbed, that I can't understand this, or are
some church leaders and faithful people sometimes the well-known Pharisees from the Bible.

And then you can also go wonder, maybe these kind of believers nailed Jesus
to the cross 2000 years ago, because he probably asked the same thing.

But imagine that Jesus wasn't crucified at all on the cross, but comes
to earth once in a while to weigh the people who is suitable for paradise,
and who is to be born for example 20 times in hell that we call Earth.

The church people who send back my email may have been weighed and found to be light,
maybe God and Jesus are working in a mysterious way than this is possible as well.

And maybe these people are crucifying themselves because they still have to
die a lot, and then our great friend grim reaper will get them 19 more times.


Governments and other interested parties are creating war between different
races, and how do they do that: “Multicultural Coercion”. They want to force
the different breeds of people to deal with each other and that doesn't work,
you eat potatoes and I'm not going to force you to eat rice what I do almost
every day, you will either hopefully not force me to eat potatoes every day.

Multicultural must spontaneously and freely grow between the different populations
and races, for example the children are doing it better than the adults, and their
children the grandchildren will even do it better. In the long run, the populations
has to grow towards each other on a voluntary basis, then I eat rice alternating
with potatoes macaroni pizza paella and you probably do that as well too.

Biblical faith is often a force compulsion of parents ' grandparents and ancestors,
if you don't go along or you don't want it or you think different about it or you
have doubts you are supposedly to be a bad child. If you're forced to eat beef or
lamb and not pork, then you're not a free human you are a slave of the other.

You've not been allowed to decide for yourself that is being made out by others,
otherwise something sways for you supposedly you are a child of Satan. And whoever
says that those biblical stories are based on truth, perhaps they are written by
despoting moralistic dictators and other likes who want you to dance to their pipes.
While real freedom may be the right to decide for yourself without force.

The fanatical Muslims who want to force you to live according to the: “Sharia law “, only make
sure that people don't want to do anything with that faith, so in essence they do unconsciously
the work of Satan who doesn't want people to become children of Allah. So the more fanatic these
kinds of Muslims become the quicker they chase the people away from the faith of Allah's Islam.

It's also possible that some of them are indeed Satan's children and know
that in their subconscious, and are born deliberately on Earth and are
falsely impersonating to be Muslim to chase away people from Allah.

Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying ‘enough’, to
immigrants, no-go zones, sharia law & gangbang rapes.

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war? Bib = Believers?).

They dove cunningly joined them, they hope USA tenc stupid, hear stiff egg ay.

(Dove = Bad spirits/, Tenc = Tank?, Stiff egg = Tanks roar?)

Fact rides song, basic cherry broken, see hand of offender is Hissing.

Turn your back to the guardian, Be there truthfully sincere song, I found the dog.

(Guardian = Church?)

Wicked spirits they thought they could kill spirit God, Moon surface fake.

(Wicked spirits = Bad Ufonauts?)

Ravenbird had tricks, guardian often mutes, many insulted God, demand dio.

(Ravenbird = The Enemy? Dio = Spanish for God)

The values of the wicked led them to hypocrisy book.

Write cry: UpperFowl knows illusion list, chalice tired.

(Upperfowl = Churchleaders? Chalice me?)

Weep partner feuds, children don't go and serve a portcullis, ban trick.

(Startingstone = God/Jesus? / Ban Trick = Divide and Rule?)


(18-10-2018) EUROPE ISLAM LAND?
At the beginning of the story, I have to tell you immediately: "I have nothing against refugees",
these are often people in need and we should help, them because that's human. BUT, there is a
group on it's way, and these are all single men both from the Middle East as well as from Africa.

There are plenty who want to turn Europe into: “Sharia-land”, in between are a lot of scum
rapists murderers and thieves. Sweden Germany and Italy are already lost countries, since
the whites are beginning to lose with the consent of their treacheries governments, the
journals the talk programs and the newspapers because they all keep their cake-hole closed.

Islamisation Germany (7% Islam): Agent and ex-Muslim
explaining mass assault Köln [German/NL.

Gadaffi has warned the European governments: “Close your border and check who is coming in”, but
they laughed at him and gave him the finger. Now the governments are going to pick up another 60
million, and that is just committing suicide. There will be a civil revolution in the future.

Taharrush Gamea.

Is this a demagogic? YouTube, it's about refugees who are being attacked. The demagogues of
the press and media won't talk about bad refugees, who make amok in Europe. The people in this
tube who are protesting are perhaps angry at these types of refugees, with in mind the govern-
ment and the judiciary refuse to undertake anything, so we are going to do it ourselves.

So if what I write here is true, then this tube is the work of sharpened cun-
ning dodgy shrewd people who have turned things around, so that the unsuspec-
ting citizen thinks these are all right- extremists who suffer from xenophobia.

Germany: Increasing violent against fugitives.


The big question is do medicine really work? Many old age people swallow medication till
their deaths, but they don't get any better, so does help medication actually. What many
people don't know is that most diseases go away from themselves, just as a headache a cold etc.

Suppose you are getting sick and getting a medication, and after six months your body has healed you,
you don't know that you think it's because of the medications, then you swallow life-long medication
because it keeps the disease under control you think, while that disease is long gone again.

The pharmaceutical companies the medical world and the politicians aren't going to
tell you this because if most people stop using medication, they have for example 80%
less fat profit. The health insurance companies also have to cut back heavily, so do
all the other ancillary companies that live by sick people. “Is sickness a Golden Trade”?

Presumably also for the criminals unemployed and old age day industry. Imagine theoreti-
cally that there were no criminals unemployed and churches, then the people who are
working in this sector will be unemployed. Maybe this is the reason why politicians
want us to get use to crime, under the guise of it was your turn so stop whining.

What do students at the Medical University actually learn: “Medicines”,
they learn to later prescribe a drug for each disease, but they don't
learn: “Medicines” because they can't cure and heal the patient.

The pharmaceutical companies are simply commercial companies, who want to make as many
profits as possible. In the past, there was a heart drug with the name “Vioxx“, at some
point many patients worldwide died of that drug. But the pharmaceutical companies the
medical world and the politicians have fought as lions to keep it on the market.

At some point, so many people began to die that they had to take it of the
market compulsory, they could no longer chat it away. In other words, the
economic importance of gross profits was far more important than the deceased.

Vaccins are for profit, not for health.
Ex Farma-Rep talks about misleading.

List of Banned Drugs.
Forbidden Medical Medicines.

Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured.

China was one of the first countries to have a medical culture. In comparison with Western method,
Chinese medicine takes a far different approach. With a history of 5,000 years, it has formed a
deep and immense knowledge of medical science, theory, diagnostic methods, prescriptions and cures. (Chinese Medicine).

Chinese Medical Herbs.
Chinese Herbology.


(16-10-2018) THE JEWISH HOAX.
There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is a proof
against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting
ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.

The thirteenth tribe by Arthur Koestler.

The Complete facts about the Holocaust.

The Hoax of the twentieths century.
Censored Books And Websites.

The Rhineland Hypothesis versus The Khazarian Hypothesis.

Gog of the Land of Magog (Khazaria).


International bestseller: Shlomo Sand.
De Uitvinding van het Joodse volk &

Eran Elhaik about the Jews.

the missing link of Jewish European ancestry.

Genetic roots of the Ashkenazim Jews.

The American Center of Khazar Studies.


(15-10-2018) WHO IS INSANE?
There are more than 5000 mammals on planet earth, and there is only one
that is insane. And who that is, indeed humanity. This mammal uses its intel-
ligence to exterminate millions with wars, those other 5000 mammals don't
do that, they are too intelligent for that. So when do the insane cure?


(14-10-2018) NO COMMENT.
GoPro Reading Mainline Routemaster No.25 RM1990
bonnet mounted camera video in Reading.
GoPro camera Reading Mainline Routemaster No.25 RM1990.

My Ex-Catford Bus Garage London UK.


The biggest Earthly Criminals Are:
IMF - International Maffia Organisation
WTO - World Traitors Organisation
WORLD BANK - World Bangsters
MOSSAD - Sad Mos

John Pilger - The War you don't see.

You can see that, the politicians aren't in the service of the
peoples, but of the banks the multinationals and the elite.
That is why they get nice jobs when they step out of politics.

Borrow the third world so flipping much money like Greece, so they can't
pay it back during their lifetime, and then we become fat rich of interest.

Third World poverty thanks to the local and the Western elite. And
who are the brunt the poor. Who will help them, Rutte? Merkel? They
are too busy with even more wealth stealing from those countries.

In your interest we need a social conversation
about money creation, which is needed badly.
Money creation on the agenda in 'The Hague'.


The Romans return to the Netherlands after 2000 years and occupy the country, and the
Dutch are parked in occupied areas such as the islands off the coast of the Netherlands.
Should the Dutch throw stones or missiles because they want their country back, I publish
on the journals the talk programmes on TV and newspapers that the Dutch are Terrorists.

I give the Romans EUR 3 billion per year for weapons technology and atomic
knowledge, so that the Dutch lose Out. I also move my embassy to Amsterdam.
And every year I also commemorate the fallen Romans who have died by the hands
of the Dutch, and every one who denies this Holocaust goes to jail for three Years.

Israeli soldiers cut down Palestinian farmers' olive trees.
Israeli settlers injure Palestinian olive farmers.
Israeli settler attacks hurt Palestinian olive harvest.
Palestinian olive farmers and Jewish settlers clash.
Jewish colonists cut Palestinian olive trees.

Israel declares the entire village of Nabi Saleh,
home to Tamimi family, a closed military zone.

Richard Boyd Barrett- Israel is not a normal state,
and should not be treated as such.
Israel: The Promised Land of Organized Crime - Full Version.
Israel's Secret Weapon - The Talpiot Program.

Giving news which is often omitted by the propaganda
press and media in the pockets of politicians.
If Americans Knew.

Palestinian Radio-Stations.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.


If I was President B. AL-Assad of Syria, I shoot at the Dutch, who as a foreign
power has invaded my country and shoot at my citizens. I haven't threatened
the Netherlands I haven't invaded the Netherlands with my defense force, and
I'm not shooting at the Dutch. I'm considering the Netherlands and its politicians
to be warcriminals, they clearly break all international laws and Regulations.

Turn the ball around, recently some terrorists here in the Netherlands got arrested and
I as the Surinamese government, invades the Netherlands without the consent of political
The Hague and start shooting at the Citizens, I'll bet that I'm not getting away with it,
especially as I'm considered to be an: “Ape”. All international organizations will massively
jump on my neck, and Suriname is also guaranteed militarily invaded by their friend America.

You are in town and someone seeks a quarrel with you and says: “I know where
you live tonight I come along and beat you up”. And tonight at 20.00 hours the
doorbell rings, and when you open it's the Man. But he's not alone he brought 4
friends with him, and all 5 they kick you into the hospital. If these 5 will stand in
front of a judge, he'll consider them as: “The top-shelf scum” and punish them well.

America also seeks a quarrel with Iraq, and brings it's 4 friends along: “Belgium England Ger-
many and The Netherlands”. They kill your citizens and destroy the entire infrastructure of
your country. But those friends are not seen by the judge of the International Court of Justice
in The Hague as well as: “Scum of the top Shelf” but as Heroes. And they're invited by the King
of the Netherlands the President of America and the Israeli Knesset for a meal and decorations.

The Netherlands urgently needs to get out of t NATO, because America and their boss Israel
drags the Netherlands from war to War. This is criminal against the peoples with a skin color,
which have been bombarded for 73 years, by the Cockroaches of America and the Rats of Israel.
De NATO is a Criminal Organisation.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


(10-10-2018) WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH?
The Khazar (Fake Jews) Samsom Option means that if we the Khazar go we take
the whole world with us. OK we can play that game as well. If Israel? (Palestine) even trows one atomic
bomb on a western country then we throw ten on Israel? So, when we go we take them with us.

The Samson Option - How Psychopathic
Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With Nuclear War.

Israel? Has 25 nuclear bombs in major American cities and Europe hiding to
be able to blackmail governments if they do not participate in their programme. The
elite call this the Samson Option This was first revealed by Seymour Hersh.

After the attacks of 9/11, the White House got the threat from Israel? that they
want set up their own police force in America. That is now known under the name FEMA
and if that would not be honored and kept silent they will explode some atomic bombs.

The text of the Bovendien Com the journals the newspapers and
talk programs on TV will never tell You. Therefore, I am convinced that all the talk
programs on TV are recorded beforehand, to shut every guest who is not talking
according to politicians and the elite with a newly recorded broadcast without us.

Besides that we're not invited anyway, we're ignored by the social psychopathic demagogues
of the press and media. The people should not hear what we have to say, and that is com-
munism fascism dictatorship despotism etc. committed by Democrats?

The Khazar have said that, anyone who is not a Jew is a beast that we can era-
dicate when ever we want, and we don't have to feel guilty because they're beasts.
Okay since the Khazar converted to Judaism in (740AD) are not biblical Jews either
but fake Jews, they're also beasts so we can eradicate them when it suits us, right?


If the story is correct then the International Red cross, was a child
at home in the concentration-camps (work-camps?). And accor-
ding to their data, these are the Khazar who died during the WW2.

The International Red Cross and East German government figures put the total
deaths at the camps as 272.000, and 282,000 respectively which includes homo-
sexuals, communists, gypsies, murderers, pedophiles etc. The 6 Million figure is a
Kabbalist number, a magical figure which featured in news papers in the early 1900’s.

Auschwitz: 52.589
Bergen Belsen: 6.507
Buchenwald: 20.501
Cacb1u: 17.842
Flowsenburg: 18.259
Cros Bosen: 7.925
Neunengammen: 5.570
Mulhausen: 17.727
Majadanck: 6.920
Wittelbau: 7.187
Zatzteiler: 3.944
Sachsenbauer: 4.785
Abstellung 1: 41,748
Totaal: 271.502


In 1938 around the world were 15.3 million Khazar, and it 1948 15.7 million. After the war
4 million Khazar demanded compensation from the German government, because we've been
in the camps. WTF You're Fucking dead you've been gassed, where the Fuck do you come from?

The strange thing is that if you say to the people, there is not one Khazar gassed leave alone
six million, then they will be angry with you. They tell you that you're a mentally disturbed idiot
and your website is alternative garbage, and the government jails you for three years.

While one should jump the biggest hole in the air of joy worldwide, one should keep a
great feast of Joy. But no everyone dives on your neck as if you were a Paria. You
would almost think that in their subconscious they are happy that the Khazar were
gassed, and the annual death commemoration is camouflage to not fall through the basket.

Could it be that the Western world hates the Khazar as well, and by helping them with
technology weapons and donations they remain the boss of the Palestinians in Israel? If
they don't help them maybe the Khazar become weak and roughed up by the Arabs.

And perhaps the Khazar have to flee from the Middle East. And probably they flee to
the western world what the Westerners probably don't want, are the Palestinians people
with a skin color being sacrificed by the Western world in their own interest?


(09-10-2018) COLONIALISM.
Exploitation by the Western World. (Mallence Bart Williams).
African countries forced by France to pay Colonial tax.
Congo: A pattern of permanent colonialism.


(08-10-2018) ARE WE BEING SCREWED?
Waste collection tax is theft of the raw materials of the Citizen. What????? A manu-
facturer makes Split-Pea Soup (In Dutch “Snert”), he buys the sausage from manufac-
turer A, He buys the split peas from another manufacturer B and has to pay for it.

Another manufacturer gets our raw material such as cans or paper etc.
Makes a product with it and earns money and Profits. And we the suppliers
get no money for our commodities, we have to pay for it. What?????

The municipality earns money of our raw materials, Also Tribuut from Epe which
collects the levy for the municipality, the pickup company Circus-Berkel earns money
from our raw materials, the intermediaries earn money from our raw materials and
Manufacturers who make a new produce. What do you mean they earn money,
well at least the staff of those companies get a salary from it beside their profit.

Since Tribuut collects taxes for the municipality, are the civil servants of the municipality who first
did this unemployed or still employed? If so, we are in rude Dutch: “Screwed”. A group of Smart asses
invent all sorts of systems that are often not needed, and make sure they get a salary from it.

I don't work for social security, neither for the UWV unemployment office, and neither
for the you just won't starve to death with our shitty allowance. So why should I give
these people a nice income, beside that de working class people are the voters, and
the government has to sweeten and grease them all the time for future elections.

You buy a bottle with a content in the supermarket and included in the price is 20 cents that
the bottle cost when it was made. Now that he's empty, you put him in the glas-bin and that
might cost you a second 20 cents waste charge, the manufacturer makes from the old bottle
a second bottle and again you pay 20 cents in the supermarket so together 60 cents.

So it is very clever of those guys from: “Villagepark de Grabber” to put that bottle in the recycling under
the guise of environment, because with a deposit of 20 cents we have 40 cents less income and there-
fore less profit we don't think so. Well and our multinational friends from: “Bungalowpark the Stealer”
shit's on your environment and tosses everything in the air in the water and on the ground ha ha ha.

You are a baker and buy the raw materials from your wholesaler, and when the bread is baked it
will cost you all together €1, then the townhall demands that bread and sends it to the super
market, and the transportation costs are a second Euro. If you don't want to pay then we simply
send another thief with the name: “Bailiff”, who will come to your house and rob you legally.

So the one Euro all included you will never get back and you can completely forget the profit, solution
close the bakery and: Hello UB40 here I am". What????? the 30% penalty on my allowance go and
collect it from the townhall because thanks to those collaborators I am unemployed that's not my fault.

The municipality of Zutphen goes: “Heavy Cutting”, on their Expenditure, and that's no joke because
it's not April 1st. They are short of money that is also logical if you let millions disappear for years
and hide it with committing fraud in the annual budget, approved by Accountants-agencies.

The municipality of Zutphen asked via info @ and Clerk @ If I don't want to
email anymore, according to my vision I was parked in the forest. For I assume
that if a representative or a political-fraction councilor or political member don't
agree with each other, they will sit down at the table and talk about it.

They are going to talk about it so that they can go through one door again, not
with the citizen we don't talk with, because he is not one of our clan, in other words
get lost and go and fuck yourself. While I always thought that the municipality was
employed by the citizen, but I have been mistaken they're social psychopaths.

The webmaster of this site is sick to death of the corrupt department of justice, who are
using all kinds of dirty tricks to get away wit a lot of crooked behavior, Well if the sod is
not committing suicide himself (500 yearly), we bury him or her in the forest ourselves.


(07-10-2018) NO COMMENT.
This is what happens when you reply to spam email - James Veitch.
More adventures in replying to spam - James Veitch.
The agony of trying to unsubscribe - James Veitch.


Ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp: “Now it's time for Courage and Truth”.
Jesselyn Radack is the lawyer of Edward Snowden. (Go to 02.52/18.38)

For more info about whistleblowers go to the date: 26-09-2018 on:


What Every American Should Know.
'World fears US as a war-hungry drunk' - ex-Senator.
Israel is the Real Terrorist State.

Iraq and Iran that don't have atomic bombs and are registered in the International Atomic community, They allow
international inspectors to monitor that. While Israel has 300 atomic bombs and not registered with the International
Atomic community, they don't allow Inspectors. So America must start bombarding Israel first, but the hypocrites
will of course never do that, as they're thick friends with that Khazar (Fake Jew): “Serpent Viper” scum.

And what does that Palestinian traitor: “Cuntte “ do BS just everything away, because he sits vérýýý deep in the butt of
America and Israel. As a real country traitor and modern NSB'er, he has betrayed the Netherlands and the Dutch people, and
sold them out to those two murderous devilish Satan's: “Viper Serpents”. Who have been hunting colored people for 73 years. (Censored?)

Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?
Assad Executing Reporters Compilation.
Assad Executing Reporters Compilation 2.

On September 11, 2001, all aircraft in America had to stay on the Ground. Except for 2 private
planes that were hired by Bush and friends, who were allowed to depart later in the day to quickly
pilot two families out of the country, to prevent them from being interrogated by the FBI.

And who were those two families? The Bin Laden family and the royal Saudi Arabia family, thick close
intimate friends of the Bush family. When the story is right, Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent, and Mohammed
Atta was a Mossad agent, the leader of the so-called 19 terrorists of 9/11 whose identity was stolen.

When the two WTC towers collapsed, some Khazar (Fake Jews) were dancing in another
neighborhood and jumping out of joy. The local residents got angry and called the police who
arrested them. After, investigation they discovered they were two agents of the Mossad were
to be so-called art Students. Who have been expelled from the country after Investigation.


As a result, Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith write the following piece.
(…By Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, Editors

Dear Israeli art students and Dancing Israelis, If you have not figured it out by now, yes we know who you are,
what you did, who your handlers were, and the key people who did this. Mass murder is a pretty serious crime.

The cork on 9-11 has held well, but starting to wiggle now. You should, too. There is quite a surveillance
record on you folks, including Mohammed Atta coming to visit you on a number of occasions.

The dead have lots of friends, not only those on 9-11, but those that followed in
country after country, including the Iranian nuclear scientists you murdered and never
put a shred of nuclear weapons program evidence on the table during the nuke talks.

We are combing through all the residents at the time of the three jamming buildings
below, and have already named the complex “Israel on the Hudson”. Give our regards
to all the folks. Yes…we know about that, too. Gordon will fill you in below… Jim W. Dean].


And that Bibi believes what he says, is apparent from the following. People sometimes wonder if
there is really no one to Trust. Yes and No. People who are to be trusted are being blackmailed.

One of the mayor players, Bibi Netanyahu is caught on the following statement during his
visit to a well-known bar in Jerusalem. These are the exact words: “If we get caught they
will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America
is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is
nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control”.

Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we
can do it again, This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy
them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.

The Mossad used nuclear weapons, so-called mini-nukes, to take down the two buildings.
They had no less than 350 of these dangerous weapons. A specialized team of researchers
realized what the MOSSAD was doing. They met in the blown up wing of the Pentagon on
this issue when it was hit by a Tomahawk missile fired from a submarine that had bought
Israel from Germany. 35 researchers died with which the cover-box could start.

The elite have 25 nuclear bombs in major American cities and Europe hiding to be
able to blackmail governments if they do not participate in their programme. The
elite call this the Samson Option. This was first revealed by Seymour Hersh.

Right after the attacks of 911, the US government was given the threat that Israel would
set up its own police force in America which is now known under the name FEMA and if
that wouldn't be honored and kept silent they would explode some atomic bombs.

FEMA was set up by Michael Chertoff (whose surname means in Russian Devil's Son) in
collaboration with former East German Stasi agent Marcus Wolfe, who was hired to his
expertise. After the improvement of FEMA or Homeland Security, Wolfe was Assassinated.
The US is currently run mainly by FEMA in cooperation with officials who have a double passport.

The elite never thought that their share of the 911 attacks would surface above
water but they became arrogant because they thought they could get it all together.
That arrogance is now going to choke them. Soon America and the rest of the world
will know that Bibi Netanyahu was the main culprit of the 911 attacks on behalf of the Elite.

They thought they had total control over the mainstream and thus secret investigations of the IAEA (international
Atomic Agency) and the Sandia laboratory to evade the sight of the WORLD. They made a tactical mistake
because now the real story about 911 is published on the internet and anyone can read and verify it.

An estimation error that they are currently trying to correct. They have underestimated the
power of the Internet and the many truth Seekers. They are now working diligently to stop that.

The Russians hold reports from Sandia Labs and the IAEA via Edwards Snowden and
will probably release them in the short term. Then everyone can convince themselves of
what is written here and the world will unite to stop this criminal group, the elite, the
Khazarian mafia or whatever you want to call them, and the world can finally breathe up.

The Russians are aware of all this, and that is precisely why they are doing everything they
can to break the power of this Elite. In all areas the Russians are busy with cooperation treaties,
you can follow this almost daily on RT and Sputnik. They also know that these 200 million Russians
have had to leave their lives, and the demise of Russia among the communists was the plan of this Cabal.

That is the reason for a new World Bank where counterfeiting will be excluded. That is the reason for the brics, the
reason why Putin ties in with everyone and closes pacts in all sorts of areas. Also, the US military command knows
of all this and works in the deepest secret, along with all those other countries to eliminate this elite once and for All.


(04-10-2018) FALSE FLAG ATTACKS.
On January 28th 1989, the Challenger 25 space-rocket exploded 77 seconds after its launch, and the entire
crew died. Now there are some people who claim it has been fake, by NASA cooked up with some purpose.

Now you can indeed trick the people who watched the launch at home live with photo shop images, but not the
people who were present on the spot and have seen it with their own eyes, unless they were actors who played a role.

It's also true that total strangers often look very much like each other like they are twins, maybe they live in the same
city or on the other side of the world. They'll never meet each other, and as they get older the face changes a little.

The conspiracy files Video 1 The Challenger Explosion.
The 1986 Challenger Crew Conspiracy Theory.
NASA challenger crew still alive and well.
The 1986 NASA Challenger Disaster Hoax
Challenger Explosion.


At terrorist attacks, often crisis actors participate, who often play along with
false flag terrorist attacks, who are getting a make-up to make it seem real.
Then there are always a few innocent bystanders who are killed by snipers on purpose.
True or False?

Then it's also wise to not tell in front of the camera what you've seen, there
are already enough witnesses who don't live anymore and have all supposedly
committed suicide. Just get the hell out of there and interfere with nothing.

The Chief Commissioner of Police of Paris who did the research on the Charlie Hebdo day,
he committed suicide 10 days later. They found him behind his desk with a pistol in his
hand, God knows what he might have discovered for deception during his Investigation.

The Truth About War - Who Are The Real Terrorists?

False Flag Attacks.

Crisis Actors?

The Children killed in Sandy Hooks Elementary School Shooting
In Connecticut, years later singing at the Super Bowl on stage?
Sandy Hook Superbowl Wonder.
In memory of the Sandy Hook Victims.
Sandy Hook Busted Wide Open!!! 360p watch 7:10
FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook Part 2.
CNN: Sandy Hook was a Hoax.

It turns out the parents their house mortgage was paid of after the attack, strange?

People who shed another light on the matter their YouTube are removed, that's what.
I often encounter as a researcher on the net, even websites disappear. The secret.
services have, in recent years, been busy with us dissidents to keep an eye on us world-.
wide, as if we were state-threatening and are going to commit a coup every moment.

Sandy Hook Original the truth.
At 03:12 the father is still laughing, than the crocodile tears appear.
CNN smartly and cunning left the laughing away.
Father of the School shooting I'm blessed to be her father:
De vragen rond Robbie Parker (De lachende vader).

Sandy Hook - Eye Witnesses.
Sandy Hook "Victim" Dies Again Tomorrow!! Illuminati 2015.

For more info go to the date: Dutch 21-12-2016
and Dutch 31-08-2016 on my subsite:
And Dutch 06-06-2017 on.


Maybe you say war criminals why, they help kill citizens in the Middle East and that for 17 years. All those
millions of deaths Saddam Gadaffi Assad they couldn't never done that. You can say yes but we are fighting
terrorists to protect the Western whites, but does it has to cost millions of citizens with a skin color life.

Suppose in my flat with 72 residents lives a drug dealer, and with one rocket the police takes the whole
flat down with 71 other dead inhabitants and that to grab one man. If the Western whites were to be
racists, then their not interesting in the other 71 inhabitants with a skin color they don't give a toss. So in
essence we kill millions of people in the Middle East to take three men out, Saddam Gadaffi and Assad.

That is why I hope that it won't happen that if the war in the Middle East is over, that the
murderers are being tracked down. So all governments terrorists Isis Daesch AlQaida Nusra
Rebels White Helmets, and all that other scum that have cruel killed with the local populations.

They hid the truth about Gadaffi.
This cruel was Gadaffi.
Gaddafi The Truth About Libya- Documentary.

The lies rule with MainStreamMedia (MSM).
They cut and paste the news, In a nutshell they lie and censor.

ead here the lies and cheats of the Dutch NOS Journal.
Article about False Flag which are removed from Facebook.

Censorship on Media is increasing.

Black-book NOS Journal. (20-09-2017)

If you read the stories at this site then you wonder, the
politicians the press and the media are they human or animals?

Stop the Media Terror (Dutch Subtitle - No English Version?).
Why is Israel (Khazar - Fake Jews) bombing Syria? These
cursed "VIPER SERPENTS" should mind their own business.
And NO: I'm not saying hurray for Hitler.
Syria and the scrupulous reaction of the western press. (15.10.2017)
Western demagogically media is telling BULLSHIT about Syria.(05.01.2018)
Demise of credible journalism is shocking.


(02-10-2018) WHAT IS OWNERSHIP?
You want to build a house and you buy a piece of land from the town hall, at that
moment you are robbed by the town hall. Why that, land is already your property
because it belongs to the state of the Netherlands and you are part of that.

Suppose you want to commit a pee on the lawn around your flat, and you get
a ticket from a cop who is also a criminal. Why you're urinating on your pro-
perty, because it belongs to the state of the Netherlands that you belong to.

The other flat-dwellers can probably ask you: “Yo wiseguy stop pissing
on our fucking lawn, or we'll kick your fucking ass, because you're pissing
on our fucking property”. But the cop, neither the judge nor the town hall
nor the government can do anything. So you don't have to pay for a
fishing-permit either, because you are fishing in your own waters.


If the following plan of the Gentiles: “Khazar” (Fake Jews converted to Judaism in 740AD) does
or partly or not is true I leave that in the middle, I know from research that Israel does indeed
have an expansion drift, to get the whole Middle East under Control and keep it that way.

They are also doing it in the Eastern European countries, because they are originally from Ukraine
(formerly known as Khazar), which used to be the original basic root Russia that has kicked them out,
due to occupations cruel murder and massacres Among the populations in Eastern European countries.

Then Russia occupied those countries to prevent the Khazar from returning. After the fall of the Berlin Wall when
Russia withdrew from these countries, NATO (Khazar) promised not to invade those countries. What they did do
it stinks now of US military bases and straw governments, and all ordered by their bosses of the Israeli Knesset.

And how do you steal the Ukraine and the Eastern European countries back, through the CIA de Mossad
the straw-government of Ukraine and two fighter jets you take the MH370 (MH17?) out of the air in Ukraine
and give Russia the blame. Then you have a nice excuse to cram the Russian and Eastern European borders
with NATO soldiers in the hope that Putin will be pissed off then run out with arms and then we slaughter Russia.

And if Russia no longer exists then we also destroy, Syria Iran Cuba Venezuela and North Korea. We then
install the NWO (New World Order), and then we the Khazar are the boss of the whole world, then we privatize
all the state banks worldwide and with our Khazar shareholders we are the owners of all the money worldwide.

Ex-General Wesley Clark said it is the intention of America to destroy and bring under our
control seven countries in five years. Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libya Somalia and Sudan.
Go to 09.38 minutes — 12/14.

Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke curtain - All 14 parts apart - 9/11.
Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke curtain - All 14 in 1 - 9/11 - 3 hours.

(2017-2067 ) Zionist Master Plan for next 50 years - Part 1 of 2.
(2017-2067 ) Zionist Master Plan for next 50 years - Part 2 of 2.
The Last Door For ZIONISM From GOD - Part 1 of 2.
The Last Door For ZIONISM From GOD - Part 2 of 2.

No Food & Water in World War-3 [Save Yourself]!!!

The biggest problem on Earth that is unfortunately Israel, they're the boss in the White House,
the Americans are their jumping jacks so too the European governments. Israel is not only the
instigator but also the cause of the revolutions and wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

In addition, they are also the instigators of many wars in the last
thousands of years. They've been haunted throughout history, and
no one wonders: “WHY IS THAT”? Why is there every hundreds of
years a nation who wants to hunt them down, might it be their own
fault because they make every time another nation furious?

I'm not going to write here that all the Khazar (Fake Jews) need to be
switch off, no because the ordinary man of the street is often the same
schlemiel as we are. I'm talking about the bankers the multinationals the
rich the elite the strings-people. Politicians and others of this type are:
“Viper Serpents”. That great man from the Bible Jesus calls them: “Viper
Serpents” to, and their not children but Satan's children.

In the past times I've been asking God-Allah a few times, take all the Khazar away from the earth and give
them somewhere in the universe their own planet, because then we will finally get peace on Earth after
thousands of years. The Khazar were a pagan people out of Khazar what is now called Ukraine, who
converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. They don't descend from Abraham or Judea, and have never lived in
Palestine nor 2000 years ago. There is only a handful of true biblical Jews, but that does not suggest much.

And the Biblical Jews who lived in Palestine before 1945 had no trouble with the Palestinians,
the were neighbors friends acquaintances and lived harmonious with each other. Until the
European Khazar arrived, and then the misery began until today 2018 for 70 years. The
first Khazar group that arrived in 1948 was just a murderess butcher gang. (The Beginning of Terror) (Survivors Explain) (I Refuse to be an Israeli Soldier)

For more info go to my subsite and look for: 20-09-2018.


(30-09-2018) No COMMENT.
When The Bacon Is Cooking, I Like It To Sizzle 1.
When The Bacon Is Cooking, I Like It To Sizzle 2.

Henry Black vs Lisa Tood
Divorcecourt Judge Lynn Toler.

Woman Cheated Thinking Husband Was Cheating.
Paternity Court Judge Lauren Lake.


The real terrorists are the Western governments, you sit at home in Syria and read a book
quietly, and then a missile of Cuntte is fired in your garden by one of his fighter jets. Or
you're at work in Lebanon, and being blown up by a drone, fired by those cockroaches of the
Israeli Knesset, giving you the scares of your life or a nerve attack or perhaps even death.

Or you drink a glass of lemonade at a terrace in Pakistan and be blown up by a drone
from those rats of the White House. Or your wife or daughter or maybe both are gang-
banged raped in Syria, and then sold abroad by the mercenaries and logistics is provided
by the White Helmets. The Isis Daesh Al-Qaida are being employed by western governments.


The event in the YouTube movie below may also have been fake to psycholo-
gically edit the people, so they don't mind that all 17 million Dutch people are
scrutinized and being mangle to the bone, with all kinds of fanatical dragnets.

It is known to the insiders that 99% of the terrorist attacks are done
anywhere in the world, by Western secret services and other scum of
the nation, and they often use religious fanatics who are used as a trolley.

Each country has a group of psychopaths who are consciously wants to work for a govern-
ment, to terrorize the people in a scary uniform and with scary weapons with the law code-
book in their hand. There feelings will be hard as steel to be cruel with the people.

If the Neo-Nazis get a permit from the town hall to demonstrate on the streets, then it's always
possible that the civil servants are the real Nazis, who are hiding behind the scenes very cleverly
and use the Neo-Nazis as a trolley on the street and let them do their dirty work for them.


YouTube Text: The police have detained seven men suspected of plotting a
major terrorist attack in the Netherlands. About 400 people were involved in the
action. Three of the men come from Arnhem, two from Rotterdam, one from Huissen
and one from Vlaardingen. House-searches are still being done in some places.

The seven suspects were detained by anti-terrorism teams at the end of
the afternoon in Arnhem and Weert. They had five fire-arms with them. Tomorrow
they will be brought before the Judge-Commissioner of police in Rotterdam.

The youngest suspect is 21 years old, the oldest being 34. The pivot in the group is the 34-year
- old Hardi N. from Arnhem. He is of Iraqi descent and was convicted in 2017 because he wanted to
travel to the battle area of Isis. Two others have also been sentenced for the same reason.

Arnhem: 7 men apprehended by antiterror-action.


(28-09-2018) WOMEN WAGE PEACE.
Women Wage peace for a viable peace movements are on the street for Peace,
which is very well meant but it doesn't make much sense. For as long as you leave
the beasts having their way there will be thousands of years of war on Earth, if you really
want to make peace on Earth forever, then you will have to put the beasts in prison.

In 740 A.D., the Khazar a murderous pagan people from Ukraine (then also Khazar)
converted to Judaism, they are not biblical Jews they don't descend from Abraham
or Judea. and have never lived in Palestine not even 2000 years ago it's all fake.

They didn't choose Christianity because they were afraid to come
under the rule of the Vatican. They also did not choose Islam, because
they were afraid to come under the rule of the caliphate so it was jewry.

Women Wage Peace march in Jerusalem 31 oct 2016 part 1.
Women Wage Peace march in Jerusalem 31 oct 2016 part 2.

Israël-Palestina – People break through the spiral of hatred.

WoMen´s March for Peace“ in Berlin – As part of a universal Peacemovement (1 off 3).
Feeling between Christ & Jude | Israel & Palestine (2 off 3)
song: "Prayer of the mothers" (3 off 3)

Women Wage Peace.


Peace on Earth, will it be possible with the present slave humanity, I don't think so.
The History of Religion.
Don't forget the Honkeys.


(26-09-2018) WHISTLEBLOWERS.
Jesselyn Radack Lawyer of Edward Snowdon. (Go to 02.52/18.38)

Gwenyth Todd - Whistleblower on Planned Iran War & WW3.

Sibel Edmonds - Kill The Messenger 9/11 - (01:21:41)
English Spoken - Translated into French - Dutch Subtitles
English Spoken - Kill The Messenger 9/11 - (00:52:04)

Julia Davis Ex-Border Customs.

Ex-CIA Susan Lindauer Part 1 till 8 Has been in prison for a year.
Ex-CIA Susan Lindauer. All 8 parts in one - 1H29Mt.

Ex England MI5 Agent - Face to Face with Annie Machon.

Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke curtain -All 14 separate Parts - 9/11.
Barbara Honegger Behind The Smoke curtain - All 14 in one - 9/11 - 3 hours.

False Flag Terrorist Attacks.


If the plane dropped from 11 kilometers high, I hope that by the speed of the fall, the
occupants were already unconscious before they hit the ground. And perhaps but that
is theory that if you fall so hard that maybe the spirit comes out of the body, so you
will see your body be destroyed, but the pain of the blow to the ground you don't feel.

Is it possible that they deliberately choose the MH17 with the 198 Dutch passengers,
as a warning to the Netherlands. Don't let our ex-president Bush and vassals be tried
by the International Court of Justice in The Hague for war crimes, otherwise we will
invade your country and free them with violence to take revenge on the Netherlands.

Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysian tribunal (MH17?)

In Toronto, Canada, a Truth Committee held a meeting on 9/11, which
was organised by the former prime Minister of Malaysia. (MH370?) (Ga naar 00.51/10.23)

The chief researcher of MH17 a Canadian said: (“We could not find an impact on a
rocket anywhere, but the nose of the plane was scattered around with bullets from a
machine board-guns“), Author of this site: and they are almost only used by jet fighters.
If it had been a Buk rocket the Ukraine also has them, which they got from Russia when
they were still friends. So it doesn't have to be necessarily a Russian Buk rocket.

The demagogues of the journals the talk programs on TV and the newspapers, also know that the
Ukraine has Buk missiles but that is kept out of the news. What is the definition of a journalist:
“A digger a spitter and a sifter”, who will go to the bone until they know everything. I'm just an
amateur little prick who is nothing in this world, but I do find all sorts of info digging and sifting.
While the professionals with also all kinds of channels can never find this info, strange?

If they veto the results of an aircraft disaster investigation (MH17) which is extremely
unusual, it must have been an inside job, and that means that Russia and the separa-
tists didn't do it. The real perpetrators are probably America the ' Ukraine ' and Israel.
When they act mysteriously about a disaster then something stinks. And since P.M.
Cuntte is joining, he spits not only the victims but also the surviving in the face. And
he takes the rest of the Dutch for a bunch of idiots that you can take the mickey out of.

The plane that lay on the ground in the Ukraine had on the nose wheel MRO written,
and that is the MH370, because the MH17 had on the nose wheel MRD. Probably a
mistake of the perpetrators. Plus the MH370 that lay on the ground, had a blinded
window next to the door, while the MH17 didn't. And two men were busy kicking the
blinded window open. I can't find the site anymore with the pictures as proof.

Between Malaysia and Australia lies an island with the name (type name in
Address bar and zoom out)-Diego Garcia-. (Width:-7 degrees 19 minutes and 9.9978
seconds/length: + 72 degrees 25 minutes and 22.0002 seconds). That is a secret
American air Force Base, which they used to bombard Afghanistan and Iraq.
Typically, the site has gone since May 25th 2018 with the new privacy law,
suddenly no longer visible in Europe, you would almost think smart censorship.

The island of Diego Garcia was formerly Chagos and was formerly part of England,
which transferred it to the American defense. All the islanders were then removed
and dumped on nearby Mauritius and the Seychelles, where they live in bitter poverty. (Het vergeten volk van Chagos). (John Pilger - Stealing A Nation 2004) (A Collection of You Tubes).

A few X years ago I emailed to that American air base of Diego Garcia, with the text: If I were
to become the boss in the future, I'll kick you arrogant racists scruffy dogs personally off the island,
and then I bring the original inhabitants back home. But as expected, you obviously never get an
answer. So maybe the NSA-AIVD is watching me now, or not that's also possible, who cares, fuck it.

And guaranteed to know for the full 1 million percent, that island is monitored hundreds of miles
in the round, by satellites, digital and modern equipment. So those Americans must have seen
the MH370 obligatory. The Russians have seen him, but that is being kept out of publicity.

So those Americans must have seen that plane MH370, because it also flew right in their direction.
For the inhabitants of (type name in Address bar and zoom out) Kudahuvadhoo (width:-2 degrees
40 minutes and 12.0000 seconds/length: + 72 degrees 54 minute and 00.0000 seconds) an island
of Maldives, came frightened to run outside their house because they are a pagan uproar Heard in
the air. And they saw a Malaysian plane very low over their island flying direction in a straight line
to Diego Garcia. But these kinds of witnesses are never taken along during the investigation.

What always annoys me is the outsider who was not present, and did not see what the islanders saw with
their own eyes. They always come with a lot of their theories and they think they what really happened.

Just theoretically: the plane (MH370) is nicked and landed on Diego Garcia, they held passengers a life
as long as possible and then they killed them, they plane to Israel, where it has stored for 6 months in a
hangar in Tel Aviv, then the plane was flown to Schiphol Amsterdam (MH17), and you continue to fill yourself.

And a female journalist who was first at the scene, said there were many Asians here and who
smelled strongly at formaldehyde which they normally use to conserve dead bodies.
(Page not found — typical) Dehydrated shrunken parchment-
like balmy corpses can also look plastic-bodies.

Arrival Amsterdam Schiphol.
Departure Amsterdam Schiphol.
The crash of Malaysian MH17.
Raw: The first shots when MH17 crashed.
In Germany forbidden shots.
// Abschuss der Boeing 777, Flug MH17 [18+]

You can read more and or search (Dutch).

If you dig on the Internet spit and sift, you will encounter many stories, so as it were because of the
trees you can no longer see the forest. And maybe the secret services with fake websites and fake YouTube
deliberately sow confusion so you will get lost. There are also real disturbed idiots who don't research
anything and publish a lot of nonsense that, they seem to like it and then the confusion just gets bigger.

In the beginning, websites and YouTube continue to be in the air in the hope that they don't
attract too much attention, but if they become too popular then experience taught me that
they are then censored away. In addition, you can also use photo shopping to change pictures
film and YouTube, to cover up evidence and or to give a wrong picture so people will laugh.

Over the years MH17 it fades away in the background it is forgotten, people find it annoying when you start
to talk about it, so then the perpetrators will never be known and get away with it. That is why I hope that
when these beasts die that at the moment their spirit leaves the body, they are immediately dragged before
a spiritual judge, and as punishment they are not allowed to be born on Earth for the coming 1000 years.

What stands out is that many people find you annoying when you talk about the — MH17 — 9/11 — the Middle East,
etc. They find it's been a long time ago it's happened, oh Christ there he his again with his BS, they want to forget
as soon as possible. But I have the standpoint that the victims who have died cruelly we must never forget them,
we must continue to search for these beasts that have it on their consciences until the last day of our lives.

The people who find me a nuisance are essentially betraying their own children. Because if their own children
In the future are also cruelly ripped out of life, then they will tell me again your a nuisance don't bother me with
your crap, my children had bad luck so what. So the big question is do these parents really love their children.

That is our duty towards the victims as human beings, we must never forget them. Just think of the children who
are cruelly snatched out of their lives, that could also be our family members or the children of the neighbors
acquaintances colleagues etc. I'm not going to do pathetic here, but until my death I will continue to cry in my
heart for these children, therefore I want these beasts to be hunted down trace them and convict them. I will not
rest before it happened, you may also think of those 500,000 Iraqi children who have died by the US boycott.

Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi
children was worth it (Cursed Demonic Beast)
Video: Madeleine Albright Today on the Killing of Children.


Fortunately, the assaulted and raped women are now revolting because been
betrayed and sold out by the local and European scumbags who call themselves politicians.
German women rise up! #120.
Marcel De Graaff Gives The European Parliament
in Belgium, the blame for rapes by immigrants.
Their Website in Germany.
When 'Taharrush Gamea' don't turn out as planned.

Tom Staal opens sewer-drainage EU: Brussels.
Tom Staal opens sewer-drainage EU: Strasbourg.

The political correctness of politicians is killing the citizens, because politicians are
not going to solve the problems. What they know very well and they probably have a
university degree for, and that is about denying it and sending the citizens into the forest.

(Raymond V. Raehn agrees with Lind that “political correctness is Marxism, with all its consequen-
ces: loss of freedom of expression, thought control, reversal of the traditional social order and,
ultimately, a totalitarian state”. According to him “Gramsci intended a long march through the
institutions of society, including the government, the judiciary, army, schools and the media”).

Among the genuine refugees are scum rigs murderers and rapists, who
are hitchhiking through the open European gate which is also not checked,
they don't want to know, the politicians are swirling around it and do nothing.

That Sweden the rape capital of Europe is they would rather not know.
Sweden Goes Insane.

Some will probably consider this man as a racist and maybe he is but if you
listen well, he makes a distinction between genuine and criminal asylum seekers.
A word to the criminal asylumssekers. (By Pat Condell)
A message to the offended feeling muslims.
A word to the feminists of Google. (See More Info).

Media, Trudeau absent as Torontonians hold vigil for Marrisa Shen.

Taharrush Gamea is an Arabic game? Where a large group in the Inside Circle
surround a woman and assault or rape her. And then the outer circle distracts
the bystanders, who don't notice anything. I wonder if the women know this,
why the hell do they go to these events why don't they avoid these areas?
How Is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out?

For more info over: “Taharrush Gamea”, go to my subsites and look for the dates. (24-09-2016 + 07-12-2016) (16-02-2017) (21-08-2018)

Some Greeks islands are dead sick of the refugees, the Greeks are waiting ready with drinks
food and clothes as the boats arrive, but that is rejected by some refugees. Then they go to the
currency exchange office to draw money, go to the store to buy mobile phones to call the home
front. They then book a hotel room, and an hour later they're swimming laps in the hotel's swimming
pool. Italy is now chasing the boats away, in other words piss off where you fucking came from.

The retarded Cuntte the P.M. of this country and the daughter? of Hitler, who is called Merkel, has
made a proposal to the European government to collect 60 million refugees. Which, the EU has approved.
Once they have arrived within the shelter camp, they will automatically receive a lifetime residence permit,
and no longer need to go through the immigration office for a green card if some of them come to the Netherlands.
Foreign immigration-camps are going to issue free visa. (Daughter of Hitler?)

The German police is sending away Women who have been assaulted or raped, is an
order which comes from the German department of Justice. I saw the official document.

Many refugees throw their passports in the sea, because they know that their not
sent back. If the Dutch government makes a world-wide claim without a passport, your
application for an asylum will be rejected, most of the outcomes presumably avoid the
Netherlands and go to other countries. And it must not be so difficult to identify the
asylum seeker by his accent, you also know directly from which country it originates.

But unfortunately the clowns have no interest, and that probably create a revo-
lution of angry natives citizens in the future. Perhaps this is the reason why the
US government has ordered 50,000 vehicles from the manufacturer, and that is a
cross between a police car and a tank, presumably to overtake the angry civilians.

Once again I am not talking about the mass of refugees, who want to be left
alone and live like us, I mean the scum and rigs. In addition, there are also
refugees who aren't coming for example from Syria, they're coming from Turkey
Lebanon Saudi Arabia. They had a house a car they went to work did shopping
and went on holiday just like us, but when the European Gate opened, the saw
their chance clean. But the political correctness of those retarded Pipsqueak's alias
the clown's in the lower house, don't want to know anything about this and deny all.

Dutch Journals the talk-shows on TV and the papers are
first class propaganda instruments for the government.


(23-09-2018) NO COMMENT.
Amazing Biggest Excavator Mulchers.


(22-09-2018) PATHETIC PEOPLE?
Psychologists about dealing with the truth about 9/11.

The fairy-tale characters want to put me in prison for three years if I would say in public that
not, leave alone six million Jews have been gassed. In my fairy tale they don't want to believe,
I have to believe in their fairy tale that six million Jews have been gassed. Is it possible that
these fairytale characters are mentally disturbed, because fairy tales are and remain fairy tales.

A teacher here in Zutphen is now burned down because he told the pupils that 9/11 has been
an insider job. One of the parents who works at a newspaper has burned him down in an article
in her newspaper, and the school director gave him a bollocking. So the free speech has been
abolished, thanks to the dogmatic moralists a.k.a. social psychopaths who run this world.

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for fifty years now. For them it's the most
normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other ten who don't find burglary correct are
probably treated in a psychiatric establishment, because they don't live in reality. But that reality of those
990 stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it for too long. A farmer
doesn't smell the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?
(Auteur Jalta) Education and teachers must be a beacon, adhere to generally
accepted facts and convey knowledge. Poison my child not with vague BS.
(Auteur this website: So if “commonly accepted facts” are also lies? That means that the school
and the parents deceive children and learn them nonsense, let the children think for themselves.

If two towers of each 110 floors so 220 floors come down, then you'll have a mountain of debri which
make you crazy, the most debri is not seen on photos. The buildings are blown up with explosives and
Thermite. And Thermite comes from the atomic industry and lets everything fall apart like dust.

It looks suspiciously much like the forest-fires? from Santa Rosa California the whole neighborhood is gone,
like the house are being dissolved. And most trees are still in bloom with such a fiercely intense fire strange right.

Drone footage of fire damage in Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa Fires Drone.
Lasers from the sky & California Fires.
California Gets Cooked by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon.

For more info go to my subsite:
and look for the date: 12-09-2018.

So if you are not allowed to say that 9/11 has been an insider job, then abolish the history lesson at school, because
they're full of the demagogic and lies that are taught to the children. In practice it often appears that it is the friend
who has started the war, the enemy has often only defended himself because he was attacked, who blames him.

Some Muslims have bombarded their faith into pure truth, if you don't believe in their sharia laws then you are beheaded. If you
't believe in the lies of 9/11, then you will be beheaded as well, with other words your mouth is shut. The Stentor and the Zutphen
Courier newspapers are champion in censoring reactions from readers which they don't like, I speak from my own experience.

The Town-hall of Zutphen sent the GGD-GGZ (Health and Psycho Department) on my roof because I had told them that, the
Isis de Al Qaida and the Daesch are mercenaries on the payroll of for example the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad. If they
are injured, they will be brought to Israel and Turkey and patched up again, and then returned with new weapons and vehicles.

Where do these simple goat herders with 2 goats and a cow get all those expensive weapons' ammunition and
expensive 4wheel cars. Who is paying their logistics their food their shelter, because they don't work for a normal
boss and therefore have no normal salary. Something or someone is financing and keep them going behind the scenes.
Unless, I also believe in crazy fairy tales. The terrorists or the mercenaries are getting $100 per day per person, Qatar's idea.

That the denial is under attack has little to do with the details of very emotionally
charged issues like the debate on the Holocaust or AIDS or environmental pollution.
Rather, it is caused by a dogmatic moralisticintolerance towards free-thought.

Civilian Disobedience.
Thoreau and Civilian Disobedience.

The Fascists alias The social psychopaths have,
Indeed no shred of feeling for the citizens.

Visit my subwebsite over 9/11.


(21-09-2018) WHO IS HUMANITY?
The reason, according to me, why the masses swallow everything during a lifetime because they
are slaves to the system. Many have taught as children don't forget it child, the Doctor is God
the Reverend is God the politician is God the police officer is God the mayor is God the teacher is
God etc. When a simple police car turns into the street, most people already get a latent fear.

Then you have many companies that have all kinds of house rules to clamp and push us
into a corner, for example banks a residential building office national health insurance the
utilities the civil service, the Tax office. If you want to buy something from a mail order today,
you need to log in with a password and a user-name otherwise you can't buy anything.

All housing companies and national Health insurances have billions of savings, so it's not
necessary to raise on July 1st every year the rent with a few € euros per month. Plus If
the government suddenly in between increase the rent by 35% which they did a few
years ago, then those annual Rent increase of a few € euro monthly is taking the piss.

But unfortunately, the voters are mentally disturbed, because how often haven't they been taking
for a ride by politicians, the next time they will vote again. It may also be that if they don't vote
anymore maybe they're afraid of betraying the parents' upbringing, with other words whe're bad children.

(English) Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose


The Khazar (Fake Jews) return to Palestine after 2000 years, then they kick the Palestinians with their
household on the street, then an American born and raised family move in that house who stepped out
of the plane a week ago. The Palestinians are being parked in an open prison called occupied territories.

Suppose the Romans return to the Netherlands after 2000 years, then you and your family and
household stuff are put on the streets, then a Roman family move in your house who stepped
out of the plane a week ago. Then you will be parked on for example on the Island Ameland off
the coast of the Netherlands in an open prison that the Romans call an occupied area.

If you are going to fight with other Dutchmen and or arm you to kick the Romans away from your stolen land,
the whole world calls you a terrorist. Governments the newspapers the journals and the talk programmes on
TV from other countries will take everything out of the closet to make you black and demonize you.

The government press and media use pedagogical psychological tactics, to keep the
Dutch people week. How do they do that, they remember and lubricate the Dutch Holo-
caust in their stomach all year round,so they dare not say anything about Israel.

What many people don't realize is the fact that, today's Khazar have a totally different
mindset, than the Khazar from the 2nd World War. There is a world of difference
between. The current Khazar don't think in the vein of a supposedly promised land, that
whole holocaust they couldn't care less, which they only use it if it suits them.

Israel also uses an intensely stinky filthy liquid, which is called: “Skunk
spray” and the scent lingers for weeks. They drive occasionally past
Palestinian houses, and when they see a window open they squirt inside.

In the beginning of the second world war when the Jews where on the streets, every time they were
stopped: “Papiere Bitte - Papers Please”. When the Palestinians are on the streets they hear the same.

Ahed Tamimi convicted to 8 months in prison for slapping an Israeli IDF soldier.
Palestinians welcome Ahed Tamimi and her mother home.

In 1948, the first Khazar went to Palestine, and these were complete murder commands
led by Menachem Begin. They killed randomly at anything that was moving. Genocide was committed
at the villages and they were cleansed. And the Western governments and world thought it was fine.

Only when the massacres became satanical, only when the Khazar went on a beastly rampage
they were tapped on their fingers by England, then the Palestinians were shot away from their
villages over their heads. The Palestinians had said to the Khazar take a piece of land from us
because then you can live safely, but the Khazar had quite different devilish plans. (The Beginning of Terror) (Survivors Explain) (I Refuse to be a Israeli Soldier)

And now after 70 years they have nicked 90% of Palestinian land, only the
occupied territories are still from the Palestinians under heavy military surveillance.
I think the Khazar were 10 times worse than Hitler. That great man from the Bible
Jesus calls them: “Viper Serpents”, and they're not my children but children of Satan.

When the Palestinians in Lebanon were in a refugee camp a few years ago, the Americans had
promised them not to fear because nothing will happen to you. Then the Khazar and lebanese
allies went in and all the all women were raped and murdered. The man were murdered later

They cut the belly open of pregnant woman toke the baby out and smashed their heads until
they were dead, then the women were murdered, again no response from Western governments.

The Sabra en Shatila Slaughter.


In the past, the fishermen of Somalia had an income with fishing for their coast.
Then large Western factory boats came and fish the coast empty because of
quotas in their own Western countries. The fishermen went to the boats and
asked for some fish which they got, because the crew understood that.

Then the Mafia saw a hole in the air and went to those boats as well but armed with a
machine gun. To protect Western fishing boats some Western navy shoot on those mafia boats.

This problem is easy to solve, if those western fishing boats disappear for their coasts,
then there is again enough fish for the local fishermen and the mafia can no longer raid
the boats. But unfortunately Western companies and governments don't intend to do so.


Most politicians are spineless flap-turds without character, because they have
legalized the rape wave in Sweden by denying it and looking out the other way.

Sweden Goes Insane.

That is why there will be a revolution in Europe as soon as Europeans
will realize that they are betrayed and sold out by their own politicians.

In Germany, the asylum seekers with the permission of the government are going on holiday home
for three weeks everything paid for, while I thought they fled because it was so dangerous. So if
they are going on holiday it's safe there, and then they don't need a staying permit anymore.

The Germans gave the example with Chemnitz, by ignoring Angela
Merkel, who plays the boss in Europe she is the daughter of Hitler.
(Her mother is called Gretl and is the sister of Eva Braun Hitler's wife).

Angela Merkel — What the demagogues of the Press & Media don't broadcast. (18-10-2012).

The Nazis are still pulling the strings today,
Keep your brave burgers in Dream land.

You may also understand now why there are dragnets, which are not meant for terrorists, because
they are on the payroll of the CIA and Mossad. These dragnets are intended to detect and monitor
citizens like me, because we talk differently from the spineless flap-turds of the established order.

The characterless figures are terrified that in the future we maybe possibly
commit a coup d'état, so they take measures to take us out before then.


On this YouTube you can see that the others in the Belgium Parliament, are all busy with some-
thing else and look uninterested what the man has to say. Presumably this also happens in the
parliaments of other countries, in essence they're not interested in what the people want.

Politicians are often work for the multinationals the banks the elite and the rich and not for the public, who
also often make the laws through lobbyists who work on politicians. That is why the politicians often get
nice paid jobs when they step out of politics and enter the service of for example the same multinationals.

A politician demonstrator in Parliament: Raoul Hedebouw.

His argument written down what the man said.

Mr. The first President: I come directly from the Broukere-square, where I participated in one of
the biggest demonstrations of the past 20 years. You have challenged the trade unions, you said
that they were struggling to get people to come along today proves the opposite. All this proves
how deep the displeasure is, this is just the beginning, this popular movement will no longer weaken.

You regularly come back to the fact that people do not understand your measure. I think the
opposite, people understand very well that it is illogical to ask us to work even longer. When
there are more than 600,000 young people in Belgium who want only one thing: Find a job.

People understand very well that an index jump does not create jobs. What you are
doing is simply applying the same measures, which has been applied in Germany in the
Netherlands. What is happening now in these countries is minus 40% for the gross
national product of the Netherlands, and a stagnation of the economy of Germany.

I ask the question, Mr President are you planning to make turn around? Do you want to pursue
a policy that really is at the service of ordinary people. Or do you continue to pursue a policy for
the benefit of your friends in Luxembourg, who evade taxes and thus destroy our national economy.

We have put a proposal where you can get billions from the banks where the big
power is, go and get the money there not serving the employers of the country.


(16-09-2018) NO COMMENT.


The weather reports of the journals always have excuses for strange clouds, but they can
never explain why we never saw these clouds years ago in the old days. Probably it has some-
thing to do with that weather machine like for example: “Haarp and Chemtrails” that America
uses to influence the weather, they are indeed messing around with the weather worldwide.

Weird Clouds.

Haarp: - Unbelievable Holes in Heaven 1998.

Chemtrails: - The Secret War (English Subtitles).

The demagogues have an agenda in which they also use list and deception, because they
photo-shop pictures of for example 80 years ago, they add those white chem-trail stripes in
those pictures. So that everyone thinks: “Ha Ha Ha”, those white stripes existed 80 years
ago look at the pictures, so what are you mentally disturbed conspiracy thinkers talk about.

Some people say that the weird-sounds are trumpet-sounds from the Bible because
of the end of the earth. But suppose the Bible writers (also demagogues?) could also look
into the future like Nostradamus, then they've heard those sounds as well and decided
to give it a faithful touch to force people into their church and the belief of their faith.

Weird Sounds.

Trumpets of the Revelation.


It seems that not only practically all the world central banks are owned by the
Rothschild, but also the IMF and the World Bank also the BIS Bank, the Mother of Banks.

Banks around the world owned by the Rothschild.
Rothschild a Reptilian?
Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Reptilian Conspiracy Theory.

The Bible says that the Angels saw the Daughters of man on earth and had sex with them,
suppose those angels were Ufonauten or reptiles who discovered the Earth. Suppose they
had no sex with them but changed their DNA (Tree of knowledge?) so that they could
portray themselves as humans, it could also be possible that we are hybrid people.

Eva (an Ufonaut or a reptile?) from Paradise (Earth?) was perhaps a genetic who has
activated the uterus of the earthly women. What can always sit in an apple: “A worm”,
what can always sit in a uterus: “A fetus”, which at the beginning looks similar like a Worm.


As Seen On Israeli-an TV, Jews make fun of Jesus (A Black Man?) being Crucified.

Is it possible that the devil has created the different beliefs, to play us out against each other.
For when we are in battle with each other because of faith and that for thousands of years,
we have no time to come together to become one and make paradise on Earth.

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)

Sentences from my subsite:

If Jesus color didn't matter,
you wouldn't care if I said he was black

In my opinion the ten commandments only apply to the Jews,
because they walked the dessert with Moses not the gentiles.

And why only for the Jews, because they were a perverse phallic pedophile murderous
adulteress race, it was also a cruelly murderous people who terrorized the whole of Eastern
Europe, from the Ukraine/Crimea which is their real homeland is and not Palestine.

The Ukraine/Crimea was the real original basic root of Russia, but they kicked them out because of the atro-
cities, now they try to steal it back again. And how do you that with the cooperation of the CIA the Mossad
and two fighter jets, you take the MH370 and no MH17 out of the air and you blame Russia for that.

Then you have a very nice excuse to cram the Eastern European and Russian border coun-
tries with NATO soldiers, hoping that Putin runs out angrily with arms and then slaughter
Russia. And then we also slaughter Syria Iran Yemen Venezuela Cuba and North Korea.

In the Bible Jesus called the Jews: “Serpent Vipers”, and those are the Khazar who
claim to be Jewish. A pagan murderous people who converted to Judaism in 740 AD,
they aren't of Judea or Abraham. And they never lived in Palestine nor 2000 years ago.

They stole Palestine like the English stole Turtle Island (America), and just as the Dutch
stole Suriname. Now they are trying to play the Eastern European and Middle East countries
internally against each other, to be the boss there through their puppets on a string America.

Many consider me for what I regularly write as the work of a psychiatric patient, and why do
they do so because they're defending the upbringing of their parents. They talked and thought
clearly different and not so like me and that annoys them. They think I'll attack their parents.

And maybe there are a few racists in between as well, who can't have it that a Surinamese person is inter-
fering with white western affairs. We demand that you integrate but to a certain level, you shouldn't be
standing next to us as equal. There must stay a distance between us the superior Aryan and the Ape.


Last year on October 16th 2017 a borough in Santa Rosa in California was incinerated
by a laser-beam which came out of the sky. First they said it was a forest fire, later the
government admitted that they while starting up a laser-beam something went wrong.

Drone footage of fire damage in Santa Rosa.
California Gets Cooked by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon.
Lasers from the sky & California Fires.
Santa Rosa Fires Drone.
The strange Fires in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa Fires.

Plan to Burn up Northern California.

D.E.W? Portugal Madeira Fires.
Many trees are still blosseming.

D.E.W. - Directed Energy Weapons.

People who investigate sift dig and spit, are often considered mentally not in order.
While in reality, it's the dogmatic moralistic social psychopaths, who often pull the
strings and deny all are not mentally in order, because the reality they can't handle it.

Bosses are probably psychopaths.


The medical world is constantly trying to portray alternative cancer treatments as quackery.
In talk programmes on TV, medical people experts and scientists are regularly invited to throw
with mud, but people who make good results with the fight against cancer are not invited

That's the demagogue of this world they only highlight their cause, even in the journals and
newspapers, the other side is being concealed. Investigate to see if this alternative treatment
really works partly or not, they don't want to start with that with their arrogant noses.

Alternative For Chemo.

More info at my subsite:
Look for the dates:
15-09 / 05-11 /.
Look for the dates:
24-03 / 30-03 / 31-03 / 22-04 / 22-05 / 30-05 /
02-11 / 05-11 / 23-12 / 15-09 / 05-11 /.
Look for the dates:
10-04 / 21-06 / 01-08 /.


Some social platforms are busy to remove and censor all non governmental-wanted
news, the websites and YouTube are being removed, this smells suspiciously like
communism. The crazy thing is Russia is with falling and standing up trying to become
democratic, while democratic countries are busy trying to become communist.

The journals and in particular those filthy demagogues of the NOS on the Dutch TV,
the newspapers and the TV talk programmes are government propaganda channels.
Plus people who have a different opinion on politics for example. In the area of, —
the Middle East — Eastern Europe — 9/11 — MH17 — Global Warming (stopped 15 years ago)
— SunSimulator — ChemTrails and Haarp, are not invited to be part of the talk programs on TV.

Keep the people dumb, park them on the couch with 3 sacks of chips and a crate of beer,
and let them watch on Tv silly Games and silly Soapseries and then they ask no questions. (Inside Job). (Was MH370) (Fake Global Warm). (SunSimulator). (ChemTrails). (Haarp). (The Georgia GuideStones).

These sites show the other side of the news,
which is not desired in the established order.

Social Platforms are Censoring.


Office stress and computer rage best compilation.


(08-09-2018) AKASHIC RECORDS.
There seems to be a universal memory, of all that mankind experiences,
encounters, dreams or does. It is called the Akashic memory.

What are Akashic Records?

Krista Raisa - Your Third eye is open (Pineal Gland).
With Babies Waxing - With old age people Waning (Senility at some?)

There are plenty of people around the world who think or dream of something, and later it comes out. For
example the firework's disaster in Enschede, was already experienced by a few in advance. Or a mother who
wakes up in the middle of the night, and discovers that a piece of cloth is attached to the baby's neck.

When I was still living in Suriname, I dreamed that I was in a row of 10 people, and we were all shot dead.
I stood up again and said that death also does not suggest much, are we that afraid of it. Two days later
on December 8th, 1982, 15 VIP people were shot dead by soldiers. But lucky enough I didn't see any faces.

It also seems that years before a war begins, people go outside to eat away with a kind of frenchy munchy,
as if they know beforehand, soon there will be war and there is not much food anymore. At the same time millions
of children die of food starvation, while in the arrogant cocky racist western world they can't get enough of it.
Streetfood in London.

I'm not going to fool you I love good food too. But then for all seven billion world
citizens, not just for the 1 billion Western whites, because they have it in their head
and live in the delusional world that they belong to some retarded superior Aryan race.

Go to my sub-site, there I write at the beginning of the site,
the thoughts and dreams which later happened in reality.

Why are we born and reborn? Why Are We Born. Why Are We Born. Akemi G. Why we are born, Akemi G. Akemi G. Akashic Records.

Miss H.P. Blavatsky.

The Zero Point Field.


From chemtrails is doesn't rain? (or hardly).
No Rules No Masters No Slavery.

For more info look on this site the dates:
03-11 / 30-10 / 29-10 / 15-09 /10-09 /
07-09 / 13-08 / 30-04 / 28-04 / 01-04 /
19-03 / 17-03 / 22-01 / 07-01 /.
The dates:
03-12 / 23-11 / 12-09 / 08-07
15-05 / 14-05 / 14-03 /.
The Dates:
18-10 /21-09 /.


Politicians are the dumbest rabbits that exist, unless they play stage comedy and with
a sneaky way maybe they are busy behind the scenes what we don't realize, and where
we find out. Many asylum seekers who are still in the boat, throw their passport in the
water halfway through the trip, because they have heard and learned, we are not sent back.

The stupid rabbits don't come up with the simple idea of demanding that if you don't
have a passport, then your asylum-request will be denied, so make sure you have one
or get one. Then probably most will apply for a staying permit in other countries and
avoid the Netherlands. And then you know who is real and who is fake, and whether
there is a war in your country or not. Then you can separate the straw from the waist.

The external borders of Europe must also be lifted, because it is sneaky of the
European government to split the refugees into the stomach from Italy and Greece.


(05-09-2018) WE DON'T OWN MONEY.
The money we have in our pockets or the savings on the bank is not our money, it is
owned by the bank we may borrow it. If you arrive at a border and you have the limit
your government demands let's say you have more than 10,000 Euros, they confiscate
it temporarily. The bank wants to know where you're going with their money. It's also
legally forbidden to burn the money or shred it. By the way in my country The Netherlands
94% of the paper money doesn't exist, the money is in the computer it is viral money.

Of the law a bank has to have 6% real money in existing banknotes, that means there is
only 6% in real money on your savings-account. The other 94% savings doesn't exist, so
if all 8 million grown up Dutch people go to the bank to close their bank-account, the doors
of the bank will close, the 94% paper money should be given to us because it's our money
right? That means the bank crooks stole our money. And don't expect anything from your
government, because they are thick friends with the thieves and criminals of the banks.

Bankers are Magicians.

Part 1 Illuminati Banker Ronald Bernard Exposes the Global Luciferian Elite


A well-known tactic of the IMF and the World Bank is: “Lend the country so damned
much money, that they can't pay it back for as long as they live”, and from the interest
we become filthy rich and we can kick the country in all the corners that we want.

They use to lent a lot of money to corrupt African leaders, and that money is stolen
and it is often parked on foreign accounts. And now the poor people who have not
seen a penny from it, can cough up the debt and interest through taxation.

Greece has borrowed billions, and I thought that was to help the poor
Greeks. But they don't see a penny of that money, even worse half the
country is now unemployed at home, prices in stores have risen dramati-
cally, many can't even go to the GP because they have no money. Where
all these billions have, to repay previous debts is carry water to the sea.

The IMF and the World Bank could have had an agreement with Greece to resettle the
old debts, if necessary a longer period. And if countries repay 30 years, then the inte-
rest is three times the amount they borrowed, so how come debt and repayments.

You could also suggest that, if you borrow money to a country that they will first pay
off the debt, and if it is redeemed then they will pay the interest. Because the quicker
they can repay, the less interest they have to pay. If you borrow a country money you
don't ask interest anymore, consider that interest but as a kind of latent development aid.

The criminals of the IMF and the World Bank governments and the local elite will never do
that. Those criminals don't belong in: “Valley Park the Bungalow” to live, but behind the bars
of some prison. And when does the justice department stops measuring with 2 norms?

These are the scumbags and 12 more families who own most of the world-banks,
except in Syria Iran Cuba Venezuela North Korea Russia and China. That's why they
turn the Middle East upside down to gain control, and introduce their private-banks.
They did it in the past in the East European countries, with revolutions and coupe's.

Scumbags like the Rothschild's who are killing Humanity.


Since May 25th 2018, there is a new European law that says that we can't film another
person without his permission on the street. That means that for example the Dutch
Government the County and the Town-hall have to switch off all cameras on the streets,
also the Shops in town because they didn't ask my permission to film and record me.


Mixed Kid Problems | Growing Up Multicultural.

I'm From The World! Speaking With Accents. | Lizzza

I'm Foreign?! Accents & Impressions PT. 2 | Lizzza


You park somewhere in the city and you get a citation, because the municipality says
you're not allowed to park here. But according to the Dutch law (in my country) you
can park everywhere because it is public road. So if they say you can't park here
then it's private, and if it's private they can't fine you. Therefore, you don't have pay
for a parking space, because the public road is always free according to Dutch law.

A Dutch law made in the second chamber judged by the first chamber and signed by
the king stands above a Townhall law. And the European law stands above the Dutch
law. You also don't have to pay national health premium, because nowhere in the
law it's written that you are obliged to be a customer of a commercial company.

If you don't have a bank or other account you will not receive your salary and or social
security money, because you must be a mandatory customer of a commercial bank, and
nowhere it's written in the law. You also don't have to pay insurance for your car to a
commercial Company. Road tax you have to pay because that is a state-owned company.


Take a large landowner in Brazil and 50 small independent farmers, with all a piece
of land. They try to sell them out, if that doesn't work the harvest is constantly
wrecked. If that doesn't work either then de goon squads arrive to shoot everybody out.

First, the man who is represented the peasants is being killed, if that doesn't
work the peasants are chased away or killed. Or farmers are now forced to
work in their own land, which is now owned by the great landowner.


Our Governments, political parties, politicians, are they either criminals or psychiatric or are
they being blackmailed? Or are they the beasts of evolution? For there is one thing that they
are very good at, and that is making war. They probably have a university degree for that.

All those innocent world citizens who are tortured, raped, and murdered with revolutions coups
and wars, the beasts are not getting hot or cold about that. They have been doing it for thousands
of years. Are they criminals being blackmailed psychically or are the beasts of evolution.

Do these beasts have no sense, no empathy, no compassion for another? Are they so un-
scrupulous that they're with no blinking of their eyes, push a lot of peoples over the edge, babies
toddlers Adolescents men women Grandpa's and grandmas, doesn't anything touches them?

Don't they learn anything from history that everybody suffers in a war, there are no survivors or
losers everybody loses. And what is very hypocritical very soon after a war their close friends
again, all the misery and suffering for both nations and their people is forgotten within a jiffy.

Louis Farrakhan Explains Real Reason Countries Go To War After Economic Trouble.
What Does Armageddon Mean?: The Breakdown, The Future & Great War.
(1) Why Did God Make Devil? Min. The Time & What Must Be Done.
(2) Why Did God Make Devil? Min. The Time & What Must Be Done.


(29-08-2018) BEASTS FROM HELL.
According to statistics and researchers round 500.000 Jews have been murdered
during the second world war, they call it a holocaust. But in Iraq 500.000 children
where murdered true western sanctions, where is their holocaust remembrance?
Do western people don't find it necessary because they had a color of skin?

Madeleine Albright: “500.000” children it
was worth it (Cursed Demonic Beast).
One Beast is already in Hell John McCain YES.
I'll hope the Iraqi Children will beat the crap out of him.

She said she made a mistake saying that,
but we'll continue in Iran. Another 500.000?

And who are the terrorist the Israeli Knesset who wants a Greater
Israel? Doesn't matter how many millions have to die for that, these
beasts are more arrogant than the devil. Are the terrorists Isis Al Qaida
Daesh and the White Helmets being paid and armed by several secret
services, from Israel America England Saudi Arabia Qatar Turkey Pakistan?

Vanessa Beeley destroys the MSM narrative on Syria.

Eve Bartlett Western media lies about Syria exposed.

The Netherlands should also be indited at the International Court of Justice in The
Hague, for committing war crimes in the Middle East, because these little arrogant cocky
piss-ants from the parliament are happily Joining in with these western murderers.


In The Second World War there were no six million Khazar gassed.

If there are people who don't believe in the Holocaust then that is their right, so they
may express it by mouth pen and writing film video YouTube etc. Every human being has the
right to deny and it doesn't matter what subject. It is criminal and fascistic if these people
have to go to jail for that, ordered by the arrogant cocky lie-like established order.

Laws against Holocaust Denial.

The Truth about the Khazar, Jewish but not Jewish.
The Khazar Debt-Swindle.

Ancient Capital of 'Jewish' Khazar Kingdom.


(Quote webmaster of this site).
(If you write about the Holocaust and you're being noticed, then you draw the attention
of the "CIDI " (Center Information and Documentation Israel). And they can become
annoying with you, they can sue you bring you to court lobby with politicians influence
press and media. And what are you doing wrong? Examining history that does not seem
to be allowed, you are supposed to be obliged to join in with falsehood and deception.)

If it turns out that no six million Jews have been gassed, that is the most beautiful news
of the century. After the war, no less than 4 million Jews have applied compensation from
Germany because they have been in the camps, WHAT THE FUCK??? THEIR FUCKING DEAD???)


Not refuted demographic calculations of the revisionist researchers Walter N. Sanning and Carl O.
Nagarajan can be considered the most reliable on this subject on the basis of their scientific methodology.

Sanning and Nagarajan come by means of different approaches to matching numbers:
The minimum number of Jews killed as a result of war acts is, according to them, about
300,000 and the upper limit on ca. 600,000. This means that the actual number of Jewish
casualties would be between 5 and 10% of the now compulsively imposed number.

Other figures also describe the number of 6 million as incorrect. The world Almanac,
wrote in 1940 (p. 129) with the source of the American Jewish Committee, which
was the number of Jews in the world 15,319,359 persons. Four years after the war,
in 1949, there were 15,713,638 (p. 289). An increase of almost 400,000.

If 6 million of the 15,319,359 Jews were killed in 1939 during the war, it's of
course completely excluded that the number could have been in 1949 15,713,638.
So it's not surprising that the New York Jewish weekly magazine Aufbau already
described the Six Million Story as a mere fiction on December 24th, 1948.

The National Council of Churches of the USA suggested the number of Jews in the world
in 1930 on 15.6 million. The Council of synagogues of the American Jewish Congress in
1939 likewise. In 1946, the World Almanac held it 15,690,000 and two years later in 1951,
the Statistical Handbook of the American Council of Churches called the number of 15.3 million.

Remarkably, these numbers are extremely similar for both and after the war.
Of 6 million disappeared persons showed also from these figure's nothing.

The IMT didn't have the slightest evidence for a number of six million Jewish
victims. On December 14, 1945, US-plaintiff Walsh attempted to accept the IMT
by means of a written declaration by the accused Höttl. The defence, however,
demanded a cross-examination with Höttl. As stated earlier, this was not allowed.

By media and ' historians ', this number was taken over without a stroke
or a shot. Thus, a mythical number was elevated to legal truth, so that
now any non-Jew who in public doubts or denies it can be persecuted.

Other Holocaust historians, such as the Canadian-Dutch-HalfJewish Holocaust-
celebrity professor Van Pelt, are in the strangest curves to reason the strang-
ling lack of evidence for the JHV-road. Van Pelt, makes it very fur if he does
not find secret pieces in the intact archives of Auschwitz explains with:

“The best way (for the Nazis) not to arouse any distrust when it came to a covert operation
was not to pay attention to its secrecy and to use as little as possible the qualification
”secret “... One does not believe his eyes. The most modern variant of “code language“.

“It was so secret that no one was allowed to know that it was secret and therefore it was not kept secret.“

In this kind of laughable nonsense avenges the fact that “Holocaust historians” never
often ever encountered serious criticism or contradiction. Revisionists are hushed, mocked
and terrorized. Thus, the (professorial) Holocaust-establishment can undisturbed display
all kinds of bizarre nonsense and fantastic fictions like “facts “ to sell to the public.

The loner criticizing will not be able to publicly express itself and if it succeeds in spite of
everything, the CIDI Dutch Central Information of Israel, as a permanent client of the Depart-
ment of Inquisition Service of the Public Prosecutor's office, is ordered to punish the heretic.
It then does its utmost to satisfy its most important relationship through article 137d of the
Penal Code and to get a judge to condemn the (exclusively non-Jewish) “Holocaust-denier”.

Later on I come back to the scientific farce of the “Holocaust study” and the undis-
torted heretical persecution in the 21st century. As for the level and the “Nazi
code language “ of this holocaust “Historians”, I would like to leave it here now.

Free Ursula Haverbeck! Free Monika Schaefer!
Type at your Search Engine or YouTube the names:
Ursula Haverbeck or Monika Schaefer
or David Irwing or Sylvia Stolz.

(Quote Webmaster of this site).
Ms Sylvia Stolz A lawyer was arrested in court because she defended a Holocaust denier,
she also got a jail sentence. Even a judge asking a suspect or Lawyer do you have evidence
that no six million Jews have been gassed, and that judge is also arrested and detained.
Such a lawsuit is just baloney, the verdict is in advance already fixed: “GUILTY”).

The people who do this what's their beef to lock up people who have been investigating,
and whether or not that Holocaust has taken place in part or not, I leave that in the
middle. Are these people perhaps blackmailed by the Khazar (Fake Jews) (According to
Jesus: “Viper Serpents”) because they might be part of the global elite Pedophiles Club).


(26-08-2018) NO COMMENT.
24/7 Live - Storm).
Thunderstorm Sleep Sounds.
Heavy Rain Sounds.
Thunder & Lightning at Night.


(25-08-2018) PHONY WORLD.
We live in a deceptive world, the truth is indeed not desired it simply disturbs. Children
are taught at school that Piet Hein and others were Dutch heroes, while in reality they
were mass murderers, so also Christopher Columbus, who killed 50 million Indians.

They teach the children at school about global warming which has
stopped 15 years ago. You van see that at tables columns and charts.

The children are taught at school that there are 6 million
Khazar (Fake Jews) were gassed, while in reality it was not even 1.

The adults are being told by the demagogues of the press and media,
that President Assad is gassing the children of Syria. While in reality
Israel Turkey Saudi Arabia and Qatar are doing that also in Yemen too.
Search: Last Edit: 3 March 2018. Horrible mass-murder on hundreds of children in Gouta in Syria.

The grown ups are being told that the MH17 has been taken out of the air by Russia,
while in reality the CIA the Mossad and two jet-fighters did that.

The so called 19 Muslim terrorists have september 11 2001
on their consciousness, this was also an insiders job.

And the people who try to expose the lies and to tell the truth, are being hunted
down worldwide. Often their websites and YouTube are removed, or their lectures
are canceled by third parties, sometimes they are threatened and some are murdered.

And who keep this deceptive world in position, the politicians the medical world the banks the
pharmaceutical companies the multinationals the rich the elite and the bosses, these social
psychopathic dogmatic moralists all benefit, and The common people: "Ach" (NO-ACH) It's like that.


Censorship on social media increases.

European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure.
Sudden Dead: What was the cause of dead of Udo Ulfkotte?
Bought Journalists - Udo Ulfkotte.


When God and or Allah and or the gods created the 7 billion people, they gave
6 billion people a nice tan. And the remaining 1 billion he left them deliberately
white, so that those 6 billion colored people know look look a thief is coming.

Because the whites are already walking through the history of stealing and swiping in
non-western and third world countries. The Whites are robbers thiefs and looters.

Louis Farrakhan. On White People.


Does global warming exist yes or no, there are groups who have an interest in doing
it in their own way, so perhaps it is no longer about global warming. I'm thinking of
grants nice salaries career opportunities tax-income ego-boost social Psychopathology etc.

The people who do their stories in the videos below are not easily invited
by the well-known TV talk-shows, the newspapers and the journals ignore
these people as well. And I think that is a red flag, because in a democracy
you both have to speak to the parties, and that does not happen.

Just as we know the seasons like Summer Autumn Winter and Spring,
there is also a larger cycle and it goes on for thousands of years, a warm
period a cold period a warm period on earth etc. Now it is 1 degree warmer
than normal but 1200 years BC it was 5 degree warmer than normal.

Unstoppable Sun Cycli.
200BC - 600 AD: Roman Warming.
440 - 900: Dark Ages Cooling.
900 - 1300: Medieval Warming.
1300 - 1850: Little Ice Age (Phase 1&2).
1850 - Present Modern Warming.
Climategate and Scientific Research.

Global Warming: Do we go down the drain and or are they deceiving us?
Geophysic Hans Erren: Global Warming has stopped.
A little group keep denying.
Global Warming? It's Bull it's getting colder and colder.

Scientists – Global Warming is a lie.
Is Global Warming a Myth? Top Secret.


(21-08-2018) PEOPLE-TRAITORS.
Are European politicians putting their heads in the sand, when it comes to assaults
and rapes by some of the asylum seekers? How big that part is I leave that in the
middle, because I believe that most asylum seekers are ordinary people like us.

Assaults and rapes seem to occur throughout Europe, but it is concealed by the politicians the
journals and the talk programs on TV and the newspapers. You could consider these figures
as traitors, for they let their own people suffer to protect this kind of asylum seekers.

What is the reason for these crimes may be difficult to find out, maybe part is being
done to revenge on Westerners because in the past 17 years they turned the whole
Middle East into one big graveyard, maybe despair of guys who don't have a girlfriend
wife. Perhaps crime gangs who continue their practices in the new country.

How Is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out?

Taharrush Gamea is an Arabic game? Where a large group in the inner circle surrounds a woman and
assaults and or rapes her, and the outer circle distracts the bystanders who don't notice anything.

For more info go to my subsite and look for the date: 16-02-2017.


If the story is true of what many people worldwide claim, then the 3000 victims of 11 09
2001 in New York were murdered by the rats from the American White House and the cock-
roaches of the Israeli Knesseth. So that these Satanic beasts from hell could steal the Middle
East, they also played the people of the Eastern Bloc countries out against each other.

Airline Flight Attendant Reveals What Really Happened On 9/11

Pilots over 9/11 (11 September 2001).
Architecs and Engineers over 9/11.
Scientists over 9/11.
Fire department over 9/11.
Police over 9/11.
Naudet brothers 9/11 film documentary.


Today some info about Suriname maybe you are interested.


That the government by way of the AIVD (secret service) is spying in my computer,
listening in on my phone-calls reading my e-mails intercepting my letters checking
what websites and You Tube I visit, I owe that to my fellow citizens alias peoples-
traitors who with all power had to vote again on these political fascists.

So when I meet them at the central entrance of the flat near the elevators in de hallways
in the flat-yard etc., and they laugh and great me politely then they are playing comedy
with me, because the ratted me out to their fascist government and betrayed me.

This also implies immediately that the Dutch hate each other, because they find it very
good that their countrymen is being watched by fascist governments. So if they firmly
embrace each other at football or sway with the national flag or shout Royal orange
above. Then they are playing comedy with each other at least according to me.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose.

Is Anarchy Dangerous? No, But Statism Is.
The Myth Of Authority.

This is how Herd-flock is being Created. (The Monkey/Stepladder ExperimentT) (IfYouWereKing) (TheTinyDot) (The Jones Plantation)

Voting is suppressing your Neighbors and Yourself.


Is it not Satanic that some beasts have an agenda, so they kill other innocent
people robbed of their life. Then I think of for example September 11th in New York,
the MH17 in the Ukraine, turning the whole Middle East into one large cemetery.

How can we stop these beasts, because they seem to have henchmen everywhere
who are doing their dirty work. Governments look the other way, the justice
departments looking the other way, including the press and media, who is this humanity?

Plus it's going on for thousands of years so hope is gone, and the people who do
take action play with their lives. There are already enough who have been murdered
the hard way, their live have been robbed by these beasts, or threatened or went hiding.

The Origins of the Illuminati, by Louis Farrakhan.

Here is how the Banking system works.

Endgame of the New World Order (Dutch Subs).


If I was the owner of Facebook, I pulled the plug out, because then I can take
great revenge on most of the world's governments, because they don't have a
spy tool anymore to spy and keep an eye on the whole world's population.

Is Facebook a Government Spy?

The established order has been working for a while to remove all websites and YouTube,
which they don't like on the Internet. This is the root of fascism, people who think
differently and investigate to fond the truth, and want to show the other side of the
case are being taken out as in a really communist country. Google YouTube and Twitter
removal too. There are also more and more people who quit their Facebook page.

Internet turmoil after Facebook again removes a news
site that is not in sync. Look at the comments.

While all the attention was drawn to conspiracy thinker Alex Jones,
Facebook silently removed these popular alternative sites (A lot).

These sites show the other site of the news,
which is not wanted by the established assholes.


She's been imprisoned for 8 months in an Israeli prison, because
she gave a soldier a slap in the face. He stood arrogant in her
front yard and she asked him to go and stand on the public way.

The Palestinians are being threatened like old dirt in their own country,
like the Aboriginals in Australia by the descendants of England, so also the
Maori's in Maori (New Zealand) by also the descendants of the English.

This also happens to the original people of America the “Native Americans” they are also
considered as lesser citizens in their own land. True the whole of history you can see, that
wherever the whites invade and steal a country he original people are treated like old dirt.

This means that the white race is mentally disturbed, they live in a psychotic dream
world that they are the crown of creation. Everyone with a skin color has to bow for
them and dance at their pipes, if not we bomb your country to smithereens.

The whites always want to be right and known everything, they insist of
pulling the chain, and they always want the last word. If they call themselves
Christians and democratic, then I don't know what they're talking about.

Now they're busy for the last 17 years to turn the whole of the Middle East into one
great big graveyard. All those millions dead wounded handicapped maimed widows and
orphans the traumatized the refugees they couldn't care less, how come Christians?

Ahed Tamimi convicted to 8 months for hitting an IDF soldier.
Palestinians welcome Ahed Tamimi home.

Exclusive: Ahed Tamimi's message on resistance.
Ahed Tamimi speaks to the press after her release.
Ahed Tamimi on her months in Israeli Prison.
Tamimi welcomed home after released from jail.
Meet Ahed Tamimi, 17-Year-Old West Bank
Activist Jailed 8 Months for Slapping Israeli Soldier

More about Ahed Tamimi.

Why are so many US citizens moving to the West Bank.

These Americans who are moving to Israel must be arrogant people, because they don't
give a toss about the Palestinians in their struggle with the Khazar. These Americans
invade the country, you could also say steal the land like thieves and take over Palestine.

The Palestinians don't stand a chance if their country is invaded with foreign Khazar (Fake-Jews),
they're being exterminated slowly until they don't exist anymore. But I have the memory of an
elephant I won't forget, if in future all the Khazar scum have died and come upstairs I myself
will stand in front of the heavenly gate if god doesn't want to do that. With other words
their not entering paradise, they can forget the promised land and write it on their belly.

It's like were back in the slave and colonial time, where the white's were rob-
bing and stealing the lands of colored people. And Jesus can't be white because
at that time whites were not born in the Middle East like Palestine, Jesus must
have a skin color, that means that his father God must also have a color of skin.

So if Jesus or God arrive on our planet and they are black, most whites will
probably get a heart-attack. They will I believe try to prove that they are
false prophets like is written in the Bible, in the last days bla bla bla.

Those Devilish Children of the Satan them Khazar, who wrote the stories in
the Bible are very shrewd cunning canaving slick scum, also known as Fake
Jews. Gentiles who where converted to Judaism in the year 740 past Christ.



(14-08-2018) CAREERHUNTERS.
There are plenty of people often called career hunters, who are in meetings
with the whole town all week even at night to supposedly help others. But the
strange thing is when they are at home privately they want to live sheltered,
all the green around their house must be obliged to grow thick and close their
surrounding, they don't want to be seen by others under no circumstance.

Are these people career hunters who publicly want to pull the cart
and be in charge at the highest level, to climb as high as possible on
the ladder. And the people they are meeting with, and also the people
they want to help, are they using them to climb as high as possible?

So in essence, people who are meeting day and night with the whole
city are cheaters, they're taking the piss out of everybody, they're not
helping others but themselves to finish as high as possible in the top.
They are often referred by psychologists as social psychopaths.

There are those who want to live sheltered, but the crazy thing is when
they sail through the city with their boat everyone can see them. Maybe
they are pressing it into the belly of others, like I have a boat and you're not
your are all smucks. But if the same people walk in the park near his house,
then he doesn't want to be seen by them he wants to live sheltered.

You me consider me the owner of this website who writes this as a:
“Psycho-stealer (Shrink)”. Totally jerked from the toilet full blown
moron, then you can sleep tight tonight. If you take me seriously then,
you probably will lie awake in bed all night thinking: “GODDAMN ASSHOLE”.


(13-08-2018) PIZZAGATE?
There are three red flags that according to my vision, that betray
that elite grown ups are probably playing sexually with children.

There are among the common people adults that everyone knows who are
playing with children we call these people pedophiles, so the logical conclusion
is that some elite probably do that as well because they're not holy people.
Victim Speaks Out! Exposes Hollywood Pedophiles!
Survivor Describes Horrific Abuse!

Often they consider themselves as: “King Emperor and Admiral”, they're
also born like us live and die as we do, they urinate no liquid silver they
defecate no nuggets of gold, they are also arrogant and cocky in the head.

1: It's not being investigated.
The people who claim what they do is not being investigated, the politicians the
governments the justice department are refusing to investigate. While if you are
a decent and honest person, you are obliged to investigate because you never know.

2: The people who claim this are being called mentally disturbed.
The easiest way to turn people off is by portraying them as mentally
disturbed, because they know that the masses will believe this like hot
buns, who themselves aren't investigating and know “Fuck All”.

3: The press and media keeping it frantic out of the news.
The demagogues of the journals the newspapers and the talk programs
on TV keep stum, they keep the world's populations clearly in the dark.
They are simply propaganda channels of the politicians, they also want
to make carrier and be the hot shot and looking the other way.

Secret services also keep fake YouTube site's in order to create
confusion, which prevents the citizens from seeing the forest through
the trees. Often they also have alternative website to lure in unsus-
pecting visitors to keep an eye on them and tracking them down.

From politicians you don't have to expect anything, just look at:“
Chem-trials Haarp Geoengenering Global warming Sun-simulator, etc.”
That is denied furious and then they refuse to carry out pertinent
research. So investigating pizza-gate you might as well forget that.

You do realize that a certain amount of humans are simply crap, probably the scum
of the evolution filth from the planet beasts from hell, they don't give a hood about
them poor childeren. They where babies like us what happened to them?

On YouTube there indeed a lot of disturbed idiots who parade the biggest
crap you can imagine, but there are also serious reliable researchers in between,
but they are shaved over the same comb to eliminate them very cleverly.








(12-08-2018) TODAY WE'RE GOING LOCO.
Que pasa?
Loco bitch.
Fuck you nigga.


Are in most cases medication a rip off? A doctor will give you a medicine to heal,
but do they really do that, because most people who swallow drugs stay sick for a
lifetime. So what's the use of taking medication if you remain sick for the rest of your life.

A student of a medical university is studying medicine the word says it all, he doesn't
study health. He learns at school to recognize illnesses and then give you a medicine but
it doesn't heal you. The only one who is benefiting from it all is the pharmaceutical world.

You may be well off in a hospital if you have a broken leg, or if your appendicitis is inflamed
and must be taken out, but swallowing drugs for a lifetime while the disease doesn't go
away, what's the use of that. But maybe I'm talking crap because I'm a layman.

What doctors know is that most diseases will heal, and go away out of themselves just as a
headache and or a cold. So it's quite possible that many patients swallow life-long drugs, while
their illness has long been cured and gone, and presumably think that these drugs do it.

Vaccins are for profit not for health.
Ex Farma-Rep speaks about fraud.
Leana Wen: What your doctor won’t disclose.
War Against Alternative Health Care & Nutrition.
Wrong medical treatments kills patients.

In this world there are many social psychopaths, who very much like to play the
boss and put the patients in a clamp. At the police and particularly at the Riot Squad
it stinks of the social psychopaths, so also at the stock markets the municipality
houses and not forgetting those retarded Pipsqueak's clowns alias politicians.

Bosses are probably Psychopaths.
When Psychopaths Go To Work.


If the threats of America and NATO on the Russian and Eastern European borders
get out of hand, then you have a great chance of a Third World war. That is why
I'm glad that Putin keeps his head cool, and what his fanatical opponents will
never admit is that, he is probably hopefully saving the lives of the Europeans.

If you want to have peace, then you need people like me. People who are considered
psychic not in order, naive, living in a dream world, etc. What I would do, all the
defenses of all countries are sent back to their own country. To defend their national
borders, not to piss-about in other countries. Leave alone the countries of which the
people didn't threaten us, didn't invade our countries, neither are they shooting at us etc.

The legal and illegal arms trade will also be stopped and banned. In short, these are only 2 measures, and
with these two you can save a lot of life. All people who don't want die, and want to become of old age.

One of the problems is that, many voters are addicted to the upbringing of their parents and
grandparents, they have voted lifelong, so we must vote too. If grandma and mother were
buying detergent from that brand, the daughter and granddaughter will also buy that brand for life.

Politicians and governments need herd animals, because with them you can do what you want.
They fall for everything you tell them. Lying, deceiving, turning around, in the cover, no problem.
A person who is thinking and weighing, investigates, digs, spits, wonders, will not be so easy to spawn.


If the story is correct, then there have never been any humans on the Moon, it
seems to be a nice comedy show to foul the people. Plus there are a few astronauts
who said, we've been chased away by Ufonauts when we arrived at the Moon.

If I was an Ufonaut who was living at the other side of the Moon, and I saw the
Earthworms arriving with their space-rocket, I will chase them away as far as I
can. Because, if I look down at the Earth, experience thought me that the human
race are thieves and murderers. Who have true the whole of history been killing
millions of human beings enslaved them stole countries like hot buns and waging
wars like crazy, I don't want these assholes on my planet fuck them.

So I will not allow for them to put even one toe on my planet, because when they are
settled they will start playing the boss. And maybe they will enslave my people or
exterminate them, or stealing raw materials or oil. And they will also start with filthy
wars between them. So if, I was an Ufonaut I'll kick them as far as I can see them.

On the website below you see the footprints of shoes on the ground, and that's
not possible according to me because on the Moon there is no water and humidity.
So it's not possible that Moon-dust is getting compacted, and if I'm right there is
no wind on the Moon so the flag can't flutter or move in the wind.

And on the website below on the 5th photo, that astronaut walks around with a film camera
on his chest. Taking a picture is a chemical process, and without oxygen, that chemical
reaction doesn't work. And since there is no oxygen on the moon, no picture can be taken,
but I am a layman, so if you say: “You talking bull out of your neck”, no hard feelings.

I dreamed that I stood in space close to the Moon, and under my feet I saw the
Earth turning. Maybe I was waiting, just in case the Earthworms arrive with their
space-rocket, and then I chase them away before I wake up. I also once dreamed that,
I was in charge of a group of people. And I asked them, do you know where you are,
and a woman said yes we have died on Earth, and now we are in the spiritual world.

Between dust and spirit world reside descendants paradise-wall, watch here egg (Human?).

Are Ufonauts (Descendants) maybe spirits, or could they be an in between phase
between earthly life and paradise? We die but some of us are maybe not ready for
paradise, do we maybe stay a while on the Moon before we are reborn on Earth?

The created more Adams, they turned the feather around, was illusion.

Choose better animal, cousins rose up, they know your monumental-vase.

(Monumental-vase, = Urn from my previous lives?)



Denial of the: “Holocaust” may put you in jail, in the explanatory statement the court said that“
the spread of false or deliberate misrepresentation does not fall under the freedom of expression”.

But suppose that the holocaust has actually been different, and is deliberately misquoted
by the established order with a purpose, that is also — false or intentional allegations —.
If you are going to investigate the established order and publish it in public, are you also
punishable, in such a way you don't stand a chance to find the possible truth.

And if they are so fanatical to give you prison sentence, because under no circum-
stances you're allowed to investigate and publish the results, it's kind of a red flag
that something is not right. It comes down to if the established order makes a ruling,
then you need to take that indiscriminately as truth., if not we will deal with you legally.

(The medical world is doing that too I am being blackmailed by a neurologist, because
I refuse to swallow her cholesterol medications. She doesn't want to do any more blood
tests, even those other functions that have nothing to do with cholesterol. After research,
I have come to the conclusion that cholesterol lowering means for clogged veins).

(Autopsy on old age people in America point out time and time again that, the oldies who
didn't use lowering cholesterol medication have generally clean veins, with as few inflam-
mations as possible. While the oldies that have been using lowering medication for decades,
their veins are clogged from here to Paris and they have a lot of inflammation that makes you sick.)

(The same goes for fat the more you eat of it the thinner you get, the less fat you
eat the thicker you get. The less fat intake the more fat the body extracts from insulin
that comes out of sugar, and in practically all foods and beverages is a lot of sugar that
makes you also sick. Light products low fat margarines etc. are just highway robbery.)
Search for: (22-03-2018) Who speaks the Truth?

Suppose you are going to ask questions or you are going to commit research are you also guilty
and can you be dragged to court. Am I also guilty when I post here on my website a comment
on the article? This begins to look suspiciously like — Fascism — of the established order.

The court also said that Holocaust denial transcends the boundaries of a peaceful public debate and con-
stitutes a disturbance of public order. But suppose that the established order has been edited it and has
been taken down or perhaps blackmailed by the Khazar (Fake Jews) to spread lies about the Holocaust.

Imagine you're doing research on the elite pedophile world, and you discover that
many politicians worldwide participate in it. If you publish that in public are you also
distorting the public order because the people are pissed, will they also put you in jail?

The Khazar (Fake Jews) or as Jesus in the bible calls them: “Viper Serpents”, they're not my children
but children of Satan, are they maybe so cunning shrewd dodgy and underhanded? Are they maybe a
people who are so greasy that they are slipping away between you fingers when you try to catch them?

Ursula Haverbeck "The Greatest Problem of Our Time" (English Subs).

Sylvia Stolz.
How Jews Corrupted Europe's Legal System.

David Irving.

A Holocaust is a Holocaust no denying to.

Holocaust a Forbidden Opinion.
Researching the Holocaust is not legal?

What is also striking about the Holocaust, they always talk about the six million to get
rid of you. They never talk about those tens of millions of civilians and soldiers from both
sides, who also died in that war always about those six million. They seem to be the most
important, the rest is probably considered as collateral damage so bad luck for them. But
those six million belong to the jackpot, they are the main prize the rest is irrelevant.

In the past years from 2001 till 2018 more people have died in the
Middle East (Millions?) then Jews (360.000?) in the second world war.

What about the: “Holocaust” on the hundreds of millions of slaves and Indians, in the
explorers time the slaves time the colonial time and the multinational time? Why don't
we have an annual remembrance day with a monument for them? Racism of the white race.

Why are the Khazar (Fake Jews) eternally put in the sun as if they were a special breed,
they deprived Jesus of life (which I don't believe, because the arrogant don't get the
chance to do that). Cause much misery with their banks interest on interest on Interest
system worldwide, are the cause of many wars because their banks deserve capitals. What
is so special about these fake people, they are one of the many races there not: “THE” race.


See how Israel controls America.

What I don't understand all those fanatics Jewish sometimes even dangerous organizations
where ever in the world, why don't they go and live in Israel? True thick and thin right?

Jewish Activists Are Protesting Aipac.

The Jewish Lobby.
Israeli Jewish Lobby Controls America.

Aipac American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Anti-Defamation League.

The Foreign Policy Initiative.

Dutch Center Information Documentation Israel.

Noam Chomsky on the Jews.

Louis Farrakhan on the Jews.


It has been going on for thousands of years and knowing mankind it will go on
for thousands of years, so you could say that most of humanity (to whom it
relates) are no good. This is possibly the reason why the Gods have kicked
humanity out of paradise, maybe they were both sick and tired of the scum.

Humanity learns nothing from the parents and grandparents from the past that wars
make no sense, all those who are killed all that misery handicapped pain and sorrow
the hurt and mental psychoses as a result. Their politicians are busy making one large
cemetery in the Middle East, and very soon after the war they become friends again.

Most people live their daily selfish lives, from the moment they get up until they
go to sleep again, they are all day running around with themselves. You also
wonder, humanity have common sense they can think and reason, but avoiding
the mistakes the ancestors made they don't seem to be able to get rid of it.

Faithful people don't say despair soon our God will come and take care of
everything, sounds nice but suppose there is no God what then? But because
they believe doesn't want to say that he exist, and to politicians there are useless,
the only thing they know very well is to deny everything and or talk around it.

So we have to put the Earth in order there is only one problem the masses are not at
home, you often get excuses it hasn't any use. All those official figures who are not going
to do it, we have to forget them, and get busy ourselves we wait for nobody anymore.

Let's say that your town-hall is neglected on the streets on the sidewalk in the park,
buy some simple garden tools and go do it yourself, if only one hour a day. I hope other
residents will join you, I myself garden around my flat but the other tenants don't help.

I very much want to live in paradise, but most people block it, they have no inte-
rest in it or couldn't care less. Often people like me are being told that we are not
living in reality that we are mental cases that we need to be treated by therapeu-
tic people. In short we are whacked and violently snatched from the pisspot.

The people who accuse us are finding it OK that for 17 years, their governments
secret services armies and mercenaries such as Isis Daesch AlQueda and the White
Helmets, are turning the whole Middle East in one large cemetery. Because whatever
misery happens there, the next time they will vote again on these war-criminals.


If you look at these kinds of films, then you will get an adverse against those
hypocritical western governments who are all sliming and butt-sucking with Israel.
They let the Palestinians rot, they find it OK what is being spoked with the Palestinians.

Nabi Saleh.
In support for Janna Jihad Ayyad.
Israel Defense Forces Respond to Nabi Saleh Demonstration.
Nabi Saleh, West Bank.
The arrest of Naji Tamimi.

Israeli Occupation Spraying waste water
on citizens houses at Al-Nabi Saleh village.
Spraying: "Skunk" - Bakingpowder Yeast Chemical-Sewerwater Shit?

It's a deep shame that the Khazar (Fake Jews) have stolen the whole of Palestine
and want to expel and exterminate the Palestinians. The whole world is watching and
finds it's OK. That says much about their civilization, you could also call them scum.

The western world have their mouth full of democracy justice civilization
bibles law-books leave everybody in their worth, but they don't allow that
for the Palestinians they may drop dead. In the old days the westerners
where scum in the slave colonial and now in the multinational time.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.


British top journalist Neil Clark: ' First creates the US chaos in a country, and sells
The latest military equipment to protect them from this ' chaos '. (Russian State Tv-station) (Russian State RadioStation) (Russian Private TV-Station)


Civil servants have a hole in their hand, they're waisting on an annual basis
billions from the tax-treasure of the citizens. In front of our door was a bike
path, which was removed by the municipality, then put back and taken away
again, the bill €200,000 Euros thrown into the river. It's of course moronic
that people who waste money can continue to do so for centuries.

Here in The Netherlands there are 400 Town Councils and 14 County Councils
plus Politic The Hague. Suppose they all together waist 50 billion Euros a year.
If you sack all civil servants and let the work be done by commercials, then
we have 50 billion extra in the tax treasure, deduct the 20 billion Euros which
we come short every year, then we are 30 billion Euros in the green.

And with the 30 billion Euros you're gone pay off the 480 billion Euro state
debt, so over 16 years no more state debt and save annually 20 billion
Euro interest. So no more lifelong cuts, no more state debt no more
interest and yearly 50 billion in the green. But unfortunately people like me
live in a dreamworld and are regarded as mentally disturbed fruitcakes.


How is it that a commercial company manage to deliver an order in three
days, while the staff of a City Council needs 9 weeks to do the same.

In the same street there are two greengrocer-shops selling potatoes, the shop-
keeper of shop An on the left-corner orders 1000 pounds of potatoes at a com-
mercial wholesale and have the potatoes delivered in three days. The shopkeeper
on the right-corner shop B also ordered 1000 pounds of potatoes from the council.

Three weeks later he gets notice we will examine if we can supply you the potatoes, again three
weeks later he gets reply we can supply you the potatoes they will be delivered to you in three weeks.

But if the council truck arrives 9 weeks later, he might as well drive true,
because shop B is closed he is broke because all customers shop at shop A.

How is this possible, because the staff of the commercial firm and council-house studied
at the same school, they sat in the same class where educated with the same books did
the same exam en got the same diploma. How come the commercials can deliver the
potatoes in 3 days, while the council assholes it will take them 9 weeks to do the same.

They should have flunked these assholes at the exam, because they were sleeping in the class-
room, now sitting behind a desk of a civil organization they don't understand fuck what they're doing.

That also implies that the management of the school and the head of the council are not
suitable to be in charge because they fucked up. Otherwise, this shit wouldn't occur.

And what is the response of stupid common laymen people the dumb ones: “Well civil servants
right”. My reaction give them two euros' for the bus to the unemployment department, because
we pay them a nice salary in money and not shelves, so how come: “Well civil servants right”.
On top of that all 400 council houses commit fraud with the yearly accountancy bookkeeping.

And if the owner of this website indites them for committing fraud (6 years imprisonment) it's
trown out by the justice department, is this the old boys club? The justice department is as
corrupt as the devil, and yes again: “Well civil servants right”, with other words all scum.


According to the below, the following products make cancer life sour.
Blackpepper Blue Berries Carrots Cherries Curcuma Ginger Grapefruit Greentea Thyme.

The pharmaceuticals the medical world and the politicians will deny everything again.
They swear by Medicine Chemo and Surgery that they have been taught at school.

They therefore refuse to investigate this, and that is simply because they're
arrogant, they live in the psychiatric delusion that they already know everything.
And since we don't believe in this, it doesn't exist so we can't investigate it.

This food fights Cancer better than Chemo therapy.


You send an e-mail to an organization, to put something on the map. The very
first person who reads it, and doesn't agree with the text, may think: “Baloney”
and deleted the email and or either salvages the email in an A4 folder, or hides
it on the hard drive, where it is not easily found in the course of time. And
during the meeting with 6 others later in the day, the person tells nothing to
the others, so they cannot talk about it, and vote democratically on it.

You may think that the organization has parked you in the forest, or put up
their finger against you. And all that is the fault of one the dictator within
the company. For that one has blocked the others from the meeting table and
is telling them nothing. “So that” person always gets his way at the meeting
table. And this can also happen at home, the man or woman tells nothing to
the partner, and throws the letter away, and sends the sender a rejection.


(30-07-2018) THE YINON ODED PLAN.
The Khazar (Fake Jews) have been dreaming for a long time of a larger Israel
that must enclose the whole Middle East, these cockroaches are becoming
more and more arrogant which they also did in the old days in their homeland
Ukraine. They have stolen many countries and enslaved terrorized and mur-
dered the people, that great man from the Bible Jesus calls them not for nothing:
“Viper Serpents”, and they are not my children but children of Satan.

In 740 A.D., the Khazars a murderous pagan people from the Ukraine (Then Khazaria)
converted to Judaism, they're not Biblical Jews they don't descend from Abraham or
Judea. and have never lived in Palestine not even 2000 years ago.

There are 2 problems firstly many politicians of many countries are being blackmailed,
by these cockroaches and dare not undertake anything against them. They gamble
go to the whores are alcohol addicted are pedophiles rummaging in the local Treasury etc.

Secondly, the world population is being held weak with the Holocaust,
they think that 6 million Jews have been gassed, while in the whole second
World war 355,000 have died. And not one by gassing that is a fairy tale
but by Cholera typhoid and in the final phase of the war by hunger

Oded Yinon Plan & Clean Break (Greater Israel) - Dahlia Wasfi.
Dahlia Wasfi 2010 “Israel’s Influence on U.S. Policy”.
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation.
Dahlia Wasfi: Ain’t Nothin’ Green About the Green Zone. (Her website)

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi.

The plan for a Greater Israel.

Then there is also the: “Samson Option”, the cockroaches have said it a few
times in the past, when we go we take the whole world with us. With that they
mean those 400? Atomic bombs they possess and let them explode at the same time.

If I am right, at Schiphol International Airport here in the Netherlands there are two A-bombs in
the area that is not Dutch but Israeli territory. When two Dutch airport employees accidentally
stepped into the terrain, they were told by two men with machine guns to: “Piss Off”.

Blackmail with Nuclear Power.


(29-07-2018) THE HAGUE HTM TRAMLINE 4.


Shadia Mansour speaking outside the Israeli embassy - 24/11/2012.

Dr. Rania Masri's Speech at "Crisis in Gaza
and West Bank: Context and Action" Forum

Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat (Engelse Sub).
Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.
Narcy featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah".
Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein.

Uncovering the Syrian Conflict". July 10, 2013.
Questions and Answers - The Syrian Conflict.
More YouTubes of Rania Masri.
Website of Rania Masri.


(27-07-2018) WARNING.
Don't look at this movie if you trust on a tight belief system to give you life
a false sense of security and meaning. The information presented in this film
has potentially live-changing, but must be viewed with an open mind.

Unless you are willing to temporarily put everything you think to the side,
and be open to the possibility that you may have been systematically
deceived and lied throughout your life, this film is nothing for you.

Killuminati The Full Movie -- Part 1
(Dutch Subs) 01uur 28minuten 54seconden

Killuminati The Full Movie -- Part 2
(Dutch Subs) 01uur 39minuten 09seconden

Killuminati The Full Movie -- Part 4.
(Ned Subs) 02uur 33minuut 07 seconden.

Killuminati - The Movie 03uur 04minuten 32seconden

Psychologists over dealing with the truth about 11 September 2001.
Question Authority | The Big Media Lie, How To Avoid Mind Control


(English) Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose


(26-07-2018) I GAVE GOD & ALLAH A WARNING.
All those demonic satanic beasts white or non white who have been commit-
ting, rape torture and murder in the Middle East for the past 17 years. If you
God or Allah allow them to enter paradise after their death, then I will be the
devil for the next coming 1000 years, who will rampages under humanity on
Earth. I won't forget because I have the memory of an elephant.

I will take terrible revenge on that demonic garbage from hell, who killed my children
in the Middle East, because I will be a: “Vengeful Devil”. Politicians that arrogant con-
ceited scum are the first I will go for, then the journals the newspapers and the talk
programs, and then the voters because their not retarded they have a conscious.

I also demand that all the mercenaries scum like Al Qaida ISIS Daesh the White
Helmets and even more groupings, after the war are being tried and detained
and lockup for life, in severely guarded prisons for massacres rape and tortures.

Then I also demand that all them Governments that bombed for
example Syria, they have to pay the complete rebuilding of the
entire infrastructure to the last penny, it shouldn't cost Syria a cent.

I am also talking about the scum who stole the food and raw materials
and earned gold money at exchange-houses with it, and those who let six
million children die in for example Africa every year who don't have money
to buy food. The buyers the intermediaries the speculators the bankers the
elite the rich and the bosses, anyone who behaves like a beast gets it home.

And that Khazar trash from Palestine and not Israel who terrorize the whole world with
money and bombs, I have a special place in hell for them. That's why I choose them
especially or choose them as my loot because I still have a big sour apple to peel with
them. They have no Jewish blood and are not my children but Satan's children from hell.

Hidden History - The Khazars & The Jews.


The politicians the pharmaceutical multinationals and (to whom it relates) the
medical world are heavily chopping on for example alternative biological medical
people. They want to eradicate them remove disable etc., but why suppose that
they manage to cure some patients that, is a thorn in the eye of the three groups.
Alternative Healers.

Imagine someone finds a miracle pill that heals everyone, and if you take it preventive
you will never get sick. I am absolutely convinced that these three groups will do every-
thing possible to let the pill and the inventor disappear, possibly the poor man or woman
is even murdered who knows? And presumably they already have done so in the past.
Are alternative doctors murdered?

That means that politicians don't mean it with the people, you as a politician should be:
“OVERJOYED” that all sick ones are healthy again and no one will become sick in the future.
Also, the medical people should shout it from the rooftops: “THANK GOODNESS” everyone is
healthy again, but also there sorry, because that clashes with their university education.
Medical Health Wonderpill.

You might consider these kind of people as dogmatic moralists a kind of social psychopaths,
their ego does not allow it to look in their own hearts and give others equal. They much prefer
to set fire the whole world with seven billion deaths, their feelingless nature and character
doesn't bother them, so urgent time for a long-term chronic criminal state insane treatment.

Or imagine someone invents a device and with an aerial you put into the air, the entire
world population has free electric power, they will never allow that. You can now also
cook on power, you never have to buy gasoline or LPG gas for the car so free driving.
And also no more wars for oil to become filthy rich, they're not going to allow that either.
Free Electric Power.


There are enough humans with a certain position who are corrupt, they
do what they want with humanity. Often they have the politicians and
the justice department in their pocket, some are being blackmailed.

Are Politicians Corrupt?

The question is: “Where are the honest people” why don't we hear them, why don't they
speak out for the suppressed of the world, why do they look the other way. There must
also be good people in politics, why don't they rampage against their corrupt colleagues?

Where are the honest people?

Every country has good and bad people and those who sit there in between, why do
the bad always get away with everything. Why do they often with the law-codebook
get their way, and those laws are often made by their friends in politics by lobbying.

Politicians have friends.

They are turning the whole Middle East one big cemetery, their friends the weapon manufac-
turers earn billions annually worldwide. If you shoot the entire infrastructure to smithereens,
then the whole country must be rebuild and that's done by other friends costing billions.

Mass Murder in the Middle East.

These costs are pressed into the stomach of the local taxpayer of for example Syria, so you always
have turnover. Destroy a country completely and bombard everything to rubble, then the whole country
must be rebuilt. And the rebuild will be done by western companies and become rich of that country.

War country rebuild infrastructure.

When will it end and who is going to stop it, honest people dishonest people them in between?
Why don't all politicians worldwide scream from the top of their lungs, this is mass murder
this is genocide we're destroying the whole Middle East. All those who died fled away are
crippled now and handicapped, the injured the widows and orphans the traumatized.

Victims of Syrian War.

George Carlin On Politicians.

Are politicians for the people?


There are plenty of programs including YouTube and websites about positive thinking
that sounds very nice, but how long do you keep it up in a disturbed world. Wester-
ners in any case in the Netherlands have the mentality, you're pulling at the short
end of the stick or you're parked in the woods, it hasn't any use so why bother.

Some people are sitting on a mountain in the Himalaya for a lifetime, but what's the
use you don't change the world with that. They say yes but it makes you a better
human OK, but you're not going to apply or use it to help other human's having a
better life, you're just sitting on a flipping mountain for a lifetime so what's the use?

You could possibly go and pray and not by means of biblical and or faithful believes,
but to send good thoughts into the world, perhaps others can telepathically receive
that and start think more positively. The Native Indians of America the original
inhabitants could make it rain by means of thoughts, they probably influenced nature.

In a city with eg. 50,000 inhabitants there are 1000 who want to rape a woman,
99% of them will never do so because they know it is wrong and they can be locked
up. Is it possible that the one who captures the thoughts of they other 99%, his
consciousness is pushed away by those incoming thoughts and he actually does it.

Is this possible the reason why he says to the judge: “I can't remember that
I did it”, so it is possible that he was in some kind of intoxication. A psychiatrist
will probably want to treat him because he has learned in school that he is men-
tally disturbed. Maybe his mind is disturbed or harassed by that other 99%.

Positive Thinking.

Translate Website Text.

Letter to the children.

The Myth of Mental Illness.

Positive Music. (YouTube) (Video's) (Live)






(21-07-2018) IT'S NO USE.
How can we ordinary people of the street make peace on Earth,
for our leaders the: “Scum of the Evolution” are not going to that.
Each year they give more tax money to armaments and warfare,
in addition the insatiable are increasingly seeking more power and fame.

It has been going on for thousands of years, so humanity is stubborn
and learns nothing from history. All those millions maybe even billions
of deaths injured handicapped widows and orphans psychologically
traumatized refugees etc, all that misery pain grief and loss to many.

I'm also tired of everything because I think it has no use, also
because the psychiatric patients continue to vote as if they are
good crazy. Normal people don't vote anymore. I'm also thinking of,
doing my website away because it's carrying water to the sea.

If people like this lady of this YouTube is mentally confused, maybe even I, then
the normal people have done this with their retarded world. At some point you
can indeed get confused of the normal people with their comedy world.

Well-known Dutchmen Guilty of War-crimes ICC CourtCase - PM. Mark Rutte.
The Reality Of Truth - Full Film.


(20-07-2018) NORTH KOREA.
It's calculated that arrogant America is the cause that Korea was
divided into a north and south. Probably also a northern Sudan
and a South Sudan, perhaps also a north and South Vietnam.

Since 1945, America has been invading other countries for 73 years, and
pretends as if that country is another state of America. And the European
governments and Brussels think this is fine, you could also say that NATO
is a war criminal organization that urgently needs to be closed immediately.

10 days in North Korea.
Inside the most isolated land of the world.

Often the demagogue western press and media go to countries like North
Korea Syria etc., to convey a wrong picture to for example the Dutch.
They may think that the people and the country is not a lot of soups,
and that is the intention of the demagogues that the Dutch are going to
think so. While Eva Bartlett shows how it really goes in those countries,
so that Westerners get a fair picture of the population and the country.

Eva Bartlett in North Korea.

Eathouse - Restaurant Food.

Shopping Style.
Ryung Song Italia Pizza in North Korea.

Countries like North Korea are often boycotted by Western governments, but
often it is simply hypocrisy to play the people. Because behind the scenes
business is as usual, in this shop they also sell western products. In Russia,
the McDonald's and KFC stores are just open, so is the Coca Cola factory.

The little man like the Dutch farmers are blocked, it's always the little man who is the dick.
Often it is the Western press and media like the journals on TV the newspapers and the
talk programs on TV that conceive their own people with lies to grow a mood among them.

And people like me who are looking for the truth what is really happening behind the scenes
and publishing it, are considered by governments as country traitors and watched by for
example an AIVD (Dutch Secret Service) because we are probably state dangerous.

Privileged Store? - Part 2.
Computer Store in North Korea.

21st Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair - North Korea.




219 US-wars in comparison to Russia, China, Iran and Germany.

There are only two words for this kind of politicians: “WarCriminals and MassMurderess”,
so a one way ticket to a Nuremberg Trail / Int. Tribunal in The Hague is well at its place.

If America wants to invade Russia China or India militarily they will commit
suicide, but because they are arrogant and cocky they don't realize that.

World fears US as a war-hungry drunk - ex-Senator.

The real beasts of hell of all misery are in Israel, who lurk cunningly shrewd and
dodgy behind the scenes, and let their political puppet players do the dirty work.

If I was God or Allah, I split the country in two, with a sea in between of 10 km wide.
On the left live the Palestinians and on the right live the Khazar (Fake Jews), and if
the Khazar want to cross the sea to fuck about in Palestine, then I make the whole
Middle East Khazar free. I'll ship them to the Ukraine were they fucking belong.

The Media like politicians are lying to the Public.

The people with banners and signs have been on the street for ten twenty and thirty years, and what
did they achieve: “NOTHING” wars will simply continue. It is true that after thirty years there are
even twice as many wars than thirty years ago, so what's the use standing on the street: “NOTHING”.

One has to find a different tactic and which one I don't know at the moment, people can stand in the
middle of the street to block the traffic, then you throw a spoke in the economic wheel of the country.

Maybe they could trow stones at all official civil servants offices to smash the
windows in, from the town hall the police station the tax Office the fire depart-
ment, and all those other officials offices maybe that it helps but maybe not.

If you really seriously want to stop the war criminals and mass murderesses, then
you are obliged to do something to save lives in other countries. It is quite possible
that the people who are bombarded are wondering why the Western world does not
save us, why they sell war ammunition to these war criminals and mass murderesses.

It has no use to ask the voters to stop voting because their not
gone do it. Committing a coup is also useless because the people who
will reign afterwards will become as bad as the ones who are gone.


(18-07-2018) IS EARTH A PRISON?
The Earth is a prison from the moment you were born, until the moment you die. The first
20 years you have to dance to your parents “pipes”, then you have to dance 15 years to
the school's “pipes”, then you have to dance to your employer's “pipes” for 30 years.

Then you still have the town hall officials the government and the justice department they can make
you life pretty sour, there are also many commercial companies like a housing department the gas
electric and water companies. The police the riot squad, soldiers and churches can also spoil your life.

That means literally and figuratively that if you are born you will be on average 85 years
a slave of others, including family friends acquaintances and colleagues. If you don't want
to dance to their often arrogant vain pipes, then they can also make your life a misery.

Just imagine theoretically that leading Ufonauten who live on the moon say to the people,
you may be born on Earth provided you dance to our pipes. The moment you revolt
against us, we make sure that in your next life you will no longer be born on Earth.
Is Earth an Alien Cosmic Prison Planet?

Is this maybe the reason why the mass of humanity on Earth looks the other way, under the excuse of:
it does not make sense, you still pull the shortest end, you are parked in the forest etc. etc. etc.

What also could be when we died our spirit goes to the Moon to relax of earthly life, looking back what
we eventually did wrong. Or what we regret etc., then we can choose to be reborn again on Earth.

Wicked spirits they thought they could kill spirit God, Moon surface fake.

(Wicked spirits = Bad Ufonauts? - Is the Moon an artificial hollow sphere?)

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

Is Earth a Prison?




(16-07-2018) LOUIS FARRAKHAN ON THE KHAZAR (Fake Jews).

The Khazars and the Slave trade.
Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan
denounce "Secret Relationship" book

Khazar: A Forgotten History | Sheikh Imran Hosein.
Greater Israel Project | Oded Yinon Plan | Sheikh Imran Hosein.

The Work of the Khazar or:
"Fucking Satans Viper Serpent ScumBags from hell".
Muslim song of Love.

The Israeli holocaust against the
Palestinians is worse than of the Nazi's.

I have often written about the Jews, who are in reality pagans who conver-
ted to Judaism in 740 A.D. Originally they were called: “Khazar” and come
from the country: “Khazar”. What nowadays: is called “Ukraine/Crimea”.

But this is all in the cover and must remain in it, otherwise Israel can forget it in
the Middle East. They never lived in Palestine nor 2000 years ago, it's a fairy tale.

The truth must remain obligatory in the cover he is not desired, because then Israel falls
through the basket that they cunningly shrewd and dodgy devils are from hell. Jesus from
the Bible calls their: “Viper Serpents” and their not my children but children of Satan.

This is also the reason that if you are going to investigate the Holocaust and publish it in
public, you will go to jail for three years. It should also not be known that the wealthy the
bankers and the multinational Khazar have ignited and started the first and Second World War.

(Sylvia Stolz).
(Ursula Haverbeck).
(David Irving).

There are also true Biblical Jews but that is only a handful of them and
most don't want to live in Israel, because they don't agree that Israel is
been committing genocide and racism to the Palestinians for 70 years.

Plus the Jews with those black clothes those high hats and those
sideburns, there constantly hunted by civilians settlers soldiers and
government. Regularly they get clapped and they are locked up.

I am not even talking about the foreign Jews from for example
Ethiopia, who get the worst housing the worst salary and care.
They are treated as guest workers which you can do what you want.

The Khazar regard anyone who is not Jew as vermin, who may be killed
when we want to. And we don't have to feel guilty because they're vermin.
That also applies to them, for they are not Jews, but converted Hedens.

Is it possible that Israel finances the millions of Muslim and African refugees fleeing
to Europe, with the intention of destroying Europe and then taking over. Then Israel
will come to save Europe through America, and the whole world will carry Israel on
its hands and be deeply grateful, and never dare to say anything again of Israel.

The Europeans will also be grateful to Israel forever, and don't mind that Israel is occu-
pying all the Middle East countries and is going to play the boss. Perhaps that was the
intention of Israel for the Arabs came to Europe, because they want a great Israel.


(15-07-2018) LIVE CAN BE FUN.
Making a Kart from PVC tubes.

How to Make F1 Electric Car.

I wish I was still young. OH OH.


Most national health insure companies don't take you as a new
customer if you are already sick. And that is a criminal crime,
because if you are obliged by state law to be insured, you must
also be treated compulsory, the companies cannot eat from two sides.

In addition, the first € 380 of the bill you must pay yourself, but we
don't pay compulsory premiums for the cats his ass. And because all
companies together have something like €10 billion savings, it is a
real crime and a clear robbery to increase the premiums every year.

But as we know, many governments are not for the people, but for
the multinationals the rich the elite the notables and the bankers.
That is why politicians will also get very nice jobs and wealthy
salaries from the multinationals when they step out of politics.

The criminal who is called “Zalm”, the ex-minister of the treasury earned
a great salary as Minister of Finance. And at the bank after his political
retirement, he received a salary of millions. And now he is retired. I
assume he got a few million as a reward from the bank, and the bank
will probably deduct it from the tax, and we the suckers may pay for it.

But if we the common people play tricks like this, we'll end up in jail.
Because the judge is also a friend of the politicians and the multina-
tionals. Maybe some criminals think if they are allowed to do that
and get away with it, what are we doing wrong if we do the same thing.

And if governments with the law-book and the Bible in their
hands invade and bombs other countries, for example like Syria
what is not their business. Because Syria didn't threaten us they
didn't invade our country neither do they shoot at us. So what
am I doing wrong if I kill my enemy in my own country?


The privacy law that entered into force on 25th May 2018, is that not a form
of hypocrisy of politicians. For our citizens data which we have often not
given permission, are swinging freely among all ministries. Perhaps fore example
even the canteen-lady or the toilet-guy can maybe also read them.

Or think of the well-known public open country phone book, there my
private data is mentioned. But I can't remember that I gave
permission for it, so fair is fair then one has to abolish the phone-book.

Our medical record is present in the hospital or pharmacy if we gave
permission to do so, but everyone can theoretically read our dossier
within the organization. Or think of the aid services for example the
Youth Care Office or The Council Child Protection and the Justice-department.

I am convinced that the private data of the citizens, are swaying consi-
derably between these three organizations. It comes down to all for example
Civil servants in the service of the State of the Netherlands, can see our
private information even the people who don't work with it. Except we the
citizens the Outsiders your not one of us, then it is suddenly private.

It seems to be that if the story is correct, that if the AIVD (Secret-
Service) copies my hard drive from my computer. That all other European
countries AIVD organization will get a copy of it without my permission.
Perhaps even the American NSA and the Israeli Mossad who knows.

According to this new law you have to ask everyone's permission, if you film
in the inner city of Zutphen during the “BokBeerDay” when people walk through
the camera lens. And there are thousands of them walking around, that's
impossible. I wonder if the county TV Gelderland or the state NOS TV who
are making a docu-mentary need permission too from the passers by.

If you filmed someone five years ago on the street that walked through in front of
the camera without his permission, you can still get a ticket-fine. It comes down to
craziness of mentally disturbed politicians. In my street you are not allowed to go
faster than 30 km an hour, and tomorrow the municipality decides to install 20 km
an hour, and then you get a ticket-fine because you drove 30 km an hour yesterday.

I must be mentally disturbed because I don't understand anything of this, and
those who have made that retarded mentally disturbed law consider themselves
normal. There is clearly something wrong here, this is the reversed world.

Suppose you are standing on the platform of a train station, and other pas-
sengers who are also there should ask you for permission, are we allowed
to see you. I'm not drunk quite by chance I now drink a glass of strawberry
juice, but maybe the manu-facturer has added something in the juice which
make me hallucinate, probably strawberries with cocaine flavoring or so.

So the politicians are mentally disturbed, I am mentally disturbed, the manufacturer
is mentally disturbed. I suspect that the children are desperately wondering in what
kind of institution are we born in God's name, because all grown up adults are imbeciles.

So the privacy-law who commenced on May 25th 2018
in europe, is that maybe a form of hypocrisy of politicians?

Explanation of the reason for closing (Privacy-law of 05-25-2018)
of the Social Databank Netherlands website and why.
I the webmaster of this - info - website call it: "Facism". De Nazi's are back.

Typ at Search-Machine: SDNL.NL.
YouTube: SDNL.NL.

In the past they already messed with the plant and herbs-
world, that's the reason the "Herbalwoman" closed her site.

And so in the course of the years very sneaky almost unnoticed behind the
scenes everything is being abolished, what the scumbags who run the show
don't like, indeed you may call it fascism. Scum (to whom it may concern) like
politicians the pharmaceutical industry the medical world the food industry
the oil companies the banks, the rich the elite and the rope-pullers etc.

And if the people who are often called stupid herd-animals bollocks-people
and dumb minions, start to think and investigate to find out what they
are being told, is true partly true or lies. Then they might think twice for
who they are going to vote for or not. Now, the scum have an open
road without obstacles, often with the law code-book in their hands.

And if I'm right we humans are not considered humans but labeled as
trade-products owned by the council the county and the government.
See: 06-07-2017. (Are we private property of the state?)


Are Medical doctors quacks because they don't cure you, they often
give you medicines for life, but the disease will not go away, so what's
the purpose of medicine. At school therefore they have learned medicines
but not health. They should teach them alternative medicines as well.
Leana Wen: What your doctor won't reveal.

Are alternative healers an option or not? In addition, in the past few years
they've been haunting organic and healthy food remedies and natural plants,
as if they were more damaging than medicines. Probably the pharmaceutical
multinationals have been lobbying in the local and European government.
Training alternative Medicine.

Most of the laws are not made by politicians, but by the multinational
companies that are lobbying for many years in politics, so they actually
make the laws in politics and make out how things are running. The
politicians then become a sort of jumping jacks versus loop boys.
We don't want a puppet of the multinationals as Prime minister.

The sad thing of course is, that most of the people are swallowing every-
thing they've learned from their parents, and they are also not easily
investigating that what is being told is based partly or not on truth.
George Carlin about Christianity.

Then there is another hunt for people who do research and publish results. Alter-
native health and food as if they are a danger to the state. They are clearly not
loved by politicians who would like to take them out, isn't that silly and idiotic?
War Against Alternative Health Care & Nutrition.

I wonder how many possible medicines are in the cover, which the pharmaceutical industry
doesn't want to disclose. So these scumbags are actually latent killers, are there besides
the well-known placebos, perhaps also active medications that are also placebos.
Vaccins are for profit not health.
Are vaccins ment to turn people into zombies? (Go to: 00:44:00 / 2:16:17)

Here in the Netherlands every year 17.000-20.000? Patients die, of wrong
diagnoses wrong medication and wrong treatments. Compared to that are
the quakes holy, because only once in a blue year does a patient die.
Yearly 17.000 till 20.000 patients die of wrong medical treatment.

In the pharmaceutical world exist: “Ghostwriters” those are medical doctors
and scientists, who put their signature under an A4 form, that they investigated
a medicine and that's safe for the public, and get well paid it. But they did not
examine that drug themselves, that is the same as a butcher who inspects his
own meat, it's not inspected by people of a government authority.
Medical jornal Ghostwriting problem.

I am not a medical man, nor have I studied medicine, so I am not going to
pretend that I'm a doctor here. But I've sometimes been wondering, a lot
of old age people do they die of their disease or of medicine poison?

I am very curious if the oldies decide to stop taking medicines, which they can
buy for example at their local drugstore. If they stop taking them for six months
I wonder how there health will be, or maybe even improves who knows the truth?

And people like me who write like this are considered a danger, while
we try to find a solution so that a lot of patients don't have to die
anymore with a terrible disease, we are being seen as state-dangerous.


If you want to solve the economic problems of each country so that
cutbacks aren't needed anymore, every government should erect their
own state bank and print and give state money to the public, and no longer
borrow from private banks as it used to be very normal hundred years ago.
“Because” they didn't had to pay billions of interests every year.

And any government that cannot grasp this simple idea, and fight to
prevent it from being installed, is not suitable as a government and must
step down because they are damaging the economy of the country.

Canada used to be a government with a profitable economy when they
printed and gave out their own state money, then Canada was persuaded
by the BIS bank in Bern in Switzerland to borrow money from private banks.
Now they have $500 billion debt to banks after 25 years, France too.

Any government anywhere in the world that is persuaded to borrow
money from private banks rather than state banks that don't demand
interest, will eventually go bankrupt with a gigantic state debt that can-
not be repaid. For interest rates on interest rates that often run in the
billions, kills them and the taxpayer will make the rich richer than rich.

The BIS Bank (a private Bank) is an umbrella body of all central banks
(are also private banks) of all countries, and the central Bank of each
country is again an umbrella body of all banks (are also private banks)
of that country. And the BIS Bank Finances for example The IMF, who
sucks every country (Greece) empty by borrowing so much money they
cannot payback for lifetime. For interest on rent on interest etc. kills
them therefore will not decrease but increase, and if governments cannot
grasp this they are incapable and must be obliged to step down

If they don't want to do so, you must if necessary for example, chase
them away by means of a coup, otherwise the country and the citizens
will be completely financially fucked. They have to cut back for a lifetime,
and the electorate you don't have to ask them anything because they are
silly rabbits that fall for it with open eyes. They don't understand fuck
because they are just plain stupid, and the big boys the scum of evolution
take advantage of it by robbing them for live and become filthy rich.

Private banks have permission from politicians to press money and give it out, you have
to try that as a private citizen they put you behind bars for six years. We citizens must
obey the law neatly, and the scum of the planet are under and above the fucking law.

The Dutch bank The English Bank of England the Deutsche Bundesbank the French
bank also the US Federal bank which presses and issues the dollar, are all private
banks, there is nothing state of these companies. That what the masses think
because they don't know any better, and indiscriminately take everything for
truth without investigating themselves.

Give the folk bread and play like silly games soap series bags of chips and beer when
they sit on the couch in front of the Tv, we can do the rig of evolution behind the scenes
with them and let what we want, and stinking rich about their unsuspecting back.

Type at your search-machine - kennedy prints his own state money - or - lincoln prints his own state money -:

Here you can read how the money system works.

('Endgame of the New World Order' - Dutch Subtitle)

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition — with Larken Rose.


In many countries, you can see that the: “Police and the Riot Squad” are acting hard
when the citizens are on the streets to express their views, that means that the govern-
ment and the mayor don't know what freedom of expression is in a democratic country?

The established order the arrogant rulers of the country are pissed if
the citizens disagree with their way of thinking, and that's a form of
communism despotism power-lust and tyranny, with other words fascism.

Ukraine what your not being told.

The problem is that the masses have been brought up by their parents and grand-
parents to swallow everything in their lives, if we don't swallow anything and were
going to solve the problems then we are betraying the parenting of our parents,
in other words, when we stand up for ourselves then we are bad children.

That is why the electorate will vote during a lifetime, as the parents and grand-
parents also did, even though the country is one big economical mess, we will
continue to vote. Although the government is taking all sorts of unpopular measures
and laws we will continue to vote, if we stop voting then we are bad children.

So the electorate sacrifice all their country fellowmen who suffer from the dictatorial government.
That's the reason according to me why many sit in the church on Sunday, because the parents
and grandparents did that too, if we don't go to church then we are also bad children.

At some point the parents and grandparents are no longer here, and then many copy the “parents”
behavior and mindsets. So then they can delude themselves, our parents are not dead at all they're still here.


1st: I love you because you gave me a house
a car money, holiday and fancy stuff.

2nd: I love you because you are going to give me a house
a car money holiday and fancy stuff.

3rd: I love you because you are as you are.


There are plenty of parents who are turning their own daughter into a whore,
because they tell the daughter: remember you should marry a man with a tie
the one who makes a career, then you're sitting on roses for a lifetime. You
shouldn't marry a laborer because he doesn't earn the salt in the porridge.

So what is wrong with a laborer, who bakes a nice crisp baguette at the factory,
or who lays cables in the ground so that we can enjoy TV computer etc. Whether
he rides on a truck, and makes sure that there are all kinds of tasty stuff in the
supermarket, the one who makes planes so that we can go on holiday with an airplane.

What is so wrong about a laborer, why do the parents insist their daughter marrying a tie figure. Do
they think you're better than the child of the neighbors, don't disappoint us otherwise you are a bad child.


Djembe Session.
Jalikunda African Drums.
Festival Internacional El Gesto.

Flashmob Melbourne Djembe.
Wasamba Flash Mob - Forrest Chase.

Round Dance Flash Mob.
Native American flash mob at mall in Bemidji, MN.


If it's correct then the earth is indeed a manufacturing
product, made by God the Gods Allah or Ufonauts.

We if the biblical story is right have been kicked out of paradise, because God might
indeed have been fed up with us. And because he probably doesn't believe in killing
and wanted to give the good example, he has probably built the earth for us. This can
be the reason why we never hear anything form him, we may figure it out for ourselves.

And because he doesn't believe in killing he probably hasn't caused the Biblical
flood, maybe bad Ufonauts have done that, when they discovered the earth with
their UFOs and stole him from the original inhabitants people with a skin color.

And their descendants? who were genetically manipulated into white hybrid humans,
are treating people with a skin color still till today as inferior beings. Their countries
are looted for the raw materials for an apple and an egg, they often make our products
for a penny, and if they have borrowed one euro they pay two euro interest.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

What is the Spirit World? (Krista Raisa)

Hollow Artificial Flat Earth.


(05-07-2018) SPACESTUFF?
There are also people who claim that the moon is hanging within the atmosphere
they base it on the 70 mile shadow-width during last year's eclipse. Should the
moon be 70 miles wide and at 364,000 km from Earth then we would not see him.

Does Bullshit Comes First?

There are also scientists who claim that the moon is a hollow artificial sphere.
When the NASA is dropping stuff on the moon to destroy it so that the Russians
or Chinese don't steal? it they hear a vibration tone, as if indeed the moon is hollow.

There are also people who see two suns during sunset, just theoretically
imagine that there are 7 dimensions that run alongside or through each other.
And we are born in all seven, and in all seven we lead a slightly different life,
in one dimension we are married and not in the other one. In one dimension
we die healthy old and Grey, and in the other we die of let's say Cancer.

Is NASA Hiding Our Second Sun?
Sun Simulator: The Reasons for its use.
Two Sun in the Sky.
Blinking Sun.

That white condense-trail behind an airplane that evaporates in front
of your eyes, but there is a second trail a chemical-trail and that does
not 'evaporates' but which is lingering out and becomes veil clouds.

The Americans want the veil clouds to form a blanket around the earth in order
to bounce the sun light back into space because of global warming, if that
heat returns to the sun, it might become too hot and can theoretically explode.

Is it possible that God or UFOs will drain the extra heat so that he does not explode,
and therefore have placed a celestial body next to the sun that sucks the excess heat away.

ISS Zon Simulator.

Second Sun?

Planet X Orbit, Chemtrailing, Civil War in America.


In this YouTube, according to the passengers, their plane hung quietly in the air
for 13 minutes at 10 km altitude. You probably think yeh hang on we don't fry it
that deep, and whether this story is true partly or not real. I leave that in the
middle, because I wasn't on board I have not seen or experienced it myself.

What I was thinking about could it be that the plane was on the boun-
dary of two dimensions, sometimes airplanes get the command of the
air traffic controller, you still have to fly 3 laps before you may land.

Last month I followed a plane of the Surinamese airline SLM from the
Netherlands to Suriname an A340, and halfway I saw that the speedometer
showed 42 knots on the dial, while normally it should be about 450 knots.
Later when I looked again, I saw that the plane at Zanderij airport in Suriname
took of three times and landed three times, probably testing the speedometer.

Some people claim that around 40 knots is the real speed, and that the reason is that
if the passengers look out of the windows the clouds are painfully slow to pass by.
But it could also be that the clouds are so painfully slow that it just seems like they
are standing still, I have seen this myself a few times when I look out of my living room
window. And when the clouds stood still, the Earth must have been standing still as well.

There could be another possibility that the pool magnetic-field of the north-pole
shifted then everything stands still for a while, that happened in the past several
times millions of years ago. The present north-pole wasn't there ages ago.

The vikings called Greenland green because the land was covered with trees grass flowers etc.
now it's one big ice-cube, the people can only live at the sea area's surrounding Greenland.

There used to be no ice at the North Pole it was as green as grass it's a cycle of nature, just as we know
summer autumn winter and spring so nature also knows a big cycle ice no ice - ice no ice. But the arrogant
call it global warming which was stopped 15 years ago, is also a cycle that goes on for thousands of years.

That the sea is supposedly rising is because of sand extraction, around many islands they dig sand away
for sale in other parts of the world, then the island slowly begins to sink and it is flooded with water.

Biggest Secret They Don't Want You To Know - Sand Smuggling.

The people don't realize how they are being fucked by the creeps and demagogues on which
they vote every four years. Politicians are not for nothing professional liars and stage-actors.

People suffering from a split personality and hearing six voices may be in contact with other
lives through the subconscious mind. It is unfortunate that Psychiatrists call it a mental disease.

We people often tend to call these things' baloney, but we forget we haven't examined it ourselves
so we also have no end results. Often we take everything indiscriminately over from others, but they
often don't know either, often we people act like parrots while we don't have any knowledge of it at all.

Now there are of course, on the Internet both on websites and YouTube a lot of crack pots, which parade the
biggest crap you can imagine. But there are also serious people but these are coomed over the same comb
by the arrogant, who don't believe in both parties anyway and need something to humiliate both of them.

You have so essentially three parties the crack pots the serious and the arrogant,
I choose the serious one because they give you the most honest information.


Russia is demonized because they are considered the enemy where the whole world
should be scared-stiff off. But in reality America is our enemy, because since 1945 till
present 2018 for 73 years they've invaded other countries which they often to bomb.
Russia doesn't do that, and America has about 1000 military bases worldwide Russia a few.

But many dumb rabbits the citizens of-course in Western countries, who are convin-
ced that Russia is their enemy. This is also being brought about the demagogues of
the press and media, the TV journals the newspapers and the talk programs on TV,
who don't tell the citizens the truth and sell lies on the orders of their government.

Also, Assad of Syria is demonized because they accuse him of spraying children with
chemicals but he doesn't do that, in reality Israel Turkey Saudi Arabia and Qatar are
doing that. And the poison gas they buy it in the western world from their friends.

In The Vietnam War, America threw Agent Orange out of airplanes to unleaf the
forests where the Vietcong were hiding, and the question is why did the Americans
called that stuff “Orange” (Dutch manufacturer?). The Netherlands is Orange
because of the royal house and also the Football Orange above everything else.

And the Dutch governments has always been like traitors, just think of the butt-sucking
with Hitler true the ways of that Dutch country traitor who was called Prince Bernard.

And today they butt-suck with Israel who has been committing genocide on the Palestinians for the past
70 years, and stole most of Palestine with exemption of the prisons Gaza and the West Bank. Dutch
governments are just prostitutes, they do business with everyone if they can make money out of it.


If you are a Dutchman living abroad and you don't pay an old age
premium (OAP), then 2% per year will be deducted from your pension,
if you are 65 and live in the Netherlands again, and that is also only fair.
So if you have been living in the US for 20 years you get 60% OAP.

But how do they do that with foreigners, take a Turkish or a Moroccan
man who starts living on their 38th in the Netherlands as a guest worker,
so from 18 to 38 years they did not pay an OAP premium for 20 years.
Now they are retired, I wonder if they will get 60 or 100% OAP.

A Surinamese comes after the independence also with his 38 years to the Netherlands, now he
is retired because he is the older generation. Will he also receives 60% OAP or the full 100%.

An asylum seeker a man from Syria, comes to the Netherlands with 38 years, and
later he will become 65 years, will he get 60 or 100%. How did they settle that in the
European Parliament, why don't they make one central OAP for all Europeans.

And if the foreigners all get 100% OAP, then it's not surprising that the Dutch are pissed and
will vote for a racist party like Wilders. And the English for the National Front, and the French
for Le Penn, and God knows how many more of these mental institutions there are in Europe.
So governments themselves drive the electorate into the hands of those extreme racist parties.


(01-07-2018) NO COMMENT.
The Simulation Theory - We Must Take Control - David Icke.
COINCIDENCE proves we live in a Simulated Reality!


Everything we put in underground containers are raw materials, bottles
cans of plastic old clothes paper etc. Manufacturers use these to make new
products that they sell, and make profits. But we mental patients give those
raw materials away for free, and then we have to pay for the costs.

Have we fallen on our heads? Perhaps it will be time for a referendum to demand that
we no longer want to pay for it, and that the waste tax will be abolished. What we
can do the next time we refuse to pay the charge if the bill falls in the mailbox

We could also go to a lawyer and or judge to demand that the levy be abolished.
Making amok at the town hall makes no sense, because they will surely park
us with all sorts of fallacy into a forest, that will be a senseless fight for years.

Many citizens may say why are you moaning we the unemployed have exemption.
Yes that is true, but this exemption is now taken from the general Taxpot, so we
pay it through a backdoor. And also the working citizens are fucked, they have to pay
twice waste charge, one for the exempt and one for themselves as working people.

You have a bakery and you buy flour yeast salt plastic bags etc and bake loafs. But the
Town-council says we deliver the bread to the supermarket, and you must pay for it, so
the raw material flour yeast salt you will not get paid for them. If I buy a jar of peanut
butter in the supermarket, the cost of the bottle is included in the selling price, but if I
give the empty bottle back to another manufacturer, I have to fucking pay for it again.


(29-06-2018) MAYRA ANDRADE.
Kaka Barboza/ Dimokransa.
Quim di Santiago/ Kenha ki ben ki ta bai.
We Used To Call It Love.

Mayra Andrade e Mariana Aydar / Música de Bolso.
Cesária Évora e Mayra Andrade.
Sangue De Berona - Tribute to Cesaria Evora.
Cesaria Evora Live D'amor 2004 (Complete Concert).


Most people continue to keep lifelong fanatic to their faith. They have received the
faith from their parents from birth, and often they also had to go to church as children.
And may think, if we adopt a different faith, we are betraying our parents. Is it possible
that some may only sit in the church, because they hope that father mother grandma
and grandpa will come in straight away, while they are often dead for years.

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)

(List called Bijblebarrel), it is meant that, the rulers have created many beliefs,
to play the faithful out against each other. So that they get in battle with each
other to defend their faith, and not have time to jointly make paradise on Earth.

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

When there were no churches and Bible in the old days, people still had hope and
trust in the future? Is it possible that when there no churches and Bible, the people
believed in the same supreme Being. And instinctively did the good also with each other.

The Western churches forced in the 3rd world in the slaves and colonial times, their western faith
upon the so-called: “uncivilized?“, they were not allowed to practice their nature faith they could
not confess anymore because that was devilish. And now the people sitting in the church long-live
to worship a western faith, and taking a waiting attitude until the white? Western savior comes?

And in the meantime their countries are looted, from the raw materials for an apple and
an egg. They have to make our products for a pittance, pay interest on interest on interest
on interest rates etc. And so their debts remain open forever, in this way they are perma-
nently in the plier, those western: “Civilized?” are very shrewd dodgy and cunning.

In the past, the Sunnis and Shiites, they were one group that lived harmonious with each
other. Then the French came, and they played them out against each other. And during the
clashes, the French were the boss in the Middle East. The Tutsi and the Hutu of Rwanda in
Africa were also one people until the Belgians came and created troubles between them.

The same also applies to the people of Africa, and the people of South
America, and the people in Asian countries. They were all harmonious with each
other. Until the western white arrogant arrived, living in a psychiatric pride world.

When the European settlers and slave boats arrived in South America, they also killed
millions of Indians. Now the Westerners from the White House and their bosses the
Khazar from Palestine and not Israel, trying to kill millions of lives in the Middle East.

The Palestinians and the Jews lived harmonious between each other,
until the murderers and rapists of the Knesseth arrived from Europe.
Deir Yassin Remembered. (The Beginning of Terror) (Survivors Explain)

Deir Yassin Remembered.

Palestinian RadioStations.

Since the Khazar - they are not Biblical but Fake Jews (Their homeland
Ukraine - that country in the old days was also named Khazar) arrived in
Palestine, they have killed Allah knows how many Palestinians and stolen their
land (For 70 years they committing genocide). When the English arrived in
America they stole the land of the Indians and killed 50 million of them.

If I was a Palestinian, I would hate the Western world because they are betraying me, through
butt-sucking with Israel (including “Cuntte”) and have no problem with the genocide and the
stealing of my land. Could it be that they themselves not like the Khazar either, and by helping
them with technology and weapons they remain the boss of the Palestinians in their country.

If they didn't help the Khazar they might have to flee from the Middle East, and
come to the western world what the Westerners probably don't want, is the western
word sacrificing people with a skin color like the Palestinians for their own gain.

Investigating the Holocaust can be dangerous, if you go too far than you have a chance
to disappear in jail for 3 years. It's not desirable that you examine history, why are they
so terribly afraid for, that war has gone as he has gone there is not a pin to place in
between. Even if you dig and spit your a thousand years on websites and YouTube and
documents you're not going to find anything, because that war has gone as he has gone.

You are a researcher and after 5 years of digging you discover that in the second world war
not one leave alone 6 million Jews died of gassing, according to researchers 355,000 died for
the most part of typhoid and Cholera and hunger in the final phase of the war. If you are
going to publish that, you have a chance of 3 years imprisonment, the whole world should be:
“Overjoyed”, even I who write this down take a risk, the: “Posh Nosh” also see me as a danger.

So that truth that you have discovered with investigations does not suit them they can't use it, then it is
possible that the whole of the 2nd World War has been rigged, some claim also the 1st World War was lit
and funded by the wealthy the bankers and the multinational Jews to have an excuse to steal Palestine.

If that is the case then they have been taking the whole world for a ride including their
own people who have died you may call them: “Schlemiels” or the man of the street Jew.
That great man from the Bible called Jesus calls them: “Viper Serpents” and they're not my
people, maybe this is the reason why they have crucified him he was a whistle-blower.

Rise and Fall of the Khazars.
Kingdom of the Khazars.




Today I read in a local newspaper that 2 nurses from the hospital here
in Zutphen spent 2 Months in Uganda at a hospital, to treat patients to
educate the staff and donated a terrain vehicle and other medical stuff.

That's all very noble but the Westerners are often the cause of
that African countries are poor and need help, they borrow one
Euro from us and pay 3 back in the form of interest on interest rates
on interest rates. We often steal their raw materials for an apple and
an egg, and let them make our products for a meager penny.

We flood their countries with our cheap subsidy goods such as rice chickens
tomatoes second hand clothes, leaving their own domestictrade going bankrupt.
If they close their borders for our goods then they are threatened by the IMF
and the World Bank, open that border otherwise you will not get any loans anymore.

Plus we are polluting Africa on a large scale with our discarded waist, such as old com-
puters refrigerators TV's and other stuff we consider crap. They take out the materials
that they can use the rest is dumped and or put on fire, we get rid of our waste
mountains and we also earn money with it very handy yet 2 birds in one trow.

So if we help the poor of the third and non Western countries, that's a
kind of hypocritical hypocrisy, while if we stayed away from their coun-
tries they would keep enough money to buy their own terrain vehicle.

Change your Channel.
Our garbage to Africa.
Children of Cotton. (Kinderen van Katoen).

I'm not sure of-course but maybe these 2 nurses probably vote for
the CDA and VVD politicians, who together with their bosses from
the banks the IMF the World Bank the multinationals the oil companies
and otherscum wonderfully rob Africa empty and keep the poor arm.

If I were the President of Uganda, then I kicked the Western whites out of
the country, then the country has a better chance, also these sneaky devils
of the church to convert people, and are often playing sexually with small
children. Let them in their own country convert souls, because there are enough
antisocial scum around on the streets that need to be converted urgently.

African countries are still colonies of France.
France has to aknowledge guilt.
Why did they invented in 1550 the first white racist theory?


The psychiatric European government wants to bring 60 million asylum seekers
to Europe with the reasoning of an aging population, but Dutch bosses don't
easily hire colored people, like the 2nd generation Surinamese Antilleans
Moroccans and Turks. Let's say that 20 European countries participate,
that means 3 million asylum seekers per country and then you get a civil war.

The masses of those 60 million have no proper education so the Dutch bosses
will not hire them at all, so they will get social security for a lifetime, and if
they don't get a salary so how are they going to pay the AOW Premium monthly
for the elderly. It will be taken out of the tax-box behind the scenes, so the
working Dutch people will have to pay 2 times AOW premium monthly. And if
that is correct why still import asylum-seekers, you don't need them anymore.

You can see that the EU and local governments are playing a lot of comedy,
because if you know beforehand that the masses are not going to find work
why not import 60 million well-educated white Westerners from outside
Europe to combat aging. Of course they will never do that, because they
are going to be a financial competition for the Dutch working people.

They want to make shelter-camps before they are shipped to the Netherlands,
and on arrival they will automatically receive a lifetime residence permit. This
means that the asylum seekers who are already in the Netherlands, should
immediately receive a residence staying permit, and not have to wait 5 years
and receive one at the mercy of the IND COA and the minister. Or import 50%
colored people and 50% Westerners, then no one can accuse you of being a racist.

Foreign immigration-camps will act as EU ambassador's to issue free staying permits.

Some people will probably call this man a racist and maybe he is, but if you listen carefully
at his words he's making a difference between bona-fide and criminal asylum-seekers.

A Word To The Criminal Migrant. (by Pat Condell)
A Message To Offended Muslims.
A Word To The Google Feminists.


The Dutch government and police are racists why, since shortly your not allowed to film the
police on the streets. This law was introduced after strangling an Aruban on the street by the
police, with other words if it happens again we don't want any film evidence at the court-case.

A little while later family and friends had a funeral memorial service on the street,
and the police led them through the industrial estate they were not allowed to walk
through the city. And quite soon during the commemoration at the place where it hap-
pened, and shortly after the police told them that the rest of the commemoration is now
over, on orders of the mayor you should go home now otherwise you will be arrested.

Go to 02.32 / 02.46 where te Racist: "PIG" tells the people to piss of home.

A few years ago an Antillean man was beaten in his face by the
police with their handcuffs because they couldn't get them on until
he bled in the face, the man had to go to hospital for treatment.

The man was indeed drunk and had a knife in his hands, but he spinned
more around on his legs than threatening the police. Then the police shot
a few times in the air and he was kicked in the back with their legs and
he fell on the street on his belly, and because they did not get their
handcuffs quickly on they began beating him in the face with their handcuffs.

I then sued them for the assault, later in the afternoon they came back in the street.
They drove quietly but just where I was standing they started racing, when they
were back on the street they drove away queitly, and a little later they came back
and did it for the second time. In other words, the next time you sue us, then your
history we know where you live, so I was threatened by the hoodlums of the law.

If Moroccan youngsters report mistreatment at their local police station in The Hague,
the police will return to the burrough later in the day and provoke just as long until they
have an excuse to commit arrests. At the police station they often get beaten up.

The hunting season here in the Netherlands is open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year at
Antilleans Surinamese Moroccans and other non-Dutch. We the second generation are just
wild game where they hunt us with permission of the chief of police the mayor and the politicians.

A few years ago I was arrested because I had smashed the windows of the local police station
with two bricks, I had a 6 year old Iraqi girl living in my flat who was three months old when she
came to the Netherlands, she was taken out of her home and they brought her to a special
place where they sent asylum-seekers home. (She now lives elsewhere in the Netherlands).

Go to: 08-08-2017 for more info.


(23-06-2018) 432 OR 440 HERTZ MUSIC?
Around the Second World War it was decided to broadcast the music
in 440 Hz, while 432 Hz is the real music that's in balance with nature.

Music on Divine level.
Vibration is movement and is expressed in Hertz (Hz).
The Schumann resonance has almost doubled.

432 Hz Destroys Unconscious Blockages.
The Best Native Music Ever - Healing Music 528Hz - Gamma 40Hz.
A = 432 Hertz Cymatics.
Moonlight Sonata Cymatics.

LIVE MUSIC: (Meditation) (Sleep) (Yoga) (Relaxing) (Rain Thunder Lightning)

If you're going to listen to this music, and you start feeling unwell maybe it's wise to
stop listening. That because not every Hertz frequency is suitable if you have problems
in the subconscious mind, our body also consists of flow waves with a certain Hertz
frequency and that can collide with the Hertz waves of the music. I suspect that's
of course theory that if those two waves collide that presumably is maybe your problem
in your subconscious mind, and to find out what problem it is about, is difficult. (The 6 Tones Of Creation God) (Golden Frequency) (Root Chakra Activation) (Fibonacci 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 Hz) (Pineal Gland Calibration ~ 432Hz) (528 Hz | Miracle Tone) (The Voice Of Our Earth) (Sound of the Sun) (The Sound Of The Moon) (Coral Reef Aquarium) (Deepest Mandelbrot) (BirdSong)

See also:
07-04-2017 (MegaHertz Muziek)
10-03-2018 (440 Hertz of 432 Hertz?)


Paradise on Earth, how should it look like?

The Cyborg Future of Humanity.
The wonders of Creation.

Your Purpose is to Just Be Here. (Krista Raisa)
Signs Your 3rd Eye is Open and Advice.
You are Disclosure!

God The Psycho.
Is God a Psychopath?

God urgently needs a psychiatrist, because he suffers from a split personality.
To the Dutch he says: “Go and Multiply”.
To the Surinamese he says: “Multiply and Go”.
Then it's no wonder that I'm nuts, so Father so Son.


Students of a medical University study: “Medicine” but not: “Health”, because once
they have graduated they know only 3 things: “Drugs” Operation and Chemo. The
patients are given a medicine and have to live with their disease because it's like
that, further searching to cure the patient often happens by alternative Medici.

The pharmaceutical industry has a thick finger in the porridge with the medical
teachings the training the Donations and other gifts at medical universities, the
teaching material is also often colored, so that when they're doctors they will
soon write as many recipes as possible, so that the pharmaceutical industry
getting filthy rich. And our governments their kind looks for kind finds it fine.

Many children now a day receive dangerous drugs because they are supposed to
suffer from ADHD, they are simply intelligent children who are getting annoyed by
the flock of herd in the classroom and become frustrated and noisy. Even dogs
nowadays seem to suffer from ADHD as they run wildly behind a horny bitch.

See Also: 03-04-2017
Is ADHD a Scientific proven Desease?

The pharmaceutical industry must be nationalized and should not be private companies
with shareholders who become rich over the backs of sick patients. The health insurers
must also be nationalized because they're saving billions of premiums annually.

The money is not meant for that and then they also have the nerve to increase the premiums
unnecessarily every year. Plus there seem to be insurers who reject us as a new patient if
we are already sick, then the government forces us to pay compulsory premiums every month
to commercial insurers, but as a patient they don't want us when we are already sick.

Vaccins are not for health, but for profit.
Ex Farma-Employee talks about misleading.

HPV-vaccins (Cervical Cancer) for young girls from 6 years and onwards are harmfull, it's plain
money grabbing, because these girls can't get HPV because they don't have sex jet with a partner. (No Billions fat profit for shareholders). (Petition to medical insurance director).

That better-situated world (to whom it relates) seems to be: "Scum",
that's the reason they carry a dogstail around their necks because
they know in their subconscious that they are descended from dogs.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


Why I write above because the mind can't get sick the body can. If someone
starts acting strangely, it's because there is a disturbance in the chemical
household of the brain. So it's bodily, and it falls under the doctor's treatment.
What does a psychiatrist do to eliminate that chemical disturbance of the
brain, he gives medication to the physical brain, and not to the mind.

What could be is that the person in his subconscious is fighting with a problem, and the body
reacts to it. Sometimes I'm angry at someone, and want to hit the person. Then suddenly
my arm very fastly shoots forward and back again, while I consciously don't do that.

So is it theoretically possible that if an epileptic patient struggles with something in his
subconscious, that his body reacts to that with jerky movements? So it's not necessarily
that's a mental decease, they only react to a stimulus from the subconscious a kind of overload.

The Myth of Mental Illness.

Letter to the children.

Psychiatry an Industry of Dead.


I -- DEMAND -- that the U.S. defense forces, whether they are Army Naval Air
Force or Special services, and their more than 750 bases around the world are
being kicked back to their own country, to defend their national boundaries against
any enemy. This also applies to NATO armies, and any other non-Western foreign armies.

Any defense force it doesn't matter which country, piss of home to your own
fucking country. Then there will come a sea of peace on Earth. The non western
and third world countries, are not the property of the arrogant cocky racist whites.
We've had the slave and colonial times they no longer exist that's in the past, so history.

The current multinational time must also be abolished. Each country is going to mind with its
own domestic affairs, within its own national boundaries. Then all the Western Church missionaries
have to fuck off to their own country, make new souls in your own country, because there are
still enough antisocial scum around on the streets that urgently need to be converted.


In the past I have been thinking about this, why don't we hire a foreign government to
get the Netherlands back into the green figures. So instead of having €18 billion short,
we're having every year €20 billion over. And that government will then receive a commis-
sion of let's say 33.3%, and which government that doesn't matter, I couldn't care less.

The politics in The Hague they are always talking about “privatizing”, and that this is the
best solution for the economy of the Netherlands. Then we're going to make a profit again
and there will be no cuts anymore. And everyone can live financially well again and no more
unemployment. While practice shows that if you privatize, life becomes a lot more expensive
for the citizens. because the losses will be a burden to the people by for example taxation.

I have been thinking about it in the past, if all Dutch people are not going to vote once
in their lives. And on that day there is not even 1 vote, then the politicians are getting
nuts they don't know what hit them. Now they know they can do and let what they want,
because the voter will still vote for us again, because they are good herd animals.

So the misery and hopelessness that the citizens are living in, they cause it themselves.
For politicians treat the voters 80 years like old dirt, and as inferior beings. And most citizens
don't learn anything, but at home they have a big mouth against their children, there they dare.

Is this possible theoretically possibly a reason, why children who love their parents,
become disappointed in them and don't want to know. And stunning their brains with
alcohol and narcotics. As long as the children are unhappy, they will continue to use
alcohol and drugs. And it makes no sense to detect and disable drug dealers.

Make a society where they are happy, then the children will probably not use drugs
anymore. Because they now have fun in their lives, and then the dealers disappear
by themselves, because they don't have a market anymore, most problems are solvable.


Primitive Way: Build Green House By Kids.
Kids Happiness Overloaded On Water Slider.


Chicken Curry Cooking by our Sisters for Poor Kids.
Sweet & Sour Indian Jujube Pickles.
Humanitarian Kitchen.


Grandpa Making Egg Fried Rice for Orphan kids.
Crispy Fried Shrimp Recipe By Our Grandpa.
Grandpa Kitchen.


(16-06-2018) IS DEMOCRAZY FAKE?
If governments regularly visit each other to talk about peace,
then they're taking the world population for a ride, because when
you stand on the street with a sign: “Peace on Earth “, they send
the: “Gestapo“ (Riot Squad) to beat you up arrest you or lock you
up and a fine. So politicians are first class mass murderers
who play comedy, so professional liars and stage actors.

Governments should be glad with civilians who want peace,
this proves that democracy so the will of the people doesn't
exist, so figuratively and literally you're not allowed to give
your opinion on the street. You're being punished by hitting you
or arrest you or lock you up and a fine, and the: “Gestapo” they
are people's traitor's and so cohort with the political scum.

It's actually the: “Gestapo” who are disrupting the peace in
the inner city and create one big mess, the people with the
banners and or signs are talking quietly to each other, they
were not wrecking or trowing things. It's the: “Gestapo's”
who starts to create a chaos with charges, if they had stayed
away it would have been quite and peaceful in the city.

Governments or the: “Fascists” don't want people to express their views
on the streets, and the: “Voters” agree with it and don't wanttheir fellow
citizens express their views on the streets either. Becausenext time they're
going to vote again on the: “Fascists”. All to defend the upbringing of their
parents, because if we stop voting we are bad and ungrateful children.

State Scum in Action.


Are there stupid people and who are stupid people and why
do they indiscriminately believe everything from others as truth?

First, they have learned that experts and scientists and
politicians always speak the truth, secondly they have
learned from their parents that the doctor the mayor uncle
police-officer the reverend etc. always speak the truth.

Second, they think that studied people know anything
because they've studied though, but what is studying it
is indiscriminately adopting everything from teachers.
Studying is ramming and ramming until you can dream it,
intelligence only comes around the corner when you're going
to wonder how did they come to that knowledge, and is there
even more besides that knowledge and is that knowledge really true.

Question Authority.
The Myth Of Authority.


Beautiful Grandma, teach these assholes a lesson.

Some people say it's vandalism what she did, but is fighting for peace vandalism? With
other words if you agree with war then you are a hero. Funny world right, or actually
funny people because the planet is OK, it's the mentally disturbed humans on it who are
thinking and doing funny. And most people call themselves Christian and religious, while
their God is constantly saying: “Thou shall not kill”, funny and or criminal humans right?

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition — with Larken Rose.

Is Anarchy Dangerous? No, But Statism Is...

Josie Outlaw -- A Message To The Police.
Mark Passio vs. The Lemonade Raiding NAZI Cops.
Most Men Are Chickenshit Cowards.


We westerners will double the salary of the Chinese women, which they get,
if they make our pants in their factories. The woman receives for 40 hours
p/wk €368 per month if I'm right. If we take some of the net profit of those
pants sold in the western world and give €368 to her. Then she has a
decently reasonable income to their standards of €736 per month.

But I am not naive, because the trade business will never do this of course,
and politicians will hackle around it. You could come to the conclusion “in
a rough way” that, we Westerners are actually a bunch of: “bastards”. All
the fat gains are for us, and the women we ship off with a pittance.


POV Driving Scania S520 - Odda - Ålvik Rv13 - 36.57min (Part 1/3)
POV Driving Scania S520 - Odda - Ålvik Rv13 - 36.33min (Part 2/3)
POV Driving Scania S520 - Odda - Ålvik Fv7 - 32.40min (Part 3/3)


(11-06-2018) SONIC BOOM.
If the Khazar government who are the boss in the White House
because the American politicians are their jumping jacks, coming
with the story about ultrasound then I don't trust it anymore. “Because”
maybe they do it themselves to put people into a certain mood.

So that the western population will have a dislike for China and also
Cuba where it has happened in the past. This is done psychologically
in the dark, which causes people in their subconscious mind to dislike
those countries. And if America were to invade those countries
militarily in the future, then the Westerners will have no objection.

The police left and right in some countries are also beginning to
make this kind of noises heard on the streets, to scare away the
people who are expressing themselves which governments don't like.
Dictatorial Fascistic governments only need to abuse the law-code-
book for their self-interest, they simply create a new law to be able
to make everything legal and do with the public what they want.

A new law should first be put before the citizens as in Sweden, because
if the masses says “No” then that law is not being made. Do the masses
say: “Yes” then you can make a legal law of it, the problem is that many
citizens want to take out their fellow citizens, will then say: “Yes” make
that law, and then they do exactly what their parents want them to do.


(10-06-2018) HYPOCRITES.
If America acts as a peace apostle between the Khazar (fake Jews)
and the Palestinians then you know that you are being taken for a
ride. America gives $3 billion each year to the Khazar to maintain their
war material, and T. Rump wants to raise that amount to 7 billion.

If America wants peace between the Palestinians and the
Khazar, they must split the country in two as they did with Korea.
There is a north Korea and South Korea, and the US Army has a
basis in the middle on the border to keep those two apart.

Do that also with Palestine on the right the Khazar and on the left
the Palestinians, place in the middle an American base so that these
two nations can't mess with each other. But of course this will never
happen because of the hypocrisy of America and Europe.

America peace negotiator between de Palestinians and Israel?


(09-06-2018) OWN INTEREST?
Dutch soldiers won't easily commit a coup, they think it's OK what their
government is doing with the people, for example more and more cameras
on the street, drag nets to keep an eye on the people, copy their hard
drives, listen to their phones, tap their emails etc. through the AIVD.

But the crazy thing is these soldiers are going to Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria and Mali,
to set things straight they don't like, but in their own country they play for scared chicken.

In Syria there was peace until the: “Khazar Beasts” (America) opened
the Pandora's box, now the country is one large graveyard and ruin
with blessings from NATO and the E.U. that other beasts such as the
CIA and Mossad have introduced mercenaries like ISIS Al Qaida A
Daesh, to play out the people and President Assad against each other.

Then with so called bombardments to liberate the people, but the real
result you could read in the site below. And why is this all happening,
to get rid of the governments of Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Yemen
and maybe in the future also Iran. So the western world can install straw
governments, so that they can rule again like in the colonial times.

Syria: Raqqa in ruins and the people desolated
after the “war of destruction” of the US.

The western countries who have been shooting in them countries should be
trialed by the: “International JusticeCourt” in The Hague, because of committing
war crimes. But that will never happen because the court is also one great big
hypocritical gang, it's al friends politics with other words there all hypocrites.

And these rats call them self civilized democratic Christians, they talk about moral
decency respect leave their values alone bible's law books, while behind the scenes they
are plain satanical cockroaches scum from hell, or the garbage from the evolution. And in
you believe in the bible you could also say: “The Fallen Angels” now children of the Satan.

The Full interview with President Assad of Syria (Dutch subtitles)

Independent Free News.


From May 27th until today June 7th I couldn't upload anything because
I constantly got a blue screen. The computer just starts up but the
desktop disappears pretty quickly and then comes a blue screen, the
computer goes off again then back on to the desktop and blue screen etc.

I have tried everything from MSCONFIG to CMD (sfc /scannow)
(Prompt) (scanreg /restore) (Prompt) restore point (didn't work),
Regedit (Run) Safe mode, take the button-battery out of the mother-
board, and put it back again then the BIOS resets itself to Default.

Yesterday I discovered that it was the virtually new keyboard, which has
a driver named: GameKb.sys. I replaced it with my old keyboard and have
since had no blue screen anymore, I can upload Internet and YouTube etc.

Occasionally, some powerful words flew through the room, because
at some point you become desperate and pissed on that damned rotten
computer, and all the time it was the fucking bollocks keyboard.

The Blue Screen gave the sentence:
Driver Verifier Detected Violation.
Failed: GameKb.sys.
Go to: (Doesn't Work). (StopCode)

Driver verifier detected violation.

To reach Comman Prompt.
Windows + X
Windows powershell (Admin) click.
and click on next appearing form.

A friendly "WARNING" is at it's place if you are a laymen,
"DO NOT" type any term in the field and press enter,
because your computer may go up the creek as well.

It's safe to type for example - sfc /scannow - after:
PS C:\windows\system32> sfc /scannow (click Enter)
It will scan your system (Can take 30 minutes).


According to my vision, the rental houses are owned by the residents. “Because” they
pay 60 years rent. They leave the family home around 20 years, and die at an average
age of 80 years. And after 60 years the rental house must be paid off. An ex-director
of our housing company told me: “Rental houses are never paid off, and we need money
for new houses”. That is of course bull if so, then no one bought a new house.

Wouldn't it be nice that from our 65th, we don't have to pay rent anymore.
Besides the cost like the salary of the staff, the expenses of the rental company.
The maintenance of the rental houses, a leaky faucet repair a clamping door,
a renovation, etc. But we don't mind that, because a home owner has to pay
that as well. But I'm not naive this will presumably not happen in our time.

And when the oldies have died, the house is rented to a young couple,
of twenty who are just married. And they're going to pay the full rent
again for 45 years, and if the Casco is OK. The houses will last 100
years, and then they will be demolished, and a new house is being built.

The staff of the rental companies often live in the delusion that, the houses are theirs.
“As” if they themselves bought them with their private savings. They often play for
the city's dictator, often the residents are parked into a forest, or kept on a leash.

They are staff to make sure that everything in the city on housing rentals is going harmonious,
so that everyone can live in a house. The rental houses are not their private own. Enough
residents are already being put on the streets by their rental company, or are constantly
harassed by, bailiffs, collection agencies and judges. If the staff can't have their way.

I consider myself to be the co-owner of the housing rental company and their foundation,
and I don't wish to be put on the streets, by the one who believes that it is all exclusive
theirs. We pay them a salary, so they work for us we are the real boss, and they are our staff.
It must go as we want it, and not as they wish, or an eventually harmonic cooperation.

A house rental company at least in this country is often a foundation, does this
mean that we are residents the owners of that housing foundation? Imagine you
are in the building of the rental company, and are asked to step outside on the public
road. Otherwise, we will call the police, who will put you on the streets by force.

Can a house rental company make that request as a foundation? Remember that building is built
with rental money the furniture the chairs the desks the computers, the A4 sheets, the mainte-
nance cars you name it all paid from our rent. The entire costs have been paid by the residents.


I'm not a Muslim and I don't want to be one, I don't want to belong to any
religion because what they always do is fight each other by the mouth or by
weapons. I believe all religions should become one and preach the word of
the supreme being, help each other so that we can create paradise on Earth,
don't let the devil and or the clergymen distract you by different religions.

Weep partner feuds, children don't go and serve a portcullis, ban trick.

(Startingstone = God/Jesus? / Ban Trick = Divide and Rule?)

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)
The rulers have created dozens of different churches and beliefs, because
of that the faithful have been fighting each other for thousands of years.
Because they all think that their faith is the only real true, resulting that
the earth is now a hellish diabolical planet because of the many faith deaths?

Minister Louis Farrakhan Interview w/
RAW Radio Power 92.3 (07:30 /01:06.20)
Louis Farrakhan WARNS Donald Trump &
U.S. Government for FINAL TIME!!

The Nation of Islam.


NATO must be obliged to be dissolved, as it is a criminal mass
murderers war organization. Since 73 years since the end of World
War II in 1945 they cause revolutions coups wars and the chasing
away of Governments in non western countries. And why do Western
voters look the other way, asort of kind looks for kind or one wet pot?

The crimes America (Their boss Israel) commits since 73 years.

You're actually wondering the white Western race, how do they
think in Christ's name. Because the poverty and misery of the colored
people they couldn't care less, as long as they can make a profit and
become rich. Don't these people have no feelings for their fellow man
in distress, can't they grasp that this humanity lives miserably.

Gaddafi asked 700 trillion dollars reparation for
Africa from colonial powers. Then... he was killed.
Minister Farrakhan on Ghaddafi & Libya (Feb 27, 2011) 1 of 2.
Minister Farrakhan on Ghaddafi & Libya (Feb 27, 2011) 2 of 2.

March 31, 2011 - Farrakhan Press Conference on Libya,
Pres. Obama and Col. Gadhafi (02:06:33)


(23-05-2018) DISCOVER ASIA.
Cambodia Music.

Laos Music.

Malaysia Music.

Myanmar Music.

Singapore Music.

Thailand Music.

Vietnam Music.


The Western churches have in previous times in the slave and colonial times,
imposed their western beliefs on the so-called: “Uncivilized?”, their natural
faiths were not allowed to practice anymore because that was devilish.
And now the people are sitting for a lifetime in the church to worship a
Western faith, and have a waiting attitude until the Western Savior comes?

And in the meantime their countries are being robbed empty for the
raw materials for an apple and an egg. They have to make our produce
for peanuts, pay interest on interest on interest etc. And so their debt
will be forever, and they are perpetual stuck between a pair of pliers.
These western: “Civilized?” people play a very slick and cunning game.

The non-western people tell how they think about western people.
Here are the countries who are still belonging and depending on the motherland.

The Devil of the fake faith of the Churches has taught humanity,
don't get upset it hasn't any use, you will pull at the end of the shor-
tened stick, you are parked in the forest etc. Jesus of the real faith
says, “Sacrifice yourself for humanity for then they will get a better life”.

The church leaders are devils-children, they tell the believers you have to
swallow everything compulsory for life, because later our God will come and
save you. Yea yea about 80 million years from now I presume, if all humans
have been exterminated by their friends with the weapons. The poor people
give donations to these devils. And they themselves live a rich live, and can't keep
their filthy hands of children, and then they tell us bull with their hypocritical faces.

The biggest cause of most wars, and that all throughout history is
Biblical faith. We as mankind have already murdered billions of people in
the evolution because of our faith, for we all live in the delusion that our
faith is the only true one. It is always possible that we are not at all as
faithful as we think, but maybe defend the faith of the parents. And at home
during the upbringing we learned that we are better than the child of the neighbors.

Imagine the person the leader on Earth was called Jesus, who they have eliminated
(they thought) and wickedly placed him in a leak basket that was laid in the river. Was the
Cross (Southern Crux) a star configuration in the air where the whites came from. Did their
UFO leaders then made all kinds of difference Church beliefs, in order to confuse the people,
with result that until today they have quarrels with each others' faith, resulting in all those wars.

If I was God or Allah, then I would ask all humans to abandon all beliefs
Churches Temples Mosques Bibles Korans Talmud etc. And help each other
at all fronts in them 85 years were are on earth, we don't look anymore to
all beliefs color of skin richdom poordom. We show each other this is what de
supreme beings want, making peace on earth between all 7 billion children

Weep partner feuds, children don't go and serve a portcullis, ban trick.

(Startingstone = God/Jesus? / Ban Trick = Divide and Rule?)

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)
The rulers have created dozens of different churches and beliefs, because
of that the faithful have been fighting each other for thousands of years.
Because they all think that their faith is the only real true, resulting that
the earth is now a hellish diabolical planet because of the many faith deaths?


There will be Dutchmen who think it's good that their government
with jet-fighters firing missiles in Syria. But those Dutchmen
haven't got a faint clue what that means for the local people,
because herein the Netherlands they don't feel it personally.

When a rocket explodes, it is accompanied by a thundering loud hellish roar,
plus that rocket destroyed and blows everything away in the vicinity through
the air pressure. I suspect that the local population is getting frightened and
are in great panic fear, because maybe we are going to die, the arrogant
Dutchmen don't have a faint clue because they don't experience it personally.

That is why it's arrogant that the well-known Dutchmen daily in those talk
programmes on TV, demanding that Assad has to be tackled even harder
with even more scary blasting stuff. Besides that where does the Netherlands
finds the guts to interfere in Syria, the Syrians have not threatened us, they
have not invaded our country, nor are they shooting at us and or torturing us.

The Netherlands the government and the voters are war criminals, because they
invaded a foreign country and also without the permission from the Syrian govern-
ment and are bombarding. Turn the ball around I'm quite sure that most Dutchmen
will be pissed on Syria, so probably this kind of Dutchmen are true racists?

Bomb attacks are also being carried out by our own secret services. The Israeli
Mossad bombed their own embassy in London England, then they shoved it into the
shoes of Gaddafi of Libya. As a result, that America bombarded Libya fairly soon after-
wards whereby also his daughter died, because England refused to bomb the country.

False Flag Attacks.

Human Casualties in Syria.

Is it righteous to bomb Syria.


If you want to steal a country where there is peace, you have to create
an enemy and how do you do it. You take a group of cockroaches often
mercenaries, you give them a training you arm them you call them ISIS
Al Qeda etc. and prop them in that country. And under the excuse of the
government of that country is terrorizes its people we must free them,
you invade that country and bombard it trying to remove the government.

Then you place a straw government like in Afghanistan Iraq and Libya
and you're now running the show in that country. And if all the countries
of the Middle East are nicked, then the head Cockroaches or the Viper
Snakes (Khazar) from Israel have created a Great Israel. And the oil is
just the whipped cream on the cake two birds in one trow.

The Cockroach Viper Snakes (Khazar) from Israel using America and
Europe as a trolley to let them do their dirty work for their them, and
hiding themselves behind the scenes. They then blackmail humanity
with a holocaust, so that no one dares to say anything about Israel.

IRAN UNCENSORED - Media harassment and reality. (13-02-2018 - (English).
The West sabotages peace in the Middle East. (27-02-2018 - English).
Media instigation against Iran - potential to trigger war. (30-03-2018 - English).
Syria and the ruthless reaction of the western media. (03-04-2018 - Dutch).
Military attacks against Syria: Trump remains incalculable. (21-04-2018 - Dutch).
Missile attacks: Free Licence for Israel? (17-05-2018 - Dutch). (English)


(19-05-2018) WESTERN RACISM?
France so far forced Haiti to make reparations for the revolution
of 1791 where the occupation and slavery ended. The current
president of France, Francois Hollande has indicated that he
wants to cancel the outstanding debt of Haiti. Hollande has also
indicated nothing to see in reparations to the former colonies.

How come acquit, the Haitians didn't borrow money from the IMF
or the World Bank, the money they've already paid must be paid
back including interest. What an arrogant racist mindset is this
now again. All countries are not privately owned by Westerners.

Western governments the IMF the World Bank NATO the others.
Are they maybe indeed children of the devil these can't be God's
children? Do they perhaps have the same mentality as their ances-
tors in slave and colonial times? Or are they mentally disturbed?


The real: “Viper Serpents” (I'm not talking about the man of the street Jew),
in the Middle East, who have been the cause since September 11th 2001 of
millions of deaths injured handicapped widows and orphans and refugees, are
those cursed: “Khazar (Fake Jews)” originally from the Ukraine. Who have
converted in 740 A.D. to Judaism, they're not Biblical Jews they don't descend
from Judea or Abraham, and they've never lived in Palestine nor 2000 years ago.
That great man from the Bible Jesus calls them: “VIPER SERPENTS”.

Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat (Engelse Sub).

Douma hostages meet their families in Damascus.

In the YouTube below the older man says that it was Allah's will that the
little boy was born without arms. Presumably he also means that it was
Allah's will that his family died by a mine, for example his uncle who carried
him died. And the wrecked under-legs of the boy who where amputated is
then also Allah's will according to him. If I don't believe in his religion he will
probably tell me that I am an unbelieving devil, and the fanatical Muslims
probably want to kill me, and that may be also Allah's will according to them.
Growing up with War: Children of Syria. (24:14 / 26:46)
The tragedy of kids who have never known peace.

Syrian Girl debates FSA on Australian show 'Insight' (1:08 / 3:32).
Syrian Girl Talks #ISIS with Australian MSM.

Syria News.
The Real Syrian Free Press.
Hands Of Syria.

Syrian StreetFood.
Syrian StreetWalk.


Is the American embassy move to Jerusalem trowing oil on the fire? This also
proves that both America and Palestine (The countries name isn't Israel) are
swindling the Palestinians in their own country. So if America acts as a Peace
Apostle between the Palestinians and the Khazar (fake Jews) that's simply
hypocrisy. It's fooling the world's population. America gives $3 billion dollar
annually to the Khazar to keep their weapons arsenal up to the level.

The natives of America the Indians don't revolt against the descendants of
the English. The Aboriginal natives of Australia are also not revolting against the
descendants of the English. The Maori the original inhabitants of New Zealand
also don't revolt against the descendants the English. Fortunately the Palesti-
nians as proud Arabs, are revolting against the Khazar who stole their land.

The Khazar (Fake Jews) were already a cruelly murderous race in the
ancient old days who killed hundreds of millions of people, today they are
still murderous beasts. They regularly in public execute Palestinians, and
the Western world has no trouble with it, seen their sucking behavior and
butt-crawling with the Khazar. They are also the big boss in the White House,
and have worldwide killed millions of innocent and poor people in the last 73
years. That great man from the Bible Jesus Christ calls them: “Viper Serpents”.

I'm a Khazar and I'm from the Ukraine.

If you throw stones at soldiers in Palestine or you give them a slap in the face,
you get a prison treatment. If you throw a candlelight at a royal golden carriage
here in the Netherlands, you will get a state psychiatric treatment. And who do
that the dictators the voluptuaries the despots and the psychopaths of the
world who are pulling the strings, they make laws and abuse the court code-
book for their own personal gain, to take you out and legally lock you up.

A Courageous Woman Rania Masri - A Peace Activist.
Speech: Crisis in Gaza and West Bank.

Uncovering the Syrian Conflict. July 10, 2013.
Questions and Answers - The Syrian Conflict.

Shadia Mansour speaking outside the Israeli embassy - 24/11/2012
Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat (English Sub)
Narcy featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah".
Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.
Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein [RAP NEWS 24]

Arthur Koestler in The Thirteenth Tribe (1976).
Shlomo Sand in The Invention of the Jewish People (2009).


Can TownHalls and housing rental companies put Moroccan
parents out of their homes and let Dutch tenants stay? “If”
their children may cause nuisances on the streets.

If TownHalls like Almere Breda Gouda want to put Moroccan parents
on the street, because their children cause mischief on the streets.
Then they also have to be consequent and do it with Dutch parents
as well, because their children also cause mischief on the streets. Or
are these measurements based on -Racism - from certain civil servants.

I did put reactions in the Zutphen Courier, also Almere Breda and Gouda
etc. By Wegener from Enschede (now Belgian), who have all the newspapers
under their care. But when I post comments they are immediately removed
by the communists of these newspapers, the press and media are terribly
censoring me, so does the Stentor paper. While the people who place the
rudest and meanest insults, all remain published for many years.

I was also banned by the TownHall, the COA, the IND the GGD and the housing
rental company. It may be that they are racists who are deeply offended. Because
where does the - Ape - finds the guts to put us superior Aryan white race on our
number, and don't want to dance to our white trouser pipes, like the other slaves.

NeoNazi's often get a license from a TownHall, to march on the streets
to shout racists remarks with the excuse of - FreeSpeech and Democracy -.

But suppose a group - Bank Robbers - want to shout on the streets:
Today all Rabo's and tomorrow all Abn's Banks.
Or imagine that a group - Rapist - would like to shout on the streets:
Today all blondes and tomorrow all brunettes.
Or imagine that a group - Pedophiles - would like to shout on the streets:
Today all boys and tomorrow all Girls.
These 3 groups will they get a license from the TownHall with the excuse of Free Expression?

But the NeoNazi's who want to exterminate other races, that's no problem
for a TownHall. So the TownHalls don't care if Moroccan parents are put
out of their houses, and let the Dutch parents stay in their homes.

The civil servants from a TownHall who supply the licenses, are they
maybe the - REAL - racists who are hiding behind the scenes, and let
the NeoNazi's on the streets to do their dirty work for them as trolleys?

If the TownHalls allow Nazi's on the streets, then that is a disgrace for the elderly who
survived the second world war, and lost family and relatives. So these racist officials
must be voted out of office by the next municipal elections for they are latent - Nazi's -.

Many politicians in the Dutch parliament have already proven to be
racists. For a few years ago they made a new law that says: - that all
children born here in the Netherlands, from one or two foreign parents,
will be immigrants till the 8th generation -. So the child who is born about
100 years from now is already bombarded to be an immigrant, and not a
Dutch child with a foreign background. According to my vision pure - Racism -.


(15-05-2018) ARE THE DUTCH PIMPS?
Are all 17 million Dutchmen be pimps sometimes? Aha you will think
he is certainly drunk, no I am also not psychiatric either. When I
look at the way things are going on earth, I ask if some world citi-
zens have done their nut. Prostitutes and operators of sex houses
must pay taxes, which is paid to the tax-collector, and is that OK?

Then the government or the county or the municipality town-hall
take money from that tax, and build a beautiful super the luxury
modern cycle path with all the fringes. And a family consisting of
a man his wife and the 2 children go, in the summer on a Sunday
with nice weather a few hours on touring. And they enjoy not
only that beautiful cycle path but also of the surroundings.

A criminal gang kidnaps a small child, and sells it to a pedophile
gang in Belgium. And they get there for example €200,000 paid,
then they go to a sex farm and spent €50,000. And part of that
money is going to the tax-collector, and a part of that tax is used
to renovate a park. The criminals and the businessmen, such
as the elite the wealthy the politicians, frequent visit sex farms.

Coffee shop managers must also pay taxes, while the supplier
who delivers through the backdoor is considered illegal and is
punishable by law. But the government has no difficulty in accep-
ting a part of that illegal money as tax money, even more if the
manager doesn't want to pay tax he is goes to jail. The govern-
ment is pissed if the owners, of the coffee shops the sex houses
and the prostitutes, do not want to pay taxes or as little as possible.

A thief steals your computer, in town there is shop where the thief enters
trough the back door, the shopkeeper puts the computer in his shop. 30
minutes a costumer comes through the front door and has the legal right
to buy your computer, funny right? That's why coffee shops shouldn't be
tolerated they must close, because the shop-owner sells criminal goods.


(14-05-2018) RENT A CHOPPER.
Are you pissed, because your wife has a headache again? Rent a Chopper in
the weekend when she is staying with her mother. Now she has to go live with
her mother. And you move in with a sexy thing of 1000 weeks, problem solved. (Part 1). (Part 2). (part 3). (Fancy This?)


(13-05-2018) IS A BOYCOTT A WAR CRIME?
If a government wants to remove another government, they always start
with a boycott. Who are always the victims the common people, they
often die of hunger and no medicines. These are precisely the people they
want to save by removing their leader, and killing them first. With a boy-
cott, you don't hurt the government and their rich associates, because
they make sure that they themselves have enough food and medicine.

Russia is now being boycotted because it supposedly had the MH17 in the Ukraine
shot out of the air. It is still not sure whether they have done it or not, because all
research results and evidence are being suppressed and undisclosed. They want at
all costs that the world's population continues to believe that Russia has done it, and
then the world's population doesn't mind that Russia is being boycotted, in economic terms.

Saddam Qadaffy Assad Khomeini and others (if they did it?) never succeeded, in
peacetime when it was still quiet in the Middle East, to deprive millions of citizens
of life. That can only be by Western boycotts bombing, and the use of mercenaries
such as The White Helmets Isis and Al Queda. So you can come to the conclusion
that Western governments don't give a thread for the people in the Middle East.

Western media lies about Syria exposed.
(Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett).
Body Language- Is Eva Barlett Telling the Truth About,
'Corrupt' Western Media and Syria? (Yes she is). (Censored?).
Eva Bartlett on the White Helmets Hoax.
& the Information War against Syria.
Website of Eva Bartlett.

Body Language: Assad on the Chemical Attack. (He didn't do it).

Flemish Church Father in Syria reveals Media lies. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Christian Nun from Aleppo - Western
Media lies about reality in Syria.

On the Brink of War.

According to my vision, America and their bosses the Khazars (Fake Jews) from
Palestine and not Israel because that country does not exist are Satan's children.
And these two countries have a lot of help from opportunists like "Cuntte" the
Dutch PM. a first class butt crawler. They want to destroy Russia considered
as a spoil sport, and with an excuse like the MH17 in the Ukraine they want
to boycott Russia, hoping that the Russian people will chase Putin away.

For more info go to:
12-01-2018 - The Western World Told Lies About Syria.


(12-05-2018) THE FORBIDDEN BOOK.
The Forbidden Book. (English Language).
"German's Affairs" - Carl-Friedrich Berg.
Hohenrain, Tübingen 1994 (AG Tübingen, 4 Gs 852/95)

Who doesn't know the truth is plain stupid,
who know's but don't tell he is a coward or a parasite,
but the one who does know and calls him a lie is a traitor!

Wer die Wahrheit nicht weiß der ist bloß ein Dummkopf,
wer sie weiß und nicht sagt der ist ein Feigling oder Parasit,
aber wer sie weiß und sie eine Lüge nennt, der ist ein Verbrecher!

Investigating the Holocaust can be dangerous, if you go too far than you have a
chance to disappear in jail for 3 years. It's not desirable that you examine history,
why are they so terribly frightened, that war has gone as he has gone there is no
pin to put between it. Even if you dig and spit for a thousand years on websites
and YouTube you're not finding anything, because that war has gone as he has gone.

Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan
denounce "Secret Relationship" book.
Louis Farrakhan breaks down as he
EXPOSE the Rothchilds & Rockefellers.

Amazon Bans Holocuast Books.


There are enough websites who investigate or deny the holocaust, are their
maybe also sites from the Khazar themselves, who normally prosecute deniers.

Their intention is probably to catch people without them knowing it,
so they can register and keep an eye on them behind there backs.

On those sites the Khazar can write the truth about what really hap-
pened in the Second World War, not those fairy tales that they tell us
for the past 73 years, with in the back of their heads nobody will believe
what's written on them sites, cunning people these Khazar Fake Jews.

There are people who tell you in advance what wicked things they will do too you
in the future, but they bring it in such a manner that you laugh about it, but when
you're laying in the gutter afterwards, you realize they've done it for real.

From the reactions of many children you can see that they've
been brainwashed by the adults, to think about the holocaust as
a 100% giving fact. They're also busy to influence non Jewish kids
so that they will remember the holocaust on may 5th for the next
73 year. In the past 17 years since 9/11 2001 more people in the
Middle East have died then Jews in the second world war.

Just think of the 500,000 (cautious estimate) of Iraqi children who have died thanks
to the western boycott. Many Dutch people died of hunger in the war because the
allies bombarded their food convoys, commissioned by Churchill and Roosevelt.

So many people have been killed, we should not forget them.

Not refuted demographic calculations of the revisionist researchers
Walter N. Sanning and Carl O. Nagarajan, can be considered the most
reliable on this subject on the basis of their scientific methodology. Sanning
and Nagarajan come through different approaches to matching numbers.

According to them, the minimum number of Jews killed as a result of
war acts is about 300,000 and the upper limit is approx. 600,000. This
means that the actual number of Jewish victims would be between
5% and 10% of the currently compulsively imposed number.

The Complete Facts about the Holocaust?
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
Censored Books and Websites.

Are the Khazar (Fake Jews) Cunning People?


In your country there is a draft, but you don't want to enlist because you
don't believe in killing. Especially not if that other country has not threatened
you, they haven't invaded your country, nor do they shoot at you. The elite
are angry because you don't want to kill for them. They can punish you by
locking you up, or you get a task sentence, or you won't become a civil servant.

A group of sheeple are voting on a government that introduces draft services,
under the guise of the majority which they call democracy, they require you to
be obliged to serve. If you don't want it then they take revenge on you, and the
population considers you as a country traitor. You are born without your permission
live 90 years and die, in the meantime you are obliged to compulsory participate
with everything, otherwise you won't celebrate your birthday for a long time.

So in essence we are born into a prison, by the name Earth. The government is
the management, and the voters the wardens. Wasn't it much wiser of the parents,
at least if they really seriously love us that, they had left us in the spiritual world,
because there is the paradise where we are free. Are the parents self centered
beings when they are going to make children, do they strain the children for the
trolley? Are we perhaps life-long prisoners of our fellow human beings?

The Day of the Refusal to Enlist - NO! We don't want any War. (1 of 2 - German).

Refusing to Enlist.

Demise of Credible Journalism is Shocking.


There is already 70 years of turmoil in the Middle East between
the Palestinians and the Khazars (Fake Jews), if the Khazars
had been decent people, then they had realized the Palesti-
nians have been living for thousands of years in Palestine.

So we take them into account and treat them as fellow citizens and not
as unwanted individuals. Then we went we would treat them as country-
men friends and acquaintances, and then there was 70 years of peace
between us. But the Khazars are keen to eradicate the Palestinians until
the last man, through the genocide they commit for 70 years on the
Palestinians, it started in 1948 in Deir Assyn a Palestinian village.

The first Khazar that went to Palestine in 1948 where murder quads
led by the pig “Begin“. They killed all the Palestinians in the village
with a mass slaughter. They have completely emptied villages literally
and figuratively, so it started. The rest of the world looked the other
way, and therefore co-guilty to mass murder on a large scale.

That the western world in any case, finding it OK what is happe-
ning, could be that they themselves probably hate the Khazar as
well. So by helping them with technology and weapons they remain
the boss of the Palestinians, if they no longer help them the Khazar
might have to flee from the Middle East. Then they flee I suspect
to the Western world what they don't want, so the Palestinians
people with a skin color are sacrificed by the Western world.

Hamas throwing missiles towards Israel is considered a terrorist
group worldwide. But imagine the Romans are returning to the
Netherlands and occupying the country, then the Dutch are
shipped to occupied territories such as the coastal islands.

I wonder if the Dutch are throwing missiles at the Romans because they
want their country back, will the Western world also start screaming that
the Dutch are terrorists? Will the Press and Media the TV journals the
newspapers and TV talk programmes demonize the Dutch as well?

Deir Yassin Remembered. (The Beginning of Terror) (Survivors Explain)

Gaza: The Killing Zone.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots learn your role, Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

If Americans Knew.


Would you get a better exam result if the children did 4 different
exams on the same day at different times? e.g. at 08.00 11.00
and 13.00 16.00 hours. The 1st time you're nervous and forget
faster or the answers are hard to remember, the 2nd time you
already have a little experience and you feel a bit quieter.

And at the 3rd exam you have a lot more confidence, and
at the 4th exam you fly through it. And then you take the
average results of all 4 exams. I wonder how many percent
more children succeed, than the normal one-time exam.

It happens that some children fail for the exam, because
they think It's not easy to find work, so why should I bother
with learning and exams. Or for us 2nd generation children
with a skin color it's hard to find a job, because Dutch
company's in The Netherlands rather take white's.

It often happens that children with a skin color, are referred to a
lower school. Because they are supposedly not intelligent enough for
a higher school, and that has psychological consequences for them.


If you look at YouTube and you read websites, an avalanche of informa-
tion will come to you. At some point you won't see the forest anymore.
At some point, you don't know who you have to believe. For there are
lies censorship distortion of truth, self-interest populism cut and paste
work. It is very difficult, or even impossible to find out, what actually
happens for -- REAL -- behind the scenes in the Middle East.

There is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, our governments the press
and the media are not to be trusted at all. And a large part of the Dutch and
the Europeans are falling for it is unbelievable. These people don't they have
any sense, can't they think for themselves, don't they understand anything,
don't they see the light, don't they feel that something is wrong. They don't
see and understand nothing? Doesn't the penny fall, can't they feel anything?

Are they really a herd of animals common people and stupid minions, or do
they pretend they don't understand any of it. Do they have the same mind-
set as their governments, and is it convenient for them what happens? In my
flat there are a few people who don't like me, for them I am whacked, these
people don't they grasp anything. Don't they have any brains. Doesn't anything
dawns with them, or are they the same colonial racists like their government?

The sad thing is that the people of the Middle East have to pay the price for
the last 17 years, since America had to go Afghanistan where it all started. The
Middle East was a peaceful place before the western rats and cockroaches came,
they've opened Pandora's box and play for world rescuers, as if they were the sons
and daughters of father Gandhi and mother Teresa. Which they are not, they are
mass murderers and colonial racists. You could say: “Fuck the Honkeys -Nuke their
Countries”. (-Nuke- looks like the Dutch word - Neuken - which means - to fuck).

Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi kept the Muslim-fanatics under the thumb, who are now des-
troying the whole Middle East. Now they want to remove Assad too, and who is next? Does
it never stop then, are those murderous Americans insatiable? Have they become so prideful
and arrogant that they're going to live, in the psychiatric delusion world that they are invin-
cible? And this will perhaps be their doom, do they commit latent suicide without knowing it?

I believe that most politicians are mad idiots, they are simply life-threatening to the public health.
America and NATO are messing about with their armies on the border of Russia, they are simply
war criminals. Because if it goes out of control, you might have a 3rd World War with atomic
bombs. The cockroaches don't care, millions of Europeans may die, they couldn't care less.

If they were mentally sane, their soldiers would be in their own country to mind their own affairs.
So no war and no atomic bombs, and millions of people continue to live. Is it perhaps the task of
our citizens to block the politicians, for example all soldiers worldwide refuse to wear a uniform,
leave alone to go to the Russian border. Or we refuse to vote on psychopathic disturbed idiots.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS.
Is this Creep trying to block and censor the guests?


Former General Wesley Clark said it's America's intention, to destroy
7 countries in 5 years, and bring them under our control.
Iraq Syria Iran Lebanon Libia Somalia and Sudan to gain control.

Go to 09.38 Minutes - 12/14.

This is his website.


If I was a director of the Dutch Railways, I start a test period to find
out if cheap traintickets work. Before and after the rush hours I slash
the prices by 50%, maybe I get so many passengers that, at the end of
the day I have more money in the till than when the ticket was still 100%.

If it doesn't work then I cancel it, but if it does work I lower the price
by another 25%. Even if the ticket was only 10% I still do it from what
it costs now. If I at the end of the day have let's say 10 million more
in the till then when the prices were 100% I do it immediately.

Suppose that the NS needs 4 billion euros (€40?) on an annual basis,
in order to be able to run and make a profit and also without subsidy
from The Hague. Share that 4 billion euros by 17 million Dutch and
that, is: 235 euros per inhabitant, so a cheap year train card for all.

That more locomotives carriages and staff are needed that,
I had already calculated. That's why I wrote before and after
the rush hour, maybe it works maybe not. Therefore, I would
run a 3 month trial period, to see how it goes in practice.

And as for those cheap tickets, many Asian manufacturers
do this too. Sometimes they only have 30 cents net profit
on one product. But because they sell to the whole world,
they have more profit than a Dutch manufacturer, who
wants and persist on a profit of let's say one Euro.


In the Western world does a village also cook and feed each other, or are
they perhaps too sel-
fish for that? I remember in the past when I visited
some Dutch people, that they asked me if I wanted to go home because we
are going to eat. While in Suriname and with the Surinamese here in the
Netherlands, an extra plate is added at the diner table. You could come to
the conclusion that the non-whites are more civilized than the Western whites.

Very Tasty Bengali Snack For Kids.
Most Desire Food Of Village Kids.
Build Dining Table Using Unused Banana Tree.

Search in:
the date:
29-03-2018 Grandpa's Kitchen in India.


All those wild plans from those studied Pipsqueak's do they really work in
practice, because it's now all still theory, because they haven't enough
experience with it. If the story is correct, global warming has stopped
15 years ago, in reality it is getting colder. So does a heat pumps manage
if you have a problem because your Central Heating device is gone.

Heat pumps seem to be 4 times more expensive than Central Heating,
and that times 8 million homes that joke is going to cost maybe a hundred
billion, and what comes extra with it. And who has to pay the bill indeed
John Prick, because it is simply passed on to the consumer. CO2 curtailing
is disastrous nature lives of it, the more CO2 the greener the planet becomes.

The boyfriends of “RUTTE” The multinational companies are simply earning capitals
with the sale of 8 million heat pumps, you have already thought about this, perhaps
dirty play is played by the Lords (greasy people?) with the Dutch people. You Dutch
know your masters, you have learned what kind of meat is in the barrel.

If they are slick they scrape some money from the pile with the
sales of 8 million heat pumps, those cave people from: “Mansion
the Bungalow” already greased their back pockets in the past.

Those dumb rabbits from the town hall simply believe anything which they're told by
politicians from The Hague. They've never heard of self research whether to find out
if it's true or not what they're being told, civil servants are plain stupid people.

What I've experienced in the past, it doesn't matter what I say or write,
most of the Dutch simply deny me because I'm Surinamese. I know how the
Dutch the Europeans the westerners think over us, we can't do anything
we're not intelligent we have no common sense we are less worth etc.


Our money is not ours it's from the bank we are only borrowing it. If you
arrive at an airport with too much money you will be taken out of the
queue, they first want to know how to got that money. “After”, checking
you can continue without the excess money. If you would appear with
1 million at the border, that has still nothing to do with them, because
it's your money anyway. That famous excuse yes but criminals doesn't
appeal to me. Because the big guys with the ties often steal like the
raven, and governments have no problem with that because they're friends.

The bank must be obliged by law to hold 6% real money the other 94%
does not exist, so our savings is only 6% of what we think we own. This
is the reason if all Dutchmen go to the bank on the same day to close their
savings account, the door of the bank is closed because they don't have the
money. “If” you go alone then they take your money from that 6% real money.
If it's really our money, the bank should pay all the Dutchmen to the last cent.

So it's criminal that a government gives hundreds of billions of taxpayers money
to a bank, so they can stay straight up instead of falling. That bank can't fall in
the first place, because that money didn't exist before the fall? The government
is thus stealing hundreds of billions of taxpayers money then they give it to there
friends, and if all citizens want to close their savings account, the savings and
tax money is gone. So where is our money deposited in a tax friendly country?

Most people don't know that the Dutch central bank is not a State bank, but a
commercial one, also with The Bank of England the German countrybank and the
US Federal bank, are all private commercial banks with shareholders. All owned by
the Rothschild families, there are only a few state banks left like Cuba Venezuela
Russia North Korea Syria and Iran. Afghanistan Iraq and Libya also had state banks,
but after the murder of their heads of state they have become commercial banks,
now citizens have to pay interest when they want to borrow money for a house.

Read how banks create money out of nothing.

For example, one Europe is not created for our ordinary citizens, but for the friends of the
governments, because without borders, they can exploit the whole of Europe financially.

Germany has 96 Euro parliamentarians France 74 Italy 73
England 73 Spain 54 Poland 51 Those are the boss in the
European Parliament together 421 chairs with a total of 751,
so these countries are making the service out in one Europe.
So the small lands are probably constantly pulling the shortest end.


If genuine democracy existed then there should be two riot police,
a state one and a citizen one. Imagine you are in the city with a
banner which says: “Long live Peace and No Atomic Bombs”, the
state riot police kicks out off the street, because the government
doesn't like your banner. Therefore, a second Riot police should
exist a citizen one to stop the state riot police, so that you can
continue with your freedom of speech in a democratic country.

Now it is always a one-way street, we as a citizen are always pul-
ling at the short end of the stick. A court judge has no use because
he is one of them, and uses state laws which the crooked politician
gave them, also the police is one of them. They're just dictators
power voluptuaries and above all dogmatic moralistic psychopaths.
Who can destroy your whole life with the code book in hand, so
their code right, is their private rules to turn the citizen off.

The herd of animals the laymen people and the stupid assholes, find it just
fine what the politicians are doing in the Netherlands and abroad. Just leave
me alone, because I'm too busy consuming, and watching dumb programs on TV
like soap operas silly games and Kings day. In short, feed for the herd of animals
the laymen people and the stupid assholes. And these figures also want to stop
you, under the disguise of: “You are psychiatric nuts and don't live in reality”.

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for fifty years now. For
them it's the most normal thing in the world, they couldn't care less. And those other
ten who don't find burglary correct are probably treated in a psychiatric establishment,
because they don't live in reality. But that reality of those 990 stinks from all sides, they
don't smell it anymore, because they've been in it for too long. A farmer doesn't smell
the manure of his cattle in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?


Most refugees who are the cause of them, their own leaders and or the
Western world? Western governments are flocking to fuck about in the
Middle East Africa and East Europe etc, then you get people who flee
from fear of violence and death and or for economic reasons. Europe
is indeed flooded by millions, and that is resented by the natives,
they feel overwhelmed betrayed and create national parties.

According to insider it's the intention of the Rothschild family, one
the 13 owner families of the earth to take out the white Westerners,
they are called the New World Order (NWO). Most refugees seem to be
funded behind the scenes in order to destabilize and defeat Europe. You
may be wondering where most poverty souls, for example from Africa like
young men find 10 thousand dollars per person to flee to Europe.

Helping people in distress is not a problem, that's part of us being
humans to help each other. But sometimes wonder if the aid workers
from refugee organizations sometimes also called soft eggs, perhaps
are being used by the elite behind the scenes as trollies. Maybe they
are being supported financially by governments I leave that in the middle,
refugees have always been there but with millions at the same time?

One of the tactics of the New World Order (NWO) is to kill 6,5 billion
worldcitizens of their life are - ChemTrails Haarp and Geo-Engenering.

Anonymous - Something Unexplainable is Going On... (2018-2019)
The Georgia Guidestones: America's Most Mysterious Monument.
Maintain Humanity Under 500.000 In Perpetual Balance With Nature.

Global warming????? The last winter 2017-2018 was the coldest in the last 30
years. What the hell are these disturbed scholars scientists and experts, and
thoose loony tunes "Clowns" In the Parliament House talking about for Christ sake?

The History of the House of the Rothschild's.

Did he rally crashed or disappeared?

Rothschild's New World Order.

The crimes America and their bosses Israel are committing for the past 73 years.

CIA Cruelties.

Why do third world fugitives flee to Europe?


In some western countries women are practically naked on the beaches,
so it's difficult for men to get rid of their sex addiction, constantly they
are getting it spiced up. So if you see these ladies as a man yes, I think
you will get a hard time, because try forgetting these ladies will be diffi-
cult. This is perhaps the reason why sex phone lines are a success.

Advice is filling wind, don't do deeds gate moon plier meadow.

Fishing illusion witches eyesong, this is smoke moon cabincrate, turn and save cap.

Thou now knows God and stone hopelane, lens show wise book, knit stone six count.

The grim reaper flew, witches mutiny planet, fowl is biting humans, you rose please do good.

Has Eve as a genetic in paradise activated the uterus, so she messed about with the
DNA-String (Tree of knowledge?) A worm can go and sit in an apple and the fetus
looks in the beginning just like a worm to. And because you can't be born in paradise
and can't die either, because you have eternal life you have to be born on Earth.

Erase bite fowl, creates more brat ovum, hurts bowleg there, run R.

For more question and answer
sentences, go to my below subsite.


Scientists and experts also called dogmatic moralists are holding theories, they're
not facts that will necessarily happen in the future. But for arrogance, they take
the view that actually is going to happen in the future. Politicians adopt the view
indiscriminately and slain the people to the ears with for example energy tax, the
next time it maybe environmental tax and soon there will probably also be CO2-tax.

Practice shows that their theory has not realized five years, but because the
gentlemen are arrogant they're not at home. Also, Politicians too are not at home,
abolishing all these taxes the citizens can forget it. Global warming has already
stopped 15 years ago, but the arrogant politicians scientists experts and continue
to insist that he is still underway, while the weather is actually getting colder.

I wonder how long the arrogant will continue to sustain it, and of course
they get plenty of support from the demagogues of the press and media.
The TV journals the talk programs on TV and the newspapers that keep the
population warm that there is global warming, and that ChemTrails don't exist
they call it very cleverly veil clouds to mislead the populations. Researchers
with laboratory tests can prove that chemicals are being sprayed in the air.

The herd of animals that take everything for granted what they are told, under
the guise of: "They have studied you know". But studying does not tell me any-
thing, even the dumbest asshole can study, because what is studying the matter
is pounded and pounded until you can dream it. This has nothing to do with
intelligence, that's comes when you are going to ask yourself, how hasone
come to that theory, and is there more besides it and is that theory correct.


The Khazar (Fake Jews) are ungrateful dogs, who have been spitting the
Palestinians for 70 years since 1948 in the face. The Palestinians were so
inwardly civilized to give the Khazar a part of their land, so that you can
live peacefully in their own country. What do these Khazarian dogs do now,
they spit Palestinians in their faces by parking them in occupied areas.

Suppose you know someone who has his or her birthday, you give the
person a present and at your amazement the person is scolding you
rotten. “Because”, he doesn't like the wrapping paper around the gift.
The person is having a go with you, that must be an ungrateful dog.

Don't quote me wrong, I'm not talking here about the Jews and the
Holocaust, I'm also not antisemitic or anti Zionist. The Jews of the
Second World War were sacrificed by their own people, the rich Jews
the bankers Jews the multinational Jews, betrayed and extradited their
own people because they needed an excuse to be able to steal Palestine.

Some Kurds are also ungrateful dogs when the Kurds were prosecuted
by the Turks, Syria said come and live with us, we give you land houses
and work. And as a thank you some Kurds are spitting in the face of
Syria, by saying that peace of land where we live must become inde-
pendent from Syria, otherwise we'll make war with you Syrians.


The Western white race (to whom it relates) are ordinary thieves, as
soon as they want to do business with the Third world and non Western
countries they just come to steal. Just as in the slave and colonial time,
and today the multinational time, with the help of some local country
elite thieves who enrich themselves on the back of their own people.

Africa exploitation by the West. (Mallence Bart Williams).

When God created humans, he gave 6 billion a tan, and the 1 billion
aliens he left white on purpose so that the non whites know: “There
comes a thief”. The westerners are playing for boss and owner of the
world, they always want the highest word en pulling the strings, they
want to be always right and want to pull at the longest piece of the rope.

When the whites with their UFOs discovered the Earth they stole him, and with
a Biblical Flood they exterminated the native populations with a skin color. The
ones who survived fled into the forests of for example Africa South America etc.
And until today the white's still play for: “King Emperor and Admiral” of the planet. (Independence Day - Will Smith).

African countries are still colonial countries of France. (Mawuna Koutonin writer).

France, US want to keep Africa under colonial rule.

This is How France maintains 14 African countries Under slavery.

African countries are still colonies of France.

Mawuna Koutonin.

Worldbank sucks Third World dry.

International Monetary Fund sucks Third World dry.

Are white Westerners Mental or Criminal?


Yo Chiquita Que Pasa?

Mercado San Pedro de los Pinos | Machetes de Amparito.



Radio. Mexico Mexico


There are people who explore all kinds of things on websites and YouTube, and publish
those on their own websites and YouTube, often call these people conspiracy-theorists.
As a result, there is a chance that their websites (e.g. Facebook) and or YouTube are
censored and removed from the internet, because they cause so-called turmoil in society.

Imagine someone has been investigating politicians and has discovered that in the house
of parliament there are 150 pedophiles, the person publishing it on his own website who
is then censored away because says the government that person is causing turmoil in
Society, because there is a big chance that all 8? Million adult Dutchmen will be pissed.

a href="">


I wish the Dutch stopped taking everything for granted and indiscriminately take truth
for truth, which they are told by politicians journal newspapers and talk programs.
Because they often have their own agenda e.g. the big boy's want to make career
and so on, they need an audience because without the people they can't exist.

The most important thing of every citizen is, - SELF EXIMINATION - in other words,
digging and spitting on websites and YouTube. To find out whether it's partly or not
true, what the ladies and gentlemen are telling them. You will get along much further
because they can't sell any turnips for lemons, because they're walking around the
scenes with their own agenda, often these kind of people are social psychopaths.

Social Psychopaths.

Social Psychopaths.


If America is going to be the peace apostle between Palestine and
Israel, then you know you're being fooled. Because America gives
3 billion dollars each year to Israel to maintain their army armament,
and - (T)esticle (R)ump - wants to raise that amount to 7 billion.

Hamas which is throwing missiles towards Israel, is seen world-
wide as a terrorists grouping. But imagine the Romans returning
to the Netherlands and occupying the country, then the Dutch
are ship-ped to occupied territories such as the coastal islands.

I wonder if the Dutch are throwing missiles at the Romans because
they want their country back, that the Western world is also going
to scream that the Dutch are terrorists? The Journals the Newspapers
and TV talk-programmes are they going to demonize the Dutch to?

Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein [RAP NEWS 24].
Israel Has To Suffer A Defeat - Dr. Norman Finkelstein.

United Nations. on Palestina.
United Nations. on Israël.

United Nations.

European Parliament.

Politicians fight and Presidents Being Attacked Compilation.


Investigating the Holocaust can be dangerous, if you go too far than you have a
chance to disappear in jail for 3 years. It's not desirable that you examine history,
why are they so terribly frightened, that war has gone as he has gone there is no
pin to put between it. Even if you dig and spit for a thousand years on websites
and YouTube you're not finding anything, because that war has gone as he has gone.

That fanatical hassle of some Khazar (Fake Jews) and governments to take you down and
lock you up, might be a smoke-curtain. So maybe the Holocaust has a different version
than they've been telling us for 73 years, perhaps there were indeed no gas chambers.

In 1938, there were 15 million Jews worldwide, 10 years later in 1948 there were 15.4 million world-
wide, it's not possible for any race to conceive six million babies in 3 years time from 1945 to 1948.

Many Jews saw the war coming and emigrated to for example America South
America Africa etc., and after the war of course they never came home again,
and they're very cleverly added to the so-called 6 million. While their children
grandchildren and greatgrandchildren are still live in those other countries, while
the first generation is already so old that they probably have died by now.

The First World War was lit by the Khazar themselves, because they wanted to steal
Palestine but that didn't work, after that war most Jews refused to live in Palestine. And
then the Khazar ignited the Second World War, and because there are supposedly six
million Jews massacred, the masses now wanted to go to live in Palestine after that war.

The Khazar financed both parties in that war both Hitler and the allied forces.
They have indeed sacrificed their own people to be able to steal Palestine.
And hundreds of years before that Second World War was written in their biblical
books: “There have first to be six million to die otherwise we can't go to Palestine.”
That great man from the Bible Jesus Christ calls them: “Viper Serpents”.

Louis Farrakhan breaks down as he
EXPOSE the Rothchilds & Rockefellers.
Farrakhan explains why Trump became
President & The plot against his life!


You wonder how honest and or unfair is a part of humanity let's say
50%. They are also born as a baby we often walked away with them,
they also grow up as toddlers teens and adolescents. But as soon as
they turn into adults they become motherfuckers. What's the cause
did the parents give them a wrong upbringing did society spoiled them.

Bad People.




I don't believe that part of lets say 50% of Khazar, (Fake Jews, Originally from the Ukraine.
and not Palestine) are God's children. Because since 1948 they're very cruel to the Pales-.
tinians, this isn't God's work but Satan's work. These Khazar have no feelings and empathy.
for the Palestinians, who have been living in the Middle East for thousands of years. Then.
I come to the con-clusion that we have to do with psychopaths, they're feelingness people.
they are cold chilly cruel of character, with them there counts but one thing “I I I I”.

The Khazar are originally from Ukraine, which is the root country of Russia, and they were.
kicked out because then they where already a cruelly murderous beast race. According to.
my view, the Khazar want the Ukraine back, and for that you must indeed destroy Russia.
Is it possible that the CIA the Mossad and the straw government of Ukraine, with two fighter.
jets, took the MH17 out of the air. And then you have a nice excuse to cram the Russian border.
with Western soldiers in the hope that Putin will lose his head, and then we finish him off for good.

That great man from the Bible Jesus calls the Khazar: “Viper incubate”, I don't mean the.
Holocaust with it. For those people you could also call them schlemielen have been sacrificed.
by the diabolical Khazar, so that they had an excuse to be able to steal Palestine, which is.
not their biblical promisedland. There are biblical texts where Jesus rampage against the Khazar.

Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce "Secret Relationship" book.
Louis Farrakhan breaks down as he
EXPOSES The Rothchilds & Rockefellers. (Radio) (Television)


America and Israel are two of a kind, two hands on one belly. America and
Israel want to take these countries out and install straw-governments. (9/11 - 12/14 Go to 09.38 Minutes).

Dr. Wasfi described her experience in Iraq and discussed the life of Iraqi. (22-09-2006)

Middle East Streetfood: (Afghanistan) (Iraq) (Libia) (Syria) (Yemen) (Iran)


Ahed Tamimi Is A hero because she had the courage to hit an arrogant Khazarian swine
(Fake Jew) in his face, he stood in her garden and she asked him to stand on the public
road which he refused to. Then some words and pushings were used back and forth, and
he pushed her away, then she gave him a slap in his face, now she is lockup in prison for
8 months. I burn a candle for her every day and put her picture as a background on my
desktop, because we can't forget her while she's stuck for 8 months in a Khazar prison.

Ahed Tamimi - Living Resistance Tour.

Ahed Tamimi sentenced to 8 months for slapping an IDF soldier.
The truth about Al-nabi Saleh Girl.

The Interrogation of Ahed Tamimi. (2 minuut)
Ahed Tamimi interrogation excerpts. (10 minuut)
Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi.

Little journalist Janna Jihad Ayyad.
A Caged Bird sings.
Interview with Palestinian Youth Avtivists Janna Jihad & Ahed Tamimi.

The time bomb in Trumps threat to Palestinians funding.
Exclusive: Interrogation Video Surfaces
of Palestinian Teen Activist Ahed Tamimi.

They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.


The scum has once again been bombarding Syria, and what does the rest of the world
do you could call them traitors, as usual they look the other way again. I don't understand
that the whole world is afraid of America and their bosses Israel, you could say that the
traitors are partly guilty of mass murder, and that for17 years since September 11, 2001.

Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria Yemen when does it stop, and soon Iran? Israel wants a Great-Israel
off all the Arab countries and using America and Europe as a trolley, and the populations are
psychologically demagogically taken to a standstill with the Holocaust, so they dare not say
anything of Israel. The Khazars (Fake Jews) of 1945 and 2018 are a different breed of people.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.


Fooling the people is a hobby of politicians, and the dumb rabbits the voters
fall for it with open eyes. If you take solar panels then the Dutch govern-
ment doesn't charge you any energy tax, the government is now simply
taking it out of the general tax pot. So the people who don't have solar
panels have to pay the price, because only a handful of citizens take panels.
The government can do hypocritically, play nicely again and fool the lot.

I am convinced that if in the future, when all around 7 million houses
have solar panels, the government isn't going to abolish all energy
taxes. They will find a way through the back door to pull our legs.
And remember the global warming has stopped 15 years ago, it is
a cycle of nature just as spring summer winter and autumn. In 1200 BC
it was 5 degree warmer than usual, they had no pollution of our time.


A man who has worked for 15 years becomes unemployed by the
crisis, then the bank takes his house back, and the man has to
rent a house from the rental housing company. How about the
idea that the man continues to live in his house, and the rent of
for example €800 per month he gives that to the bank. The €400
per month he is short, he's paying that in an additional 5 years.

I suspect that the man prefers that instead of losing of his house.
The €800 per month he has to pay to the rental housing company,
that's a life fact, because he's not going to live in a park with his
family, then he can give the € 800 to the bank as payment.

I had already sent this idea an X number of years ago to
the head offices of all the banks of the Netherlands, but
never received a reply. And if banks had been social
institutions with feelings for the people, and especially for
their customers and no bloodsuckers, they would have imple-
mented this idea a long time ago. Perhaps the government
must make a law of it, to protect its citizens, because
banks don't do that, but that is not going to happen.


Most politicians are not trust-able, whether they are stirring around the hot
porridge they deny everything or they park you in the woods. They aren't
there for the citizens who live in a dream world, they are in the service of
the banks the multinationals and the rich. It's not understandable that the
stupid rabbits or voters continue to vote for life, it is kind are looking for kind.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition — with Larken Rose.


The P.M. Cunt-te is on state visit in China with a whole army of multinational
corporations, hoping that the Netherlands hollow can earn a lot money from
China. That China has been occupying Tibet since 1950, the rats and cock-
roaches couldnt care less. In those 68 years, nearly 1 million Tibetans have
been jailed raped tortured and murdered, and the many who fled abroad.

If Cunt-te were to start on Tibet, then I as the Chinese leader would trow
it in his face, don't be a hypocrite yourself you invaded a sovereign country
like Syria and are bombarding it without the government's permission. So you
want to dick over Tibet then first piss off out of Syria. This shows you that
some creatures go over dead body's to become rich, they couldn't care less.

Many governments find it awful and terrible for the Tibetans that China
has stolen and occupies Tibet, but not a hair on their head think about
boycotting China. The hypocrites use the term: "Business as Usual".
These kind of people or actually cheaters you can also call them Pharisees
have it heavily behind the elbows, they play a lot of comedy with the Tibetans.
Tibet Like Music.

Tibet MediaStations. (Audio) (Video) (Audio)

For more info visit: 24-11-2017 (Dutch).


Thinking they are tooth-beer seamroad Roi, did giant fishnet
ticsong, Goat shake and mourn lane raise Sun, sent shephers son.


Read on the site below that the French-speaking African coun-
tries are independent of France on paper alone. That is why the
Dutch defense apparatus according to me is now in Mali in Africa
to protect France's interests, and not to fight so-called terrorists.


Who are the real terrorists the Arabs or the Western governments, it used to
be peaceful in the Middle East until America and their bosses from Palestine
(Israel?) began to kill and make havoc. Now there are millions of refugees
injured handicapped disabled dead widows and orphans and psychologically
confused. The whole Middle East area is now one big mess. The westerners
often play for terrorist, I think about the slave colonial and multinational time.

Did you know that America threw bombs on Iraq filled with enriched uranium,
causing many babies to be born dead and other heavily deformed. These are
war crimes that must be punished urgently by the International Court of Jus-
tice in The Hague. That is never going to happen because the court is also
in the pocket of America and Israel, European governments are also guilty.

Scary Pictures Take Care.
A "SATANIC BEAST" from hell says it
was worth that 500.000 Iraqi children died).

What strikes governments today changed the word "enemy" into "terrorists",
and lately they are called: "confused". And whether terrorists do exist partly
or not, I leave that in the middle. But who is really behind all that misery
despair hurt that is caused. On the news the Demagogues announcers talk
about terrorists when they refer to the Palestinians, they are demonizing.

You can see that the Western governments are still western white arro-
gant colonials, the Netherlands bombard Syria with fighter jets and didn't
ask for permission of the Syrian government. They simply invade a sovereign
country with a population of brown people and bomb it to smithereens, in other
words they just don't give a fuck about the residents and the country.

A solution could be that, Western governments are going to sifting through
the Koran to the bone, to find out what is actually really written. And whether
what is the real intention of Allah, then you could get the mouths of terrorists
closed. If they continue to kill, you can consider them as criminals. But Wes-
tern governments are hypocrites because they are equally satanical killers.

Perhaps we should abolish get rid and forget about all the religious books,
and only do what God or Allah has asked us. "Don't kill - no wars and revo-
lutions - and make sure that all 7 billion people have to eat every day - no
more racism - no more interest and profit - no more faith fights - no hate
and envy anymore", and go on for an hour or more. Will it really work?

Then maybe we might get peace and paradise on Earth, because all 7 billion
people are now friends and are helping each other with everything. Perhaps
the real faith is of the supreme ruler God (if he exists), and the bible books
of the Devil, (if he exists), to sow confusion and mess everything up. To play
us all out against each other, so that there will be no peace on Earth.

Anti-terror measures greater danger than terrorism.


People like me are fighting against the establishment, because many of them
give counter-attacks they have no interest in a better world. That is frustra-
ting because a lot of them park you in the forest. At a certain moment you
get discouraged by humanity, you have no more faith in them. Many are
also keen to fanatically bite into what they know during their lifetime.

Can you get sick from frustration discouragement and anger? I don't
feel sorry for myself but I suffer from it as well, once in a while I have
paralysis of arms and legs. Luckily enough it's getting less and less
during time, and the times between them getting longer and longer
Besides that I also have: “Migraine Aura's”, look at the YouTube below.

I also have these nerve electrical shimmerings.
Often at both sides of the left-eyes, and that comes from the right-side of the brain which
stands for feelings. It's all tension discouragement anger and rage that doesn't want to go.
Stroke or Migraine with Aura? Importance of Magnesium.

Now you can say don't get so angry about humanity, because it has
no use. But that means that you have to let people suffer by not
helping them, because if you don't bother anymore, or worry about
the misery on the planet you stay healthy. You could say that the
healthy people make you sick, by letting you fully rot away.

Suppose all diseases that exit starts in the brain, and when the brain
is overloaded it starts eating at the body-parts as an outlet valve. Is
it possible that people who get cancer are creating itself in the brain,
because maybe they don't want to life anymore of let's say frustration.

For more info visit: 13-06-2017 (Dutch).


(09-04-2018) FORBID JOHNNYS.
European governments want to import millions of people from other
countries to combat ageing of the population, but there is another
way which doesn't cost them a penny forbid the condom. (Kid Buys Condoms - WHAAAT?)


(08-04-2018) BUNCH OF SCUMBAGS.
As a subscriber a TV magazine you get an e-mail:

A: Highly valued subscriber, we appreciate you very much as a regular
customer, and as a reward we'll give you a free cinema movie ticket.
B: Nice thanks send the ticket.
A: No ho ho ho, you first have to put a check-mark here.
B: What check-mark?
A: Yes then our business friends send you their advertisement, and if there are
enough subscribers, who buy an article from them, we get a
part of the profit, and with that we buy your free cinema ticket.
B: So if I understand correctly you are trying to screw me.

Scumbags, I want to cancel my magazine subscription with you scumbags.


According to humanity and in particular the white Western race, they
keep insisting that Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth. But
that's theoretically not possible, because when Cain kills Abel deadly
and disappears to the land of Nod, then where does his wife come from.
That means that there were already people before Adam and Eve, unless
they had sex with their own children, then Cain's wife is his sister. You
shouldn't tell this to the Khazars (Fake Jews), they will be pissed and
are able to kill you. They insist that Adam and Eve were the first.

And if Adam and Eve were white people from a white Jesus, where do the Asian the
African and the South American people come from. There are a lot of theories but they
are and continue to be theories, we probably will never know for sure. Maybe Jesus has
a skin color, and God his father as well. The arrogant whites are I think in all states now,
goddammit WTF is the "APE" talking about, we are going to teach him a lesson. What does
it matter who the first man was, we are living on earth and have to plough together.

Where does humanity come from and how have we emerged. You could say
there was nothing at first and then boom boom everything was there or,
everything has always existed there has never been a start. You can indeed
say as the faithful say God has created everything okay, but who created God
or has he always existed, and what was possible or not for him, spooky.

You could also say what we see doesn't exist in reality we imagine that,
then there must be something that lets us imagine that a kind of cons-
ciousness. And also what was eventually there before our birth and what
will possibly be thereafter our death. Then there also seems to be a spiritual
world and several dimensions that may be playing at the same time.

That consciousness could be a spirit, that governs our body so it can manifest on
the physical earth, just as we drive a bicycle scooter or car. And after death our
body perishes, and the spirit that has come out, is maybe looking for a fetus to be
born again soon. But everything is theory, because how it really is nobody knows.

Miss HP. Blavatsky.


Farrakhan on Israel's Genocide in Gaza.
Farrakhan says Israel & Netanyahu punk America!
Minister Louis Farrakhan asks, "How can you forget it?"
A People Robbed and Spoiled.
Ikiesha Al-Shabazz Whittaker Former Manhattan Prosecutor.

See Also (Dutch):
08-03-2017 / 12-10-2017 / 24-12-2017
14-01-2018 (English).


(05-04-2018) HAVE FUN.
Driving Scania S520 - Cabin view - Norway.
POV Driving new Scania S520 - Norway.
Awesome Engine Sound, Volvo FM 410 - Sweden.
POV Driving Scania S520 - Narrow sections of road E134 - Norway.
Zycie Kierowcy Aluta 2/3 Rumunia.
(Dutch Harry Stam Trucking).


(04-04-2018) PHARISEES?
Sometimes I get a request to delete a site that I posted as a link on my site,
because they don't want to be associated with my site, when I write about
the upon Khazars or fake Jews. And they're all websites that are trying (sup-
posedly?) to help the Palestinians, where genocide has been committed for 73
years. Are we dealing with Pharisees, Jesus said it himself in the Bible that he
was surrounded was by this kind of people. Besides, that don't teach me how the
Dutch think. Often they want to keep the enemy sweet for coming times, war is
war if there is peace then we can become friends again, not at the moment please.

I also wonder whether maybe the Pharisees alias the comedians are the
cause, of all them wars for us. If you can agree with each other not to
shoot at each other at the Christmas season, then why can't you agree
with each other that we never shoot at each other. We walk away and a
time later when we are cooled down, we talk about the problem so never
again war. When you don't want to die stay at home with your bitch in your
own country, and don't come in my country to fuck about. Have your Christ-
mas diner at home, and unpack your Christmas gift at home. Prisoner of war
is that a western joke a kind of April fools day joke or so, beng beng beng.


(03-04-2018) WHO ARE THE REAL NAZI'S?
CRAP America and CRAP Israel and CRAP Saudi Arabia and CRAP Turkey and
CRAP Qatar, are bombarding the whole middle East to hell for 17 years now.
With millions of dead refugees disabled mutilated, widows and orphans and
psychologically traumatized. There are many Westerners who don'tgive a
shit, they couldn't care less, is it because the victims have a skin color?

Suppose that there are terrorists in Europe and the Asian countries decide
to bombard Europe also the Netherlands, and also without the permission of
the European governments. Do you think they will get away with it, I don't
think so and because they have a skin color their ass is grass. They will be
completely terrorized, their countries will be heavily bombarded to the bone.

The full interview with President Assad of Syria (Dutch subtitles).
Interviews with Assad.

Syria - Sovereignty and Peace. Press Conference, U.N.
Bombing Syria a Sovereign land.

The Nazis didn't gas one “Khazar” (Jew), 354,000 died by Typhoid Cholera and in
the last part of the war by hunger, the alleged six million is a fairy tail. The Allies
have also killed Dutch citizens in the hunger winter, other countries were not
allowed to send food, if they did then their food convoys were bombed.

Dutch politicians are war criminals, because they invaded Syria, a sovereign country
and are bombarding it with fighter jets. Syria has not threatened us, they didn't
invade our country, neither are they shooting at us. The bombing of Syria is a war
crime, these politicians have to be ' tried ' by the International Court of Justice.

The Netherlands is bombing Syria.

According to my vision, America has been using the world citizens as a trolley for the past 73
years, on behalf of their psychiatric mentally disturbed retarded American Dream. The First and
Second World War (Power & Money) have been in Europe and maybe also a Third World War
(US-USSR). America has in the past for the last 73 years consistently making wars in other
people's countries never in their own country, that means they're utterly cowardly dogs.

The Crimes America (Their Boss Israel) is committing in the past 73 years.
CIA Cruelties.

In order to make leaders such as Saddam Qadaffy and Assad Black also called demonizing,
they use liars actors and comedians who are telling bullshit stories to make the Western
people become week. So that, they find it OK that the Middle East is bombarded.


All coffee shops in the Netherlands shouldn't be tolerated because they should
be illegal. You get a burglar in your house and he steals your computer, then he
goes to the city where there is a shop he enters through the backdoor and sells
it to the shopkeeper for €50. Who puts it in his store and an hour later, you
neighbor comes trough the front door and buys your computer completely legal
for €100. If the government finds it OK for you to smoke a joint then they have
to find another construction, not this moron way this is pulling everybody's leg.

It's not fair that a weed grower is put out of his house, by the rental company
Police and town-hall. I would leave him in his house because now you can keep
an eye on him. If you trow him out on the street then he disappears in the illegality
and when he starts again, it may take 3 years before you catch him again. Let the
police as a way of punishment look in his house once a month, and you can catch
him much earlier in case he is going to grow again. If you put him out of his house,
there is often a lot of misery, until he gets another house again in the future.

The government is often cycling on a bicycle that belongs at the scrap pile.
They make a law that says that money is a legal tender, at the same time
they make an appendix that says: “Yes, but the rental company doesn't have
to accept that money,” which they don't. Then there could be a lawsuit that
may take five years, because my lawyer says to the judge: “Money is a legal
tender”, and the lawyer of the rental company says to the judge: “The housing
department doesn't have to accept that money”. This court case can take years.

Companies can easily ask €2 a month when they sent you the bill, although
several lawsuits forbid this because the bill is a receipt and you're not allowed
to ask money for that. Separate administration fees are also illegal, as all the
expenses are already in the final account of the product. But because many
house rules are in contracts of companies they get away with it, they're not
laws made by politics and approved by the first chamber and signed by a fake king.

The reason why politicians and companies get away both state and commercial
with everywhere is, because the mass of humanity are looking the other way.
They've learned that from their parents and grandparents who also looked life-long
the other way. You can say that the mess on Earth is the fault of mankind, because
by looking massively the other way, the politicians have free play, they can do and
leave what they want there is no opposition. And because the loner is alone he draws
at the shortest end of the stick and is parked in the forest, that's frustrating.


There are plenty of people worldwide who claim that the 13 families who
are the boss of the Earth have conceived the plan to rob 6.5 billion people
of life. They have created a statue for it in Elberton in the state of Georgia
USA with a longitude of 82-degree 52-minute West and latitude of 34-degree
07-minute North. The first sentence line on the statue reads as follows:

Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.

The Georgia Guidestones: America's Most Mysterious Monument.

There are different ways they do it:
01 Chemtrials.
03 Geo Engenering.
04 Weather Modification.
Search YouTube and your search engine.

KLM Chemtrails.
Contrails! Boeing 747-800. Airbus A380. Planes At Cruising Altitude (HD)
KLM A330. KLM B747. Chemical Weapon "Chemtrail" Dispersal - Witch is Witch - 01 October 2013 England.

Chemtrail Plane Inside.
Pilot Turns Chemtrails On And Off - Sends a Signal To The World 100% Proof.
Chemtrials are killing us! Take Zinck!!

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How it all really works I do not know, there are so many beliefs sects and opinions,
that as it were you can't see the trees true the whole forest. And perhaps this is
the intention of Satan to play us out against each other, because if we are in battle
with the mouth or a weapon, we have no time to work together and make a Paradise
out of the planet. So he wields the tactics of divide and rule, any government does
that also to sow confusion and then politicians have an excuse, to cast themselves
as leaders and to be able to divide and play the boss over the people for a lifetime.

If the people who are inhabiting Jerusalem today are REAL
Jews (Khazar) then that makes Jesus a LIAR!! Jesus said:
If the Wailing Wall is a part of the Jewish (Khazar) Temple that was
destroyed in 70 A.D. then that makes Jesus a LIAR also!!
New Khazar (Israel) was born on July 4, 1776 in Washington D.C.
(38-degree 53-minute North-77-degree 02-minute West).
What many people don't know is that the Khazar Knesseth is the
boss in Satan's house, the American politicians are jumping jacks.

The 5 main reasons for the founding of the State of “New Khazar” (Israel).
1. Stop the world from calling the pope “The Antichrist.”
2. Convert the Arab world to Rome.
3. Control of Mideast Oil Reserves.
4. Open up the Arab market to Rockefeller multinational.
5. Lend money at usury to the Arabs in order to destroy.

The people who sometimes for years dig and spit in the Holocaust to discover, how every-
thing have “really” gone are often persecuted and also put in jail. “Because” what is in
the cover must remain in it should not be known. So in essence you can no longer inves-
tigate history that is unwanted, you have to blindly believe what the big boys are tel-
ling you, and they can indeed sell you turnips for lemons because you are not allowed
to legally investigate what they are telling you. This is pure purebred dictatorship.

Holocaust revisionism in English.
New Live Page.


This land is mine.
Are we destroying the Planet?


I don't know how many children there are on Earth, but let's estimate it at 2 billion.
I believe it's the duty of Governments to feed all these children every day, and they
don't do it. Millions of children die every year from hunger war and diseases, and most
politicians couldn't care less, they are too busy with waging war. All those billions of
Dollars and Euro's are spent on an annual basis on defense warfare, with that money
they maybe could feed all these children worlwide. Policians are totally useless people.

Chicken Fingers for Children.
French Fries for Orphant Children.
Banana Pancakes.
Lots of Tube's of Grandpa's Kitchen Secrets.

We operate a YouTube channel called “Grandpa Kitchen”. We enter-
tain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities.
Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school
supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans. Thank you for your support.


Today I read this website:
And have posted the following information on my site.

Pentagon active in Africa under the flag of development aid.

What the Western world forgets for convenience, is that poverty the unrest
the revolutions is often result from the behaviour of Westerners. Just think of
banks that lend money and demand astronomical interest rates on interest rates,
often those countries have long paid back their debts in the form of many interests.

What do you think of the multinational companies that drain these countries
and destroy the trade of African countries. Just think of the IMF and the World
Bank that demand that those countries open their borders to cheap western
subsidy goods such as e.g. Rice chicken tomatoes etc., if you close your
border to protect your own domestic trade then you get no more loans.

This site describes that the French-speaking African countries are only indepen-
dent from France on paper alone. So I believe that the Dutch defense that is now
in Africa is not hunting for terrorists but is helping to defend the French interests.

Most governments and politicians of eg. Africa's are spineless empty flap
turds, they all sit down to butt-crawl with Western governments multinatio-
nal corporations and organizations, and let their own people suffer. Most also
have nice incomes living nicely driving nicely and saving nicely, and their people
rots away in life-long bitter deep poverty. You might consider them as people
and traitors, I am not talking about those who are being blackmailed.

Why do many refugees come for example from Africa to Europe, what's their reason
why don't they remain at home in their own country, that's what we all want. Is it
for many perhaps hopelessness no longer having any view of believing in anything.
Are we as Westerners maybe partly responsible thanks to our behavior in their countries,
are we as new colonials robbing their countries empty, leaving the people behind for old dirt.

Western NGO's human rights organizations are at the
service of a cowardly cruel military world dictatorship.

I don't defend crime but the fishermen of e.g. Somalia Africa and South America etc.
are getting more into crime, because they have almost no income as fishermen. Because
most fish for their coasts are fished away by the Western factory ships, because of the
western quotas in their own countries. That is why there are more and more fish with
strange names in our supermarkets, which we used to never hear. Is there still fairness?

The Western trading system is in such a way that, non Western and third world countries
are at the shortest financial end. Recently, the CETA law has been introduced by Western
governments with Canada, which means that there is no restriction on free trade between
those countries. Who is the victim of that law indeed the non-western and third-World
countries, which are now blocked with their trade and business, and have nothing left. (Farmers go broke true import Chicken). (Destruction of the Rainforest). (Amazon Deforestation & Slavery Toxic).

Africa stays poor behind. (West Stealing Africa's Resources). (Our shit in Afrika). (Children of Cotton).

Chicken for Africa. On a chicken paw or wing we dare to nibble occasionally,
but it's mainly the beautiful white flesh of the breast we are after. The rest
of the chicken we freeze in, and we ship to Africa. Where our frozen chicken
remnants, are pushing the African chicken of the market. Moreover, these
leftovers are not of the best quality, and of course less fresh than a living chicken.

Our desire to chicken-protein is, therefore, particularly unhealthy for the
African market. And all this under the watchful eye, of the international community.
Because if an African country try to protect its chicken market, against that
abundance of frozen poultry, the IMF is threatening to suspend the loans.

The Westerners know no shame. The slaves and colonial times still persist
behind the scenes. You get in the long run, without you wanting it, start
hating the white race. You come to the final conclusion that, Africa
is still being exploited by the Western world. The wealth and richness
of the raw materials are for Westerners, the bitter poverty for Africa.

Africa has to start exporting 25% food minerals and raw materials. The remaining 75%
is to stay in the country to give the own people food and to let them live. In addition,
internal trade is now underway and unemployment is also being combated.

Africa is only going to import 25%, the remaining 75% is produced in Africa
itself. With consequence again more trade and unemployed persons at work.
Import and export only produce money that disappears in the pockets of the
rich. Both in Africa and in the western world, “The poor remain poor”, lifelong.

While, if the population of Africa has own more food minerals resources, and
less import and export, then they have more resources and material to develop.
And hopefully poverty will be pushed back and maybe even abolished.

The Western churches have been in the past in the 3rd world in the slaves
and colonial times, to impose their western beliefs on the so-called: “uncivilized“?,
their natural faiths were not allowed to confess anymore because that was devilish.

And now people are sitting in the church for a lifetime to worship a Western faith,
and are taking a waiting attitude until the Western Savior comes? And in the meantime
their countries are being robbed and looted, from the raw materials for an apple and an egg.

They have to make our products for a pittance, pay interest on interest
on interest on interest rates etc. And so their debts remain open forever,
in this way they sitpermanently in a western plier, those Western civilized
people? The ways of the westerners are cunning dodgy and slick.


A well-known tactic of the IMF and the World Bank is: Lend the country so damned
much money that they can never pay it back in their lifetime, and from the interest
we become wealthy and we can kick the country in all the corners that we want.


Here the non-Westerners describe how they think about Westerners.
The countries that are still owned by the Western motherland are listed here.


Ahed Tamimi got eight months prison sentence for hitting a “Khazar (fake Jew)“ soldier.
She asked him to leave her garden and stand on the public road which he refused. This
kind of behavior indicates an arrogant conceited mentality literally and figuratively. They
don't give a fuck about the Palestinians, not only in their own private garden but also in
their own private house. This is just pure “NAZI” behavior, these Khazar dogs (originally
from the Ukraine so no promised Land bullshit) should know better. And what does the
hypocritical Western world do who are butt-crawling with them look the other way.

Ahed Tamimi sentenced to 8 months for slapping IDF soldier
The people of van Israel vs. Ahed Tamimi.
Ahed Tamimi And Elor Azaria’s Cases Expose
The Glaring Hypocrisy Of Israeli Justice System
Ahed Tamimi gets eight months in prison after plea deal.
Ahed Tamimi: One story, multiple narratives.


Also see: 03-01-2018


They believe that killing is alright, know you roots, learn your role Noah.

Wishes hate avalanche drainpipe, demolish grim reaper shed.

The hope is they will make peace, raven people choose good ovum roads.

Tunisia and Palestine where comet Dressler.



Martin Niemöller, German soldier, Lutheran minister and Resistance fighter, wrote the
following poem during his Captivity (1937 – 1944) in Dachau concentration camp:

First they came for the Jews, and I said nothing, because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the communists, and I said nothing, because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists and I said nothing, because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came to me, and there was no one more about that could say anything.

On the poem of Martin Niemöller I remember me regular
variants, one of them I would like to share with you:
First they came for the elderly and I said nothing because I wasn't an elder.
Then they came for the sick and I said nothing because I wasn't sick.
Then they came for the unemployed and I said nothing because I wasn't unemployed.
Then they came to me and there was no one more about that could say anything.

My Thoughts.
First they came for the Native Indians (USA) and I said nothing because I wasn't an Indian.
Then they came for the Aboriginals (Australi) and I said nothing because I wasn't an Aboriginal.
Then they came for the Maori's (New Zealand) and I said nothing because I wasn't a Maori.
Then they came for the Slaves (Africa) and I said nothing because I wasn't a slave.
Then they came to me and there was no one more about that could say anything.

The intensity of this time.
We fly all over the place and it can be sometimes difficult to breathe.
All kinds of physical and emotional complaints pass through the revue of
which we don't know what to do with it or where they come from. The soil is
completely rammed from under us, and we don't know what we can do anymore.
These fierce times are shaking us upside down, but everything is exactly as it should be.

In response of the site (Fraud 2003-2016 - 98 million Euro), I sent 418 e-mails to
the upper class. Four of them replied no more e-mails please, but from the other
414 nothing at all, I'm curious how they voted on March 18th, business as usual?


In nature you can see how wild animals eat gentle animals and what does mankind say: “It's Nature”.
And then the're filming for weeks, how a crocodile in a pond eat all 50 animals that come to drink. It
doesn't come into their own mind, in order to save those 50 nice animals their life, by removing this
crocodile from that pond. You can't blame the crocodile because he's wild, but the real wild animals are
the filmers. And I also have to look in my own heart because I eat meat, and these are also gentle ani-
mals that are slaughtered for me. So who is in reality wild, the animals or humans. Is this maybe a cursed
evolution populated by wild beasts. And who is God also a wild beast for he has created the whole gang.

And this also happens to people, the wild animals among us are constantly creating wars for the gentle poor
man, they slaughter millions, swipe at life. Have monster salaries, are under and above the law, and laugh
the whole gang out. And what we do, we do not film, we vote lifelong on these wild animals. There are plenty
of wild beasts in for example Africa, which pull under the guise of freedom fight from village to village. And in
every village everyone is raped who is feminine, murdered every man who is male, then the village is plundered
and then put into flames. And in a few years these wild beasts sit in the new government, and go on state on
EU and UN-visit their boyfriends of the western world who sit to slime with their for the raw materials.

Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska.


It is noticiable true that if the whites acting racist, the police the police-
chief the mayor and the politicians looking the other way. But if for
example the Moroccans are doing it then the Netherlands is too small,
then theDutch are heavily offended, and are shouting for action.

Hang youngster plague in Hilversum.(22-08-2017)
Hang youngster versus Ramadan scum. (23-08-2017)
Pictures little Drift. (28-08-2017) The Dutch racist scum
cursing names at her: Fucking-Negro / Black-Fuck / Fucking
Negro Monkey / Fucking Negro go back in to your tree.

Citizens in action against streetscum. (31-08-2017)
Guilly Koster went to visiti Gilly Emanuels. Watch the video: (31-08-2017)
The nearby citizens are fed up with hang youngsters. (01-09-2017)

Massive support for attacked ice-cream vendor Gilly. (02-09-2017)
Surinamese woman stops with icecream parlour after racism. (23-03-2018)

Gilly Emanuels from icecream-parlour 't Perronnetje.
Gilly Emanuels from icecream-parlour 't Perronnetje.. (22-03-2018)'t+Perronnetje&ia=web


(23-03-2018) HELP I IS IN LUVE.
WTF am I doing in honkeys-country, I must be an mental case.
Yeh Sama - Besame Fusion | Nisha Madaran | Yoana Borroto.


Health authorities and media have been calling in choir for forty years that saturated
fat is dangerous. It would thicken and clog our blood vessels. It even made us sober
Dutch mad. The consumption of excellent farm country food like whole milk and cream
butter has been more than decimated since the 1960s. And that's sour. Because, it looks
increasingly like the anti-fat message is based on an error. Despite all pertinent opinions,
there is absolutely no ambiguity among scientists about the influence of saturated fat on
the onset of cardiovascular disease and obesity. In fact, the in heaven praised linoleic
acid (' good for heart and blood vessels ') could well be a wolf in sheep's clothes.

For years, a fight has been underway between the front and the opponents of
cholesterol-lowering drugs. But what the trouble is, the proponents refuse to
investigate what the opponents claim. That's because most of the medical world
and politicians are arrogant beings, they pull up their conceited nose for everything
they don't believe in, and the pharmaceutical multinationals are spinning yarn here.

Pathologists in America who are committing autopsy on the deceased say that, the old
age people who didn't use cholesterol-lowering drugs they have much cleaner blood ves-
sels and few inflammations, than those who swallowed lowering drugs, are often clogged
from New York to Los Angelos, and they have an army of inflammation in their vessels.

What's annoying is that, scientists for example first want to research for ten years. What
they don't realize is that in those ten years, perhaps 10 million patients die worldwide.
Once you have a clue, you have to apply it directly to for example volunteers. Don't forget
many scientists are employed by the pharmaceutical companies, so they can be played.
Plus most salaries grants and donations they get come also from these companies.

The government the medical and the pharmaceutical world the Heart Foundation and the Nutri-
tion Center, often called the established order. They all screaming that cream butter is the
enemy, and margarine the super wonder food. Take the test yourself, take a teaspoon of
cream butter in your mouth, then you will see that it melts like snow for the sun. Then take
a teaspoon of margarine in your mouth, now you are busy chewing for a while to get the greasy
stuff away. So I assume that the greasy stuff inside your body, lingers much longer than butter.

Most of the “Cholesterol” does not come from the food at all, but is created by the
liver to repair the blood vessels. To repair for example inflammation. Just as we
smooth a wall to be able to put on wallpaper. If the blood vessels are flexible and healthy,
the liver produces less cholesterol. If you prevent the liver cholesterol with cholesterol
lowering medicine, then the liver is going to create more and more cholesterol to balance.

If someone has long-lasting pain or sorrow, or suddenly gets a shock, then the person is under
tension. With the consequence that the blood vessels come under tension and pull tight, so
that the diameter becomes narrower. And if there is already repairing (long-time tension in
the body?) cholesterol on the walls then the vessels can become tighter, and gets the person
a heart attack. Cardiologists advise the patients to laugh as much as possible, to laugh and have
fun, because it relaxes the body and also the blood vessels, and the diameter will increase again,
and a possible next heart attack will be postponed a little longer, if it will occur again?

The article about Becel Pro Active and the excess of linoleic acid that causes inflamma-
tion to the vessels of the heart, described on this website, would be published years ago
in Elsevier Magazine. Then the Heart Foundation and the Nutrition Center rang the bell in
politics, who rang the bell at the Directorate of Elsevier and then the article wasn't
published. This is censor-ship of the top shelf, at least according to my vision then.

The Cholesterol Myths.

There is only one factor that makes people in Crete, for example, get so few
heart attacks. Their diet is poor of linoleic acid (Omega-6), but rich in Alpha
Linolenic acid (Omega-3). In this now legendary Lyon Diet Heart Study, the
scientist Lorgeril showed that such a diet directly to phenomenal decline in mortality.

Some scientists are full of it, because one comes along and says, sunflower-
oil is good for you, two years later another says it's bad for you. The next
onesays peanut-oil is good for you, six months later another says' no it's bad
for you. 5 years later another says olive-oil is the best, one year later another
says' no it's terrible for your heart. Are these people CLOWN'S, do they take the
mickey out of us, and they're all learned university brain-heads. I believe univer-
sities deliver mentally disturbed morons to society, what the heck are these
idiots talking about, are they brainless people? They studied for Christ sake. (Cholesterol en hartziekten (Transvet ongunstig) (The Dangers of Statines)


(21-03-2018) I'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE.
There are plenty people who say: “the NSA AIVD etc.” who break
in our computer and steal our data they can do what they want be-
cause I've nothing to hide. But imagine the person gets a burglar in
their house, and looks into the refrigerator and writes on: 1 packet of
butter 1 bottle of milk etc. He checks our bank details and writes it up.
The saving's expenditure the revenues. He searches in the bedroom
cabinets, and writes down 5 sheets 10 shirts 5 dresses 3 pants etc.

He writes down all the book Records CD's DVD's etc. He records
all the emails, writes all the websites and or YouTube that the
person has visited. He reads all the post and saves it. Will the
occupant say: “Tomorrow he may quietly break in again, and
sniff further because I have nothing to hide”. Or does the
occupant kick him out of the house and call furious the police.


Divorce Court.

1 - When The Bacon Is Cooking, I Like It To Sizzle.
2 - The Bacon ain't Hot no More.

Henry Black vs Lisa Tood.
Crazy old people in Court.
Israelite in Quarrel with Pagan Wife.
From Girly to Manly.

1 - On The Backburner like Old Chicken Grease.
2 - On The Backburner like Old Chicken Grease.


(19-03-2018) GLOBAL WARMING.
If the story is correct, global warming has stopped 15 years ago. It's
now 1 degree warmer than usual, one calls this--global warming--. But
1200 years BC it was 5 degrees warmer than usual. And at that time
they didn't have industrial factories chemicals nuclear power plants
cars gas stream radiation from GSM computers and handsets etc.

We know summer autumn winter and spring, so there is in history also a large cycle
of thousands of years. A great Ice Age — a small Ice age — a great heat time and
a small heat time. This means that in the past, global warming has also occurred
thousands of years ago. If I have understood correctly, in the distant future we will
go back to a small ice age, and that warm period of now is a possible indication.

If it's still warm outside in October, then it's possibly that the cold air who is
coming, surrounds all the warm air and pushes it in a bell, and it hangs quite
accidentally over our country. But at some point the cold takes over, eats
away the warm air and it's winter. You put hot water into a bowl to wash
the dishes, and you add cold water so that you can put your hands in it.

Now they are messing about with the sun, they're blocking the rays
with chemtrails because of global warming. They're trying to mani-
pulate nature to put at heir hands, that is dangerous because nature
has been regulating itself for billions of years. Then those learned
idiots come along with their arrogant face to fuck everything up.

Russia and America don't participate, with the fanatical warming up. You
don't have to knock at the door of GreenPeace and other environmental
freaks (own interest?), they consider you as the son of Hitler, they fana-
tically continue to belief that man is the cause of global warming.

The scientists must know the big seasons, because they are scientists
experts and learned people right? How much do they get paid to twist and
change some certain data, and not to release the real data. Organizations
like Greenpeace, who take indiscriminately everything from scientists experts
learned people, as truth without investigating the data themselves.

And those mentally handicapped simple minded idiot moron governments
are naturally spinning yarns with it, because under the guise of global
warming they can rob us even more, they call it hypocritical -- ecotax
-- environmental tax -- energy tax -- biotax and gasoline tax etc.

What They Haven't Told You about Climate Change.
Why I left Greenpeace.
How the Global Warming Scare Began.

Charts Global Warming?

Global climate Changes.

Carbon Dioxide Is NOT A Pollutant | Global Warming Scam DEBUNKED.
A Natural By-Product of Nature.
Rise in CO2 has 'greened Planet Earth'.


Putin is constantly being accused of terrorism, but it's America
who has been invading and bombarding other countries for 73
years since 1945, besides that they are the cause of many revolu-
tions civil war coups and straw governments, Russia doesn't do that.

Its urgent time that those arrogant psychopathic Americans,
fuck off to the other side of the ocean where they belong.
They are very horrific meddling not only in Europe but also in
the Eastern Bloc countries, they interfere everywhere and are
constantly playing those countries out against each other and
stirring things up, a possible Third World war will be their fault.

Putin's personal website.

Farewell of Slavianka - Dina Garipova (2016).
Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow.

Kalinka Flashmob in Kaliningrad Supermarket, Russia.
Flashmob in Russia with a beautifull Russian folk.

Russian Folk Music.
Russische Tekens.

Russian StreetFood.


(17-03-2018) CHEMTRAILS.
London hit by Chemtrails.
Why we rarely see more beautiful blue skies here.
This is the result of manipulating the weather from higher-
hand powers, they want to put nature at their hand as it
suits them, it means a lot of misery for many people worldwide.

The real purpose of Chemtrails (Chemische strepen).
Chemtrails are geo-engineering aerosols that are loaded with toxic
chemicals, including but not limited to: barium, strontium 90, aluminium,
cadmium, zinc, viruses and "chaff. " Chaff resembles snow but they
are actually Mylar fibers (as in Glass fibre) coated with aluminum, dried
blood cells, plastic and paper. Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle
has been studying atmospheric polymers for years and has identified
microscopic polymers that exist? From genetically manipulated moulds
that are mutated with viruses and are now part of the air we breathe.

Chemtrails: the secret war (English Subtitles).
"Chemtrails" — How They Affect You and What You Can Do.

(Anonymous Global Awakening)
(Rosalind Peters Investigates ChemTrails)

In Germany they talk openly about chemtrails on TV, they don't
deny it or are mysteriously about it. On the Dutch TV they deny,
censor twist it and telling lies to the viewers. If they was honest,
they would probably get three years imprisonment, just as you
get when you examine the Holocaust and publish it in public.

Report on German RTL-TV (English Translation).
The last proven fact about deadstripes in the sky. Doku 1/5.
Doku ZDF nano - Double Ghostclouds.
Chemtrails Doku 2018 NEU - Truth or Conspiracy?


Often people who feel offended, are misusing the codebook laws to take revenge
on the citizens who they are angry with. Suppose I say to a judge: “You are an Ass-
hole”, he immediately picks up the codebook and gives me a fine of lets say $500.

He won't say to me: “What are you talking about Prick”, and then we
can be friends again. No he is now abusing the codebook for private reasons.
A house renting firm does this too, if I say to them: “You are sons of Bitches”,
then within a few days I have a letter in my mailbox of their lawyer.

They also abuse a codebook and a lawyer and use them as a trolley for
private reasons. And since we citizens customers consumers and tenants
are always drawing at the end of the stick, whe're always “Fucked”.
Former Manhattan Prosecutor: "Fuck America".


(15-03-2018) TAILBEINGS.
Dogs have their tail hanging on their asses.
Politicians have their tail hanging on their throats.

And dogs are clearly more civilized than politicians.
“No” about Mi-Auw Bitch I really don't dare to talk.


Does humanity have the right to censor someone if his statements don't please them?
Is it not better to file charges against the person for insult and slander, instead of
playing for judge which they're not. Governments also play for judge with a lot of laws
regulations and provisions, for example investigating the Holocaust and publish it can
result in a prison sentence. Do churches have the right to silence someone who doesn't
believe in their church belief, Google Facebook Twitter and YouTube censor as well. (New). (New). (Faq).

Independent News.


(13-03-2018) DISCOVER IRAN.
Israel very much like to bomb Iran, and why they don't have an atomic
bomb, and besides that the're not allowed to have one according to Allah.

The Grand Bazaar: Munchies Guide To Tehran. (Part 1/3)

Walking Around Tehran In Iran.
Tehran Metro Subway Walk 2016.
Karkas Railway in Central Iran.


Independent TV.
State Tv.


The demagogues of the press and media so the journals the newspapers and
the talk programs on TV, keep the Dutch week by smearing day and night the
holocaust into their faces, so that they are afraid to say anything about the
genocide that the Khazars for 73 years committing on the Palestinians in their
own country. This is a typical tactic of cunning dodgy smooth demagogues.

Could it be that the Western world hates the Khazars as well, and to avoid them
coming to our countries as refugees, we help them with weapons and technology
so that they can remain the boss of the Palestinians. If we don't help them they
may become weak and then maybe the Arabs kick them out of the Middle East.

Is it even theoretically possible that the Europeans after de second
world war, gave Palestine on purpose to the Khazar's to get rid of
them, good riddens? So we Europeans sacrifice the Palestinians (people
with a skin color?) and let them suffer in their own Biblical land.

Narcy featuring Shadia Mansour "Hamdulillah".

16-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi is one of
four women in her family who have been arrested.
Little Journalist Janna Jihad Ayyad.

Shadia Mansour - Kollon 3endon Dababaat.
Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.

Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein [RAP NEWS 24].

The complete? Facts about the Holocaust.
The Hoax of the twentieth century.
The 13th tribe by Arthur Koestler.
Censored Books and Website's.

More info? Go to: 03-01-2018.
The Palestinian woman Ahed Tamimi is a HERO.

Palestinian Rappers.


In the countries below, America has deliberately made the internal peace out of control, by
creating revolutions, coups and wars. In other words, if you don't want to dance to our arro-
gant vain psychopathic pipes, we bombard your country to the primeval and Stone Age. The
Western world looks at it thinks it's fine and lives on, all that misery for the populations they
couldn't care less. The fear grieves pain injuries and death not interested, RACISTS?

Afghanistan - Albania - Algeria - Angola - Argentine - Australia. Bolivia - Bosnia - Brazil - Bulgaria.
Cambodia - Chili - China - Congo - Costa Rica - Cuba. Dominican. Ecuador - El Salvador. Germany
- Ghana - Greece - Grenada - Guatemala - Guyana. Haiti - Honduras. Indonesia - Iran - Iraq - Italy.
Jamaica. Korea. Laos - Liberia - Libya. Morocco. Nicaragua. Pakistan - Panama - Paraguay - Peru.
Russia. Seychelles - Somali - Suriname - Syria - Sudan. Philippines. Uruguay. Vietnam. Yemen. Zaire.

I'm reading a book written by William Blum -- Killing Hope --. ISBN 9 781783 601776
A comprehensive account of America's covert and overt military actions in the world. (Publisher London UK)



(10-03-2018) 440 HERZ OR 432 HERZ?
If you're going to listen to this music, and you don't start feeling well
then it might be wise to stop listening. That's because not every herz
frequency is suitable, if you have unconsciously problems in the
subconscious. Our body consists also of flow current waves with a
certain herz frequency, and that can collide with the herz waves of
the music. I suspect that this theory of me is that those two waves
collide presumably if you have a problem in your subconscious mind,
and to find out what problem it's going to be, of course, is difficult.

This also works with food you eat something you get like a stomach ache or
you get headaches. Then it's likely possible that that particular food collides
with an organ that is perhaps not one hundred percent. So the stomach
rumbling or headache is actually a possible friendly warning to you, that
something is not right in your body (allergy?). If you're at a meeting and
you don't feel really comfortable, it's maybe possible that you can receive
that telepathically from those others that aren't on your wavelength

A = 432 Hertz Cymatics.
Moonlight Sonata Cymatics.
432hz Divine Music?

Schumann Resonancy - Earths Vibrational Frequency - 7.83Hz.
8.3 Hz Binaural Beats Mu Frequency.

432hz Miracle Tone - Raise Positive Vibrations.
Healing Frequency 432hz | Positive Energy Boost.
432hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear, Binaural Beats.
LIFE: Beautiful Relaxing Music 24/7.

Nature sounds to 432 hz sonic experiment on pets Ultrasounds, 432Hz, 440Hz.

In the past they decided to stream music in the 440hz tone
instead of the natural 432hz tone which is more harmonic listening.
Difference between 440hz and 432hz.
Download 432 Player for Android, iOS and Windows.

Tone Generators.

Change 440hz into 432hz in Audacity.
Audacity Info + Download.

Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.
Brainwave Entrainment.

What is Schumann Resonance?


Politicians walked the street of several European countries because
of Charlie Hebdo, and that must have been a major joke they played
on the people. If they really meant it, why tapping our e-mails and
phones and letters, why do they want to know what's on our computer
hard drive, why do they want to know what color underpants we are
wearing. Maybe we the people should start hacking them, because
I want to know what they are thinking saying writing mailing etc.


If you look at the misery the mess and the havoc on Earth, then you wonder where
are the good people to stop it. Aren't they there or don't they have any interest
anymore, or think it's has no use. They may have tried it but have been disappointed
or are they worked out, In the course of your life you can indeed think where am I
doing it for. No one takes me seriously, they ridicule me and consider me a nutcase.

You could ask yourself the good people are they the cause of the misery on
Earth, because they look massively the other way they let it happen. Maybe
they are slaves of their parents, because they also looked the other way during
their lifetime, the psychopaths who call themselves politicians you can always
vote them out. Most of humanity don't care that their fellow human beens have a
lousy life, as long as you don't bother me because I'm too busy with my selfishness?


I ask a question and why do I do that don't I know the answer, suppose that ques-
tion comes from my subconscious, is weird because our subconscious is our real ego
who must know everything, for our ordinary consciousness is that unconscious. Is
it possible that our subconscious is asking that question on purpose to seep into
our ordinary consciousness in the hope that we will realize what we are doing.

If that does not correspond to how we think with our ordinary consciousness, then we
can always think, I think weird or I am mentally disturbed. So the truth is disliked as disturbed,
so when I come along with my question and answer phrases, most people will think that he
is mental. This also implies that if the real biblical Jesus comes to Earth, and his way of
talking is not the same with our consciousness, or in the way we have been brought up
by the parents with their vision, then we presumably start shouting: “A false Prophet”.

The aid workers who want to treat us because we are disturbed according to their
vision, they can better find another profession, because they don't know what they
are doing, so they are complete laymen. In fact they're studied lunatics full with bulls
and diplomas, with a nice salary during their lifetime, and probably also with regard to
society. The crazies ones who pulling the strings and the normal are treated inverted world.

Those crooks of the town hall of Zutphen let 98 million Euro taxpayers money disap
- pear between 2003 and 2016, and to conceal that they commit fraud with the annual
budget, which is punishable and can bring you 6 years of imprisonment. The people
who want to press charges are coming home from a cold Christmas, because the
justice department simply dismiss the fraud charge. So the normal people are elimi-
nated by the crazy people, and you as a normal man can become mental over the years.

A psychiatric establishment could prove that the city is full of crazies, and in the
course of the years you may can get disturbed by that crazy society, because you
can't resist it anymore. Is the Earth the psychiatric establishment of the universe?


(06-03-2018) JESUS AT WORK.
I have an idea that may possible works, all the churches of for example Zutphen
merged into one church with the name: “Jesus at Work”. All the believers of that
church will every day ask a stranger can I help you with something, because if
this person gets a better life, then we do what Jesus asked us help my other
children. But will it work knowing what humans are like I don't know. Many
believers will presumably want to continue to hold tight on to the faith of
the parents, I also assume that some church leaders don't want this.

Weep partner feuds, children don't go and serve a portcullis, ban trick.

(Startingstone = God/Jesus? / Ban Trick = Divide and Rule?)

Barrel believe con-job, God knows the truth, song take drums.

(Barrel believe = Bible?)


(05-03-2018) WHO SAYS A MUST ALSO SAY B.
If politicians wants to make a new law, to shut down the internet, because of a handful of "cyber criminals".

Then they also have to abolish the ' car ' worldwide, because there are 500,000 deaths every year in the event of accidents.
And so they also have to abolish the ' defense staff ', because they are the cause of millions of victims each year.
And then they also have to abolish all ' politicians ', because they cause serious economic problems for billions of people.
And so they also have to abolish all ' voters ', because they vote for politicians who have made the world a great war zone.
And then they also have to abolish the multinational companies, because they
poison humanity with artificial chemical rubbish in our food, including E-numbers.

And so they must also abolish here in the Netherlands, the “family doctors ambulances
hospitals nursing staff specialists pharmaceutical factories and sickness funds” because
on average 7000 patients die in the Netherlands every year, so on average 19 per day,
by wrong diagnoses wrong medications and wrong treatments. Compared to that the
alternative quacks are holy, because their patients only die once in a blue moon.

And the crazy thing is, while Russia is in the process of becoming democratic, the Western
world is at the same time becoming communistic. Because over the years it is increasingly
banning democratic laws in favor of police state laws, will they start a 50 year cold war with
for example America in the future. Do you see it before you we will laugh our heads off.


Church leaders are trying to persuade citizens to come to their church on Sundays, to
persuade them to believe in Jesus. But that makes no sense, because when people go
home after an hour, they usually remain poor and often for a life-time. If people decide
to start believing in a Jesus, they can better do the work of Jesus, with other words
helping other people to get a better life. You don't need the Pastor the Church Faith
and Jesus for that, you just have to do it yourself, if you want to help yourself or others.

There are plenty of poor people in the ghettos of America who go to church for a lifetime, but
it's no use because a lot of them they remain poor. Westerners have build western churches
western believes and a white Jesus in for example South America, but the church people remain
poor and stricken for the rest of their life. At the same time the same western white people
sucking their countries dry with their multinationals, they pay peanuts for their raw materials,
and they have to make western products for a bargain penny, very slick those white people.

You could come to the conclusion that the staff (to whom it relates) of God the Gods and
Jesus, the Pastors the Priests the Fathers etc. and their biblical books their beliefs and their chur-
ches are the work of Satan. All those many beliefs are probably deliberately created as distractions,
with other words divide and conquer. The churches are perhaps the real Biblical anti-Christ, who
have invented an external non-existent anti-Christ to fool the people very cunning, so that the
masses are waiting for him to come to earth when he might be there already for a long time.

The Bible says in the last days of the Earth, false prophets will come to fool you. But we don't
know when those last days will be, so maybe the church leaders are the false prophet. Should
a prophet arrive on Earth today, and if he doesn't talk like the church leaders, believe because
he don't want to pee in their streets, then they will say to the people a false prophet has arrives
be aware people. Very dodgy those church leaders the so-called staff of the supreme beings.

We must also remember that churches often have nice incomes, just think of the collect
bags on Sundays during the service, God only knows what that collect worldwide on an annual
basis. Then churches also get an annual contribution from the town halls, for every believer
who is registered as a believer with his faith. There also seem to be churches that speculate
on stock exchanges markets with the collect money, plus they often possess real estate and a
lot of art which is often worth a lot of money, and church-fathers often have nice salaries.

That the gentlemen are in combat with each other for the faith that is exactly what the
devil wants. Because if that fight lasts for another 2000 years, the people of the different
beliefs will never work together to make paradise on earth. The different beliefs are a creation
of the devil to play us out against each other. Politicians also do this:"Divide and conquer".
The Young Nuwaubian Vs The Hebrew Isrealites.

Should you be a faithful person, and you want to hit me around my ears with your Bible,
May I remind you of that familiar phrase in your own Bible where is written:

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib-barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib-barrel = Biblical beliefs?)

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know war-race bib.

(War-race = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

They dove cunningly joined them, they hope USA tenc stupid, hear stiff egg ay.

(Dove = Bad spirits/, Tenc = Tank?, Stiff egg = Tanks roar?)

Fact rides song, basic cherry broken, see hand of offender is Hissing.

Turn your back to the guardian, Be there truthfully sincere song, I found the dog.

(Guardian = Church?)

Wicked spirits they thought they could kill spirit God, Moon surface fake.

(Wicked spirits = Bad Ufonauts?)

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Turn your back to the guardian, we know weapon cradle lie, greasy rooster jester?

Barrel believe con-job, God knows the truth, song take drums.

(Barrel believe = Bible?)

Ravenbird had tricks, guardian often mutes, many insulted God, demand dio.

(Ravenbird = The Enemy? Dio = Spanish for God)

Stealing Fort ground rules, doing illusion barrel voi.

(Voi = French for road lane street)

Weep partner feuds, children don't go and serve a portcullis, ban trick.

(Startingstone = God/Jesus?)


Many companies that email us have a no-replay-email, I don't agree, because you
can't answer that email. That should be, and if companies don't want that then
they shouldn't email us anymore, it's no style they can email us as much as they
want, but it's not allowed that we email back. I think that is a nasty arrogant tactic.

Then you have occasionally someone or a company that puts an envelope
in our letterbox with no sender on the envelope, it could be a powder bomb
letter from a terrorist you never know, therefore I always send them unopened
return (postal codes of the sender are on the envelope). Some lotteries do that
because people are curious of who that letter is they then open him.


I just found this website:
With the: Respect2All project.

OK no problem, in the last twenty years we have a degradation in
society, the well-known modern rotten poxy mentality. Where they
believe they have the right to do anything unpunished with the other.
And the other person is not allowed to complain and has to swallow it,
if not you don't live in the reality then you're mentally disturbed.

In a village, live a 1000 people and 990 of them are burglars for
fifty years now. For them it's the most normal thing in the world,
they couldn't care less. And those other ten who don't find bur-
glary correct are probably treated in a psychiatric establishment,
because they don't live in reality. But that reality of those 990
stinks from all sides, they don't smell it anymore, because they've
been in it for too long. A farmer doesn't smell the manure of his cattle
in the barn anymore, but we visitors do are we then mentally ill?

If they want to teach the youngsters respect, why every year Auschwitz?
In the slaves and colonial times, tens of millions have died, e.g. The Creoles
from Africa and the Native Americans the Indians, go and talk to their descen-
dants chat with them. Ask them how they are being treated, and how would
you like to be treated by the white race. Here in the Netherlands they keep
repeatedly talk about Auschwitz and the Holocaust to keep the population week?

How many slaves did die in the slave-time, (60 Million?).

How many Native Americans did die during the colonial time.


How can we stop the Fake Jews from treating the Palestinians as old dirt,
in their own country where they have been living for thousands of years,
because 90% of the Fake Jews have never lived in the Middle East not even
2000 years ago. They are Khazars who are converted to Judaism in 740AD,
they come from Khazar which is now called Ukraine. The greater part of the
Western world is watching and are silent, are they a bunch of cowardly dogs?

When the English were stealing America, they killed most Native Indians, and
until today the Indians are treated as old dirt in their own country, by the
arrogant racist western. Also, the Aboriginals of Australia and the Maori of New
Zealand, are today treated as old dirt in their own country, by that western
white scum. We had the slave time and the colonial time, and now the multina-
tional time. And don't forget the free world market will do a lot of damage as well.

The United Nations the European Government the European local governments,
the International Court in The Hague, and many other organizations are
totally uninterested in the injustices of the people with a skin color. What they
have to endure and suffer like the Palestinians the Indians the Aboriginals the
Maori people who. Presumably the white race is a kind of thieving murderers'
hoodlum race throughout history, you could call them scum of the evolution.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

There are plenty organizations around the world who are in support of
the Palestinians, but nothing much is happening after that. The politicians
who're Khazarian butt-crawlers laugh their heads of at these people.
Perhaps we should pull tables over when the latent dogs are in a meeting,
just as Jesus did in that tent, that will possibly put more sods on the dike.
Dogs wear a tail, the strings-oppressors wear a tie (Are they latent dogs?)

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)

Stop Khazarian Apartheid.


Western NGOs human rights organizations are they
servicing cowardly cruel military world dictatorships.
Terrorist attacks Navy Seals School of the America's.
Are the Dutch defence forces in Africa to protect French economic interests? (26.000 Links)

Most Dutch aid organizations sending letters with a donation giro money transfer
card, they usually print pictures of cute little girls. That should make you week so
you're going to donate faster, boys you don't see them easy. I consider this a kind
of latent blackmail. Do some organizations perhaps also have career hunters, who
need our donation money to live wealthy, or to be able to move on to politics?

Organized Aid Organizations.

A Letter to the Children.


The fake Jews have no right to bombard Lebanon, and Hamas has all the right
of the world to bombard Palestine (Israel?) (rather not of course because killing
is never alright), because they are fake Jews who have nicked Palestine. Just as
the English stole America, just as the Dutch stole Suriname. 90% of the Fake
Jews are Khazar from Khazar now called; “Ukraine”, they're not Biblical Jews.
They never lived in the Middle East, not even 2000 years ago, their imposters.

What is bothering me is the hypocrisy of the Western world, they call the Palestinians and
Hamas terrorists but they only defend their land which is nicked and occupied by a foreign
power. Imagine a foreign Army invades the Netherlands and occupies it, we all know that
the Dutch Army the Navy and the Air Force are going to shoot to kick the invaders out of
the country. The rest of the world will totally agree with it, so as long as the white's are
shooting it's okay, if colored people shoot then the're called terrorists strange is that, racism?

Qana - Trailer.
Shocking Documentary About Lebanon War & Qana.

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler.
Censored Books and Website's.

Lebanese Street Food.

Lebanese Radio & Tv.

More Lebanese Radio, visit:


(26-02-2018) TRUE OR FALSE?
I Rudie leaves in the middle if this story is : "well partial or not true".

German Cop Reveals What Police Are Ordered,
Rape by migrants is disappearing directly in the trash.

Mistreated or raped by a migrant in Germany? Then you're just unlucky,
because the police is not allowed to do anything with it. 3) UPDATE
18.40: The document removed of the internet by the German autho-
rities placed under the article. An agent in Köln has aired his heart in
a submitted – by a minister called as a ' fake ' (2) letter, and confirms
that the German police have indeed by the government commanded to
ignore the enormous crime of migrants and to conceal the public.

It's not allowed to be mentioned, it must not be tackled, the media are
not allowed to know about it, under strict penalties and/or dismissal. And
that, while migrants are responsible for the vast majority of the huge crime
explosion in our eastern neighbors. I can no longer be silenced and keep my
mouth shut. I hope that this contribution will be read by as many people as
possible, because what is happening now in and with the police is total nonsense.

I am a police officer in Köln. A month ago, our department received a pres-
cription from the Dutch ministry. That command was communicated to us
verbally, and only by a happy coincidence did the document come into my
hands, so that I could make a copy of it. I know that other departments
have also received this regulation, not only in North Rhine-Westphalia.

I hope those who read this have an understanding for my forced anonymity
and the reasons that I can't answer everything. Please do not see this as
a false rumor or a provocation. Personally, I have worked for almost a
month according to this prescription, and I believe that its content has
to be revealed to you. Do not follow up = severe reprimand or dismissal.


German police wants to train civilians with the most urgently.

No plot, no rumor, but really true: in the background the advertisement to
become a member of the ' Guard police Sachsen '. After Muslim migrants in
' Köln ' and many dozens of other cities started a true sex-jihad against Ger-
man women and girls, and more agents in the whole country dare to finally speak
out about the alarming states with asylum seekers in their cities and towns.

The police in Dresden and Leipzig, who have been dismissed by many people, have lost
half of their staff *, even seek citizens to train urgently into a kind of auxiliary agent.
The people who are waiting for this will probably be desperately needed in the short
term, because a true Islamic blitzkrieg is expected against the indigenous population.

Rectification 19.45 hours (was: Because of the many cuts). Of course,
nothing can be confirmed officially, because the government of Merkel
wants to leave the German clouds ignorant as long as possible about what
is to come. According to residents, the police in Dresden have hung posters
in the last 2 weeks with calls to become ' Watchman/woman ' with the police.

The topic has also been discussed on local radio; The crash course would only
take a few weeks, an indication that additional help will soon be needed urgently. 1)


(My Rudie Thoughts)
The German and presumably more governments want to keep the rape of the
women in the cover, because they are afraid that some of the population will
go on “Muslim hunting”. This means that governments are sacrificing conscious
and on purpose women, we don't help them when they coming to file a charge,
and they must live with it that they have been raped, that is weird thinking.

My solution is simple, the rapists are going to jail for a while, and when they
get realized a stamp will be placed in their passports: “Unwanted Alien”, and
then they are put on a plane. That will not happen to them, in a few years
they will get a staying permit, and the women must live with it for a lifetime
that they've been raped in the past. Government Scum: “FUCK YOU”.


TFC - Pop Jawa Medley Live.
Music Formation Selection_ Bachata mix 2016.
Didi Kempot : Sewu Kuto (Bachata Style).
Pop Jawa 2 Step Mix.


Most governments and politicians of Africa are thieving spineless empty flap turds criminals,
they are butt crawlers with Western governments multinationals and organizations, and let
their own people suffer. Most of them have nice incomes living comfortable in big houses with
expensive big cars, and let their people suffer bitter deep poverty for life. You might consider
them as people and land traitors, I'm not talking about the one's who are being blackmailed.

African countries are still colonial countries of France.

African polticians want to get rich without sweating for it.

President Zuma of Africa is a thief.


(23-02-2018) EVIL AND GOOD.
Zionists are Satan's children.
Dionists are God's children

A Jewish Defector Warns America.
Benjamin H. Freedman speech (Unedited Version!) 1961

The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler.


Extreme Chinese Street Food - Kunming Yunnan China.

In Suriname South America we have plenty Chinese, they came
in as guest laborours in the old days. They own most of the super-
markets and other businesses, and they are hard working people.

China Radio Stations.


Yesterday I wrote that politicians are often scum, the're even more call them
rig and riffraff. They've stolen the whole world and play for dictator, and the
citizens who don't wish to dance to their trouser-pipes are addressed by the
justice department and the social workers. Also think about the scum from
Monsanto who are genetically manipulating the food so that it becomes their
property with a patent, so they steal the food from the citizens to become rich.

If the farmers reaped their crop like potatoes, they're not allowed to use
a fraction to plant again because there is a patent on it, they must be legally
obliged to buy seed potatoes at Monsanto. Their political friends make this
possible by establishing it in laws, so that the citizen has no paw to stand
up and draw the shortest end. So the criminals make all sorts of laws so
that they and their friends can get away with everything. So SCUM.

Monsanto genetically manipulated food.

Should my website be taken out of the internet in the future, then that's
being done by political scum through the traitors of the secret service and
the justice department. That's why they design drag sweeping nets, or do
you really believe they are for terrorists, who walk unsupervised true the
open gates of Europa. The scum riffraff chiselers and ragtags are afraid of
us and try to eliminateus, and the citizens will be told that we are dissidents.

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Cursed doomed scum hold your horses, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, do.

Don't be scum, thumb wheel count blessings, wish zero son with a tie.

(Tie = Oppressors? - Tie people think they're better people)


You ask yourself politicians who are they, because they often ignore the
will of the people. They do exactly what they want, and if they don't get
their way with the people, they simply make new laws to park the people
into the forest. Laws are mostly made in favor of their friends of the banks
the multinationals the pharmaceutical companies and the medical world.

My final conclusion is that the electorate are mentally disturbed, because after all these
years of voting they still don't notice that, they are being taken for a ride. They've
to be mandatory insane idiots. Then they call me a psychiatric disturbed person because
I don't want to live in their retarded psychiatric reality, so extremely stupid people.

The big question of course is why do they do it, are they actually psychiatric
or for my part retarded. Don't they realize that voting has no use, don't they
realize that voting is carrying water to the see. Or is it as I wrote before, that
they think, if I stop voting then I will betray my parent's upbringing. Because
they always voted, and If I stop voting I'm a bad child, that's plain nonsense.

There is another possibility, the voters are no better than the politicians they
are voting on, a sort of kind looks for kind. If the politicians are warlike beings,
then the electorate are warlike too. If the politicians want to restrain the people,
then the voters also want to restrain their fellow country man, because the
upbringing of my parents is ten times better than yours. Or I'm a better child
then the children next door, or my family holds all wisdom your family not.

Politicians Are Prostitutes and don't forget Mayor Pimps.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose.


(19-02-2018) PEACE ON EARTH?????
Peace on Earth?????
With this humanity?????
Is that a joke?????
Are they pulling my leg?????

PLEEEEEAAAAASE, don't tell me fairy tales, I'm an adult.

As long as the voters continue to vote, we never get peace on Earth, because
they'll vote all there life on war-bent beings. Have the electorate learned nothing,
from those (WMD) the so-called weapons of mass destruction of Iraq that didn't
exist. Now they're voting on governments that are creating a large grave yard
for 17 years of the Middle East. And for what money power oil stealing other
people's land racism colonial mentality psychopathy of the established order?

The Dutch government has invaded a sovereign country and bombs Syria that
is a war crime, they haven't got any permission from the Syrian government.
The Syrians didn't threaten us they're not invaded our country, and don't shoot
at us. Imagine there are terrorists in the Nether-
lands, then the government
of for example Peru or Kenya invades the Netherlands without the government's
permission, and are going to bomb the country, the westerners will be outraged.


Speech: “Crisis in Gaza and West Bank”.
Speech: Mr. Obama, what is barbaric?
“Uncovering the Syrian Conflict”. July 10, 2013.
Questions and Answers - The Syrian Conflict.
More YouTubes of Rania Masri.
Website of Rania Masri.

Israeli historian Benny Morris denies the ethnic cleansing of Palestine,
but his own research shows that this was indeed how Israel came into being.


If governments want to make a new law, to shut down
the Internet, because of a handful of “cyber criminals”.

Then they should also ban the “car” worldwide, because there
are 500,000 deaths each year by accidents. They must also
ban ' Defense personnel ', who are the cause of millions of vic-
tims each year. They must also ban all ' politicians ', because
they're causing heavy economic problems for billions of people.

Then they should also ban all the “voters”, because
they vote for politicians who have made the world in one
big mess. Then they should also ban the “multinationals”,
for they poisonhumanity with artificial chemical mess.

Then here in the Netherlands, they should also ban the “doctors
ambulances hospitals nursing staff specialists pharmaceutical
factories and sickness funds” etc. Because every year there
are on average 7000 patients dying here in the Netherlands.

So on average nineteen per day, because of wrong diagnoses wrong
treatments and wrong medications. Compared to this, the alternative
quacks are sacred, because their patients die once in a blue moon.

The crazy thing is, while Russia is becoming Democratic with falling en
standing, the Western world is at the same time working to become com-
munistic. Because in the course of the years there are more and more
bans and or ties, we will soon start a Cold War for 50 years with America?


(16-02-2018) IS THE MOON REAL OR FAKE?
There are several people who claim that the moon is a hollow artificial satellite, the
annoying thing is that governments secret services, and NASA all keep their flap shut.
I myself am convinced that things are happening in space outside the earth that they
are never going to tell us, which is a great disregard for the world citizens. Those are
kept in the dark, they clearly don't count. We are presumably considered slaves.

The Moon is Not What You Think.

Wicked spirits they thought they could kill spirit God, Moon surface fake.

(Wicked spirits = Bad Ufonauts?)

Safe world there together, let the Moon die, creates now clan.

(Clan = families - friends - associations - organizations -
companies - groups - gangs - mafia - churches -
governments, 'FIRST US' then you lot)

Moon valley animals, they let tank go, you feel my spirit ovum.

Moon wheel grim reaper hell fort, be heaven rain sprinkle S.O.S.

Is called Moon spirit, erase fort envy E.T. gold he-goat.

(Moon spirit and E.T. = Ufonauts who are living on the other side off the Moon
are they being punished and not allowed to be born for a thousand years as a human?)

They Murdered mean there, u lived celibate rose and prayed branch.

People lived under opalcourt, illusion moonspirit biting them.

(Opal = Sun? Moonspirit biting = Ufonauts who attacked
paradise? Punish them - Did god send us out of paradise)

The demons rose knowing, hijack mow red person.

Testing the moon surface, they tried to catch tree,pogen zij tak, know did bite them.

Human-fox thought female's were thinking Moon rules illudion dance Eve.

Avoid jamming spirit yoke, rinse dirty Moon scrub now, lie down feather.

(Jamming spirit = Female? / Lie down = Can't sleep)


The Dutch press and media are unreliable, and that's because it's
often propaganda state news, who wants the citizens to think a cer-
tain way. The people of the Alternative press and media who do tell
what is really happening, are considered to be people who spread fake
news. And with upcoming future new laws they want to take them out.
This was the method of the communist Russian KGB in the past.

Independent press and media TV news channels that don't
censor cut and paste, but show the other side of the news,
which the orthodox press and media don't want to show.


Today, the Dutch Government has adopted a law which implies that every
citizen is obliged to be an organ donor. Unless he indicates I don't want to
be a donor, so they will delete his name from the list. They don't ask you
in advance if you want to be a donor or not. That's decided before you by
the cannibals in the second chamber, and undoubtedly by those fanatic
lobbyists of the communist dictator movement behind the donor codicil.

The one cannibal, eats the body part through his mouth as the Papuan
people did in the past, and the other cannibal, eats the body part through
surgery like the Westerner. A citizen's quote seen on TV: “My body is
not a toolbox of the Medical people, who want to steal my body parts
without my permission”. The Medical people are organ robbers.

A: Hello we welcome you as a member of our foundation.
B: Huh, foundation?
A: Yes you are now A member of our foundation.
B: I know nothing about that.
A: You are obliged to join our foundation.
B: But I can't remember I joined as a member.
A: That's correct we've done that.
B: But shouldn't I do that myself.
A: No, we and the government decide that for you.
B: But if I don't want to be a member.
A: You have to tell us and then we remove your name from the list.
B: I urge you to remove my name from the list.
A: You don't want to donate your organs after you died.
B: “NO”!!!!! PERIOD.
A: Then after your died, we're going to terrorize your family, in the hope they
say yes and then we simply steal your (our) organs. For your body and your organs
are not yours but are our property, so we do with them what we want. And
because we want to live longer, we steal your (our) organs even after you died.

That means that the Dutch government is: “SCUM”, because while your are
still alive and say, I don't want to donate my organs they give you the finger.
With in the back of there head, you wait till your ded asshole, then we're going
to work on your family, because we don't give a fuck about you, you dumb shit.
Only scumbags have attitudes like this, decent civilized people react differently.

There must be a default blank list at the beginning. And every one who wants
to donate their organs places his name. And the ones who doesn't want to be
an organ donor doesn't place his name. Now everyone is legally forced donor,
without them being asked. This is the world of dictators and power drunk people.

You will go to your city hall in your place of residence if you want to be a donor, and fill
out a form. The city hall holds one copy, a second one is for you, a third goes to the
organ donation organization, a fourth goes to your GP, and a fifth copy to your hospital.


In recent years many people worldwide have heard strange sounds in the air,
of unknown origin. Perhaps it is the: "Ion atmosphere", where those arrogant
Americans experiment with. They have the project "HAARP" which, is an area
in Alaska full of dishes who are sending a: "Laser beam" into the ion atmosphere.
Then the ion atmosphere is blown up like a balloon, which is then enlarged then
becomes too hot, and is maybe causing possible strange noises in the sky.

Strange metallic Sounds from the sky.

Some people will say that, the trumpet sounds are from the bible of the
end time. But imagine that those church Bible writers, could also look in
the future, like Nostradamus did. Then they've heard those strange noises
in the air as well. And perhaps they've given it a biblical meaning to frighten
the people, and to force them to believe in a God. And possibly they've
heard and seen more, what the believers are not allowed to know.

HAARP Holes In Heaven.

NASA Space Sounds.
Planets Sounds.


Saturday February 10th 2018 I uploaded the English version of Taboe.htm

I did this because I have more foreign visitors
than Dutch, and I presume they all know English.


(11-02-2018) BAD JOKE, OH OH.
On the 1st of the month you have the: “Siren test-alarm” sound in the
city. If I was prime minister at 03 o'clock in the middle of the night, I let
the sound play of the website below, accompanied: “Gamma” light show
in the air. And with a voice that says: “Here speaks Jesus I have arrived,
all bastards are kindly requested to leave the Netherlands with the greatest
urgency. If not then you're: ” Totally Fucked ”. Would it be rush hour on
the street in the middle of the night, of many Dutch people who are racing
with their cars towards Germany. You may think: “The Dutch people will
never in their life vote again on a that mentally retarded dumb idiot.”.


(10-02-2018) SUPPOSE?
The white people came with their UFOs and saw the planet Earth, and
decided to steal him. Then they killed most of the original inhabitant
people with a skin color with a Biblical flood, the ones who survived
fled into the forests of South America Africa and Asian countries. And
until today the white people still play the boss on Earth, and anyone
who lies across, is being tackled or his land is being bombarded.

Is it possible that they said to their white nationals, you may be
born on Earth but we're the boss and make the rules. You become our
slaves and have to do what you are instructed, if you are revolting
or wanting to address us, then we make sure that you're not allowed
to be born on the planet in your next life. Is this perhaps the real
reason why most people during their lifetime look the other way?

Imagine the person who was the leader on Earth was called Jesus,
and they tried (they thought) to get rid of him by putting him in a
leaking basket in the river. Was the cross (Southern Crux) a star
pattern in the sky where the whites came from. Did the UFO leaders
erected the churches to confuse the people, so that until today they still
have moth and quarrel with each other faith, resulting in all those faith wars.

Jesters bellowed stone red, did bite worm, saw jaw egg?

(Who bellowed? Tree wise of the east, rivals?, ufonauts,
renegade angels, (Jaw - Jews?), Stone = Jesus?)
90% of the Jews are 'Khazar' from Ukraine/Crimea, They're converted people.

Saw stone resurrect knew city bride.

(Did they knew where he was born?, and did they try to kill him
with a biblical flood, the child Jesus in a cane basket in the river?)


In the regular psychiatry, the immigrants often don't come to what they
deserve, because Western aid workers don't believe in the spirit world. Take
someone who hears voices that could be people who have died, it can be received
by telepathic thoughts from still living people. Maybe they are voices from a
previous life, who maybe registered in the subconscious mind of the person.
Or imagine we live seven lives at the same time in seven dimensions, like cats.

The problem is that in many Western schools they're learning theories, where
they don't talk about spirits and what maybe between heaven and earth. Then
the graduates will fanatic cling their whole life to thick and thin what they lear-
ned, and their doesn't fit another world in. Then you also have the problem that
many Westerners believe they know all the wisdom of the evolution, and they
always annoyingly want to be always right what ever you say or believe.


(08-02-2018) TIPS FOR WINDOWS MICROSOFT (Microsoft History) (Tips For Windows 3.11) (Tips For Windows 95 - 1995) (Tips For Windows 98 - 1998) (Tips For Windows 98SE) (Tips For Windows NT) (Tips For Windows 2000) (Tips For Windows ME) (Tips For Windows XP - 2001) (Tips For Windows Vista - 2006) (Tips For Windows 7 - 2009) (Tips For Windows 8 - 2012) (Tips For Windows 8.1 - 2013) (Tips For Windows 10 - 2015) (Find a Solution)


A ghost writer can work for a pharmaceutical factory, he puts his signature under
a document, from a drug research he has not committed himself. He gets money
for it, and the factory goes with that document to a government agency that
gives the drug free for sale on the market. The factory has examined the drug
itself, it comes down to a butcher who approves his own meat. So a dangerous
fake drug that doesn't work is on the market, and could do harm to humans.


Women's Old Style Jingle Special USK Powwow 2016.

Pow Wow Dance & Drums & Singing & Parade. (Drums) (Grand Entry 2017)

Native American Tv & Radio. (TV-Video)

Make your own Native American Dishes. (Cooking Navajo Fry bread) (Traditional Navajo Fry Bread) (Make your own Dishes) (Make your own Dishes) (Acorn Meal).


The Nazis in the Dutch Parliament make a law, you're obligated to pay waste charge.
If you refuse they send the Gestapo like a bailiff and police officers of the judiciary to
enforce it, and the NSB'ers (Voters) are going to vote again next time on the Nazis.

In the shop we buy a bottle of lemonade, the cost of the bottle is included in the sale-price.
But if we return the empty bottle which is now our raw material, to a manufacturer who makes
a new bottle of it and sells with profit, We have to pay waste charge, and if we refuse we are
forced, by the Nazis the Gestapo and the NSB'ers. So the criminals who make that law forcing
us legally to pay, and park the citizens into the forest, or the slaves of the wellknown system.

The empty bottles of glass or jars, the old newspaper advertising leaflets and paper,
the cardboard drink packaging, the cans and caps, the old clothes and shoes, the
plastic-like food packaging, the small electrical devices also the batteries, the old oil
fats and lubricants that, are all raw materials that we give free to the manufacturer,
and we have to pay for it again. I want to be paid with money for my raw materials.

Councils raising prices every year, for citizens to get a balanced budget.
But those same councils' waisting a lot of tax-money from the citizens, by not
knowing what they are doing, and then flowering it by cheating with the annual
budget which does not stand out. On the website below go to the bar of your place
of residence, just click and read how your municipality council waists your tax money.

Most people look the other way during their live, they believe you can't fight the system.
But if the masses do nothing then nothing happens, then they are right. Could it be that
they deny me and don't participate because they are defending the upbringing of their
parents, because I don't talk as they are brought up. Would they tackle the problems
then they presumably think I betray the upbringing of my parents I am a bad child.


Most of the so-called Jews are fake, they are not descendants of the tribe
of Judea or Abraham. They are ' Khazars ' of Khazar, now called Ukraine.
Palestine is not their holy land they just stole it, just like the English stole
Turtle Island (America). Netanyahu said it himself: ' I am a Khazar ', and
my homeland is Ukraine. They are converted people, instead of choosing
the Christian or Muslim faith, they choose the Jewish Judea Abrahan faith.
Solution: Buy a suitcase pack him and step into a plane and piss off home.


A while ago, I watched an American feature film: "NorthWestPassage",
and as a description was written: "An American Western about brave
settlers, who went on an expedition, to Canada to a Warlike Indians
Tribe to teach them a lesson, and what did the brave do when they arrived?

They torched the village in flames, and then plundered it, and then
all the Indians were shot. So according to my Vision: "White Trash".
And the person of the studio who made the description for the film,
is according to me: "White Trash", and that's someone from our time.

So the Indians who defended themselves against the invaders
who want to steal their country, are called warlike, and the settlers
so called brave, and those thieves and murderers enter history books
as heroes, and be praised forever, and the Indians as warlike.


I often write about politicians who are mentally disturbed, they can't be normal people that's
impossible. Now they're fucking about with the Sun, they're blocking the Sun because of global
warming, which was stopped 15 years ago. They're trying to manipulate nature to control it,
that is dangerous because nature has been regulating itself for billions of years. Then these
mentally disturbed piss-ants come along to fuck it up, with their cocky posh nosh fuckfaces.


(01-02-2018) DUMB DUMB DUMB?
People say, “I'll do nothing because things will not change”. And they are quit
right, but what they don't realize is, that if no one does anything nothing will
change. We can go with a group of people, on that day and hour with a thousand
of us we will gather at the town hall. The only thing that can happen is that, the
Gestapo (Riot Police) kick us out of the street. But if everybody stands in the
middle of their own street in whole the town, the Gestapo has no more power.

So throughout the city in all the streets are the people in the middle
of the street, the Nazis in politics don't have that many Gestapos to
kick us out of the streets around the city. In a city, the Gestapo is
running towards a group of demonstrators and they run back in the
street, then the Gestapo is racing again and again they run back a
bit. So the street is wiped clean because everyone keeps running
back, if they remained standing then the Gestapo has no more power.

Most of the people who read this will say, the writer doesn't live
in reality, sometimes they also try to talk me out of it. Why do they
do that don't they want a better world, do they believe it's fun to live
in a world full of problems. Could it be that they deny me because they
are defending their parents upbringing, because I don't talk as they
were brought up. If they joined me or thought like me is it possible
that they think I'm a bad child, I'll betray my parents upbringing.


You have psychiatric patients who have abolished the time, they have implemented a summer
and winter time. It sometimes rains which you can't abolish, it sometimes blows which you can't
abolish, it sometimes snows which you can't abolish. The Earth is spinning around which you can't
abolish, the Sun sometimes shines which you can't abolish. But the time that has been abolished
by the mentally disturbed idiots, who are pulling the strings, utterly 100% psychiatric disturbed.

I believe that, most people who call themselves normal are mentally disturbed, they just don't
know it, they think they're perfectly healthy. Patients who exhibit strange behaviors that's not
their psychiatric illness, they're physical body symptoms. An example, clutter talking or swaying
when walking that's the medication who slacken the nerves. The real psychiatric disease is not
being able to realize that they're sick, beside that the mind can't get sick the body can and will.


In every country there are people who don't like colored and mixed people, you
can call them patriots nationalists and possibly racists. They have the standpoint
that they want to have nothing to do with colored and mix-people, they prefer or
wish that they go back to the land of their parents the grand-parents or ances
tors. If these people want to be consequent then they have to trow everyone
out off the country, make the western countries a 100% pure white race land.

But if we're back home in the country of origin, because the Dutch don't want
to have anything to do with us, then we also want nothing more to do with them.
That means that we are closing our borders for export to their countries, so our
coffee they don't get it anymore, go make and drink carrot-juice. Our aluminum
to build planes to go on holiday they won't get that anymore, let them in their
local forest cut trees and make boots and or canoes out of them, happy sailing.

But if we indeed close our borders and they won't get our products and
raw materials anymore, then western governments will create revolutions
wars and coups in our countries, to install a western minded thinking straw-
government who will open the borders again. That means that the westerners
are still walking around with those slaves and colonial mentality, now they
keep themselves quite because the boundaries are open, not in the future.

Third World raw material theft.


Gemu Famiri - Choreo By Ypj.
Gemu Fa Mi Re - Diana Monoarfa.
Gemu Fa Mi Re.
Sayang -Via Vallen [Choreo Door YPJ]

Me Emborrachare.
Africa Bum Bum Line Dance.

Zumba Choreo Kids- Dance Fitness with Stavros.

Cute Little Kids On Tap Dance.


There are two camps that fight and deny each other, one camp says that the TV-journals the
newspapers and the talk programmes are correct, and the other camp says that they're pawns
of government propaganda. One of the ways to find out whether the news is true or partly or
false, is to commit self search on for example YouTube and your search engine. But because
there are many sites that claim everything, you can no longer see the trees by the forest.


It means that the masses impose their will on the minority who don't agree
with their laws. You could implement an intermediate phase, so that both the
masses and the minority get what they want. For example those who did vote
tap their computer with a trawling-fishnet, and those who didn't vote you don't
tap their computer. Those who have voted let them pay 100% of the defense
costs money, and those who didn't vote don't pay a red damn eoro penny.

Democracy now means that the people who didn't vote must be obliged
to swallow the mass that has voted that their hard disk is swept by trawling-
fishnet. Democracy now means that the people who didn't vote, because
they don't agree that the Dutch parliament who is bombing Syria, must
also pay with the payment of the war ammunition. Two children want to
eat potatoes and the third rice, with democracy that child is run down.

If the European government calls for a law in Brussels, then all the E.U.
countries are obliged to implement the law, even if there are some countries
that don't agree with it. Imagine a law that says that herring or cheese is
forbidden in Europe, then the for example The Netherlands must also apply
that law. You could also say that if a country don't that want law, they don't
have to be obliged to carry it out, but unfortunately they get screwed.

Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition - with Larken Rose


In The Second World War, the German people stood behind ' Hitler ', and what
did he do he invaded foreign countries and killed civilians. Now the Dutch people
are behind ' Cuntte ', and what does he do in foreign countries killing civilians.
Those countries have not threatened us, they didn't invade our country and they
don't kill us. Yet, the politicians in The Hague invades Afghanistan Iraq Libya and
Syria without the consent of those democratic elected governments.

You wonder whether the electorate are also war criminals and mass-murderers,
because they keep voting in the past 17 years since 11 September 2001 in
New York. They don't care what their politicians are doing in foreign countries.
You also wonder with what kind of mentality do the electorate walking around,
how does their ideas and their ideals look like. Is it just kind looks for kind and
or one wet barrel. Who are these so-called civilized decent voters?

Imagine that there are terrorists in The Netherlands and the Peruvian or Kenyan
or Pakistani government would bombard the Netherlands with jetfighters. Also,
without permission from the Dutch parliament, they will immediately complain to
the UN, and Dutch people will cry: ' War criminals '. Now it's people with a skincolor
that do it, and then many western white people (racists?) are pissed, if the western
white race does the same crimes that's not a problem at all, because they're arrogant

You can indeed wonder if whitey (to whom it relates) is a racist, for he may also with the
Bible and the law-books commit everything unpunished with colored people. Even throwing
two atomic bombs on Japan, all those many innocent civilians who have died cruelly whitey
couldn't care less. Should colored people do this with whitey all hell brakes lose, because
where does he has the filthy guts in God's name to give us whitey's a cookie of our own dough.

In the long term, as Surinamese, you start disliking the Western white people, even the Dutch
people because they have no problem joining. You had the slave and colonial time and now you
have the multinational time, the arrogant cocky racist Caucasian Western race don't know how
to stop. They probably live in the delusion that they are some superior Aryan Übermensch breed
race, a kind of owners of the planet and everyone with a skin color that walks on it is a slave.

Who are warcriminals?


Some asylum seekers start with their own businesses and, they try to be financially
independent from a benefit. They don't want to hold their hand up and depend on the
Dutch state, this type of initiative should be nurtured and supported. In many other
countries asylum seekers may even work, in the Netherlands this is not allowed. Just
look at London in England, there are many market sellers in the field of street food.

"Somali" catering company started in Winterswijk.


There are people and countries who find that they have no rights what
so ever, they are supposed to disappear. They are not wanted to be present,
they may not participate. In short they shouldn't have been born, they had
to give their parents a contraceptive like a condom. Sometimes people are
threatened assaulted tortured raped and murdered. Committed by often
religious people, who talk about for example God or Allah and Biblical books.

Unprecedented, I may not exist. I am undesirable.


There seems to be asylum seekers for example Syrians who return home,
it probably was already quiet in the area where they came from. There are
also plenty who have always wanted to go to the Western world even when
there was no war, and they saw their chance clean under the guise of a war.
But now that they had a while experience with Western life, they realize that it
was better at home anyway. and decide after consideration to go home again.

More Syrians in the Netherlands want to return to their own country.



(24-01-2018) TODAY WE'RE GOING LOCO.
Que pasa?
Loco, bitch.
Fuck you Nigger.
Fozzie get lost, their mine.
Bachata 2017 Latin Romantic Hits.


You may have already seen, I am now translating some texts to the English
language. The English fresh2018-english with articles is already ready, after
that I will start to make the fresh2018 completely Dutch. Then I start with:
“I Let the Gods say” to translate it completely into the English language.

I use the Bing translator:
But translating from Dutch to English gives often crooked sentences,
so I will be working on the English language to make it smoother.

I also use two spellingscontrols:


(22-01-2018) HUMAN SHEEP WAKE UP.
How can you fool the people, you show them a part of the lines graphs
in the area of CO2 and climate warming. For example from the year 1900
to 2100, but those others lines for example of the year 0001 to 1900 they
don't show you. Because if you could see them, then you realize that CO2
and global warmingis a cycle of nature and is going on for billions of years.
Much CO2 than less CO2, much global warming and less global warming.

People who investigating matters such as for example 9/11 or MH17
are all monitored by the secret services, and in the Netherlands also
by the AIVD. This also applies to Dutch websites who are denying the
official version of the government. You really don't have to tell Green-
peace that, global warming was stopped 15 years ago, then they treat
you as if you were the son of Hitler, as I personally have experienced.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Is NOT A Pollutant | Global Warming Scam DEBUNKED
This old Farthknocker is still alive, what happened?
Global climate change.

You want to know more about climate change? (Chemtrails)

You want to know more about climate change? (HAARP)


Today a few independent TV-channels that don't censor cut and paste, but showing
the other side of the news, which the orthodox press and media don't want to show.


I regard secret services as NSB'ers, because they secretly watch the people behind
the scenes, as if all 17 million Dutch people are terrorists and criminals. And they
report everything to those 'NAZI'S' in politics, who, together with their friends of the
banks, the multinationals and those other rich scumbags are financially sucking the
people dry for life. Then you have 'the Gestapo' (Riot Police) who beat up the people
chasing them out of the street when they stand there with signs or banners.

Then you also have those stupid sheeple (Sheep and People) that silly lot the flock
people. Next time they will vote again on them warcriminals and those massmurderers,
who have been busy for 17 years to turn the whole Middle East into one big great large
burial cellar for oil and power. Perhaps the Gods were right to kick humanity out of
paradise, presumably they were indeed 'Fed Up' with them cursed humanity.

Before September 11th, 2001, there was peace in the Middle East, Saddam
Qaddafi and Assad spooked nothing with their people. They were even more
holy than the western politicians, who have been addicted to bombarding people
with a skin color for 73 years. The real terrorists is the white western world, what
a handful of fanatical Muslims are doing is child's play, compared to the mass-
murder perpetrated by the racist arrogant cocky psychopathic white race.

The Dutch soldiers who are in Africa are not there to fight terrorists, but to defend the French
economic interests militarily. In case those 'so-called' terrorists are going to win, then France
is kicked out of the country, so no more fat gains with stealing and robbing over the backs of
the poor population. So those Nazi politicians in the second chamber play the game with their
friends ally France, and that is a human degrading crime.Are white people humans or animals?


If you are a religious believer, and if you want to hit me round the ears with your Bible,
may I remained you of the sentence in your own bible which says:

I'm not sure ofcourse but I suspect, that the answers come from my subconscious.
And because the subconscious mind is difficult to display through the Ordinary
consciousness, it comes out broken and incomplete, psychiatrists call it a mental illness?

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Doomed human's hold back, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, oh do.

Don't be scum, thumb's up for wheel blessings, I wish zero sons with an attitude.

Reigned hope tone, go and weep, I know warrace bib.

(Warrace = beings bent on war?, Bible = Believers?).

Fact rides song, basic cherry broken, see hand of offender is Hissing.

Greetings to you, turn the anger of God's valley round, they measure wicked, you are axe.

Counting their blessing wheels, they wish all killings to be stopped.

An advice and a Man-deed, trigger an in-suffering recall.

Dust Comet then hellish dividing her, list is named bib barrel.

(Dust comet = Earth, Bib barrel = Biblical beliefs?)

Sharing the Featherhats honorcards, curtain from bible, tired huh.

(Featherhats = Native Indians? Good spirits? = Curtain Veil from the bible?)

Erase your wild hairs, shoot no tooth, see eye lens deceased, you re killing God.

(Tooth = Bullet/Bomb?, Lense = Eye?)



According to the bible is Jesus a Negroid man, because Revelation 1-14 says:
His head and hair were like white wool (Nappy Hair), as white as snow.

In my opinion the 10 commandments only apply to the Jews,
because they walked the dessert, not the other races.
The tenth commandments apply only to the jews.

Jesus Film in English Language.
In Dutch.
In Sranang Tongo - Surinam.
The Jesus Film - Saramaccan Language Surinam.
The Story of Jesus - Aukaans Language Surinam.
(Several Languages).


The Netherlands invades sovereign countries and bombards with jet fighters,
and that is an international crime which must be condemned by the International
Court of Justice in The Hague. But that is not going to happen because they too
are corrupt, just as the United Nations the European government, and much more
of these kinds of treacherous organizations. And what are the people doing they
look the other way, and probably saying afterwards: "Wir haben es nicht gewusst".

You're asking yourself seriously, European governments don't they have a clue what
they are doing in the Middle East, or they just aren't interested. Are they maybe just racists
who are busy again as in the slaves and colonials time, to steal as many countries and
commodities as possible. Haven't they learned nothing from all the wars in the past, that
there are simply no winners and or losers, but that everyone loses to Human lives.

In Western countries, they talk constantly about laws decency moral respect the faith respec-
ting the other people's thinking, but in practice one often acts opposite when it fits into their
streets. Then they're not at home and look the other way. Then they do as if their nose blood
and suddenly no longer know where the clapper hangs. Are these people or beasts who are
living out at the expense of many frustrated frightened victims in for example The Middle East.

Is the Netherlands a Nazi land?


I'm reading a book written by William Blum -- Killing Hope --. ISBN 9 781783 601776
A comprehensive account of America's covert and overt military actions in the world. (Publisher London UK)

And at page 383 chapter 56 -- The American Empire -- the writer writes:

Following its bombing of Iraq in 1991, the United States wound up with military bases in:
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.
Following its bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the United States wound up with military bases in:
Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Croatia.
Following its bombing of Afghanistan in 2001-2, the United states wound up with military bases in:
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Yemen and Djibouti.

It is remarkable indeed that in the 21st century the government of the United States, is
still going around firing missiles and dropping large amounts of exceedingly powerful explosives,
upon the heads of innocent and defenseless people, it wasn't supposed to be this way. The same
period found the US bombing Iraq and it's people, 40 days and nights without mercy, for no good
reason at all. And that was for our hope for a different and better world, the NAZI'S in action.

What are we to make of all this? How are we to understand united states foreign policy?
Well, if one were to write a book called - the American empire for dummies -, page one should
say: don't ever look for the moral factor. Us foreign policy has no moral factor built into it's DNA.
One must clear one's mind of that baggage which only gets in the way of seeing beyond the clichés
and the platitudes they feed us all. It's difficult for American's to understand these facts.

So far the book.

One country has as its main export product garlic, the other cars. The US is doing something very
different: democracy. Or yet the American version of it: Capitalism. The export is at a high pace. Since
the end of World War II Washington overthrew more than fifty mostly democratically elected foreign
governments, murdered many foreign leaders and manipulated in at least thirty countries elections.

America has world-wide over 1000 military bases, except in Syria Iran North Korea
Russia China Cuba and Venezuela. These are the countries where America wants to make
war with, to park straw governments, and of course military bases. These are the new —
NAZI — Dictators of the world. If you don't want to dance to our racist arrogant vain
Western white pipes, then we bombard your land to the stone and primal times.

My conclusion, no nothing superior Aryan Übermensch breed, this is delusion of grandeur,
in the Psychiatric world, a well-known global Western white arrogant psychopathic disease.

See: (11-05-2017).


(16-01-2018) WHAT'S GOING ON?
Holistic doctors die.

Scientists die.

Bankers die.


(15-01-2018) FUNNY.
On the site below you can read which sites are called 'Fake news' by governments.
While no one has a clue that the regular orthodox press and media, so the news-
journals the papers and the talk programs on TV, are lying to the people what really
happens behind the scenes in for example The Middle East. As I described earlier in
previous articles they censoring paste cut out and photo shopping the international news.

The most important thing is - SELF RESEARCH -, you may believe that everything
from the orthodox press and media or the alternative press and media is the truth.
Then you can get lost completely in the fog, because you take indiscriminately everything
from others without thinking yourself. And who these people really are behind the scenes
you don't know because you don't know them, I too can fool you because you don't know
me either. That is why- SELF RESEARCH - is the most important thing in your life.

Alternative Websites and Youtube.

Today a few independent Tv channels that don't censor cut and paste, but show the
other side of the news, which the orthodox press and media do not want to show.


Many Westerners think that the Jews are safe in Israhell, forget it, they are often
mistreated and haunted by the Zionists. Those are the fake Jews called Khazars
their homeland is the Ukraine, (formerly known as Khazar) and not Palestine.

The Zionists deliberately 'created' a second world war, so they
had an excuse to steal Palestine, the sacrificed their own people
The bankers Khazars in New York US. have funded Hitler's war.

Israeli Police brutality against Old Religious Jews in Jerusalem.
Israeli Police attacking Jews in a Synagogue.

Tens of Thousands Protest IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Draft in Jerusalem.
Clearly explained why Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in IDF.
Mandatory army duty of service for Orthodox Jews, (Idf draft). (Dutch)

Farrakhan on Israel's Genocide in Gaza.
IsraHell on Earth.

Israelites "The True Color Of Jesus Christ".
Proof: Biblical Israelites Were Black.
Do Black Lives Matter In Israel?
Origin of the White Man - Part 1. (a)

Louis Farrakhan.


(13-01-2018) NO COMMENT.
GoPro front camera Mainline Routemaster No.25. RM1990.
GoPro back camera Mainline Routemaster No.25 RM1990.
(My Ex London Catford Bus Garage).

Amazing double-deck Mini - Ensignbus MRM1 (BNK 217A)
Riding the amazing double-decker Mini - 'Mini Routemaster' MRM1 (BNK 217A)
Riding the top deck of the double-decker Mini MRM1 (BNK 217A)


If you are conducting research on websites and YouTube, you discover that governments are
playing a dirty game with Syria. Not only the politicians lie, but also their henchmen the dema-
gogues of the press and media. The journals the newspapers and the talk programs on TV,
they censor cut paste and photo-shop to let the Dutch people think in a particular wrong street.
The politicians and press & media are war criminals, they must be tried by a war crimes tribunal.

Body Language: Assad on the Chemical Attack. (He didn't do it).

You wonder whether the Westerners (to whom it relates), are these people beasts or scum
orlow lives of evolution? All those millions of refugees the widows the orphans the handicapped
and the traumatized, who have become psychic of the scary bombs. These feeling-less beasts
does it mean nothing to them, At home in their countries they talk about decency moral respect
and law-books en codes, presumably, they are racists who give nothing to people with a skin color.

Fortunately, there are also honest sincere people, trying to figure out what is 'really'Happening in
theMiddle East. But the politicians telling lies to the people that their news is 'Fake news', they want to
make laws so they can no longer publish their news. Websites and or YouTube. Besides, secret servi-
cesGoogle Facebook etc. you name it are also censoring it by removing these sites from the Internet.

Western media lies about Syria exposed.
(Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett).
Body Language- Is Eva Barlett Telling the Truth About,
'Corrupt' Western Media and Syria? (Yes she is).
Eva Bartlett on the White Helmets Hoax.
& the Information War against Syria.

It is considered normal that journalists are only allowed to come to the battlefield to report, If they
sign a contract with America, only what America approves may be published. If journalists don't want that,
they are removed from the battlefield, or are forbidden to come. No more independent honest news, it is
pure colored news, to turn the populations into obeying slaves who agree with the war in the Middle east. (17-12-2015 (05-02-2016) (08-04-2017)

Syrian Girl Youtube Censorship And My New Channel.
(Government Cockroaches Censorship what else is new?).

Markets in Damascus.

Radio and Television Stations in Syria. (Radio) (Radio) (Tv)


If you are religious, and you like to hit me around the ears with your Bible.
May I remind you of that phrase, in your own Bible where is written:

I'm not sure of course but I suspect, that the answer phrases come from my
'subconscious'. And because the 'subconscious' mind is difficult to display through the
ordinary 'consciousness', it comes incomplete and broken, psychiatrists call it a disease?

They regret it, spirits became scum, and grew tired of allowing them, hatred wrong.

Doomed human's hold back, don't be an animal, rub tongue, erase cage, oh do.

Don't be scum, thumb's up for wheel blessings, I wish zero sons with an attitude.

Counting their blessing wheels, they wish all killings to be stopped.

An advice and a Man-deed, trigger an in-suffering recall.


You park somewhere in the city and you get a citation, because the municipality says
you're not allowed to park here. But according to the Dutch law (in my country) you
can park everywhere because it is public road. So if they say you can't park here
then it's private, and if it's private they can't fine you. Therefore, you don't have pay
for a parking space, because the public road is always free according to Dutch law.


The word anarchy derives from the Greek ' Anarchos ': "No
Ruler ". Anarchism is the pursuit of a situation or society,
in which people want to live without a higher power or authority.

It is the collection of mindsets that bring back is to the
thought, that an individual in no way is a subordination
from anyone or governments he doesn't recognizes.

Right on Grandma, teach the assholes a lesson.

(English) Statism: The Most Dangerous Superstition — with Larken Rose.

Is Anarchy Dangerous? No, But Statism Is...
The Myth Of Authority.
Question Authority.

Josie Outlaw -- A Message To The Police.
Mark Passio vs. The Lemonade Raiding NAZI Cops.
Most Men Are Chickenshit Cowards.

Independent News.

They don't store your browsing.



Some people claim that in 2018 an UFO attack will occur on our planet, but it's
not beings from outer space but the Americans themselves, with their own build
UFO's. The reason to scare everybody, so that they will beg their governments
for protection. The politicians will impose martial law on the people to make
slaves out of them, this is done to bring the 'New World Order' (NWO) into
the world. Without opposition from the people who are scared, and afraid.

Carol Rossin and Wehner von Braun.

UFO's and the New World Order Paul Hellyer.

Earth is under quarantine.

Congress UFO Secret Meeting 2015.

Website's with more information.

There are 13 Jewish families on Earth who think they are the owners of the planet, with their
New World Order (NWO) they want to exterminate 6.5 billion people in the future. A hand full
of slaves may continue to live to serve the NWO. To work in the factories, so that they can live
as God in France. There is a monument the Georgia Guide stones and is erected by 13 families.

You maybe think what a baloney, I don't believe anything of it. So look at
the sites below, and decide for yourself what you want to believe or not.

The 13 Bloodlines Names: (13 Families Rule our Earth, Secret Council of 13).
1 Astor - 2 Bundy - 3 Collins - 4 Duponts - 5 Freeman - 6 Kennedy - 7 Li - 8 Onassis -
9 Reynolds -10 Rockefeller - 11 Rothschilds - 12 Russell - 13 Van Duyn (Dutch).


(08-01-2018) A ROUND OR FLAT EARTH?
Whether the Earth is flat, and whether that is partly or not true we leave it
in the middle. We take a plane that departs from Amsterdam The Netherlands
to Paramaribo Suriname, when the plane arrives at 10 km high, the autopilot
is turned on. Then the plane flies 8 hours long at 10 km altitude, as the Earth
is round and curving, the plane will never arrives in Paramaribo. Unless, the
pilots deliberately change the altitude every hour to go along with the curves.

Then we also had the eclipse last year, and the shadow orbit of the Moon
was 70 mile wide. That means theoretically that the Moon cannot be wider than
70 mile. That could mean that he hangs within the vapor circle, because if he
hangs outside the vapor circle at a distance of 354,000 km from the Earth
removed with its 70 mile wide, then we would never see him. There are also
scientists who say and believe that the Moon is a hollow artificial satellite?

Flat Earth.

Hollow Earth.

Moon Hollow Artificial Satellite.

Second Sun.


Was the Biblical Flood (Zondvloed) created by Humans Ufonauts or God?
Lasers from the Sky & The California Fires.

The Strange Fires in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Chemtrails or Contrails? (London).

Weather Modificaion.

Global warming is that a joke? Now our time it's 1 degree
warmer, 1200 BC was 5 degrees warmer. Who is pulling our leg?
Mini Ice Age Is Coming.


(06-01-2018) BLUE BLOOD WHAT'S THAT?
They say that a Royal family has blue blood, does this mean that they
physically haven't got any red but blue blood, which of course is
nonsense. So blue blood should have a different meaning in the human
world. Probably the nobility is meant with this. But even that is nonsense
because they're really no better people, often they are just arrogant
snobby and of course very posh. They draw the strings they make the
rules, and own businesses like multinationals and tolerate a no no.

The slaves of Surinam who fled into the jungle have a deep black skin color,
if you look closely you'll see a blue glow, the city people sometimes curse
them ' Blue-head '. Suppose the original Earth residents were blue, then came
the whites with their UFO's who stole the Earth. With a flood they've eradicated
most residents, with the rest they had sex and the Maroons were born.

When God created men, he gave 6 billion a nice color of skin, but the last
billion he made them white, so that de colored people know: “A Thief” is coming.
Well let's be honest, slavery time colonial time multinational time. And up till
today they are killing Arabs and destroying the Middle East for oil, they're still
thieving that's the nature of white people stealing other people's stuff, what else
is new? God is a wise man for making white people, to warn the other 6 billion.

God has multiple mental personalities.
He told the white men: “Go and multiply”.
He told the brothers: “Multiply and go”.

Surinam Bush Negroes or Maroons.

This is the only and true ORIGINAL FALUMA by
the Surinamese BushNegro Group called 'Ai Sa Si'.
Alison Hinds (Barbados) Faluma/Makelele (Official).

Why Hindu Gods are blue in color.
The Origin of the Blue Eyes The Ancient.
Gods and Their Royal Descendants.
Krishna the Savior of humanity is blue of skin color.
Hare Krishna Hare Rama Mahamantra.


People like me are considered by politicians to be psychiatric patients,
who according to them spread fake news with our websites and YouTube.
If I got it right but I'm not sure, politicians will make a law, to prohibit our
sites in the name of fake-news. That means that free speech will be gone,
and whether we write the truth or not doesn't matter anymore. Are you
anti-political or talk opposite government than you need to disappear.

Be glad there are people like me because we keep an eye on the posh nosh,
and examine everything they do behind the scenes they don't tell the people.
See us as a finger on the wrist, because if we no longer exist in the future,
the scumbags have a clear road to do with the citizens what ever they like.
Consider us as watchdogs monitoring them from doing whatever they like,
otherwise they become arrogant obnoxious cocky foolish human beens.

Many politicians are in the long run corrupt and go enriching themselves, at
some point they are under and above the law. Plus politicians the medical
world the elite pharmaceutical industry the multinational the rich the powerful,
become thick friends like the cabal and the Zionists. If they can't get their way
with the people, they simply make a new law to eliminated the people. And
the people will hold the short straw and will be residing in the forest weeping.

We shouldn't forget that the ladies and gentlemen who had more education
at school than us, are often arrogant and cocky and live in a morbid mentally
disturbed delusional world. They believe that they have all the wisdom in power,
are always right and infallible. This is called professional arrogant cockiness,
often they have the power through their political friends to make the laws they
want, to send the citizens with laws regulations and settlements into the forest.

Are humans corrupt.
Dutch top ex-banker tells about satan - English Sub Titles.


Your private life is private and governments should respect that, a large
part of the population don't want a sweeping dragnet. What does a govern-
ment then do to silence the people, they simply create a new law that allows
it. If I go and sue the government, the judge will tell me it's the legal law sir.

In this country if you rent a house, it's written in the contract that you can't pay cash,
you have to pay viral or bank order. If I tell the judge that viral money is not legal by
law cash banknotes are, he will tell me it's in the housing contract, so I can't help you.

Often it's written in a contract between an employee and the management for example
a bank, if I'm fired or laid of or screwed up, you have to pay me a nice amount of money.
If I go to a Judge then he replies, I can't help you because it is in his legal bank contract.

If I and two friends make up a contract which says, if we rob a bank and we're caught, we
don't have to go to jail. The judge will laugh in our faces, and trow the contract away. You
three assholes going to jail for 10 years. And why does he do that, because we not his friends
like the government and the housing-department and the bank, and the other mother fuckers.
It's illegal by law for private persons to print money, banks are private companies too but no jail.

Are contracts legal by law, or is it a free for all for the mothers. So the conclusion is that if
governments create laws it's not for us but their friends. So they can get away with everything.
And the other laws are created to tie us down, we have no rights what so ever we are fucked.
Is it possible that some socio-psychopaths of a country, are forcing it to become politicians. And
also in the world of legal justice foundations churches multinationals, and have a strong desire to
kick the people around. And the people who keep voting no matter what, do they also have that urge.

Are laws and Contracts legal?
Political Nepotism.

You get a letter from the Mental Health Service, we will visit you on that day and hour,
because we had an e-mail from the council. And what is written in the email, you said that
Isis Daesh and Al Qaida are mercenaries of the CIA and the Mossad. Do you have to be
psychiatric if you do such statements. The patients who give you lip with the treatment,
do you spray them flat out or are they trown in a solitary cell, don't email us anymore.

So the Mental Health Service is also a psychopathic organization, because they only
make out when they visit me I don't. Normally both parties decides when the appointment
will be, but at psychopaths it seems to be one-way traffic. As I wrote above, there are
more companies both state and commercial foundations organizations churches, often
indeed one-way traffic, they make everything out and you must swallow it obligatory.

Demonstration against youth care in Rotterdam.
Protest against Office Youth Care.
Protest against Office Youth Care.


She's a hero because she dared hitting a Khazarian: 'PIG' in the face.
She was arrested and put in jail.
Palestinian Ahed Famimi facing Israeli soldiers 02.11.2012.
Ahed Tamimi - Living Resistance Tour.

Little Journalist Janna Jihad Ayyad.

Interview with Palestinian Youth Activists Janna Jihad & Ahed Tamimi.

97% of the so called Jews are fake, they're not descendants of the tribe of Judea or Abraham.
They're 'Khazars' from Khazar, now called Ukraine. Palestine is not their holy land they simply
stole it, like the British stole Turtle Island (America). Netanyahu said it himself: 'I'm a Khazar,
and my homeland is the Ukraine'. They're converted people, instead of Christian or Muslim
belief they choose to become Jews. Solution: 'Pack your backs take a plane and piss of home'.

Saffa 27 6 09 - Farmers were prevented to work in their land.

Haredi Jews against the state of Israel.

A Courageous Woman - Rania Masri - A Peace Freedom Activist. (Ferguson to Palestine - Rania Masri). (Crisis in Gaza and West Bank). (Uncovering the Syrian Conflict). (Questions and Answers - Syrian Conflict). (Speech: 'Mr.Obama, what is barbaric?'). (More YouTubes of Rania Masri). (Website of Rania Masri).

Shadia Mansour Ft M1 -Al Kufiyyeh 3Arabeyyeh- Philistina.
Israel vs Palestine - feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein [RAP NEWS 24].

Palestinian Radio and Television Stations. (Radio) (Television)

Syrian girl.

Researchers Ashkenazi Jews Turks roots.
The Jewish kingdom of Khazars.
The real Jew now rise.
Zionist Protocols.


(02-01-2018) WE DON'T OWN MONEY.
The money we have in our pockets or the savings on the bank is not our
money, it is owned by the bank we may borrow it. If you arrive at a border
and you have the limit your government demands let's say you have more
than 10,000 Euros, they confiscate it temporarily. The bank wants to know
whe're you're going with their money. It's also legally forbidden to burn the
money or shred it. By the way in my country The Netherlands 94% of the
paper money doesn't exist, the money is in the computer it is viral money.

Of the law a bank has to have 6% real money in existing banknotes, that means there
is only 6% in real money on your savings-account. The other 94% savings doesn't exist,
so if all 8 million grown up Dutch people go to the bank to close their bank-account, the
doors of the bank will close, the 94% paper money should be given to us because it's our
money right? That means the bank crooks stole our money. And don't expect anything from
your government, because they are thick friends with the thieves and criminals of the banks.

Bankers are Magicians.

Part 1 Illuminati Banker Ronald Bernard Exposes the Global Luciferian Elite


(01-01-2018) GOOD INTENTIONS?
Does good intentions make sense once a year, because it often disappears and
we fall back in our old comfortable pattern. If you do it every day 365 days of
the year, then according to me you may have much more success. Because,
we are doing it every day from our hearts. And then we don't need good
intentions in January, maybe it will become a habit like Christmas and Eastern.

Relax With Putumayo Music.